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Inside stateroom with twin beds that convert to a king.

Interior (4B)
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Interior Cabin Reviews
Cabin 1321
Jun 2017
I chose this location for less ship movement. My friend thought she might get seasick (her first cruise), and she was fine. There was a little bit of engine noise each morning, but it didn't bother us at all. Nice, cold mini fridge in room. Plenty of closet space, a few drawers. Your typical interior room.
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Cabin 1419
Jan 2017
Decent sized interior cabin, well maintained, and with GREAT cabin service.
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Cabin 1365
Mar 2016
Great Vacation! By: srp1419
Standard inside cabin. Bed was very comfy. Toilet had some trouble flushing the button seemed to stick. Shower gel never refilled even though was on empty when arrived. Only one outlet for charging.
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Cabin 1414
Oct 2015
Extremely average with very little room. I usually dressed first so i could get out of the cabin so my wife would have some space to get ready to go out at nite which is exactly the opposite of how we would normally do it. bathroom and closet space were both fine however counter space was lacking and there was nowhere to relax.
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Cabin 2451
Apr 2015
Cruise to Paradise By: maggiepelle
Great room. They were 4 of us. We had a king and the boys had the bunk beds that they pull down at night.
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Cabin 1406
Dec 2014
We expected the room to be small and it was. No room to store luggage....we had to get creative to find places to put it. The shower was far smaller than expected and it was difficult to get one of us and our two-year-old in there to get him cleaned up.
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Cabin 1286
Jul 2013
Service was great. Layout was fine. Plenty of room for two people. Not enough room for 3 or 4.
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Jan 2011
The BEDS. We found rather HARD and very uncomfortable. Ask for the bedding/ liner to be added. Was a big improvement, and slept much better!
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Aug 2010
3rd Time Not A Charm! By: jcorgidog
My biggest complaint was the condition of our room. Perhaps if we had shelled out double the money we would have had a better quality stateroom. But we do travel on a budget with our two daughters, and we ended up sharing a cabin on deck 2. The beds themselves are unacceptable. They are hard, old, and extremely uncomfortable. To make matters worse, MUCH WORSE, are the pathetic cabin air conditioners. They do not put out enough cold air to keep up with four people, and there is absolutely NO air circulation. I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU BRING ALONG A SMALL DESK FAN TO SOLVE THE CIRCULATION PROBLEM. I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I think it would be a good idea! Anyway, night after night we lay in our individual bunk beds (we below, our daughters above) sweating it out fighting to fall asleep. Another problem was the water faucet in the shower. On past cruises we were able to adjust the temperature of the shower water using a knob on the right side of the fixture. It seems that this feature has been disabled. We were at the mercy of lukewarm shower water. Not horrible, but I appreciate a hot shower.
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Cabin 1311
Apr 2010
Room For Improvement By: kerrflash
If you are travelling with 4 people in a stateroom this one is tiny. There is no sitting area, so if you are in your room you must sit on the beds.
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Cabin 2203
Jan 2010
Typical interior cruise room. Comfy beds. Nice shower. Room was very near the front of the ship, and got a lot of thumping wave noise during rougher parts of the trip. Rooms were directly under theater.
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