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Inside stateroom with twin beds that convert to a king.

Interior (4A)
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Cabin 1227
Jun 2017
Apparently this room is above the Crew night club, because each night you could hear the BASS from the music playing down below. I brought a small fan with me, so it drowned out the noise, and it was not too bad, but without the fan, I would have easily heard the noise from down below and the hall way noise.
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Cabin 1227
May 2017
FAIR AND UNBIAS By: jokeji11
Normal inside cabin. Clean and adequate for us because we do not spend much time in the cabin so why pay almost double for a balcony we do not use... The one different thing with this room was, it had very good closet space. we loved that.
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Cabin 2209
Feb 2017
Cabin was comfortable and well maintained. Beds were arranged into one large bed.
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Cabin 1021
Jan 2017
Great winter getaway By: kcnipper
As a single, I have to pay for two people in the room so I ask for an interior room.
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Cabin 7218
May 2016
Ok, Not Great By: Yankee kayaker
Clean, comfortable.
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Cabin 1016
Feb 2016
Adequate By: neoWizard
The cabin was kept clean, though it was tiny. We've been on newer boats where the inside cabins are slightly larger, and a little more comfortable to maneuver.
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Cabin 1456
Jan 2016
Such Fun! By: cindyruth
Clean. Efficient. Dark.
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Cabin 7301/7311
Jul 2015
Real Talk By:
Nice size and very clean.
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Cabin 2322
Jun 2015
UK to Caribean By: galeforce54
Plenty of room, quiet even though underneath the restaurant on the promenade deck
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Cabin 1223
Jun 2015
Not what I expected By: floatingflowers
This was a typical inside cabin.
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Cabin 1202
Apr 2015
If you are a deep sleeper then I highly recommend this Cabin. The amount of space was incredible.
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Cabin 1004
Mar 2015
Terrable room temps! They came in and took temps on our room and stated the air was coming out of the vent at 76.9 but our room was 79 degrees. They did nothing but gave us a fan!?!?
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Cabin 1381
Jul 2013
Great room - a lot more spacious than I had anticipated!! It was a little crowded but that was because we kept the uppers down then entire trip so our 17 year olds could "nap" during the day!
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Mar 2013
Great Escape By: Blunk
It was an interior cabin but the air conditioning was great. When you wake up in the interior room, you don't know if it's daytime or dark out still. That's what's great about it.
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Cabin 8219
Mar 2013
Always appreciate the size of cabins on Carnival. We take inside cabins because we save lots of money and only go to the cabin to change clothes and sleep, so no window needed for that. Our big "cruise suitcases" fit easily under the bed, and there was actually more drawer and closet space than needed. This year, we decided to pack half as much and took a roll of quarters and did laundry half way through. Worked great! We noticed far less noise and rocking on deck 8 this year (vs. deck 1 last year).
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Cabin 1203
Mar 2012
Cabin 1203, which is as close as you can get to crew quarters without entering through their door. The cabin itself was fine, nothing amazing, a bed, TV, and refrigerator with a bathroom. The location was not the greatest, the weather was windy most days and high seas so unless you enjoy the sound of waves banging across the hull all night choose a different location. It was like someone taking 20 bats and slamming the boat every couple of seconds most nights. In fair weather it wouldn't be an issue but be prepared to sleep less if it storms. The location is also kind of annoying because crew are constantly going in and out of their door. I can't fault them for working but hearing your cabin steward get up at 6am was kind of annoying.
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Cabin 1337
Sep 2011
Our cabin was just right for two. It had 3 closets, 4 drawers. The bathroom had shelves for our stuff and enough room in the shower to get the job done. The room was clean and efficient. Since it was an inside cabin, it got real dark once the lights were off. When someone walked by you could hear them talk but never heard the neighbors except the toilets! Our friends had the same room but with the bunk-bed option in the ceiling. I think it would have been cramped with 4 people in it. Next time we would like a window, just to say we have done it, but the value of the inside cabin might change our minds.
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Cabin 6311
Jan 2011
It was an adequately sized handicap room. We did have to turn the bed a different direction so my husband could get his wheelchair between the bed and the door. Quiet location within about 25-30 ft of central elevator.
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Cabin 7234
Oct 2010
Clean, well stocked, showing serious signs of wear and tear due to age. The wall panels rattle terrible! It was obvious that this is a problem and has been for some time due to amount of paper wads stuck between the wall panels and ceiling trim. I added some more to help out but didn't ever completely fix it!
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Cabin 1450
Jun 2010
Family conquest of the Caribbean By: cruise-a-palooza
Noisy with vibrations from the engine.
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Cabin 1422
Jan 2010
Rooms were fine and not a lot of engine noise like I originally thought. We had 2 rooms that adjoined 1422/1424 so we had lots of space. Only significant noise was crew outside the cabins during clean up times. Bed were comfortable and window views were great. You can actually sit in the windows and read.
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