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Two twin beds (convert to king) and double sofa bed. Sofa and coffee table. Desk and seat. Full bathroom with shower. 3 closets. Floor-to-ceiling windows.

Scenic Ocean View (6J)
Decks: Deck 9
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Scenic Ocean View Cabin Reviews
Cabin 9197
Jun 2017
Great Family Cruise! By: Moosevilleco
Great views and great space! Really thin walls and the couch bed unfolds right up to the vanity. I would still book again as I loved the views, the room and the location.
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Cabin 9201
Aug 2013
Simply Great By: jlajr
Note: The room I stayed in, 9201, is a 6K Scenic Grand Ocean View stateroom, but that category was not an option when I submitted this review. There is a world of difference between the 6J and 6K rooms. Well, actually only about 90 square feet, but I imagine that a 6J room would have felt much different. The bed/s in the 6K rooms face/s the windows, there was a lot more room for the rest of my family to sit comfortably, and there are two huge floor-to-ceiling windows in the 6K rooms instead of one.There were five of us: myself, my sister, her son, and my parents. We discussed different room arrangements, but in the end we decided on three separate rooms: two Lido deck balconies for my sister, nephew, and my parents, and the 6K Scenic Grand Ocean View 9201 for me. I had done some poking around on the internet, and figured a 6K room would be something special. In fact, the Carnival website at the time did not show any 6Ks available for this sailing. However, another website showed that 9201 was available, and when I called Carnival, the representative confirmed it was.Until final payment in April, I debated whether to downgrade to an interior and save money. I was already essentially paying for two people because I decided to get a room to myself, and there was no single-supplement discount for this sailing. So, if I had decided to downgrade, I'd still have my own room, and access to the balconies in my family's nearby rooms. But, I stuck with the 6K, even as the prices for the balconies dropped below what I eventually paid, even though balconies are a higher category than 6K. A great decision, as it turned out.After the safety drill, we watched sailaway from my room, and it was quite amazing. As soon as I opened the door to 9201, I knew I had made the correct decision not to change my room. It's a suite-sized room at a bargain price, and it had more than enough room for the five of us to sit and watch us back out of the harbor, turn around, and head out to sea. It felt more like a nice room in a five-star hotel than a stateroom on a cruise ship. Kudos to Carnival.I watched breathtaking sunrises almost every morning. I got lucky being in the 6K room on the starboard side of the ship, and I was able to see the sun rise from the comfort of my room's bed. And on mornings we pulled into a port, I watched.I should note also that there's a sign in the 6K rooms telling you to keep the blinds for those big, floor-to-ceiling windows closed from sunset to sunrise. I modified that instruction to "Keep the window blinds closed when you have the main room lights on between sunset and sunrise." I had the TV, a reading light, or the bathroom light on at night with the blinds open, and I never got a call from the bridge. But, I was careful about this, and I suggest you be too.
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Cabin 2344
Aug 2013
Locked the cabinet to the refrigerator, ok closets, unattractive cabins, hallway noisy with lots of room service dishes around, couldn't find any crew there except in the am when they were cleaning. if You want to go fore or aft on the ship's deck 3 or 4 you have to go to 5 and take the stairs or elevator down. Better to go to 2 and then up since it is a straight walk rather than all through the clubs, casino, etc.
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Cabin 9199
Jun 2013
Glory Cabin 9199.Killer window. Great view. Terrific closet space. Spacious. A little tight with the sofa bed deployed (shocking eh?).
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Cabin 2309
May 2013
Not so Glory By: deputydog121
hallway was noisy, thin walls, great view
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Cabin 2251
Feb 2012
Good location. Close to the elevators, and easy to get to places.
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Jul 2011
Carnival Glory Review By: dclyons23
The cabins we had were fine. One word to the wise, location, location, location. Really study the ship layout before choosing a cabin. Make sure there are no public rooms or Galley above your room. Also ensure that your room is situated where there is not alot of foot traffic (otherwise you will be up half the night listening to people yuk it up in the hallways). I would definitely opt for a balcony next time to provide additional space.
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