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Just returned from a 2 Day Cruise to No Where with my DH and my niece. DH and I are seasoned cruisers and have been on Royal and NCL. We are now legal guardians to my 13 year old niece so sharing a vacation and a cabin with a child is new ... Read More
Just returned from a 2 Day Cruise to No Where with my DH and my niece. DH and I are seasoned cruisers and have been on Royal and NCL. We are now legal guardians to my 13 year old niece so sharing a vacation and a cabin with a child is new to us so we thought a 2 day cruise would be perfect way to try it out. Love leaving out of Manhattan. Coming from CT its a pleasant drive. Because we left early we were on the pier about 10:30 so parking was not an issue and were on board by 11:30. Being a 2 day, you bring your own luggage on board. Not an issue expect we had to drag it around for 2+ hours. We did a 2 day on NCL in Feb and they allowed you to leave your luggage in one of the clubs until the rooms were ready. Carnival, take note, that is a nice option! Heard good things about Guys Burgers and headed there first. YUM! I am not a burger fan but this really was delicious. Fries were delish too! Being there was a light rain, we walked around exploring the ship  with luggage in tow. I agree with others that said the layout is hard to manage and in some regards, strange. NCL is guilty of this too as you cant always walk from front to back or my personal pet peeve, you have to walk through the middle of a club or restaurant to get to the other side. This is where I miss Royal and the promenade. Rooms are finally ready so we are eager to get rid of our luggage. I booked the Ocean Suite and it was very nice though smaller than I expected. Again, DH and I are still getting accustomed to being parents and now sharing a very small space hence the upgrade to a suite. It worked out fine though the bed was harder than I would of liked. With prayers answered, the sun was out just in time for sail away. I was eager to show my niece the Status of Liberty and going under the bridge. We went to the very top deck and watched us pull out of our berth and start down the river. My niece was already bored watching the skyline and went to the pool, LOL. DH and I enjoyed the sun, the sights and the excitement of going under the bridge. You really do worry that youre not going to make it! Off to dinner in the My Time dining room. On a longer cruise, I always choose the late seating as my favorite part of cruising is the camaraderie you develop with the wait staff. I have been blessed each cruise with an amazing wait staff so though the staff was excellent and served me well, I still missed the personal touches of being served by the same people night after night. Oh, I did love the dancing and singing in the dining room by the wait staff. My niece of course was totally embarrassed by my participation, but I enjoyed myself. The one requirement I asked of my niece was to go to the meet & greet at Circle C (Carnivals kids camp). She begrudgingly attended after dinner but when I returned to pick her up, she was out & about with her new found friends. My plan worked! Now DH and I could go dancing while she was out with her friends.Not having ever used the kids camps before, I didnt know what to expect and have nothing to compare it to. I did think the 12-14 year old room was rather small and didnt see much in there to entertain them whereas the small kids area was very large and the older kids was set up like a night club. There were planned activities but niece preferred wondering around the ship with her group of friends. Next day was gorgeous and sunny. Went to Red Sail for breakfast and seemed to beat the crowd as there werent any lines (there were very long a couple hours later). Its funny as I thought the buffet area on the Glory was very welcoming and warm and not loud & chaotic, but it was a bit frustrating to wait in line to get your food. Then again, NCL & Royals buffet area is a mad house with people in front of you, behind you and all over trying to get their portions. Still not sure which I prefer.chaos or lines. By 9:30 am finding lounge chairs by the pool was near impossible. We managed to find two for DH & I and my niece went by herself and located one in another area. She didnt stay there long as she wanted to go find her friends. We on the other hand, stayed in the pool area all day people watching. We did leave for lunch  pizza and burritos (yummy) but otherwise relaxed all day. They did the usual pool games, music and ice sculpting on deck during the day. From 12 to 4 they had a DJ on deck which I enjoyed. I kinda liked the shout outs for birthdays, anniversaries and what not. It kept the energy high in the area. After 7 hours in the sun, I was ready for a shower and of course to eat. Another dinner in the Golden something dining room and they had lobster which surprised me. Thinking its only 2 days, they wouldnt serve lobster. But they did and I was oh so happy. Another dance with the wait staff and off we went. Took a family photo  our first, and off she went with her friends and off we went to enjoy a beautiful evening on deck and later to dance the night away. Unfortunately two days goes by so quickly and the next morning had breakfast, packed up and disembarked. Disembarkation went smoothly but as always theres a lot of people so the lines to get off tend to be long. Overall, I enjoyed myself. I am not hard to please, I have a go with the flow, make the best it attitude and had a nice long weekend. I do miss the easy layout of Royals ship and I do prefer Royals color schemes as they are more subdue. I thought Glory looked too shiny and glossy and you can easily tell the new upgraded areas from the old because of this. For example, the Alchemy Bar is done with a neutral stone bar, leather seating and wood floors whereas the hallway floor leading to it is a shiny glittery black tile with glittery color tiles sprinkled about with a mirrored ceiling, and loud colored seating. Not my personal preference but it certainly did not take away from my experience. I also think the lobby areas on other ships fall short of the wow factor. But again, I love the promenade with the sidewalk feel and its big open space. Again a personal preference. I will say I enjoyed the food on Carnival a lot, the DJs were excellent and didnt make me feel old by playing music I couldnt dance too and the staff was over the top friendly and helpful  I mean amazingly nice and eager to help you. So, how was it with my niece? Good. Im glad she had a good time, met some kids and was able to do her own thing so we could have some adult time. I learned establishing rules are vital and knowing how to get back to the cabin are also very important (for her and me, LOL!). How was my first time on Carnival? No complaints really. I like to cruise. I like having my bed made each night, my room cleaned daily, a variety of foods to choose from and try, entertainment within walking distance, and not having a care in the world for a while. So the question now is where to next?   Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
I always try to go on a yearly Carnival cruise to nowhere when they have it out of NYC. For years it was on the Miracle and every one was great except the last one in 2011 where the crew so obviously didn't give a sh.. it soured me a ... Read More
I always try to go on a yearly Carnival cruise to nowhere when they have it out of NYC. For years it was on the Miracle and every one was great except the last one in 2011 where the crew so obviously didn't give a sh.. it soured me a bit on Carnival. Last year they skipped this cruise for the first time in years but brought it back this year with the Glory. I am certainly glad they did. this time I took my grown kids and had a nice family weekend getaway. Embarking was the quickest EVER. I drove to the pier from NJ and despite warnings from Carnival about parking issues we parked fairly quickly at 11:45 and was on the ship a few minuted after noon. No waiting - have had to wait 1-2 hours sometimes in the past. Rooms were not available until about 1:30 so we had lunch and the Guy Fieri Burger joint was as expected excellent. After the obligatory tour of the ship - it was a new one for me - I got to my room which is typical Carnival - plenty of space and with a balcony door that stays open without bungee cords! Typical of this cruise the open decks were already crowded with loud drunks/partygoers. Dinner at the Emerald Steakhouse was excellent - though I would not recommend the rib eye. The $35 pp charge is really worth it. The Alchemy bar is a great place. The Casino was extremely crowded both days - very lively but I lost some $$$. The on board comedian was good also. Food in the dining room as excellent - Sunday brunch had unusual offerings for a cruise ship and the 2nd night lobster tail dinner was simply the best of any ship I have been on. They were really that good. My only issue on this trip was the entertainment. It was very heavy on Latino entertainment as far as music and the musical show was concerned. Just not my thing. Most people I know hated the show they chose. Plus they did not have a show both nights like in years past. Perhaps since this was a summer cruise and they had so many kids on board they really needed the showroom the first night for the kids activities. Too bad. The previous cruises had much more mainstream shows. All in all a great cruise. The price had dropped also which was nice. The shopping as usual excellent although Carnival has really raised their cigarette and liquor prices substantially over years past but still much cheaper than home. I look forward to the next one. Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
Our cruise was a 2 night cruise to nowhere out of Norfolk, Virginia. Travelers were my 12 year old daughter and I. It took us just about 2 hours from the time we arrived at the port until we were actually on the ship. We arrived at ... Read More
Our cruise was a 2 night cruise to nowhere out of Norfolk, Virginia. Travelers were my 12 year old daughter and I. It took us just about 2 hours from the time we arrived at the port until we were actually on the ship. We arrived at the port, and were directed to parking- which was a drive away (close to 2 miles away), and parking was $15/day. We finally found it, following the instructions we had been given, then we took our bag, and walked over to the bus (we got the back of the parking lot, so it was a pretty decent haul to the bus). Bags were loaded, and we hopped onto a motor coach to head over the cruise ship. So far so good- honeymooners on the bus, lots of happy people. We got off the bus, then they showed us where to go- we had to go get in line with everyone else- up the stairs, and across a bridge, (there were elevators available), and wait to get through security. We waited on the bridge about an hour and 30 minutes. Wind whipping through us, and cold. We got up to security, finally, and there were exactly 4 sets of metal detectors and scanners going. Since we all carried our bags onto the ship, this was the cause of the bottleneck. There was space for several more scanners, and frankly had they changed their setup a little bit, they could have gotten as many as 15-20 scanners in there, to eliminate the security line. I'm not sure what the "ideal" waiting time is, but frankly 1.5 hours is too much. They need to work some operations management, and get this fixed. Telling me that those people don't work for the cruise line, is a cop out I'm not likely to accept. Note to Carnival- Fix your embarkation process. I got up to the scanner, and they saw that I had a hole punch in my bag (which I carry to put a hole into my room key so I can wear it on a lanyard around my neck, and I can do the same for the kids with me).. They searched through every bit of my bags, and eventually took the hole punch. Apparently they take away all tools, since they could somehow be a hazard on duty. Uh- frankly, I could have done more damage with other things they already give me on board- can you say steak knife? Or broken glass? Or any of dozens of other items, so this just seemed, asinine, and petty. And frankly stupid. They kept it in safe keeping until the morning of embarkation until we were getting ready to get off, but still on board the ship. Uh- okay.. If it's so dangerous, do you think I should have this "dangerous" thing on me at any point during the cruise? And guys- it's a _hole_punch_. Color me really confused. So, note to self, next time I get on a carnival ship (which will be with a party of 15 people), take them all by guest services to get our key cards punched, because we need them punched to keep from losing them.. Yeah. That'll be swell. Lines- There were lines, especially for the breakfast buffet on Saturday morning. We didn't actually attempt to get into line, since it wrapped half way around the deck, and made do with rolls, cold cut meats, and cheese. Frankly they NEED to fix the lines at the buffets. Make the actual buffet lines shorter, and separate sections. Don't put every single thing on one buffet line, just the "basic" stuff. If I want an omelette, i'll go to a separate station. This is another area where they need to get their acts in gear and work with some operations management folks. The ship felt crowded, probably due to the fact that the weather was chilly and no-one was up at the pool deck. The stores were a mess. There was jumbled merchandise, pinch points in the flow of the stores, counters where there was no merchandise, just stuff stacked in the corner. The cabin- was very nice. I like that the bathrooms are fairly spacious. and that the door opens out into the room, so I don't have to play a game of twister to get into the bathroom area. The area is a single module, which contains shower, next to toilet, next to sink. It is very economical in space, but very usable, and doesn't feel cramped. I like the lay-out of the balcony stateroom we were in. The room is a peach/white/beige color scheme with peach/dark red in the carpet on the floor. There is a couch, chair, stool, and table. The bed was on the firm side. The couch was cushier. The beds are on the back half of the room, with the "living area" in the front half, next to the bathrooms. Closet space is ample, and closet doors are open-close, and very functional. I had enough space to set my bag on the desk for the 2 night cruise. our cabin steward was AMAZING. We'd go to breakfast, or to dinner, and come back to the room being made up 100% of the time. Food- overall was quite good. We had dinner in the Platinum dining room at 6:00 PM both nights. Aside from the buffet lines, all of the food was quite good. We ordered room service a couple of times (once for a snack, and once for breakfast on debarkation morning), and that came promptly both times. The first night I couldn't get through on the phone due to being on hold the entire time, despite repeated attempts. We were unable to dine at the steak house, as reservations were not available for anything before 9 PM once we got onboard. The spa was good. They layout is unusual in that the treatment rooms are directly off the salon, and there can be noise from the salon or other locations coming into the staterooms. I had a manicure, pedicure, facial, and massage done at a couple of different trips up there. They were all quite good. Circle C- My daughter found the program for the 12-14 year olds to be wanting, both in terms of the quality of programming, and the amount of programming available. It was better than Royal Caribbean's Oasis (from December), but worse than Disney's Wonder (in April). Debarkation- was very smooth. Since it was a closed loop cruise to nowhere, we didn't have to go through immigration, or customs. They were calling cabins by floor, but fairly quickly, people were just getting off the ship. The line never did get very long, and just kept moving quickly. Read Less
Sail Date May 2013
First let me clairfye that this is my 9th cruise, and after being on may 7 day cruises this one obviously wasn't one of the "best" cruises but it was in fact very fun for the short time we were on the ship. Since we ... Read More
First let me clairfye that this is my 9th cruise, and after being on may 7 day cruises this one obviously wasn't one of the "best" cruises but it was in fact very fun for the short time we were on the ship. Since we are from virginia, we figured norfolk would be the ideal port to leave from right? WRONG. Norfolk is a very crammed city that just can't handle being home to a ship as huge as the glory. There was a lot of confusion and I wasn't crazy about the thought of our car being parked 2 miles from the port in a random commuter parking lot. We parked in the parking lot at about 12:45 and didn't walk onto the ship until 4:15. We waited in a massive line that was very unorganized and people were starting to get very grumpy. I don't know if something was going on that made the line so slow but it was ridiculous. Sorry for all of the complaining, but after getting onboard everything was much better. I'm 19 years old, traveling with my 19 year old friend and my family. There were very few people under the age of 30 on this ship, it seemed as if it was "a cruise away from the kids." The glory is a beautiful ship, lots of color and sparkle. In my opinion, you really can't even tell the ship is as old as it is. I really liked the layout of everything except the location of the casino. I felt a tad boxed in when i was gambling, and it was hard to get away from the smoke. As far as the food and service, everthing was up to carnival's excellent standards and they did fit a lot of great activites into 2 short days. All in all I had a great time, but it was so short that it seemed like there was no time to relax. It is really hard to be excited for a short cruise when you are booked for a 7 day on the oasis of the seas. Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
Carnival Glory Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.4
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 5.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.9
Enrichment 5.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.3

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