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Inside stateroom with twin beds that convert to a king.

Interior (4B)
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Cabin M220
Jan 2015
The low pile rug was clean but beginning to show wear. Cabinets functional but no longer tight and aligned. Your choices of room lighting are ON or OFF, though at times ON meant flipping the switch three or four times. There are "reading lights" for each bunk, four bunks in my room had 5 total reading lights, two of which were well placed and one blinked like a yellow traffic flasher. When we got the room (M220 an inside with a king bed (much smaller than King) and two uppers) the bathroom sink did not drain. A plumber "fixed" it while we were at dinner. The shower suffered from lack of water pressure at times and the hot water was often no more than shower temp though twice we had a difficult time getting it low enough to take a shower.The door to the room was directly across from the next cabin number and when they opened their door light flooded our compartment under the door. The first morning I was awakened by the suddenly dramatically bright room. The gap under the door would not have been acceptable under normal accommodation circumstances on a ship it was acceptable, we tossed a towel in front of the door after that night.Closet space was ample with plenty of those little weird hangers that are useless anywhere else. The closet had lots of shelf space and the safe worked perfectly. Water on the night stand (about 2 liters) was $4.25 according to the tag, elsewhere on the ship it was theoretically the same but hit the bill at $4.95. There were two (2) GLASS glasses. The mirror in front of the dressing table was large and well lit from above by two fluorescent tubes.The room also contained a stool for the dressing table and a small round table we used when rummaging through a suitcase. The beds were uniformly deemed to be acceptably comfortable and there were plenty of pillows and blankets. The room was theoretically kept at a predetermined temperature which we found to be a tad warm. Housekeeping supervisor came down with a thermometer to prove it was the "right" temp. From my perspective, if four people are in a 180 sq foot room and say they are warm it is not the right temp regardless of the thermometer reading. The thermostat on the wall had no effect on the room temp though we had it turned down as far as it would go. The halls were kept clean and predominately clear. They smelled a tad of diesel when in port and of forbidden cigarette smoke at all times on all decks.
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Cabin M33
Jan 2015
Our room was spacious, beds very comfortable. Bathroom sink had a chip out of it. Shower worked well, larger than on other ships. TV was pretty good. Very quiet, never heard anything in the hall until the last morning when the staff starts making noise early getting ready to clean the cabins. No engine noise in the bow. We did feel a fair amount of movement being so far forward - glad we had Dramamine!
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Jul 2011
Interior triple, Main deck, midship. I was surprised at how tight the room was. We had 2 twin beds and a cot on the floor. But after we re-arranged the beds and put all of our clothes in the drawers/closet, it wasn't bad. The beds were very comfortable. Being in the interior cabin, it was very dark and quiet. We all slept very well. The bathroom was obviously very old--a lot of mildew and rust in sink/shower. It wasn't disgusting---it was obvious the crew cleaned it daily, but it was old and outdated. This ship is "outgoing" in the fleet, so it's understandable they would not spend money on upgrades.
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Cabin M219
Sep 2009
RELAX !! By: JustMom
Carnival Elation - M219-Nothing wrong with it. Fairly close to the elevator that takes you up to the Tiffany buffet....(and coffee in the morning!)
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