10 Carnival Dream Spa Cruise Reviews

This was our fifth cruise with Carnival. We took this trip very early in the 2013 Hurricane season with no storms during the trip. We used the shuttle service from the Orlando international Airport. we did not stay in a Hotel because we ... Read More
This was our fifth cruise with Carnival. We took this trip very early in the 2013 Hurricane season with no storms during the trip. We used the shuttle service from the Orlando international Airport. we did not stay in a Hotel because we stayed with friends the night before the cruise. We had a Cloud 9 Spa Balcony on this trip. Our Stateroom was on deck 12 Right hand (Starboard) Side. There were only two things that we could have wished for. The balcony on deck 12 do not have a roof over the balcony. So there was no protection from the sun or rain. but, it was nice to have at night. The second was there was no Smoking on the Spa balcony's. (I do not smoke, but my wife does). Also passengers on deck 14 ( there is not a deck 13) could look down ,Spill drinks, drop things on to your balcony. We were in the Scarlet Dining Room for meals. We had a very great service staff for meals. There was something for everyone on the menu. The food was very good. As far as the shows, We thought the show (Dancing in the streets) on this was not as good as past shows.  we thought it was too loud. We did not stay for the whole show. The Punch liner comedy show was not too bad. The ports of call on this trip was Nassau, Bahamas', St. Thomas, and St. Martin. It was our Third Trip to Nassau so we did not do any Excursions in this port. In St Thomas, I did the Two Tank scuba diving Excursion, My wife went into town and did some Shopping. In St. Martian we took a shuttle into town, and ended up getting a tour and got to see the whole island. I do not have any information on the Children's Clubs because we did not travel with any children. As far as the disembarkation, it went very smooth. We were off the ship in under an hour. The only Problem we had was a broken bottle on Liquor on one on our suitcases. But over all a Very Good Trip. Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
We sailed for the 2nd time on the Carnival Dream on May 19th. Living in Tampa, FL is only took us a couple hours to drive over to Port Canaveral. We used the Park & Cruise facility which was such a great convenience! We have sailed out ... Read More
We sailed for the 2nd time on the Carnival Dream on May 19th. Living in Tampa, FL is only took us a couple hours to drive over to Port Canaveral. We used the Park & Cruise facility which was such a great convenience! We have sailed out of Port Canaveral a few times and never really had any trouble with check-in and boarding but this was the easiest ever. We arrived about 2 and by 2:30 we were aboard - too late to attend the M & G, but still pretty good. We had a cove balcony stateroom which is our favorite room. Very private and the best place to have breakfast from room service. Our room steward was Ron and he was the greatest. We've had good stewards before but he was the most congenial and helpful We were on the port side of the ship and didn't have any issues with our room, unlike the starboard side. Nassau was okay. We have been there before and it isn't our favorite. My husband had never been to Atlantis so we did the Discover Atlantis excursion. Getting off and on the ship in Nassau requires that you walk through this huge building full of little shops everywhere. This building is not air conditioned and the walkways are very narrow. I truly hate that building. Coming back on to the ship I had a panic attack and nearly passed out due to the lack of AC and too many people crowded to close together. I was so glad to get back on the ship! When we got back on board our Carnival back pack got mixed up with another Carnival back pack. Ours had 2 cameras, my cell phone, and my glasses. The back pack we got had a couple tubes of lotion and a sweater. My husband was upset but we took the other back pack to Guest Services and told them what happened. For a couple hours I had to wear my sunglasses everywhere, but finally they called to say someone had turned in our back pack. When we picked it up, everything was there, so it turned out okay. St. Thomas was next. We have been there before and enjoyed it. We did the helmet dive and had a blast. You walk down a ladder and they place a 75 lb helmet on your head that has an air hose attached to it. The water only comes up to your chin and we were even able to keep our glasses on! We have done a lot of snorkeling, but walking around the coral reef with fish all around was amazing! I would recommend this excursion to anyone who enjoys the undersea world. Dinner every night was great - head waiter wasn't over the top wonderful, but the assistants were really great. The food, as always was very good. We ate in the dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner at different times throughout the cruise and each time we enjoyed it. Eating in The Gathering was very nice, also. The variety of choices was huge and it was always a dilemma. Chocolate was always the order of the day, however. There can never be enough chocolate! St. Maarten was the star of the cruise! This was our first trip to this island and we were very excited to visit it. What a fabulous place! We absolutely loved it. We did some shopping downtown early since we had a very limited amount of time there. After shopping we took the water taxi back to the dock for our excursion - Scenic Coastal Hike. This is a must-do for anyone physically fit enough to do it. I used a walking stick and it really helped get up and down some of the tough spots. This is a hike up and down the undeveloped "hills" of St. Maarten along a goat trail - really, a goat trail! The goats and sheep were grazing on the hillside. The views of the Caribbean were breathtaking and worth the effort. I have never experienced anything like this hike and, while we have always had pretty good guides on our excursions, Juan and Leigh were so passionate about their tour! They answered every question, gave us plenty of rest breaks to enjoy the views, walked us down onto a rocky beach to enjoy the "singing pebbles", explained the ecological importance of the area, supplied cold drinks at the end of the hike and were all around fantastic guides. I wouldn't mind doing this excursion again the next time we go to St. Maarten and I recommend it to everyone! We enjoyed this cruise so much that we have booked another for November and the Legend out of Dover in September 2013. Happy cruising everyone! Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
Let's start off with a ground rule; vacation is what you make of it. My wife and I traveled on the M.S. Carnival Dream from February 18 to February 25. Our ports of call were as followed: Orlando, Cozumel, Belize, Roatan. We had ... Read More
Let's start off with a ground rule; vacation is what you make of it. My wife and I traveled on the M.S. Carnival Dream from February 18 to February 25. Our ports of call were as followed: Orlando, Cozumel, Belize, Roatan. We had bookend days at sea. Embarkation: As most of the reviews have mentioned, Carnival has this down to a science and it was very easy. Everyone was friendly and the lines moved along. Life Onboard: Many people have complained about the lines on this ship but being from NYC and riding a subway to and from work gives me a different perspective on overcrowding. We rarely found lines unbearable and in the few cases we did, we opted not to get on the line (for example guest services on the last night of the cruise) and try again later (great success!). We stayed in room 11225, a Cloud 9 Balcony Spa room. This was my first time with a balcony and I loved it. We were on the starboard side, which meant in port we had privacy. We took a yoga class on the first day that was suitable for a variety of abilities. They offer the following classes: yoga, Pilates and spinning. You get two (per room, not person) classes for free. If you are a runner, go to deck 5 and run the ship (2.5 times around is a mile). You need to go early (before 10 am) to really have the deck to yourself. It was a lot of fun lapping the ship while it was moving. I used the gym once but we noticed that it was often busy. We used the Theralosso pool and spa facilities almost every day. It was very relaxing and gave us a nice break from the sun (our weather was great). This upgrade was well worth it. I had debated between an extended balcony and the spa cabin and both my wife and I are happy I went with the spa cabin. Does the ship move? You are at sea so of course it is going to move. We had great weather and could feel the ship move often (especially on deck 11 where we stayed). The movement was slight and nothing bad. We never felt sea sick and with the amount of drinking that occurs onboard, I doubt how others can really know if the boat is rocking or if they just are. I did see a lot of people wearing sea sick patches. While sitting at the pool and Serenity felt impossible on sea days, the sun deck always had chairs and few/if any children. It took us less than 10 minutes to find a chair. We did chill on Serenity one afternoon while many people were still in port and it is cool. Deck 5 also appeared to have tons of chairs. During the day, by the main pool they have a DJ. The main pool is small and cold. I did enjoy the waterworks slide. People complain a lot about elevators. I think we only took an elevator once or twice. We hiked up and down the stairs and considered it our cardio for the day. When we did take elevators it was late at night as we were tired. The elevators never took long to come but we could see how during the day they were busy. Night life- this will depend on the people on your cruise. We went to the dance club twice and had fun but it does get smoky. We didn't drink much but I did find the drink prices high. We commented it was like going out in NYC every night but no drink specials. Go to the main bar and get a Thirsty Frog. The beer was good and the price was perfect. I also wish they would offer more of the beers that are from the islands you visit. I would rather have a Banks, Belikin, or a Port Royal than something I can get at home. The comedy shows were funny. We went twice and both time got a seat quickly but we did notice that place filled up and people were standing. The piano bar was always busy but we didn't bother with it. There is a lot of music that was enjoying being played on the board. The food was not good. I was not expecting to go to a Daniel Boulud restaurant every night but I did expect a higher quality of food. We usually ordered room service for breakfast and ate on our balcony. We did go to the buffet for breakfast twice and it was fine. One morning we went to the MDR for breakfast. The service was slow and we were sitting with people that were not a good match for us. My wife and I just kicked each other under the table as the older gentleman next to me talked about all that is wrong with the world. We went to the buffet a few times for lunch, which was also fine and had variety. We found towards the back of the boat it was easier to get a seat at any time in the buffet. We also had the Tandoor, which was good. I had a burger one day, which was ok and my wife got a deli sandwich which she enjoyed. One night we stayed in and I went to get pizza for us. The MDR's food was not good. It did not taste like good quality of meat. It is the one thing about the cruise that we were disappointed. We weren't expecting amazing but we were hoping for better. We have been on Carnival before and didn't remember the food being as bad across the board. Ports: Cozumel- we were part of The Amazing Cozumel Race and it was a blast. If, you have mobility issues, this is not for you. You walk about 4 miles through the city. We really enjoyed this excursion. At the end there is a party where you get two drinks and can buy food. The food was good. Belize was un-Belizable. We went on the Raiders of the Mayan Cave. It was an hour plus ride but our guide Elvis was great. The caves were cool but tight in spots. You get to zipline a little. There were also bats flying around the cave. Afterwards lunch was provided and you got to do a wine tasting. Roatan -- we went on the Canopy Tour & Tabyana Beach. The ziplining here was fun. There were seven different platforms that you go off of. We really enjoyed this. They bring you to the beach afterwards and it was amazing. They have lockers there (for rent), chairs (free), a bar, restaurant, music and water sports. It was hot and we enjoyed the water then we took a break at the bar and had a drink. While I enjoyed all of our ports, this was my favorite. The day was just fun. We did book our excursions via Carnival and I've read that Roatan can be missed due to weather (wind specifically), so I might recommend going through Carnival incase you don't get into port. Costa Maya -- The day started early in Costa Maya. We went ATV riding in the jungle followed by about 40 minutes at the beach. The ATV riding was fun but the beach wasn't anything special. I would have taken another 40 minutes on the ATV's but my wife and I played one-on-one volleyball and it was fun. It could have been worse; I could have been at work. The port at Costa Maya had some shops where my wife bought some jewelry and I bought some coffee flavored Tequila. Having the first day at sea allowed us to take it easy and relax on the first day while having the last day at sea was nice as we slowly packed up and enjoyed a slow day. The main reason we went on the Dream was the itinerary and the cost. We had a great time but the next time I cruise I might try Royal Caribbean just to have something to compare. Read Less
Sail Date February 2012
Carnival Dream - Eastern Caribbean Cruise August 13-20 2011 We had gone on two previous Carnival Cruises with our kids and liked them very much because of the number of youth activities that they had. Once the kids left the house we ... Read More
Carnival Dream - Eastern Caribbean Cruise August 13-20 2011 We had gone on two previous Carnival Cruises with our kids and liked them very much because of the number of youth activities that they had. Once the kids left the house we tried other cruise lines (NCL it was OK, and Princess loved it) to have a more relaxing experience. Our normal life has all the excitement we can handle so we don't need to be on sensory overload when we go on vacation. As we were going to be in Florida to take care of some family business and as we were curious about the spa cabins as well as the serenity (adults only) deck we decided to give Carnival another shot, and we are glad that we did. While the main pool area with all the noises, wall to wall humanity and the Justin Bieber documentary on the big screen is what I view hell to be like if you get take advantage of the other areas on the ship you can have a relaxing experience. Outside of the main pool area you would never know you were on a ship with 4000 or so other folks. The folks that designed this ship (with one exception noted below) knew what they were doing. We enjoyed the Spa cabin privileges every day we were on the cruise (special whirlpool, steam room, heated tile chairs, and a relaxation room. My wife also enjoyed the two yoga classes she took as part of our spa cabin privileges. We also found the Serenity deck to be quite relaxing. Instead of using the treadmill we also enjoyed several laps around the Lanai deck every day. We thought the food, especially the soup, was wonderful. The service in the main dining room was excellent. We signed up for any time dining and because we were willing to share never had to wait. We had dinner alone on three nights and shared a table with some very nice folks the other three nights. We thought buying one of the 5 wine packages a good value. We also enjoyed the sushi and salad bar. We signed up for the chefs table. It costs $75pp. They set up a table for 12 in the kitchen and served a gourmet meal with wine, they show you how to make a melting chocolate cake, and the head chef goes into some detail on each of the courses and the operation of the kitchen. You also get a picture of the entire group signed by the head chef. We had breakfast in the buffet just about every day and enjoyed the omelets. We had 2 lunches in the MDR, both very nice. Had pizza for lunch one day, it was OK. Went to the pasta bar one day, it was great. Also tried the buffet and it was good enough. . We saw all 4 of the comedians thought two of them were hilarious, one had his moments, and one was talentless and disgusting. I enjoyed playing craps in what must be one of the best casinos on a cruise ship. We thought the cruise director Butch was engaged but not to the point of being overbearing. Our room was clean, it was quiet at night and the bed was comfortable. The shower was big enough. We had a problem with the shower first day and we were amazed that they had it fixed within 10 minutes of us calling in. Getting on and off the ship was a easy as you could expect. Our wait staff and room stewards could not have been nicer. Did come across any rude staff member all week. We just did beaches when we were in each of the ports. We got a day pass for the British Colonel Hilton in Nassau. We paid $50 each for beach privileges and $30 in food/drink credits. We took it out in drink credits because the kitchen had lost power. It was a very nice facility and we enjoyed our time there but as we had to be back on the ship at 1:30. Given the length of time I'm not sure we would do this again. In Saint Thomas we took a cab to Sapphire Beach and we very much enjoyed our day there. In St. Maartin we took a cab to our Orient beach and enjoyed are day there. We did not get up enough nerve to walk over to the nude side of the beach sad to say. We only had a couple of minor complaints. The regular coffee is horrible. We went to the extra charge coffee bar thinking they would make a good cup of coffee but all they do is poor hot water over a shot or two of espresso. It was not very good. Next time we will bring some Starbucks Via packets. I wish they had a cigar bar. There is nothing I like more then enjoying a nice cigar with a glass of scotch. Understanding that this is not a universal pleasure some ships have a ventilated cigar bar that is segregated from anyone that does not want to be exposed to cigar smoke. This seems like a good compromise. On the dream you are forced to smoke your cigar out on a deck in the heat and humidity which does not lead to a very pleasurable experience. Most of the lounges seemed under utilized so surely on a ship this big they could have carved out some space. So to sum it all up all up we really enjoyed our week on The Dream and would do it again in a heartbeat. Well done Carnival. Read Less
Sail Date August 2011
First off, ignore most of the bad reviews. If you can't have a great time on vacation, then something is wrong. For 7 days you don't have to cook, clean, make a bed, figure out what to do or where to eat, go to work etc etc. The ... Read More
First off, ignore most of the bad reviews. If you can't have a great time on vacation, then something is wrong. For 7 days you don't have to cook, clean, make a bed, figure out what to do or where to eat, go to work etc etc. The Carnival Dream is a great ship and an excellent value. If you go in thinking that you are going to have 5-star meals every night and white glove service everywhere you go, then you picked the wrong line. Carnival finds ways to keep its prices down while still providing an excellent vacation.Second, a little background. This is my wife and I's (we are in our mid 20s) second Carnival cruise. This is my 18th cruise and her 3rd. I have been on nearly every major line and believe that this was the best value ship I have been on. I will write a longer review that will be available on the forums.The GREAT:Marriott Courtyard --We did the snooze and cruise package through the Courtyard which provided us with a room and all our transfers (airport-hotel, hotel-ship, ship-airport). Everything went very smoothly and the hotel was very nice and right on the beach.Embarkation/Disembarkation --We arrived at the port early (~1015) and quickly went through check-in. They started boarding around 1045 and we were at the pool by 11. Getting off the ship we did self-assist. If you don't have any huge bags, this is the way to go! We were able to get off the boat in the first group at 645, through customs and on our way to the airport at 7. We were worried because we had a 1030am flight, but ended up being the first people at the gate at 8am! Best process of any line. Well done Carnival.Spa --We were not in a spa room, but because we were on the 11th deck, we thought it might be nice to sign up for the VIP spa package ($150 for 1, $250 for couple). This was a GREAT idea. The spa is wonderful, especially the heavy steam room and the thalassotherapy pool. My wife and I loved spending quality time in the spa after a day on deck or at port. I highly recommend signing up. Only around 60 passengers not in spa cabins can register, so do it early! This was the first thing we did when we got on board.Gym --The gym is very large for a ship. Because the Dream is new, the equipment is all brand-new and top of the line. There is plenty of cardio equipment and all the weight equipment you have at a gym.Comedy Club --This is a great addition. Usually comedians are 1-2 nights at the main show. The Dream however has a separate club with 5 shows on 4 nights. The first two shows are family friendly (we didn't go to these) and the 945, 11, and 12 shows are for adults. The 945 show is very crowded (early seating people go right from their main show) so get there early. We ended up going to both the 945 and the 11 shows.Cleanliness --The ship was extremely clean. Glasses/food/etc were always quickly removed from public areas and the bathrooms were always spotless. Our cabin was always very clean. We did notice "the smell" while we were docked in Nassau while sitting by the pool. I have to admit, it was awful, but I don't know if it was the Dream or the other ships that were docked there (Oasis/Monarch). Once the ship got moving, we didn't smell it for the rest of the trip.Entertainment Staff --Having experienced many cruise directors, I thought that the Dream's CD, Butch, was the best. He was funny, energetic, quirky, and very involved without being too much. The Morning Show on sea days is really funny. His staff was great and ran some fun activities. My wife was Brendan's (a.k.a. Buttercup) BFF for the week and he went out of his way to make sure we had a great time.The GOOD:Food -- I never expect cruise food to be the best I have ever had, but I still have decent expectations. I am not a breakfast person, but I thought it was alright. The eggs were very watery, but the pastries were quite good, as was the sausage. Lunch was my favorite meal of the day. I actually never ate at the traditional buffet because I didn't think the food looked that great. Both my wife and I LOVED the grill. The burgers were always right off the grill with tons of fix-ins and the nachos/cheese fries were great. The grill also had the longest hours (12-6), was located right next to the lido pool, and never had a line. The pasta bar was very good, the deli was pretty good. The burrito bar took forever and wasn't worth the wait. My wife really liked the tandori station that had Indian and Greek food. Though the pizza wasn't the greatest, 24 hours is awesome! Nothing better than pizza 2am! Dinners were hit or miss. Some meals were very other good, others were terrible. I am a meat person, and thought that the meats were generally really bad. They were very chewy, and not tender at all. We did not eat at the Chef's Art Steakhouse.Cabin --We were in a 1A cabin, 11275. We never spend time in the room, so we book the cheapest room and spend our money on other things. Because it was a handicap room, the bathroom was enormous. We also had a great location, right outside of the lido pool. Unfortunately, we had bunk-beds (something we didn't know when we booked). Though this was an inconvenience, it made our room feel much bigger.Pool --The pool area was great and had a lot of chairs. I agree that the pools could be bigger, but only a couple of times were they crowded. The water slides were a lot of fun, but I think I would have preferred a bigger pool area. Didn't use the hot-tubs because we had the spa. The seaside theater is a nice plus, but I wish it showed more movies/TV in the afternoon.Serenity --Serenity is a very nice touch. We spent our first sea day there in one of the big chairs (had to get there before 730am to get one). They should probably make this area bigger as it was a big hit and all the chairs were gone pretty early in the morning. Biggest negative is that it is a real pain to get to. It is on the top deck all the way in the front of the ship. If you want to get food, you have to walk a ways to get it, and by the time you come back with it, someone has taken your chair. Main Theater Entertainment --We didn't go to all the shows because we wanted to see the comedy show at 9:45 (we were late seating). The welcome aboard show was pretty good, the first main dance show was kinda boring. Dancing in the streets was really good, especially the break-dancing group. After that show, we just stuck to the comedy club.Nightclub --We went to Caliente on a couple of occasions. The first time there was no one dancing so we left. The second time was a lot of fun and had a great time until the late hours of the night. Really nice bartenders there.Not So Good --Smoking --My wife and I are not smokers, and unfortunately could not enjoy some areas of the ship because of the smoking. I will say this, most smokers were very courteous, but the smoking "hang-outs" pretty much were off-limits to non-smokers. Sam's piano bar had a cloud in it, so we were unable to go here though it looked like fun. The aft pool was also another hang-out, so we never went back there except for the deli. The casino was rather smokey, but much better than on other ships. I'm surprised cruise-lines have not introduced non-smoking ships yet.Ports --Nassau is pretty dumpy, and with such a short amount of time there, it is almost a useless stop. St. Thomas is kinda a pain because the ship doesn't dock in the city. The cab situation is a mess, and rather expensive. In St. Maarten we did a tour, so can't really comment on the island. The port is new, but also not really near the town center. They offer water taxis at the pier to take you to a beach and the town. Other than that, there really isn't anything bad I can say. We had a great time.Additional Information:1. Drinks are on the higher end, but not too bad. Buy beer in buckets as you save $2 ($23 for 4-16oz beers). They no longer have free drinks at the Captain's cocktail party. They offer $1 off drinks at select bars from 5-8pm. The return cruiser party is on Thursday and has free drinks for 45 minutes. Also, on the last day, Friday, there is a farewell party that has free drinks. Very few people knew about it, and it was not publicized very well. Don't miss it!2. Book your tours early before you leave. Most tours were already booked before the ship left port. If you want to do Magen's Bay, you are better to do it through a tour. Cabs back and forth, along with admission, is about the same in price as the tour.3. Go in with a positive attitude. If you go into your vacation trying to find the negatives, don't even bother going. Save your money. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
Day 1: Embarkation. Arrived at the port at around 11:00 am. The process was very smooth. We did not have to wait very long. They started boarding us at 11:30. They called our zone number and we were aboard the ship by 12, Awesome! We went ... Read More
Day 1: Embarkation. Arrived at the port at around 11:00 am. The process was very smooth. We did not have to wait very long. They started boarding us at 11:30. They called our zone number and we were aboard the ship by 12, Awesome! We went straight to the pursuer's desk and opened a second cash account. This also went smooth. The customer service was excellent.  By around 1:00, we decided to check on our room. We went up 2 floors and ran to the door, It was ready!The Room: We chose a SPA cabin because we were going to spend a lot of time in the SPA. The Room was beautiful. The only differences between our room and a balcony is interior colors. We also get a nice robe with cloud 9 SPA imprinted on them, and those fabulous slippers. (by the way you get to keep the slippers), and you get unlimited access to the SPA. The The bathroom was what we expected from a balcony room. The closet space was nice, 3 closets, one with shelves. very nice. The Ship: The ship was massive. The interior design of the ship was typical of Carnival Cruise line. The atrium was a lot smaller than I had expected it to be. I thought they should have opened it up a little bit more than then they did. But all in all the ship was beautiful. The lido deck is smaller than the other ships, this was because the lido was actually 3 floors high! pool deck, chairs on the 2nd deck, and gigantic twisting slide with some sort of drain slide attached to it on the 3rd. Wow!Dining: We sat at a table of 4, We had requested to be seated with our coworkers. There was no problem with this either. The maitride was very happy to accommodate us. The food was excellent. Our waiter had gone above and beyond to keep us happy. Elegant night, I love lobster, the food was excellent.Chefs' Table: Well worth the price. Please go there hungry! I am not sure how many courses, 9-10? The food was exquisite. There are some pleasant surprises, that's all I will say about that. The Spa: The Thalasso pool is wonderful, It's great after a long day at port. Wasn't ever too crowded. The steam rooms were awesome. I felt like this was my own Zen room. It was never crowded.The Serenity Deck: Way too crowded, spent zero time there. That's why we chose to have a SPA Cabin. To use all of the private rooms. We used our balcony when we wanted to lay out in the sun. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
The Carnival Dream is enormous and for that reason it has it's many good points and a few challenges. Let's get the "challenges" out of the way~because of the capacity of people it carries buffet lines are often long ... Read More
The Carnival Dream is enormous and for that reason it has it's many good points and a few challenges. Let's get the "challenges" out of the way~because of the capacity of people it carries buffet lines are often long and a quite the wait. Dinner time is slower as well (or maybe they just needed more staff because I saw our waitress/server still working in another area after midnight and we were 6p.m. early diners and I know she didn't just get there). Anyway, room service as well was always late except two times, once on Wednesday morning it was on time and the last day of the cruise they came extra early waking us up. In fact we very rushed out the last day and the line at the help desk for check-out was over an hour long wait. The majority of the staff was cheerful, wonderful, helpful but there were several that were not in fact I literally asked one young woman at the help desk "you look like you hate your job?" She replied, "no mam, I am just very tired and have not had my coffee." I do believe these employees are overworked. With that being said, the rest of the cruise was amazing! The Cloud 9 Spa was the best part of the cruise (for me). We were in a Spa Balcony and it was worth every penny being able to get up in the morning and walk out my door right around the corner to the spa! You can look up the Spa online to see all of the amenities but one honorable mention is the room where there are tiled heated stone lounge chairs, they do not sound comfortable but many people fall asleep on them by the soft music under the atrium sunlight as you will realize by some of the snores lol! Another is the "Bamboo Massage", omgosh! It was incredible! Know in advance the Spa offers everything (and then some) that any upscale Spa Resort on land would offer so bring $$$ you can literally get something similar to Botox, Acupuncture, various types of massage, hair, nails, exercise, and so much more. The excursions were Cozumel, Belize, Isle Roatan & Costa Maya and we believe more time (a full 8 hours) should be spent at Costa Maya, just as the day is getting good it was time to back to the ship:( The Chocolate Melting Cake is so very delicious! As is most all meals on the ship! Carnival has done an exceptional job of catering to all global taste buds:) The shows were good, not exceptional but very good. Our rooms were kept immaculate as was the ship as a whole. There were so many FUN things and activities to do and the kids clubs are phenomenal! The Adults Only Serenity deck is simply amazing! Loved the jacuzzi over looking the ocean! Can't wait until our next trip!!!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
Just back from the Dream 2/13-2/20...gorgeous boat...love the decor throughout very modern We stayed in room 12217...spa floor...worth every extra penny...decor of the hallway is upscale and the room decor is upscale...best part only 10 ... Read More
Just back from the Dream 2/13-2/20...gorgeous boat...love the decor throughout very modern We stayed in room 12217...spa floor...worth every extra penny...decor of the hallway is upscale and the room decor is upscale...best part only 10 cabins in our hallway....so nice and quiet all the time. Only bad part...no cover over balcony and adult serenity is right above taking away the privacy. The adult serenity area and the spa are beautiful. The food in the dining room and in the Chef's art steakhouse was so good. We never ate a bad meal. The casino was fun. Enjoyed the funhubs for the Internet throughout the ship. Okay....so here is how our trip started....landed in Atlanta at midnight....all planes grounded....no hotels no rental cars....stuck until Tuesday (it is Friday night). We finally convinced Budget to rent us a car one way for 400 dollars...yup a subcompact for 10 hours for 400 dollars...what are you going to do? We then had no luggage. With little but our passports we drove from 1am to the Orlando airport and returned the car...we stopped for about 20 minutes to grab a few toiletries and shorts and t-shirts. We took a shuttle to the port and made the cruise. We had been up 42 hours straight by the time we fell asleep. Within a day I was in the infirmary with strep throat......never totally recovered.....oh well....we were on a cruise. Caliente...the night club.....crazy wild fun fun fun Nassau...walked around...senor frogs for some drinks St. Thomas....Secret Harbour......GO.....what a nice cove....good eats and drinks and nice beach. St. Marteen....French Beach Break.....don't book this.....the service is very poor...very poor....I can assure you that the other 80 people on the excursion felt the same way. Go to town rent 2 chairs, umbrella, and bucket of beer for 15 bucks! Regardless enjoy. Okay so some things that could be improved on the Dream.... 1. common areas are too small for the amount of people on the boat. 2. More drink servers 3. Buffet area was crowded and hours limited (didn't eat here much) 4. Other than that....all good Read Less
Sail Date February 2010
Carnival Dream This was our first Back to back cruise experience. The week of January 23 was Western Caribbean and the week of January 30 was Eastern Caribbean. We do not fly. Since it was January and we live in the Snow Belt we left ... Read More
Carnival Dream This was our first Back to back cruise experience. The week of January 23 was Western Caribbean and the week of January 30 was Eastern Caribbean. We do not fly. Since it was January and we live in the Snow Belt we left Ohio on Wednesday and headed south. The trip is very familiar to us and after researching hotels at the beach, we chose to spend 2 nights at Disney. On the morning of the cruise we drove from Disney to the port. Port Canaveral has the embarkation process down to a tee. We stopped to drop off luggage and my husband parked the car in the garage. (You do not pay for parking until you disembark, so be sure to put your ticket on your dash) We were in the terminal, checked in and on the ship in less than 30 minutes, about 11:30. (The online check in really does speed up the process.) The lido was open for lunch and as usual the cabins were not available until 1:30. The lido was already extremely crowded, but we found a table, ate lunch, and explored the ship, until we could get in our cabin. We had a spa cabin on deck 12. The cabin was the same size as other balcony cabins on all Carnival ships, the colors were more pleasing than the usual (dark reds and tans). We were the second cabin forward on the port side. It was a very convenient location to the spa and the elevators. We did encounter noise on the days the slides were open, lots of running above us. The amenities of the cabin included access to thalssotheraphy pool, the thermal suite, tea room, a private locker room and 2 free fitness classes. The Spa was wonderful. We used the thalssotheraphy pool at least once a day. My husband usually went twice a day. The water was very warm, sometimes too warm to my liking. The thermal suite includes 2 steam rooms, 2 relaxation rooms with heated tile loungers, 2 rain showers and the tea room. One of the steam rooms has eucalyptus steam and the other aroma I not sure of. The tile loungers are the greatest relaxer I have encountered in a long time. The tea room had fresh fruit, ice waters (lemon and cucumber), and several tea choices. The entire area was very quiet and relaxing. We never encountered any crowding in any of the areas. We usually went in the mornings around 9 and early evenings. I enjoyed the showers in the locker room, instead of the cabin's tight quarters. Dining- We had anytime dining. Most nights there was no wait. We always asked for a table for 2. One evening we had to wait for 40 minutes for a table. We were aware that we had "timed" it that several diners were just being seated and we relaxed in the library. The wait was no longer or unpleasant than being at Olive Garden or many other land restaurants. Later that evening room service arrived at our cabin with a plate of sweets with a card from the maitre'd and hostesses apologizing for our long wait. The meals were all good. We had filet mignon, prime rib, lobster, the chatebriand, pork, and all were very good. I tried several of the soups and appetizers, and love the chilled fruit soups. My husband is not into any "fancy" dishes, and it was no problem for him to get a plain salad every evening and any other "special" requests. The lido buffet at breakfast and lunch had many choices, not so much at dinner time. The pasta bar is great, and don't forget the grill, pizza and deli areas. We used room service several times and it was always quick and warm. Shows - The main theater is too small in my humble opinion. Some show nights there were no seats left 20 minutes before the show started. Seat saving caused some problems. The shows were good and you don't want to miss the "Dancing in the Streets" show. The comedy shows were OK. The shows were pretty much the same old routines. We didn't go to the other lounges. The Ocean plaza area is very nice and doesn't seem to be used as much as I would have thought it would. Ports - We've been to all the ports before, so we tended to take advantage of the empty ship on port days. I got off at Isla Roatan to check out the new cruise center. Mahogany Bay and the beach area are beautiful. We couldn't dock at Costa Maya because of high winds and rough seas. In St. Thomas we did the Paradise Point Skyway. The views were pretty but as usually the price was a little too high. All in all we think the Dream is a winner and would book it again. Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
Our initial thoughts on our Inaugural cruise on Carnival Dream - this was our 12th cruise with Carnival and 22nd overall. We had a great time on our trip. Pre-cruise. We stayed in Rome for 2 nights prior. We took the Airport shuttle ... Read More
Our initial thoughts on our Inaugural cruise on Carnival Dream - this was our 12th cruise with Carnival and 22nd overall. We had a great time on our trip. Pre-cruise. We stayed in Rome for 2 nights prior. We took the Airport shuttle train into the city. Our hotel was close to the Rome Termini train station. It was OK for a 3-star hotel, but the location made it easy to get to on arrival and when left for the ship. We did a Rome tour by night - thanks Lisa. We took the train to Civitavecchia on the morning of embarkation. We took an Intercity train, which was shorter - only 1 stop in Rome before going direct to Civitavecchia - the train continued north after that. For an extra 3 Euros each we went first class and had assigned seats. It is about a 10 minute walk from the train station to the port entrance. Easy enough if you have wheels on your luggage, but you can take a taxi if you wish. From the port entrance there is a free shuttle bus to each of the different ships. The embarkation process was very easy and we were aboard the ship by 11am. Positives: Spa facilities - similar to Splendor with some added treatment rooms. If you wish to pay for 12 day access to the Spa facilities - Steam and Sauna rooms, Thalossotherapy pool etc you can purchase them onboard. We forget what the daily rate is, but at the start of the cruise you can purchase a pass for the entire cruise for $329 - which will admit two people. This rate is cheaper on Caribbean cruises. Massages and treatments are extra. Bear in mind that you may be challenged to get the full enjoyment of the spa each day if you are off the ship visiting all the ports in Europe, but that is an individual choice. For those that don't get the spa passes, they still have excellent steam rooms in the regular Men's and Women's change rooms, and a co-ed sauna with a window on the side for a view. Slides. With few children aboard, many adults tried out the slides. They have two long tube/covered slides. One is a typical twisting slide, and the other is called the Drainpipe - it is a shorter slide but has a steep bit to launch you out into a round bowl where you slide around until you come to a stop and then get out at the bottom centre. They were both a lot of fun. You get a great view of the ship - and sea or port - from the top of the slides. Adult-only areas. The Serenity deck area is on Deck 14 at the front, and the pool at the aft of the ship on Deck 10 is adult only. (more on this later). We didn't use the Serenity areas on Deck 14 but they looked very relaxing and are probably very popular on warm sea days. Ship Layout. The Deck 5 Lanai (exterior deck area) is a noticeable change from Splendor and earlier Carnival ships. This was a popular area to walk around the ship, however this could change when the ship gets to the Caribbean as we understand Deck 5 is going to be full of deck chairs to provide additional places for passengers to lie out and relax. The jogging track is on Deck 12 at the aft of the ship although there weren't many joggers out, and most of the walkers were on Deck 5. The Spa staff suggested it was 4 laps of the jogging track for 1 mile, but it is more like 6 laps. For those who were looking for a quieter method to move from bow to aft or vice versa - try Deck 4 rather than Deck 5. Deck 5 has more activities and therefore more passengers, but Deck 4 is usually much less crowded. Food. We enjoyed the food. Many of the popular items from past Carnival menus were included on the dinner menus. We understand food is a very subjective topic, but we found the food to be just as good as recent Carnival and RCI cruises. We ate all of our meals in assigned dining - 1st sitting Crimson Dining Room and didn't go to the Supper Club. Welcome Aboard party. There are separate activities for 1st and 2nd sitting. With so many passengers, the reception was split across all the lounges at the back of Deck 5 and the Welcome Aboard by the Captain was done later that night at the Production Show. We found the bar service to be very prompt and they provided a good selection of bar drinks. Everyone was well dressed on both formal nights. Dancing in the Street Production Show. Terrific. Lots of different entertainment included in this show that had something for everyone. Just about everyone we spoke to said this was one of the best (if not the best) show on a ship they had seen in a long time. Try to sit somewhere in the centre of the theatre (upper or lower) to see everything that is presented. Fun Hubs. The ship has around 34 computer stations. Most people go to the main facility in the middle of Deck 5, so it is a bit more crowded there, so find some of the other ones scattered across the ship and you can use those without a line. Those who bring their own laptops can log in from anywhere on the ship. You can get an account for free to access basic news, ship layout, and an electronic version of the Carnival Capers. You can do this from any FunHub or personal laptop. If you want to access the internet, you will pay for that. Packages range from 45min $29 (.64/min), 120 min $59 (.49/min), 240 min $89 (.37/min) and 480 min $159 (.33/min). They have a small number of promotions for extra/discounted minutes based on when you log in on certain days. We found the FunHub staff to be very helpful and most times we walked by they were helping someone with questions. Libary. A modest collection of books to start, however they were all hardback and brand new. By the end of the cruise passengers had dropped off a number of paperbacks for future cruisers to read. They have quite a few games in the library as well. We don't know if the Children's activities have a separate section for board games. Cabins. We had a problem with the thermostat in the room, but when we called maintenance, someone showed up within minutes to look at it. Overall the rooms were great, they have flat screen TVs and the beds were very good. The bed frame seemed a bit higher than previous ships, which means that most luggage should be able to fit under the bed. We had a Cat 9A corner cabin with a larger balcony at the aft, however the room layout meant that there was no small sofa in the cabin. There were small armchairs however. Other than the sound from toilets flushing, the sound insulation between rooms was very good - we never heard our neighbours. Seaside Theatre Outside Screen over the Main Pool. Very good visibility. Note that movies, concerts and relaxing spa-like shows are shown. No news is shown on the big screen, apparently as a result of previous passenger comments. Several news channels are available in the cabins including CNN International, BBC World, Euro News, German, Italian, French news, etc., Itinerary. Very good. Many people we spoke with would have been happy to spend extra time in Barcelona, Monaco, etc., however doing so would have meant a longer cruise, or skipping a port. We had been to several of the ports before but took the time to visit Barcelona and Monaco. In Barcelona we visited Las Ramblas, Parc Guell and La Sagrada Familial. Time flew by in Barcelona and many of the people we spoke with at the end of the day while waiting to get the shuttle back to the ship (5 Euros rtn per person) said the same thing. It may be worthwhile trying to do a few things well rather than try to see many things briefly. In Barcelona we used the public bus, taxi and subway in addition to the shuttle downtown. In Monaco we did a private tour with Revelation tours - Frank was our driver - he gave us a great tour and we visited some scenic lookouts larger buses didn`t visit. We visited Monte Carlo / Monaco, Eze, Nice and St Paul de Vence. We stopped to walk around Eze, Nice, St Paul and Monte Carlo. We recommend them highly - www.revelation-tours.com Fellow Cruisers. We met lots of great people from all over the world on this cruise. Everyone had a different experience and it was fun to share stories. It was great touring with others (all our CC friends) and meeting others aboard (Lynette and Ian among others). The CC Meet and Greet started off beside a Trivia contest and we moved to an empty lounge. Disembarkation. In Civitavecchia this starts early. People were leaving by 6am. We left around 7:20am and the ship would have been cleared probably by 8:30am at the latest. It seemed that people were able to get the disembarkation time they wanted, and the process of retrieving luggage in the terminal area was organized and simple enough when we went through. If you wish you can do self-assist and take all of your luggage with you. We took a private shuttle to Rome airport along with some other CC passengers - thanks Joanne! Points to Impove. We'll try to keep this brief (we did have a good time after all...) Entertainment. We found this OK, however there were only 2 production shows on a 12 day cruise. The 1st one was extremely good, however the production of the 2nd show (Get Ready) was just an average production of Motown and R&B song and dance. Apparently there was a 3rd show - Extreme Country - but if so, we missed it. Pools. We were told that the Main Pool was among the smallest in the fleet. There are extra Whirlpools on this ship (Deck 5) however no doubt the pools will be crowded on Sea Days in the Caribbean. Unlike Splendor, the Main Pool does not have a retractable roof, which means that on cool or rainy days, the Main Pool area will not be as useful. Inaugural Cruise. As head office is recognizing the New York cruise for the naming ceremony and inaugural activities there wasn't much additional benefit to being on the first passenger cruise. We did get a gift of a standard black Carnival photo folder (holds two 8 x 10s) and were told repeatedly that we were the first to cruise on Dream, so we would always have that. Read Less
Sail Date September 2009
Carnival Dream Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.5 4.3
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 3.5 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 4.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.5 3.6
Service 5.0 4.2
Value For Money 5.0 4.0
Rates 3.0 4.1

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