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Sail Date: January 2017
While this cruise/ship is not the most elegant, it certainly is a lot of value. Our cabin was quite adequate (an inside cabin) as we spend very little time in it. The food was quite good, especially in the dining room, ... Read More
While this cruise/ship is not the most elegant, it certainly is a lot of value. Our cabin was quite adequate (an inside cabin) as we spend very little time in it. The food was quite good, especially in the dining room, but it is not quite as good as on previous Carnival cruises. We found the staff to be excellent. They were quick, competent, and remarkably friendly. The entertainment is quite good in the main show room, the comedy club, and throughout the ship. The ports of call (Nassau and Freeport) are a couple of our favorites. The convenience for us (we live in the Charleston, SC area) is especially good, and the staff at the terminal is remarkable. They got us on board quickly and put us in a great mood right from the beginning. What more could you ask for? My wife and I will definitely be going on a lot more cruises on the Ecstasy. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2015
this was my 4th cruise with carnival and i am not quite sure what the bad reviews have to say, but I also can't say that I wasn't disappointed with some things on this ship in relation to the other carnival ships i have been on. ... Read More
this was my 4th cruise with carnival and i am not quite sure what the bad reviews have to say, but I also can't say that I wasn't disappointed with some things on this ship in relation to the other carnival ships i have been on. our room was very clean when we arrived, and our luggage came very quickly! the staff is so friendly as usual, they come to your room and introduce themselves and ask which time is the best for them to come in and clean. with that being said, there were a few things about this ship that i didn't like in relation to the other ships i have been on (valor, freedom, breeze). the cabin and bathroom were extremely small. in carnivals defense, this is one of the older ships, but it did make getting ready a little more complicated. there were only 2 outlets, one in the bathroom (which didn't work) and one near the vanity. i was sharing a room and as one could imagine this could get a little frustrating since we could only straighten, curl, or charge our phones one person at a time. the bathroom was also extremely tiny and had one small shelf above the sink as opposed to a counter with several shelves like the other ships. the dining room food was delicious every night, and i am an extremely picky eater. the waiters and waitresses are so sweet and fun! the shows were okay, one of the shows "the brits" i have actually seen on another cruise line before. the singing is okay but the dancing is pretty good! the shows are pretty short (about 30 min) and i guess that's what people like, but i personally think it would be better if they added an extra 20 minutes or so to the shows to make them a little better. the adult comedy club is really not that funny and is also very short. i have never heard of a lot of the people they have there to perform. i only went on one show this cruise and was really unimpressed, and i remember feeling the same way a year ago on the carnival breeze. the buffet breakfast was not good. nobody in my family really liked them. my cousin and i got an omelet and it was definitely undercooked. however i'm sure if you ask them to make it well done it will be better. the dining hall breakfast and brunch is amazing. we went there the rest of the trip. also, everyone in my family thought the coffee was very strong, i personally loved it and was impressed with how great it tasted, and it's free! the bar in the atrium sells other types of coffee that you do have to pay for. it is still very delicious, i always got the latte! the nightclub was not fun at all. maybe when you're 21 and can get drinks with your friends but being underaged (18) was not a very fun experience. the music is really weird and hard to dance to. and smoking IS allowed, and that smell bothered me a lot. however, one night was "latin night" and the turnout was incredible and the music was energetic and fun, EVERYONE was dancing and having a great time! i hope carnival starts doing these more often. the DJs name for this was "DJ Cruz" he is awesome! unfortunately i am too old to join any of the clubs! however i went with some family friends who have 2 younger kids who signed up for "night owls" and they made some friends and seemed to love every minute of it. i will also say on my first cruise i was in circle c and on my second cruise i was in club o2, i met a lot of awesome people (some i'm still friends with today!) and it is open late and always carefully supervised so parents have nothing to worry about! i know this was long, but i really hope it helps! all in all, this was a nice ship with such a great staff! yes it is an older ship but it has been upgraded. the ship and rooms were on the smaller side, but the decor was nice and the layout was easy to memorize! this was a NYE cruise, and the NYE party was the best party I have ever been to, and i go to a NYE party every year, but i don't think this one could ever be beat! every passenger on the ship came together and just danced and partied all night long! (literally) there was a balloon drop in the atrium followed by a deck party where they handed out delicious champagne FOR FREE! i don't want to tell it all but if you're wondering what to do for NYE a carnival cruise might be the route to go :) lastly, disembarkation was very quick and efficient, we arrived at 7 and were off the ship by 7:30. (my level was second to last to leave) ***also if this is you first cruise please note, the passengers carrying off all of their luggage get to disembark BEFORE those who checked in their luggage*** Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2015
This was my first cruise and I was terrified about the trip, I have read the other reviews and I didn't experience anything other than fun and entertainment. Maybe they picked the wrong time of year to cruise. I'm a very picky ... Read More
This was my first cruise and I was terrified about the trip, I have read the other reviews and I didn't experience anything other than fun and entertainment. Maybe they picked the wrong time of year to cruise. I'm a very picky woman somewhat hard to please and I get upset easily about things that's not up to my standards. I can smell foul odors a mile away, I don't like filth and I don't do dirt. So my experience on the Ecstasy was very delightful and fun the bed was comfortable four of us, and we all are plus women shared a cabin and me and my friend had more than enough space for our clothes and shoes (we like to dress) it was clean and odor less, the food was tasty well prepared and the dishes and utensils was clean me and my kids always ask for hot water to sterilized the utensils I didn't see a need for a cup of hot water on the ship, it was lit through out the ship. As for kids , no I wouldn't recommend it if you don't want your kids to hear profanity or see half dressed women, my baby is 24 yrs old so it wouldn't bother me and as one reviewer said Disney would be better for kids but you must remember anywhere there's alcohol and adults it will be somethings that conservative people will have a problem with. Also everybody is different , different cultures, life styles and so much more. So my advice to you guys that had a bad experience OH WEll, you get what you pay for and remember things don't always go as planned. Now for as Bahamas the tour; if I wanted to see the ghetto and poor neighborhoods I would have drove the streets of some spots in Miami. I was very satisfied with the cruise ship , its décor, entertainment, food, cabins, cleanliness, and its staff. The karaoke was the only thing I wasn't satisfied with they need more songs, artist, updated music and system. And I enjoyed the show that was put on for the kids. The gym was nice and equipped, modern day and the Spa was on Point! The teaching sessions was good towel animals and facials, plus bingo was awesome. As I stated I was overwhelmed and all my fears erased after reaching my destination and embarkation safe and sound!! Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2015
This was our first cruise and it was a chartered cruise so I know that some of our experience would be different than some cruises insofar as the entertainment because that was included in the chartered package so I won't count that. ... Read More
This was our first cruise and it was a chartered cruise so I know that some of our experience would be different than some cruises insofar as the entertainment because that was included in the chartered package so I won't count that. We had a balcony room (E102) on deck 7 and although the room wasn't huge, it had ample space. There were actually two hanging closets, a desk/bureau with four small drawers and another closet with shelves and a safe. I brought extra hangers including pants hangers because that wasn't provided. The balcony was at the very end so that was good because we didn't have people on both sides of us. In fact, we only saw one other passenger using the balcony when we were outside. I did bring a long vinyl shoe holder to hold all of our sundries, hair brushes, dryer, etc. and that freed up a lot of space. I wish I had brought a soap dish with suction cups for the shower to hold our bottles of soap and shampoo because there was no place to rest those bottles. They give you that but I prefer to bring my own. Our steward (Roy) couldn't have been nicer. He immediately learned our names and used them whenever he saw us. Our room was cleaned whenever we wanted it done but we never needed room service so I can't comment on that. There were more than enough places to see shows and entertainment throughout the ship. The placement of our room was mid-ship so there wasn't too much rolling but there was often vibration. There were ample bars and the drinks were good. When it came to the food, well the good news was that I didn't blow my diet. Of course the only reason for that was because the food wasn't very good. In fact, for the most part, especially for dinner, it was pretty awful. There were many places to get food but none of it was good. The least bad thing we ate was pizza and the only reason for that was that by comparison the pizza wasn't bad. Normally their pizza, while freshly made, would not have been considered good. My only good meal was one where I paid more and got a surf and turf selection. Our server, Nino, however was great. The disembarkation process went very smoothly. We took a 3.25 tour of Cozumel to see the ruins at San Gervasio which were the smallest of the Mayan ruins but our tour guide, Denisse, was very good. Since we live in S. Florida we didn't bother getting off the boat in Key West for a too-short stop. We would probably take another cruise but NOT on Carnival but that's mostly because of the food. I thought the ship was fine despite many of the bad reviews I read. I'm sure there are newer, more glamorous cruise ships, but it was the bad food that ruined this trip for us. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2015
I like to give detailed reviews on my cruises because the more detailed it is the more helpful I think it would be for other cruisers: We went to the C. Ecstasy from Oct. 30th - Nov. 2nd/2015. FOOD: The food on the main dinning room, ... Read More
I like to give detailed reviews on my cruises because the more detailed it is the more helpful I think it would be for other cruisers: We went to the C. Ecstasy from Oct. 30th - Nov. 2nd/2015. FOOD: The food on the main dinning room, as always, was outstanding, the service was very slow but the food was delicious; the food on the buffet was OK, but the breakfast on the buffet was AWFUL; this is my 3rd cruise, 2nd with Carnival and the breakfast on this ship was the worst in the world, everything tasted like carton, get away from it!! The buffet during the rest of the day was very good, the ice cream machine is perfect and so was the pizza! They are both very good!! Buy the CHEERS! program, is totally worth it and there are servers anywhere so you can get your drink fast! ENTERTAINMENT: The shows on the theater were very low quality, the first night show was OK but the rest of the shows were extremely boring and you can notice that on how empty the theater was; Carnival needs to invest a little more on their entertainment; the casino was fun and so were the rest of the bars; the nightclub was so much fun! they always had good music; I didn´t like that the bars on the pool closed so early; the hairy chest contest was very fun! SHIP: We were a group of 8 people (6 new cruisers) accomodatted in 2 oceanview stateroom on deck 5. The rooms were perfect, very comfy and perfect for 4 people; it was clean and the a/c was perfect; our steward, Rachel, was very nice and she made our room once a day in the afternoon; I wish she left us some animal towels since it was the first cruise for most of the group and I wanted them to have a great impression. The ship was old but very clean and very well maintained, you can barely notice that the ship is over 20 years old. The ship is very small but there are many things to do on board. STAFF: Most of the staff was cranky and rude, I hated the bar tenders, servers on the main dinning room and the staff taking photographs, they need to improve their attitude or leave the ship; the people on the shops are very nice and funny (Jose from the liquor store and Juan from the gallery/accesories)! The director Adam is so so, nothing special. NASSAU, BAHAMAS: I was a bit dissapointed from this place, probably because our tour guide sucked, she took us to the poor areas and never let us get off the car to take photos, she was a little slow and didn´t know much about Nassau; we wasted a lot of time with her, but at the end we ended up going to JUNKALOO BEACH were we had a BLAST! You have to spent your afternoon in CRAB-N-TING, their server, ASHLEY is the best in the whole world! She is so much fun, her service was outstanding and they treated us like kings! Best time ever plus you get to put your own music, they have speakers for you using bluetooth. At night we went to a nightclub located in the ATLANTIS Hotel and we had so much fun, just be careful because the club has a cashless system and is very expensive, but the people and music are so much better than anywhere. OVERALL EXPERIENCE: I had a lot of fun with my friends, we partied a lot, met fun people and we ate a lot; the ship is old but you cant really see it, its very well maintained but still I would never go back to a small Carnival ship, I prefer by far the newer and bigger ships from Carnival; most of the people on this ship is very ugly, so have an open mind, just have fun, drink it up and laugh it off! Everything was almost perfect; I love Carnival, just a few details like the shows and the breakfast, they suck. Thank you again Carnival !! See you soon again!! Read Less
Sail Date: October 2013
I have sailed on most of the major cruise lines, but never on Carnival. We decided to take a family cruise and since we had people of all ages, including some young children we decided to give Carnival a try. It was inexpensive and I had ... Read More
I have sailed on most of the major cruise lines, but never on Carnival. We decided to take a family cruise and since we had people of all ages, including some young children we decided to give Carnival a try. It was inexpensive and I had heard good things about their kids program and it sailed from Port Canaveral which was only an hour and 20 minutes from home.We booked 4 rooms, three inside an a balcony. Shortly before sailing I received a call offering to up grade all of us to Grand Suites side by side for a very reasonable charge. We jumped on it and it proved some of the best money I have spent on a cruise. Embarkation was smooth, but the VIP boarding that goes along with a suite was nothing more than one overworked women in a very small office with 4 chairs. I am not sure it was any faster than standing in line, but we could keep the kids corralled. We did get to go right on board and our suite were ready. Very nice rooms, 400+ sq feet and a nice large balcony. The way I want to cruise from now on. One nice thing is there will be no more family cruises since they all want suites from now on. We went up to the buffet lunch and it was standard cruise fare. No better no worse. There were lots of hot dishes and hamburgs and hot dogs. The only bad thing was the pizza. not as good as Princess. Plenty of seating and good organization. The ship is an older ship, but is in good shape. Clean and constant maintenance in progress. Some of the quirky things you always find in older ships. The decor is 80's Las Vegas. Lots of neon. Once big pool and a waterpark, which the kids loved. Also, an adults only area at the stern with hot tubs and no pool. Was very popular. Seemed to be plenty of deck chairs and it was not a problem finding a place to sit or lay out. But I do not think the ship was full. One of the kids counselors said their numbers were down on our cruise. The service in all areas was very good. Room service was on time, cabin steward did an excellent job and the wait staff in the dining was really good. The kids really enjoyed Joseph, the supercharged maitre de who put on a little show every night. The only surprise and short coming I found was the entertainment. The shows were very good, but there were only two. Otherwise, lost of games and talent show type of entertainment. Never did find a place to listen to music and dance before or after dinner. Ports were Nassau, Freeport and private island. Nassau is Nassau and I could have stayed on the ship. The private island was great and we enjoyed Freeport. Freeport is much more laid back than Nassau Just took a can shopping and to the beach. Our younger kids loved the kids program and it gave the parents time to enjoy the ship without kids. Disembarkation was smooth and we were out of the port by 9:45am. Considering what we paid for this cruise, I took 11 people for 5 days for what it would have cost for 4 for 4 days on Disney, it was a great bargain. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the food was very good in the dining room and OK everywhere else. What more can you ask on a short cruise. I would cruise Carnval again. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2012
Overall, we had a great time on this ship and once again, I am impressed with Carnival's ability to offer a fantastic time at a ridiculously low price. While I can see what the negative reviews are getting at, you have to be ... Read More
Overall, we had a great time on this ship and once again, I am impressed with Carnival's ability to offer a fantastic time at a ridiculously low price. While I can see what the negative reviews are getting at, you have to be realistic about what you have signed on for before you book - This is a short, budget Carnival Cruise with most rooms costing well below $100 per person each night, including all your food and entertainment, so you should frankly expect something less than the Four Seasons. And you should expect that a lot of your fellow passengers are the type who go for lots of food, tend to be a little cheap about things like tipping and alcohol prices, and who don't understand the concept of "formal night" (or even "appropriate indoor attire"). I think if you sail on the SS Ecstasy with those thoughts in mind, you will have a great time. Embarkation: We went for a last minute upgrade to a grand suite with extended balcony (which easily fit two lounge chairs, two armchairs and a few tables) and it included "VIP check in" - basically, they whisk you into a private room to sit while they check you in, print your sail and sign, etc. Otherwise, it was a 10 min or so counter wait for that. Then, you go to a second room where they hand you a ticket with a number and call you in as groups (again, we walked right pass this room with our VIP thing, so I am not sure how long these people were waiting, maybe another 10 minutes). Third room is Customs, where they take your picture and sent you on the ship. This room was pretty crowded but once again, we got to skip to the front of the line, so we were feeling pretty cool at that point. We arrived around 11:30 and were on the ship in less than 15 minutes. Once you get on the ship, expect it to take them several hours to get your luggage to you (in all my cruises, this seemed like the longest wait, but we still had our luggage by 3:30 pm). Stateroom: I purchased a bottle of champagne ahead of time, which was there, but not chilled (found that odd) and was told there was nowhere to get ice until 4 pm. I tried to call room service, but apparently the phones don't work the first day. Once we decided to let that go, we enjoyed some very warm, but very tasty champagne in our over sized balcony and had a great time. The grand suite is really big, for three women we had ample closet and shoe space, which is saying a lot. You also get a whirlpool bath and walk in closet. Here's a tip - smuggle an outlet converter or extension cord on board because there is ONE (no lie, ONE) outlet in your stateroom - I tried to correct that (I mean, how do three women blow and flatiron their hair, charge their phones, etc with ONE outlet), so that was another round of phone calls and talks with our steward with no success. I have no idea why Carnival does this, is it a safety thing? There are other outlets all over the room for lamps, etc., but they are all just the European kind and try as you may, you will not get your smartphone charger to work in one of those. Again, we managed and didn't let it ruin our fun, but I am still just amazed at that little quirk, especially considering the number of "girls weekenders" on this trip. Service: Carnival has the most amazing room stewards and this trip was no exception - our Steward Ben and his assistant ("Not Ben") very cordial and thorough. Our dinner server Mikaela was an absolute doll, she put up with some really offensive people and smiled the whole way through. With respect to the bartenders, I have to say I agree with some of the other reviews - where did all the fun bartenders on Carnival go? I have been cruising for over 15 years and I think I know why - origianlly, when you bought a drink, you added your own gratuity (and apparently, too many people stiffed the bartenders) - as time went on, they added the 15%, but you could still add more on top of that for good service. But a few years ago, they removed the write in, extra gratuity option for the bartenders, and now they make the same rate off each person, regardless of how fast (or slow) they get you that chardonnay. Under the current system, you can "prepay" tips for your wait staff and steward, but you can easily adjust that up or down - not so with the bartenders. Therefore, the bartenders just don't care. If the reason for the decline in bar service is the tip policy, the question is, why did it change? The answer - lots of these passengers don't like to tip unless they have to. These are the same people that constantly complain about how much they charge for alcohol and how strict they are about not letting you bring your own booze in - do these people think Carnival is a not for profit? They obviously aren't making their money on the room price, especially with gasoline prices, insurance and other costs, so how do you think you just got 4 nights of accommodations, four days of food and two beautiful islands, plus all that entertainment for $300? They need to make money off their alcohol and excursions, so just factor that in when you book and deal with it, or stay home. But do not come on the ship, expect all that you get for this price, and then not tip properly or gripe about drinks. (For the record, I agree that drinks are expensive, but not totally outrageous. For example, a bucket of four, 16 oz beers will set you back around $24, the drink of the day is somewhere around 9 dollars, and a martini will cost closer to 10. The disco sells these little "disco ball" drinks, you get to keep the disco ball after you down the rum punch and those suckers are $15 a piece but totally worth it. Surprisingly, wine is not a bad markup on this ship - we ordered a few bottles of Bogle Merlot, which is not an expensive wine, but tasty, and on the ship a bottle was only $26, which is possibly less than what you would pay at a restaurant). Fellow Passengers: There were not as many families as I thought there would be, several large groups of random people who knew each other, lots of girls weekenders, quite a bunch of couples (young couples, I don't think the older couples go on this ship anymore, which is a shame, I like to see a few people who wear a tuxedo or know what the maitre'D does). There were a number of people who acted like trash (picture the guy with pulled down jeans and a wife beater in the dining room, people who sent their food back (hello, people its free, just order more and don't be a B!@tch), but most of the people on the ship dressed and behaved appropriately. Ship Condition: Again, since we had a nice suite, I might be biased, but I thought the ship was in great shape (it is a constant hotel floating at sea so there will be some weathered areas, etc). I like Carnival's glitzy, cheesy themes, so I enjoyed all the neon lights and random skyscraper decor. I am always amazed at how well they clean up after all of the passengers - the restaurant is slammed throughout mealtimes, the deck is covered with people stuffing their faces and drinking, but there isn't an empty cup or plate that sits longer than 5 minutes on this ship. The gym was pretty nice, but I would have liked bottled water (which I would gladly charge to my room without complaint) or even some cups, even those small paper cone jobs. Instead, all you get is a fountain with lukewarm water. Food: I don't really cruise for the food, I like seeing the islands and being at sea. Plus I don't eat seafood or red meat, so I am probably not the best food critic, but I loved the dinners on our ship. And if you try to do the "freestyle option", you are either one of the complaining non-tippers I can't stand (described above), or you haven't really had a nice, relaxing cruise before. This is part of it, get dressed up at dinner, take your time. There is no need to rush through the open air, Golden Corral style buffet all day long - I think most of the negative comments about food come from the buffet option (which you don't have to choose - the dining room has open seating for lunch and a great selection - it was essentially empty when we were there, despite the free for all upstairs). Their vegetarian selections were great, you can get some really interesting stuff in the main dining room. Plus, the servers dance and sing. But, if you want to pile your plate to the ceiling and don't need actual ambiance and "courses" of food, then stay out of the dining room. Aside from the main options, there are 24 hour snacks in the back of the ship - pizza, ice cream and a deli (with fantastic deli sandwiches, but be prepared to wait in line awhile). I do have one big complaint - the coffee is terrible - its available 24/7, but its terrible. Its brown and smells sort of like coffee and I assume it has caffeine, but for anyone who really looks forward to their first cup of Joe, I recommend you bring along some "Via's" from Starbucks. You can also get room service 24 hours a day on the ship for free, but its pretty limited menu and it takes a long time. Once again, people, tip them properly when they arrive and maybe the rest of us won't have to wait so long next time. Ports: Nassau is an interesting island, I have done the Atlantis Excursion in the past, which costs about 100 per person for transport and admission to their pool (which is more of a water park) - not worth it, in my opinion. This time we went to Senior Frogs, which is stupid, drunken fun. Half Moon Cay - this is Carnival's private island and it is just lovely. We went on a similar one on NCL, but this one was much more lush and established (NCL had a hippo slide and a tent for the food) - there are ample bars, bathrooms, a kiddie water play area and jungle gym, plus some shops. The tender process is done very well here (you wont have to wait forever, but you will have to be patient when disembarking). Overall, if you don't have a lot of money to spend, this ship will fit all your needs, just treat her and her staff right. If you want top quality, cruise one of Carnival's newer ships or try another line. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2011
Carnival ecstasy day 1 5 day super bowl cruise with the crazies, whom I had never met before the cruise but they do seem to be a crazy group! And I mean that in a good way! Arrival and first impressions: Got off to a good ... Read More
Carnival ecstasy day 1 5 day super bowl cruise with the crazies, whom I had never met before the cruise but they do seem to be a crazy group! And I mean that in a good way! Arrival and first impressions: Got off to a good start, leaving the house about 930 this a.m. More on that later. Easy to find the Lighthouse parking, can see the ship from the lot. Buses waiting, park and off we go. Dropped off at terminal, give bags to waiting guy, then into building. No lines at arrival, which was 1230ish. Got thru security and check in quickly and boarded ship right away. Ship seems empty at that point, grab yummy lunch and we've arrived! Wander and find room, there's really no announcement that rooms are ready. Ship shows lots of wear and tear. At first the very loud colors that hurt the eye, something I do get used to. Locate room, small room, beds are barely apart, didn't realize the balcony had been carved out of room (maybe??), but ok for two people. There is a faint moldy smell in the bathroom that I later think might be coming from the water/pipes. It is worse when you turn the water on initially and if we leave the door open to the rest of the cabin. Room is freezing as is most of the ship, we are wearing jeans and hoodies for dinner! Room again shows the older side but surprised as bathroom is larger than usual with shower looking also larger. Two small closets, very few drawers, room seems very sparse. Why is there no heat! NOTE: I am to think this over and over again for the entire cruise. The ship seems very cold and our room, even after turning off the vent, stays pretty much cold until the last day!! If you are the type of person that gets cold easily, bring a sweater or a jacket to wear throughout the ship!! Day 1 continued to evening Ok, we ask our steward about the cold cabin and he is able to close the vent most of the way, the cabin is still chilly but not as bad as before, yay. We are too cold to change for dinner, the whole ship is fairly cold, brrr. I keep my hoodie and jeans on and this is the way we do dinner. Our table is for two, stuck into the middle of larger tables, our waiter seems harried even though he doesn't seen to have many tables. We find out later he also works the anytime dining, don't know how that works out?? Our table and two others seem to have been fitted into an area that should have many less tables. Every night we will weave our way into and out of the dining spot and it seems that we are almost sitting with others while we are really not. NOTE: we did not request a table for two and we had originally thought to try and change it, or maybe try the anytime dining, but after meeting our waiter we decided to just go with it. The waiter does seem to be very competent (he tells us he has been with Carnival for 15 years)l and he does deliver our dinner in a timely fashion after an initial wait. I have the salad and the veggie pie, which is surprisingly good with cinnamon, pumpkin and cheese. Yum! But the butter pecan ice cream has no taste at all so I only have one bite. That's ok, there will be many other desserts. Note to self: even if you think you won't want warm clothing for dinnertime like a warmer top, etc, you do! Tonight I would have been better dressed if I would have brought warmer tops, remember this for next time! After dinner we see the show, pretty typically boring, walk the promenade, take a motorcycle pic, which turns out quite cute, and then listen to a fairly decent country band. There are Crazy sightings all over the ship, promising for an interesting time. Tomorrow is nails in the a.m. And a seaweed wrap for dinner ! Yay for skipping the super bowl! More stuff I thought about; the coffee in the MDR Was actually hot when it came! Omg, i think that's the first time I've ever had hot coffee from there, and it was not bad either. Now it wasn't the best in the world by far, but it actually was drinkable and I ordered a second cup! This is unthinkable for me on a cruise as the coffee usually is very bad! Do I dare hope that all the coffee on the ship will be drinkable?? Fingers are crossed. The coffee does consistently arrive every time very hot and very drinkable - hooray! The band from the evening was the Contenders and I would have called them country western, but they did play some other music, even a little rockabilly, a good band and danceable. Note to band: after you get a good crowd and people are dancing, it's probably a good idea to keep that dance music going and not switch. The dance floor emptied out, then the bar emptied out, and that was that! We end up listening to this band most evenings as they seem to draw a crowd and are good at playing the dancing music, BUT, they also make the BIG mistake (in my mind) of getting a good crowd going then calling for a break, sometimes 15-20 mins after they're initial playtime, which then most people just wander away, to find something else to do. It was better when they played on Promenade deck as then people would hear them and wander back. So next up we stop at the disco, and there we find the happening place. Good music and lots of dancing going on, I guess we have some partiers on this ship! Another observation: the casino is larger then it first appeared, it wraps around behind the promenade, the downside to this is with it being a more closed area, it is very smoky and after a few minutes it is hard to breathe and not a fun place to be for a nonsmoker! Promenade deck has a good amount of tables, a sushi bar stuck in the corner and lots of picture taking areas. Another note, this ship seems very good at having the pics ready in a snap. Pics we have taken on the motorcycle earlier in the evening are up and ready for purchase by 10 pm! Wow, they are fast! Day 2 on the Ecstasy Wake up a little , well actually still awaiting room service. Then I can report back on the coffee..... Two things we learned about the Crazies: they like to party, they like to dance, sounds like a good thing to me! Today has been a good day, woke up, had coffee in bed, had a mani pedi. That went well except for the push for a sale, I really dislike that part! Got thru it and continued on...this afternoon flew by, lunch in the MDR, typical stuff, had a steak salad and some nondescript soup. Meet and mingle with the Crazies at 230, followed by the drink and dance fun. All you care to drink with munchies were $11.00, it was even more fun when the DJ showed up and the music began, about 45 people showed up and most in the dance floor, playing new and old but party just the same. Had a fun time. Next super bowl for LLS, and about 75% of the ship was in either theater, there was apps for free and reduced drink specials. I drop lls off and head to my spa evening. Seaweed wrap and massage, all 1.5 hours, hoping it goes well and I enjoy. Later we will meet up and see what's going on for the evening, Ship is good, people are nice, all is well so far, weather is warming up, and onto Progresso tomorrow for a double decker bus and a beach day. Ahhhhh, what a relaxing time, and I end up getting a free facial with my massage as you get a free treatment when you are platinum and schedule the first night. Two and a half hours after the start, I was so relaxed, my skin just felt like heaven, and they could have rolled me downstairs on a stretcher. But I took a shower, and went to find LLS as the game was ending. Plus I was getting hungry as we skipped dinner so we headed to the buffet with chicken strips in mind, I just love Carnival's chicken strips, yum! By now it is 10 pm and we wander, finally settling in the main promenade to listen to the country guys. They attract many people for dancing in the aisle and we have fun watching with an occasional dance while sipping wine. 11:30 rolls around and we are tired, head off to bed, first putting in our coffee wake up for Progresso. Carnival ecstasy day 3 Coffee and cereal arrive promptly at 730 and we wake up with the view of an industrial port out our window. After donning bathing suits, sunscreen and our cover ups, we head to deck zero to find the free shuttle to downtown. Many vendors have popped up here as the usual tours, hey lady....you want ???? Fill in the blank. We find our shuttle and take the quick 10 minute ride to the downtown where we find the double decker bus for a three dollar island tour. Which is not a tour at all, ends up being a 15 mins ride around the square, so we jump off and head the short walk to the beach. The beach is only partly full when we arrive at ten a.m., mostly locals selling massages, bracelets,the usual Mexico stuff. We find the bar that we had heard with the cheap drinks and are seated in the shade on the beach. Here we sit and enjoy drinks, chips and people watching as a parade of people come by with their wares. We do break down and buy a cute wooden bowl, two for fifteen and I end up getting a henna tattoo and one braid in my hair, what can I say, I'm on vacation! About one o'clock when we head back toward the shuttle, stopping but not buying at various booths. Make it back to the ship and I flop on the inviting bed for a short nap, then it's a shower and Internet for a while before we will dress for formal night and dinner. What a relaxing way to spend the day in Mexico! Note on the beach here; the water was very murky not too much seaweed but lots of shells, smaller ones in the sand. Straight in walk to the water but very crunchy and slightly hard to walk without shoes. Not something I wanted to swim in but fun to walk on and a pretty view. Getting used to the lay of the ship, we are in a convenient locale although I will say I like to be a little closer to lido for a walk to my coffee in the a.m. But being midship or is it meed sheep(??) we have a very stable cabin and it is quite quiet all the time. The loudness of the ship (as in the colors) starts to become the norm as you walk around and I'm beginning not to notice all the clash of colors throughout. To contrast our room is so plain, it almost hurts your eyes when you come out of the room! Another note: no fridges in this cabin and we have been ordering buckets of ice to chill our wine before dinner. Quiet evening, dressed for dinner, elegant night. Normal dinner fair, had the lobster, wasn't that appealing. Ended up with cherries jubilee for dessert, not many choices....had the waiter bring me a cookie to dunk into my ice cream. Went to Extreme country, the "show" to see, wasn't anything special. The only appealing feature was Steve Cassell the cruise director fiddled and he is good. I started nodding off half way through, after the show decided was just too sleepy and went to bed! the ship was rocking a lot, just makes me sleepy, zzzzzzzz! Fell into bed and fell fast asleep, slept all night, woke up about 6 am, but fell back asleep until room service knocked at 7. We are deciding if we are doing our snorkel today, seas are rough, it is very gloomy and cloudy and we're not sure it is the type of weather to snorkle. Carnival ecstasy day 4 Cozumel and Chefs table night Slept well last night, woke up when room service delivered the coffee, today they brought our sammiches, hooray, nothing like a sammiche to start the day. But today is drizzly, warm but drippy, We are not enthused to do our snorkel. We decided against it, as who knows if it will be a rocky, wet voyage and even though we would be getting wet once in the water, so not looking forward to spending time on a boat, drenched and chilly! We end up just taking a cab to downtown and walking the stores, do a little shopping and walk most of the way back to the ship. Time for a nap and I am looking forward to my cleopatra soak/massage. Then at 530 is the Recruiser party, followed by the Chefs table at 630. Hope it all goes well. The food on here has been ok, nothing special,although they do have the yummy chips, salsa, cheese and also the chicken strips I enjoy, so have munched those a few times. We have only done the room service, cereal, etc for breakfast, so don't know how the MDR is for breakfast, lunch one day in mdr was nothing great, buffet has had the same as always so all is just typical Carnival fare, as I don't cruise for the food it doesn't really matter, I am curious how the Chefs dinner will be. Also tonight will be the Mexican buffet and late night deck party we'll see if we make it! We gather at 6:30pm in the atrium by the bar to meet up with our fellow diners and the Chef. Having done the Chef's dinner before (and really enjoyed it) I was anticipating pretty much the same as before. This dinner proved different. First off, the Chef in the Ecstasy did not seem as charismatic, he did not engage very much in conversation or explain the food as thoroughly as at a previous C.D. We were a small group and had a fewer number of servers, but this was fine as our two were just excellent, always there to refill our glasses for water or wine. The food was comparable to my previous venture and the evening went by fast, when we finally left the library (where our dinner was held) it was 11pm!! Wow! As we have just finished a huge meal and we are quite full, we decide to work off some of that dinner by some dancing, first with the Contenders, then later finishing up at the disco, getting to bed probably about 1am! Sleepy time but a sea day tomorrow so this will be fine. Carnival Ecstasy, day 5 The Final Day, sniff, sniff This has been a great cruise, much relaxation, made some new friends, had some good experiences. Today I have booked the Behind the Scenes tour, and meet up is again in the library at 8:45a.m. This tour only takes up to 16 people and starts with refreshments and a security check (wanded) and handing over of the phone/cameras, before we can proceed. I will say it was a very informative and interesting tour, one I had done almost exactly previously (on another cruiseline that I will not name here) but still very good. One thing I enjoyed the most was that we got to spend time in the crew area, not their cabins but did get to see things like their recreation area and their dining rooms, which was of interest to me. The woman that lead the tour (and I'm sorry I don't remember her name) was very good with information and had been with the company for a while. Very cheerful and lively and gave a good tour. At the end you get a wonderful cap, lanyard and bracelet that shows you were on the tour. I high would recommend for anyone that is interested on how things work behind the scenes. You do end up also with a tour of the bridge, engine room and a pic with the captain (group photo). The rest of the final day is mostly made up of relaxing, tried our luck at bingo (nope) watched a few games going on, read, etc. Had dinner in the MDR for our final night, to say goodbye to our good waiter and staff. Enjoyed another magic trick, could not figure that guy's tricks out for anything!! It is a nice touch that Carnival has him go from table to table and show a little magic. Food again was normal, no big surprise there. I again had the veggie dish, which is the same I've had on other Carnival ships, very good and predictable. WE use up our credit in the casino, and LLS is happily surprised to increase her winnings - W00T! I sadly went through my $20 and had nothing left to show, but then again, I didn't expect to! The evening goes quickly with a little time listening to the Contenders, but they're many breaks (2 in about an hour) make us decide to make our way down to the disco, where some of the Crazies (wearing glowy things) have congregated for the last evening. We spend our last few hours dancing the night away, and then quickly back to the cabin before midnight to throw our stuff into the suitcases and out the door for them. Again, Carnival comes through with the little hang tag for our breakfast!! Yeah, more cereal and hot coffee before we need to leave our fun girls weekend! Leaving the ship and last thoughts: On our last morning, breakfast comes 10 mins early, but we are already up as the night was rocky and as we pulled into port, we both seemed to pop out of our beds. Quick showers and coffee and we were already to vacate the room and be on our way. We had the #1 tag as being Platinum that is one of the perks, so we make our way to the Starlight lounge to wait the clearance. After that, it kind of was a wait as clearance did not happen as fast as thought, but when we heard the call we made our way down to disembark (with the many sea of people) got off smoothly, located the bags, through customs and out on the sidewalk in no time. Found Lighthouse Parking bus very easily, boarded and were at our car in minutes. Started up the car, loaded the bags and were on the road. Dropped LLS off at the airport by 11am and were back home by noon! Another successful vacation and relaxing time! Thanks, Carnival! NOTE: these observations and thoughts were mine and did not reflect the thoughts or feelings of my good friend and cabin mate, who will write her own review, I am sure). Read Less
Carnival Ecstasy Ratings
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Cabins 4.0 4.0
Dining 3.5 3.7
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 3.9
Fitness Recreation 3.5 3.7
Family 3.5 3.7
Shore Excursion 4.5 3.7
Enrichment 2.5 3.3
Service 4.5 4.1
Value For Money 5.0 3.9
Rates N/A 4.3

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