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Oceanview stateroom with a private balcony and twin beds that convert to a king.

Balcony (8A)
Decks: Deck 6
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Balcony Cabin Reviews
Cabin 8217
Jul 2017
Great all the way By: wloyed
Clean and service was prompt.
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Cabin 9275
Jan 2017
Never Again Carnival By: Seafarer62
Small cabin, small patio even after we opened it between our two staterooms. Difficult for a family of four to sit there all at once. Definitely Not worth the rice upgrade.
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Apr 2016
Cabin was super clean. Had a weird tapping noise behind toilet on first day we asked them to look into it and it was fixed when we came back later.
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Cabin 6231
Apr 2016
Over the Toulouse-Letrec Lounge...aft, about 9 cabins from the front. Yes, you could hear the noise from the shows, but typically, it got quiet by 11. We didn't spend much time in our cabin at night, but some shows started at 9:15 am...we heard music (muffled) but it wasn't terrible. Not near elevators. They washed the balcony twice...and the partition had to be tightened up by a rolled up towel...otherwise it banged.
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Cabin 6285
Apr 2016
Poor Customer Service By: bkm30102
Not as bad as I expected for 4 people.
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Cabin 6251
Mar 2016
Great 30th Cruise! By: Vettebuf
We were in a balcony cabin #6251. It was just a few cabins from the front elevators. It was quiet. This was a standard balcony-180 square feet plus 40 square foot balcony. It had a sofa instead of a desk and chair.
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Cabin 6316
Mar 2016
Smoke and burgers By: Lamar Armstrong
Adequate. Clean. Good service.
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Feb 2016
Not for Me! By: msgvas61
liked it
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Cabin 7639
Jan 2016
Cabin itself was OK. BUT it was directly above the O2 club. It was very loud will into the wee hours of the morning. Concierge refused to do anything. Wouldn't move us or anything. Not very restful as a result of all the noise. Apparently teen nightlife is more important than a paying adult customer.
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Cabin 6224
Jan 2016
This is kind of a neat cabin. Kind of an "L" shape which gives it double the length on the balcony.
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Oct 2015
OK Cruise; Nothing Great By: SusieKIslandGirl
Very nice cabin-plenty of storage room. The sofa was a little uncomfortable to sit on-it was too wide to have back support and the slick surface caused you to slip down. Our steward was friendly and efficient. We were toward the aft of the ship, Deck 6. Easy to take the stairs up to the Lido buffet or down to the restaurant. The showroom was the only really distant walk.
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Cabin 1056
Sep 2015
Good. Only one 110 volt outlet in the entire room which makes charging phones and iPads a challenge. No clocks in the room or where one would expect them (pool, dining rooms, casino, etc.). Room size was adequate for 7 day trip. Room was clean. Shower drain was slow.
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Cabin 6331
Aug 2015
Nice way to see the island By: shabbalovecruise
It was excellent
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Cabin 8233
Jul 2015
Very nice, roomy, plenty of storage.
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Cabin 6207
Jul 2015
Relaxing Christmas Holiday By: kimloveslarry
This was a handicap balcony room. Very roomy. Bathroom was huge with lots of storage. The bathrooms were large enough to store my husbands scooter in the shower so it freed up the space in the room, as my husband is up and down a lot during the night. It had a nice couch and the balcony was good sized. We LOVE to place our morning breakfast order the night before and have delivered to the room at a specified time. Every single day, they were within 5 minutes of our requested time. Nice job Carnival!!! My only complaint (and it isn't really a complaint) was the light switch was right next to the emergency call switch, so we accidently hit that a time or two. It resulted in a phone call to our state room checking in on us to make sure all was well. Sorry Carnival!
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Cabin 8445
Jun 2015
Big and a small miror for the make up in the morning. Dressing gown.
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Cabin 8269
May 2015
Disappointing By: ladaallo
Stear clear of this room unless you love the smell of wafting sewage.
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Cabin 6374
Mar 2015
Somewhat dissapointing By: Momof3boys21
Cabin very nice
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Cabin 6248
Feb 2015
Not the greatest cruise By: Wildcatllamas
Unless you like to sit up till the late show in the theater is over this isn't the cabin for you. It is right above the theater where the speakers are mounted on the ceiling. Needless to say very noisy and beds actually vibrated from the noise.
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Cabin 6208
Jan 2015
We were offered an upgrade the week before sailing, and ended up in an accessible balcony room. Wide doors, ramp to get out on the balcony, and huge bathroom! I will tell you this, that bathroom was worth the price of the room! The bed was really comfortable! I slept great. Our balcony door had 2 locks, and I couldn't close them, my husband had to do it every time - and if both locks weren't closed it whistled really loud. You had to lift up and pull in to get them to slide over... We didn't use it all that much though because the door to the front deck was next to our room, so we'd just go out there most of the time. That was kind of annoying at night though, the outer door slams, so every time someone went in or out we heard it. We did find old papers from the prior 2 cruises both under the bed and behind the tables... so it wasn't all that clean.
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Cabin 6267
Dec 2014
Conquest By: beachshellcruiser
Nice quiet room, good location, well maintained.
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Cabin 7221
Dec 2014
Fun fun fun By: eileen60
Loved the window in the balcony room and had plenty of room . Our son and daughter came in for a birthday party for me and we had plenty of space,Shower was roomy and my son loved checking out the movement of the ship by watching the towels in the bathroom because it was the only place you could even tell the ship was moving.
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Cabin 8368
Oct 2014
We stayed in cabin 8368 and it was a great balcony cabin mid-ship. It was a typical balcony cabin on Carnival lines and it fit our needs perfectly. We enjoyed the comfortable chairs on the balcony as well as the 3 closets within the cabin. It was also a perfect deck location as the lido deck with pools and buffet were within stair climbing!
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Cabin 6416
Jul 2013
Great balcony, relatively quiet location, great location near everything.
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Jun 2013
Cabin was small but clean and enjoyed the balcony which was a must.
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Cabin 8381
Dec 2012
8381 Nice deck, nice cabin. Great view.. But.. there is a noise from the steward preparation area across the hall. It starts at 11 pm every night, and goes for about 30 minutes. Then at about 4-5 am it sounds like a race of carts above the cabin. Not sure where the noise comes from. But it woke us up every night without fail. We would not book this cabin again because of the noise. If you do, Bring ear plugs or a sound machine.. It is that bad. 8383 and 8385 have the same trouble.
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Cabin 6220
Sep 2012
What a blast!! By: bluemoon12
We were on the Upper deck room 6220. Our room steward john David was great and the room was nice. The balcony had a great view without any obstructions. The room was quiet with hall traffic and noise from the decks above and below. My only complaint would be our neighbors in room 6222 who kept slamming their balcony door constantly!!
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Cabin 6229
Sep 2012
Had a great vacation By: rmang53
Cabin- We had a balcony cabin on the port side of the Upper Deck. Very nice and clean cabin. I was concerned about the view, being over the life boats. But it was a perfect view. Our cabin was sort of in the front just as the waves were breaking. Very quiet room.
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Cabin 6243
Jul 2012
Wonderful!!!!! By: MamallamaAndDaddy
Room was great, quiet, even above the theater. View was great. The room was not "hot" but we were glad to have our portable fan at night.
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Cabin 1064
Jun 2012
Great! By: PM399
Great view, great room , quiet location! The best!
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Cabin 1015
Apr 2012
Had a fantastic time! By: celialou
We booked an oceanview a few months ago with They are really cool because it is the SAME exact price that you pay Carnival, except depending on how much your rate is, you get an onboard credit! Our onboard credit was $100. Anyway, we originally booked an oceanview, but I was checking the prices a few days before my cruise and I saw that they had dropped drastically, so I called my agent at Cruise Vacation Outlet, and she was able to upgrade us to a balcony room for only $40. Amazing. We loved our balcony room. We will never be able to cruise without one now. The room was very large. It had a pull out sofa, king size bed, three large closets, and an adequate bathroom. There were only two things. One: if you need an outlet next to the bed, bring an extension cord. My fiance has a CPAP machine and the cord didn't reach. We had to borrow one from Guest Services. They put a $25 charge on his account until it was returned. It was just a hassle... Also bring a splitter. There is only ONE outlet. Two: the TV kinda sucked. It was an old tube TV with a bad screen. They really should update them. The room was obviously kept very clean and tidy by our cabin steward.
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Cabin 1006
Mar 2012
Great cabin! It's small of course, but plenty of closet space and drawers (we had 2 adults in the room). Bathroom is also small but enough space for both of us to keep our toiletries. We were worried about being at the very front (and one of the top decks) that it might be rougher up here but we had no problems, no seasickness, etc. It was quieter than we thought it might be since there is a door to the outside front deck right next to our room; but, that deck is locked off at night so there wasn't a bunch of traffic going out there late. Also, even though we were under the spa deck we never heard a sound from up there.Bed was comfortable. Room steward and staff were great!
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Cabin 6481
Mar 2012
room# 6481 rear "L" shaped room that we really enjoyed! there is NO couch in this room but the balcony is long!! The bathroom is also right next to the bed just in case that bothers someone!! We loved being able to wake up and lay in bed facing the water through the big 2 windows!!! the other rooms the bed faces the TV. have to go through a little door to get to this room and it made it so I NEVER heard any hall noise, It is above the rear lounge but we never heard any noise at night!!
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Cabin 6399
Dec 2011
Great balcony but not good if you have cigarette smokers on either side. Lots of closet space. Carpet stained. The beds were quite comfortable. Clean Bathrooms.
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Cabin 7275
Jul 2011
Conquest 7/10/2011 By: mimitexas
Nice room. Large bath, nice tub, no noise. Plenty of closets/drawers.
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Cabin 8353
Mar 2011
There was some noise from above from people sliding chairs in pool area.
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Feb 2011
Carnival Not My First Choice By: notnorml+family
Held 4 people Good Size 11th floor is perfect location and away from the noise and traffic
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Cabin 7375
Aug 2010
Halfway between the aft pool and main pool, by the buffets!
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Cabin 6263
May 2010
We had no issues with cabin # 6263 great bed, plenty of storage space and was kept immaculate
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Cabin 6222
Jan 2010
Our cabin on the Upper Deck of the Conquest, # 6222, was located on the port side and very forward towards the bow. It is located directly above the main show lounge (Toulouse-Lautrec). The sound of the Conquest show band resonated into this cabin during the early shows whenever we were in our cabin after finishing our early dining evening meal. This cabin is located a good distance away from the forward stairs and elevators so we were not bothered by many passersby or those waiting patiently for an elevator. The only unsatisfactory aspect of this balcony cabin occurred on the night before our last sea day as the ship was buffeted by "gale force" winds coming across the starboard bow. ["Gale force" was the description used on the Conquest information channel on the cabin TV] Our balcony door, though shut tight and locked, allowed the wind to whistle in and balcony chairs near our cabin moved around throughout the night, scraping on the balcony deck flooring and bulkhead. This awakened us numerous times and also awakened our relatives who were three cabins more forward on the same port side as we were located. My wife eventually used ship's towels and jammed them into the door cracks in an attempt to minimize the whistling helped, but did not eliminate all of the noise.
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Cabin 6209
Oct 2009
Our cabin was perfect! We had plenty of room. It was quiet. Great view from the balcony. No complaints!
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Cabin 6473
Jul 2009
Apr 2009
Great cabin size, good bathroom but would prefer glassed in shower, a bit too noisy since close to elevators and on Lido Deck.
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Cabin 6363
Jul 2008
Good closet, good balcony, horrible noise from casino bandstand below; ultimately moved to another cabin
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Cabin 6453
Jul 2008
Very Noisy!! Loud music until 12:30 to 1am
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Cabin 8298
Jun 2008
8298 - regular cabin. Toilet was temperamental at times and wouldnt flush. If you find an I-pod in there, its mine! :)
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