Sail Date: December 2008
My husband and I cruised Dec. 13th 19th for our Birthdays,28 & 29. I'm a procrastinator so I'm just now getting around to writing a review. This was our second time on the Glory. First was April/May 2008, then Dec. 2008. ... Read More
My husband and I cruised Dec. 13th 19th for our Birthdays,28 & 29. I'm a procrastinator so I'm just now getting around to writing a review. This was our second time on the Glory. First was April/May 2008, then Dec. 2008. Both times we drove and stayed at the Residence Inn Cape Canaveral. Great Hotel, Comfy beds, breakfast, and we got to park there. We took a shuttle to the port for a small fee. The shuttle guy takes care of you luggage. The first time we stayed there we walked straight back to the water (probably trespassing into the condo area) to see the ship, better. What we saw were many manatee's just hanging out right in front of us. So cool. In Dec, we notice a sign down the road from the hotel that says Manatee Park turn here. So you can get there by car. Embarkation- Went better the first time. The second time it took 10 min to get threw baggage, then we went straight up to the counter and got our room tickets. They gave us a number and told us to have a seat; we weren't aloud to get straight on the ship like the first time. After 20-30min a lady said the new number system wasn't working so they let us board the ship. Thank goodness it didn't work, because they did that in Tampa many yrs. ago and there was like 2,000 people in one room waiting for them to call numbers. Horrible start to a vacation. State Room- We were on the right side. We suggest the left side because of the better views. We had a balcony. Falling asleep to the ocean sounds is so nice and makes it worth the extra money. A little cold in Dec. while sailing at night but it was still really nice. Itinerary - Dec 13 Sat - embark Dec 14 Sun - fun day at see, Capt's party (5:15, or 7:15), elegant night Dec 15 Mon - Cozumel Dec 16 tues - Belize Dec 17 Wed. - Costa Maya Dec 18 Thurs- fun day at sea, cocktail party, elegant night Dec 19 Fri - Bahamas Dec 20 - Say goodbye Cruise Director- The cruise director in Dec. was Butch. He was the best cruise director we've ever had. I think he must be ADHD. He's from Minnesotaaaaa, and a hoot. FOOD- The food is normal type food, meaning not 5 star, but descent. When in the dinning room, just stay away from the fancy sounding stuff. I learned this from the first cruise w/Glory. The ribs are Awesome! I rarely eat them but they were mouth watering, and not messy cause they fall right off the bone. Didn't like any desserts on the first cruise so saved myself the extra calories on the 2nd ship. For lunch I ordered calzones from the pizza stand. All you have to do is order one and come back in 10-15min. It's worth the wait. We liked Breakfast in the dinning room (8-10am). French toast and baked apples every morning. I didn't have to make it or clean it, Awesome. Can't wait for this on my next cruise. ENTERTAINMENT- We went to one show didn't really like it but we were in the balcony and trapped in, so we suffered through it. We went to the newlywed game for the first time ever. We laughed our butts off. the oldest couple were the funniest. TIPS- A few tips from us - We went to the spa giveaway after boarding the ship. It was hot and a joke. The free giveaways were actually 50% off of 100-300$ packages. The only true giveaways were like a haircut and foot massage. Anything that says free, actually has a catch. Room service has always been quick for us. Taking our luggage off ourselves went much better than waiting for them to call your number. Oh and take your own water, soda, and 1 bottle of wine p/person. Invest in a luggage carrier to stack it all on. The huge Jewelry sales are a joke, especially the watch one. Don't go to any kind of talks like tendering or debarkation, because they will play it on your T.V. so you can watch it while you get ready for dinner and not waste your time. Putt-Putt is very windy and hard to play if the ship is moving. PORTS Cozumel - Took a cab to Mr. Sanchos' beach. 15$ one way for 1-4 people, I think. It was really boring, so we walked down to Paradise beach, about a 20 min walk down the beach. It was really nice there. We didn't even have to pay $10 for wrist bands to use the cool stuff because they didn't notice. The chairs are free, and they have free internet. It's not really a snorkel spot, but I had my gear and saw some basic fish swimming around.One more piece of advice, buy vanilla here. It's the really good stuff. It makes good gifts too. Belize- Did w/ yhony. It was fun, and a definite MUST DO. On the way back they gave us wine made from cashews, it was very interesting. They lock you together when tubing so they can pull you threw on the shallow parts. You're in the water for a long time and the water was pretty cool. I wouldn't suggest taking your small kids, because it is a long excursions and I know mine wouldn't have sat in my lap for that long, plus like I said the water was probably around 70 degrees. Oh they want you to wear water shoes and you can rent them there, but they are so uncomfortable and require exact change $3 p/pair bring your own if you can. If I did it again I would wear my flip flops, because I wouldn't have lost them. Costa Maya - We took the bus to the beach. It's the most gorgeous beach, good touristy shopping, and cheap messages. We drank cheap drinks in bar swings, and enjoyed the beach. I think it was Dec. 17th and around 90 degrees. It was like a piece of heaven. I wouldn't suggest hanging around the pier because it's bumper to bumper. We had to stand in a line to buy a bus fair $3 p/person and they wanted EXACT change. Can't wait to go back some day. Walked the beach back towards the ship and it stopped at a light house. hailed a cab for $2 p/person back to the pier. Bahamas- The weather was great, in the 80's but can't comment on the island. My husband insisted to return to the ship as soon as we got off because he didn't like the island the past two times we ported there. Had to go to Hard Rock Cafe' and get a shirt and then we returned to the ship. We played volleyball all day long. Volleyball was something we did everyday. It was very addictive and fun. I would definitely say give it a try. Well it was a great cruise, besides the little bit of motion sickness I had. The patches are great for that, although they may have a few side effects. We are now planning our next one for this yr. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2009
Arrival / embarkation: We flew into Orlando the day before departure and took a rental car to and from the cruise port. Much cheaper than transfers through Carnival. Port Canaveral has been pleasant both times we've left from there. ... Read More
Arrival / embarkation: We flew into Orlando the day before departure and took a rental car to and from the cruise port. Much cheaper than transfers through Carnival. Port Canaveral has been pleasant both times we've left from there. Only a short wait to pass through security. Lines were very quick once through the metal detectors and x-rays. I still hate that paper luggage tags that you are suppose to staple on. Carnival, please bring back the old luggage tags. They don't rip and fall off! Ship/ Cabin: The ship was immaculate. Rarely did I see anything that looked worn or unclean. Very impressive for a ship that is 7 years old. Our room was also clean and beds comfortable. The only freebies in the bathroom were a man's and woman's razor sample and a toothpaste sample. Pump soap and shampoo were in the shower and worked fine. Our room was 8431. I would avoid this room. The aft pool was directly above us and in any rough water, the water in the pool would slosh around, pounding the sides of the pool making very loud thump sounds above us. It did keep us up for the better part of a night. Cabin steward (Junior) was attentive and friendly. Dining/ Food: The dining room was usually the highlight of our evening. Only one meal that any of us had the entire 7 day cruise was not good (a steak, I'm not sure which kind). Highlights included: vegetarian Indian meal, veal Parmesan, baby-back ribs, CHOCOLATE MELTING CAKE, cappuccino pie. Our server, Rene, was first class. Very efficient and friendly. He really made our week. He would even see us in the Lido restaurant and would genuinely greet and acknowledge us by name. The pool grill (hamburgers and fries) was always very tasty. Fish and chips, Asian window, deli window were all great as well. Apparently, Carnival discontinued it's grand gala buffet which does not disappoint me since the food from that was almost disgusting (made for show, not taste). The one midnight buffet we had was Mexican. Very good, with several tasty salsas to choose from. Staff / Activities: I cannot say enough good things about the staff on this ship. Everyone from the Cruise Director and his assistants to the Pursers desk staff to the bartenders make me want to praise Carnival over and over. The four of us really got involved with all the games and activities and the staff even got to know us by name. More recognition goes to the officers on the bridge. They spotted a raft in the middle of the ocean and onboard were 9 Cuban refugees. The Captain turned the ship around and the crew waited with the sinking, homemade raft until the U.S. Coast Guard arrived. The Glory crew truly save those men's lives. They had already been in the middle of the ocean for 10 days before we found them. Kudos to the Captain and his crew! Entertainment: The shows and entertainment was lacking on this cruise compared to other Carnival cruises. The Vegas style shows are so cheesy and outdated. The stage band was good, but the dancing and singing were amateurish. The illusionist was good. The comedians were average at best. The hypnotist was certainly not the best I've seen. The R rated shows were rarely worth going to. The piano bar was non functional all week because the pianist supposedly had laryngitis. The karaoke bar was never happening as opposed to on the Liberty which was packed every night. We usually watched the live band during the evenings that played rock n roll and they were good. Ports: Cozumel: We did the Twister boat to Isla de Pasion booked through Carnival. Highly recommended. The boat ride was a blast and the beach, drinks, food (including fabulous guacamole) were outstanding. Very worth the money. You will not be disappointed. Belize: We did the zipline / cave tubing not booked through Carnival. Also, excellent Costa Maya: Did not do a booked excursion. Only did a little shopping and went back on the ship for a pool day. Nassau: Took the water taxi to Paradise Island / Atlantis. Do yourself a favor and get a cab even though it is slightly more costly than the water taxi. They wait until every seat is filled until you take the 15 minute ride. We wasted over an hour before even leaving (after repeatedly being told "just 10 more minutes") Debarkation: We did self assist debarkation for the 1st time and were off the ship within an hour. I liked this method since my luggage was temporarily lost on our last cruise. You must be able to carry your own bags off if you are interested in doing this. Final thoughts: We were all very satisfied with this cruise and had an absolute blast. We are hoping to book another Carnival cruise for next year with the rest of my family. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2009
I'll start with a few tips... 1) Get up at 6am and take your towel out to reserve a chair or chairs on deck and then go back to bed. Otherwise, you won't get a deck chair anywhere near the pool area. 2) WARNING: Do ... Read More
I'll start with a few tips... 1) Get up at 6am and take your towel out to reserve a chair or chairs on deck and then go back to bed. Otherwise, you won't get a deck chair anywhere near the pool area. 2) WARNING: Do not take a $70 taxi ride around any of the islands. Instead, just hire a taxi to take you to where you want to go. A Party of 2 will save money at $7pp per ride. 3) Bring 2 large bottles of wine on board (if you are a wine drinker). Carnival allows this. 4) Buy Booze in St. Thomas if you are a drinker and put it in a backpack or bag to bring back on the ship. Wrap it up in your towels, etc and you'll probably get it through to your room. If they catch it, you'll have to wait till the end of the cruise to pick it up so no great loss. 5) On St. Martin - find the $1 beer place in Phillipsburg and drink their beer. It's the best deal you'll find on the entire cruise. 6) WARNING: DO NOT USE the cruise ship towels. Bring your own. If you lose the towel or leave it somewhere, each towel will cost you $22. We met a guy who was already down 3 towels that he had used to "reserve" deck chairs and people had taken them. He was now in the hole $66 on towels alone. 7) There is NO WAY to do everything on the boat so don't try. Bring a highlighter, pick out a few activities a day - that's about all you'll be able to do. If you are a late nighter, just forget about any morning activities - you won't make them. Most of the stuff on the boat goes to about 3:30am and you'll definitely want to sleep in. Don't stay up past 1am the night before a port of call or you won't have enough time on the island to do anything. 8) On St. Thomas - go to Coki Beach for snorkeling and beach time. On the left end of the beach is coral and tons of tropical fish and it's all FREE. Just takes a $8 cab ride to get there and $8 back. Bring your own snorkels and masks so you don't have to rent any. 9) If you are a couple and you are social people, go to the dining room early and ask the Maitre D to seat you at a large table. Otherwise, you could be stuck in a booth for 4 or even a table for 2 the entire cruise. We cruised as a couple and asked to be moved from a table for 4 to a table of 8. We looked forward to talking to our tablemates every night to see what they did and exchange stories. 10) If you want to see naked people, take the cab to Orient Beach on St. Martin - it's $8 bucks one way, the beach is pretty good - and there's naked people. (mostly old, but, a few "young" as in 40's) 11) Don't try to eat anything around 6pm to 7pm unless you are going to the dining room. Most of the food stuff on the Lodi Deck is closed down at this time. 12) The most expensive thing on the boat are the drinks... Beers for about $6. Mixed drinks in a small glass for about $5.50. All the special drinks run about $9 and up EACH. Bring your own liquor. Read these message boards to discover how to get it on the ship. There are various ways. One of the most ingenious I saw was taking a shrinkwrapped 6 pack of water bottles, carefully removing the bottles from the shrink wrap, using a hairdryer on the caps to get them to expand so that you can take them off without breaking the seal. Empty the bottles, fill them with rum and vodka, then REHEAT the caps and put them back on and then carefully return them to the shrinkwrap. Then use the hairdryer to reshrink the shrinkwrap. Then just bring them on board in a tote bag. You'll need at least a 6pack to last the cruise. More if you are a heavy imbiber. 12b) Drink Mixers... Go to Breakfast on the Lido Deck for Orange Juice (it is not available any other time of the day. But the VERY BEST thing to do is this: order multiple fruit juices from Room Service the first day out (room service is free and you can get tomato, grapefuit, orange juice and a few others). Use a funnel and empty water bottles to store your fruit juices. Ask the room steward for a Large Bucket and put your fruit juices in the bucket and then tell the room steward to keep it iced down. Now, along with your own liquor - you are all set. You can also go to any bar and ask for a little shot of pineapple or cherry juice and that's free as well. 13) The slots are, for the most part, tight. Play table games - the odds are better. If the ship starts rocking and rolling, play roulette. The ball tends to land in the same area a lot when the ship is moving a lot. 14) Do LATE dinner seating and then go directly to the show. Most of the shows are good and last about an hour. The comedians and magic show are good. We left 1 of the shows early because it was sort of boring but the rest were exciting and entertaining. Be sure and do the show the last night of the cruise - it's called the legends show and is very entertaining because it includes your fellow guests as the actors. Pretty fun. 15) The dinner portions are a little on the small side. Order 2 Entrees or 2 salads if you want - it's free. Now for the review: Overall - I'd give the cruise experience a 4 out of 5. Why not 5+? For one, a lot of the staff on the Lido deck pretend that you are invisible. That's not cool. Many of them do not even speak english except "OK" and "Yes". We left out on Saturday afternoon to completely blue skies - great sailing weather. My mom and dad had given us a big gift basket with 6 bottles of wine - it was waiting on us in our room. Uhhh - at least 5 of the bottles were - we had to go and bitch at people to get the other bottle - which came the next day. It was Valentines day when we were sailing out and the parents had also fixed us up with a chocolate plate. So as we were pulling away from land and the sun was sinking in the west, we were on deck with 2 glasses of wine and a big plates of various chocolates - the perfect Valentines Sunset - other cruisers were oogling us and asking where we got all that good stuff. Where do you get it? Order it BEFORE you get on the ship. Went to the dining room for dinner and found that we were marooned at a table for 4...not what we wanted. The staff, when asked, moved us to a table for 8 and we enjoyed our dining companions for the rest of the trip. Next we did Nassau. It's a dirty little island and Cable Beach is highly overrated. One thing to see is the Atlantis Resort. Whoever designed and built the thing truly believed in "go big or go home". It is immense and breathtaking - especially the aquarium. That's something you want to see...and it's FREE. We rented mopeds for our transportation and getting around was easy - as long as driving on the left side is good with you. Mopeds for the day - $65. Something that most people won't tell you about are the Caves on the western end of the islands. While they don't seem like too much on the outside, you can actually go down in them and there is a couple of huge caverns. The next day was a fun day at sea and most of that was spent either sunning on deck or just walking around and checking things out. This was our second cruise on the conquest class ship so we were already familiar with the layout and were able to find things quickly. The show that night was good and consisted of a comedian and dancers and singers. One thing about the shows - and this is for the guys...go to them - your wife will love you for it and it's only an hour. Next was St. Thomas - to me this was the highlight of the trip. It's a relatively clean island and has tons of Americans who live there or stay there for extended periods of time. Although the boat will try to get you to take an excursion to Meagans Bay, if you want to snorkel, you'll want to go to Coki Beach - lots to see underwater and the service is excellent. The food was good too. Almost half of the wait staff and dive shop people are from the states. Next day was St. Martin - cheap shopping, cheap beer, and several beach areas to choose from. One of the best things was the Open Market on the French side of the island. Tons of shopping and places to eat. We went all the way around the island and checked out everything. For the most part, it's dirty too. And poor. Although our driver mentioned several times that there was no or very little poverty - believe me - what he considered poverty was well below what we considered poverty. That being said, there are indeed resort areas that are clean and the beaches are clean so thumbs up on that. The last part of the cruise was 2 "fun days" at sea - the ride back from St. Martin all the way to port Canaveral. That's a long two days and without all of the on board activities, it would have been boring. But Carnival tries to keep you busy so you can either sit on your can drinking and sunning, or you can play in tournaments, gamble, eat, dance, play put putt, do the Spa or whatever - there is plenty to do and you won't have time for it all. Dining - excellent every night. Daytime dining was a bit more harried - sometimes you have to wait in long lines to get food - I don't like that. The best thing to do for lunch is go to the dining room and have a nice sit down lunch. Food is better, menu selection is wide, and the service was excellent. The Boat itself... the conquest class was introduced around 8 or 9 years ago and the Glory was the second one off the line. This boat was in need of maintenance. There were broken stair rails in the dining room, lights burned out in the Theatre, rust spots in several places on the Lido deck. Not what you would expect on a world class cruise liner. While I would rate the cruise experience a 4+ or a 5... there were enough small things that brought it down to a more solid 4. The lack of attention from the staff on Lido deck, rust and broken stuff, burned out lights... these things were a distraction at times and lowered the experience to a 4. Overall - the experience was worth more than what our total spend was - $1850 which included ports, pictures, internet access fees, drinks, gratuities, and T-shirts. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2009
We are a mid-20s couple that chose the Glory based on price and amenities. We're trying to write this from both our perspectives, so bare with us! Without further ado, here goes! Her: Been on 3 cruises, but this was a first with ... Read More
We are a mid-20s couple that chose the Glory based on price and amenities. We're trying to write this from both our perspectives, so bare with us! Without further ado, here goes! Her: Been on 3 cruises, but this was a first with Carnival - had no idea what to expect with this lineHim: First time cruiser! THE NIGHT BEFORE:Him: We drove down from Durham, NC, leaving at 4:30 a.m. We arrived in Cocoa Beach around 3:30 and checked in at the La Quinta since they had a cruise/park package. It was great to get down the day before and basically rest up before the vacation started. EMBARKATION:Her: We were picked up by the Cocoa Beach shuttle @ La Quinta around 11:15 and were on the ship by noon. On RCI, I'd had the best and worst of embarkation processes. Princess had it down to a science. On one RCI, we were in line for 2 and a half hours, but on another it was almost walk-on. On the Carnival Glory, it really was a middle-of-the-road ordeal. It was organized yet required about a half hour to an hour of lines and checkpoints. Everyone was REALLY friendly!Him: It was extremely busy when we pulled up to the port. The lines seemed long at first but it was constantly moving. It seemed like as you got closer to the ship, the workers knew more what they were doing and the process sped up and I got more excited! THE ROOM:Her: We were on deck 1 in an inside room (i.e. "the cheap seats") but still felt VERY well taken care of. Loved, loved, loved the closet space! The bathroom had a lot of nifty shelves which made organizing stuff very convenient. Our room was pretty much flawless. I was very impressed with the layout and maneuverability of the room. We unpacked right away and our empty suitcases stored neatly under the beds. Him: It was actually a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. The toilet was a lot of fun :) It's really functional with three closets and lots of drawer space so you don't feel like you're cramped. It was a very good room. The room steward took very good care of the room, with the exception of forgetting a Caper one night but that wasn't a big deal. THE CONDITION OF THE SHIP:Her: Spotless. Beautiful. This ship is so ridiculously clean. With all the glass surfaces and shiny things, I thought I'd see fingerprints and smudges and messes everywhere by 5 p.m. Nope! It was incredibly well taken care of, but not in the way that it's imposing on you that you're always seeing people clean. The colors are beautiful and the whole boat is just simply fun to look at.Him: It was absolutely great. There is no dirt, the carpets are spotless, never any fingerprints or spills, and yet we never saw anybody clean up besides room stewards working on rooms. It just somehow got done when we weren't looking. THE LIDO FOOD:Her: The selection could have been better, but what was there was unique. The dessert table thingie was enticing. Note to new cruisers don't get fooled by the long line outside the grill the first day. Move inside to the Red Sail. We waited in line for like 30 minutes for a hot dog not realizing there was more food inside. Fish and Chips WAS incredible like we read online. In fact, we went there about 3 times over the course of the cruise and just kept coming back for more. We didn't discover the Oriental station until day 5, boy did we miss out. Pizza was pretty good for 24/7 pizza - I actually was expecting pretty bad pizza but some nights after a late-night comic, it tasted sooo good! I recommend the De Chevre pizza or the Pan pizza. Sushi wasn't open nearly as often as we liked... it was delicious and it would have been great to have it for lunch instead of the 5-8:15 p.m. runs it had.Him: The lido food was good. There was plenty to choose from and it was great to have it available right then and there. I figured that the lines once you were inside weren't that bad. The grill lines were always horrible. We never tried the deli. Like she said, it would've been nice to find the oriental food earlier because it was really great and the sauces were really good. I thought the pizza was really good! It was a great late-night snack. It seemed like as the cruise went on, the pizza guy got friendlier and friendlier. It would have been nice if sushi was open longer, but the guy working didn't hesitate to give you as much as you wanted if you asked for it. THE DINING ROOM:Her: Highlight of the cruise, by far. When I was on RCI I was far from impressed with the food. On the Glory, EVERY LITTLE THING tasted wonderful, my scale back home proves it :/  I think what truly made our dining experience wonderful was our waiter and the tablemates we were assigned. We had a good old time with him and I have to say, I don't think I've ever eaten so much in my entire life. On lobster night, we were joking with our tablemates how 2 of our tablemates were missing and how we wouldn't mind eating their lobster tails. From that moment on, Putu (our waiter) just kept bringing 'em out! We were rolling on the floor laughing every time another lobster tail came out. He knew we absolutely loved trying extra appetizers and entrees, so he never flinched when we said we wanted more. Do NOT leave the dining room hungry!!! Enjoy your cruise and ask for whatever you want!! Desserts were marvelous - TIRAMISU is better than any I have ever had on land and that is hard to top. The chocolate melting cake really is heaven in a dish too.Him: WOW. I don't see how anybody could ever leave there still hungry!! The food was absolutely AMAZING and it kept coming! You can order as many of anything as you want on the menu.. trust me, I had 4 lobster tails :) The waitstaff is absolutely amazing. They catered to our every need. They tell you what's going on around the ship for fun, for food, and where to "boogie boogie" (per Putu, our waiter). Definitely eat the chocolate melting cake. Go out on a limb and try the snails! There was nothing to complain about. I looked forward to it each and every day. We never once skipped dinner in the dining room, even when we were really tired from our shore excursions. Both: The fact that our waiter had an awesome sense of humor really added to our dining. Ourselves and our new friends (tablemates from all areas of the country) were cracking up because every 5 minutes, you'd hear these waiters break out into a REALLY horrible, off-key version of Happy Birthday. It was hilarious. It probably would have been annoying if it hadn't been so off tune... but that made it funny. We were joking with our waiter that the song just wouldn't stop. So we planned a trick we got our assistant waiter, John, to bring us a cake with a candle in it and told him it was our waiter's birthday (Putu). When John came up with the "birthday cake," our whole table belted out the Happy Birthday song in the same off-key, joyful way... it was hilarious. Putu was tickled even though it wasn't his birthday and it made for a very memorable night. ENTERTAINMENT:Her: The staff and activities on the Carnival Glory are designed to really try to put every single person in the moment to have something to go back home and be proud of. On other cruises I'd been on, it seemed like there were a select few that got to be "ship famous" for something. But on Carnival, there are SO many opportunities to win little rinky-dink prizes that you have the time of your life working for. I never knew bingo could get so LOUD. The game shows were great, the trivia sessions were great! Name That Tune by the piano was crazy hard. Karaoke was a little slow at times but what better opportunity to embarrass yourself than in front of 20 people rather than 200? The highlight of the entertainment had to be the comics, though. We went to the two different adult comedy shows and laughed our butts off. I could not believe the things you were allowed to say on a Carnival cruise ship... boy was it hilarious!! Definitely stay awake long enough for that!Him: I thought the entire entertainment staff was very friendly. I was able to get on stage twice within the first two days and the host was recognizing me throughout the ship thereafter. I felt with the entertainment on this boat, each person travelling is able to have a unique experience. The first show we went to (Living in America song/dance) was much more elaborate than I thought it was going to be. I didn't expect anything that loud or professional! The fact that they bring in real comedians is a huge plus for adults. The casino was a lot of fun and it is a very fair casino. The dealers joke along with you and actually want you to win. We could've walked away from there $135 in the up if we didn't decide to "take a chance" the last night, haha. The downside to the casino is that smoking is allowed. Nevertheless, we spent a lot of great time in the casino and didn't walk away big losers - we broke even. We stopped by the piano bar (Cinna-bar) and got a good kick out of everybody cutting lose and having a great time. Maybe next time I'll karaoke...maybe. POOL AREA:Her: Very clean, actually enough deck chairs for everyone. We had a blast on the slide. I saw an 80-year-old lady even enjoying herself on the slide. Flying down the water slide was one of the highlights of the trip, as silly as that sounds!Him: Very clean and very well planned out to accomodate as many people as it does without seeming crowded. Great access to food and bathrooms. There is good music. The slide is a ton of fun. We did it over and over and over again! It's also nice that there is a retractable roof over the back pool area. NASSAU:Him: It was my first foreign country. It seemed a lot of fun but it would have been nice if we had been there longer. We want to see Atlantis... will have to catch that next time. Her: We didn't book any excursions as we were only there til 2. We just milled around the local shops and that was plenty. ST. THOMAS:Her: We booked with Sunny Liston and did not regret it. From the moment we corresponded through emails, I knew it was going to be a great time. The views you get on this tour are PHENOMENAL. There is no way you will go on this tour and have a bad time. First we did a little shopping and it was the perfect amount of time. Next, we headed out to see the island. You have to have the banana daquiri at the Botanical Gardens. The whole tour was amazing. The highlight was visiting Sapphire Beach and snorkling for the first time over a reef at only $5 an hour. We even saw a sting ray. It was breathtaking.Him: St. Thomas was absolutely beautiful. We booked with Sunny and wouldn't have booked anything different. He showed us the entire island from top to bottom along with great music. Everyone was singing the songs by the end of the trip. We will definitely book with him again. Sapphire Beach was definitely the highlight. It was my first time ever snorkling and I got to see my first coral reef and sting ray. Great times, but absolutely exhausted at the end! (In a good way) ST. MAARTEN:Her: We booked with Bernard. Got off the ship around 8:45, and Bernard's group waited for some people that didn't show up for the tour which set us back to about 9:30. I think people were aggravated that we waited but hey, what can you do? I thought it was commendable that he didn't wanna leave anyone behind. This tour was VERY different than Sunny's not loud and partying, but rather a really in-depth look at St. Maarten as a whole. We stopped by a lookout point where Sunny and John showed us different sea life creatures hanging out in the bay... I nearly died when I got to hold a sea urchin it made for a really funny picture with my expression!! :) There were free refreshments throughout the trip: apple juice, water, Coke, Sprite, rum punch, and beer. It was one of those situations where you did NOT feel awkward for asking for more drinks. John was a great tour guide. Next we went to Orient Beach and had a fantastic time. Watch out and apply sunscreen OFTEN! We also did a little swimming with our own goggles and stumbled across another reef. We didn't rent snorkle equipment this time but still had a fantastic experience. After Orient, we stopped by the french capital for a brief burst of looking around. Then we headed to what I consider to be the highlight, Maho Beach. Seeing a Delta 737 land RIGHT OVER YOUR HEAD is perhaps the coolest thing you will ever experience. Look this up on youtube! It's mind-blowing.Him: We booked with Bernard and he was right where he said he was going to be, although it was mildly frustrating waiting for people that never showed up. But he didn't make us wait too long as he was just trying to be a good businessman and the tour started without much of a delay. He really knows his way around the island, as we saw more of St. Maarten than we saw of St. Thomas. It was nice to hear some of the stories of St. Maarten and just for the record, no, it has never snowed. He stopped on the Dutch/French border for pictures. It was also nice that he gave people the opportunity to go to a clothing optional beach - some people just want to cut loose. From there, we went to Maho. Maho was definitely the highlight of St. Maarten. It's just like the online videos. From Maho, Bernard takes you back to Philipsburg for all the shopping you can handle then back to the boat in plenty of time for dinner. We were tired from such an exciting tour so we decided to skip the shopping and he was more than happy to drive us back to the pier. FELLOW CRUISERS:Both: We loved the population of cruisers on this boat. It's a shame we will all never be in the same place at the same time. It's amazing being able to connect with people from all walks of life and all ages.. we had dinner with people our age yet struck up great conversation with folks much older than us in other venues. I think on a cruise, everyone is equal because you're all there for the same reason. The people on board were so much fun and I really think that's what it's all about taking advantage of being on vacation. You can strike up the best conversation with anyone you meet and have an awesome time. STAFF:Her: The nice thing about this ship is that you aren't inundated with fake courtesy. I almost felt bad on other cruiselines that the staff were required to be Mickey-Mouse happy with grins plastered on their faces all the time for my sake. They say hello and smile, but for whatever reason it felt more real. I really felt like this staff was genuine and didn't have to be in the forefront all the time. Each staff member we encountered was courteous and pleasant without being imposing. Him: I felt that the staff were humans! This was great. They just worked hard to make your experience the best that it could be. DEBARKATION:Her: We did self-assist and it was not nearly as chaotic as I thought it would be! We opted to this because of a long drive back, and we wanted to get a head-start.Him: It's amazing how quick we were able to get off. We were off the boat within an hour of waking up. LAST COMMENTS:Her: Carnival is officially my new favorite line! I admit, I was a little wary because I'd always heard Carnival was lower on the ladder but they truly proved themselves with me. We are looking at booking our next cruise for our honeymoon and were disappointed to see a Carnival cruise may not fit in the timeline we need. Til then, we'll be counting down the days til the next time we can sail Carnival!!Him: This was my first cruise and I'm hooked. I can't image spending a vacation not on a boat. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2009
My husband and I, ages 28 and 30, have been on 4 previous cruises, 2 on RCL and 2 on Princess. This was by far our worst vacation ever, and we will never sail Carnival again, please let me explain. Why we booked this cruise: We booked ... Read More
My husband and I, ages 28 and 30, have been on 4 previous cruises, 2 on RCL and 2 on Princess. This was by far our worst vacation ever, and we will never sail Carnival again, please let me explain. Why we booked this cruise: We booked because of the itinerary and cost. We thought "how much different could Carnival really be for the cost?". We did not feel we received a value for the price paid. If you are thinking of booking to save a few dollars on Carnival, you might want to think about booking on a better cruise line in a less expensive cabin, and may be much happier. What went wrong at the start: I an a rational person, and while I think the WHO blew swine flue totally our of proportion, I understand the cruise lines stance that they do not want to take any chances by sailing to Cozumel. What I don't understand is why they changed our complete itinerary, except for Nassau, to the Eastern Carribean and offered only $20 for the inconvenience of not going to that port. Other cruise lines, and even Carnival opted to still cruise to the other ports, like Belize, that were on our original itinerary. When RCL changed the itinerary on some of its cruises, they offered money back, or if you chose to cruise you got a 50% credit of what you paid toward a future cruise, which sounds like great compensation for changing someone's vacation plans at the last minute. Carnival only offered a future cruise credit good until 2010, and only 5 days to figure things out. We tried to switch to another Carnival ship leaving out of Tampa and were given the run around by 5 different departments at Carnival, each seemed to think that it was not their job to speak to us concerning this matter, and when we finally got a hold of someone they said the sailing had no more balcony cabins available even though the online booking sites like Expedia all had open cabins. The day after Carnival said we could switch bookings, miraculously there were open cabins, but we were still not able to switch, even though we were willing to take the major hit in the airline tickets. With all that run around, I still was in great need of a vacation and was going to make the best of things. My motto has always been "get me on the boat, and I will be happy". My husband requires very little to be happy, so no problem there. People on the cruise: 70% seemed to be from FL, GA and were last minute cruisers who had no idea of the itinerary changes, and all got on the boat for far less money then we paid25% seemed to be college students celebrating, hey I was there once I can relate, but if you are looking for a cruise free from alcoholics and chain smokers you will want to book a different line10% seemed to be just like us, and annoyed at the ship, service, and fellow cruisers Embarkation: We had a car service, Town Car Service of Orlando, who picked us up from the airport; They were wonderful as usual and I highly recommend them. When we arrived at the ship at noon, people were still getting off the ship?!?! We waited in a line of cars for about 30 minutes until we were allowed to start the embarkation process. Carnival should think about sending luggage tags in the mail so that the process goes a lot faster when unloading the cars, vans, buses. The first thing you notice about the ship is that she needs a paint job, and I will try to refrain from the run down appearance comments because I know she is going to dry dock next month. All in all the embarkation process was a good one once we reached the doors. The room: We could not get into our room until 2, probably because everyone had not left the ship until 12:30. There were not enough hangers, that took a day to get some from the room steward. The room was big, we had balcony, but it was dirty. I mean there was literally a pile of dirt on the floor, and the balcony chairs looked as if they had never been cleaned. They did "clean" our balcony that week, and from what I saw was that meant they sprayed the deck with a hose for 1 minute, and kept walking onto the next cabin. There was a minibar fully stocked with liquor and pop. This is locked the last day of the cruise so don't think you will have a cold water bottle for debarkation day. I have never the fridge locked the last day of sailing. They also take away the robe the last night as well. It just seems like they were sending the signal, "now pack up and get out". The boat: Besides needing an upgrade, which she will get soon, the layout is odd. There are no big open spaces, even the atrium is small compared to other ships we have been on. The ship was not full, and we have been on larger ships, yet this one seemed to make us claustrophobic. There were people everywhere you looked because of the layout, and timing of activities. Service: The staff seemed generally run down and beat-up. Mind you, we were not called by our names by our cabin steward or dinning room staff all week, this is when we realized it is the little things that count. There was no energy or friendliness in crew's voices. Usually when you walk down the hall of a cruise ship by the cabins, it almost gets annoying at how many of the staff say "hello, how are you today", or "have a great evening sir". Well, on this ship it is the opposite. I started keeping count of how many of the staff acknowledged our presence in the hall way. It was only 7%, in fact we had to say "good morning or hello" to most of them, and their responses were less then enthusiastic. Of course this went on all week, until tip day came along and they all seemed to perk up, and then I head one of them singing "hello, last day last day" to his fellow cabin stewards and they all laughed. That was the last straw. We decided to take away some of our tips, not all because there are a few employees here and there that were doing their jobs. We went to the front desk, and when I said that I would like to adjust our gratuities, he did not ask how much, why, or seem to be shocked at this request. He then said that the $140 would be credited back to the credit card. I think that said it all! I am glad he adjusted the whole amount because service was non-exsistant on the last day. Food: I have read other reviews of ships we have been on and have disagreed when people expect this to be 5 star food. I had no expectation of the quality going into this cruise, but I expected the same quantity as past cruises. I think you know what I am about to say....The buffet was a glorified salad bar. Don't expect any thing more for lunch or dinner except for a pasta station. The pasta guy makes it for you, he works extremely slow, and when he runs out of an item, such as Parmesan cheese (with 2 more hours to go into the evening buffet hour), he refuses to go into the back and get more. The food was good, but there the selection was VERY limited compared to other cruises. The 24 hr pizza was alright, and this is the only station that is 24 hours. This made the buffet very crowded, more so than any other ship we have been on. There were some Pro's:-The Gym, small but well equipped and no lines! -Good Comedian's (very bad venue, it was a small bar that was laid out could only see the stage if you were up front)-Plenty of elevators-Lot's of picture back drops and opportunities-Casual atmosphere (if that is what you are looking for, I have never been the fashion police but come on...jeans on formal night..really? couldn't find khakis)-Bar Service was great, the $10 martini tasting was excellent-Room service was fast-Our table mates (of course not our first tables mates as we were put with a family of 7 with 2 children, they were a very lovely family, we just preferred adult conversation on our vacation...there were lots of empty places at other tables, why Carnival put a couple with a family of 7 I have no idea) Con's -Room attendant would knock on our door at 6:45am to ask us when we were leaving it so he could clean. That happened one other time on a past cruise and he knocked at noon, not 6:45 am. It was extremely rude since we told him we were late sleepers when he first introduced himself.-The "pantry" was right outside our door, so at all hours of the early morning and late night you could hear glasses being clanged together and ice being shoveled. If they would've done these things with the doors closed it would've made a big difference. Of course we were told we could not switch rooms, when we called Carnival, and then we found out that people who paid far less then us had better rooms then we did who booked last minute...that makes sense...-The room stewards vacuumed at 6 am-You don't have the right of way when a staff member is coming down the hall or going up an elevator Spa: The spa was not comforting as it is on the other ships because of the layout, and decor, but the services were same. I had the seaweed wrap as usual, and it was as good usual. Overall: If you think you are saving a few bucks, or getting a great deal, think again. They make up for the price of the fare, in the cost of the drinks (about $1-2 more than other RCL and Princess), Bingo payouts ($20 for our ticket but only $100 payouts), and Supper club cost ($30/per person). I do feel bad writing this comment, only because I did not write about our 4 other cruises which were wonderful. If this is your first cruise you will think it was fine, but trust me once you sail another line you won't be back! Read Less
Sail Date: July 2009
This was the first cruise for my husband and I (26 years old). The Carnival Glory came highly recommended by several coworkers who had wonderful cruises and experiences on board. High points: 1. Nice roomy, clean cabin. 2. Dining ... Read More
This was the first cruise for my husband and I (26 years old). The Carnival Glory came highly recommended by several coworkers who had wonderful cruises and experiences on board. High points: 1. Nice roomy, clean cabin. 2. Dining room food was very good. We enjoyed it every night. 3. Shows were great... Our favorite part of the cruise. 4. We really enjoyed room and P&J sandwiches. 5. The in room movies were good. Low points: 1. The buffet and other food besides the dining room was awful. We were seriously starving by the end of the cruise. 2. I don't think I ever want lemonade again in my life. The "free" drinks were awful. 3. High speed internet was excessively expensive...paid $55 for 1.5 hours of slow internet that timed out every other task. 4. The ship rocked terribly the first 4 could not walk straight down the hall, cabinets opening in our room...swaying in the dining room trying to eat. Even with patches and tablets for motion sickness we were very queasy. (Note: Motion sickness medicine makes you very drowsy!!) 5.The pools were SO little. We didn't get in because 3 tiny pools were full of kids. 6.The shops didn't have very much selection...and even "duty free" were not a very good deal. Apart from getting off at ports and the nighty shows... there is nothing to do on this ship except drink, gamble, and lay out (For 7 days). It was FULL on children that were apparently unsupervised. We had a bad experience and will never cruise again. I'm guessing cruises are for people that like to drink, gamble, eat loads of bad food, then get sunburned... Not us! Read Less
Sail Date: July 2009
Let me start by saying that we took this vacation for no reason other than the price was right and I had to have a get-away before my wife decided I needed to remain married to work rather than her. That being said, I had some ... Read More
Let me start by saying that we took this vacation for no reason other than the price was right and I had to have a get-away before my wife decided I needed to remain married to work rather than her. That being said, I had some trepidation about going on Carnival (I'd heard mixed reviews) and I, personally, didn't want to go to the Western Caribbean (based on what my in-laws had said). I was much more than pleasantly surprised by this experience! I had so much fun, I am already making plans to go back. The ship itself was not top on my list. As many of you know, Carnival has a theme for each of its ships, and the theme for the Carnival Glory is "All the Colors." It can become sensory overload. The ceiling is constantly changing color in bizarre patterns. The black tile floors are broken up with random colored tiles. The nice part is that the public areas are easy to find, as they each carry their own color theme (White Heat Disco, Burgundy Bar, Bar Blue, etc.). While the dinner meal was wonderful, and Elmer/Benito were top notch waiters, I didn't much care for the other eateries aboard. The eating schedule in the Red Sail Lounge never seemed to match when I was hungry, nor were any of the three grills on deck active when I was looking for a bite. The only place open 23 hours (they say 24, but it closed every morning at 7 for an hour so they could clean) is the pizzaria. The pizza was awesome, but when you consider it was the only place open, and there were several hundred (if not more than a thousand) teens and kids aboard.... I did appreciate that there were always juices, tea, and water available at no extra charge. Perhaps I was spoiled by Princess and their 24 hour food service. Overall, I would sail Carnival again (I'd just try to avoid the colors of the Glory) and I would go back to the Western Caribbean - they both surpassed my expectations. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2009
This was our 2nd cruise. we went on a eastern Caribbean cruise last year on the Triumph, so this year we wanted to try the western Caribbean. We chose the Glory. We stayed at the Springhill suites in Orlando the night before. It was a ... Read More
This was our 2nd cruise. we went on a eastern Caribbean cruise last year on the Triumph, so this year we wanted to try the western Caribbean. We chose the Glory. We stayed at the Springhill suites in Orlando the night before. It was a fantastic hotel with comfortable beds. My wife's sister and her 16 year old son joined us on the cruise also. The next morning, our van picked us up at the hotel and was a 1/2 hour early. We chose Interplex transportation. I highly recommend this service. They are always on time, have new clean vans, and the price is very reasonable. We got to the ship at 12:30 and was having lunch on the ship by 1:30. It was very easy and fast. Are room was on deck 6 with a balcony. Our first disappointment was the lack of a couch. An 8A balcony stateroom showed a couch on the web site, and we only had one chair to sit on. The room was clean, and roomy. plenty of space for the luggage. My sister in law was in room 6473 right next to us and the kids had an inside cabin across the hall. Room 6479. First night show was fantastic. We had late seating for dinner 8:15 and the show was at 10 PM. But the next night we had to go to the show before dinner and every night after that. We were real disappointed. We always enjoyed late dinner and the late show after, that's why we chose the late dinner.But now they force you to leave the pool area, so have to shower, get dressed early so you can see the show, eat then spend money at the casino and the bars. I don't know if carnival is doing this on all ships, but they did not do this last year on the triumph. Then if you want to go see an adult comedian, you have to try and get a seat 1 hour before the show. the large theater is empty after 9pm, why didn't they just have the shows there. You can fit more people in there. But they want you to walk by the casinos and bars to spend more money. Also there used to be at least one or two deck parties and the midnight buffets. They are all gone now too. If you went a hamburger, you better get it before 10:30 or 11Pm. Because the will close too. Your only choice is pizza after 11 o'clock or room service. They Used to have more choice's too, now you can only get a sandwich or snack. Last year if I was at the grill in the rear of the ship, I can ask them for milk and they would get it for you, Now they say you can only get milk at breakfast or room service. One Night my son ordered a sandwich at 1 am. he fell asleep and they knocked on his door at 3 am to deliver the sandwich. They said they were backed up. Our dinning room was great. We had the 4 floor platinum room next to the rear windows, great views. Jerrome from Jamaica was fantastic. We always had at least 5 choice's for dinner. Missing from the beverage selection was the fruit punch. You can only get Ice Tea, lemon aid or water. One other note. For two nights the ship rocked and rolled all night. My wife for the first time had to put a patch on for Motion sickness. It was hard walking down the hallways in a straight line. It seemed to bother her sister too and my Daughter. But my son ,Nephew and myself were not phased at all. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2009
We planned this cruise around one of our daughters coming with us, but she had to cancel out so that just left the two of us. My wife has cruised quite a bit with Carnival and one Big Red Boat, but this was my third, first on a big ship. ... Read More
We planned this cruise around one of our daughters coming with us, but she had to cancel out so that just left the two of us. My wife has cruised quite a bit with Carnival and one Big Red Boat, but this was my third, first on a big ship. We did the Carnival Holiday two years ago. I did not know what to expect on a 7 night cruise on a huge ship. We flew from TN into Orlando and bought a round trip bus ride to the port for $140 each. Simple to get there and the lady driving the bus was a hoot. Getting on the boat was fairly easy. We had a long line to stand in, but it move fairly quickly. We got on board, it was hot. We went to get some food at the grill and walked the decks for a while. I got some cramps from being dehydrated, but they eventually went away. We set sail on adventure. As I said we planned the cruise with our daughter in mind. She likes days at sea (this cruise had 3), we don't so much. We booked the early seating for dinner, because on the last cruise she always wanted to run off to the teen club and never ate with us. We only made it to the main dining room two times during this trip (they had given us a romantic table for two!)At this point in our lives, three days of being forced to relax was pretty much what we needed. After a couple days of trying to wind down we found out that we actually used to be really fun people. We went to bed fairly early the first night and it was a good thing. Tennison our cabin steward was great. New animals we had never seen before. We did a couples massage (my first massage) and the girls in the spa were great. My wife even got her hair style changed and colored on the ship. We won the $1199 bingo game on the last full day so that was a plus. One of the most fun times on the ship were spent in the piano bar with Russell. Piano bar music sung by a singer from the Philippines was great fun! We spent some time in there almost every night. The karaoke bar was fun too. To see a tall county looking guy with cowboy boots on get up and sing Purple Rain was too much. Ice cream and yogurt machines were always used and the grill was great when you needed a quick snack. Pools seemed a little small, but it was very hot on this cruise. One thing I noticed was the lack of noticably drunk people. Lots of drinking going on but not many stupid people. That was a blessing. They staff kept activities going on the deck during the day and the shows were great at night. Big Sexy in the comedy club was great and John Wesley Ausin from Georgia had us in tears. This was a great addition to the cruising experience. Keep up the good work on this area! Read Less
Sail Date: September 2009
Background: We have both cruised with Carnival multiple times and are both now Platinum. We traveled with our friends we met last year on the Carnival Valor doing a 7 night Western Caribbean cruise that included stops in Cozumel, ... Read More
Background: We have both cruised with Carnival multiple times and are both now Platinum. We traveled with our friends we met last year on the Carnival Valor doing a 7 night Western Caribbean cruise that included stops in Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya and Nassau. We drove to the port so no hotel was needed. Embarkation: We left Gainesville at 7:00am and were at the port by 9:45am. We decided to grab a quick bite since we were so early and were back at the port by 10:45am. We dropped our bags then proceeded to park our car in the garage. Total for the week was $105.00. We liked parking in the garage and our car was nice and cool when we returned. We proceeded to check in. We were all VIP so we had our own line to enter the terminal and were inside, through security and at the VIP check in within 5 minutes of arrival. There were 3 wedding parties being checked in so they took us to the counter and checked us in there then took us back to the VIP section to wait for boarding. They have their own cheerleaders getting everyone in the spirit before boarding and had beach balls flying all over the terminal. We started boarding at 11:20am and were on the ship by 11:25am! Check in was a breeze and love the process at Port Canaveral! Day 1 We boarded our new home for the next 7 days. Cabins weren't ready until 1:30pm so we made our way up to the lido deck and the Red Sail Restaurant for a little something to eat. We started our cruise out with the drink of the day, The Funship Special that was quite yummy! We had cruised on the Valor last year so we were familiar with the layout of the ship and walked around for a little while. At 1:30pm, we were able to go to our cabins. We had hand picked our cabin and really hit the jackpot! We chose cabin 2470 on the Main Deck. It's a category 6B but was the size of a suite! The cabin had 2 windows a large seating area and lots of floor room. We were very pleased with our cabin! Our friends had a regular ocean view and it was very nice as well. We did the spa tour and registered for the drawing, didn't win either. We went through the standard lifeboat drill then we sailed away around 4:25pm. I guess they still were waiting on people arriving from Orlando,but didn't matter, we were on vacation. We ran into our friend, Kim Harrison who happens to be one of the best comedians out there and got the scoop on the new Comedy Club they have been testing on board the Glory. I will go into more details about that later. We had late seating in the Platinum dining room and got exactly what we wanted, a table for 4 which actually was a booth and we loved it. We sat with our friends we had traveled with and had the best wait staff around! Elmer was from Columbia and Irina was from Russia. Both were very professional and VERY FAST! We never had to wait on anything and enjoyed our time with them. We went to the Welcome Aboard show with the cruise director, James Charlton and it was great. James was filling in for Ryan Fitzgerald and is doing a great job as "acting" cruise director. They also had both comedians, Kim Harrison and Mike Macy perform a 5 minute "teaser" to promote the new comedy club. After the show we spent a little time in the casino then off to bed! Day 2 - Day At Sea I had agreed to meet my friend Kim for coffee before she did the morning show with James and Mike and actually got to meet them as well. Their morning show was great and started the day off well. We had been to so many of the shopping talks and port information talks we skipped those and enjoyed other activities on the ship including trivia and bingo. They had so much going on, if you got bored, it's your own fault. This was formal night so we had our pictures taken and instead of free drinks for the Captains Cocktail party, they offered $1.00 off any drink at any bar as well. This has been changed on all cruises now and seem to be fine with everyone. We didn't miss the free drinks and were happy to get what we wanted for a lower price. COMEDY CLUB: Tickets were needed to get into the comedy club to control the crowd. They had 6 shows a night. 3 shows were PG and 3 shows were R rated. The comedians (Kim Harrison & Mike Macy) alternated doing 3 shows each for 2 nights. We saw both comedians PG & R shows and had a blast! This is a test ship as this program will be ongoing on the new Carnival Dream. On the tickets there is a $1.00 off the 1st drink at each show. We used them at every show and it really helped keep the bill down as well. Kim & Mike did shows on Sunday and Monday. Al Ernst & Percy Crews 2 did shows Wednesday and Thursday. We saw all of the comedians and loved the program. It is possible from the response that this will be added to other ships as well. The opener for all the shows was Jeff - The Fun Dude. He was a very nice man but seem to have a harder time as a comedian. We liked his jokes but did here some more often since we went to multiple shows. He will be heading to the Carnival Dream for the comedy club on there. I just found out our friend Kim Harrison will be one of the comedians on the very first sailing of the Dream in Italy. She is very excited and will do a fantastic job! Day 3 - Cozumel We arrived at the port right on time and were cleared very quickly to go ashore. We all went to Paradise Beach that was a first for my husband and I. We always just shop. We really enjoyed ourselves. It was free to get on the beach and as long as you bought something, chairs and umbrellas were free as well. We bought one bucket of beer $15.60 (5 beers) and that is all we bought. We stayed there for 2 hours and it was just so hot and no breeze so we headed back to the port area. We did a little shopping then went back to the ship and actually took a nap before sail away at 6pm. We had tickets to two comedy shows so that took most of the night up. We did make a donation in the casino as well. Cozumel has recovered very well from the hurricanes and the pier area is very nice! Day 4 - Belize This port is the only one we had to tender from. We went down to get our tickets about 9:30am and were off the ship by 10:00am. The tender ride is about 20 minutes away from Belize City. We had decided we wanted to go to Traveler's Liquor/Heritage Museum and hired a driver to take us there. We paid $10.00pp (8 of us went) and he took us there and gave us 30 minutes to shop. We got done a little early and he told us we could have cocktails at the bar next door so we all did. We got back to the Tourism Village around 12:30pm. We did a little more shopping then decided to head back to the ship. It was very hot there as well and outside the gate were some vendors but some in our group were not comfortable so we did most of our shopping inside the gates. That night we had reservations for the Supper Club/Steak House and really enjoyed it. The filet was fantastic. It took about 2 hours for dinner but was a nice pace and had a nice sunset while we were there. We played in the casino and listened to the bands around the ship before retiring. Day 5 - Costa Maya This is a port we all had never been to so we were excited to see what this port had to offer. The pier is very long there and they do have a trolley that will take you down the pier to the shopping plaza. This is a very nice area that has a Hard Rock and other bars and shopping as well. There are hammocks, beach chairs and even a large pool with a swim up bar! We chose to head downtown to Majahaul to shop. We bought our tickets for downtown $3.00pp and they took us down there on a charter style bus. We LOVED the area. It is set up like a boardwalk with the beach on one side and then shops on the other side. Everyone there was very nice and would offer great deals as well. We did some shopping and found that they would come down on the prices quickly if you started walking away. We got several really nice things down there very reasonable. We also decided to get something cold to drink and got 6 beers for $10.00!!! We had a nice table with an umbrella and enjoyed the breeze there. Two of our group decided to get massages. They got an hour massage for $20.00!!!! Both loved them and would do it again anytime. We hope that Carnival decides to bring more ships to this port as it's a jewel! We saw Percy Crews 2 this night and loved his show. We had seen him before on the Valor last year but he had all new material. We were all very tired from all the sun this week all of us crashed after the show! Day 6 - Day At Sea This was our last sea day as we would be in Nassau on Friday. We all slept in and just took it easy all day. We did trivia, played bingo, did the slot tournaments (didn't win) and ate. This was also our 21st anniversary and James, the cruise director sent us a bottle of champagne to celebrate since I wrote him a note telling him we were celebrating. It got there later but we enjoyed it with dinner on Friday. We saw Al Ernst show and enjoyed it as well. This was the second formal night and more pictures were taken. We did a little shopping and picture hunting and then called it a night. Day 7 - Nassau We arrived at 8:45am in Nassau and were the 1st ship there so we had the closest slot on the pier. We were soon joined by the Carnival Destiny, Disney Magic then later the Carnival Sensation. We had planned to go to the Crystal Palace at the Wyndham but after getting on the #10 Jitney, we were informed it was closed for renovations. We were disappointed but the driver gave us a little tour and pointed out as we drove back to town then we took a taxi to the Atlantis to gamble. It was very crowded and most of the machines were at least .5cent machines. We loved the penny slots on the ship! We stayed there until 1pm then headed back to the shopping area and picked up a few things before going back to the ship. I went to James upclose talk and enjoyed getting to know more about him. At 5pm, they have a Farewell Party in the back lounge with free drinks instead of at the Captain's party. We had a couple then did some picture shopping and liquor shopping as well. We went to our final dinner in the dining room and as this was the 8th Anniversary of 9/11 the crew and guest sang God Bless America! It was nice to see a tribute. I almost forgot, they did have the American flag hung in the lobby on this day as well in tribute. After dinner we got everything packed and called it a night. Debarkation: We were all Platinum so we were given #1 tags. We had to be down stairs in the lobby by 7:15am. We were at our car by 7:30am. It was one of the fastest times through customs ever! Final Thoughts: This cruise was FANTASTIC!!! We had great service all week. We did see some decline in the food but could always find something we liked. Drinks have gotten higher but with the prices we are paying for a cruise, it is still a great deal. The all of the crew were very caring and helpful. We loved the new Comedy Club and hope it continues on other ships. Our stateroom steward was ok but nothing special. He did the minimum to get by without getting fussed at like not washing the glasses or replacing a couple towels. It's small stuff but when you have cruised several times, you notice things that you are used to having done. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2009
My wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on the Carnival Glory.  This was our first time on Carnival; we have previously sailed on the Disney Magic (three times for the 3 day cruise), HAL Veendam, NCL Spirit (Alaska), NCL Pearl, NCL ... Read More
My wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on the Carnival Glory.  This was our first time on Carnival; we have previously sailed on the Disney Magic (three times for the 3 day cruise), HAL Veendam, NCL Spirit (Alaska), NCL Pearl, NCL Sky (3 day), RCCL Mariner of the Seas, and the Caribbean Princess.   Our house is 65 miles from the port. We arrived at Port Canaveral just after noon, and it took only about 15 minutes to unload and park; however, it took 40 minutes after getting in line to get to the counter.  After boarding, we went to eat, and could not find an indoor table, so had to eat outside in the heat.  My wife looked at the buffet line and found nothing appealing, so we ate from the grill.   The mandatory drill was supposed to begin at approximately 3:30, but was much later than that.  Carnival said to wait for announcements, but since my wife is recovering from a sprained ankle, we did not want to have to walk down several flights of stairs.  We were not released from the drill until around 4:30.   The balcony stateroom was very nice, and had just enough storage room for us.  The bathroom was roomy, and the plumbing worked well.  Our room was very quiet.  "Risky" did a great job on our stateroom.   Service in the main dining room was excellent.  We ate there for six nights.  The food was mostly adequate, with less courses than any other cruise line we had been on.  Desserts were passable.  Unlike other cruise lines, a basket of bread was not provided on the table, but waiters occasionally stopped by to see if we wanted a roll or bread.  The bread choices were the same every day.  On NCL, they had several varieties that changed daily.   Entertainment was not so great,  There was a juggler one night and a singer one night that were good, but the dancers/singers from Carnival were not too good. The magic show was repetitive - how many different types of box can you make people disappear from? I was disappointed that they did not have a crew or guest talent show. This was the first cruise where the four major TV networks were available. They utilized the network affiliates in Denver. This was also the week of the blizzard there. The only major complaint we had was with the supper club, which cost us $60 extra.  I asked for a lemonade, which is free in all other dining rooms, and they wanted to charge me, so I requested an iced tea instead, which they brought without any sweeteners.  I had to request that separately.  The waitress had problems answering a simple question, and gave the excuse that she was just out of college.  We were told that the fillet was came with asparagus and mushrooms; I requested mine to come with nothing, and my wife wanted mushrooms only.  My order was correct, hers came with no mushrooms but with asparagus.  For sides, I ordered spinach and mashed potatoes, and they served me tiny portions of them on the plate.  No refills were offered for my tea until we ordered dessert, and my wife almost had to beg to get refills on her soda.  It took 30 minutes for dessert to be served.  After I paid, I requested to speak to the manager; she asked what I wanted her to do about the situation but did not offer any specific compensation.  The fillet was excellent, and the tiny portions of the sides was too. We have eaten in the steakhouses and alternative dining on all other cruises (except HAL, which did not have the alternative dining yet), and with one exception on Disney, always had great service.  Disney gave us our meal free after I complained about the waiter who brought what he thought we should have instead of what we wanted to order.   We had stops in Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Martin. We had been to each at least two times previously. The only excursion that we took was a St. Martin island tour, which provided transportation to the French side so that my wife could shop the flea market there. The driver was excellent, giving a different narration than we had previously on this tour. Getting of the ship was easy, we got to our car by 9 AM. I would sail Carnival again, but only if the price and itinerary were exceptional, but I would never eat in their supper club again. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2009
We have traveled before on Carnival. This was our first trip to eastern Caribbean. Embarkation went smooth. The food and waiter in the Platinum Dining Room was very good. We ate there six nights. The buffet on the Lido deck left a lot ... Read More
We have traveled before on Carnival. This was our first trip to eastern Caribbean. Embarkation went smooth. The food and waiter in the Platinum Dining Room was very good. We ate there six nights. The buffet on the Lido deck left a lot to be desired. The breakfast buffet was not very good at all. The eggs were soupy and runny and you had to ask for the bacon. They would only give you a limited amount. We are both allergic to cigarette smoke. We like to slow dance and every bar we went into where we could dance was smoking. The karaoke bar was supposed to be smoke free, but it wasn't at all and there was no one monitoring to make sure there was no one smoking. Everywhere you went on the ship you could smell cigarette smoke. We had a balcony room and the room next to us was smoking and they would smoke on their balcony and we would have to go back inside. Also, people continually slammed the doors on the balcony both during the date and all night. Our steward was very friendly and the crew was always smiling. We will not cruise on the Carnival Glory again. Our previous cruises on the Conquest were very good. We will certainly check out the smoking situation before cruising again. Also, we both had a massage at the spa on the ship and it was wonderful, very relaxing and reasonble.The balcony cabin was fine. There was plenty of storage room. The only complaint about the balcony room was the noise. For some reason, people thought you had to slam the doors from the room to the balcony. They would wake us up all during the night slamming the doors. I think they need to separate the smoking rooms from nonsmoking rooms. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2009
Had done Disney twice, RC and Norwegian once each and all were great. Just didn't want to do Carnival due to their adds and rumors of constant partying. But got a good rate and this fit all of our needs so decided to give it a try. ... Read More
Had done Disney twice, RC and Norwegian once each and all were great. Just didn't want to do Carnival due to their adds and rumors of constant partying. But got a good rate and this fit all of our needs so decided to give it a try. Went in with zero expectations. Truthfully, I was expecting to be terribly disappointed. And it turned out to be just fine and I would do Carnival again! And believe me I am somewhat picky. It started kind of badly as I thought the crew that we met on day 1 didn't seem very happy. But when we saw our cabin that's when I got my first surprise. It was huge! Had an ocean view on Deck 1 and this cabin is appx. 220 sq. ft. Much more than any other cruise line I had been on. We actually could move around and not bump into each other! And after Day 1 the crew got happier. My husband said maybe it was Embarkation Day blues and shift changes. This cruise had 3 days at sea that I worried about being bored but it turned out we enjoyed and needed these days for rest and relaxation. It's not necessarily good to be in a port every single day trying to do it all. That can be exhausting! I have done it and will probably do it again, but this time it was OK. I don't really want to spend a lot of time here talking about the port stops because Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten have been thoroughly dissected on this website. What I wanted to say in this review was how pleasantly surprised I was with Carnival Cruise Line. The crew was great. The food was fantastic! I was not expecting that at all. The dining room food was excellent and I have the extra 6 lbs to prove it. The room steward kept our cabin stocked and clean constantly. Once the toilets stopped working on our deck and it was fixed within about an hour. It seemed if anything wasn't working that it was taken care of instantly. I can say that was not the case on RC. On RC I remember some of the public toilets not working and some overflowing and they stayed that way for days. The other thing about Carnival is they really want everyone to have a good time, so there are activities going on all the time. If you get bored it is your own fault. The lounge shows were excellent. On RC they were laughably sad. The show called Justin Illusion was awesome. We didn't want to go at first because we were like "oh great another magician". But we decided to go and were blown away! I'm so glad we decided to go! Oh and the "extra fee" fancy dining experience in the Emerald Room was just over the top fantastic. The best piece of Filet Mignon we've ever had. And the service and all the food was awesome. I give one point off to Carnival for the individual entertainment acts in the various bars and lounges. Some of these people sang so off key and badly we had to cover our ears when we walked by! But the piano bar experience is another cool thing we did. This guy "Russell" plays the piano very well and has an extensive song collection that he can play. Everyone sits around him as he and his piano slowly rotates and sing along. It is a riot if you get the right bunch of people together. It is hysterical to hear standard classic rock songs sung with a Phillipino accent! Cute! I must include here my review of the ship Glory also. I did not like this ship very much. I thought it was laid out badly and didn't like the pools. But let's face it, a cruise is mostly about the food and the ports, right? I will say on sea days it was very easy to find a spot on deck to hang out because of the Carnival towel policy. They charge you $22 per towel if you don't turn in your towel at the end of the cruise. This prevents people from "chair hogging" with towels because they are afraid of losing their towel! How nice this was in comparison to my other cruising experiences where people "marked" their chairs from 7am to midnight with towels. This made it very difficult to find a good spot for a little while during sea days. So YEA Carnival for your towel policy, it works and it's fair! Note: if you have the suitcase room, bring your own towel from home. We didn't even "unpack" the Carnival towels in the room. There's only one electrical outlet in the cabin. This seems to be on all cruise ships. Bring a multi-outlet converter if you need more than one outlet. Let an ex-smoker vent here too please. I am appalled at the number of people who still smoke knowing the dangers we are now aware of. There were so many on this ship I couldn't believe it!! But they do have their places on the ship where they can smoke, but it makes the casino sometimes unbearable. It would be so nice if there was half of the casino smoke-free, or perhaps a much better ventilation system installed?? So in closing I want those of you who are afraid of Carnival to go ahead and book with confidence. I will do them again. By the way, I am in my early 50's and enjoy a good time but also like my 8 hours a night of sleep. I got both on this cruise. The beds are good and the cabins were so quiet I wondered if we were alone! Read Less
Sail Date: January 2010
Carnival Glory - January 3-10 - Ever Wondered About Carnival? We have cruised 10+ times and have always wondered about Carnival. The price can't be beat. So, we went on the Glory in early January. We knew about the potential ... Read More
Carnival Glory - January 3-10 - Ever Wondered About Carnival? We have cruised 10+ times and have always wondered about Carnival. The price can't be beat. So, we went on the Glory in early January. We knew about the potential "kid" issue on Carnival, but thought they would all be back in school. WRONG! There were over 500 children on board. The worst part wasn't really the kids, it was that parents did not supervise them and that Carnival didn't appear to mind that posted rules and regulations were not heeded. There were kids in adult pools, kids (in diapers) in spa adult-only whirlpools, kids in the casino running around, but the worst was screaming and running in the corridors outside staterooms until usually 1 AM. Did we report it? Certainly. Nothing happened. Many were Spanish speaking. Is it me, or are they just plain louder? Our second major complaint was the smoking. There were several bars, nightclubs we couldn't go in because the smoke was too heavy. On sea days, we could never figure out which side of the ship was supposed to be the non-smoking side. It really is a shame because Carnival has a lot going on for it. FOOD: The food is really quite good. We were originally scheduled to eat in the Golden Dining Room. But when we went there the first night we were right beside a serving area and after several loud bangs of trays right behind my head, we asked to be moved. The maitre d' was gracious and we were moved the next day to a table overlooking the rear windows in the Platinum Dining Room - very pleasant indeed. Thanks Paul! Every meal choice was excellent. The food surpassed our expectations. The cold soups are delicious. Other than being addressed as: What would yous guys like tonight? - which may have been a language issue, service was good - not excellent -but nothing to complain about at all. SERVICE: Again, we were pleasantly surprised. Most crew smiled and said hello. Our bar waiter was Lucia (Burgundy Bar) and she made excellent martinis - excellent choices - all very professionally handled. Room stewards, waiters, virtually everyone was friendly and service was excellent. SHIP: The Glory is beautiful. We did miss the outdoor movie theater but hear she is being refurbished to receive one. The spa is quite small but the use of the very large sauna and steam rooms is free - unlike some other cruise lines. We used the gym daily. The design of the gym is poor in that the windows only come part way up from the floor so your view of the ocean is blocked by mirror. There are no individual monitors on equipment so the workout is tedious and boring. Either being able to see the ocean, or watching some TV helps, since we are not gym nuts who go just because we like it. Again too bad - it is a "miss" that could have been avoided. Yes, the ship dEcor is gaudy but the ship is kept very clean. It does take some skill to find your way because there are 2 main dining rooms. The one in the middle of the ship blocks the flow of the ship along with the kitchen. Sounds like small issue, but for us it was a pain. EMBARKATION/DISEMBARKATION: Both were handled with ease - absolutely no complaints at all. We reached the pier at 11:00AM and were on board with no hassle by 11:30. Greeters were all friendly and everything was very well organized. Leaving was a breeze. SMOKING: This is one reason we will likely not consider Carnival again. It is allowed in many public rooms, which we cannot tolerate. It would be so easy to allow it outside, on one side of the ship only. But even outside on open decks it was everywhere and no one did anything to stop it. The issue of unsupervised children is so easy to fix. It requires 1 officer in uniform who roams the ship and addresses these issues constantly - much like a VP in a school. It continues because it is not dealt with. Expecting parents to deal with their children is not going to happen, but when both the children and the parents see it is going to be dealt with consistently, it will stop. As well, when other passengers see that it is dealt with they too may begin to say something when an officer is not present. No one says anything now because it appears it is OK to have fun at everyone else's expense. The FUN FOR ALL, ALL FOR FUN only works if everyone's idea of what fun is, is the same. The look on the faces of those over 50 watching these children was horror. The look on the faces of those singles under 30 was terror. (BTW, we did not find the 18-30 age group a problem at all) The look on the faces of those between 30 and 50 was oblivion (they were the parents and the crew) and the look on the faces of the children was frenzy! We cruise about 3 times a year and were ready and willing to include Carnival as one of our choices. But we now realize, that although it really did come close, the children issue has closed this door for us. Too bad, we're teachers and we love children! Read Less
Sail Date: January 2010
This was not my first cruise with Carnival so I was not trying to compare it to any other cruise line than itself. The ship was beautiful, well maintained, and my balcony was so enjoyable. But from the first night to the last, I felt the ... Read More
This was not my first cruise with Carnival so I was not trying to compare it to any other cruise line than itself. The ship was beautiful, well maintained, and my balcony was so enjoyable. But from the first night to the last, I felt the main dining room food was well below average. All menu selections were bland. Beef was the worst selection whether it be a steak, prime rib or whatever they called it. It was totally tasteless. One night I tried beef stroganoff but they didn't even place the beef over a bed a noodles. Apple pie required all three of us at our table to remove the top crust and just eat the apples with the ice cream. In the reverse the lido deck buffets were far better than expected. The variety of food from hamburgers to seafood, to Asian, to Mexican to salad bars was excellent. The desserts on this level also far exceeded what was available in the dining rooms. This was the first time I booked a balcony suite and it was the best. The room is so bright and cheery. The lay out of the room provided everything we needed and didn't feel cramped. We had a sofa bed and small cocktail table in addition to the bed. Even the lighting was great . You could have subtle or bright lighting. We sat on the balcony a lot even when at sea. What a great place to read a book or take in the sun. One real windy day on deck we went back to our room and used the balcony which was much more sheltered. When in port we lucked out to be on the scenic side but that isn't always the case. The bathroom was well designed and everything functioned as it should. The bed and bedding were all top shelf as to quality. Now on to more good stuff. The comedy clubs were a great, offering both PG and R rated shows. Bands were everywhere. Getting on and off the ship was effortless. Disembarkment went the smoothest I ever remember. As always the talent show using passengers was great. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2010
I went on this cruise, with Carnival mostly because it was one of the cheapest ones we could find in the Caribbean. After 5 years of intense nursing school and little cash, my boyfriend and I needed a vacation. We went with my parents. I ... Read More
I went on this cruise, with Carnival mostly because it was one of the cheapest ones we could find in the Caribbean. After 5 years of intense nursing school and little cash, my boyfriend and I needed a vacation. We went with my parents. I was skeptical, having cruised on princess about 8 years ago. I heard bad things about Carnival and read some awful reviews about Carnival Glory a week before we left. However, I decided that regardless of what went down on the ship, I would be grateful and have an awesome time. Turns out I didn't even have to have that resolve. From the time we got to the cruise line in freezing cold Miami, we had a very easy time. We boarded the ship, had some lunch on the Lido deck and went down to our first floor ocean view cabin. Let me tell you, for the money, I was impressed. The room was very clean and spacious and the beds were comfy. We were close enough to the elevators that it wasn't a journey, however, we were in the forward part of the ship, so we only had fellow people on our halls making noises. Our housekeeping staff found out our names immediately and greeted us every single time they saw us. So friendly! I was prepared for the worst for dinner, but it was actually pretty darn good. The service was great and 'showtime' where the dining crew gets up and dances and sings was so much fun! I loved it. I think for the price of the cruise, it was all well on par with what we received. We did not do a lot of ship activities, because we were more interested in reading and lounging around, but there was always something offered. We loved our cabin and had no problem hanging out in there. The food on the lido deck was blah, nothing too amazing too report, i thought the buffet style food was cold. The hamburgers from the grill were great and the pizza was also very good. Everything else left me wanting. We don't drink a lot, so I can't say much about the bar service. My drinks were okay, a few were watered down, but overall they were good. The dedicated comedy club was awesome. There were four comics during our cruise with great shows, PG and R rated. My only complaint was that there wasn't even enough room! We went to all of them. The entertainment in the Amber Palace was kind of lame. I hate saying that, because I enjoyed the cruise so much, but it was just lame. The service was awesome. I thought everyone we met was kind, gracious, and seemed rested. I asked a 9 year old boy about club carnival,the kids club on the ship, his response 'it is so awesome!' that was great to hear.... Overall, I am super happy with Carnival, I would absolutely sail it again, because it is cheaper, but still good quality. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2010
The Ship This was an absolutely amazing cruise! My husband and I went and it was cruise #5 for both of us. Since there was very little that I didn't like about the cruise I will start with the dislikes. Most of the decor of the ship ... Read More
The Ship This was an absolutely amazing cruise! My husband and I went and it was cruise #5 for both of us. Since there was very little that I didn't like about the cruise I will start with the dislikes. Most of the decor of the ship was well outdated. Some of it was ok, like the Bar Blue and the Cinn-a-Bar. But kalidescope blvd was horrible. It was like something from the '90's. And the ship itself seemed to have a lot more motion than any other I've been on even though we had relatively calm seas. Unfortunately, most of the cruise the weather was not very warm. We arrived in Miami and it was it the mid thirties. On the news it said Iguanas were falling off trees because of the cold. However, even with limited amounts of sunshine we still had a blast. Dinning- We had the main seating in the Platinum dinning room and it was exceptional. Our head waiter was Telly and assistant waiter was Eka. The food was almost always perfect, Telly was very skilled at bottle opening and of course the chocolate melting cake was out of this world. Our Maitre' D was also excellent, one night he sang 'You look wonderful tonight' and it was pretty good. We also ate in the Emerald room supper club one night. Do yourself a favor, eat here and try the chocolate sampler. The food was amazing, the music, however was a little off. It went from Italian opera to '80's pop. Service- Aside from the dinning room the rest of the service was also excellent, our room steward, Marlon remembered our name from the first day and pretty much everyone that worked on the ship that we encountered was super friendly. We didn't have any problems with room service and I was addicted to the reuben all week. About halfway through the week my husband sprained his foot and we had to rent a wheelchair for the remainder of our cruise. It was $100 for the week and at the end of the week we got $50 back. We were really worried about getting on and off the tender in Grand Cayman but the crew helped him and made sure they carried the chair onto the tender for us after they helped him. There was also a reserved spot for wheel chair users in the Amber Palace and that was very helpful because by the time we got there all of the isle seats were gone and we weren't really sure where we were going to sit and a woman ushered us over to where we could park the wheel chair. Everyone was exceptionally helpful. And the cruise director Ryan was the best we've had. Informative without getting annoying. Cabin - Next to a room with a family that had a crying child. We could hear the child, the mother yelling at the child and another child slamming the balcony door and yelling out on the balcony every morning. This is next to a room that has extra beds so maybe families frequently get this room. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2010
I will start out by saying we really enjoyed our cruise. This was my 5th cruise and 1st for Wendy. Unfortunately for us we did not have the greatest weather. In my previous 4 February 7 day cruises I only experienced one rainy day and this ... Read More
I will start out by saying we really enjoyed our cruise. This was my 5th cruise and 1st for Wendy. Unfortunately for us we did not have the greatest weather. In my previous 4 February 7 day cruises I only experienced one rainy day and this cruise we had 4 days of rain. It only reached 60 F when we were in Belize. We managed to get some sun and there was plenty of fun stuff to do when it was raining. Our first port of call (Cayman Islands) was canceled due to choppy water. The first time I have had a port of call canceled. None of this was Carnivals fault. We enjoyed most of the entertainment on board the ship. Some of the shows were duds but most were entertaining. We enjoyed one of the comedians on board the other two were mostly dull to me, I enjoyed the hypnotist act and I always enjoy the dance shows. I enjoyed all the bands on board and in particular I enjoyed the Latin Band the best(they played alot of Salsa, Meringue and some Cha Cha). We also made new friends on board which always seems to happen with some 3,000 odd people aboard there is plenty of opportunity to meet new friends. We had late sitting for dinner and had great company with the 4 other couples at our dinner table. The service for dinner was great and we were served quickly though I have never raved about the food at dinner (average), I appreciate the scope of serving 3000 dinners in two seatings. I would not complain about dinners, I know for some people the food is high priority and people want to notch meals and food throughout their cruise. We found the food better than adequate. I found somethings on board that I really enjoyed, But I have to say that at the end of the week I was happy to be heading home were I can get a better variety of meals. One of my criticisms of the past week is the mixed drinks on board. We are not "drinkers" by any means, but if I purchase a mixed drink I want it to have a little kick behind it. We only purchased 4 mixed drinks and a couple of beers the whole cruise. I believe the Carnival must think that by watering the drinks down yo will buy more drinks to compensate for the lack of alcohol in the drink, this had the exact opposite effect with us. We purchased drinks on shore to get our modest alcohol fix and is essence Carnival made nothing off drinks from us. If they ever stop watering down their drinks we will buy drinks on board. My other big turn-off on board is the constant stench of cigarettes on board. I can never remember such on awful smelling cruise. Of course we had no choice to endure the disgusting smell of tobacco our entire vacation. I guess we must have had an inordinate number of smokers aboard. I have to take every piece of clothing we took on our cruise and put it in plastic and have all our clothes cleaned we we came home because when we opened our suitcases it smelled like a smoke house. If cruise lines do not offer smoke free cruises they should seriously look into offering this, because if they did we would never cruise on a smokers cruise again. In closing I have to mention the staff was excellent. Our room was always clean. The did a terrific job cleaning the whole ship with over 3,000 people on board. All in all a terrific experience, I would definitely do it again. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2010
Carnival utilized Delta Airlines to fly us to meet the ship. When we got to the airport, we were told there was a three hour delay to our first flight stop in Atlanta, GA because they had no flight crew available. When we finally reached ... Read More
Carnival utilized Delta Airlines to fly us to meet the ship. When we got to the airport, we were told there was a three hour delay to our first flight stop in Atlanta, GA because they had no flight crew available. When we finally reached Atlanta, GA, we were told there was no flight to get us to Miami in time to reach the ship before it sailed because Delta had "severely overbooked their flights" according to a Delta Rep. We had to spend the night in Atlanta, catch a plane to Nassau, Bahamas the next day, and arrived in Nassau just in time to catch our ship prior to it leaving the port of call. We missed over a day of cruse time and one port altogether. When we settled in on the cruise ship, we were exhausted. My husband and I have been on a total of nine cruises - 5 on Carnival, 2 on Princess, 1 on Costa, and 1 on Royal Caribbean. The Carnival Glory was a disappointment compared to other ships. It was run down looking, and service was slow. Dining tables were dirty (Lido deck)even when wiped down. The shows were good, the food very good, and the cabin and cabin steward were great. There were 800 kids on board and appeared to be from the ages of a baby, to 16 years old. We found 6,7,8 year old kids up at 1:30 in the morning running throughout the ship and having no parents with them, bumping into guests and staff. Spills of ice cream and drinks on floors were not cleaned up quickly (within an hour)and security had their hands full trying to correct parentless kids running throughout the ship alone. Another time I ordered room service and it came - an hour and 15 minutes later. The next time I ordered room service, it never came at all. By that time, it was time for dinner. On the Serenity deck where it was "adults only", there was always kids in the pool, whirlpool, and deck disturbing everyone else. Noone asked them to leave and some were there with their parents who blantantly ignored the policy. This was our 20th wedding anniversary and should have been special, but turned out to be stressful, from the airline Carnival used to fly their guests, to the condition of the ship. I was very disappointed and will probably not go on another cruise with Carnival. Princess has much nicer ships and so does Royal Caribbean. People on those cruises tend to take the "rules" and policies of the ship more serious, and actually look decent when they come to dinner with appropriate formal clothing. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2010
I will be as fair as possible here. To start, this is my fifth cruise. The first was with Carnival, then 3 on Holland America and now this one. We are both 33 years old and we decided to try Carnival for a couple of reasons. First, we ... Read More
I will be as fair as possible here. To start, this is my fifth cruise. The first was with Carnival, then 3 on Holland America and now this one. We are both 33 years old and we decided to try Carnival for a couple of reasons. First, we wanted to see if this would be a younger crowd which is what we kept hearing. Second, for the price we were able to get a Grand Suite rather than what we would have paid for a Verandah on Holland America. That said, you get what you pay for and I will go back and touch on the aforementioned reasons later. Suite Pros - Very nice. Clean. Hardworking room steward "Arjawa". Suite Cons - The bed absolutely sucked! It felt as though it was sunken in and was very stiff. We were on our honeymoon and because the king bed was actually two twin beds which had been pushed together there was not a whole lot of cuddle time. There was a noticeable hump in the middle and her bed also felt as though it was sunken in. Differences - Between Carnival and Holland, the Holland suites were a bit nicer overall and the bedding was for damn sure nicer. The bedding on Holland was so comfortable I have not ever had a bad night sleep.Food - The steakhouse was very, very good! But to get the very good food you have to pay an extra $30 per person per night. After 3 nights of eating in the regular dining room, we went to the steakhouse and continued for the rest of the cruise because there was such a substantial difference in the food quality. Once again, having only Holland to compare to I have to say the food on Holland was better. The difference between the dining room and the Pinnacle Grill ($30 upcharge) on Holland was not that substantially different. Sure there was a little difference but not to the extent that there was on Carnival. In fact, the third night of this cruise and subsequently the last time we had the regular dining room, my wife's plate was brought out and she commented that it looked like a plate of vomit. No joke. The other food places like the Lido restaurant, pizzaria, burrito bar, etc. were all very decent and on par with all of the other cruises I have been on. The burger and fry type places always had long lines and the food was cold both times I went. Drinks - About the same as all the other cruises I have been on. Beer is $4-8, mixed drinks $7-11, and the drink of the day specials were always about $8. The one thing NOT ONE BARTENDER told us UNTIL THE LAST DAY was that you could take the cup from the drink of the day back up and get it refilled for a couple of bucks less. My wife said she would have gotten more had she known that but witheld becuase of the cost.Atmosphere - The ship was great. It was clean and it was apparent they work to keep it that way. There were always people working hard to keep things nice. Decorations and that were all very nice too. Smoke - Carnival should really consider going non-smoking or having designated smoking areas. They allowed smoking in most of the public areas. A good example of this was when we were outside on the Lido deck eating lunch only to have a people around us smoking. If you are a non-smoker, the casino was pretty much unbearable in the evening and night times. During the day it was somewhat tolerable for me but my wife wouldn't step foot in there. I heard a lot of comments about it from others too.People - There were a lot of less than desirable people on the cruise (passengers). Some just looked dirty. I am not trying to pick on people or be mean, but come on. A little effort would be nice. I am not a hoity toit. In fact, I am a regular middle class kind of guy. I am trying to put this nicely and try to think of the best way to explain...there were several rude, obnoxious, boisterous, it's all about me kind of people who acted as though the world was owed to them. I saw several interactions with crew where some guests just treated them like crap. I even heard the race card played on a couple of occasions which I definitely could have done without on vacation. One was because a lady didn't think the guy gave her enough bacon (6-8 slices)after she had to wait for a couple of minutes for it to finish cooking. I still can't figure out how race even applies here. The second time was because some guys sail and sign account stopped working because a credit card declined. Of course it had nothing to do with the credit card and according to him everything to do with his race. Enough said. Draw your own conclusions here. I think I made my point I hope.Activities - The song and dance shows were ok but nothing to write home to mom and dad about. I have seen better entertainment on Holland and even the first Carnival cruise I went on years ago was much better. There was a Comedy club on this ship which was great! We went several times and had a blast. There is also a sing along type piano bar that was always a blast too. A lot of people did this and we had a great time with Jason the pianist. They had a lot of bingo which it seemed like the did in concert with the big shows to get more people to buy bingo cards. Everything else was just ok. Again, there was nothing to write home about. They had scattergories, cards, and other BS keep you busy for a while stuff. If you like art they are always trying to get you to buy too. Whoo hoo! I am getting tired and as I sit here and reflect, I have decided that I will probably not go on Carnival again. It was an ok time but not great like previous cruises I have been on. Like I said at the beginning, you get what you pay for and I think I will spend the extra money next time. As for the age groups, they were not that different from one company to the other. But the quality of people varied GREATLY! If you can handle dealing with some of the stuff I mentioned before the value is pretty good on Carnival. If not go to Holland or another line. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2010
Hello, Mark and Teresa here. We're (now) platinum Carnival cruisers. Here's our breakdown. Embarkation: used the automated kiosk for getting our room keys/boarding passes. Still had a lenghty wait (~45 min) as we somehow ... Read More
Hello, Mark and Teresa here. We're (now) platinum Carnival cruisers. Here's our breakdown. Embarkation: used the automated kiosk for getting our room keys/boarding passes. Still had a lenghty wait (~45 min) as we somehow passed the person handing our boarding tickets. When you get to cruise port they hand out boarding tickets as you process thru the termianl and when your ticket number is called you go up the gangplank. No biggie as we got on about 12 pm. Went straight to the rooms to drop off carry ons although rooms are not techinally available till 1 or 1:30. We ordered BonVoyage booze and it was in room by 2:30. Our cruise mates didn't get theirs till 5:00. We decorated our room with a door poster, window and wall posters, and a deck palm tees (blowup.) It really made the room festive. Our cabin, our first aft balcony, was great (6456) although we really didn't spend much time at all there. Of special note is you CAN hear the lounge below (all aft balconies could I'm sure) during certain a few times but never after 12:00. Also, there is a good amount of vibration from the propellers. Not so much that it kept me awake. There was a day of "larger" seas and the aft does move more than say a middle room. I like the motion but others could be distracted. I said to my other, "now it feels like we're sailing!" Of note about Glory is there was a noticable "smell" in the hallway around cabins 6430. Not on the starboard but only that port hallway area. We were glad we didn't have a room righ near 6430. We also noticed a "kitchen" smell in our cabin and it was on our embark and disembark days in Maimi. Other times it was no problem. Weird. Half Moon was a very nice island and we rented a cabana for the day. I flew a kite much of the day on the beach and after that several people said, "that's how we got our bearings." "We're over by the kite." Was nice to have fresh fruit, drinks (sodas) and an attendant waiting on us. Would we rent it again, probably. There was about a 40 min wait for a tender at the end of the day. Day at sea was tranquil and we noticed fewer than normal kids. Maybe because it was Apr 11 - 18 and most of the spring breakers were gone. The hairy man contest was a joke and I could have won it just by sleeping on my deck chair. Some cruises have more energy than others. We did the "anytime" dining and it was great. We usually had a 10 - 15 minute wait for a table (with pager) and we spent that time at the bar. We always got seated before "late" seating anyway so we were happy with it. San Jaun was interesting and we opted to walk old SanJaun and see the forts. Easy walk from the ship, and price, about $10 to see both forts. Interesting to visit something older than the United States and it makes clear why most of Central Americas and Caribbean speak Spanish. My BFF high school buddy grew up in PR and we sought out some local food and a good cup of PR coffee. We wern't disappointed. We tried the Steakhouse Supper Club and it was par above the normal dining experience. A definite must-do but try to do it on a night when you're not exhausted. It's a good 2.5 hour dinner, done right. If you're tired it won't be as good. Our day in St. Thomas VI was spent riding motor scooters. Total price for 2 scooters was $150 with insurance. (No problems with "before/after" damage if you get the $10 ins.) Our rental service told us where to go and we had a blast. We went to a shop to get sunscreen and a local told us about "secret beach" so we went there. Very tranquil, beautiful waters, good beach bar. Probably less expensive than most "ship board" excursions and made for a great day. BTW, there is actually a sign on board telling people NOT to rent scooters. Gawd. Gran Turk is a very small island and except for the cruise ship dock it's unspoiled. It was amazing how close the boat was to the shore at dock. The most incredible thing was how much the area was built up at the dock. You HAVE to go through a liquor store to get ashore. UNBELIEVEABLE! And there was a large assortment of chain stores as well as Margaritiville. Just make your way past all the money traps to get to the taxi's. We went to Bahio beach ($14 for 2) and spent the day. Good snorkling, beach bar, body surfing and clear waters. I spent the day trying to fly a 4 meter kite. It wasn't easy and nearly lifted me off the ground as it's very windy there. Our cabby picked us up exactly when we asked. Try the local Turks Head beer. It's great! We tipped our room steward $30. Our table waiter $40. (excellent) Disembarkation was easy as they call through the decks. We "self assisted" as we didn't want to search for luggage at baggage claim. There was about a 20 min customs line and we declared a $5 straw hat. Might want to declare "something" as nothing might raise a flag and you get sent to the examination room. A tip is to use a porter. We've used porters before and you fly through customs. Of special note was; we had a fairly early flight (12:30) and disembarked around 10:30. We got flagged down outside the curise terminal to get on a van (with trailer) to go the airport. We spent the next 35 minutes circling the port terminal while the driver tried to fill the remaining 2 seats. We passangers almost mutinied until finally the driver headed to the airport. Good thing our flight turned out to be delayed or we might have missed our flight. From now on I'll ALLWAYS take a yellow cab. It's nearly as cheap and minimal hassels. GREAT cruise, very relaxing. 2 cruises already booked. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2010
This was our second Carnival cruise with previous sailings on Holland, Princess and Royal Caribbean. Arrived in Miami on Saturday and stayed in South Beach and visited friends. Embarkation was a bit slower than expected. There were new ... Read More
This was our second Carnival cruise with previous sailings on Holland, Princess and Royal Caribbean. Arrived in Miami on Saturday and stayed in South Beach and visited friends. Embarkation was a bit slower than expected. There were new check-in kiosks instead of a person at a terminal. From there to a short line to pick up our cards. The whole process to get onboard was about 30 minutes. The Glory has recently been refurbished and the ship was beautiful. Just about everything was new and shiny. We had an inside stateroom on the Riviera deck. Very quiet. Our steward Juan (from Nicaragua) and his assoc Denis took very good care of us. New bedding, flat-screen tv and plenty of room for the two of us with king bed. Luggage fit under the bed, 3 standing closets, desk, mini bar, safe. Be aware, only one outlet in the cabin. Bathroom came with soap, shampoo, razors, toothpaste and lotion. Typical shower with cloth curtain. Food - plenty of it but some if the hours of various eateries confused me. Only pizza and room service available after dinner. Mongolian barbecue was good but long lines. Enjoyed the Burrito Bar but that could have been open lots more. Ice cream and frozen yogurt seemed readily available, yummy. Had late-seating main dining, good but nothing to note. Breakfast in the dining room was delicious every day. Buffet had good food. Seemed a bit confusing as to why only one side would be open with a ship load of people. Fish and Chips probably the best kept secret. Public Areas - very clean, crew everywhere cleaning and polishing. Casino had Egyptian motif. received $5 in match play for every margarita my wife had one day, so we played and came out ahead, and buzzed. Used the Internet to check-in for our departing flight. quick and easy. cost less than $5. Central Atrium very colorful. Usual lounge hogs to deal with on the sun/pool decks. Nicest Surprise was the ADULT ONLY Serenity Club. Two person hammocks and shaded clam shell lounges. Private spas for the adults and a bar for refreshments. Very nice. Entertainment - Didn't attend any shows this cruise. Disembarkation - waited until called then discovered we were now all waiting in the stairs, etc. slower than expected. Overall we enjoyed this cruise. Lots of sun and fun in the Caribbean. Good value for the $$. We will cruise Carnival again. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2010
My wife and I (newlyweds)went on a cruise for the first time. We did not know what to expect at all, but I have to tell you we were both impressed. By mid week we were already wanting to book another cruise for the following year. The ship ... Read More
My wife and I (newlyweds)went on a cruise for the first time. We did not know what to expect at all, but I have to tell you we were both impressed. By mid week we were already wanting to book another cruise for the following year. The ship was very fun, in fact pretty much more fun that the ports of call. There was always a number of employees cleaning the ship to maintain its cleanliness through the entire trip. Our rooms keeper or whatever you call them would fix up our room atleast twice a day, which caught us by surprise. Everyday we would come back to the room with a new towel animal on our bed, the animal would also have props, used by some of our belongings just sitting out, like a pen or sunglasses. There was plenty of activities for everyone everyday. Food was great, although we only went to 2 scheduled dinners. We took advantage of the 24 hr stations through the whole trip. We stayed in a blacony room, which was plenty big. Dont let people tell you its tiny. I went into a cabin with some people we met on the ship and it was a little smaller, but I got to tell ou the balcony is really worth it. All I have to say is, after this cruise, I am definitely a future cruiser. Now I was hoping for more of a crowd around me and wifes age, but it seemed to be a huge mix. The only thing I would of liked to see, would have been a bigger pool... or at least a pool for adults only, the kids pretty much hogged it all day. The cruise director was really awesome, made me feel like I was on the Titanic or something. He had this British accent, which at first I thought was always a recording when he was on the boat speakers. We did get the soda card, which im not sure was worth it. If you drink a lot of soda it should pay itself. I know I mixed alot of drinks so it came in handy. Hope this helps someone. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
This was my fifth cruise, and my husbands 3rd. We are both 30 years old with no kids. We traveled on Carnival 5 years ago on the Triumph, and honestly I was not pleased with Carnival, and swore I would never return. Well, my husband ... Read More
This was my fifth cruise, and my husbands 3rd. We are both 30 years old with no kids. We traveled on Carnival 5 years ago on the Triumph, and honestly I was not pleased with Carnival, and swore I would never return. Well, my husband convinced me to give them a second shot when we got a great deal. I am definitely happy he convinced me, so here is the run down: Embarkation: Embarkation went really, really well. We had our fun pass completed, which allowed us to go to the self-check in. We got in line at 12:30 and were on the boat by 1:00. This was the smoothest embarkation I have ever experienced. The Room and Room Steward: We were located on the second floor in the middle of the ship. We had an ocean view room, and again, we were happy with the size of the room. A few suggestions though for the room- get a shower door. Honestly, the curtain doesn't hold any water in, so every day we used a lot of towels on the floor. We expected it but I really wish that cruise lines would switch to doors. Also, the size of the bathroom was small, but there was plenty of space. Also, there was a lot of space in the closets in the bedroom, and our suitcases fit under the bed. Really a great ocean view room. Our room steward Marco was amazing. He remembered our name from the moment we got there. He brought us extra chocolate when we asked. Filled our ice bucket twice a day and left us our great towel animals. He worked his butt off but never seemed upset to do so. He was the best cabin steward I have had to date. The Food and Wait Staff: The buffet was just ok and could use some improvement, especially for lunch. The breakfast buffet was good though and had anything you could imagine. I wasn't that upset about the lunch buffet just because there were so many other options. They have a deli, pizza place, fish and chips, a grill, a buritto place and a Mongolian grill. My personal favorites are the pizza, the deli, the grill and the burrito place. My husband lived at the deli. My husband hated the Mongolian place, but no worries since there are so many other options. We honestly had something different every day. For dinner we always did the dining room- late seating. Our waiter Michael was amazing. He had lemonade waiting for us, and even provided me the recipe for the chocolate melting cake the last night. The menu was great every night with a few repeats, but overall a lot of choice and variety. I do wish they would bring back the fruit punch. They also offer cappuccino, espresso and hot chocolate with breakfast and dinner. We loved that :) They also had a chocolate buffet one day which was great. We missed the late night Mexican buffet, but I am sure it was great. Entertainment: They have a comedy club on this ship which was a nice touch. They had four different comedians and each were funny. They also had a open mic night the last night which went really well. Honestly, skip the shows and go to the comedy club. We also loved karaoke, but were annoyed that they did the legends auditions almost every night. They should really schedule that separately just because if I heard Brittney Spears impersonated one more time, I would have jumped off of the ship. The shows that they offer were honestly sub-par. I wasn't pleased with them, and will probably skip them on my next cruise. They should look into what NCL is doing and get blue man group or a real performance group. I did enjoy Edge the juggler but that was about it. During the day there was plenty to do. We loved the adult only pool and spent most of our day there. We aren't one for art auctions or anything like that and honestly spent most of our day to ourselves. Ports: Belize was not worth it, but the other ports were great. We loved the Cayman's again, and enjoyed the beach. I would recommend doing your own tour since it is way cheaper than what the boat is going to charge you. I definitely enjoyed each stop though and Roatan I would go back to visit. Overall: Overall I had great experience. The staff always said hello, and I had a wonderful time. I had a bad experience last time, and Carnival turned this around. I never felt hounded to do anything or buy anything. May is a great time to go if you don't want to be around kids. Honesty I can't wait to go back Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
Embarkation was a breeze. We arrive a day early in Miami and spent the night at the LaQuinta Airport hotel which is where I've stayed on my last five previous cruise nights. The people are always very pleasant and they offer transport ... Read More
Embarkation was a breeze. We arrive a day early in Miami and spent the night at the LaQuinta Airport hotel which is where I've stayed on my last five previous cruise nights. The people are always very pleasant and they offer transport from the airport to the hotel, and then from the hotel to the port the next morning. We arrived at the port around 12:30 p.m. and were in our cabin by around 1:00 p.m. This was my 3rd Carnival cruise and I found it to be very similar in many ways to my past cruises on the Valor and the Liberty. Ships were very similar, which made it a lot easier to find my way around quicker. Our balcony room was more than adequate. Plenty of storage for two sisters with lots of luggage. Being situated mid to aft on the ship, we had a very smooth cruise and hardly felt rocking at all. We never heard any hallway noise and were just far enough away from the elevator not to hear the comings and goings of other guests. My sister and I both enjoyed the entertainment throughout the week. We thought the shows could have lasted a bit longer, but for the most part, we were both pleased with the quality of the entertainment. We did go to the comedy club to see the different shows, and thought they were all pretty good. Open mic night was at the same time as something else we had planned, so we were disappointed that they didn't have another option. This was the first Carnival legends show that I truly enjoyed. I've actually walked out mid show on my last cruise on the Liberty. I felt the quests for this show did an amazing job. Although the buffets seemed just so so, we both enjoyed the selection and quality of the food in the dining room each evening. Our food was always cooked the way we ordered and served while it was still hot enough to be enjoyable. My sister enjoyed the warm chocolate melting cake at least four of the seven nights. I felt guilty on a couple of nights because I thought the portions were so large that I couldn't finish my meal, and one night I was just too full to even have dessert! We didn't get pizza on this cruise, but enjoyed the hot dogs and hamburgers out by the pool. One afternoon we did get fish and chips, but felt we it was a little on the greasy side. Getting off the ship and going through customs in Miami was a breeze. We had a 12:00 flight out of Miami, got off the ship around 8:30 a.m. and arrived at the airport by 10:15 or so. I like flying in and out of Miami as I've never experienced delays either way. Read Less
Carnival Glory Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.4
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 5.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.9
Enrichment 5.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.3

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