26 Carnival Glory Cruise Reviews for First-Time Cruisers Cruises to Canada & New England

I am not a frequent cruiser but my friend had never been on a cruise, so I thought a short one would be a great introduction.My friend really needed a wheel chair - we waited 1 hour 40 minutes and although we asked about this after 1 hour, ... Read More
I am not a frequent cruiser but my friend had never been on a cruise, so I thought a short one would be a great introduction.My friend really needed a wheel chair - we waited 1 hour 40 minutes and although we asked about this after 1 hour, they finally let us walk through the place where the wheelchairs go. When we asked the first time, we sort of got a shut up and sit down attitude. Some of the staff on the dock where nice, some very nasty. Food was good and service in the dining room was excellent. Cabin was a bit run down looking. Steward was terrible leaving dirty glasses, not replacing glasses in the bathroom and not doing the smallest thing I ask; to leave me ice. Never unlocked the cabinet to the frig. No hot tub, the adult pool was hot enough to make tea (why salt water?) entertainment was good but nothing on the first night except a show at 10:30 to introduce us to the ship. Ship is hard to negotiate and find where you want to be. Now about the service: I injured my foot on the first day and spent almost an hour trying to get some ice to keep the swelling down. I called every one and didn't get an answer anywhere. I was put on hold or there was no answer to the call, just kept ringing. Finally, and I realize this is terrible, I was in such pain, I called the 911 button and they told me how to get guest relations. It still took 15 minutes to get the ice. There are no public ice machines and if the steward doesn't get the bucket filled, you have to rely on the bartenders for ice or travel to Lido to get ice from the buffet, which, when you are in pain, is not the best idea - nor was walking on my VERY swollen foot! the cruise was cheap and I guess you get what you pay for but not so cheap that I would go on a Carnival Cruise again. Also, I answered their survey and didn't get ANY sort of response! We went to New Brunswick - St John. Quaint with not much to do or see. Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
We cruised on the Glory from 6/4/13 until 6/9/13. My wife and I were in an "L" shaped Balcony Cabin 6481 and my Daughter (first time cruiser) and First Cousin were in an "L" shaped Balcony Cabin 6473. The Cabins were ... Read More
We cruised on the Glory from 6/4/13 until 6/9/13. My wife and I were in an "L" shaped Balcony Cabin 6481 and my Daughter (first time cruiser) and First Cousin were in an "L" shaped Balcony Cabin 6473. The Cabins were clean and roomy. The Balcony is HUGE. No couch though, so it only sleeps 2. Although these are over the Promenade Deck the noise level in 6481 was minimal. It was louder in 6473 though, so light sleepers may want to avoid that Cabin. The engine noise and vibration was only present in both cabins during Docking. All in all, if the weather was warmer, it would have been worth the minor issues for the oversized balcony. As for the dining Carnival's 2.0 upgrade has greatly improved the food quality. The Guy Fieri Burgers are seared and crispy on the outside, but juicy and flavorful on the inside. The rolls are fresh and tasty. Although there are different varieties and toppings to be had, the Plain Jane Cheeseburger holds it's own and needs nothing added to it. The Burrito Bar has Tasty Taco's. The Fish Taco's were great. The Burrito's were inconsistent at best. As for the Pizza it is delicious. Hand pounded and stretched fresh dough is topped with a touch of crushed tomatoes and fresh toppings. The crust is thin, crisp and flavorful. Try the Quarto if you are a Cheese Fanatic. Open 24/7 the pizza is great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. My only issue with the Buffet is the lines. Perhaps going with stand alone buffet stations would help. Maybe in the 3.0 upgrade. The Dining Rooms Cuisine was inconsistent. It was either Very Good or Just Average. The service, relaxing atmosphere and entertainment made up for the few "so-so" dishes. In the end the Chocolate Melting Cake made everything better though. The entertainment was vastly better than previous Carnival cruises. Latin Nights and Diva's were "Vegas Like" shows. Great Singing, Dancing and Production Value. I could go on and on, but Carnival has answered the cries of loyal cruisers looking for best bang for their buck. Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
Background Information This was the first cruise for our family which includes me, my wife and our two kids ages 8 and 5. The price and easy driving distance from Boston compelled us to give cruising a shot. And we're delighted we ... Read More
Background Information This was the first cruise for our family which includes me, my wife and our two kids ages 8 and 5. The price and easy driving distance from Boston compelled us to give cruising a shot. And we're delighted we did.Travel To Port of EmbarkationWe live two hours north of Boston. We arrived at about 1:30pm. I dropped the family and the luggage at the curb and parked. After a short walk back to the terminal I had no trouble flagging a porter. We waved goodbye to our bags and snaked our way thru the various checkpoints. We were on board in 35 minutes. After dropping belongings at our cabin we were poolside for lunch and a cocktail by 2:30. Mui bueno. StateroomWe were in 9199 which is a forward facing cabin above the bridge on Lido deck. The category is 6J. A huge floor to ceiling window with a killer view of the Boston Skyline greeted us. Storage space was excellent. We had a king bed near the window and a pullout couch double for the kids. With the pullout extended access to some of the drawers was compromised and getting from the king to the bathroom was a squeeze but no big deal. The bathroom had a great shower and was well laid out. With the forward facing cabin the electric shade must be closed at night so as not to interfere with the navigation going on below. But once everyone was asleep and the lights were done I could open the shades and gaze at the stars from bed. Very cool. A quick and well deserved doff of the cap to Marco, our steward from Peru. It was great to come back to the room mid-day and find the place all tidy and the ice bucket filled. After dinner the beds were made, chocolates placed on pillows, shades drawn. Of course, the kids (and parents) delighted in finding the towel animal du jour awaiting our night time arrival. The steward service was truly impeccable: friendly, accommodating and available without ever being overbearing or obsequious. Marco was pitch perfect at all times. Having the cabin professionally cared for was a huge thumbs up for these virgin cruisers. Thanks Marco. DiningWe were early on the upper level of the Golden Dining Room. My wife and I were astonished by the extraordinary service and genuine caring of our wait staff. I'd especially like to single out I Norman, Chris and Csaba but the whole team made the dinner experience truly memorable. No request was ever a problem. Drink service was always available. The dancing was ridiculous and loads of fun. But more than anything the guys went out of their way to make my kids feel special and, frankly, loved. On the last night, when Chubby offered a fine farewell to the entire room, my little girl was borderline distraught that her dear friends were saying goodbye. And the following morning my son dragged us all over the ship trying to find Norman so he could say goodbye. The food in the dining room was also very good. No, it's not Le Cirque. But for a kitchen churning out more than 3,000 meals my wife and I thought the quality, presentation and selection were exceptional and much better than we were expecting. The salads and soups were excellent. A little sushi appetizer was sublime. The kids were big steak eaters and the fries were excellent. Were there misses? Sure. The crab cake and an overcooked piece of beef come to mind. But to dwell on those would be asinine. Everybody in that dining room busted their tails to please the guests. And in our opinion they succeeded in a huge way. On the alternative dining front we thought Guy's Burger joint churned out a damn fine burger. The taco place made delicious, quick and easy Mexican.....the huevos rancheros breakfast taco was a tasty treat. The pizza at the stern was thin crusted, crispy, melty and delicious. We didn't clock a ton of time at the buffet but when we went the food was fresh and tasty. The desert items didn't thrill us but we're not big cake and pastry types so it was no big deal as far as we were concerned. And the soft serve ice cream with the tiny little cones was a great little treat. The kids had it every morning first thing....hey, it's their vacation too. Children's ClubsCamp Carnival was a good take. The counselors were a nice group, welcoming and outgoing. My daughter was more eager to attend than my son. For our schedule the hours (10am-2:45pm and 7pm-10pm) didn't allow us to take advantage of it as much as we would have liked. One or both of our kids was dead tired by the end of dinner which meant one of us was back in the cabin while the other went out solo or took the more lively snapper along for some kind of a show. We never got the chance to drop both kids in camp in the evening so we could go party for a few hours. But, when we dropped the kids at camp they had a good time.SpaDW had a great massage at the spa. I had a regular detox session in the steam/sauna/shower area. I loved steam room. Sauna could have been a bit hotter but the view out to sea was killer. Overall, I'd say the hot tubs throughout the ship could have been a lot hotter. They were a bit like warm human stew and not especially inviting.ServiceAll around the ship we encountered happy crew members eager to be helpful. They hustled to keep the ship clean and cater to guests. We were impressed with the service.EntertainmentThere was a lot going on. Obviously, when you've got 3,000 passengers and you're trying to provide something for everyone there's going to be things you like and things you don't like. There's definitely some cliche, cheesy stuff going on that's not my bag but if you like doing the Electric Slide or the hairy chest contest what do I care? We managed to see some of the Latin Nights production (thumbs up) and took in some comedy (my son loved it). I liked finding cryptic puzzles near the coffee bar and my son and I enjoyed the Game Show event and the Battle of the Sexes. The kids and I loved the water slide of course. We also took in a terrific guitarist in the lobby during which my wee daughter put on a ballet performance. A quick word about photos. Reviews I'd read had me all geared up to find high pressure sales tactics hawking pictures. I couldn't disagree more. First, I never felt pressured to buy anything. Second, the photo set ups along the kaleidoscope Boulevard were a huge plus IMHO. Carnival had at least 10 professional photographers and each one had a different backdrop each night. My kids loved posing for pictures. It was....FUN. The next day we'd go trolling through the galleries to see how our shots came out. So, if you go, get in there and have them shoot away. You might get something you love and $20 for a professional portrait is a better deal than you'll see on land. And if you make the Wall of Fame, as both of my kids did, then your picture is free. WoooHoo! A shout out to Nadine at Pixels who was way cool.Shore ExcursionsWe didn't do any excursions. We didn't get off at St. John. The town just wasn't calling us. Being from Maine we weren't exactly compelled to jump ship to buy chowder. Plus, it was a beautiful day and we had the Lido pool, waterslide, bars and hot tubs more or less to ourselves so we were content to hang out for the day.We did visit Halifax. I took the kids to the Citadel while DW went to the Maritime Museum and the Titanic exhibit in particular. The Citadel was a good take for kids...plenty of hands on stuff and running around. DW thought the Titanic exhibit was underwhelming. On the way down the hill the kids and I stopped in a place called Maxwell's Plum. They had a lot of beers on tap. I opted for a Guinness at $4.75. The kids went for Shirley Temples which were $5.95 a piece!! I never liked Shirley Temple and I like her even less now. Next time the kids drink Guinness. Getting back on board was a breeze.The seas got rough that night and green apples were flying from the buffet on the Saturday sailing from Nova Scotia to Boston. My wife had a full day pregnancy flash back. There were a lot of grim faced souls and quite a bit of stumbling going on as the ship pushed through heavy seas courtesy of Tropical Storm Andrea. Saw a few piles of seasickness evidence but the crew was most often quick to the clean up. Sports BarThe guys working the sports bar were terrific. But the programming was the biggest sour note on the cruise. There was plenty of cricket and tennis. However, shipping out of Boston it would not be hard for Carnival to anticipate that a fair number of passengers would have a keen interest in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The matchup with the Penguins had been set for 11 days prior to departure. By the time we boarded the Bruins held a 2-0 lead with the series resuming in Boston for 2 games during the cruise. But dozens of Bruins fans were relegated to cramming around a Slingbox rigged Ipad. It was ridiculous and funny and memorable in its way but it would have been awesome fun to have the game on the multi-screen or, even better on the Seaside Theater (where they showed the NBA Finals). If you've ever been drinking with Bruins fans I can also say it would have been a big night in the bar for Carnival. I'm sure there's a purely financial reason for this but it was a big bummer and a huge negative for the hundreds and hundreds of Bruins fans on board. Hopefully they'll have the Cup Finals this week or there may be a mutiny. DisembarkationWe got a little room service so the kids could experience it. Then we went aft to the Platinum Dining Room to enjoy a leisurely last meal. It was lovely. My son searched for his buddy Norman in the Golden before we collected our things in our cabin and relaxed by the pool on the Lido Deck and waited for our number to be called. We were off in a flash, found our bags with ease, retrieved the car and were on the road in 25 minutes from the moment we left our seats. Could not have been more painless.SummaryWe had a ball. The kids had a great time. We love the home port option and think Carnival is a terrific value. The service was extraordinary. I'd like to see different ships and itineraries rotated in and out of Boston. Getting on the Glory again to Canada wouldn't be as compelling as, say, hitching a ride on the Dream to NYC. Final note, we stopped at a Starbucks on the ride home and my son walks up to the pastry case and says: "I'll have that, that, that and that." Time to do some cruise deprogramming. Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
What a great introduction to cruising on CCL! This is my first cruise, my wife's second. While the weather was terrible, the entertainment and activities aboard were just fine. We had a tiny porthole room for 4 on deck 2, and it was ... Read More
What a great introduction to cruising on CCL! This is my first cruise, my wife's second. While the weather was terrible, the entertainment and activities aboard were just fine. We had a tiny porthole room for 4 on deck 2, and it was perfectly adequate for our needs. Favorite things: Food - duh! I eat uber-low-carb usually, but I had to break my own rules a few times. The cake-pops were a treat. The coffee is marginal at best, though I started adding vanilla ice cream to it. So much for healthy. Comedy - The adult shows were a riot! If you were at the Monday night show, "I don't call it, it just comes" was the punch line of the night! Towels - Really. I didn't steal any. They are simply great. We bought two as souvenirs we will actually USE often! Service - Each and every CCL employee we encountered was polite and went out of their way to make life on board enjoyable. The best, without question, was our waiter in the Golden Dining Room, Navin, from Guyana. We did any time seating, and arrived promptly at 5:45 PM for dinner each night at table 127 because we got him the first night. Treated my kids great. I doubled his gratuity in cash and am sending kudos to the office in Miami. Camp Carnival - By far, without question, this is the best amenity for a family. 12 hours per day - free children's programs, with another 5 at night for a charge. Ivana and Andrea stood out to me, along with a lovely young lady from Toronto whose name escapes me. They took the time to organize the kids, keep them entertained and provide constructive activities through out the cruise. We were initially concerned that my 9 year old daughter, who is very reserved and a bit introverted, would be miserable... but she did great! For first timers: PRE REGISTER PLEASE. Get it done. We signed kids in at 10 AM each day. Programs run till 12:45, when you pick them up for lunch. Programs resume for 2:00 until 4:45 when you pick them up for dinner. At 6:00 PM the program resumes till 10:00 with optional 10:00 to 3:00 AM care for $7 an hour per kid. On the first sea night, they offered a 10:00 PM to 12:00 mid special kids night at a slight discount. We took advantage, and saw two comedy shows as adults. Saint John was OK... but rainy and cool, so we went back to the ship and the kids begged for Camp. Behind the Fun Tour - At $95, this 3.5 hour tour behind the scenes of the ship was a pricey but entirely memorable "excursion." We saw behind the stage at the Amber Palace, the engine control room (with some witty banter about the ribbing the deck officers and engine officers share), the galley (which takes up the entire mid-ship on deck 4 as I recall), the laundry (more info than I ever needed in the laundry). We saw "I-95" the main artery that services the ship including loading and unloading, food storage, and a massive beer-soda locker. (They store liquor and other "flammable foods" in a special locker. In case of fire it is easier contained there) Visiting the bridge was excellent - the captain was away when we arrived, so we got some real time with the first and second officers. I noticed the captain's espresso machine - and asked him about it. He brings two of his own machines on board as he drinks 16+ cups a day! Minor Disappointments (not really complaints): Shower leaks all over floor. I suppose they have a reason for this, but the edge of the shower and the bottom of the shower curtain do not meet. This should be re engineered. TV service is very limited. Yeah, I know we arent on board for TV, but I like to keep up on real news and TV entertainment at bedtime. The satellite TV was spotty, and limited to CBS and ABC from Miami, CNN-lite (like the Airport TV channel) and HLN. Library - It just sucks. Bare shelves, nothing else. What a waste of a room. The AA and NA meetings are held there. It would be better if they turned it into something techy, a coffee or wine bar or something else. Coffee - No more free espresso/cappuccino at dinner. They charge for it now, but claim it is an upgraded brew- same as what is served at Creams coffee bar. The coffee for the masses in the Red Sail buffet is on par with cheap hotel or McDonalds coffee... I drank it out of habit. Will bring a big coffee cup next time. Iced tea is a terrible liquid concentrate, however is unsweetened. Bring Mio or Crystal Light if you are a diet-drinker. The fruit juices are all "fruit juice cocktail" meaning sweetened concentrates. This is fine, just something the user should know. Midnight Buffet - It is no more. There is food available, while limited. I look forward to cruising on another line that has the late extravaganza sometime! The 2.0 stuff was good. Guys Burgers and the taco place were good. I grabbed a bowl in the buffet, went to the taco place for chicken or pork, and made a great taco salad with the fixins... fits my lower carb life! Stuff I will do next cruise: Smuggle more booze. Bring a large cup for making real iced tea. Bring a large coffee mug (travel mug). Bring more bottled water and soda. Bring three bathing suits for everyone. Stuff I learned on CruiseCritic.com that I am glad I did: Smuggled some booze on board. Brought a $5 door-shoe organizer to keep our bathroom organized. Hung on towel bar. Brought ziploc bags for everything. Booked my Behind The Fun tour within seconds of boarding. Both tours sold out. Skipped all excursions at Saint John. Pre-printed postcard labels. Brought some magnets to hang papers on walls in cabin. (Left a bunch in the car) Brought AC splitter and extension cord. Mine had a USB charger built in. Wife uses phone as a Kindle. Thanks CruiseCritic.com people... I learned a lot in advance and enjoyed the cruise that much more by being prepared! Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
Seeing this was our first cruise we didn't know what to expect. We thought the embarktation process went very smooth. We first went to relax on the Lido Deck and and enjoy some ice tea. I felt the waiters were a little pushy with the ... Read More
Seeing this was our first cruise we didn't know what to expect. We thought the embarktation process went very smooth. We first went to relax on the Lido Deck and and enjoy some ice tea. I felt the waiters were a little pushy with the drinks. We were asked to many times if we wanted alcoholic beverages as we already had a drink in front of us. After telling the waiter 5 times that we were all set he rolled his eyes at me and walked away. I felt that to be very insulting. It wasn't even 1pm and i don't drink that early. I thought that it wasn't a good start to a 5 day getaway. as the days went on they assumed after asking 2 times and us saying we were all set they let us be. Most of our night time drinking was in the casino bar. The casino bar tenders were very friendly and provided great service. The food in the Dining Hall was very good and the service was at a good pace. The food at the buffet overall was good but i got sick 1 evening from the meatloaf. The entertainment was more than what we expected,we attended many shows in the Amber Palace and also on the Lido Deck. Matt the Cruise Director was more of a comedian than the comedians. Overall we had a great time. We didn`t have much sun due to storms, but Carnival has no control over the weather. We chose to sit back and let them take our bags off and this process went very well. In the future we will take our own bags off as they allow guest removing their own luggage off first. Oh and I can`t forget to say parents should control their kids as we had uncontrolled children jumping and making all kinds of noise at midnight. Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
My wife and our long time friends decided to do a(first time)cruise vacation. Since we are not warm weather lovers,we picked New England/Canada and the month of September. Glory is a nice ship, the staff worked non-stop to make the guest ... Read More
My wife and our long time friends decided to do a(first time)cruise vacation. Since we are not warm weather lovers,we picked New England/Canada and the month of September. Glory is a nice ship, the staff worked non-stop to make the guest feel very comfortable. The food was acceptable in the buffet area, but much better in the Golden and Platinum restaurants, also being served adds a nice feel to the vacation. They had a deli(sandwich)area and a pizza station for late night snackers. The interior of the ship is very impressive, our room was comfortable and big enough for two adults. They turned down and made the bed, gave us fresh towels and cleaned the room twice daily. Every evening we were surprised by a different folded towel animal sitting on our bed next to chocolate. Once we had a towel monkey hanging from up top, which took us by surprise and we laughed. We played mini-golf and went to two or three live shows in the Amber palace, also participated in various games, Gender challenge and others. My wife and her friend went up on the stage and did a group Thriller dance which had the audience laughing and cheering. My wife was apprehensive on taking a cruise and now we are planning a Bermuda cruise since she had a great first time experience. We even ran into a storm with 15-20 ft. swells on our way to Canada and while some people got sick (lots of ginger ale being delivered to rooms)we did not feel sick at all and did not bother us a bit. Overall I rate Glory and it's staff four 1/2 stars. My only gripe was disembarking, the ship docked at 8 AM and we finally got off a 11 AM. They need to work on that process. Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
For many years my other family members would always travel on cruise ships. I being afraid of the water always stayed home. Last winter my daughter asked if I would take a "small" cruise in Aug.2012 with her and her boyfriend. ... Read More
For many years my other family members would always travel on cruise ships. I being afraid of the water always stayed home. Last winter my daughter asked if I would take a "small" cruise in Aug.2012 with her and her boyfriend. She said it would go to Nova Scotia,which is my home province that I have not been back to for almost 30 years. After being on the Carnival Glory for a couple of hours, all of my fears completely disappeared. I had an absolutely wonderful time while on board and was already planning for my next cruise. While in Saint John, New Brunswick, we hired a taxi to take us for a tour around the city. It was a much more personal tour for me because I must use a cane to get around. When we went to Nova Scotia, a family member picked us up and took us for a tour of Halifax and Peggy's Cove and then to his home to spend time with other family members. I could not have asked for a better vacation than this one. We are planning a large family gathering on Carnival Cruise lines for next summer. I can't believe I allowed my fears to stop me from sailing in the past. That will never happen again. I have been telling everyone about the wonderful time I had on my first cruise. Every thing on the ship was more than I had expected. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
It's my kids first time and I wanted them to enjoy it that I read cruise critic for six months so I know what tips to give them. I told them about the things I read here including bullies in the arcade, dry food and towels and ... Read More
It's my kids first time and I wanted them to enjoy it that I read cruise critic for six months so I know what tips to give them. I told them about the things I read here including bullies in the arcade, dry food and towels and invisible people hogging the chairs. I didn't tell them about the GI virus since I consider that an isolated incident and not really about the cruise. Embarkation - as smooth as can be. On deck in less than 45 minutes and having lunch at Lido. Cabin - followed reviews and booked a balcony room. Well worth it. The cost is comparable to an inside stateroom on a Disney Cruiseline going to the same place. Yes you spend most of your time on deck but having room service and drinking coffee in your own balcony in your pj's and messed up hair ..... Priceless. It didn't feel cramped at all for a family of 4. If you can afford it, go for it. Cabin Steward - excellent job. Kept our room clean at all times. We had a squeaky bathroom door. I didn't complain about it but was fixed the following morning. We used the ice bucket to cool some canned drinks. Came in at night with a fresh bucket of ice and another one for our canned drinks. Small things but much appreciated. Food - read the complaints about the food. I guess you can't satisfy 3,000 guests but it seemed like a majority of them had fun with the food. There will always be complainers.... Coz that's what they love to do. No problems here. Had one dry overcooked pork at the buffet but that was it. Dining rooms were excellent. Emerald Steakhouse was elegant and well worth the $35. Others might say that it's crazy to pay for food when it's free everywhere else. If you can afford it, it's worth it. For one, it's the only place that doesn't have lines. Also, The other reviewers are right about the free coffee.....BURNT. I found myself going to Creams Cafe and paying for a cup of joe. Try their desserts at Creams. So good. Better than the melting cake everyone is talking about. Sushi a few steps from Creams is also good. 24 hour pizza is also good. The reviews on the fish and chips were on the money-too greasy.Lines - approx. 3000 people to feed. Expect lines. It's the Walmart of cruises so expect to see the same kind of people you see at Walmart. You can see those kind of people a mile away. If you want enjoy your cruise, ignore them. They seem to think they are the only ones who paid for the cruise and are entitled to the food more than anyone. You won't see them on Emerald Steakhouse. Shows - being New Yorkers, we have high standards for shows. The shows are between boring to o.k. Not NY or Vegas quality as they claim to be. Photographers - Carnival Management READ THIS! You have way too many photographers to the point they are a nuisance. Are they on commission that they are too aggressive? They position themselves to take 1/2 of the walkway on the promenade. Minus 1 star for this poor judgement on Carnival bosses.Invisible Cruisers - plenty on this ship. These invisible people leave towels on deck chairs. I was on deck and have seen chairs with towels that haven't moved for hours. It will be impossible for the carnival staff to monitor this. Serenity - Oasis for adults. Not all entrances are monitored by Carnival staff so kids find a way in. It is quiet and relaxing if it sticks to the adults only theme. Camp Carnival - my kids ages 13 and 15 said this will be their first and last cruise since they just want to try it. We are now planning on our next one. Enough said. Drinks - if you like soda, purchase the bottomless bubbles. You have to fill up st least 3 times a day to be worth it though. Alcoholic drinks are overpriced considering they put 60% less alcohol than a normal drink. Summary - you will love it if you want to. You will hate it if you complain about small things. If you are reading this review, you know what to expect and avoid so I hope you will enjoy your future cruise. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
Since I frequented this board many times to get a feel on what to expect, I figured Id come back and sign up and write a review of my experience. My wife refuses to fly anywhere but we needed to get away for a short vacation without the ... Read More
Since I frequented this board many times to get a feel on what to expect, I figured Id come back and sign up and write a review of my experience. My wife refuses to fly anywhere but we needed to get away for a short vacation without the kids. This 4 day cruise was a great idea. Embarkation - This was a breeze. Ignore all emails that state to get there after 1:30..if you get there at 11:00, barring any issues with the previous Debarkation or the ship, you should be on the Lido deck by 11:30 with a drink in your hand. Room - The room was spacious. I was expecting a lot smaller but the King size bed was comfortable and the little sitting area was great. We had an ocean view window which was nice. We really didn't need a balcony, if we wanted to be outside we just went up to the 9Th or 10Th deck.The Room steward was friendly and although I forgot his name after 5 minutes, he remembered ours throughout the trip. Food - I was expecting a little more in this area. The deli, Burrito bar and Grill was great. But the buffet at the red sail was a little lacking in selection and the lines were always there and moved slowly. We had dinner in the Golden Dining room on the first and last night. The portions were kind of small and we felt kind of rushed. On the second night, we went to the steak house which was excellent. for only an extra $35 a person, you are getting a meal that you would pay at least $200 to $250 for in NYC. The Pizza wasn't that good at all, tried it once and decided it wasn't worth the wait. The sushi line was ridiculous. We didn't try the Wok place because there was always a line and we didn't find the Fish and Chips place until the last day. We didn't bother going down for breakfast in the morning because we anticipated a line of course, so what we did was order room service the night before and had it delivered between 8 and 9am. We are fine with coffee, Salmon on bagels and cereal in the morning. We didn't need to load up on eggs, bacon, pancakes etc.Entertainment - quite frankly, we like the casino, so that was our entertainment for the evening. But we did manage to catch one of the shows on the last night. It was a bit cheesy. They showed recorded versions of the other entertainment on the TV in the room such as the " 60 seconds to win" and the "newlywed type game". after watching for 3 minutes, we realized that we didn't miss much. Pools- There were kids everywhere in the main pool and the pool by the slide. Even in the hot tubs. On the last day we decided that we should try everything while we are on the ship so we decided to go to the pool at the end of the boat which was adults only. It was nice and relaxing but the temperature of the water was maybe a degree or two less than the hot tub! way too hot. We didn't have anywhere to keep our towels because as people have mentioned here before, the chair hogs were out in full force. IF you wanted to find a deck chair to lounge on, you had to go to the sides of the ship. St John, NB. Not much to see there. I am not sure why the ship even stops there. I wonder how they make that decision. I would much rather have stopped in Halifax. From what I read, there is a little more to see there. The best area in my opinion was the Serenity area. The big wicker chairs and the hammocks were perfect. We both lounged out and almost nodded off on the way out of NYC. They did a pretty good job of keeping the kids away. If you hate to take pictures, avoid the 5th floor on the last 2 nights. photographers are everywhere. They wont pressure you too much to take the pics and even if you do you don't have to buy them but you find yourself tripping over them everywhere you step. If you like to drink, this cruise is perfect for you. you really cant go 10 minutes without someone asking you if you want a drink. Be prepared for the final statement though, The drinks are a bit expensive. Debarkation-We carried our own luggage and we were off the ship by 8:30. All in all, it was a great experience. I would definitely like to take the kids next time. I would do Carnival again, But perhaps try another cruise line just so I can have something to compare it to. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
I am a first time cruiser and was a bit leery after reading many negative reviews. I had a great time, and will certainly cruise again. I was worried that I was going to get sea-sick, but didn't. It took a day or so for me to get ... Read More
I am a first time cruiser and was a bit leery after reading many negative reviews. I had a great time, and will certainly cruise again. I was worried that I was going to get sea-sick, but didn't. It took a day or so for me to get my sea legs. What was worse, though, was after the cruise. It took three days to stop feeling like the floor was occasionally rolling out from under me. It was worth it though. Embarkation was quick and smooth. Arrived around 12pm and checked my bag curbside. I was on-board with a drink in my hand by 12:30pm. No problems at all. Went to my room about 2pm and it was ready. I'm so glad I splurged for a balcony - I can't imagine not having one. The safety drill before we left was quick and painless enough (it took probably a half hour or so). I stood on my balcony for the great view of NYC while leaving port. It was awesome. The room Steward, Ronald, was very good - attentive enough, but not too attentive. And he made great towel-animals. The food, overall, was great. The buffet was the easiest, and the food was good enough. The sit-down dining room had excellent food and service. And it was actually fun to sit with strangers. The best food, though, was at the Steakhouse. It was the best dining experience I've had in years (and I go out to eat a lot). The service was exceptional, and the food was even better. It is certainly worth the extra $35 to eat there. We brought our own bottle of wine on-board with us for the steakhouse. I definitely recommend eating there. St. John was a nice enough place. We didn't do any excursions, but walked around (and got Starbucks). Bought a t-shirt. It was nice to get off the ship for a few hours. There was always something to do on-board. Be sure to read the daily bulletin. There's even a perforated section listing all the events so you can carry it around in your pocket. I had hoped for a relaxing getaway, but there was so much to do that I needed a vacation from my vacation when I got home. I got much less sleep on-board than I anticipated (it was a good thing). I had read reviews about how some people were bored on the ship. Sure, any stick-in-the-mud could be bored - - but we were sure to take advantage the happenings on-board: played bingo (and won $100!), played miniature golf, went on the water slide, drank tropical drinks poolside, won some money in the casino, saw a comedian, sang karaoke, played an 80's music trivia game (and won!). I even called in while watching the live morning show to answer a riddle. I got it right and a bottle of champagne was sent to my room that night along with a shop trophy (or as some call it, a "ship on a stick"). These are just some of the things I did while on the cruise. Good times. Yes, some of the live entertainment was a bit cheesy, but what do you expect?! Oh, and I thought the ship was going to be crowded. There were lots of people, but I was always able to find a space - whether poolside or at the roulette table. Disembarkation didn't go as smoothly as embarkation, but it wasn't so bad. Waited on line to exit for probably about 40 minutes. I recommend self-assist disembarkation if you can swing it. It means that you take your own luggage with you and don't check anything. The customs guy was a little bit of a jerk - probably because I didn't have a passport - instead I had my birth certificate and drivers license. He quizzed me about where I was born and how much I weighed... but it wasn't so much of a hassle at all. Overall, I had an awesome time and I look forward to booking my next cruise - hopefully to a more tropical place than Canada. This was a short "test cruise" to see if I liked it. I did. A lot. And I plan to cruise again soon. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
The cruise was an excellent experience. Staterooms were clean and well attended to by Ernsto and his staff. The common areas and were clean, saw the staff cleaning rugs each night! Golden Dining room wait staff was so good, we ... Read More
The cruise was an excellent experience. Staterooms were clean and well attended to by Ernsto and his staff. The common areas and were clean, saw the staff cleaning rugs each night! Golden Dining room wait staff was so good, we cancelled our reservation to the steakhouse so we could be served by them. Hats off to Anthony, Rico, and Christopher! Embarkation staff was very good by accident thought we were first class check in after very hectic morning, instead of saying no they processed us through first class and we were on the ship in a jiffy! Well done! Food was very good in the dining the room and the breakfast buffets were very good as well. We tried most locations with exception of dinner buffets and all were good. The lines could be tad lengthy but one expects that with a full ship. My children once they figured out the O2 club for teens disappeared with friends for the next two days and made lasting friend. Entertainment was good, shows were okay the adult comedian was a little raw and the family comedian was riot and a nice guy to chat with. I had reviewed numerous reviews on this web site and I went on the cruise with some reservation and debarked 5 days late fully relaxed and thoroughly satisfied. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
First of all, "funship" should be your safety term for a family cruise. Its amazing how many reviews up here complain of a oasis of crying babies and kids running wild. And if you cruise during family peak times, such as the last ... Read More
First of all, "funship" should be your safety term for a family cruise. Its amazing how many reviews up here complain of a oasis of crying babies and kids running wild. And if you cruise during family peak times, such as the last week in August like I did, or anytime when school is out really, lets just say you are not going to get a boat full of the Century Village whale watching and star gazing retirees association. The staff was well attuned to this title, as their efforts seemed to be more to appease guests irritated at the kids rolling around on the floor and chasing each other around the dinner table on black-tie captains dinner or whatever they called it, rather then tackling the problem head on with the oblivious parents. Granted, I was unlucky to get the table next to theirs as this was the only example of unruly kids in my immediate area of the dining room; but dont get the wrong idea, im really not a whippersnapper, I personally did not mind teens on the Serenity deck (neither did the staff either ...yikes) as long as they knew what was expected of them. Heck, a group of them playing truth or dare even offered me their hammock when they saw there were no more places available for me to lounge out. And took it I did, where I proceeded to wake up 3 hours later almost missing the formal dinner complained about above [there is something about being rocked by both a boat AND a hammock at the same time that is almost hypnotic to the sleep senses.] My only issue if any, was the staff's unwillingness to deal with the kids, but to deal with adults, as night after night I was continuously thrown out of the teen center (they played better music in there then at the adult disco) Sure let the kids run wild in wet bathing suits throughout the ship and even at dinner, but good heavens should someone go in the ultraviolet to jive cause hes tired of hearing that irritating back it up song in the adult club night after night. With that done and said, I must confess this was my first cruise, so I do not have much to compare it to. The only precaution I had was "its nothing but a floating 24 hour all you can eat buffet, with a casino" and Carnival "is not the MOST expensive cruise line ...not to insinuate anything, just a fact, and we will leave it at that". And what a buffet it was. Best places to eat: seafood, grille, pizza. so-so: chinese (had a re-heated feel) deli (was just ok). Yes lines were long at peak hours, but what rush are you in and you're trapped on a vessel in the middle of the ocean, where else are you going to go? The only time I got impatient was the upstairs seafood at the red sail, I waited 15 minutes for seafood soup while only one person manned the kitchen. Heres a food tip throughout the day: you have more then just 4 options of free drinks, iced tea, lemonade, coffee and tea - combine the iced tea AND lemonade 50/50, you got yourself a arnold palmer. (the woman next to me in line saw me do that and raved, told her party, before I knew it the whole ship was doing it by the last day) As for dinner, I ate in Platinum, I must say I was pleased with the food and unless other cruise lines have better, I dont see why so many complaints. Most of the dinner items I tried were off the "things you always wanted to try" section of the menu. I did not care for the frog legs, a little on the salty side, but everything else tasted fresh and cooked to order. Yes they try to get you to spend money left and right with the alcoholic beverages and pictures at dinner. At least the staff was very nice about it and swooped away at first "no thank you" gesture. The dessert dancing by the waitstaff could be seen as tacky, but some of them particularly the latinos really got into it, everyone was smiling! Kudos to our waiter, in only 2 nights he knew most our names. 24 hour/late night burgers, soft serve, franks, and pizza mMmMmmmm. The line for late night pizza seemed to be almost a hangout. Poor guy, he was breaking a sweat behind that counter, but he enjoyed getting to know the guests and seemed happy to serve them (the pizzeria cuatro was a little eh, but everything else was very good) I only had breakfast one morning, plenty of cold cereal and bacon to go around. My cabin was a inner one, with no window. It was sufficient for a 4 night cruise, though the tv reception was skippy, the shower was a shower head pinned to a wall, with no window at lights out it was pitch black leaving you the feeling you are in a bomb shelter, and there was no alarm clock or any digital clock in the room whatsoever. Other family members had a balcony room, which, if you have a few extra dollars, why not get it, though considering how little time is spent in the room I felt the inner cabin was just fine. And yes, I admit I was a sucker for the animal towels greeting me each night (the monkey was the best, they hung him from the ceiling and I immediately made him the mascot of my room) The housekeeping staff was amazing, knew all our names and asked us how we were doing almost as if they actually really cared. The boat itself was well kept and showed little wear. The layout got me lost on a daily basis. Annoying, only the central elevator shaft takes you everywhere, the bow and stern only lead to cabins and the dining rooms. Did anyone else pick up on the recorded voice in the elevator announcing the floors "deck 9, legal [lido]", "deck 10, pwominah" [prominade] sounded like some thick south korean accent. Entertainment: was the PA announcement "tonight's show has a PG rating for costuming" really necessary? I suppose so after reading a review on here about thongs but there were none of the sort, and even if there were hasnt anyone on the ship ever been to a beach before? The shows were of the variety type, you know like, american rock n roll through the decades. For the hour or so, it was just right. The effects I thought were spectacular; not of the broadway type but come on, how much bells and whistles can you get on a boat and a stage the size of a NYC studio apartment. The Magician was entertaining, go to his show, at the end he will tell you when he will be performing a show that teaches you how to do the tricks that is not on the schedule of events. The entertainment games were fairly typical newlywed game stuff. Only gripe was 25 dollar bingo boards. especially the first night for a prize of only a few hundred dollars. b-i-n-g-o = l-a-m-e-o. There was no monte-carlo night. The comedians made the nights, as did the supporting audience members. I saw both shows, and it seemed the only difference between the family and adult show was more usage of 4 letter words. I do wonder if the comedian got a demerit for suggesting the captain of the ship use rosettas stone the english version, lol. Live band Karaoke was indeed a treat, just remember there is only so many songs a live band can play, people complained more about the 90 to choose from rather then the drunk guy who forgot the words to Madonna Like a Virgin. Recreation: dont hit the ball to hard off the tee at mini golf on the top deck, itll be lost forever in the water trap to your right and left. There was a human size chess board and a very serious match going on between 2 guests. The running track was simple a painted path upstairs; I considered bringing my rollerblades and wonder if that would have been allowed. Not that I was expecting a olympic size swimming pool, but really only 2 pools that were even capable for lap swimming (one with a retractible roof in case it rains) but plenty of hot tubs, including 2 on the serenity deck. Agreeable movies shown (wizard of oz, james bond etc etc) shown at night under the stars, you can watch from a lounge chair or hot tub, but be warned it all shuts down at about 11. They mean business about the towel rental, 20 bucks is a lot to pay if you lose your towel. Yes, I loved the gym, especially with the view and tropical spa. The picture on this site shows it once had a waterfall too (not working anymore?) Yes spa treatments like almost everything else on this boat are extra. Just get off the boat in NYC and get a massage in chinatown for 10 bucks a half hour. True the staff on board was not ultra pushy, but still, sometimes it seemed the only free things were the iced tea, lemonade, and waterslide, which was fueled with seawater -yuck. Activities: Say what you want, but I did not mind so much they were nothing but sales traps. You know programs like "how to loose weight" or seminars "what your footprint/ signatures/ nose-hairs say about you" etc etc to find at the very end "carnival special if you buy this product, and remember, no cash, we just charge your card and it appears on your bill! I do however find it fascinating, the boat was filled with people carrying newly bought auctioned art and the like. Do people really find a use for this junk when they get home?! Of all the rooms I enjoyed most the hidden gem "blue bar", tucked away to the side of the dance clubs, where they played meringue and salsa and the crowd seemed a bit more chill. The Cinn-a-bunn as well was a favorite spot, however careful attention was paid to the piano bars architecture, a circular piano keyboard was not constructed to scale, and I know a bit about pianos. But the focus was on the piano player himself, who used a flat-finger technique to the likes in which I never seen. Check out the sports bar; bar stools, in the shape of golf balls? Now I seen everything! And lastly the egyptian themed casino; a Camel, wearing sunglasses? ..Whatever! Avoid the slots like the plague. Even on the first night when your odds fair out better. I bearly broke even and no one seemed to be winning. The tables, particularly fun 21 and craps, yeiled more winners. The largest groups were drawn not to a table or machine but to the 1 dollar free ticket each guest got to try to 'key open' a i-pad and cash. I would like to voice my displeasure at both carnival and the game manufacturer at this piece of hokum. The level people got suckered into this machine was atrocious with their free 1 dollar snooker. My first try I didnt know you had to hold the button down to control the key, and even when I mastered the game I discovered it is fixed. For those of you who like me got addicted, I tried everything, a stop-watch, a side angle, even tilted the machine and got yelled at. It is fixed and they know it, either the key does not fit or it does not release when you do. Even worse, when the key does not go through it turns around in a circle on its descent almost mocking you. Thank you Carnival, standards of integrity in the casino are that of some county fair pier game. Now you know why they call it "carnival glory". Embarkation was pretty breezy though the NY port authorities were a bit pushy. Debarkation was horrific. Surely there has to be a better more efficient way then having people crowded in the halls waiting for there floor number to be called; I waited for 2 hours. St John had just about enough to see and do in 2 hours. Try the Java Moose coffee house and a walk to the reversing falls. If anything get a good picture of the ship in full view. The town seems to make its daily bread off the cruising tourists so get ready to be mildly heckled. 2 last points important to mention: 1) The entire staff was all international. I did not come across one person other then customer service who was from the USA. One can conclude it is logical for them to live no a ship and sent their wages back home to their families, but just think about discussions in todays lousy American job market. Would americans take these jobs? 2) my 3 issues with guest relations, each met with a different resulted feeling. 1) understandable though unhappy = I requested the PA announcer congratulate my grandparents on ship-wide announcement on their 60th wedding anniversary. He said no. 2) humorous = I requested if they can broadcast the mit romney convention on the big screen live at night on the pool deck. He said that was the worst idea he ever heard and its bad enough there are booze on the ship, but put a political convention speech on and now you have a boat full of angry arguing people 3) unresolved and unacceptable = my families rooms were right above the dance clubs. the walls and floor were not well insulated and thus kept my 80 year old grandparents up all night as well as my 1 1/2 year old niece with a 8 pm bedtime. Numerous calls were placed, no action taken. A request was made for the manager to come to the room and see and hear the vibrating walls for himself. I do not know if this meeting came to be, as the final night guest services did not pick up their phone at all. A letter was written to corporate and I complained on the follow up email survey. This indeed put a damper on a wonderful cruise, and I suggest you call ahead and ask if your room is anywhere near the dance clubs. Hopefully when next in dry dock they will insulate accordingly. All else was splendid. Until next time, ahoy and smooth sailing ahead! -Bink tripadvisor: speedotorpedo Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
We just got back from what was MY 1st time on a "real" cruise ship. I'm 46. My girlfriend had been on one other cruise about 20 years ago - so you can classify us as "newbies". We talked about this short cruise ... Read More
We just got back from what was MY 1st time on a "real" cruise ship. I'm 46. My girlfriend had been on one other cruise about 20 years ago - so you can classify us as "newbies". We talked about this short cruise for a while about 2 weeks leading up to departure. We booked it just about a week before the departure date of July 12th. We locked in our Interior room 1402 on Deck 1 for just over $300pp - we felt that was a very good price on such short notice. This cruise was a "no brainer" for us once we got our schedules together for it. We come from NH. No airfare or hotel needed. We're just an hour drive to the terminal, dropped off our checked bags, parked the car, hopped the shuttle and we were boarding in no time. We got there at about noon. We were on board by 12:30. Once on board, it was time for a drink and exploring the ship. Our room was ready at 1:30 as promised. Here's some good info....that 1st afternoon when the crew is busy delivering all those bags around the ship, don't count on using the ship's elevators for a while. And that was a little exhausting as we were on Deck 1. But you roll with it - they have a job to do. We took the ship tour and the spa tour. Both very informative for the newbie. You really need to understand how to get around the ship - especially on a short cruise of 4-5 days. The Promenade, Deck 5 was the key to accessing everything on the ship it seems. We departed Boston around 5:30. Even living in the area, I hadn't really ever seen all of Boston Harbor - especially at dusk. It was beautiful. The weather was great. We hung out on deck for a while then headed down to the room again. By then, our bags had shown up. Our dinner was set for 8:15, the late seating, in the Platinum Room in the aft. We were seated at a table for 4 and met a very nice couple from Alabama. They were veteran cruisers and just about the nicest people you could meet, so dinners were an especially enjoyable time for us. The wait staff was very nice, professional and entertaining. When one of them found out it was my first cruise, they would ask me each night how things were going, what I was doing during the days, etc. Now, they may be trained to pay closer attention to 1st timers to "get us back"....but let me tell you, from my point of view, they seemed genuinely interested in how my cruise was going. And I appreciated that. Our wait staff team leader was Tony "The Tiger". And Carnival, if you're listening, give that boy a raise ASAP! He was TERRIFIC! He was the best table dancer, he sang one hell of an Italian ballad and he had us all laughing. An amazingly talented kid. But also a great TEAM guy. Whenever we would ask him about his talent...he would dovetail his answer to promote the night's show in the Amber Palace or the Comedy Club. VERY professional. Don't let him go! The food in the Platinum room was equal to a 4-5 star restaurant in Boston. And when they tell you that you can eat ALL of it...well, they mean you can actually eat ALL of it. On the 1st night our dinner companions ordered a couple of appetizers each and also 2 or 3 of the entrees. No, they weren't the size of a house! They told us that if you didn't like something, you could try any and all of it. So the next few nights we did! And now WE are the sizes of houses! And all the comments about that warm liquid chocolate cake desert?? Yeah, get it. Get 2. They're that good.Our room was located about 3/4 of the way towards the ship's aft. We had a few concerns about this. Of course, this being our 1st time, we were concerned about the size of the room. We had also heard info about engine noise in the lower decks. Neither of these issues turned out to be problems. We had them configure the cabin for a King bed vs the 2 double beds. The cabin had a very adequate bathroom with a shower and plenty of vanity space for our stuff. It had a mini bar with soda, beer and the requisite liquors. It had plenty of counter area at the desk and 1 night tables. A flat screen TV. And plenty of lighting. As for the noise? A very low and consistent hum. Just perfect to fall asleep to. Our room steward was awesome! We were typically up and out of the room by 8:00AM and each time we had to go back to the room, it seemed, that they came by to freshen up the place by straightening out the bed, refilling the ice canister (which was very nice). And, of course, each night we got a turn down service with a couple of chocolates and a funny towel creature on the bed. Except for the last night when we found the towel monkey hanging down on the outside of our closet! Very funny! Our days at sea were spent mostly up in the Serenity Adult area lounging on the deck chairs. Waiters would periodically ask if you needed anything. Nights were spent seeking out an out of the way hot tub, watching one of thir big shows in the palace or catching a movie on the big outdoor screen outdoors. You can do everything or nothing at all - a great vacation choice! St. John is a sleepy town. Not much going on. We took the 90 minute trolley tour. It was good to get out and stretch the legs and throw some lunch money to the local economy there but we were back on board by 2:30. Debarkation was well planned and well executed. We were off the ship and back in my car by 8:45 AM. Ok...one bit of advice, Carnival?? If you publish that the adult hot tubs will be open until midnight, make that happen. Closing them at 10:00 isn't cool. If I had one beef, that was it. And given that that's my only beef...we considered this to be a Top Tier, A-1, Premium experience for our 1st cruise. We will definitely cruise again! Thanks for a great vacation! We will be back! Read Less
Sail Date July 2012
Carnival Glory 5 days from Boston to Canada. Cabin 1110This was our first cruise and it was an anniversary present from our adult daughters who also went with us. The cruise was in July for five days from Boston to Halifax, NS and ... Read More
Carnival Glory 5 days from Boston to Canada. Cabin 1110This was our first cruise and it was an anniversary present from our adult daughters who also went with us. The cruise was in July for five days from Boston to Halifax, NS and stopped at St. Johns, NB both in Canada.The port in Boston was clean and very nice and the embarkation process was pretty smooth and a lot easier than any airline boarding I've had. When we arrived at our room 2.5hrs early it was cleaned and ready and our cabin steward greeted us with a smile, introduced himself asked if there was anything he could get for us. His service from that point on was just excellent and we were very pleased with him.We stayed in cabin 1110 which was the Spa deck and very quiet. The room wasn't large, but roomy enough with a fairly large shower and bathroom. The balcony could fit two people comfortably and did not have an overhead which I liked because you got the sunshine during the day. The beds were very comfortable and the cooling worked great.My wife and daughter used the spa and said it was very good with the exception of my daughter's teeth whitening which was very painful. I had been bitten by a spider before I left and my leg swelled up do I got to use the "sick bay" and found the doctors and service pretty good.The weather was hot until we got passed Bar Harbor Maine and then the temperature dropped about 25 degrees and was foggy, overcast and in the 60's in St. Johns, and Halifax. Our excursions used the ON-Off buses in both Ports which allowed us to see most of both cities and also get off at sites we wanted to see. We missed the reverse on the reversing falls but it was nice anyway, but nothing special. St. Johns itself is a nice city but nothing you dream of going back to. Halifax however is beautiful and we enjoyed Fort Citadel, especially the bagpipers. We ate at a restaurant recommended to us by some locals called the Bluenose. This was a reasonably priced place near the museums and found there lobster and oysters even tastier than the ones back in New Hampshire and Maine. We also visited the maritime museum which was also very nice. Time did not allow us to see several other places there and this is a city I would love to go back to again.The ship itself was beautiful and because it was the 4th of July they had a huge American flag in the Colors lobby and had a celebration in the dining hall as well as other places on the boat. The lobby itself is fairly large and beautiful with plenty of room to sit and relax to live music. We taught all of the areas for relaxation, eating, drinking or entertainment were all comfortable and well laid out. The shopping areas are all very nice and prices were either better or very competitive to shopping at home. Although NH is known for its cheap liquor prices the duty free on the boat was even better. Beware though they do add a 15% gratuity to the price you pay.We got to most of the clubs and enjoyed most of them including the music and dancing. The drinks were good and prices were not out of line with night life around home. If there was any area of disappointment it was the entertainment. The dating game was fun but the comedians were nothing more than the same vulgar acts revolving around pretty much the same old themes. Nothing new or creative here just the HBO comedy copy cats.The casino was great and had something for everyone. We all had fun playing slots, blackjack, craps and even the electronic poker. Dining on the ship was very good. We chose the 8:15pm set schedule and therefore got the same crew of waiters each night. Their service was excellent and the main dishes were very good with a few exceptions. The Italian dishes, fish, lobster, soups, salads and most appetizers were well prepared and equal to anything you would get at a good stateside restaurant. The "fun foods" were on par with fast food and we would pass on the chicken and pork dishes. I ended every meal with either an espesso or cored ffe and both were good. The Red Sails buffet was good for some things and fair to poor for others. The pizza wasn't bad if you like Pizza Hut, and the hamburgers and hot dogs were pretty good. The eggs and omelets tasted like they were made from powdered eggs and the bacon had that broiled taste. Couple that with a very mediocre coffee and you got a poor breakfast. The fruit was good and some of the pastries. Most of the days we went to the platinum restaurant in the aft where you could get fried eggs , good sausage and bacon and the breakfast was exceptional.We all ate at the steak house which was both elegant and five star. The fillet mignon was big and on par with a Ruth Chris or Morton's. The wine list was extensive and more than adequate and the desserts were decadent. The cheesecake was my favorite. During our dinner people were drawn to the window as a school of dolphin put on a show. We enjoyed dinning here so much we booked a second night. The second night I had the steak and lobster combo which was good but i would advise sticking to the fillet mignon. Although the dolphins didnt show a full moon did making this a great anniversary dinner for us. This was the best $35 we spent on the trip and I would advise anyone that enjoys a good steak to book it.Overall we enjoyed our stay on the Glory and would both book it again and recommend it to others. Read Less
Sail Date July 2012
I loved everything about this cruise. (Other than the Muster Drill of course!) From the moment we got on board we were welcomed with open arms. The shows were great, Casino was paying (for me anyways!!), Drinks were flowing, and the Food ... Read More
I loved everything about this cruise. (Other than the Muster Drill of course!) From the moment we got on board we were welcomed with open arms. The shows were great, Casino was paying (for me anyways!!), Drinks were flowing, and the Food was being eaten!!! LOL Given the short time period, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get into cruise mode so quick, however, from the first time I sat on the balcony and didn't actually have to go and do anything - it kicked in! The comedy shows were hysterical - we went to 3! The nightclub was a blast, although we made fun of the name almost the whole time! Every single thing we did was either fun or relaxing. St. John, NB, Canada - very nice port. The people there are super friendly and kind. It felt like home to us. Nothing too fancy, just some nice shopping. I had a fantastic time and I can't wait to sail out of Boston again. It's so easy, only 25 miles from home. You can't beat that!!   Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
This cruise included my husband and I, both in our late 20s. This was a first for both of us, and despite my extensive research and planning (thanks Cruise Critic!!), I wasn't completely sure what to expect. I'd like to make ... Read More
This cruise included my husband and I, both in our late 20s. This was a first for both of us, and despite my extensive research and planning (thanks Cruise Critic!!), I wasn't completely sure what to expect. I'd like to make this short and sweet, and will say that we had a great time overall and left happy. Our cabin (PT, 2220) is an excellent value - I'd recommend it to anyone who, like me, is a penny-pincher, but must have a window. As far as I know, these cabins are priced the same as an Inside (sometimes less, I've seen, if you're willing to take bunk beds) but you get two lovely porthole windows and a larger, Outside-sized cabin (with couch, table, etc.). Food was pretty good, though lots of salt. Dining room food was always the better option. I admit to being picky, though I am a pescitarian (vegetarian who has some fish), but my husband will eat nearly anything without complaint. Neither of us liked the buffet at any time of the day. The dining room was just that much better (especially for breakfast - and go early, we did and it was nice and quiet). Two successes from the buffet: hot chocolate and pizza. Both were on 24/7 and reliably satisfying. A note on dinner: I wasn't sure what to expect, but was quite satisfied with the non-upcharge option. The fish was always decent, veg. options were good (but DO NOT get the Indian option if you're sensitive to salt like I am), dessert was pretty rich but there's fruit if you're looking for something lighter. There's always steak, much to my husband's delight. We had the anytime dining and found we were seated right away at a 2-person table if we arrived at around 6 PM. Service was always adequate. I honestly feel that one can't complain when someone else cooks and cleans for you for an entire week. Our cabin steward was not super friendly, but was accommodating and efficient. All waiters were extremely nice. The cruise director was a little irritating, but well-meaning. Am I missing anyone? Overall, the crew were great, better than I expected for sure. My one very big criticism: the entertainment. The shows, specifically 'Just Rock' and 'Livin in America' were just awful. Lots of skimpy clothes, which pleased the husband and didn't bother me, but I felt they used that to distract people from the fact that it was a poor show. Overall, very simplistic, boring, and too loud. There were some gems, though - the physical and stand-up comedians were mostly great. Day-time activities were lacking, and mostly just set up to make more money. My husband found a book in the library and read the entire thing before the cruise was over. I brought books and was happy with that. The Serenity Deck was great for just lounging around and reading in peace. One tip for Canadians, specifically - go to the duty free shop and buy some booze! We got two 1L bottles of decent brandy for $20! Sure beats one bottle at the liquor store for $35! A quick review of this particular itinerary - NE & Canada. This really is an older persons' cruise, just be aware of that. Pretty quiet all around. Loved Boston, Portland and Halifax, though found St. John somewhat boring. Maybe get off for an hour there and book a spa special back on board for the rest of the day. Embarkation and disembarkation were pretty unremarkable. We did the self-assist and were off super quick. Why have someone else take your luggage if you can handle it yourself and move on with your day that much more quickly? Lots more to say, but I tried to keep it short-ish. Overall, we were pleased. Cruising is a lot of fun and a great value (esp. Carnival, it seems). We're not super social, so were happy to find lots of quiet places to hang around. However, everyone we met was great and there was a lot of entertaining conversation to be had. Looking forward to Western Caribbean next fall - Xunantunich (and cheap Mexican vanilla), here we come! Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! My husband and I traveled on Carnival Glory on 09/01/11. New York to Saint John, New Brunswick. We had a fantastic time. We had no trouble getting on or off of the ship, everything went very ... Read More
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! My husband and I traveled on Carnival Glory on 09/01/11. New York to Saint John, New Brunswick. We had a fantastic time. We had no trouble getting on or off of the ship, everything went very smoothly. The food was great, and there was plenty of it. The entertainment was a lot of fun, and the staff ... you won't find nicer people on any vacation you take. This was a very relaxing, fun, budget friendly cruise. You cannot go wrong with this cruise! I honestly do not understand the negative reviews. If you cannot have fun on this cruise, then I do not know what you are looking for. The day we disembarked, I wanted to turn around and sail all over again! Saint John is a very lovely place. It was very quaint, the people are very welcoming, and we had a good time there. You do not need any tours, the main streets are a block from where the ship docks. It is not a very big place, and you should have no trouble seeing everything before the ship leaves. We walked around, saw what we wanted to see, did some shopping, and were back on the ship by 2:30 or 3:00. All in all, we had a blast, it was well worth the money, and we can't wait to do it again! Read Less
Sail Date September 2011
We just got back from a 5-night Halifax/St.John cruise from NYC. We're New Yorkers, so it seemed like that would be a great place to leave for a cruise. We were a group of 15, including 4 kids aged 5-7, and almost all of us were ... Read More
We just got back from a 5-night Halifax/St.John cruise from NYC. We're New Yorkers, so it seemed like that would be a great place to leave for a cruise. We were a group of 15, including 4 kids aged 5-7, and almost all of us were first-time cruisers. We got to the terminal at 12:45 or so, and there were a LOT of folks there... it took us an hour and a half to get through the security & embarkation lines. That was pretty off-putting, I have to say, but we knew that we weren't as early as we had wanted to be, so we dealt with it. By the time we got on the ship, we were all ready to have a great time. The room was lovely, and very well-kept throughout the cruise. The stewards and staff were wonderful and attentive. Activities: The pools were FULL of children (my friend called the hot tub "Kid Soup"), including my own, but I was not interested in being in there with all of them. Not exactly relaxing, since the pools are not huge. There were photographers everywhere, and they took great pictures... until I discovered that the pics were $21.95 +tax. No thank you. Shows were ok. Nothing great, nothing terrible. Casino & Karaoke were fun. Lots of "fun activities" like mixology & hairy chest contests at the Lido Deck pools with a guy yelling into a microphone were annoying and made it difficult to relax. I don't mind a few things like that, but not all the time. It felt like freshman orientation every day. Food: Dinner was in the Golden Dining Room, and we really enjoyed our waiter. The food was ok, not great, though there were a few meals I really enjoyed, and the others were pleasant enough. Never really hot enough, and drinks were slow to appear. Even the bottles of wine that we ordered took a long time to get to us, to the point that we almost told them not to bother. The buffet was ALWAYS crowded, and it seemed like there were a lot of rude people, kids and adults, just cutting in line. I really wanted to try the Mongolian Wok, but there was a ridiculously long line for it every day. I started to feel pretty claustrophobic with all the people bumping into one another. I don't know if that's just how it goes on cruises normally, but I did not enjoy it. Pizza was the best lunch we had. My daughter has a severe peanut allergy, and I told the maitre d' as soon as I could after we got on board. He sent over Ana, a lovely young woman from Serbia who took care of ordering for my daughter. She put my mind at ease... it's sometimes a little challenging to travel with a peanut allergy, and she made sure that my daughter's food was safe to eat. She found me every day and went over the next day's menu so my daughter could pick out her meals. It was a level of service I wasn't anticipating, but for which I was extremely grateful. Ports: We toured St. John for a few hours, which is not very exciting, though the people are extremely nice. Halifax was beautiful, with much more to do. We did not want to participate in the shore excursions endlessly hawked by Carnival, so I had contacted a private car company to take us around. This was hands-down the best part of our trip. The service was called Your Cab (yourcab.ca), and the guide, Jonathan Duru, was wonderful. He brought us wherever we wanted to go, including showing us the city, the Titanic graveyard, a maple shop, and the best local restaurant (not touristy) in Peggy's Cove. We did not have hoards of tour bus patrons around, and got the best lobster rolls and other lobster things we've ever had. (Good burgers and beer, too!) We were above and beyond happy with this decision, and it was well worth the money we spent. The price, by the way, was less than the price of Carnival's excursions. The biggest complaints I have are regarding getting on and off the boat. As I stated before, it took a long time to get on the boat, and there were long lines (20-30 minutes) for getting back on during excursions. It also took FOREVER to debark in NYC. We waited more than 3 hours for our debarkation numbers to be called, and then another 30 minutes to clear Customs. Now, we did have some special circumstances: Hurricane Irene was headed our way, and everyone was anxious to get off, and another cruise ship pulled in around the same time as we did. Neither of these things should have held us up on board for that long, however, and I was beyond angry. So much so that I will not be returning to Carnival for future cruises. This is a shame, since the crew worked very hard and we had a good time during our stay, but the experiences we had just trying to get on and off were just too much to do again. Read Less
Sail Date August 2011
We were aboard the Carnival Glory that did not make their port in Halifax, August 2. The disappointment is beyond words. We are having a hard time understanding why the Glory could not make the port. By reading the past posts, fog is a ... Read More
We were aboard the Carnival Glory that did not make their port in Halifax, August 2. The disappointment is beyond words. We are having a hard time understanding why the Glory could not make the port. By reading the past posts, fog is a pretty normal occurrence in this part of the world. Also, with the navigational technology today, which I am sure Carnival uses, it seems suspect that we were not able to reach the port in a timely manner. This was our second cruise, the first being to the Inner Passage of Alaska. We experienced some beautiful weather as well as rain and fog and still made our way to all four ports. Perhaps, a more seasoned crew piloted this ship. Many of the reviews were from people who had much more cruising experience and didn't seem to mind the alternative activities. I'm sure they live near a port city and will have many more opportunities to take this cruise again. We are from Colorado and it is no small feat to get to a port city. It is very disappointing to miss one of two ports and will be a lost opportunity to see Halifax, Nova Scotia. The rest of the cruise was a pleasant experience, with noticeable differences from the previous cruise line we experienced. The disappointment of the missed port colors this entire experience. Carnival advertises their "FUN" ships, but with an extra sea day, it was not that FUN! We love the idea of cruising but may be checking out some of the competitors in the future. Read Less
Sail Date August 2011
I took my family on this cruise. I am a single mom of 4 boys, twins 22, 18, and 13. And we took along one of my son's girlfriends with us as well. We had a pretty good time. The service and staff were almost all very nice. The room ... Read More
I took my family on this cruise. I am a single mom of 4 boys, twins 22, 18, and 13. And we took along one of my son's girlfriends with us as well. We had a pretty good time. The service and staff were almost all very nice. The room was cleaned endlessly and the animal towels were fantastic each evening. I have T-Mobile and had no service (not even roaming) after the first night. So I suggest you have walkie talkies for your children if you don't enjoy searching for them all the time. Also you need your Sail card for everything and it is so convenient if you bring a lanyard with a card holder (for each person) with you to have around your neck instead of taking the card in and out of your pocket all the time. This is especially good for the kids. Also one night at dinner is "formal night" and you need dress clothes. A pair of khakis and a collared shirt will suffice. The restaurant staff doesn't enforce the attire, however. There are a lot of excessive charges. Bingo is $20 for three cards. This gets expensive when you have children who want to play. And although Carnival charges each person $10 a day for gratuities, when you buy an alcoholic drink they add in a gratuity. Or if you buy a pastry at "Creams", there is a gratuity added. It gets pricey after awhile. St. John is a bust. A total waste of time. We didn't take the Bus Tour as a friend of mine who had been on the cruise said it was a waste of time. We walked around a bit. There is a really good coffee place in the mall. (And you'll need it as Carnival's coffee tastes like dirt). The New Brunswick Museum is a waste. Photograpy is prohibited. The kids were bored. The ship is pretty empty while the boat is docked. There are few if any activities scheduled while in port, and the casino and all the shops are also closed. Getting off the ship in New York would have been an absolute disaster if I hadn't thought "outside the box." Carnival takes your luggage between 9p and 12a the last night of your stay so they can have it ready to unload upon docking. You have to be out of your room by 8:30 and Zone by Zone you get off the ship. We were Zone 16..scheduled to get off the ship at 9:15 to 9:30. I had my transportation set up to pick us up at 10am. Well at 9:15 am they were still on Zone 1. So, I just went in line and got off the ship with everyone else. I grabbed a porter...gave him some cash and he helped us get our bags, get through customs and get to Pier 90 by 9:45. We were home by 11am. Carnival needs to get a better grasp on the disembarking process. I would have been on the ship until 12 or later had I not just decided to get on line, despite being Zone 16. I don't know if I would have done this if I wasn't paying $200 for the car service. One more tidbit. Keep an eye on the charges to your card. You can go to Guest Service at any time and get a printout. With four kids it added up quick. I had over a thousand dollars of charges for four days!!! Good Luck!!! Read Less
Sail Date August 2011
I read and re-read all the reviews before going... taking family on their first cruise, I wanted to be sure that we planned accordingly... This is my first cruise review, so this may be all over the place, but ... Read More
I read and re-read all the reviews before going... taking family on their first cruise, I wanted to be sure that we planned accordingly... This is my first cruise review, so this may be all over the place, but you'll definately get my thoughts.. Overall, I would rate our cruise an 8.5 out of 10. We definately got what we paid for. We stayed in an inside cabin on the main deck, all four of us. First time with the kids in the same cabin, and it was okay. The travel agent said that all the cabins are the same size, but that is incorrect. The inside is definately smaller than the outside, but it was managable. The rest of our family had outside cabins on the main deck, and we spent more time in them. Their cabin steward knew us better than ours. The food was great. No complaints other than temperature. Yes, there were lines, but nothing so bad that we couldn't deal with it. We had 6:00 early dining, and never had any issues other than many kids. We had an aft window which was great, but some parents let their kids wander to the windows and sit there, right next to us..making unnecessary noise. One stern look to the parents and this ceased. There was entertainment each night... a song and waving of napkins... kids loved it. Wait staff was good, sometimes fast sometimes slow, but we were okay with that. The Lido deck has a lot to choose from. Don't miss the seafood on the deck above.. so good!! My husband ate at the Mongolian Wok more than once.. a very long wait, but worth it. Chocolate buffet was very good too. Activities were fair. Hairy Chest contest, mixology, trivia... same stuff different ship. The big TV outside was good and bad. They showed Cher's show for a couple of hours which was nice, but then replayed other activities over and over, just like your tv in the room. The weather had a lot to do with the "fair" rating. It was cool and windy. Golf was near impossible. Had to keep covered up when the sun wasn't shining. The 2nd sea day it drizzled all day, keeping activities limited to indoor. We were actually bored a few times. Entertainment was very good. The first show was a snoozer. We went to all the comedy shows which we thought were great. I caught a portion of their tribute to America show, and wished I had seen more. Bingo was fun, but we only played once.... for the $1000 final jackpot (didn't win). Love & Marriage was funny as usual. Casino didn't pay...just took our donations. Photographers were everywhere.... a bit annoying at times... walking down the promenade, I think there were 10 different backdrops to get your picture taken. I suppose that's good for options and no lines, but the hallway was so cramped, you could barely get to dinner. Pictures are overpriced. Depending on the size they print, the pics are $9.95 or $12.95 for each candid (most were $12.95), and $19.95 or $21.95 for portraits (most were $21.95). Kids programs... we have a 10 year old that wasn't interested in participating in most activites, nor did she want to be put with the little kids at 10:00pm. She also commented that one of the staff members was mean. Our 14 year old did enjoy some of the Circle C events, but some were "boring". Lastly, attire. I guess you would expect a cheap short cruise from NYC would have a variety of people. I like to get dressed up on a cruise. I was disappointed to see shorts, golf shirts and flip flops on elegant night. The level of dress on this trip was definately extra casual. We're not black tie by any means, but people should at least dress like they are going to a nice restaurant, not McDonalds. That's what the Lido deck restaurant is for. Well that's it. Would we go back on Carnival? Yes. Would we go back on a Canada/New England cruise? for the right price maybe. I would prefer a longer cruise in warmer weather on Royal Caribbean. Read Less
Sail Date August 2011
My wife and I sailed on the Glory for the August 13th 5 nighter to Canada. It was the wife's first cruise ever, and while this was my 5th , it was the first since I sailed on the M/V Atlantic in 1983. I knew a lot has changed since ... Read More
My wife and I sailed on the Glory for the August 13th 5 nighter to Canada. It was the wife's first cruise ever, and while this was my 5th , it was the first since I sailed on the M/V Atlantic in 1983. I knew a lot has changed since then, so I was not too surprised to see the differences from then and now. A good omen to begin the trip was waking up to "Come Sail Away" by Styx playing on the radio when the alarm went off. Apologies if this is lengthy for some; I tried to be succinct and thorough. GETTING THERE: Getting to the ship was easy enough as we live in one of the boroughs of New York. My wife has a tendency to be late for everything, so I implored, begged, and pleaded for her to be ready to leave the house by 10AM so we could avoid traffic and board early to start enjoying our cruise as soon as possible. Thankfully, she was ready even earlier than I had hoped and we made our way by 9:30. We arrived at the terminal about 45 minutes later, and curiously, we drove up to one lot only to be redirected to another. Not sure why we couldn't go straight to the appropriate lot to begin with, but it wasn't a big deal. We paid an outrageous $150 for long term parking ($30 per night) and made our way to the lower level to begin check in. Check in was the best I have ever experienced. Since we were so early, we walked right to where we needed to go, without even one person in front of us at any time. In fact, when we got to the counter, the rep told us to go to any agent we wanted as every last one of them was waiting for someone to service. I will say this though, given that we took it upon ourselves to arrive early and avoid any lines, it did seem that there was more than enough staff on hand from start to finish to accommodate large crowds and get them to where they needed to be quickly and efficiently, so I give Carnival much credit for this. BOARDING: We received our boarding zone number and went to our designated waiting area by 10:30, where boarding took place a little over an hour later. Boarding was very organized, with zero logjams or delays. Once on board, we oriented ourselves with the public areas and went to the upper decks to check them out as well, and to have some lunch. Started off with the pizza I heard so much about and have to say that it was pretty good all things considered. The buffet, as I would soon find out to be the norm, was just OK. After lunch, we walked around the top decks enjoying the view and the weather, before making our way down to the cabin. CABIN: This was an anniversary cruise for us, so I had the room decorated with the anniversary package offered online. It was exactly as described, and a very nice touch. My wife was surprised by it and it made for a great start to the trip. Our cabin was a balcony cabin, starboard side, aft, and I was quite pleased with it. It was a nice size for two, very clean, and very nicely done. Sometimes room size can be a crapshoot, but no complaints at all with the cabin. We loved it! Just to mention, a month before sailing I was offered an upgrade to an extended balcony for a small fee that we turned down as my wife's number is 13, which is what the digits in our room number added up to, and I'm glad we did as the regular balcony was just fine with its table and two chairs. We never felt a need at any time for something bigger. STAFF: Our cabin steward was always on top of things. Room was always made up quickly after we left for breakfast, and we loved the towel animals made each night. We would come back to our stateroom at the end of the evening guessing what animal would be waiting for us. All of the staff on board were friendly and courteous. In fact, I can't remember one time where we passed a crew member in the halls or on deck where they didn't offer a greeting. The service in the restaurants was very good as well, although it would be nice to be asked if anything was needed during the meal. That said, I am a creature of habit, so I love it when the wait staff knows what I want without even asking. We were served our drinks shortly after sitting down, which was another nice touch. Our maitre'd Yusuf was awesome as well. His singing and dancing every night was made funnier by the fact that you would never expect it from his professional demeanor. Note:***He also helped us out with a problem that I am sure others have encountered. I wanted a table for two as my wife has been going through some medical issues, as well as it being our aforementioned anniversary, so it was important for us to have this privacy. A week before sailing, I called Carnival with my booking number, and the phone rep said she saw the booking as a table for two. As well, I went to the Golden Dining Room to speak with someone right after boarding, to confirm the table for two, and all they could offer was that they would put a request in. I thought I would be good, so imagine my surprise that evening when we were seated for dinner at a round table for 10! No one at the table wanted to be there, it was obvious. I went to speak with Yusuf, and he was able to get us our table for two no problem, although we waited to sit there until the following evening so as not to offend anyone by getting up and leaving the table. Turns out 3 of the other couples found other arrangements as well as the cruise went on. Why oh why does Carnival do this? Please have the dining room arranged for less community tables and more for couples. We are not anti social by any means, but with the kids staying home and it just being the two of us, we wanted to just have time to ourselves. I know they want to encourage socializing, but forcing people to dine with you shouldn't be the best they can come up with. I made the mistake one morning at the restaurant not specifically asking for a table for two, and we got stuck at a table with two other couples. Not coincidentally, this was the only restaurant meal where the service was not good, with orders not being filled properly or given to the wrong people. The cruise director Josh seems like a nice enough guy and you can see he really enjoys his job, but I really don't recall seeing him much on the ship. Would have been nice to bump into him along the way to let him know how things were going. FOOD: Had second sitting dinner, which is later than I like, but the wife wanted it, so there you go. Food was NOT the highlight of the trip for us. I cruised with Home Lines on the Oceanic and Atlantic in the 70's & 80's, so I remember the food being a hallmark of a cruise. Not so much here. Unlike what I remember, there was plenty of food here to be had during non dining hours, with constant buffets and food stations serving (never did have the Mongolian Wok as lines were just too prohibitive. Keep it open longer!). As mentioned earlier, pizza was a pleasant surprise. Burgers were good as well, but how can you mess up a burger anyway, lol? As for the buffets, I was really disappointed. I thought the selection was a little light, and the quality of the food was average. It wasn't bad or inedible, but nothing great. Came off as very mass produced, as if they were more concerned just getting something out there to fill people's plates with. Checked out the breakfast buffet once, and that was it. Very crowded, too much time looking for a table, and horrible selection. Scrambled eggs were some of the worst I've had, and no french toast? Just pancakes and an omelet station that wasn't worth the lines. This is especially disappointing for me as I love a big breakfast. Meals in the restaurant were a little better, but nothing to rave about. Again, food was just OK most of the time, and was never served hot. Ordered Belgian waffle one morning expecting one of those big round, fluffy deals, and all I got was a flat, soggy square. Wife had french toast, and it was served as one slice of bread. Huh? Eggs Benedict was far and away the best the breakfast menu had to offer. Dinner experience was similar. The flat iron steak was good, but I can't remember one thing off the menu that had me wanting more. The warm chocolate cake was great though. Had it 3 nights. I really wish food was served hot though. Even the burrito bar, where one day I was one of the first in line when it opened, meat was not hot, as if it was prepared a while earlier. The hottest food I was served the entire cruise was the pizza. Overall, it seemed like they had food ready to go on minute's notice to get people served and on their way. I know feeding 3,000 people is not an easy task, and this is probably the most efficient way to do it, so I guess that's just the way it goes on mega-liners these days. ACTIVITIES: I've read other reviews where people claim activities have been cut. This might be true, but we always found something to do on sea days. At night we went to the Amber Palace after dinner. The shows were good IMO. Other reviewers didn't care for them, but we enjoyed the dancers and the singers. Justin Illusion was entertaining as well. No complaints with the show and I really like the theater. The Love and Marriage game wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but it had its moments. One thing I didn't care for was the timing of some events. For example, the free cruise raffle was a winner-needs-to-be-present drawing at 10:05 PM, and with second sitting dinner, I had to leave early. There was another raffle that went off at 7:30 PM for a $100 shopping spree, so that affected first sitting diners. Why schedule things like this during dining hours? Did not care for the ridiculous $20 bingo cards, I don't care if they give you three to play. We played a very windy round of mini golf, but it is pretty high up so it was to be expected. It's awesome to be able to stand right next to the funnel. Didn't go into the pools as that's not what we do, but I heard it was saltwater and they appeared to be small, and only a couple of them. Mostly kids in them anyway so I don't think anyone had a problem. PORTS: Ship stopped at Saint John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Arrived to fog at Saint John, which eventually gave way to cloudy skies. Port is okay, nothing to write home about. Did the Big Pink Bus excursion which is actually a 3 for 1 deal with 3 different routes. Bay of Fundy wasn't as interesting to me as they make it out to be. A marketplace tent is set up right on the pier that sells different things. A short walk away is a shopping mall marketplace. Visited the Loyalist cemetery which was interesting. Did not eat at this port, just grabbed a snack along the way. The next day our arrival at Halifax was delayed for 2 ½ hours due to fog. Luckily our excursion to Peggy's Cove and Titanic Gravesite leaves at 1:15. Amazingly, once we docked in the fog, the weather took a dramatic turn for the better and we enjoyed beautiful sunny blue skies, which is apparently rare for them this year. There are more shops and restaurants dockside than Saint John and we spent more money there that the previous port. Peggy's Cove is a must in my opinion. Amazingly beautiful scenery and a quaint little village made it a great time. Takes a while to get there but well worth it. You only get 1 hour there so we went shopping and took pictures rather than sit down and eat. The Titanic tour is more interesting than you would think, and is very moving to see the gravestones, especially the one of the little child recovered. Our tour guide Liz was well versed on this tour and provided lots of good information. The better port of the two by far, and that alone would make me take this cruise again. GLORY: What I liked: The ship is a beautiful ship. Always clean, always well maintained. The main lobby with the kaleidoscope theme was bright and inviting. I enjoyed the dEcor of our dining room, the Platinum Dining Room. Loved the maitre'd and staff singing and dancing. Always left us waiting for what the next night would bring. The main decks were also decorated nicely, with nothing boring about them. There were a couple of bars where I never saw anyone, but I guess those get busy well past my bedtime. Amber Palace was also very nice. The Lido deck area, with the Red Sail Restaurant, and the different stations and bars were easy to enjoy. I loved eating at Red Sail enjoying the ocean view. The bartender by the aft pool was a little rude, which maybe explains why that bar was never busy. Serenity area is a godsend. Lots of space to lay on a deck chair, and having zero kids around to spoil the serenity is immeasurable. What I didn't like: Not much to complain about, but there are a few things. First and foremost, the previously mentioned seating at dining. I don't think people should have to jump through hoops just to be able to sit with their spouse privately. I understand the need for larger tables, but you should be able to secure the table of your choosing at the time of booking. A not so distant second are the elevators, specifically the wait time for them. I work in Manhattan and know all about waiting for elevators, but this was beyond ridiculous. Not only were the wait times long, but often the elevator would just go past your floor without stopping, increasing the wait. Why is it like this? Plus, there are no lights to easily signal which elevator is arriving, so if you're midship and are waiting for the regular and glass elevators, good luck figuring out which elevator is there. Luckily we were on deck 7 so it was only a couple of flights most of the times we just gave up waiting. I've seen this complaint before and couldn't agree more! The only other thing that comes to mind is that the layout of the ship can be frustrating at times. You can't walk across decks 3 or 4, the restaurant decks, so if you are aft or fwd you need to go up to deck 5 just to get back down to deck 3, which is made worse but the elevator wait times. Also, because of this, we quickly realized it best to arrive for dinner 15 minutes late as the mob that forms waiting for the restaurant to open chokes the waiting area, and people have a hard time getting off the elevators. SUMMARY: We loved the cruise and would take it again, or any other Carnival cruise for that matter. The ships are clean, the service excellent, and the atmosphere wonderful. The fact that it leaves from my hometown makes it even better. My wife liked it so much that just yesterday we went down by the Verrazano bridge to watch the Glory leave New York. As annoying as the few complaints are, it was not nearly enough to detract from our overall enjoyment of this trip. Read Less
Sail Date August 2011
Short Version: Cheap and easy getaway from Manhattan hustles and bustles. Would do another 4-5 day cruise on the Glory. Long Version: Background I will be honest. I had very low expectations and I think that helped. A lot. My husband and ... Read More
Short Version: Cheap and easy getaway from Manhattan hustles and bustles. Would do another 4-5 day cruise on the Glory. Long Version: Background I will be honest. I had very low expectations and I think that helped. A lot. My husband and I are in our late 30s. He's a teacher, I'm a writer and we are stereotypical thinkers. We are more museum and culture travelers than relaxing vacation types, but after spending a few weeks figuring out the logistics of where to go on our summer getaway, what to eat, activities to do, renting a car, securing lodging, etc., I gave up and said, "Let's just go on a cruise." Transport Living in upper Manhattan, I can see the New York cruise terminal from our bedroom window, and although I had heard many unflattering things about Carnival cruises, nothing could beat the price or the convenience. We booked directly through the Carnival website with less than a week to go. The morning of the cruise, we hopped in a cab and were at the port in 15 minutes. Getting On Embarkation was tedious. It took about an hour to snake through the lines and I was disappointed that after all of that we still had to go to Guest Services and wait in another line to put down our cash deposit. Luckily, I happened to walk past the Chef's Table sign-up - I had not had a chance to read about it on the boards, but I did recall that it was something special and we signed up. We are frugal, but the event was scheduled for my birthday and I couldn't pass up a chance to visit the ship's galley. It was around 1:45pm when we finally got everything straightened out and we headed down to our forward cabin on 2. As we had booked the cheapest available room and I had heard that cruise cabins were tiny, I was pleasantly surprised by the size of our stateroom. I was certainly relieved by the understated dEcor; the majority of the Glory looks like something from Liberace's yard sale. I was worried about feeling claustrophobic in an inside cabin, but the space was well ventilated and I never felt closed-in. Overall, we were satisfied with our cabin and the location. There was plenty of space for our belongings and it was easy for us to get everywhere. There was noise from what I assume were the stabilizers, but as a light sleeper, I take earplugs with me everywhere and I chalked it up to our cheap room. (Note: there is piped music near everywhere on the ship. It is hard to get away from.) Dining Avoid the Red Sail buffet at all costs. My husband has very simple tastes and summed it up as "cafeteria food." I tried a few items and they were beyond bad - how does one make taco meat taste watery? One day, we set next to a table of kids and one said, "Nothing here tastes like I expect it to." It was hilarious and sad. Here's a tip: at breakfast, you have to split up and have one person stand in the omelet line while the other person gets bacon, fruit, toast, etc. And have some hot chocolate; it is unexpectedly rich and delicious. The burrito bar and deli station are nice, but we couldn't get to the Mongolian station. It opened at noon; we got in line at 12:30pm and were told it would be an hour. We got out of line. Later, I went to the pizza station to get a chicken Caesar and was told that it would be 20 minutes. For a salad. And the staffer was annoyed that I couldn't understand why it would take so long to make a salad. Another staffer refused to re-fill the empty orange juice dispenser when there was still half an hour left of breakfast service. There is a TON of salt in all of the food. I didn't go crazy with food and kept to my regular-life meal times and amounts, but by the end of the first 24 hours, all of my extremities felt tight from the salt. Drink a lot of water. We had the late seating in the Platinum Dining Room. Our waiter was a bit obnoxious and regularly forgot items. But I would put up with a lot for the Chocolate Melting Cake. It is as good as people say, except on the last night I got a bad lumpy one. Eating with strangers was weird and after the first night, I was ready to change tables, but my husband told me that what I interpreted as excruciating awkward silences, were just folks enjoying their food and things did get better over the length of the cruise. It was nice to have a nightly check-in with others on the cruise experience and to get recommendations and warnings. The Chef's Table was like being a judge on Iron Chef; the experience was all kinds of awesome. I can't recommend it enough - well worth the extra 75 bucks each. Activities We didn't participate in any activities, as we were on the cruise to find a quiet place to read and look at the ocean. That was a challenge. In fact, there were children on the Serenity deck for the first two days of the cruise, which ticked me off, as the Serenity deck is what drew me to the cruise in the first place. I don't know if someone spoke up, but there were no children on the deck on our last at sea day and we spent the afternoon there. It was bliss. (Although many of the canopies on the round loungers were broken and none of the loungers had cushions well after noon. Someone finally came to set things up around 1pm.) I tried to follow up the day with a steam, but the steam room was broken. However, the sauna was nice and hot. Entertainment We had a fun night in the karaoke bar but the R-rated comedy show was pretty much low-common denominator type stuff - really obvious and not that clever. I guess with the wide variety of guests on a cruise, we shouldn't have expected something fresh or innovative. We walked by the Amber Lounge during one of the song and dance shows and it was not for us. I had one Pina Colada during the cruise and it tasted like the rum could be used to power the ship. Coming from the land of $10-15 cocktails, it was cheap, but not worth the burning sensation in my throat. Service Oh boy. Service was all over the place. For every staff member who made me cringe, there was another who went above the call of duty. St. John Port day was a bust mainly due to the remnants of Hurricane Earl. However, there is nothing to see of note in St. John. Okay, the old general store was interesting for about 15 minutes. But look at the Reversing Falls on YouTube - it is not worth a port stop. We were going to drive out to St. Martin, but the weather put a kibosh on that. We visited the farmer's market, which was fine but we have amazing farmer's markets in New York so there wasn't much to get excited about. St. John is a pity-inducing rust-belt type town and I wish its citizens the best, but they should find another source of income. Getting Off We did "Self-Assist" disembarkation and although we had to stop by the guest services desk to look into a minor error on our bill, we walked out of our stateroom at 8:30am and we were back in our apartment at 9:17am. Summary Overall, as much as things went wrong, we can't beat how inexpensive and convenient the trip was. Upon returning home, I started to think about what was in the fridge, what I could cook for dinner, etc. and I realized that one of the greatest gifts of the vacation was getting away from our every day responsibilities. We didn't need Broadway-caliber shows, gourmet meals or posh accommodations - just a peaceful room, time together and someone else to make the beds and for this, Carnival delivered.   Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
I'll get my complaint out of the way first: The "comedian" Jim Labriola included vile, racist humor in his performance. He called 3 men onto the stage and a woman (selected from the audience) was supposed to interview them ... Read More
I'll get my complaint out of the way first: The "comedian" Jim Labriola included vile, racist humor in his performance. He called 3 men onto the stage and a woman (selected from the audience) was supposed to interview them for a date. It could have been funny, except when he called up an African-American passenger that he had already been hassling. "Come line up here, brother...oh, you people already know how to be in a line-up, right? Now turn this way--click (as in taking a photo in a police line-up). This just isn't funny. Neither were the many jokes about his "tootsie roll". There's a big difference between risque adult humor, which could be funny, versus using racism to invoke guilty laughter in the audience. Other than that, I enjoyed many aspects of the cruise. Food was generally tasty. The fresh fruit in the buffet was always good. Definitely worth paying for "specialty" coffee, since the coffee out with the beverages (at the 24-hour "free" stations with orange juice, iced tea, water and lemonade) tasted like melted brown crayon. Our wait staff at Table 504 in Platinum was a wonderful team. Organized, prompt, got to know our preferences quickly and accommodated any special requests we made. A problem for vegetarians--only one entree choice each night, so if you didn't like it you had to make do with combining appetizers or a baked potato. I liked that the portion sizes were reasonable, sometimes even on the small side. We never met the maitre d' so we didn't leave any extra tip for him. I did leave an extra gratuity for the waitstaff and for the karaoke hostess, Megan. I ordered room service breakfast one morning and that was a nice way to have a quiet breakfast. The cabin was comfortable and I was pleasantly surprised that it was so large. Karaoke with Megan was a blast and I went every night. I used the fitness center for an hour each day and only took stairs, not elevators. Combined with the fact that I always had to walk long distances anyway, I lost over a pound while on the cruise. I was really relieved that I had beaten the odds on that one. I kept extra fresh fruit in the mini-bar fridge and also some toasted almonds in case I needed a mid-afternoon snack. Walking on the track was fun; sometimes it was too cold or wet to spend much time doing it. I wanted to play miniature golf w/my family but it closed early. I liked that there were hidden places where it was quiet and you could find ways to take a break from the noise and sometimes chaos. This included the library (although rarely open--it would have been nice to keep it open most of the day), the Serenity Deck, sauna in the spa area and the deck one level below the track. I never used the main swimming pools since they were always pretty crowded. This was an extended family trip to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. A cruise was the right choice because the people in our group (ages 2 through 75) could all find things to do, take breaks when needed, spend flexible time together and enjoy meeting for dinner to share stories of our day. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
My husband and I sailed with CCL's Glory 7/31 - 8/5. Since it was our first time sailing with any cruise line, we were told by our travel agent to try Carnival first because they pretty much cater to everyone. When you consider that ... Read More
My husband and I sailed with CCL's Glory 7/31 - 8/5. Since it was our first time sailing with any cruise line, we were told by our travel agent to try Carnival first because they pretty much cater to everyone. When you consider that parking directly next to the cruise ship is $30 per day multiplied by 5 days, that's $150 just for parking. If you add to that tolls and gas AND the aggravation of traffic, it just isn't worth it. We decided to leave from Union Station in Hartford. It cost us $88 round trip directly to the Port Authority, where we got a taxi right outside the station. We only paid $10 (including tip) to get to the cruise terminal. And, our cab driver helped us with our luggage and gave it directly to the porter. Embarkation: Pretty much a breeze. We arrived to the terminal at about 1230pm. The lines were long but they move rapidly. Carnival really has their check-in process down to a science. The employees working at the counters were all very nice and knowledgeable. Because rooms weren't available until 130pm, they had everyone eat at Red Sail Restaurant. What a giant fiasco! If I had known the dining room would have been like this, I would have eaten before I got on the ship! Nowhere to sit, people shoving and yelling at each other. Stateroom: I am really surprised reading some of the other reviews on Cruise Critic about Glory's staterooms. We let Carnival select our stateroom (you pay about $300 more if you choose yourself) and we absolutely loved where we stayed. We were on the Riviera Deck which is the bottom floor, but were directly in the middle. It was VERY quiet and actually quite peaceful at night listening to the water lap againt the side of the ship. Housekeeping was amazing, our steward Lawrence, was excellent. We had a drainage problem in our shower but they kept coming back until it was fixed - never pushing our issue aside. They were always very polite, always gently knocked instead of the incessant pounding you get at a hotel and we never wanted! Food: My husband and I had an issue with the Platinum Dining Room. We were all the way to the back by the windows and lucked out with a table for just the two of us. The first night was excellent service, food and we had no problems. The second night of the cruise was Cruise Elegant, so we spent a significant amount of time getting ready. We headed to the lobby, had our pictures taken (again, people constantly shoving and screaming to one another or at someone else) - we decided to head to dinner however, in order to do that on this ship, is a NIGHTMARE. There are absolutely no signs posted where to go/how to get there except for a ship map they give you and one that they post by the elevators. Even by the end of the trip, we still were getting lost. Needless to say, we were so aggravated with other people and the ship at this point, we decided to go back to our stateroom, change and eat at Red Sail. We alternated between the dining room and Red Sail throughout the trip. My husband is more patient than I am but even he grew disgusted with wait service in the Platinum Dining Room. You have to wait for your entire section to be done with their appetizer/salad before you start on dinner. After spending almost 2 hours having dinner one night, we were done with the dining room. We wanted to experience the ship and all it had to offer and felt ourselves sitting there waiting for a salad for almost 2 hours! The Creams Cafe was one of our favorites to hit up! They had delicious desserts and milkshakes, and different coffee drinks that were great in the afternoons. Red Sail was pretty good, my husband enjoyed the late night Mexican Buffet - if you aren't a refried beans person, steer clear! It seems like everything had it! Do yourself a favor and don't order water from any waiter that is walking around taking drink orders. Because they make no money on water (unless it's bottled) you'll get a huge attitude. Several times we placed an order and never even got anything. Entertainment: Megan who does karoake across from the Casino is hysterical! She'll sing until someone signs up - we never did but we did enjoy watching her trying to get people to sign up. Stand up comedian Hal Spear was hysterical. My husband and I also saw Scott Harris who was probably the worst comedian I've ever seen - we didn't even chuckle once. How in the world other people were laughing is beyond me. If you don't want to get picked on, do not sit anywhere near the front at a comedy show or at a show Jorge (the cruise director) is hosting. It's all in good fun, but some people are really touchy and can't take a joke. So, don't sit in the front if you want to avoid this! We found the shows in the Amber Palace pretty amazing. We loved the magic show with Justin Illusion. It was sort of corny at first but by the end we were pretty impressed. Jorge is hysterical - he really made our cruise welcoming. OffShore Excursions - We loved both ports! Beware the weather changes significantly one day to the next! Unless you really enjoy swimming and can't go a day without your bathing suit, it WILL be too cold to swim - so sweaters and jeans are a must on this ship. I really enjoyed Saint John and my husband loved Halifax, so both ports of call have a variety of things that will appeal to every person on board the ship. One of our only complaints: There were about 1,000 kids on board. We had ZERO issues with any children misbehaving, running around, screaming...we were pleasantly surprised that all children were very polite and kept to themselves however, we were SHOCKED at some of the "adult" behavior on the ship. Because there are crowds it is expected that you get the occasional "Where do I go" idiot standing around blocking 400 other people from passing. It seemed like EVERY time we went somewhere we dealt with some incredibly rude "guest" on the ship. The last straw - my husband and I were standing in a line at the Deli waiting for sandwiches. The women in front of us were being helped and the other employee on the far side of the counter called us over. She turned to me and said with a snotty attitude "You know, there's a line here." This pretty much sums up the experience we had with the majority of other passengers on this ship. We met some pretty amazing and friendly people, but others were so concerned with being the first to be taken care of/getting the last piece of bread/racing you to that table across the dining room/getting off the elevator before you that my husband and I were pretty much ready to come home. We saw the good, the bad and the ugly on our cruise with Carnival. We probably won't be sailing with them again, but we would do a cruise with another line in the future. We had a pretty good time however, regardless of what happened that was negative. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
Carnival Glory Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.4
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 5.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.9
Enrichment 5.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.3

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