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All staterooms have carpeting, ample drawer and closet space, private facilities (shower, basin and toilet), telephone and color television showing first-run films.

Ocean View (6A)
Decks: Deck 1
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Ocean View Cabin Reviews
Cabin 1252
Apr 2017
Great cabin. We had four adult women and managed to have a great time on our girl's spring break cruise.
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Cabin 1449
Nov 2016
Spacious, great arrangement, bought 'bon voyage' decorations and extra water to put in fridge. Bathroom/shower had molded floor that drained off splash liquids. Slept good in king bed.
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Cabin 1355
Jun 2013
Loved the location, mid ship, right outside from the elevators. No problems with hearing elevators all night. It's good on this deck when you have several port of calls because you can take the stairs to be the line for the elevator to go up!
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Cabin 2462
Oct 2016
The cabin was great! It was roomy and quiet with no issues. The cabin steward, Mohammed went out of his way to make sure we were taken care of.
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Cabin 1393
Sep 2016
Freedom for a Week By: Banditswife
Cabin service was excellent, room was always clean, quiet, comfy bed, clean linens. Empty min bar, no ice bucket. Cabin was serviced 2x per day without being asked.
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Cabin 1331
Mar 2016
Dated, hot, ugly, depressing, small
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Cabin 1331
Nov 2015
Ultimate relaxation! By: Martha580
The cabin was spacious and had plenty of room. It was very clean!
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Cabin 2231 & 2235
Apr 2015
Cabin 2231 & 2235 By: SH&GH
Overflowing showers - plumbing issues most of the cruise - took 6 days to fix it. Torn Towels and Robes - took pictures of the HUGE tears. Dirty floors - this was just the cabin steward problem. Carnival was doing maintenance below us day and night and it was continuously noisy - Guest services offered some guests other cabins to temporary rooms to get 'get some sleep' Ocean view windows must have leaks because it retained moisture in the windows so if you looking for ocean view, you will get cloudy windows.
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Cabin 1361
Mar 2015
Larger than I expected and it was kind of awesome to be able to look out the window every morning. :D
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Cabin 2477
Feb 2015
This was possibly the worst cabin on the ship, it is located right above the Engine and it was noisy the whole 6 nights, the ship was rumbling and even in the dining room it could be felt since our table was also at the rear over the engine
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Cabin 1399
Jan 2015
Outstanding! By: Igt2beme
Cabin was large and had plenty of storage. Very comfortable beds and the A\C was perfect.
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Cabin 1256
Jan 2015
The room was large and pretty quiet. Typical room with couch that turned into another bed, mini fridge, safe in the cabinet, plenty of storage. My sister and sister-in-law had a room about 5 cabins towards the front (with portholes), and they heard loud bangs all night---presumably from the ballast hitting the water or water hitting it? But from our room, we could barely hear the bangs. We did hear the thrusters, but that was a good time to get up, so that didn't bother me at all! An interesting feature of this room was that it was directly above one of the walkways from ship to pier. That made for interesting entertainment when people were coming back on board. It amazed us how many people didn't notice us. It also amazed us that those that did see us usually smiled and waved.
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Cabin 1428
Nov 2014
We found the cabin to be very spacious and the view was spectacular. We found the shower to be small, but otherwise the bathroom was good. The steward Jaya was very good and always called us by name and asked about our day.
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Cabin 1253
Nov 2014
Great Cruise By: kandmbishop
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Sep 2014
We had a beautiful view of the ocean. There was a large picture window. The room was spacious and very clean. Our attendant kept everything organized and comfy.
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Cabin 1436
Sep 2013
Great Entertainment By: tigermull
Ocean View 1436 -Good size, good storage, comfortable bed, terrible noisy when thrusters are used at port arrivals, fellow passengers were noisy in adjacent rooms and hallways
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Cabin 1261
Dec 2012
Although near the elevators, and just above the gangway, the room was quiet. It had lots of space, and it was very clean. It's certainly more than worth the money, a wonderful choice.
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Cabin 2223
Nov 2012
Large room, great location - Forward, Starboard side. 2223 & 2227. We were under the theatre but it was very quiet. We were also close to a set of stairs/elevator. We had a nice picture window. Lots of storage room in the cabin & bathroom. I would love to stay in this same part of the ship next time but with a balcony.
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Cabin 1397
Apr 2012
First Time Carnival Cruiser By: riverwood2012
Great oceanview room. Deck 1, Great view, Nice size room, Clean, Bathroom just the right size, nice size sitting area, great lighting, loved our own temperature control, comfy bed. Overall a Great stateroom Experience.
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Cabin 1390
Apr 2012
Cruise with Carnival By: Bug35125
As I stated above, our cabin was fine, except for the dried blood on the curtain and drapery pull. Plenty of closet space, and storage. Our cabin was across the hall from a pantry area for the crew, but that was not noisy, they would maybe be in there around 8 pm but after that it was quiet, and when they were there, they were not noisy.
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Cabin 1343
Feb 2012
Room was in a great location, four doors down from the mid ship elevators. The room was very quite and was laid out well. All our luggage fit under the bed, so we had plenty of closet space. The bathroom was roomy enough for us and was well stocked with supplies. We did have a issue with it being very warm, but our steward was able to get us a fan. I'm sure once we were off the ship they were able to fix the A/C.
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Cabin 2400
Sep 2011
Our cabin was great. Cabin 2400. Great storage and plenty of room. Bath was cruise cabin style and big enough. They offer several items like soaps, tooth paste and a Bic razor. And some moisturizers. I have to say and have noticed this on other ships in the lower levels. There always seems to be a smell of sewage in some areas of the hall. We never smelt it in the cabin but most of the time in the hall.
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Cabin 1433
Mar 2011
We had to connecting cabins on Riviera deck 1431 and 1433. The most ship noise came from the side engines as we pulled in or pulled out of port. It was loud but since we knew what it was it really didn't bother us. The mattresses were the worst I've slept on in all of my cruises. Like sleeping on a cement slab.Convenient to elevator,right up to dining room and Lido deck.
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Mar 2011
Our cabin was on 1st floor, we were thrilled with the space and how big the window was. Shampoo and body wash dispenser in the shower. The convertible sofa seat was my only complaint, its not very comfortable and I couldn't imagine sleeping on it!
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Cabin 1270
Mar 2011
Fun Time on Freedom! By: Jules50
We were happy with the location of our cabin. Very close to the stairwell which was convenient. We had a long walk up from the 1st deck to the 9th for the main pool deck, but we are active people so we didn't mind the exercise. Our room was nice and quiet at night. The only potential issue was that our room was directly above the gangway, so we could hear the beep as each card was swiped. We were up early at each port anyways, so it didn't bother us but it might annoy passengers who are looking to sleep in.
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Cabin 1292
Jul 2010
Cabin was very comfortable. Surprisingly ample shelf space in the bathroom for four people and sufficient closet space for our clothes. Included a refrigerator which was not advertised. Carnival won't promote this, but their beverage policy does allow you to bring up to 12 bottles of water or cans of soda per person.
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Apr 2010
Noisy hallways if children running by. NO noise from room to room. Lots of storage in this interior, lower-deck room.
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Cabin 1444
Mar 2010
Central American Fun By: Cruiser1986
The cabin was ready at 1:30 and did not disappoint. Roomy and clean. Only small complaint was the picture windows were not clean on the outside(they were in process of cleaning them while in port..did not get to ours) This cabin was aft and overall quiet except when coming into or leaving port. The vibrations are a result of the ship being maneuvered into berth.
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Cabin 1431
Jun 2009
Our cabin - 1431 - was bigger than I expected and well laid out. We had three in our cabin and the two beds were converted to a king for my wife and I, while the sofa was made into a single for my son.
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Cabin 1417
Jun 2009
Cabin was spotlessly clean.  Great location, as it was quiet and near the stairway and gangway for convenience.  Also, a great location, because the dining facilities were directly above (on decks 3,4, and 9).  Only negative, is that we had an oceanview and not a balcony.
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Cabin 1245
May 2009
Carnival Freedom - Western Caribbean By: chevygirlgonecruizin
OV 1245 Riviera deck. Easy access, big room, large window, comfy bed, good use of space in the bathroom, good storage closets
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Cabin 8317
Apr 2009
cruisin the caribbean By: iluvtocruise33
Very comfortable bedding and inside cabin was pretty spacious and very quiet on the 8th deck.
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Cabin 2424
Mar 2009
Great location just off the aft elevator bank (directly to the buffet) - quiet
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Cabin 1274
Jan 2009
Ample room for family of four, lots of storage space, very quiet location, great location to elevators, nice LCD flat screen TV, large refrigerator.
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Cabin 1263
Dec 2008
across from pantry, felt like we were on top of the stabalizers, always heard loud "Booms"
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