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Late booking before a holiday week, four ports of call and weather were determining factors for this cruise selection. Initial embarkation at the terminal was horrible. Our driver dropped us off at the wrong terminal which wouldn't ... Read More
Late booking before a holiday week, four ports of call and weather were determining factors for this cruise selection. Initial embarkation at the terminal was horrible. Our driver dropped us off at the wrong terminal which wouldn't have been so bad if the luggage attendants at the terminal had not been arguing and fighting for the next passenger to exploit for tips. All their arguing and impatience made them overlook our luggage tags that clearly read Carnival Glory, not Vista. We tipped our luggage handler very well there initially thinking he just jumped in and handled our bags for efficiency purposes. Bags were loaded up and we were pushed into the Vista line where we made it through several lines all the way to the top where we were told someone was already in our cabin. Not one person at the embarkation area figured this out and it was all over our boarding paperwork. We, the passengers figured it out. Had to go back down and dig our own luggage out of the luggage racks and wheel them to the next terminal (not tough, just annoying) because we got there and another luggage handler let us know tips are appreciated. At the very least, I would say there are also some security concerns with the check in agents at terminal D. The ship service however, was phenomenal. Our cabin stewards, waiters, waitresses, and deck servers were always on their game,smiling, knew us by first name and our favorite drinks. This ship was very clean, I never went anywhere without seeing the stairs being vacuumed, hand rails being wiped, light deck rust being painted, windows being washed, bathrooms being cleaned, and cups and dishes were always cleared up quickly by deck hands to open up seating and tables. Do not buy the wifi onboard. It's horrible. We plan on asking for a refund. We tried to load up the Carnival website at on one point, left for dinner to let it load, came back and the blue wheel was still turning. Come on Carnival! $25.00 a day for wifi better be wifi that works! The food on this ship was far better with the great dinner mates we were paired with and the exceptional service we received from our waiters and waitresses. There were plenty of food choices around the ship from daybreak to dining hours and beyond. Pizza pirate was okay...thin crust and average sauce made for a one time dining location during our cruise. Guys burger joint had excellent burgers and was by far one of the most popular restaurants for a quick, heavy, meal on lido deck. Blue Iguana taco bar had limited hours and the serving process wasn't as fast as the burgers. The breakfast burritos were okay. They did serve open face eggs ( huevos rancheros) which in my opinion were better than the burritos and more popular with other passengers because crew couldn't seem to keep up with demand for this breakfast option. Room service was fast, but room service food was clearly made en-masse before arrival. It served its purpose of a light snack before late dining at 8:15 though and fairly tasty. Overall ship entertainment was plentiful and the major shows were very well executed, with very nice sets and props. Every entertainer was in their element which made the shows more fun to watch. The clubs and bars are cold in the evening, be sure to bring a light sweater for evening entertainment. I really wanted to like the piano bar. The entertainer on our ship had a lot of potential, but preferred passengers buy him shots instead of giving tips. An hour- two hours into the piano bar evening, proved to be more talking by the pianist who encouraged cruise goers to get up and sing songs they didn't know while he played, turning the piano bar into annoyingly, boring karaoke. The Alchemy bar, right next door to the piano bar, is far more worth your money for an eclectic cocktail than wasting it at the piano bar. The drink menu here is very diverse and the people watching in this spot is prime. The excursions overall were okay and very expensive for long waits on other passengers, local guides, and issues like old busses with flat tires (we had to unload 60 people from our Belize excursion bus, onto another to get back to the ship after an already long day to get to the excursion). Be prepared for "tip fatigue" and the same speech from every tour guide requesting you to "share something". Plan a tip budget. If you are tip generous, be prepared to give tips to at least three-six people for every excursion you book through Carnival. If you go to Honduras, and have safety fears in third world countries,stay in the confines of Mahogany Bay. Roatan is packed with "tourism safety" according to our cabbie. Every western union, gas station and major tourist point were flanked with at least two armed guards carrying M-4's. Clearly, there are good reasons only cruise passengers are allowed in Mahogany Bay, where Carnival branding and influence dominate. Any chance you get to book excursions without Carnival (especially in Grand Cayman) is well worth the time and effort to avoid long lines, waiting on other passengers, tip-fatigue, unnecessary expense and to avoid sub-par guides expecting a quick hand out. My fiancé and I travelled together for this cruise. I really enjoyed Carnival service and entertainment. There were lots of kids on this cruise and the prices were budget friendly for a diverse passenger clientele. I will definitely recommend and cruise Carnival again, but will avoid cruises that include Belize and Honduras as ports of call. Read Less
Sail Date November 2017
Us= Middle income couple, both 40-somethings, early "empty nesters" of 3 young adult chilren, deff not the stuffy type. Wife has cruised several times but this is my 2nd. We got a cabin with a window, which was just fine, we ... Read More
Us= Middle income couple, both 40-somethings, early "empty nesters" of 3 young adult chilren, deff not the stuffy type. Wife has cruised several times but this is my 2nd. We got a cabin with a window, which was just fine, we only go to the cabin to sleep anyways. Last cruise we had a balcony and really only used it to open the door and listen to the ocean at night, but that's not worth the price diff unless it's a sweet deal IMHO. The staff were simply amazing. From Brian the head Mixologist at the Alchemy Bar, to "Mo" our head waiter in the dinning room all week. We did not have an unpleasant or in any way difficult interaction with a single staff member the entire time, so many smiles from people that work to make us happy. If you expect to get everything available to eat 24 hrs a day, you will be disappointed, if you can figure out what is open and where the good stuff is, there is GREAT FOOD. Guys Burgers has hand made 80/20 burgers, the Blue Iguana Grill, Fish House, and of course "The Steak House Experience" (we and our group decided this may have been the best meal of our lives) are all worth trying out at least once and then decide where you want to go back to. The only thing avail to eat after midnight is pizza and frozen yogurt/ice cream but the pizza is what I would consider "gourmet" and are hand made with high quality toppings, as in cubes of real mozzarella piles on hand tossed crust. Remember you can also hit the dinning room for a more restaurant style breakfast/brunch if you don't want to deal with the buffet every morning. Shows were very entertaining and fun, lots of 70s-80s high production stuff. The digital effects designer/producer for these shows is AWESOME. Seeing giant black wings burst out from behind a male singer at the right time was killer. Main lobby had live music and a party atmosphere almost every night and "Glory Days" the duet group was very entertaining and kept people dancing and laughing. The comedy club was a nightly staple but the lines form early so get there before or be ready to sit way back, not that it effects your appreciation of the comedians. Piano bar was where we went after the comedy club and Scott the singer was great and got better the more the "appreciative shots" poured in. Biggest tip I could pass on was to be patient and your trip will be much better, there are lines and lots of people but there are plenty of spots to get away from people and have some peace. Remember that other cultures value our ideas of "polite"... differently, people disregard and cut lines, barge in front of you, etc, just chill and smile and enjoy your trip. Shore excursions are fun, but I would recommend picking the shorter length excursions as there are too many "OMG we have to rush back, the ship leaves in 20 mins" moments. For some it would be a negative that most shore hours are like 8AM-4PM, once day it was a deadline of 2pm. I hear the longer cruises (7+ day?) give you more time in port but I don't know. There really aren't a lot of signs and instructions on how exactly you get to the tenders (The shuttle boats that take you to shore when the ship can't get to a dock because of the coral reefs and such) in the morning when you have to take them to port, or maybe I just needed more coffee because the "tender" days we got really confused. They really hustle you off the ship in the morning of disembarkation though so get your stuff ready and just accept the luggage service, they get them off plenty fast for you and dealing with stacks of bags in long lines trying to get off first, really sucks. We let them take our bags and then went and drank coffee and relaxed on desk till they called our number and we waited no more than 15 mins for our luggage to come out. I really can't say a single negative thing about the cruise or the staff, or food, or the ship. Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
Carnival Glory Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.4
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 5.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.9
Enrichment 5.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.3

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