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Oceanview stateroom with a window and twin beds that convert to a king. Every Carnival guest is assured of spacious, comfortable accommodations. All staterooms have carpeting, ample drawer and closet space, private facilities (shower, basin and toilet), telephone and color television showing first-run films. Our SuperLiners all feature staterooms above ocean level for a more comfortable cruise.

Ocean View (6A)
Decks: Deck 1
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Ocean View Cabin Reviews
Cabin 2-328
Jun 2017
Had the best time! By: famdad
Nice size cabin for the 3 of us, My wife and I slept like a baby. My daughter said her bed was not as comfortable (slept in ours while we ate breakfast) :-)
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Cabin 2335
May 2017
When we arrived at 1:30pm the cabins on the floor were not ready. The floor was littered, so we left without leaving any bags and waited another hour. The bed was comfortable. The shower was not draining but they came and fixed it. Small tv with limited channels. Lens in light was hanging but we fixed it. The worst was the smell. Someone got sick on the floor in the hall. The smell lingered the whole crusie. They tried to mask it, run fans, but unless you ripped up carpet it is not going to get better. Unfortunately it was right outside the elevators so we had no choice to walk past the area. Everyday we had to cover our nose and mouth as we went down the hall. It was so bad. The cabin attendant was good and friendly. The room was cleaned once a day not twice as in prior years. We enjoyed the towel animals!!
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Cabin 2297
Mar 2017
Disappointed cruise By: shaupert
The cabin was in need of a thorough cleaning. The carpets were stained and the linens appeared dirty and stained; they had a strong odor about them.
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Cabin 1288
Jan 2017
Space was Ok. Bathtroom a little small. Room service was OK.
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Cabin 1253
Jan 2017
Well laid out ship By: Travers73
Big picture window, extra bunks available {RSVP No takers}?
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Cabin 1378
Sep 2016
Cabin was a nice size, even with 3 of us in there. Plenty of hangers. The only downside is that there is only 1 outlet, so bring a power strip!
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Cabin 2375
Dec 2015
First Time Cruiser By: mnmhoehn
The cabin reminded me of an RV. Long and narrow but spacious and well organized. It was cleaned meticulously. Great water pressure in the shower. Great closet and drawer space. Beds and pillows were very comfortable. It was a cozy space for the week. Great view out of the second floor window. The port hole was large and I loved sitting in it and looking outside. I do not think it is worth the extra money to upgrade to a Balcony suite.
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Cabin 2391
Dec 2015
The cabin was clean and very neat. The shower was not working two nights of the 7 days. Our steward was attentive and tried his best to deal with the issues with our room.
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Cabin 2239
May 2015
Cabin itself was nice. The view was breathtaking. But it was under the show stage and when I wanted to sleep it was VERY loud.
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Cabin 2429
Apr 2015
Awesome Cruise! By: Crewsluver
Plenty of room, comfortable bed, always clean.
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Cabin 1452
Apr 2015
Overall Fun Cruise! By: angelwinks_ca
Our room 1452 - last room at the very end of the hall. We booked where Carnival gets to pick our room. First and last time I ever do that! BUT it did save us $700 all together! At the time...well worth it! Bonus - no hallroom noise but the ropes that tether to the port...right beside us. Extremely noisy! Hum of whatever is just beyond there was actually nice as white noise. It was always a journey to get anywhere on the other side of the ship! Room is ocean view and a nice size!
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Cabin 1261
Feb 2015
Our cabin was number 1261 (6A) which was an exterior cabin with a window. The room was set up as two small full size beds and had a big picture window. There was a couch with a table that converted to a third bed if needed. The air conditioning did not work well in our room. It sounded like the fan was blowing but it did not get cool. The hallway was always much cooler. My Dad told the lady at guest services and someone came in to check it (or so they say, we never saw them) but they said they could not find anything wrong. It stayed warm the whole week. Every room was booked so we could not change rooms. Grandma and Paw Paw’s room was a little warm too, but since they had a balcony, they could open the balcony and open their cabin door and a rush of cool hallway air would rush into the room. Our room was very near the elevator and this was a very good location as we could always be on another floor in just a minute or two.
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Jan 2015
Very nice, glad to be on floor 2.
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Cabin 2434
Nov 2014
Carnival Glory 2014 By: Avondeb
Cabin was clean and larger than other ships but stains in carpeting. Stewards /Rickie was excellent! Room service was good/prompt.
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Cabin 1233
Oct 2014
Dive Taxi By: phyllisewing
larger than normal.
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Cabin 1420
Oct 2014
Carnival Glory Western Caribbean By: jon_davidson@yahoo.com
We were in cabin 1420 which is a port side toward the aft ocean view cabin on the first deck. The cabin was good sized and very well laid out. Comfortable king size bed, flat screen TV, couch, three closets, mini frig., nice bathroom. I would say that compared to the ocean view cabins we have had on other ships this one was a bit larger and very nice. The only complaint I would have at all was that we could hear noise from the hall when people were talking as they passed our cabin. This wasn’t a huge thing, but occasionally late at night or early morning our snoozing was interrupted this way.
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Cabin 2454
Aug 2012
Virus on board!! By: Grannyhil
Cabin 2454 was perfectly fine, except when the ship was moving quickly. Then, there was vibrating and noise. Not terribly unpleasant but noticeable. ONe final note. The mattresses were marked with the date on 6/30/12, which we took to mean that they were brand new. They were extremely comfortable.
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Cabin 2331
Aug 2012
Un Fun Ship By: Harold028
Room 2331. We chose this cabin because my wife is sensitive to sea sicknesses and this was recommended because it is in the center of the ship. The recommendation was good because she did not get sea sicknesses and we felt very little movement. However, the ships engines could be heard at night, but did not get in the way of sleep. The cabin was clean and efficient and comfortable. However it was noisy. Hallway noise penetrated the room easily and it kept us awake at night. It was nice to have a window.
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Cabin 2223
Jul 2012
Good location and close to the elevators, cabins 2223 and 2227 connected and there was enough room for a family of six.
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Cabin 1004
Jan 2012
Had a Great Time By: prairie55
Our cabin was 1004 on the Panorama Deck. It was a handicapped accessible room and because of this there was more room than usual. Neither of us are handicapped. So the bathroom was larger than usual and so was the shower. However, the only complaint was an occasional "clanking" noise which mostly occurred during the day. Not sure where that was coming from. Being up on the 10th deck I wouldn't think it was from the ship interacting with what waves we had. It would have been nice too if there were chairs out on the public balcony area in front of our room. We saw that there were chairs on a Carnival sister shipped when were docked in Cozumel.
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Dec 2011
Was Expecting More By: TipsyTess
The hallways were to noisy and they don't seem to care if kids run in the hallways.
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Cabin 2483
Aug 2011
Cabin number 2483, we were on the rear of the ship. It was noisy and vibrated enormously when the ship was powering up, or stopping. After we got going, the room had a pleasant hum and awesome view out the back. The beds were very worn, and when put together had a huge hump in the middle. The actual twin beds sagged in the middle. The rest of the room was very nice and roomy.
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Cabin 1263
Jul 2011
Short and Sweet By: Runner2009
Easy location, fairly quiet except for when we were pulling in to port. The room was right next to a work room and I believe close to the anchor so it was loud. I did not feel much rocking.
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Cabin 2480
May 2011
first cruise By: jjcopeland
Cabin 2480 on Carnival Glory is not where you want to stay. We only spent time in our cabin at night to sleep (and that wasn't easy) because it was not a pleasant and relaxing place because of the noise and constant shaking.
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Cabin 1244
May 2011
An amazing time By: JandM50
Room 1244 - Window room. Large room with couch. Plenty of closet space. Far from the buffet, entertainment, pool and deck chairs. Close to where you get off for excursions.
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Cabin 1408
Apr 2011
Clean, well cared for, and comfortable. We don't spend much time in our room, so it was sufficient. I would have liked to have a balcony, but for the prices, the window was fine. The only complaint was that we had a group of teenagers across from our room and they would come in VERY late and be very loud (2am). I never heard any noises through the walls, just through the crack under the door.
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Mar 2011
We had 3 in our cabin with an adjoining cabin with 3. There was plenty of storage. We don't spend too much time in the cabin so it was roomy enough. We were under the galley and could hear noise above us late at night - not too bad, but first cabin we've had that we noticed noise. The cabin steward kept it spotless.
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Cabin 1356
Feb 2011
Great weather/beautiful sea By: Marshall cruiser
We had a nice oceanview cabin. King size bed, pretty firm mattress but we slept alright. Nice chair and couch with a table to put stuff on. I thought it was quiet down there but I use ear plugs to sleep and people near us said it was really noisy when the elevators brought people down. The storage spaces were excellent. Bathroom was roomier than expected.
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Oct 2010
Nowhere cruise By: Wreck7
The cabins were small but nice. It was noisy at times in the hallway and you could hear the music at night. The bed was comfortable. They came in and locked the refrigerator on the last night. Overall,We liked it.
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Cabin 1297
Oct 2009
Tons of cabinet room! We were both able to put away all of our clothes. We loved the lock box. You open and close it with your room key. We were right above the crew kitchen. Every once in a while we heard this loud clanging noise. We called to complain and it stopped. I think it might have been a boiler of some sort. That might explain why the room got kind of hot sometimes... but it wasn't that bad.
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Cabin 1266
Aug 2009
Pretty noisey area as we were pretty much right off of the elevator. Great location though in regards to getting off and on the ship!
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Cabin 6444
Mar 2009
Room was nice. Did not have any noise problems.
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Mar 2009
Nice, but only fair food By: SSFlorida
Roomy ocean view cabin was about 10' X 21" at the widest point. We had a king size bed and a sofa with a dressing table/television area in the cabin. The room was clean, comfortable and brightly lit. The bed mattress was past it's peak. The bath was reasonably big by ship standards. An anemic hair dryer was permanently located in a dresser drawer. We had three side-by-side small closets. The large window gave a good view of passing ships from our deck one location.
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Cabin 2308
Sep 2008
Stormy Pleasure By: stuffyohr
Great cabin. No problems.
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Cabin 1347
Aug 2008
Standard Carnival Ocean View on Deck 1 (Rivieria). Carnival cruisers know tha space is generous for the industry. Near, but not on top of, mid ship elevators. Direct ride from floor 1 to 9 leaves you right by pool and Lido--a great location.
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