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We have cruised 17 times and only once with Carnival. We were a bit hesitant when we booked with Carnival but we did it because we liked the 8 day cruise with only three stops Aruba, Curacau and Grand Turk The boarding process could use ... Read More
We have cruised 17 times and only once with Carnival. We were a bit hesitant when we booked with Carnival but we did it because we liked the 8 day cruise with only three stops Aruba, Curacau and Grand Turk The boarding process could use some work as it was crowded and confusing and took around an hour. We even took their advise and waited until 12:30 to arrive. Big Mistake! Wait later. Those that got there earlier waited longer. Not a good start to the cruise. Once on board things improved dramatically. We had a spa balcony room on the 12th floor and it was accessible upon arrival. Bags showed up within a couple of hours. Nice room with a good size bathroom and decent balcony. We are used to sliding doors to the balcony so we can open them and listen To the ocean but these are doors that close automatically but it was a minor issue. Not too difficult to find your way around the ship. Lots of working elevators Cloud 9 SPA was decent but doesn't compare to others offered by NCL and RC. As for the Serenity the Adults only area - don't waste your time trying to find a place as every piece of furniture had a flip flop or a bag or a towel on to reserve the spot. Only got to spend an hour up there one afternoon during the stop at Grand Turk FOOD - we had early seating at 6:00 PM and ended up at a table for 10. So it was us and 4 other couples and I must say we all. Hit it off so well that we were the last ones to leave the dining room most evening. As for the food if was Ok - really nothing spectacular or memorable and it really didn't change much from night to night. I tried four different times to get reservations at the steakhouse and could never get one. It worked out fine because we were enjoying the company of our new cruise friends. The burgers were amazing at Guy Fieri's - always a line but well worth the wait. The barbeque was good as well SHOWS- nothing much here. Not of the same caliber as NCL and RC or Princess. Comedians were not very good either. ENTERTAINMENT- We did enjoy the Piano Bar quite a bit. The later in the evening the funnier it became. The cruise team did a decent job. We were a bit disappointed that the dance club was rarely opened and when it was it was late late late in the evening. ISLANDS - we love Aruba and a tour of the island with a stop at the beach for a couple of hours was perfect. We booked the evening sunset cocktail cruise excursion thinking it was be romantic and peaceful only to discover once aboard it was very casual with lots and lots of drinks included. Curacau is a beatiful island as well with lots to do within walking distance of the ship Grand Turk in our opinion is really the Carnival private island. Not much to do except drink or lay on the beach which was ok by us. You can see the entire island from the top of the ship OVERALL - we were quite surprised with the service and the friendly people on board. We really had an enjoyable time and would consider booking with Carnival again especially if we new that our new cruise friends were booking with them as well.   Read Less
Sail Date February 2015
EXPERIENCE THE BREEZE, SOLO WITHOUT BREAKING THE BUDGET Hey there cruisers, Grab a seat this may take a while. (I wish I knew how to add photos here) I returned last week from my first trip on the beautiful CARNIVAL BREEZE and took a LOT ... Read More
EXPERIENCE THE BREEZE, SOLO WITHOUT BREAKING THE BUDGET Hey there cruisers, Grab a seat this may take a while. (I wish I knew how to add photos here) I returned last week from my first trip on the beautiful CARNIVAL BREEZE and took a LOT of notes. This was a last minute solo trip that I snagged via the “Carnival Player’s club” from my VIFP “Special offers”. I’ve wanted to sail on the new BREEZE, and the offer was too good to pass up and managed to get good airfare. . This was my 15th Carnival cruise since 2006. I grabbed it immediately for the chance to see what the new BREEZE has to offer. I originally booked an interior room on deck two, but managed a better upgrade to a SPA INTERIOR on deck 11….more on that later. I have also cruised NCL and RCL. I do enjoy Carnival and have been looking for great deals on other lines to change it up, but always work out better offers with Carnival for my time frame and interests. I do critique what I see and my overall experience in hopes the cruise line and future passengers may benefit. I tend to cover multiple captions in detail and I hope that my experience is helpful to you and possibly the cruise lines. . I am not a hard-sell Balcony or specific stateroom type of guy. I try to be flexible and have discovered that it can lead to a whole different experience depending on where your stateroom is located and the ship. My on board itinerary is normally “step out of the box” type of things keeping the trip experience fresh and different as many of us know it starts to become stagnant. Attend different meetings, gatherings, and explore on my own as well as take an unexpected excursion, even if it isn’t in my common interest. Keeping an open mind and doing this, I’ve managed to meet different people and discover places and experiences I probably would never have. . SHIP: CARNIVAL BREEZE 9/21/14 My plans this trip were “EXPERIENCE THE BREEZE, SOLO WITHOUT BREAKING THE BUDGET”. I am going to focus a LOT on the actual ship this review, and I’m certain it will have many shopping for their next booking when you are finished reading. My last cruises were Imagination & Victory in 2013, and I was last on the DREAM class in 2011. Sailing on this ship was the HIGHLIGHT of my vacation. Any online photos and reports do no justice. I always saw prior sailings as floating amusement parks, so the neon and obscure décor I could overlook. The BREEZE is an entirely new vision for style and comfort. The details involving color, woodwork, trees and foliage really gives it a soothing and calming feel bringing the outside to the interior. . This is the third ship in the “dream class” with a few additional additives and upgrades. Walking through the back buffet area one of the first things you notice are plants. Built-in trees, potted planters and attention to wall detail almost make you feel like you are walking through a neighborhood mix of café’s, pubs and lounges. Each bar has its own menu of specialties whether you seek the poolside Fun frozen concoctions, Pub-like drafts or the more Classy cocktails. It’s perfect for the bar crawl taste testing explorer. . The new RED FROG BAR is presented with the street-front entrance of an actual bar with simulated outside seating. The stage like inviting façade leads you into an actual bar setting equipped with hi-top tables and bar seats. It’s a great alternative gathering location for small parties or cocktails over the old conference room setting. The back of the bar utilizes the ship side windows allowing light to open up the space from a dark inside feel to a spacious pub-like social atmosphere. STOP IN and have a drink and you may forget you are onboard a cruise ship finding your nightly hangout for pre and post dinner cocktails. . The BONSAI SUSHI bar has been transformed from a small side counter with an overhang only opened at tea time. It has grown up to a full serving area with several hi-top tables adorned with place settings, tea pots and bonsai trees. Overhead stylish lighting gives this setting the feel of a sit-down restaurant. If the taste of the orient is what you like, then you will be pulled into this space for sure. . There is no more Alchemy Bar in the back allowing the PIANO BAR to be opened up to provide extra seating. It doesn’t feel as enclosed and utilizes the sometimes dead space to give a more open feel. The farthest back still has the LIMELIGHT LOUNGE where the “PUNCHLINER’s” comedy club has been attracting more and more attendees each ship I sail. This was definitely a good investment for alternative entertaining on Carnival’s behalf. If you are searching for the perfect cocktail or martini then the steakhouse bar has a seat for you. Seated just outside is the comedy club is FAHRENHEIT 555 STEAKHOUSE. Reservations & a fee are required. If you want to have a more intimate dinner for a special occasion, or just to splurge this is dinner out for sure. Top cut steaks, double starters, an appetizer and closing up with desert options that look direct from a gourmet pastry chef’s personal menu. . If all this sounds to formal for your taste don’t worry your options are far from limited. The NEW GUY’s BURGER JOINT at Pool-side Lido deck have pushed aside those frozen hamburger patties for a burger that simply crumbles into your mouth. Claim your burger and slip over to the complete TOPPINGS bar and customize the perfect sandwich. If burgers are not your “safe food” then choose between the BLUE IGUANA CANTINA for a Burrito or taco made to order, or visit the MONGOLIAN WOK in the newly designed LIDO MARKETPLACE. The more Caribbean-style feel has transformed the “buffet” to food stations with comfort. The PIZZA PIRATE around back of the Lido serves 24/7 pizza with a new thin style flaky crust. This is an upgrade to the former tasteless pizza on my prior sailings. . Tucked away upstairs from the Lido Marketplace is CUCINA DEL CAPITANO, another family style Italian-like setting. This is the 2nd reservation +fee restaurant dinner option aboard the BREEZE. It is less formal than the steakhouse and possible the more popular for the everyday cruiser. They transform to a less formal environment and offer free lunch options as the custom made PASTA BAR. On Sea days you can catch some sun at FAT JIMMY’s C-SIDE BBQ. Also, don’t forget to start the day with sit down breakfast in the elegant BLUSH dining room. . If there is one thing the BREEZE has accomplished with its new design is how to be more multi-functional. Most spaces onboard offer different atmospheres from day to night making you feel like it is more ship than it really is. I did discover that all FOOD service besides the 24 hour room service and PIZZA is shut down between 4:00-5:00 as menus and space transformation is happening. . Once you are finished eating…. (If that is even possible) it is time for some entertaining. Many options are available for all ages and families alike. The poolside theatre shows a nightly movie on the JUMBO TV complete with the smell of fresh popped mouthwatering popcorn for everyone. PLAYLIST productions shows are nightly in the LIMELIGHT LOUNGE. I will say thank you to Carnival for tweaking the stage out into the audience and making the upper seating steeper for better viewing. However, I am not a fan of the new Playlist productions. Some of the singers were difficult to hear if their head sets are not positioned correctly during quick costume changes. The cast also is more mediocre performers across the board having to be more multifunctional now as singers, dancers and performers. I personally enjoyed the older two-lead singers and better dancers myself. If you are not into production shows, the LIQUID NIGHTCLUB or WINNER’s CASINO may be more your flare. Junior cruisers will love CLUB 02 or discover what the 2.0 upgrades offer at the ARCADE, FUN HUBS and BRAND NEW THRILL THEATRE. The OCEAN PLAZA puts the old single waterslide to shame on older ships. The upgraded Water Park, Adventure ROPE COURSE is the child’s amusement park from heaven…… that also allows the adult kids to play along. . The BREEZE is not your daddy’s floating amusement park it’s a fully equipped entertainment city for everyone from the solo cruiser to the family alike. That aside, she also offers an experience for the less active cruiser that seeks a more relaxed vacation as well. The Spa & Sports deck not only offers the usual jogging track, but includes a full size basketball court and miniature golf. There are exercise apparatus all along the track that include (Pull up bars, sit up benches, punching bags, cycle machines, parallel bars, etc.) Once you have worked up a sweat cool off in one of the outside showers around the deck and then head on to the SPA-SIDE end for some pampering. . The ADULTS only SPA SERENITY deck is just that. Peace, quiet, serenity. Cushioned Hammocks built for two, Cabana covered beds, and Full size opened SUN beds and adult only hot tubs. There are also counter levered hot tubs around the lanai deck what usually have ample space available. If you are finished with the outdoors and had enough sun, head inside and pamper yourself at the fully upgraded CLOUD9 SPA and GYM. Upgraded exercise equipment and several classes to choose are available or experience pampering at its finest at CLOUD9 SPA. I mentioned at the start that I was upgraded to a SPA interior and it was worth every cent. . INTERIOR SPA STATEROOM 11211 Location for this stateroom is directly under one of the Weightlifting apparatus in the gym. So there were some mornings you got the Thump, Thump Thump of the weights from above. Nothing MAJOR, but if you are a light sleeper and wish to sleep in take this into consideration. I noticed it, but it did not ruin any of my vacation. Included with the SPA stateroom you will receive: upgraded products offered at the spa such as shampoos, lotions, soaps, slippers, soft-waffle pattern-touch towels, bed linen sprays to help you sleep and private access to the spa & Serenity Deck bypassing the front desk and public areas. You will receive a special access bracelet allowing you entrance to the STEAM ROOM, DRY HEAT Room, HEATED CONTOURED BODY LOUNGERS, ORIENTAL STEAM BATH with “mint & eucalyptus” to help open nasal passages, Special VIP serenity waiting area with lemon water & teas as you wait for your reserved $ treatments. Oh and not to omit the famous THELLOSOTHERAPY pool. A 3 foot deep enlarged hot tub with built in contoured loungers and massaging water spouts for the perfect back massage. . I know there was about ¼ of the ship I never got to experience which is why I am looking forward to sailing the BREEZE again and discover all the hidden areas I missed the first time around. To say I enjoyed the BREEZE is an understatement. I discovered that a FULL VACATION could be experienced ONBOARD the BREEZE without even setting foot off the ship. However, besides everything there is to do onboard there are still great port of calls to experience which I will continue with in the second half of my review. .. (If you have made it thus far) This second half of my review will be focused on the Ports, some misc. crew comments. Thank you for keeping up with me. . . KEY WEST, FL I have been to this port many times and always say that Carnival needs to stay longer. The early arrival and departure really cuts down on your time there to get a full experience. Most businesses do not open until 9:00 and just when the island is coming alive for afternoon/evening culture it is time to leave. Other cruise lines do stay longer allowing you to catch an afternoon local musician for dinner at one of the local café’s. This trip we arrived at 8am and departed at 4:00 (back on board by 3:30). Luckily, we were able to dock at the downtown port looking over Duval Street instead of the naval station. When docking at the naval station you lose a good hour or more just for the commute into downtown. Docking down town is VERY convenient to walk off the ship and be in the midst of downtown Mallory Square. Duval, Front & the “square” are all nice to stroll and shop. A little pricey but there are many small tasty venues that can help pass the time and find some nice quality items. . To get the real flare for what KEY WEST has to offer though, you need to bypass the touristy vacuum and venture out. This is the perfect island to do your homework before visiting. There are many locals that offer private charters around the island and know all the perfect snorkeling areas. There is no one better than the local residents to help guide you to what Key West really has to offer. Pre-Reservations may be required before your arrival, but worth it. Simple online searches for KEY WEST Private Charters visiting is a good place to start. The life on the water around the island offers several great opportunities to satisfy your playful side. . If land dwelling and self-exploration is your thing there are several options. Directly off the ship (at the end of the downtown pier) you will find a few small wooden sheds to rent bikes. This is normally my option for the island. $20-25/day gets you a BIKE, LOCK and map of the island. This is perfect for cruising on a budget. The island is not that large and biking is a norm everywhere you go. You can also rent scooters or electric carts if you wish. Just keep in mind that all local road laws are in affect while driving on the roads. You are susceptible to ticketing so be sure to adhere to all of your stop signs, traffic lights and road rules. It is not a free for all. My suggestion is slip over one street off the main roads and usually you have an open quiet side road with much less traffic. . My routine “Budget bike-route” consists of…… departing the portside bike rental and make my way about 2-3 blocks over to the Post Office to mail out a post card or package. This is a perfect stop to box and send directly home those large souvenir purchases that you may have made and don’t feel like lugging through the airport when you get home. If you follow THOMAS STREET (Parallel to Whitehead & Duval) all the way to the end you can bypass all the heavy traffic. At the end scoot over and pick up Duval St right for the final two blocks to the SOUTHERNMOST POINT landmark. The KW Butterfly Conservatory is about a block from the SMP landmark. Admission is $12-Adults $8.50-kids. It is small, self-guided but interesting and fun for the kids. Make your way over a few blocks along the coast to lovely HIGGS BEACH where you can relax and spend the day. There is a small extended pier and places to buy a snack. If you want to get your exercise in, this is also the start of the scenic BIKE PATH that follows the along the perimeter of the island. I personally follow it all the way up to the North side of the island, past the airport and then cut back to follow FLAGER AVE or one of the parallel side streets all the way directly back to center of town. (KW Butterfly house area) One last stop at the “ORIGINAL” KEY LIME PIE FACTORY 412 GREENE ST (not to be mistaken for the KW Pie Company), and a bottle of refreshing imported Coconut-Lime sparkling drink, not found anywhere else. This whole venture can be done in about 5 hours with plenty of time to return the bike, jump back on the ship for a quick shower and return to port for some quick last minute shopping on Duval St. or relax on the ship for lunch and catch the sailboats returning from their daily outing. Namaste! . GRAND CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS This is a tender port as the ships cannot dock portside without damaging the protected coral reefs. Cayman Islands are famous for the Stingrays, Turtles, Colorful diving sites and the Famous beautiful “7 Mile Beach” located just north of Georgetown where your port of call is located. The beach itself is geographically just less than 5 miles in length and is open to the public the entire length. It is one of the most visited destinations on Grand Cayman with its crystal clear Caribbean blue waters & white sand. This beach has been awarded “THE CARRIBEAN’s BEST BEACH in many travel magazines. The tranquility of this island is juxtaposed by its other famous tourist site of “HELL”. HELL is a part of the island made up of Black Limestone rock formations creating a desolate yet intriguing tourist stop. The unexpected location surrounded by some of the most ethereal beach fronts is part of what draws the onlookers to its site. T-shirts, key chains, and many photo background opportunities with catchy sayings are in abundance to purchase as proof of your unique visit to this destination. . Round up your budget adventure by making your way back to portside and visit the CAYMAN CABANA OCEANSIDE RESTOBAR located next to where you came ashore. In my opinion, there is no visiting Grand Cayman without a stop here for lunch. Pick your fresh “catch of the day fish” on the way on and they will cook it up for you at the outside bar. Pair it up with their famous RUM PUNCH & fries and I promise will leave your mouth watering for the best Caribbean fish meal you will find. Grab a marker and sign your name on one of the wooden joists above for friends to find when you tell them to visit after you return home. If ever there was a “Tour of Paradise”, Grand Cayman would definitely be on one the itinerary. . COZUMEL, MX...(it rained in the morning.... its the Caribbean) It is very difficult to cruise the Caribbean and not have a stop at Cozumel, MX. This is the central stop for a majority of all the big cruise lines. It is a small island just off the coast of mainland Mexico. Famous for snorkeling, shopping and Mayan Culture connections is what draws visitors from all over the world to Cozumel. The west side of the island is the more developed area for shopping and fun excursions. I have visited Cozumel several times and have multiple reviews of many excursions offered. Excursions ranging from ATV adventures, JEEP & DUNE BUGGY rides, Snorkeling, Parasailing, Deep sea fishing and many more are located all over the island. Most of the adventure options take you to private beaches located on the more underdeveloped East side and the famous Punta Sur at the lower tip. This side of the island is more wilderness and beach and usually bears the brunt of incoming storms and hurricanes that approach from the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic. Trips via water ferry to the mainland visit Carmen Del Playa for the more historical excursions involving Mayan ruins and Underground River/ tubing tours. . Continuing on my “Budget Vacation”, I grabbed a taxi for $8 and took a trip 3 miles up the coast to Porte de San Miguel. Shopping at the stores along the main strip is open to bartering. I stopped in at SENIOR FROGS to grab some quesadilla and a Banana smoothie before hopping in another taxi for a quick sightseeing trip around town. When you get back to the Port shopping area you may find that bartering is more flexible in the shops once you hear the ½ hr. ship warning horn blow. Be sure to make haste with your offers as you don’t want to be one of the last minute pier runners chasing the gangway as it is pulled back on-board before departure. Cozumel is one of the highest percentage ports of call for cruiser missing the ship. You do not want to be added to the statistics!!! . . CRUISE DIRECTOR: MATT MITCHUM Onboard the BREEZE is one of the best cruise directors I have had the pleasure of sailing with, Mr. MATT MITCHUM. Matt has a fun and outgoing personality with a talent for getting passengers motivated. This was one of the more involved groups of passengers I have seen over my many trips sailing cruise lines. Whenever you noticed a large gathering of dancers and people cheering and having fun, chances are there was Matt right in the middle of it all as the ring leader. He made this trip ENJOYABLE, FUN and MEMORABLE. His smile and laughter is contagious, not annoying like other cruise director’s I have met. He draws people in and gets complete strangers to intermingle and let down their guard. Matt is an ASSET to the Carnival brand and it is no wonder he is the face of their beautiful CARNIVAL BREEZE. I look forward to sailing the Breeze again and with Matt as the cruise director. . ROOM STEWARD: NATALYA was my room steward on the SPA deck. She was training her assistant and told me that he was up for a review to receive his own Steward assignments on another deck. They both were great and I wish all the best to her assistant. Honestly, I did not catch his name, because I barely was interrupted when he was tending to my stateroom. THAT, IMHO is what makes a good room steward; one that knows your name and schedule and can work around it without disturbing your vacation. They both eliminated ANY worries regarding the cleanliness and status of our stateroom. They are also an asset to the Carnival crew. . SPECIAL MENTIONS Normally, in past reviews I lump together the bar staff and dining staff with some general feedback. I will however take the opportunity to give a special shout out to the TIDES BAR bartender MARIN KNEZEVIC. Usually, I tend to return to the same bartender while on a cruise that I feel comfortable with, but MARIN is definitely “one of a kind”. This kid, (and I say that with utmost respect in relation to my own age) is one hardworking crew member. I’ve been served by many bartenders over my years of sailing and he definitely stood out as one of the best. Over the top friendly, outgoing, great discussion maker and works his butt off while maintaining a CLEAN ORGANIZED BAR. I happened to be a customer at his bar each night before and after he took his nightly break. Each night all of us “regulars” at the bar witnessed his relief tender turn the bar from immaculate to shambles in less than an hour. All while serving wrong drinks, losing customers and needing to call for additional help. When MARIN left he made sure to stock the ice, fill the straws and make sure everything was clean and ready for his break. Upon return, he had to reset and do it all over again while sorting through voided receipts and get his clients back up to vacation mood. You would hear a cheer whenever he returned. Someone like that tucked away at the back of the ship at one of the busiest bars to close the night deserves to have his name mentioned in a review and testimonial. Carnival needs to do what they can to keep more individuals like MARIN working for them. . DEBARKATION: I chose to par-take in my VIP early morning debarkation as I wanted to get to FLL airport early. This could not have gone any smoother. Port of Miami flexes its experience to unload and load passengers like no other. I was walking out the terminal where my SAS TRANSPORTATION was waiting for me a few feet from the door. www.ridesas.com is a great Fort Lauderdale bases shuttle service between MIA and FLL. $16 one way beats the cruise line cost by half. Also being a VAN-SHUTTLE they do not need to wait until an entire charter bus is filled before departure. Pre-reservations are needed and their smartphone APP is very simple to use. All transport must begin or end in Fort Lauderdale as they do not provide transport from Miami to Miami. . SUMMARY LIKES: I LOVE THE BREEZE! Can I say that again? I LOVE THE BREEZE!! The ship should be the minimal blueprint for future overhauls and ship builds. MATT MITCHUM, cruise director- keeps the smiles on the passenger faces all the way home! DISLIKES: I gave it a try, but the PLAYLIST PRODUCTIONS really need to be re-thought out. I appreciate the attempt to change the old style, but I don’t know anyone that enjoys the Playlist shows. I do understand wanting to cut the stage affects to the more digital less costly style, but too many glitches. Like bad headsets for singers you can barely hear, less talented dancers and vocalists and the same variations of the “Diva shows” are getting old. They are becoming extravagant Karaoke or cover artist shows any longer. Just my opinion. . Ok, so I will cut off my review here. It has already become a novel and I may have lost many that started it long ago. Thank you if you made it to the end without falling off your chair. If you happen across a deal for ANY TRIP on the BREEZE, do not hesitate to grab it. Get on the ship and work out your upgrades later. Happy sailing and may the upgrades flow frequent! . I wish that I knew how to figure out how to add photos to my reviews. They are worth a 1,000, memories. wiskt Read Less
Sail Date September 2014
Again, Carnival never fails to do its best to make their passengers feel absolutely at ease about sailing off into the sunset. Everyone at check-in was gracious and helpful, even when requesting wheel chair assistance for one of the ... Read More
Again, Carnival never fails to do its best to make their passengers feel absolutely at ease about sailing off into the sunset. Everyone at check-in was gracious and helpful, even when requesting wheel chair assistance for one of the passengers in my party. We were escorted right onto the ship and didn't have to wait in line for our zone to be called (even though we were in Zone 1). The rooms were kept absolutely sparkling clean by our cabin steward, Trishna. The food in the dining room was always appetizing and served hot. I was not overly impressed by the buffet food. It was always a hit or miss...never really consistently good. The one thing I loved were the burritos and tacos at the grill on the Lido deck. Only problem with that was that they were only open during lunch time (lots of crowds). I'm not a beef eater, but my family LOVED the burgers at Guy's Burger Joint. The fries were always hot and delicious, are are always my weakness. Although the line for Guy's was always long, it seemed to go pretty fast, so bravo to the guys sweating and working hard behind the counter. The one disappointment I experience was with the Cloud 9 Spa. On most ships, access to the steam room, whirl pool, and dry sauna are automatic (no fee); however on this ship, because they've given the spa a fancy name, guests have to pay a daily entrance fee of $40. Even if you've received a spa treatment, you still have to pay $20 to enter the spa facility. I've been to many higher-end spas in the US and Europe, and have only had to pay for my services and all access to the facility was included. I spent more than $700 in the spa during the cruise and I couldn't even get free all-access for at least 1 day! Something is seriously wrong with that picture. I just hope they don't get the bright idea to do that on the rest of the Carnival ships. Overall though, I did enjoy my trip. I must give credit to the medical staff because my father became extremely ill on the last night of the cruise. The medical team responded within 15 minutes and stablized him until we reached Miami. Once we were ported in Miami, they rushed him to a local Miami ER where he received quality care. For that, I must thank them beyond measure! I will definitely be back to sail with Carnival. Although, I'll keep my money in my pocket and get spa treatments on a resort while we're in port! :-D Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
We took this trip because we had never tried CARNIVAL. We selected the newest and largest ship. Remembering all the bad press that Carnival has had in the recent past, we figured that they would not have any of the problems with a 1 year ... Read More
We took this trip because we had never tried CARNIVAL. We selected the newest and largest ship. Remembering all the bad press that Carnival has had in the recent past, we figured that they would not have any of the problems with a 1 year old boat. THE GOOD CREW WAS GOOD, not great but good DINING the SAPPHIRE our time dining was INCREDIBLE EMBARKATION was fast and easy DEBARKATION was fast and easy GUY FERRIES worlds best burgers BLUE IGUANA very good burritos and taco salads MONGOLIAN WOK great NANTOON excellent fry bread and fare THE BAD BUFFET almost same food every night and they closed some serving lines so the wait was STUPID LONG LIVE OVATION SHOWS 2 of the entertainers had no business on the boat they were professional and it showed. The rest of the entertainers need a captive audience. POOLS small and overcrowded CASINO small and overcrowded LENGTH OF TIME IN PORTS some ports only had a 4 hours stay, takes 30 min. to get off the boat and 30 min to get back on DRINKS EXPENSIVE!!!!! THE UGLY SEWAGE smell on lower decks GREASE cooking smell on fantail pool and sundeck MAIN POOL has a 50 foot screen and they run and rerun the same music videos and interviews... CONSIDERING THE BAD & UGLY If you're on a limited budget THIS IS THE BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK!!!!!   Read Less
Sail Date September 2013
The boarding process was a disaster we arrived at 1:30 and stood in line for 90 minutes. There were 4700 people (1200 kids) on our cruise and it was mayhem. We were shocked to see only 10 reps doing check in at the lower lobby before being ... Read More
The boarding process was a disaster we arrived at 1:30 and stood in line for 90 minutes. There were 4700 people (1200 kids) on our cruise and it was mayhem. We were shocked to see only 10 reps doing check in at the lower lobby before being sent upstairs where many reps were avaialable to hand out keys. Been on EPIC and Allure OS in the last 12 months and in both cases we were onboard within 30 minutes. Carnival Check-in was terrible - F Lunch in the "Lido" - good food quality if you could get to it, lines, lines, lines - blocking the doors and access. Facility was not designed to handle the load of passengers. We encountered this problem each time we went to "Lido" so we avoided it. Only good days were port days - when the food selection and quality was fair to good - C Dining Room - Saphire upper deck fixed seating - service ok, menu ok, food - average. Comedy brunch was nice on Sea daysOverall C Casino - Friendly staff nice facility - smoking should be banned because smoke travels throughout the room. Casino staff was good about enforcement. All in All good experience - B Spa & Serenity - Nice, clean, and efficient. Spa staff was unfriendly and curt - overall C+ Shops - junk unless cigarettes or booze. Other lines have much better jewelry and souvenir shops. Staff not very friendly Overall - D Shows - Relied too much on technology of video screens vs. performers with talent. Men were ok but the women while attractive and reasonable dancers could not sing and the big show was DIVA's the lead female singer who sang the Celine DIon song on the first night was terrible. Shows - D Cabin - SPa Cabin nice but too much noise from gym - see below - Overall B - Services: Cabin Steward - A, Coffee Bar A++++ (these two gals worked long hours and were always delightful) Piano Bar - Fun and at times risque - B+ Comedy SHows- room could not accomodate all that wanted to attend - should use main theater - C- Outside Deck Areas: Promenade - Very nice , love the umbrella seating areas - very nice to have a large unobstructed wrap around. Would not book a balcony cabin on deck 6 just above due to lack of privacy. - A Lido - no shade and too many people for small space. Pool way too small - gets packed with kids no enforcement of no food in pool or spa rules. - D Main area - beach Pool - Deck 10 crowded due to brs burger joint, and Taco stand - pool too small and no enforcement of no food in spa and pool rule. - D Main pool deck 11 - very nice shade areas lots of room - big overstuffed chairs/loungers very nice - A Waterpark - lots of fun either viewing or participating - we participated and enjoyed the facilities - A Serenity - very nice could use more shade but nicely maintained and rules enforced - A Disembarcation - Amazingly fast we were off the ship by 7:15 am they seem more eager to get you off than on! Price - Very reasonable but remember you get what you pay for. We were anticipating a lower end product and that is what we got. Comparison to NCL EPIC and RCCL Allure/Oasis of the Seas - spend a little more $$ and go on these ships instead as it will be a much better experience. Crowd - Diverse with lots of families. Kids were running wild the entire week - it is summer and was a holiday week - Carnival should have been more forecful with rules and security should have had higher visibility. We saw stupid things where kids could have been injured but that is really more of the parents responsibility than CCL. Overall Ship: Nice, clean, and very pretty - much nicer than the neon Farcas decorated ships. But will not hold up too long with the pounding it takes - Crew should be commended for keeping it so clean. B One note: They use a cleaning solution on the floor in the "lido" marketplace which makes the tile floor so slick and treacherous - people were slipping and sliding all week - be careful. Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
Can you feel the BREEZE? (pun intended!) This was our first cruise and we loved every minute of it! So many positives and only one negative which I'll touch on last. First up, embarkation. We had "Faster to the Fun" ... Read More
Can you feel the BREEZE? (pun intended!) This was our first cruise and we loved every minute of it! So many positives and only one negative which I'll touch on last. First up, embarkation. We had "Faster to the Fun" passes which allowed us to skirt the moderate lines inside the terminal. On our tickets it indicated a boarding time between 1-3 pm. This was done to ensure your room is ready the moment you board (as promised in the FTTF package). You can always go earlier, but please understand the logistics of trying to clean and ready so many cabins and though you'll board quickly, your room might not be ready. We choose to arrive at 12:30 and were on board by 12:50. We went right to our room, dropped off our carry-on baggage and began to explore the ship. Embarkation: 10/10 for efficiency and the up-beat Carnival staff attitude. First impressions. The ship is massive! This was our first cruise and we were amazed at how large this ship really is. In fact, it was day three before we could go from point A to B with confidence and not get turned around. For accommodations, we chose a spa-balcony cabin on 12-deck. Big mistake, as this was my wife's first cruise and she'll never let me down grade below this level of decadence! The cabin was a comfortable size and we never bumped into each other. Deck space was perfect for two and the bathroom was efficient. No tub but I haven't used a tub in years anyway..... I'll take a moment here to speak of our room stewards. They were always cleaning something in their zone of responsibility. I'm a very earlier riser and I saw them always scrubbing, wiping, and vacuuming from 6 am until 10 pm. Seriously, they never stopped. Twice a day our room was cleaned and the bed turned down at night. They always greeted us by our first names as we passed and I found this very friendly. To those cruisers who wish to be addressed as Sir and Madam, get real. These Carnival employees work harder than most of us ever will. So come down off your pedestal; you'll find they're gracious, intelligent and very dedicated workers who will do anything for those they're responsible for. To our room steward Sukanya and our head waiter Mijalho, many many thanks! You made our cruise perfect! Cabin and room attendants: 10/10 without hesitation. Getting around and dining. Get yourself a map to help become orientated. Twelve decks with elevators located forward, midships and aft. I won't get into the details of what's where, but I do recommend you spend some time looking at the ship layout on line to become familiar with the layout. The two main dining rooms are located on 4/5 deck aft, while open style cafeteria style line-ups for food are on 10-deck aft. You won't be able to eat everywhere so don't try, there just too much good food and your stomach is only so big! We chose not to eat at the pay restaurants as the food in the Blush restaurant was excellent. Why pay $30 per plate for the same service and quality you get for free???? We did try the Italian specialty restaurant at lunch (its free during lunch) and laughed at the ships designers who thought of putting this restaurant directly beneath the basketball court! If you like the thud thud thud of basketball while you eat your evening meal.... I hope you really enjoy the pasta! The pasta itself was just "ok". Much better pasta available in the Bayside Market, Miami. Getting around 7/10 (until you get use to it) Blush restaurant and staff 13/10! Port of Calls.... St. Thomas, wow as always! Antigua and Nassau are typical Caribbean ports with much garbage and litter. Tortola on the other hand was pristine! I'll go back here in a heartbeat. We took the Discover Scuba dive in St. Thomas and it was one of the best adventures we ever done and highly recommended. Book early as there are only four people per diver so it fills up real quick. Disembarkation, we chose to self-disembark. We left the ship at 6:30, caught a cab at 6:45 and we're at the airport before 7:15am! Crap! Our flight doesn't leave until 1pm! I never thought it would be that quick! 10/10 I could go on and on, but CC must have some kind of limit! In a nut shell, don't fret over negative reviews. Some people will always find something to complain about. We had a great time and will cruise again, but not with Carnival. I won't go into detail, but being a serving Naval Officer, I chose a military rate a year before the cruise and watched as the price dropped by over $780 over a 10 month stretch. Though I contacted Carnival several times, I was never offered anything in compensation except excuses as why they don't match prices if you took a military rate. So I saved $50 at the front to lose over $700 overall. On this point alone, I'll take my business elsewhere. Not impressed Carnival. Enjoy the Breeze everyone! She truly is a pearl in the Caribbean. Feel free to email questions. Joe Halifax, NS Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
Sadly, our vacation is over and we had to return to the "real world"...work, bad weather, etc. My husband and I had a wonderful vacation on the Carnival Breeze. Six days is not nearly enough time to enjoy the whole ship AND ... Read More
Sadly, our vacation is over and we had to return to the "real world"...work, bad weather, etc. My husband and I had a wonderful vacation on the Carnival Breeze. Six days is not nearly enough time to enjoy the whole ship AND relax/unwind. Our favorite parts where the excellent service from our room steward, Constantine, the Spa amenities and the Serenity area for adults only. Our room was very nice and we liked the location very much. Being that it was a Spa Balcony room, we were close to our favorite areas of the ship and the relaxing decor was very soothing. Dining was a mixed bag, so to speak. We LOVED Guy's and Blue Iguana, but were very disappointed in the food at the Sapphire dining room. We went to the Steakhouse for Valentine's Day. Although my husband LOVED his steak-mine was just OK-we were disappointed in the service. We felt very rushed to eat, even though they state on the invitation to allow 2 hours for our dining "experience" they had us out of there in just over an hour! We had the same issue with the Italian restaurant, Cucina del Capitano. The food was lovely, but again we felt VERY rushed. No time to enjoy our bottle of wine in either location. The service in the Sapphire dining room was good, but the food was lack luster. Even though the ship is huge, it did not feel that way. The way it was designed it kept the space feeling comfortable, not overwhelming. We each had different experiences at the spa. My husband had a wonderful, relaxing bamboo massage. I had a mani/pedi with Althena. She did a great job with my nails, but never smiled, was difficult to have conversation with (not talkative) and scalded me with the paraffin wax! If I did the spa again, I would ask for someone else. Everyone else was lovely. Despite a few hiccups,we would definitely go on this ship again. I understand how this ship gets mixed reviews, but I am a strong believer that YOU can make or break your own vacation. If you let the small stuff get to ya...it's your own doing. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
This was our (wife and I) second cruise. Arrived @ port of Miami and was amazed how fast we got through checking in and getting onboard. When we entered the ship we were floored at how beautiful the ship was. It wasn't long before I ... Read More
This was our (wife and I) second cruise. Arrived @ port of Miami and was amazed how fast we got through checking in and getting onboard. When we entered the ship we were floored at how beautiful the ship was. It wasn't long before I found my way to The Guys Burger Joint and had an incredible burger, make that 2 burgers. After that off to our room to see if our luggage was there. It was. Got it all put away and went back topside to see us pull out of port. From the moment we left until our return we did not have one bad experience on this ship. Not one. Butch was our cruise director, he kept the activities fun. We stayed in an interior room on the spa deck, very quiet at night, very relaxing. Took in all the shows over the 6 days, Karaoke, danced on lido, did excursions, (Dunns River Falls was incredible) ,played in the water-park, climbed the rope course, played hasbro games, played some bingo. the comedy shows were hilarious (you will need to get there a bit early for a seat). The ship is just gorgeous. we tried to experience everything we could, you name it we tried it. very little in the casino for the simple fact people smoke in there. (x smoker) We met new friends (our across the hall neighbors) actually first met them at dinner (we elected to not be loaners like we did on previous cruise). Glad we did. Do not hesitate to meet new people at dinner. We also ate in our dining room morning, noon and night. Not one bad meal. Chocolate melting cake is too die for. Our room stewards and our wait staff in our dining room were outstanding. We are going on another Cruise next Feb on her sister ship and hope it's as wonderful as this trip had been for us. Next trip will be Me my wife, my Mom (never been on a cruise) My Son returning from the military (never been on a cruise) and our grandson he is 3 and you guessed it (never been on a cruise) I can't wait. Sence we have found cruising we will NEVER take another form of vacation again. I love the fact that I can leave my room a desheviled mess ad when I return its clean, with mints and towel animals even, that never happens at home. I Have lots of videos on youtube channel from the Carnival Breeze, feel free to check them out on my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ragmanT Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
Just got off Carnival's newest ship the Breeze. Overall we had a great time and will try to be objective. Embarkation/Debarkation - we flew into FLL and took SAS van service to Miami pier for $15 per person well worth it. Got ... Read More
Just got off Carnival's newest ship the Breeze. Overall we had a great time and will try to be objective. Embarkation/Debarkation - we flew into FLL and took SAS van service to Miami pier for $15 per person well worth it. Got to terminal at 11 and boarded about 12:15, not too bad. Leaving wad easy as you could self assist off as early as 7:30 AM or as late as 10 PM. Cabin - Spa Inside room 11217, Deck 11 perfect functional room located just below gym and spa, and just above Lido deck for buffets, water parks, Serenity deck, etc. Love the new decorating theme and of course our cabin steward was wonderful. Gym/Spa - standard quality Carnival gym but men did not like the men's locker room from old ships as now it is way too small, few showers, no benches, and only a sauna. Huge disappointment. But that was tempered by the beautiful European Spa that came with our level of room, it was truly relaxing with aroma therapy steam rooms and pools. The Spa was worth the additional charge in our opinion. Excursions - we zip lined in Antigua, loved it. Visited The Baths in Virgin Gorda Tortola, went caving at the beach, was truly beautiful. Just shopped in St. Thomas and Bahamas, was fun. Overall, we loved the Breeze, we never really felt crowded or rushed, will travel with Carnival again. Dining - the main dining room service was spotty, slow, and food was lukewarm at best. But the pay extra restaurants, Italian, Sushi, and Steakhouse were all worth their up charges. The new venues at the buffet were excellent especially Guy's mouth watering Burgers with potato sticks, the taco burrito for breakfast and lunch, thin crust pizza was surprisingly good, and the Tandoor Indian was delicious. Look for the BBQ place on deck 5 for lunch another hidden gem. Pools/Hot Tubs - only 2 pools on the whole ship for 4200 passengers, way not enough and no pool on the Serenity deck. Hot tubs were plentiful though they were a lifesaver. The water park and slides were awesome fun and was being used by as many adults as children. Casino/Entertainment - fun slot and blackjack tournaments, new electronic roulette was fun, shows are now 30 minutes long and while Divas and Brits were very good the Latin show needed some work. The Comedy club was a disappointment as its too small and you have to queue up on line just to get in. They need to move the comedy club back to the main showroom. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
Summary -- Very enjoyable trip; nice new ship...The Carnival Breeze! Good balance of activities and shows, slightly crowded, a few design flaws, good food options, excellent staff. The decor is bright and cheery ... ready for the ... Read More
Summary -- Very enjoyable trip; nice new ship...The Carnival Breeze! Good balance of activities and shows, slightly crowded, a few design flaws, good food options, excellent staff. The decor is bright and cheery ... ready for the Caribbean. We did the 12 day round trip out of Barcelona on July 21, 12. Every cabin was full. It was a very intense port schedule. We wanted to get everything out of each port day because it was our first (or first time in 20 years) to Europe. One of the design flaws was having rooms under the galley without enough sound proofing. So if you want to sleep, avoid aft cove balconies, especially where the steam pipes go in. Background Information: My husband and I traveled with our three teenage daughters and my mother. It was our 4th cruise, 2nd on carnival. Our girls 3rd cruise and my Mom's 7th. We live in the Washington DC metro area. While we are not dire hard foodies, we love to go out to eat at local white-table cloth restaurants. We go to the nearby museums and shows. Hotel Info - We stayed in a quaint hotel recommended by Rick Steves in Barcelona called Hotel Continental. The hotel had an old world feel with warm colors, beautiful chandelier, outdoor patio, and a beautiful balcony overlooking Las Rambles. It was a bit worn, in a well-loved way. The 24 hour, complimentary light food and drink (including beer!) was very convenient to accommodate different eating schedules. The staff went out of their way to be helpful. They even called my home before the trip to answer a question I sent. The rooms were small yet had all needed amenities, perfect for getting ready for a ship. I did have to ask for new towels a few times, it seems like they did not dry properly. The location and the staff made it fantastic. We will return. Travel To Port of Embarkation - Very easy to get there by Taxi. The Port is modern and we got on with a reasonable wait and without a problem. Activities - We have cruised on the Carnival Dream. We appreciated the added Ropes course and Sports court. We participated in the Food tasting, Wine tasting, Volleyball, Ping-Pong, putt-put, Ropes Course, slides, Spa, Exercise room, Exercise Classes, Texan Hold'um and Bridge. Pool chairs very hard to find on ocean days, until they thankfully started a timing policy. The Adult volleyball was very popular and fun on sea days, but only one hour for 20-30 people to play. They need to double volleyball time to two hours, and also need a few more Ping-Pong tables. Service - The service in the dining room helped make the trip outstanding. Fortunately with "my time" dining we are able to find a dinner team we loved and stick with them, which we did. Thanks Olympiu and Danijel, for the fantastic service and advice! A huge thanks to Irisa who helped us manage some food allergies/sensitivities. Port & Shore Excursions - This itinerary was not for the weak. It was our girl's first trip to Europe, my mom's 1st trip to Italy and our first trip to Europe in 20 years. We packed all we could in each day, out usually for 9+ hours a day. Considering our four our days in Barcelona, by Naples we were exhausted. We booked tours separately through Share a Shore Excursion in Italy (Thank you Big Luca) and Walks Inside Florence (Marzia Valbonesi was fantastic!!) Stateroom - great amenities, comfortable bed, very good shower, Cove balconies are more private and very close to water... rather cool. Avoid any room under the galley, in particular room #2404 unless you are a very solid sleeper or bring earplugs. The galley was busy (noisy) through the night, and #2404 is where the steam pipes come in. The steam pipes are like an old fashioned radiator, clanging and banging, which is terrible in the night! Carnival would have moved us but the ship was full. They did give us ships credits. Dining - solid options and many choices. A few stand out options were the chefs table, Tandori Indian, Guy's burgers (possibly the best burgers and BBQ sauce ever). The Chef's table is far the best food and beverage experience on the ship...it's a behind the scene tour of the kitchen, cooking techniques, a 5 or 6 course meal, and all the wine you could drink. At $75 each it was well worth it and very interesting. The main restaurants were very good, nice dinners, daily special were creative and enjoyable. Like on any ship there are hits and misses. Our waiters pointed us in the right direction on food selections. Lido, just OK, crowded during peak times (9-10am in Monaco, over 20 minute wait for breakfast). Sit down breakfast restaurants were nice, but closed too early (at 8:30) on port days. The poolside restaurants also had short hours. Children's Clubs - Our teens mostly liked the clubs,. They used them to meet friends and then dropped in for activities. It's too bad that the Sports court is over the Italian specialty restaurant. It would have been nice to be able to evening games there. Carnival should to arrange a few meet and greet events for the 18-21 year olds. It's tough to be at that in-between age on the ship. Entertainment - Full of life - everywhere you walk there is music, usually live. The singer at the pool was fantastic (Jimmy Buffet style!). The stage shows were dynamic full of energy. The Comedians at the Punch line club were hilarious!!!! (We Americans did not relate to the British ones as much.) The Game show was not as good as expected. Rakesh, the magician, was terrific. He came around to tables in the dining room and performed for each chef's table. We were always in awe! He was far better than the magician that performed on stage. He performed once or twice at the Punch liner. Disembarkation --They start the announcements at 5:45 am, so don't think about sleeping, even if you have a late flight. We got off near the end about 9:30 because we had a 1pm flight. Arrange transportation! While the taxi line does move, there are 1000+ people wanting taxis. We stood in the taxi line for almost an hour before we luckily found a van that had just dropped off from the airport. Private van/shuttle for 6 was $80 Euros. Read Less
Sail Date July 2012
Here are a couple of notes before I begin my review. First, I have sailed many times with Carnival, and am likely to do so in the future. Second, I have been on the first Carnival ship to get the FunShip 2.0 upgrade - the Carnival Liberty. ... Read More
Here are a couple of notes before I begin my review. First, I have sailed many times with Carnival, and am likely to do so in the future. Second, I have been on the first Carnival ship to get the FunShip 2.0 upgrade - the Carnival Liberty. Third, I traveled with my older children so there will be a few notes for this as well. It is interesting that much of the time I was comparing this ship with the Carnival Liberty. I would have to say, that the FunShip 2.0 experience wasn't really fantastic on that ship either. Maybe I was expecting more? Not sure but I wanted to feel like it was a newer, better Carnival and not just throwing a little makeup on the same old thing. To that point - I guess the biggest thing is I believe we definitely want "more fun". The activities were certainly limited, which I can understand on the big port days but what about the days at sea? There was really no difference between these and the older FunShips. Some specifics... Poolside: Typically is always good for some fun, great music, socializing, quirky contests of some sort. Really none of that on this cruise. Maybe it is more typical on Caribbean cruises. It would be nice if there was one place to go on the ship and know something was always going on. Not here. Movies: These were a nice addition - but I kid you not - one movie that we watched on the screen was literally cut off and ended about 15 minutes before the real end of the movie. No explanation, just yet another advertisement from Carnival which you will get sick of seeing if you go. I think you have to be on the ship to understand. Advertisements! Competitions between Blue Iguana and Red Frog: Since both bars are across from each other poolside, the Carnival Liberty would have little contests between the two. Just to generate excitement and maybe getting a drink one place versus the other. No competitions on Breeze - guess that is reserved for Liberty. Competitions mean a discount on this or that drink, with tallies to who wins. Something fun. Sports Bar: Luckily for us the UEFA Cup soccer games were going on during our trip. However, only one place was available to watch them, and this area was full of smoke. Now I don't mind smoky areas, but it was a little much. Oh well. Public Announcements: "I hate to use the public address system, and I told you I wouldn't, but..." I heard that tons of times. The whole Livorno stop getting messed up (read later) definitely important. A lot of the other ones were just rubbish and unimportant. When I am on a cruise, I don't like the cattle calls to everyone. You have a guide in your room that says what is going on. I don't need announcements about the daily art auction or a shop opening. Well now to throw some good things into the review, which is also important. Food: The mongolian wok is fantastic. Definitely more flavorful that most of the other wok grills I have been to on other ships. Tandoori was nice too - at the back of the ship and often missed. As already stated, the pasta bar upstairs was good for lunchtime as well. Don't miss the BBQ on the fifth floor, that is only open during "days at sea" for lunch. Otherwise it is closed! Dining room food was OK. Not bad, but not something to rave about either. Guy Fieri burgers were 5 times better on Liberty than Breeze. I speculate it is American Beef (Liberty out of Miami) versus whatever beef they had on Breeze. Staff: Very attentive, excellent. Nice and cordial. The gym personnel were great too, and always there for questions or tips. Spa was excellent as well. As mentioned, the poor Guest Services people were always slammed busy, and there weren't enough of them. Decor: Definitely in the right direction. Pinks and Purples of Carnival are gone. Question some of the lighter carpet colors though... they will get darker though as more people walk on them. Kids: My kids really enjoyed their respective kids clubs. There were not a ton of kids onboard, but according to them (and when they got back at night) they had a really good time. Entertainment: Very good. The dancers/singers did the same show multiple times, so you could pick and choose. I think they had a total of five shows throughout the cruise. Some days they did three shows spaced out in time starting at 5pm... they did bring on some UK comedians. Our cruise was 95%+ US residents. You could definitely hear the UK residents though because they laughed when the rest of us had no clue what was being said. "the woman weighed 13 stones" and other phrases that we just couldn't connect to what it meant. I think they were funny but I am not sure... As already mentioned in another review Carnival really screwed up our port schedule. They said "we booked this port a YEAR ago but they don't have a spot for us tomorrow". Hmm. I think if I booked anything a year in advance where people were counting on me I would follow up at least a few times as the date got closer. But they told us Carnival Corporate is working on it so it shouldn't be a problem anymore. Oh well. Marseilles stop was scraped, and Monaco was cut a half day short. We got "an extra day at sea" but I wish they would have hung out a little closer to the shore (the sea was really rough that day!) I think it was said in another review - skip Olbia stop. Waste of time. The rest of the stops were really good though. Would I take the Carnival Breeze again? Sure - especially since things actually went pretty well considering we were the "first paying guests" on the ship. Once other cruise directors get in there and feedback comes back, they can really fix up the small issues that are being pointed out. Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
The Carnival Breeze! what can be said - absolutely amazing ship and an absolutely amazing cruise. This was the cruise of a lifetime for us and we were not disappointed. We had booked this cruise about a year in advance allowing us plenty ... Read More
The Carnival Breeze! what can be said - absolutely amazing ship and an absolutely amazing cruise. This was the cruise of a lifetime for us and we were not disappointed. We had booked this cruise about a year in advance allowing us plenty of time to research our shore excursions, we cruise for the itinerary and to gamble. We left from Barcelona, Spain on June 15th. Boarding the ship was without incident and, being platinum and having booked a Grand Suite lent itself to us boarding immediately upon arrival. We opted not to arrive at the cruise port until noon, also giving us the opportunity of not dealing with the crowds. The new color of scheme of the Breeze is relaxing and beautiful. The Suite was what we expected, larger balcony, dressing room, large bathroom and plenty of closet space. The "living" area offered a nice seating area and the 42" flat screen TV could be turned for viewing from bed or from the sofa. From our balcony we could look down to the water or to the extension of deck 5 offering great "people watching" opportunities, our particular location offered us a view of one of the hot tub and the barbecue. I am attempting to offer an overview and will get into details as this review progresses. There was a online group formed early on, this offered much information for those who have not cruised before and also offered the opportunity for many to book shore excursions independently in groups. We opted to book our excursions through Carnival with the exception of one - Rome! (more on this later). The group had a welcome aboard party just before sail-a-way, we visited for a few minutes, said our hello's and went on our way. We also had a cabin crawl scheduled, this offered many who are new to cruising or who have no idea what other cabin categories are like the opportunity to see what they are like. We hosted the group in our suite at the end of the crawl for drinks and "munchies". Two of the cabins I had wanted to see were on our crawl - the cove balconies - and the spa cabins. The cove balconies are interesting and are on our list for a future cruise. The spa cabins surprised me, I'm glad to have the opportunity to see them as well. The group also booked a cocktail party on the last sea day and had much fun. We met some wonderful folks within the group and some not so wonderful, like everything "it is what it is". Can't wait for our November cruise and seeing friends again. Your Time Dining worked perfect for us, allowing the opportunity to not have to worry about being in the dining room at an appointed time - with an itinerary as rigorous as this one, my advice would be my time dining. We opted to dine in the steak house twice (both perfect dinners), and we went to the Italian option three times. This was incredible and new for us as in all of our cruises with Carnival this was the first ship we were on that had the Italian venue. Even now I wish I could perfect the recipe for Nona's meatballs and have the word out to my PVP to see if there is a cookbook available or at least the recipe. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one! Food in the dining room was great, and our seating was prompt and our location requests handled to our specifications. I don't do breakfast, hubby does and he was pleased. My preference is coffee and toast via room service and that was without incident, in fact, it was very surprising as to how quickly my order was delivered. Lunches on the ship were fun - we did love Guy's burgers and we did find the lido lunch buffet enjoyable. One area I particularly enjoyed was the wok area and the opportunity to "choose my own" ingredients and sauce and have it cooked for me while I waited. While the sauces are delicious, they will make a special sauce for you if you ask as I prefer soy and ginger. The cooks were more than happy to accommodate. Sandwiches were great and many choices available. The pizza was as expected - light, crispy and a wonderful late night snack. It was nice to see a new show - as we have been on the same ships several time we often find we run into productions we have seen before - Motor City and Diva's did not disappoint us. The theatre has a few spots that would make it hard to see the stage, but if you get to the theatre early you should be able to escape them. Carnival should take a lesson from RCCL here and offer exclusive seating for suite patrons. This is one side of Carnival lacking from RCCL as we greatly missed our concierge services. (The new "perks" program has rolled out -- more on that later). The comedy shows were ok, we aren't big on them so we would visit for a few and leave, they were what we expected. We opted out of the welcome and goodbye shows as they never change and we have seen our share. Our cabin steward was "WONDERFUL" she and her assistants could NOT do enough for us. They were attentive and accommodating -- if we were walking to our cabin and they saw us, they would run ahead and open our suite for us - they welcomed us home from our days of sightseeing - it was like coming home to old friends. Another group to acknowledge is guest services - again they offered the extra effort to take care of our needs and questions. Another "hats-off" goes to the Internet team - they had our IPad connected within minutes of our visit. The internet service on the ship is great and fast! The addition of the new daily list of ships activities on line is great! and FREE. We also used the Spa frequently and found the staff and the spa services to exceed our expectations. We booked a couples massage and this was one of our highlights aboard the ship. The spa offered us wonderfully quiet on our sea days - we opt for this rather than the lido pool deck. The pool area was ok - it's not something we do. Movies under the stars were good. The selection was good and should have provided something for everyone. The 5D theatre was like being at Disney, rollercoaster effects, water squirting, air squirting - we are sure it is something that will fare well on the Breeze - great family activity. We did spend much time in the Casino and were floored to discover we were sailing with old friends - we knew our pit bosses from previous cruises - it was like "old home week". Eleanora - it was so wonderful to see you again! We won, we lost, we came up, we went down - all it all - we can't complain as we view gambling as entertainment - we were not disappointed, had tons of fun and met some great new friends. Now about excursions - - Carnival excursions were great - we were very particular in what we chose to do - most of our excursions provided transportation and then exploration "on your own". This worked well for us. Also, hat's off to Carnival, as our arrival to Venice was not without its problems as there was a transportation strike in effect the day we were there. Carnival scrambled and was able to secure enough launches to transport folks from the ship to St. Mark's Square area. All other excursions went as scheduled. Thanks Carnival! You did a great job in a tough situation! After walking around Venice for awhile we had Italian ice cream at St. Mark's Square and then found a gondola ride. Another highlight of the trip as we bargained for a 45 minute ride for 80 Euros and we opted to tip. Our driver took us on a wonderful route through the canals. He told us about the history of the gondola's and pointed out each building of interest as we passed them. He stopped for photo opportunities. Our 45 minutes ended up as an hour and a half. He posed for pictures with us as well. We did have dinner off ship on several occasions - this was wonderful -- We shall never forget our dinner in Venice and our waiter, we chose a beautiful little place with a restaurant seating area inside and a beautiful sidewalk seating area outside. Being in Venice we opted to sit outside and enjoy dinner. Our waiter was so attentive to our needs -- he was wonderful and took it upon himself to entertain us. It amazes me that Europeans don't tip - having worked as a waitress through college, I just can't not tip - in Venice our dinner check was about 76 Euros. We gave the waiter 100 Euros - he promptly returned with change - we said no - for you - he tried again to give us the change - again we said no - for you - he quickly ran back into the kitchen and got the cook - returned for us to tell the cook it was for him. Next he ran back to the bar and grabbed a bottle of lemoncello and shot glasses - returned to our table and poured drinks for us. Such a sweet gesture and truly a highlight of our cruise. As mentioned early on in this review - we booked our own excursion in Rome - this was by far one of the best decisions we made. Hubby had surgery on his foot and is not quite 100%. I was worried about him holding up for a full day and evening in Rome. I searched the internet and found a gentlemen who was advertising Gold Cart Tours of Rome - I started talking with Paolo about 9 months before the cruise via email and telephone. Paolo was a true gentleman and it became apparent quickly that he was going to make our visit to Rome truly exceptional. Paolo also offered transfers from the ship to Rome --we did this as well. Our driver met us at the ship - and whisked us away in his Mercedes into Rome. He pointed out things of interest and took the time to get to know us. Once in Rome he dropped us off in Borgese Park where Paolo had arranged for us to tour the park on Segways! We laughed and learned to ride them in about 10 minutes - Paolo was our guide and took us through the park and to the overlook where we could view all of Rome. After our visit in the park - Paolo took us into Rome via golf cart! This is an incredible way to see Rome - Paolo basically drove us up and down the side streets of Rome from destination to destination. We were dropped off at every one of the sites and would go back and join Paolo once we were ready. We saw the side streets of Rome and other things off the typical tourist trails. Paolo was a wealth of information and narrated through the entire day. He knows his history and had remarkable stories to tell. We were driving along the Apian Way about lunch time. Paolo had prearranged lunch for us at a wonderful restaurant that was once one of the tombs within the wall of Rome - Paolo introduced us to the cook, and we feel we actually had the opportunity to meet "Moma" while in Italy - in fact, she cooked lunch for us. Now, lunch was interesting, Paolo pointed out, lunch is their big meal of the day, the food was endless - soup course, salad course, pasta course, meat course (make that 4 meats) as the plates just kept coming. We had to ask them to stop - we couldn't eat anything else! The afternoon was back to the sites of Rome -- those on the tourist routes, and those not on the tourist routes! We learned so much from Paolo and extend our sincere appreciation for him making Rome a highlight of our vacation. Paulo also told us that while gelato is good - Italian ice cream is the end-all-be-all he was right! There are those who will cruise and find fault, I have run into that in the last few days, it never ceases to amaze me. Although there will always be something not to one's liking there are ways to constructively voice complaints. In the last few days I have been witness to a couple who wouldn't extend a compliment if it jumped up and hit them in the nose. If one stands back and takes a look their arrogance and lack of good manners quickly comes to surface. Personally we never dwell on the negatives, we go on our cruises expecting to have a wonderful time and experience - we have never been disappointed -- We are looking forward to many more cruises and if you are thinking about the Breeze, book it, enjoy her - she's beautiful. Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
Carnival Breeze Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 4.0 N/A
Dining 4.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.0 3.5
Public Rooms 4.0 4.3
Fitness & Recreation 4.0 N/A
Family 5.0 4.0
Shore Excursions 4.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 2.0 N/A
Service 5.0 4.2
Value for Money 5.0 N/A

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