29 Carnival Breeze Fitness Cruise Reviews

Love the ship but it appeared service all around was not that good, We paid for the bottomless cheers for soft drinks and due to lack of help at Lido bar areas you literally waited 15-20 minutes each time to get service. There were ... Read More
Love the ship but it appeared service all around was not that good, We paid for the bottomless cheers for soft drinks and due to lack of help at Lido bar areas you literally waited 15-20 minutes each time to get service. There were numerous times when only one bar was open and 1 person working it. the staff would walk around asking if you needed anything but there was a couple of staff members that would take our diet coke orders and never return. My wife smokes and she found out that you can only smoke on one side of the Casino (no joke) or on the top deck (11th) but again only on one side (no joke) We watched movies on Lido deck at night and as on previous reviews it was mentioned that the large screen had burned out pixels. The poor girl that checked out towels or blankets on Lido deck was always by herself, she would get her lines so long and backed up from not getting any help. They would not start popcorn until after the movie would start @ 7:00 even later. They would run out fast. Food all around was fair, very bland, no seasoning, We only decided to eat two nights at the Blush but food portions were very very small. Shrimp cocktail both times was literally 5-6 very small pieces on a side of bowl with lettuce. At the beginning of the trip was hard to get ice in our bucket, we called room service which stated it would take about 20-25 min then had to call again and we advised it was already 25min then waited again 25min for ice so when I saw our room steward in hallway the next morning, she made sure we had two buckets full daily. Overall the staff in majority of the ship did not have a sense of urgency but just going through the motions. Coffee and the refreshment areas would be out of regular but they did have decaf. 1 machine had out of order the entire trip. So many people complained around me in the morning about no reg coffee. Every time Lee the activity director would make a page you could not hear him unless you opened your door to the hallway. If you were on your deck, forget it. We never understood why his page did not come through on the cabin ceiling speaker. Majority of the time we could not hear what he was saying. We purchased the Social data package which is a joke for Facebook etc (no instant messaging) because you could never get a connection!! We paid for the chat function using the Carnival Hub but it would never make a notification sound when someone was texting you from the ship. Majority of the time our friends would say, we text you but you never replied, that is because I would not get it until about 20-30 min later or when I would turn my phone off then back on again then I would get them. Guest service did credit us our $5.00 woo hoo I was unaware that they were going to clean our deck area so when I got out of the shower and opened the bathroom door only to find a guy and female cleaning, had to quickly grab a towel. Apparently they were going through a cabin and opening the partitions between cabin decks. Nice if we were advised in advance since our curtain was open. The cabin had lots of drawer / closet space for our things. Bed was very comfortable. Our hallway smelled like a toilet had ran over with poop because the second day at sea, we noticed they were doing a clean up and had floor blowers running. Read Less
Sail Date March 2018
This was our 13th cruise and the 9th with Carnival. Embarkement was quick..on the ship within an hour. Stayed on the Spa deck which came with 2 free exercise classes each and access to the spa pool and saunas. We liked the decor of the ... Read More
This was our 13th cruise and the 9th with Carnival. Embarkement was quick..on the ship within an hour. Stayed on the Spa deck which came with 2 free exercise classes each and access to the spa pool and saunas. We liked the decor of the ship..has a summer outdoor feel all over. The ship looked in very good shape to us...she is going into dry dock next week for some upgrades we were told. We had late dining in the Blush restaurant...food and service was very very good..no complaints at all...thanks to our waiters Wayan, Dewa and Joelyn. We had a table of six, however nobody else showed up which was disappointing. We also ate at the steakhouse which was outstanding. The buffet at breakfast and lunch had a good variety as well. We enjoyed the nightly shows at the comedy club which was packed every time. The cruise director Schwartz is awesome..so much energy and fun! We sailed with him last year on the Magic...he is hands down the best cruise director we had so far. We did the sharks and rays excursion to Caye Caulker in Belize...highly recommend that trip. We booked with Carnival because of the price and the fun activities on board. Our next cruise is on the Legend in September from Vancouver to Hawaii. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
We are a family of four with two interior cabins. It was me (46), girlfriend (44) and my two sons (13,16). This was my 15th cruise with the last 8 being on Carnival. I love Carnival so don't read too much negativity into this review. ... Read More
We are a family of four with two interior cabins. It was me (46), girlfriend (44) and my two sons (13,16). This was my 15th cruise with the last 8 being on Carnival. I love Carnival so don't read too much negativity into this review. I'm pointing out the negatives and positives but I know the review will seem negative. That is the wrong impression. I loved this boat and the crew and would do it again. (In fact, I'm already booked for two more cruises between now and December on the Breeze. It's an awesome ship with a great crew.) Embarkation: I'll begin with a terrible embarkation. The power allegedly went out at the terminal so about the time we arrived at port, I received a text that boarding was delayed 3! hours and not to come to the port. We checked some social media websites and found some postings from people who were there that confirmed there was no boarding going on. There were also postings that this was a way Carnival gets people to not to come to the port at boarding time in order to slow the pace. Whatever the truth, when we got there, there was a mass of passengers lined up outside as far back as possible. Luckily it was not especially hot for June in Galveston. But a lady did faint right behind us and no one from Carnival showed up to check on her or bring water. So, embarkation was terrible but likely beyond Carnival's control. However, since only it uses that terminal they may want to invest in a strong generator to keep boarding in time. Once on board, I was expecting to see a very modern boat since this is the newest boat in the fleet in the US. But, while it was very nice, it looked in design, though not decor, like every other Dream class ship. They are beautiful but I expected something different in a new ship. As usual, the elevators were packed but we finally got one and rode to our rooms on the 9th floor forward. Again, new ship I was expecting something different about the rooms. But, other than color, it looked just like the Dream and Magic. Some of us felt that the room felt a tiny bit larger but not much else different. I thought that on a new ship they might have considered doing something as basic as Super 8 has done, USB plugs to charge modern appliances. But, no luck. There are two plugs at the desk. The shower is small with the same shampoo and body wash dispensers as on the older ships. Water pressure and temperature were excellent. The main problem was the air conditioner, a complaint I've read in other reviews. It just didn't cool off the room. We had it on lowest temp the whole time but we were never cool. I strongly suggest you bring a fan, we will from now on. Our room steward was attentive and always brought ice at night after I asked for it, but he did skip cleaning my sons' room one day even though they weren't in there most of the day. I think he just forgot it. Something else that has not improved is the TV. It is still a small Viewsonic with very few channels. I know Carnival and others say, who cares about the TV you shouldn't be in the room. Well, I like to be in the room and many others I talked to do also. In 2016 there is no way the Carnival can't do better but I guess they want you out of the room spending money. That didn't work on us, we just watched what we could. With all that said, I liked the room and the 9th floor. It was quiet and close to everything. I know many people don't like or think they won't like interior rooms but it's our first choice. We've had many offers for balconies but I won't give up the darkness of the interior room. I've stayed in balcony rooms but always opt for interior. Wi-fi. Carnival of course charges for wi-fi and that also seems ridiculous in this day and age. But, they charge and we bought it. I got the mid level plan that allows for everything except streaming. It is really slow and cost $60 for the week. My older son got the $100 plan which allows some streaming and more access to some social sites and slightly higher speed. If you need Internet for work or just because you are addicted to your phone spring for $100 plan. If you're patient, stick with the $60 plan. Carnival Hub is a new App available on some ships, this being one of them. It's in the beta phase but Carnival still charges $5 to use the chat feature even if you buy a wi-fi plan. We bought it. It's best feature is the ability to chat with other guests in your party on board. But, it didn't work well yet. You theoretically could send a chat to all parties in your group at once but it wouldn't go through. So, I had to send the same message individually to each person in my party to send the same message. It's handy to let people know where you are or find them but has some kinks. It does have the daily activity schedule on it which is very useful. It doesn't have the dinner menus so you still have to go to your tv if you want to know what's being served. They should add the menus and not charge for those that buy an Internet plan. The food was as expected, some good and some bad. We ate lunch all around the ship but usually ate at Guy's burgers at least once a day. We all liked those yummy burgers. The buffet and other places were a wide variety though just average on flavor. Seabrunch on sea days is always good and a good way to avoid the very long lines in the buffet for breakfast and lunch. Dinner was in the Blush dining room every night except one when we went to the steakhouse. The dining room was not different from past cruises. I don't know when Carnival last updated it's menu but it's been a long time. The service was great and the food was hit and miss. But, they have no problem bringing multiple dishes so we could always find something we liked. If your assistant waiter is Rex you are in for a treat. He is awesome and will get you anything you want on the ship. Rex rules. The 555 steakhouse is the same menu as all the other steakhouses on the ships but is very good. However, it is $170 by the time you tip 20% so I think next time we'll skip it. But, at $35 a person I do recommend it if you haven't tried it. Activities. We didn't get off at any ports to do activities because we've done them all and it was very very hot and humid out. (I got off in Cozumel to get athletes foot cream which I picked up somewhere on the boat, likely the pool deck.) So, we did a lot of trivia and games in the Ocean Plaza everyday, both sea and port days. We got extremely lucky because the host for this was a host named Ty. He was absolutely the highlight of the cruise. I believe these hosts rotate on a weekly basis so we lucked out. He is absolutely wonderful. If you get to do activities with him, do so. If you don't like him at first give a little bit. He has a dry sense of humor but is hilarious and cares very much about the guests. Kids and adults all loved him within a day and looked forward to any activities he hosted. He was awesome enough to bring us back to Carnival just for him in the in daily Ocean plaza. Sadly, for us, there is no guarantee he will be in the Ocean Plaza when we return. The cruise director was Jaime Dee who is very good and always full of cheer. She teaches a Zoomba class that my girlfriend loved and was always fun at the events she hosted. I think she is leaving the boat mid-July so if you are going after that I doubt you'll get someone as fun. That's not an insult to other CDs but she is the best CD we have ever had. The ropes course was fun but can be quite a wait as with the water slides. The slides get crowded and I found them painful on my back but the kids loved them even though my son said they hurt a bit. We also did the new motion theatre for the scary movie Thrillolagy. About 25% of the chairs were broken so it was hard to get in without waiting. I guess we were lucky it worked at all, since I e read it is often down the whole week. We got lucky one night and walked right in. It was fun but is $8 for a 17 minute 4D movie. We paid. We also did some evening events like the shows, comedy club, and deck parties. They are all worth trying if the theme interests you. They are not all great but more are good than bad. I say try them and if it's not for you, just leave. Pools: There are only two pools which were usually packed with kids. There is no adult pool, which I missed, but on occasion, especially port days, we were able to swim without a mass of humans. The pools are saltwater. Casino: I usually spend about 99% of my awake time in the casino playing craps and spend(lose) between $2k to $7k. This cruise I didn't hit the casino. Why? Because Carnival continues to mislead about the drink card. We were told we had a free drink card while playing in the casino but needed to check with the casino host to be sure we had the card. Well, as has happened every time, there was no record of our drink card. It always goes like this. You go to the casino host and ask about the drink card you were promised. She says there is nothing in the computer so she has to check with the home office in Miami on Monday but encourages you to play in the interim. Monday you check with her but Miami hasn't replied, same for Tuesday and the rest of the week. She assures you it's an anomaly but it happens every single cruise. So, if she has no drink card on day one, don't play if expecting one to come through. I'm so used to Vegas that playing craps or blackjack and paying for drinks is against my abilities!!It's a pet peeve how the casino hosts will just lie with the same BS story cruise after cruise. Debarkation. We did the self debarkation where we carried off our own bags. It was smooth and we got off the boat with no hassle or delay. Conclusion: This was one of our best cruises ever despite the flaws pointed out above. Overall, the entire trip taken as a whole was awesome. This was mainly due to Ty. He is just a wonderful asset for Carnival. I would go on this cruise again in a heartbeat. In fact, we're booked for two more cruises on the Breeze in the next 5 months. That fact alone should tell you that we really liked this cruise. I just hope the loss of Jaime and perhaps not having Ty run the Ocean Plaza isn't too bad. Hope to see you all on a future cruise. Read Less
Sail Date June 2016
Im so used to royal Caribbean and i saw so many negative reviews for carnival breeze. So i was scared to even try, but the price was right so i went ahead and booked it. It was me, my fiance and my son who is 8 years old. This cruise was ... Read More
Im so used to royal Caribbean and i saw so many negative reviews for carnival breeze. So i was scared to even try, but the price was right so i went ahead and booked it. It was me, my fiance and my son who is 8 years old. This cruise was FUN FUN AND MORE FUN. So much food. Lets start of with the food and drinks. A lot of bards around the ships and we used them a lot lol. The food was amazing in the dinning room and buffet. We had guy burgers which i still dream about till this day. The burrito bar was great to kinda upset we waited to the last day to try it out:( . I took my fiance to the steak house for his bday which was on valetines day. Resturaunt was 5 stars. It was beautiful and they catered us and our needs.The formal night was good also. The food was great and carnival has this thing will they will dance and put on loud music in the dining room whic was very cool. Entertainment was good also but theater entertainment doesn't compare to royal Caribbean. But carnival makes up for it. They have all different activities throughout the ship and the comedy club was FUNNY as hell. DECK PARTIES LOBBY PARTIES everything was great. The room we has was a balcony. Im sorry i wont cruise at less i have a balcony. once to have one you just cant go back. we was on the 9th floor very high up and we felt the ship rocking more then ever but we was towards the front so maybe thats the reason why but still didn't spoil our cruise. The room was kept clean as always. Our cabin cleaner was amazing and he remembered our names. We gave him a tip at the end. The places we went was aruba, grandturk, Dominican republic and curaco. We didn't get to stop at grand turk because of the winds or something. I honestly didnt like Dominican republic like that it was beautiful to where we went which was a all exclusive resort, but getting there i saw alot of poverty which of course they cant help but when im on vacation i dont want to experience sadness or feeling sad for somebody i live in new york i see enough of that. aruba and curaco was beautiful and the people was so friendly. a lot to see and do. KIDS program was amazing keeping my son occupied and happy. We barley saw him he wanted to stay and play. They have the pools and slides for the kids. Just a lot of different activities for families. You can drop your kids off at the program and they have very long hours so you have a great deal of time to yourself! OVERALL this trip was amazing. everything wasn't perfect but hey that life. My suggestion to you if your uptight, and just negative stay away from carnival. carnival is really the fun ship not fancy but for people who love to have fun Read Less
Sail Date February 2016
My 8 day exotic southern Caribbean itinerary on the Breeze was a dream cruise for me. This will have been my third cruise with Carnival, having had a similarly wonderful experience last November on the Magic out of Galveston. I'd done ... Read More
My 8 day exotic southern Caribbean itinerary on the Breeze was a dream cruise for me. This will have been my third cruise with Carnival, having had a similarly wonderful experience last November on the Magic out of Galveston. I'd done my homework and I know what to expect, what to avoid, and how to make a Carnival cruise something memorable and magical. This was no let down. I was celebrating my 32 anniversary with my spouse for the cruise. We arrived at the Port of Miami right around noon. Since we didn't have Faster to the Fun nor are we platinum status, I didn't want to wait too long. All lines moved quickly, and from dropping off my bags to running through security, getting my sign and sail card, to having my group number called and getting on the ship was just over an hour. I am consistently amazed at the graciousness and hospitality of the entire breadth of support personnel on the ship. Our cabin steward, Ivalena, was so helpful and kept our spa balcony spotless with fresh towels, ice, toiletries, and evening turn down service. We enjoyed many of the spa and sports amenities by taking the free stretch classes and abs classes on port days. We also signed up for the 4 spin class package and had excellent leadership with Luis and Jason leading these classes. We enjoyed eating twice in the Fahrenheit 555 steakhouse on the first and last nights of our cruise. Overall, the service in this place is superlative. The quality of the food is excellent, although some things are definitely better than others. Mirena, a senior steward in the steakhouse, came over to talk to us and make our meals special. We got a complimentary dinner in the Cuchina del Capitano for our anniversary which was very nice as well. One night we tried the Bonsai Sushi and found the food, while not too adventurous, was spectacularly presented, probably as fancy as any sushi restaurant in which I've ever eaten, and I've had a lot of sushi all over the country. The service that night in the Bonsai, sadly, left a bit to be desired; I believe they were overwhelmed. Service for breakfast, sea-day brunches, and dinners, whether American Table or more formal American Feast were amazing. The food is as good as it's ever been. My only nit on the food would be that sometimes it's less than hot when served, but that's not too much of an issue for me. I avoided eating on the lido deck. Buffets are not my style. I did try the Blue Iguana Cantina for lunch one day back from a port day in the Dominican Republic. My tacos tasted good, but they gave me heartburn, so I never went back. As for everybody's favorite Guy's Burgers joint. I finally had one of these on my second to last sea day. It was so greasy and heavy, I felt lethargic and slow minutes after eating it. This type of artery clogging food is not for me either. Fortunately, there are plenty of fresh, healthy options available on the ship. I loved the Serenity deck and the bar. I never really had to look too long for an empty chaise or even wait for an empty covered clam. The staff knew me by name and after day one didn't even ask for my sign and sail card when I ordered a cocktail. Only on one night did I try the comedy club, and I wasn't too amused by the comedian so I left early. However, I did check out the Divas show. I thought it was great, although I didn't ever suspect that Prince qualified as a diva! Another interesting activity on the ship was the exclusive Behind the Fun tour of the ship on the second to the last sea day. Wow! There is so much that goes on behind the scenes on this ship, this 'excursion' is a must if you're curious about how everything works on the Breeze. We won trivia twice, once in the Red Frog Pub for a 120 ounce tube of beer with our team of 5. Another time, we won a Ship on a Stick in the Ocean Plaza. The entertainment on the ship was quite varied, with delightful modern accordianist in the lobby bar as well as a pop string trio to perform before dinner. Ocean Plaza had an Eighties pop cover band to keep everyone rocking. The ship's Cruise Director Matt Mitcham is a pure delight. He's fast, funny and hugely entertaining. He was a stitch for the Love and Marriage show, the Hasbro the Game Show, and for the Halloween costume contest (which I was pleased to be a finalist for!). I can't believe what a great value I get with Carnival. The experience is magical. These are vacations I'll never forget. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
• Background information I took this cruise with a single college friend of mine (I’m married, but I like to cruise more than my wife and she was tied up with work). We are both in our late 30s and have each been on many cruises. This ... Read More
• Background information I took this cruise with a single college friend of mine (I’m married, but I like to cruise more than my wife and she was tied up with work). We are both in our late 30s and have each been on many cruises. This is my 20th cruise and I’ve been on most of the major lines. • Ship information In short, the ship is outstanding. The crew has done a great job of keeping her in tip-top shape. There are many interesting areas of the ship which I will touch on later. There were more unique sitting areas on this ship than any other I’ve been on. For example, the Deck 5 Lanai area is unusual in that it has hot tubs. There is also the fee-free Serenity adult area complete with its own hot tubs, hammocks, and clam shell seating. The Sports Square area is also very cool with pool tables, foosball, ping pong, bean bag toss, ropes course, and mini-golf. • Activities In my opinion, Carnival does an excellent job with activities. Although they may not have the same investment into facilities as say Royal Caribbean with ice skating rinks and FlowRiders, they make up for it with exceptionally run activities. For example, Carnival had a social staff person running sports competitions like they were Olympic events. One social host (Regan – totally committed to his job and super nice), was doing play-by-play over a mic during a bean bag toss competition. Dodge ball was closely monitored by Regan or Cruz. As an active guest, I appreciate the organization and dedication. I’ve been on Princess cruises where the daily schedule shows something like “Volleyball with fellow guests”, and a staff member does not even show up. Not so on Carnival. If they advertise an activity, there will be a staff member there to keep it running smoothly. I should also mention that there is a lot of trivia on this ship, so if you like that sort of thing, you are in luck! • Service It would be really hard to ding Carnival on service. I could go on and on, but in an effort to keep it short, I’ll just say that I really have no complaints. Whenever I needed anything, I was taken care of. • Port & shore excursions We did not do any excursions planned through the ship, but we did do something at every port. Please see my port reviews for specifics. • Travel to embarkation Port I’m from the western part of the country, but traveled to Miami after visiting family in the northeast (where my friend also lives). We decided to fly in on the day of the cruise. While I was a little concerned about this given it was December, I just booked the earliest non-stop flight, and it was fine. We really liked the ability to check in for the cruise at the airport. Carnival runs two desks at different baggage claim areas of Miami Airport, and you can obtain your key card and check in there. Once you get to the port, you just show your card and stamped papers and then go through security. You will be able to board at the same time as Zone 1 (those who were earliest to check in at the port). Definitely check in at the airport if you are flying in on the day of sailing. • Cabin In an effort to save money, we booked a category 1A stateroom. I was careful to make sure that this was not a bunk bed room. Cabin 2207 has a regular bed and a sofa bed. The room is more or less square. It is the second room from the front of the ship. We noticed minimal noise, but there is some vibration when you come into port. Still, I’d book this room again vs. spending a couple hundred more for a regular room on Deck 1 or 2, or even a higher deck. I got plenty of exercise as I only took the elevator once (I had to for a photo scavenger hunt). I was trying to find some information about this specific room, because it is a unique 1A. So to satisfy the next guy who was as curious as I was, here is the room layout. The entry door wall of the room shares wall space with the bathroom. Going clockwise, the next wall has the regular bed. The next wall has the sofa bed. The final wall has the desk, tv, and closets. The sofa bed was not quite as comfortable as the regular bed, but with a foam pad it was pretty close. We liked the open space in the center of this room, and found it to be a great value. • Dining Dining on this ship was excellent. Try to find a ship with more free options at lunch. Guy’s Burgers were as advertised – outstanding! I had one seven out of eight days. They were heavenly! The Blue Iguana Cantina was also very good with fresh, tasty ingredients. My friend and I would generally order three appetizers, two entrees, and two desserts each at dinner. So over eight nights (we ate in the MDR every night), that makes 56 items that I ordered. I had minor issues with maybe two of those items. I think that is pretty darned good when considering they prepare food for up to 4,000 diners. • Entertainment I really enjoyed what the ship offered for entertainment. The production shows were very good. The comedy shows were exceptional. Other lines just give you one or two comedians who do a couple shows each. Carnival gives you four comedians who do about four shows each (both family and adult). Another outstanding value! Matt, the cruise director, was one of the best I’ve ever seen. He is very visible on the ship and very well received. We liked that he was dressed casually most of the time, but still very sharp. Some cruise directors are stuffy and wear suits every day. Matt is much more low key and the impression is that he cares more and is more relatable. Any of the shows he hosted were a hoot! We also really liked the 4D Theater. We paid the extra $15 for this option (unlimited shows), and it was so worth it! We saw all of the shows – and all were good – so we definitely got our money’s worth. We also really enjoyed the water slides. They were a blast for kids and adults alike. • Disembarkation I disembarked relatively early using self-assist. I was off the ship about five minutes after leaving my room, and through Customs after another ten minutes. Very easy! • Summary I read a number of reviews on this site before sailing (probably well over 100). Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I will provide you with some of my reflections on where the reviews were right and where they were wrong. Food – The food was overall a great success. I recall one reviewer saying “the food has no taste”. I don’t know if this reviewer tragically lost his tongue to some especially hot soup or what, but I don’t know how you can make that blanket statement. I love food, and I loved the food on this ship. Lines – Many reviewers did say that were a lot of lines on this ship, and that is essentially true. I sometimes wondered if I’d encounter a line to get into my cabin at night. Yes there are lines, but it isn’t the end of the world. Carnival is able to offer great pricing because their passenger to space ratio is lower than most other lines. They offer a great product and I personally don’t mind the occasional wait. A lot of people said the comedy club had lines and you couldn’t get in. This is not true. We went to five shows and we only stood up once. Yes, you will need to be there 10-20 minutes early, but you can get a seat. Even if you can’t find a seat, you can still watch while standing in the back or on the side. Moving these shows to the main theater would not be possible due to other events in the theater. I also enjoyed the ambiance of the comedy club. Production shows – I thought these were pretty good, although a lot of people have negative comments. I thought the singing was generally very good. Yes, you now have eight singer/dancers instead of dedicated singers and dedicated dancers, but they obviously use the best singers to do the lead parts and the others as backup. The use of sets with the high resolution screens was amazing technology. See the Brits show especially, and you will know what I mean. I thought the screens were underused for the Motown show, but otherwise they did a really good job. If nixing the show orchestra and lavish sets/costumes saves us all a few bucks on our cruise fare, I’m all for it. Pools – Yes, the pools are small and can be crowded. I’m not much of a pool guy, so this didn’t affect me much. Still, I didn’t notice them to be horribly crowded. My friend even swam laps a couple times. There are plenty of hot tubs, and they were generally not full. As I mentioned, I’ve been on many lines and I’m not loyal to any one. I think they all do different things a little better than others. In short, no one does value better than Carnival. If you want a great product at a great price, the victor is Carnival! Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
This was a last minute deal. My Carnival PVP called me Thursday to see if I could go on the cruise Sunday, free, just pay taxes. My wife could not get vacation, so I called a buddy I sailed with last year on the same ship in the summer. We ... Read More
This was a last minute deal. My Carnival PVP called me Thursday to see if I could go on the cruise Sunday, free, just pay taxes. My wife could not get vacation, so I called a buddy I sailed with last year on the same ship in the summer. We went on this cruise expecting to have fun, but not too enthused about the food or service. We had been on the Breeze last summer, and the service was not so good and they always seemed to overcook the meat or fish. This time, the Breeze had it all corrected. Embarkation was easy. I'm Platinum, so we were escorted into the lounge, checked in 1 5 mintes, and boarded the ship. The room was ready when we got there at noon. It was fabulous. Being last minute, we got booked in 7207, a HC cabin. It had a 36" entry door and bathroom door, and the bathroom was twice as big as standard Carnival. Shower was also twice as long, so the usual claustrophobia was solved. This one was in the corner of the front of the ship, so it was more spacious than usual. Storage was more limited. Only a double floor-to-ceiling hanging closet, 1/2 of one had drawers in it, instead of the standard 3 closets and separate drawers, so if you need storage space for clothes, remember that. The window had a "sky" view, as there was a wall outside for the railing, so no ocean view, but at least sunlight. I would certainly take it again, but since it is a handicapped room, I assume it would be hard to get on a constant basis. Service on this trip was great. Our steward, Agus, kept us in ice the whole cruise. We brought a small cooler, and that was always full, as were 2 ice buckets. The room was always clean. The purser line for Platinum was actually short (last time, they were letting non-Platinum/Diamond in as well). The staff was courteous, of course. We did the late seating Blush dining room. The food was fantastic. The medium rare steak was actually medium rare. Lobster was tender, fish was juicy (not dry). It goes on. The food was very good. It was a very relaxing week, and Carnival really did it right. I cannot wait until my next cruise with them. Read Less
Sail Date September 2014
We just returned from our first cruise ever on Carnival Breeze, which went to St. Maarten, St. Kitts, San Juan, and Grand Turk. This was such an amazing vacation! We could have stayed another 8 days! The ship was very clean and organized. ... Read More
We just returned from our first cruise ever on Carnival Breeze, which went to St. Maarten, St. Kitts, San Juan, and Grand Turk. This was such an amazing vacation! We could have stayed another 8 days! The ship was very clean and organized. Embarking in Miami was smooth. Two days at sea allowed us to get acquainted with the ship. There was plenty to do onboard from the casino, to the comedy club, to nightclubs, to live music, to the water park with 2 waterslides and a splash zone, to the 2 outdoor pools and numerous hot tubs. Jimmy's BBQ was available for lunch on sea days only, which was very tasty. Our head waitress, Toshi, in the Sapphire dining room was fabulous! She's so friendly and we looked forward to her excellent service every night! The food onboard was great! We had so many choices. Breakfast was always great with many selections to choose from. The omlets were made to order. Lunch was also great with Guys burgers, burritos, Mongolian, or the buffet. Dinner was amazing every night and the service was excellent. Our cruise director, Matt Mitcham was excellent! He always kept us laughing and was so energetic. Just an all around nice guy! The entire crew onboard went 'overboard' on their service. (pun intended!) Beware when you disembark on St. Kitts! You will be approached by locals with their monkeys! They're so cute, but when you take pictures of them, you will owe money to the owners! (they don't tell you until after you have taken pictures! 3 pics for $10!) But it is a beautiful place. Hiring a taxi is the best way to tour the island. St. Maarten/St. Martin is by far the most beautiful place ever! The people are extremely friendly. We did not book an excursion through Carnival for this island. Instead, we got into a taxi and toured the entire island for a lot less money and a much greater tour than you would get if you were on a big bus. In San Juan, we opted for the Carnival excursion tour of the Bacardi factory, since we were only in port from 7am til 2pm. and wanted to be guaranteed to see at least some of the island. It was a nice tour, but over priced and didn't allow for enough time to visit the town for shopping or sightseeing. Grand Turk was exquisite! We stayed on the beach at the port and visited Margaritaville and swam in the ocean nearly all day, which is something I don't like to do since you get sticky from the salt water, but this was an exception. The water was refreshing all day and no sticky feeling! Both sides of this port are Carnival owned so they provide free chairs on the beach. The only complaint I have is that the announcements are hard to hear over the loudspeakers and the cruise line doesn't tell you anything about where you are, what you are looking at, or where you're going. So it's up to you to do your homework ahead of time or watch the TV station in your cabin to let you know the course you're on. All in all, this was a fantastic first cruise! Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
My wife and I have taken over 15 cruises and tried many different cruise lines. This was our first cruise on a Carnival Dream Class ship. I would rank this cruise and the Carnival Breeze as average to slightly above average. On a scale of ... Read More
My wife and I have taken over 15 cruises and tried many different cruise lines. This was our first cruise on a Carnival Dream Class ship. I would rank this cruise and the Carnival Breeze as average to slightly above average. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate it about 3.5. Pro's and Con's of the ship: The overall size of the ship was about perfect. The Ovation Theater is very nice. The new electronic back drops that they use for the shows were amazing. The Sports and Spa level is also great. There were two areas which felt a little small. The venue used for comedy shows was too small and the "shops" area of the ship was very small. Activities Provided: Many activities were provided on a daily basis. It seemed that there was always something going on and something to do. Service: The service provided on the ship was great. Our cabins steward was great. We also received great service in the dining room. Port & Shore Excursions: I would recommend three of the four ports. I would enjoy returning to Aruba, Curacao and Grand Turk. I would not go out of my way to return to the D.R. If I did go back there, I would not take a Seavis tour. Embarkation: The embarkation process was very smooth. Cabin: 9368. I have provided a cabin overview in the Cabin section. For this section I will say: The cabin size was good. The bathroom and shower areas were really nice. The balcony was small. The location we choose was horrible. Dining: We ate in five different areas of the ship. The Blush Dining Room, The Lido Market Place (buffet), Guy's Burger Joint, the Blue Iguana Cantina and the Cucina del Capitano. The Blush Dining Room - Dinners were good but not great. No meal stood out as awesome. The service at dinner was awesome. Brunch was good; but again no meal stood out as being great. The service at brunch varied. One day it was good. The last day it was horrible. The Lido Market Place (buffet) - Had the same food every day. On my previous cruises, the buffet would switch things up daily. The Lido Market Place seemed to have the same stuff every and it was just average. Guy's Burger Joint - Did not live up to my expectations. The burgers were hand patted... not pressed. This meant they were better than the average burger I expect to receive from the buffet bar. However, they were not as good as the burgers you would expect to get at a place like Red Robin or Ruby Tuesdays. Blue Iguana Cantina - Was average. Their breakfast burritos were good. But I would not go out of my way to get their food. I never had to stand in a long line for the Blue Iguana. This is an indication of their food. Cucina del Capitano - We ate here at lunch time when the meals were free. I wasn't impressed. You could choose your pasta, sauce and ingredients. The food was ok but did not warrant me going back a second time. Entertainment - We took advantage of three different entertainment opportunities: Shows, the Hasbro game show and the comedians. I would give the overall entertainment a 4. However; there is room for improvement. Shows: The shows in the Ovation theater were entertaining. I enjoyed the shows, the entertainers and the new lighted background. I would rate the shows a 5. The Hasbro game show was a dud in my opinion. It seemed to be nothing more than a life size commercial for Hasbro games. The time I wasted watching the show is wasted vacation time that I will never get back. Comedians. I enjoyed the comedians. However, I did not enjoy the hassle of trying to see the comedy shows. The Limelight lounge is/was WAY TOO SMALL for the number of people wanting to see the shows. The line of people waiting to get into the shows would wrap way down the ship halls. People would ride the elevator down and try to cut line by coming off the elevator and breaking into lines. I would suggest moving the comedians to the main ovation theater when it is not in use. If the late "adult" comedy show was moved tot he Ovation theater, it would help alleviate the congestion and frustration that people felt trying to see the comedy shows. Disembarkation - Was very organized and smooth. Overall, I greatly enjoyed my vacation. I would rate the cruise as a 3.5. With a few modifications I think the cruise could easily go from 3.5 to 4.75 or possibly 5.   Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
We cruised with our kids aged 14 and 11. This was our second cruise, but our first "cruise vacation". The first was a short Bahamas cruise three years ago on the Disney Dream. Given our fabulous experience on the Disney cruise we ... Read More
We cruised with our kids aged 14 and 11. This was our second cruise, but our first "cruise vacation". The first was a short Bahamas cruise three years ago on the Disney Dream. Given our fabulous experience on the Disney cruise we were a little sceptical about going with another cruise line, but since the Breeze is a relatively new ship and the price much more reasonable we took the leap. So here's the review.... Transport: We saved ourselves $1200 by flying into Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami and staying an extra night at end of the cruise. It cost about $60 for 4 of us to get a van to the cruise port from our airport hotel in FLL. At the end of the cruise we stayed on the beach in Fort Lauderdale and a cab ride was about $80 from the Port of Miami. All told we still ended up way ahead and had an extra day at the beach. The 6 day cruise on the breeze was perfect for this since it left on a Sunday and returned on a Saturday. Lots of wiggle room for transportation. Ship and Staff: If you're like me you've probably read every review on this site and others regarding the Breeze and Carnival. I have to say I was a little nervous given some of the poor reviews from other cruisers. I got the impression from some of the reviewers that the Breeze was a floating barn staffed by pirates. Nothing could be further from the truth! The ship was spotless! Clean and new looking everywhere. Staff were always cleaning and tidying up. Staff were always friendly and eager to help. The ship is VERY big and after the first day of running up and down the stairs you learn to wait for the elevators. Luckily there are 3 banks of elevators. Room: We had adjoining rooms (deck 8 balcony) for us and our kids. I highly recommend this for a family. A single room is just too small for 4 people in my opinion. The room was clean, the bed comfortable and everything worked. Nice bathroom. No noise from anywhere. Restaurants: I won't go through all the restaurants except to say that we enjoyed the food. Lots of choices. Good quality. There are definitely times when certain places are busier than others, but if you want to avoid the crowds there is always another option. For breakfast the main buffet is pretty busy but you can avoid the rush by having breakfast in the main dining room or the Plaza cafe. They also make great egg burritos at the Mexican place. We chose the 6pm dining room seating and never had to wait at dinner but we did notice that people on the flexible dining time plan (whatever its called) were waiting during the peak times. We paid the $12 surcharge to go to the Italian Restaurant on one night and enjoyed it lot. A nice change of pace in a nice space. The dining room food was good and varied. Formal Nights: Carnival has what they call "cruise elegant" nights where people are asked to dress up a little. We found that most people dressed up for dinner. Many suits and ties, dresses. A few tuxedos. Lots of guys wearing collared shirts and slacks. But there is no "social pressure" to do so and no one will say anything if you're not dressed up for dinner. After all, everyone is on vacation. Entertainment: I will agree with others that the main theatre shows are lame. But luckily there is great entertainment all over the ship. We ended up spending our evenings listening to live music in the pub or the band in the Plaza (they did a great 80's night!) There was a salsa band that played in the main lobby and usually a DJ by the main pool. Also spent some time in the Casino and the arcade (aka Kids Casino) with my kids. The comedy club was also fun, but like others have said, it is usually lined up before shows and fills up quickly. Kids Clubs: This is one area where Carnival (and probably all the other cruise lines) are light years behind Disney. Camp carnival, the 11 and under area, is just a big room that looks like a daycare. For us it wasn't as big of a deal since our youngest is 11 can participate at his leisure, but for parents with younger kids Disney is the way to go. No comparison. Also, the camp closes at 10pm and after that you are paying for babysitting. The older kids areas looked pretty good. The 15-17's and the 12-14's have their own exclusive places where they can socialize and hang out. For our teenager it mostly served as a meeting place where the kids would find each other. After the first few days, our kids ended up spending a lot of time off on their own with new friends. Random Tips: There are a number of little places on the ship that don't get a lot of attention. For example, there are hot tubs mid-ship on deck five (on both sides) that don't get as much attention as those on the main pool deck and the aft pool was never as busy as the main pool. There is also a small bar called the "library" that had whiskey specials a few nights in a row. Lastly, you can order a bottle of wine from your TV. After a long tiring day in Cozumel we had a bottle of wine in the room in 5 minutes and got to sit on the balcony and watch the sunset over the Caribbean sea. Sweet! Embarking/Debarking We arrived at noon and didn't get on the ship until 1:30. Apparently this is the busiest time. Debarkation was also significantly delayed and we didn't get off the ship until 10:00am. Not sure what happened there, but I think it was unusual. To conclude, we had a great vacation. The Breeze is great ship with a great staff and I liked the "go your on way" vibe that they try to convey. I also liked getting wine from my TV. Did I mention that already? Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
We were on the December 1st sailing on the Breeze – which was our 10th cruise with Carnival. I feel like I am a Carnival expert or a cruise expert generally at this point with some perspective because I have also sailed multiple times ... Read More
We were on the December 1st sailing on the Breeze – which was our 10th cruise with Carnival. I feel like I am a Carnival expert or a cruise expert generally at this point with some perspective because I have also sailed multiple times with Costa, NCL, and Royal Caribbean. We hopped of the Carnival Conquest (Thanksgiving cruise) and walked ourselves and our bags over to the Breeze. We arrived earlier than we normally do. The line to get checked in at noon was HUMOUNGUS. I recommend not being in a big hurry to get on the ship – and arrive around 2pm to allow the big crowd to get through. The Breeze was the largest ship I have ever been on. It was hard not to always compare the Breeze to the Conquest which was older and a little smaller. Things I liked better about the Breeze vs. the Conquest were: Much better Lido desk and Casino lay out. There were tons of seating options for sea days. The casino draws smokers and I like how you did not have to walk through the smoke on the Breeze. I also liked the Red Frog Pub and the Piano Bar which were two really cool places to hang out with friends. Along with the Steakhouse, the Breeze offered an awesome Italian restaurant and Sushi. I recommend trying all food options out – even if there is a charge. The Breeze didn’t beat the Conquest out on many things. I like the décor on the older ships much better. It is more luxurious. The Breeze had carpeting vs. tile everywhere and a “Beach” décor theme with fake beach hut doors, fake outdoor seating etc...It looked a little cheap even though it was newer. The Punchliner had terrible seating and a waiting area for people to enter which made the Conquest much better for comedy. We had anytime dining and the main dining room was very plain and felt (and smelled) more like a cafeteria than a restaurant. The Conquest main dining was a much better experience from a service and atmosphere perspective. Entertainment - if you want to go to shows, this is not the option for you. If you have family or friends on the ship with you, or you like to meet new people you will not be disappointed. There are plenty of places to listen to music or dance. There were great bands and several acoustic guitar acts that cover a variety of artists. We went to the Punchliner Comedy Club adult show for at least one show every night it was open and saw a different comic and act each time. The fitness center was a little hard to get to - but once I found it worked out great. Grand Turk, Jamaica and Bahamas were wonderful ports of call. Do your homework and make sure you have a plan even if you don’t use Carnival’s excursions. I was completely satisfied with both weeks I sailed with Carnival. Dollar for dollar you cannot beat the value. I could not stay at a Hampton Inn in Branson Missouri for the week for what I pay to cruise with this line. It affords me the option to take 2-3 Caribbean vacations each year with my family and friends which is priceless to me.   Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
An 8-day cruise that does Carnival proud. Carnival takes it newest vessel on a unique itinerary that fosters a diverse bit of options for the cruise customer. As a frequent customer with Carnival, my first impression of the ship was a ... Read More
An 8-day cruise that does Carnival proud. Carnival takes it newest vessel on a unique itinerary that fosters a diverse bit of options for the cruise customer. As a frequent customer with Carnival, my first impression of the ship was a positive one. The decor is among the best of the Carnival fleet. Carnival does miss the mark on a few elements for those adult only travelers, but overall, the cruise was a pleasant voyage through the Caribbean. Pre-cruise: We have been out of Miami many times before. This was the first time we stayed at South Beach prior to the cruise. We took a cab to the hotel for about $32. We stayed at Winter Haven hotel which is on 14th and Ocean. It is on the northern end of South Beach. I definitely recommended this hotel. It is a Marriott partner hotel. Smaller rooms, but the AC worked really well. At the hotel, we were right across the street from the beach. We had easy access to restaurants and places to go. We took a cab and ate at Joe's Stone Crab, which is a wonderful seafood restaurant that is very famous. It only cost $7 for the cab. It is a decent walk from the hotel. I was worried that it would be a tourist trap, but instead, it was a great meal. We did not have the long wait that was feared. If you want to cut your wait, I was told a nice tip to the front desk host would allow you to skip ahead an hour. They do not take reservations. Embarkation: We took a cab from the hotel to the Miami Cruise terminal. The cost was approximately $26.00. As many people know, the Miami terminal at time can seem very chaotic. Be prepared to tip the guys a few bucks per bag. The stacks of bags may seem overwhelming, but they clearly know what they are doing. They are one of the most efficient ports. Many people choose to be at the port early. I have gotten away from this. Show up after noon to reduce the hurry up and wait. Most of the time, you can not get access to your room until 1-2 pm anyway. We did arrive prior to 1pm, and since we are Platinum, they told us we could go ahead and go to our room. Having a Platinum/suite or higher status can really make some nice short cuts in the process. We were on the ship in a matter of 15 minutes. Again, Miami does pretty good with this. Just fYI, the best embarkation we have been part of is Allure of the Seas due to the custom made port for these two sister ships. They are efficient! The Cabin: We were in cabin 8477. It is an Aft room with the extended balcony. Carnival has made the look of the rooms more contemporary. I believe these are the best rooms on the fleet. As most people know, Carnival has larger cabins than the competitors. This cabin is no exception. I definitely recommend cabin 8475 or the mirror on the other side. The balcony is even bigger. Either way, these cabins are great. One 230 volt and two 120 volts at the vanity. Flat screen TV. Not only is the balcony larger, but the interior floor plan is bigger. As Will Ferrell stated in Step Brothers, "so many activities." After we booked the cruise, we heard about "smells" in the back cabins. We did experience these same issues. Apparently, the ship has some process that creates a bi-product of a sulphur-like smell. It occurred during two of the seven nights. It was annoying. We also smelled BBQ on the nights prior to the sea day BBQ cookouts. Not bad. We noticed periodically that soot from the smokestacks would create some black specks to cover the outside furniture. Make sure you wipe the outside furniture to avoid messing up clothes. When the seas are not really smooth, you will feel a rocking vibration the entire time. The view though is a huge plus. I have not had these problems with RCCL. I had cabin vibrations on other Carnival Aft cabins though. Would I book this cabin again? No, not for the price. I would rather have a mid level deck 7 or 8 balcony cabin. Back to a good note, the back of the ship has very little hallway noise. No kids running or people talking outside to bother you. Common Areas: Since this is a new ship, you can enjoy the new feel still. No more gaudy neon. The Carnival 2.0 was built on when the ship was created. Hints of classic cruising mixed with a contemporary Caribbean resort feel. Lots of walking space outside of the ship. The walk around lower promenade is a step back to the old cruising days. Nice touch. A big areas of caution.... The lido deck floors are dangerously slippery. A lawsuit waiting to happen. I addressed this with senior staff, and they are fully aware of it. They told me that when the ship was delivered in Europe, the weather was not humid. They noticed no problems until coming to the humid Caribbean. The floors are slick, even when not wet. Tennis shoes... No matter what you wear, use caution. Some of the common areas are narrow, such as the halls in the Lido deck. This is overshadowed by the beautiful themed areas. Deck five promenade is open and well designed. It can get crowded in front of the restaurants and comedy club at times, but that is normal for most ships. No covered spas or adults only solarium. Huge miss for Carnival. They expanded the kids area and sports deck, that is fine, but you took the adults only pool. Why? The kids will love the new slides. Actually, adults will too. They are fast and fun. Great ship for families. Dining: Lido deck has a great choices daily. The best options I have seen on any of the Carnival ships. There are several lunch lines which provided for a more efficient dining experience. The Blue Iguana and Guy's hamburger place are wonderful additions to the Carnival fleet. Way to go Carnival! The staff does a better job than most of the fleet on keeping tables clean and available. Still lacking the bar/soda service that other lines master. The hot chocolate machine is wonderful! Disney and RCCL Allure and Oasis are better with this. Main dining rooms are pretty standard for Carnival. Thank you to Carnival for expanding its standard menu that they offer daily. The food options are pretty much the same as in past years. Formal night seems to bring bigger crowds which can slow the process and hurt some of the food quality. I.e. undercooked lobster. Any concerns we had were met well by the senior staff. One thing you learn about Carnival is to never count on the lower level folks to resolve the issue. Go directly to the department head, and they do a better job of resolving issues. For example, we had an AC problem in the back of the dining room. We told the waiter, and the said they would check into it. Nothing happened. At the end of the meal, we met the Head Waiter for the section we told him. The next day, same thing. I went to the assistant Matre'd. He said he would make a call. He called someone and said they would check into it. I knew this was not going to work. I told the Matre'd and he immediately got on the phone and showed urgency. With in five minutes, the Matre'd was at our table with one of the ship maintenance folks measuring the temperature. They noticed the problem and it was fixed by the next meal. Carnival needs to learn from their sister company Holland America about taking ownership of concerns at any level. Carnival still needs to improve their drink service. Very slow and inconsistent. Cucina de Capitano is pretty good. It is free to eat at during lunch. They have a pasta bar where they will serve you your custom pasta order. Not bad. The Alfredo was not very good. The other pastas were much better. Lots of bouncing from the basketball court above it during lunch. Assume dinner would be quieter. It is only 12$ if I remember right for dinner here. Lots of people took advantage of it. Fahrenheit 555 steak house is the traditional steakhouse on all of the Carnival ships. Excellent service and even better steaks and lobster. This will book up fast. Book online prior to going. We ate their twice and enjoyed both times. Amazing fillets. I am not a Sushi fan, but the Sushi bar was very well decorated and lots of people took advantage of it. There seemed to be lots of choices. Overall, dining is nice as expected. The definite pluses include Guy's and the improved lido deck. Entertainment: The entertainment staff did pretty good. They all get involved in the ship activities. "Butch" did a good job as Cruise Director. They do not have a live orchestra on this ship. All of the stage music is canned. They do have a band and a few soloist acts for the bars/clubs. The new 30 minute productions are attempts to do something different. I personally was disappointed with this approach. The production shows in the past with the live band is much more entertaining. Every show on this ship reminded me of the first American Idol songs during the last weeks where the ensemble gets together to sing a cheesy song. You have six to eight decent singers signing together with different styles. It sounds really bad. Painful at times. The shows are a nice attempt to do something different, but fail in my mind. 30 minute show is very short. When the singers break up into solos outside of the Ovation Theater, they seem to stand out better. No more "looking good.... Feeling good".... Casino was nice. Still wish we could get the smoking out of there. Since it is a more open deck plan, it is not as smoky as you get on other cruise ships. Bingo is really underplayed compared to other ships. The shopping is standard. The "Cherry on Top" candy store is a wonderful plus. Nice job Carnival. Lots of family and sporting activities around the ship. The kids will love the water slides and play area. Carnival does a great job with the comedy shows. You will need to be there early to get a seat. The shows fill up! We did not take advantage of the Spa, but the two level concept looked beautiful. The inside spa pool seemed to be a nice treat for those accessing the Spa. I think the Spa cabins had access to it also. Ben, the piano guy, was the best piano bar player we have ever seen. He was interactive and fun. He made each performance fun for the audience. He involved kids during his early shows. He could of taken up even more room because of his popularity. My folks, "the pirates," were there every night before dinner. Itinerary: The whole reason we booked this cruise is to see the wide range of stops for a cruise. Each stop has a wide variety of standard excursions. Lots of options. Here are a few comments in regards to the stops. Grand Turk: This small island is great for all cruisers. One can simply get off the ship and hangout in the pools of Margaritaville. They offer some nice food options, and even better, excellent drinks. You can also spend some time on the nice sandy shores of the beach right next to the ship. You can spend money buying an excursion, but I would recommend saving money for the other islands. Dominican Republic: This stop is very limiting for those who want to just get off the ship. You can take a bus in town, but you are not going to find the Caribbean feel shopping you get on the other islands. I recommend staying on the ship or taking one of the excursions. Some nice history and caverns on this very large shared island. Curaçao: Simply beautiful. If you want to walk off and explore, it is safe to do so. If you want to take a nice excursion, there are some great options here. The swing bridge is really cool. Beautiful sea side restaurants in this port. Aruba: Another great stop with great options. Just like Curaçao. Snorkeling or diving at the old German ship wreck is really cool. It can get crowded. The surf can be a little tough. A great opportunity to see some sunken history. Sea days: Be sure to check out the BBQ on the outside of deck five. Nice treat for "c- days." The ship offers plenty of activities. The Hasbro game show is actually a great idea. Very fun! Excellent "dive-in movies" with popcorn! Yes, free popcorn! Red Frog Pub needed to serve food. The 4-d movie had a cost of $7.95. Debarkation: Debarkation was organized and was a "breeze." There was very little hurry up and wait. Many people chose to walk off self assisted. No issues there. We were in group 2 due to our Platinum status. The have baggage folks to help you with bags. Customs was quick. They have dogs checking bags as you walk off the ship, so don't be naughty. We had a 12:40 flight, and we got to the airport via $25 taxi at 8:02 am. Don't worry early flight folks. Early flight folks have priority on debarkation too. Overall: This was not the most memorable trip for us, but it has a great unique mix of the Caribbean. The ship is classy and offers lots of options. A great ship for families. If an adults only trip, I would not completely recommend this ship. I recommend the itinerary. The missing adults only pool and solarium area was something we really missed on this cruise. Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
Ok.. Where do I begin.. This was my first cruise. We had 9 in our group from ages 20-78. 2 young adult, 3 middle aged, 4 seniors. I must say I had a wonderful time as well as everyone in our group. Embarkation was a breeze(no pun ... Read More
Ok.. Where do I begin.. This was my first cruise. We had 9 in our group from ages 20-78. 2 young adult, 3 middle aged, 4 seniors. I must say I had a wonderful time as well as everyone in our group. Embarkation was a breeze(no pun intended). (We arrive around 12:45ish) I thought we'd have a longer wait time. It only took about 45 minutes from the time we arrived to the time we were on the LIDO deck for lunch. Not bad for a group of 9. Main Dining:We ate at the Main Dining Hall all nights for dinner except 1. We chose flexible dining and we were seated almost immediately each time for dinner. I was prepared to wait a couple of minutes or more because of the flexible dining choice but no problems waiting. As soon as we sat down, water and bread were almost immediately on the table. The dining experience was great and I thought the food was tasty. That melting chocolate cake was to die for!! No complaints. The service was top notch!! Loved seeing everyone dressed up on Elegant nights.(there are two for cruises 6 nights or more). The last night we tried a Specialty Restaurant(The Italian one). It was pretty good. Great experience and atmosphere! I had a Peach Bellini that I really liked!!Breakfast: Most of us stuck with the buffet mostly and the Punchliner Brunch one day(in the Sapphire). I never waited very long but there was always a line. Food was adequate. If all else fails, you can't go wrong with the continental type food such as bagel, cereal, fruits, oatmeal, etc..I wasn't as impressed with breakfast as I was with the Main Dining for dinner. My senior parents preferred the Sapphire for breakfast because liked being served rather than waiting in long lines.Lunch:Because breakfast was so plentiful and visits to the ports, I found myself not being able to catch lunch as much. I did catch the Blue Iguana and The Wok for lunch on 2 days. Pretty good but nothing to write home about. Entertainment:Really only caught the Divas show. It was pretty good to me. I enjoyed it. It's not Broadway so I always go in with low expectations. Singing OK except one lady was exceptional. (There are these big columns that can impede your sight if you don't arrive early for shows) The comedian Steve White was very good.. So crowded, I had to stand and didn't wait until the end. Caught a couple of Heat games in the sports bar.. Now I will say, if they call that a sports bar, I was disappointed. There wasn't very many seats and it was in the middle of the casino. That's an area to improve on.. They need a real Sports bar!! Tea time was fun!!!! I got a chance to meet and talk to some very interesting people. Room:I love the decor. Service was great. About the size I expected. very satisfied. Just make sure you ask for adequate towels and soap. I felt those two items were hard to come by.Ports: Loved Turks.. I thought it was pretty! very laid back however. It's a place to go and chill.. It's not bumping with a lot of activity outside of the cruise port area but I loved that about it.. We did a land tour on our own outside of carnival.. in the taxi area. We learned a lot about the area and really took in the beauty. Jamaica: Ocho Rios: My favorite port!! Beautiful! A lot to do.. We did a carnival excursion, Dunn's River Falls, and Sky Explorer, Bobsled. Amazing experience!! Dunn's can be challenging if you are not in decent shape. I didn't feel like they stressed that in the advertisement. Rocks were slippery and steep in some places. I fell twice. Someone on our boat broke their foot. Our seniors didn't even think about walking up 600 feet in the falls :-) Bahamas, Nassau: Very commercial.. My least favorite port. It's pretty and Atlantis is the big deal there which I wasn't overly impressed with.. I can go to Vegas to get that big resort feel but not with the price tag Atlantis was offering. Not worth the money when it takes a long time to get off the boat to the resort and reverse.. We decided to do a local tour outside of Carnival and it was very informative. Overall: I can't complain.. I had a great time and our group got into the rhythm of everything pretty quickly. (Please read those itineraries that come every night. They are helpful in planning your day and what's going on..It took us a couple of days to really start utilizing those guides to the fulleset. )Everybody found something they liked to do and did it.. There are less congested areas to hang out as well. I'd recommend this boat for sure!!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date May 2013
Carnival Breeze has the potential to be a great ship but it is currently let down by poor design flaws, poor quality food and a considerable amount of poor service by crewmembers. Having booked suite 7377 I was initially pretty excited ... Read More
Carnival Breeze has the potential to be a great ship but it is currently let down by poor design flaws, poor quality food and a considerable amount of poor service by crewmembers. Having booked suite 7377 I was initially pretty excited to be going back to Carnival for the first time in 5 years. Embarkation was great and we were on the ship within 5 minutes of arriving at Miami Cruise port. First impressions are very positive. We love the relaxed Cabana style theme throughout and think it really does add a pleasant change to the usual gaudy style on some cruise ships. We also love the range of restaurants available. Regrettably this is as positive as it got. Having left Miami we first had two days travelling to our first destination St. Thomas. After entering open waters we noticed that an unusual creaking sound emanating from an area around the main entrance of room 7377. We dismissed this as the cruise had just begun and who stays in their room right? Wrong! Later that night after an exhausting day (please be aware we flew 9 hours prior to boarding the ship) we went to bed around 10pm. We immediately realized that sleeping was not going to be easy. The creaking was loud and continued with every gentle roll of the boat. Now I have cruised many times with different companies on different ships of different sizes. I am fully aware that odd noises and bumps are to be expected. The noise that emits from Carnival Breeze suite 7377 is not normal. It is highly unusual and it is unacceptable to expect paying customers to put up with. After a few hours we managed to sleep I don't know if this was due to pure exhaustion or because the ship had hit calmer waters and the creaking stopped. So the next day we awoke to find all was quiet. So we put this down to bad luck and got back to enjoying ourselves. Wrong! That night 10pm. The same thing occurs! Now during the 3rd night the pattern is the same. This time I finally lost it and went to the Guest Services desk to complain. I was met with a sympathetic crewmember that politely advised that essentially could NOT do anything! Remember 3 days in and 3 sleepless nights. I advised that I want someone to go to the room and observe the problem with a view to identifying a fix immediately. What I got was a non-English speaking housekeeping guy, standing in the darkness of my room listening to a very loud audible creak and nodding his head in agreement! Good job Carnival! I also explained to the front desk that this appears to be a structural problem. The creaking is occurring, as it is metal rubbing against metal. Only to be advised that they were actually aware of the problem due this not being the first time customers staying in this room have complained. SO WHY HAVENT YOU FIXED IT PRIOR TO MY EMBARKATION????? Now this story continues in much the same pattern. To the extent I was financially compensated whilst on-board. Which went a little way to turning the problem around albeit. I was not moved to another room (I even offered to go to an inside stateroom foregoing my suite just to get some sleep! And the compensation offered doesn't come close to what I have paid and now essentially lost. Moving on. We had chosen anytime dining. This was available in the Sapphire restaurant. The meals on offer were very appealing and were looking forward to the dining experience offered. Unfortunately this was also a negative experience mainly due to the unbelievably slow service. The server staff is very good at the initial introductory salutation. They would bring bread and offer water. Then nothing. On all 4 times that we visited the Sapphire room for dinner, we had to wait over 20 minutes just to place the order for food and then we had anywhere between another 20 to 30 minutes before the first course followed by at least another 30 minutes wait for the second. We managed to hold on for 2 desserts during the 4 visits. I would have needed to re-shave if I waited on the other 2 occasions! Most of the time the staff were pleasant but ultimately unresponsive. Most notably was almost every dish that was meant to be hot was in fact tepid, bordering cold. Very disappointing. Which leads me to Breakfast in the Sapphire. We chose to take breakfast in he Sapphire to avoid the daily free for all at the Lido Marketplace. Overall this is still better than the aforementioned Lido experience but still it is not up to scratch. I can list multiple issues here but to put my complaint in context I shall list one to which I believe is so basic it should highlight the low level issues. Toast is a simple to make right? The concept of toast is to warm bread and make it crispy. The Sapphire completely fails this basic task on all attempts. Now I know this is a truly pedantic, anally retentive observation but nevertheless it does highlight that attention to detail with one of the most basic of requirements appears to be lacking on what is touted as a Carnival Flagship. Everyday I'll end up with nothing more that limp bread that appeared to have a spray tan. Next up -- The Staff Overall great. Most helpful, some not so but put it in context. It is entirely reasonable to not appear happily and smiley 24/7 especially when they have to deal with rude, obnoxious customers day in day. However some staff where just plain rude. On many occasions I witnessed crew members being foul mouthed with each other in front of passengers or often criticising passengers from afar whilst speaking to each other. Again I realize people are entitled to their opinion but they should be spatially aware and remain professional at all times. N.B. Crewmembers. Speaking in your own language does not necessarily shield your conversation from paying passengers. I have a major issue with members of the security team. During the cruise I misplaced my room card. Immediately I had the card replaced by the Guest Services desk and then went about as usual for a day at see before heading to our final scheduled Island (Nassau). As I tried to leave the ship my new card raised an alarm. This immediately led to Carnivals security personal surrounding me and belligerently advising me that I do "not have the right card and I shouldn't be using it" than accused me of having two cards" and saying the card I have used is not mine! All of which was completely untrue. I explained that this is the only card I have since A: The original had been misplaced and subsequently cancelled B: This was the card given by their colleague at guest services I was then told (not asked) to stand in front of machine and have my photograph taken all the while being asked security questions. Now I again realize this is a necessary process, but I highly object to the accusatory tone and surly nature of this security team. If they had simply asked to speak to me in a separate area and explained the process they had to go through to clear the problem than I would not be writing this now. Again this highlights a complete lack of the understanding about the first rule of customer service. Basic manners will go a long way! Eventually I was allowed off the boat. Only to return approximately 5 hours later to experience the same issue again! So lack of communication is also a big issue. To make matters worse even after showing my passport and highlighting that my room card, name and details were on the very list in the hand of the security guard. I was then again accused of having the wrong card. I want to point out not only is this very annoying it is highly embarrassing situation to be put in, since there was queue of other passengers on both occasions. So another night before we get back to Miami and having queued to get off the vessel for the final time. I am again met by the same security personnel crew member. This time she asks again to see my passport before I leave the ship. I highlighted that it is the very same person in the photograph who had the conversation twice yesterday and is now stood in front of her again. I.E my Passport and details do not change over night! Whilst I realize loosing the card is the root cause. This must happen a huge number of times and I'm assuming this was not isolated incident. I would suggest better communication between Carnival crew and the Sail account transfer process needs improving. Overall this has tainted my experience of Carnival and I will not be using them or any their sister companies anytime in the near future. Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
This was our (wife and I) second cruise. Arrived @ port of Miami and was amazed how fast we got through checking in and getting onboard. When we entered the ship we were floored at how beautiful the ship was. It wasn't long before I ... Read More
This was our (wife and I) second cruise. Arrived @ port of Miami and was amazed how fast we got through checking in and getting onboard. When we entered the ship we were floored at how beautiful the ship was. It wasn't long before I found my way to The Guys Burger Joint and had an incredible burger, make that 2 burgers. After that off to our room to see if our luggage was there. It was. Got it all put away and went back topside to see us pull out of port. From the moment we left until our return we did not have one bad experience on this ship. Not one. Butch was our cruise director, he kept the activities fun. We stayed in an interior room on the spa deck, very quiet at night, very relaxing. Took in all the shows over the 6 days, Karaoke, danced on lido, did excursions, (Dunns River Falls was incredible) ,played in the water-park, climbed the rope course, played hasbro games, played some bingo. the comedy shows were hilarious (you will need to get there a bit early for a seat). The ship is just gorgeous. we tried to experience everything we could, you name it we tried it. very little in the casino for the simple fact people smoke in there. (x smoker) We met new friends (our across the hall neighbors) actually first met them at dinner (we elected to not be loaners like we did on previous cruise). Glad we did. Do not hesitate to meet new people at dinner. We also ate in our dining room morning, noon and night. Not one bad meal. Chocolate melting cake is too die for. Our room stewards and our wait staff in our dining room were outstanding. We are going on another Cruise next Feb on her sister ship and hope it's as wonderful as this trip had been for us. Next trip will be Me my wife, my Mom (never been on a cruise) My Son returning from the military (never been on a cruise) and our grandson he is 3 and you guessed it (never been on a cruise) I can't wait. Sence we have found cruising we will NEVER take another form of vacation again. I love the fact that I can leave my room a desheviled mess ad when I return its clean, with mints and towel animals even, that never happens at home. I Have lots of videos on youtube channel from the Carnival Breeze, feel free to check them out on my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ragmanT Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
We went on the Easter Caribbean cruise leaving out of Miami Feb 2nd for 8 nights. I will make this simple and list the pro's and con's after embarkation. Which was a Breeze! We walked in, went thru security in a flash. Went to a ... Read More
We went on the Easter Caribbean cruise leaving out of Miami Feb 2nd for 8 nights. I will make this simple and list the pro's and con's after embarkation. Which was a Breeze! We walked in, went thru security in a flash. Went to a holding area for about 15 minutes then on the ship. Had our luggage by 3:00. Pro's LOVED Guys burger joint! The burger and the workers there were AWESOME! Loved the Blue Iguana where they make the BEST breakfast and lunch wraps. The Rum Bar was So Yummy and fun workers. The ship decor is very pretty and inviting. The Piano Bar with Ron was the highlight of the ship! He is so personable, Hilarious and talented! Had to visit the Infirmary. The DR was WONDERFUL!!!! the Italian Restaurant has FREE lunch and it was good! They don't advertise it. Bought the drink package. Was well worth it with both alcohol and non-alcohol drinks and they DO NOT water the drinks down. They are VERY STRONG!! We had the BEST room steward!! He was so sweet and always happy to chat with us. Con's Our door would not lock. Took 2 days of calls to get it fixed. Our sink clogged 2 times. The beds are so HARD!! We both had neck/back issues all week they were that bad! One night in a hotel and we were good as new! Security was called to 2 rooms(one across and one next to us for MAJOR Disputes in the middle of the night) took them a half hour to get there!! There is NO Adult Pool. ALL THREE are kid friendly! Seriously if they have the slides area and main pool why is the back pool NOT adults only?? Serenity is right above the kiddie area....hence the kid noise all day. If you are not up by 6:30 a.m. you wont get a chair anywhere but on deck 5 where the extra chairs are. We had a balcony. The noise from the hot tubs and restaurants/ bars was non stop!! Not to mention the smoke from the BBQ on sea days. For the ENTIRE ship there is 2 towel stations. 1 by main pool with one person working and one in serenity. Being on Deck 9 we had so much noise all night long from the buffet area above us. Dinning room (BLUSH) was pretty and the singer great. The food was awful and the service was worse. You got offered bread and water ONCE!! We ordered wine and it would show up with dessert. We went 4 times in hopes of it getting better and never learned our servers names or even chatted with them. I was tables of 9-12 in rows or round tables and like a fast serve cafeteria. The Lobby bar was no only so packed after 5 that you could not get a seat but also impossible to get a drink. The Mezzanine was so packed every night that it was unbearable. It was horrible!! VERY small casino that you had to walk thru to get to other end of ship. The gym was half the size of the gyms I have been to on much smaller ships. Stood in line for 35 min to get BBQ and finally left with out food. VERY VERY few Bar servers walking around the pool/serenity areas during the day. Just got up and got our own drinks. Spoke with so many up happy people on this ship and workers that talked about not liking the big ship and the people were more rude. The workers are over worked and if they are not happy no one is happy! We are happy on most any cruise but Carnival has failed on this ship. It is 20% larger than the Freedom of the Seas RCCL and MORE people and less workers. This left us with a bad taste for carnival and wont be sailing with them anytime soon. As for Ports...Tortola and Antigua were AMAZING!! WE have been to ST Thomas before and Nassau had 5 ships in port. It was as packed as the Breeze! We like to have a fun and relaxing vacation and this was far from it. Do your own research but I would not recommend the Breeze to any one I know! Carnival is trying to get more people onto the ships and it is causing the lack of enjoyment, service ect! Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
I have never written a review and I tend not to put a lot of stock into what people say in the reviews because my experience has been that reviews are subjective and everyone has a different set of criteria. Well this is one boat that I ... Read More
I have never written a review and I tend not to put a lot of stock into what people say in the reviews because my experience has been that reviews are subjective and everyone has a different set of criteria. Well this is one boat that I wish we had taken the reviews seriously. Plus our experience with Carnival up until this point has been positive, so again we ignored the reviews. We are done with Carnival for a long time. I will start off with the positives. The boat is big and beautiful and the crew is always cleaning it. The downside of all that cleaning is that it happens at the most inopportune times. For example, in the middle of your breakfast in the Marketplace Cafe, it is not unusual to smell bleach or pine sol. Or to have big fans blowing because they washed the carpets. I just think they could find a better time to tackle these tasks. I did feel that the ship was "germ" free. You did not see any sick passengers and they had hand sanitizer and tissue to hold the door knobs every where. They were doing a good job at holding off the viruses. Now the negatives. First off, if food is important to you don't choose this ship. Breakfast, probably the best done meal of the day that they prepared, had long lines for the specialty foods like omelets. Otherwise, there was an adequate selection of breakfast foods. This cruise ship needs to do a better job laying out the food. People stood in long omelet lines to get a slice of cheese that had nothing to do with an omelet. But it was all roped off, forcing you to stand there. The layout of food in the Marketplace made no sense at all. Lunch - One of the two good lunch venues was "Guys Hamburgers." The staff was friendly and the fries and hamburgers were delicious. But how many hamburgers can you eat? This seemed to be the only venue with food ready and available beyond limited hours. The Marketplace Cafe's selection was like a cheap buffet at Chucky Cheese if you know what I mean. I have never been on a ship where you couldn't get a salad. I am very serious. There were very limited salad fixings and the time for the Marketplace to be open was very limited as well. There was a pizza venue. The lines were long and they literally cooked one small pizza at a time. Pizza was touted as being available 24 hours a day, but you had to stand in line for 40 minutes sometimes when you only had 4 or 5 people in front of you. In my opinion, pizza should be made a head of time, especially during peak hours such as days at sea. The best food we experienced on this boat was the Jimmy's Barbecue. It was FANTASTIC. However, it is only open on days at sea for a limited amount of time. On the third and final day at sea, we were there at 1:00 p.m. but because the lines were long, and I mean long, we decided to play a little cards and keep checking the line. (Only open noon-2:30.) About 2:10 p.m. the line was much shorter so we went up to get in line when we were very rudely told NO. That there wasn't enough food. We were taken aback because we could see the food and said we only wanted the "pulled pork." Again we were told very rudely - NO. Even if there wasn't enough food, we should have been allowed to get in line and if the manager felt compelled to say something he could very nicely have said that they only cook a certain amount and he could not guarantee what would be left. That we would have understood. There was a Mexican venue that was o.k. at best, but the crew was nice. The dining room experience was the worse we have ever had. We had 3 different head waiters. They just couldn't seem to get it right. On top of that the food was extremely slow coming out of the kitchen, cold when served and the selection and food itself was much like a two-star cafeteria. Such a disappointment. Not everyone at the table got their food at the same time, and sometimes, we didn't even get offered coffee. It was just a big disappointment. There were a couple of "soft serve" ice milk machines. Notice I said "ice milk." You could see that the kids love getting their own. It was disappointing that there were no afternoon cookies or pastries. When the Marketplace closed up shop at 2:30 or 3:30 - that was it. You could get pizza or burgers. Our dining room table was in a poorly designed back room. We could not see what was going on and the place was like a refrigerator. We soon learned to bring our warmest jackets or sweaters with us if we didn't want to freeze. I will never again accept a "bad" table. We should have asked for our table to be changed immediately, but we always feel bad for the waiters. Our cabin steward was great. He was there for us and the room was well cared for. We chose a balcony and we were glad we did. The increase in cost is substantial, but it was worth it. Even though we were with another couple, we did use it. I don't think we have ever experienced as many rude people as we did on this ship. I went to the excursion desk to ask about a beach excursion. My question was what is there, and I got a very rude "the beach." I'm sure he knew I meant what amenities because he soon changed his tune after he saw the look on my face. We also experienced something on this boat that we have never seen before. The staff spent a lot of time talking and flirting. That was never heard of before. We actually witnessed them making plans to meet after work, while we stood there and waited to be waited on. Seriously! I could go on and on, but I think I've given you enough to work with. What I've realized is that new cruisers may think they died and went to heaven on this boat, but since our experiences have been so much better, we can't help but compare. It wasn't all bad. We had a great time. I just think that Carnival has "cheapen" their cruises to a point where quality is going to suffer. Oh yes, one more thing. If you are a coffee lover. Bring some Folgers dipping bags. The coffee in the Marketplace Cafe is instant, I'm pretty sure and just plain awful. The coffee being sold on deck 5 is made from 3 shots of espresso and hot water, hmmm not much better for $2.00 a cup. We actually chose this boat because it was new and we were always under the impression that the cruise lines took their best chefs, and workers and put them on the newer boats to promote them. Thinking this we felt we paid a little extra. We could have waited until the boat was a little older or gone on another cruise. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
I normally wouldn't spend my time writing a review like this, but after reading so many negative reviews this year I had to add another positive review for the Carnival Breeze. The previous reviewer stated that this ship was not ... Read More
I normally wouldn't spend my time writing a review like this, but after reading so many negative reviews this year I had to add another positive review for the Carnival Breeze. The previous reviewer stated that this ship was not as nice as the other Carnival ships he had visited. I could not disagree more. Everything is located in the same places as other Large Carnival ships, but there are more food offerings, and the theme is more "Caribbean". You can read the other reviews if you want details. The other ships try too hard to be flashy. The RCC and Princess ships are nicer (higher end art, furnishings, marble and wood..etc, but the Breeze is very pleasing to my eyes. 1. Cruise Director - Some others love Butch and his side kick Brittany. NOT ME They drove me crazy. They are officially the most phony people I have ever had to watch. They should be penalized 10 yards for "over acting". A little goes a long way. 2. Live BIG Shows (Latin, Divas..)Not good - The singers can sing, but the production was non-existent. It helps to know this going in. Go watch the band or the guitar/piano players in the lounges. I was very happy with the other acts 3. Pool areas - Slides were great, but they need an adult only pool. No problem getting chairs for a change. 5. Food - Dining Room and staff was great, Guy Fieri's Grill for burgers was fun, Blue Iguana was good, Pizza was just OK. Marketplace was good. The average American Carnival guest should be very happy with this. The singing and dancing was better than ever in the Blush dining room. 6. Gym - Very nice. I did not like the gym layouts on other Carnival ships 7. Track area - nice, but busy. The back of the ship did have a sewer odor. I have experienced this on other ships. The sewer gas coming out the top of the ship can get blown around by the wind direction and can show up on the upper decks. If you cruise as much as I have you will eventually run into sewer gas at some locations. 8. Motion of the Ocean - This ship had normal movement. No one in my normally seasick group complained. Depend on were you are located you will hear waves hitting the side of the boat. This is more common near the front of every ship. I have been in 30 foot seas while crossing the Atlantic and had the plates flying off the tables. If you cruise enough you will see everyone sick at some point. The ships are more efficient without the stabilizers deployed. Itinerary - a little frustrating that they can't optimize the port times better. Grand Turk - difficult port due to the ship being only 300 feet from the beach. Very nice beach party spot. I wish carnival would cruise at 21 knots instead of 16 knots to allow us to stay a few hours longer!! Obviously saving fuel. Jamaica - no problem mon (plenty of reviews out there) - arrives at 11 am. Nassau - fun time at Atlantis, they should keep the boats there until 6pm so everyone can maximize there excursions. It only takes about 10 hours to get back to Miami from Nassau (180 miles). Overall a great trip and I would cruise with Carnival again in a minute! Thanks for another surpising good time great ship and staff. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
Embarkation--We arrived at the pier at 11:30 and went to the VIP room checked in and were on the ship before noon. Process was uneventful and moved along very well. Lifeboat drill---What an embarrassment. At some point the Coast Guard ... Read More
Embarkation--We arrived at the pier at 11:30 and went to the VIP room checked in and were on the ship before noon. Process was uneventful and moved along very well. Lifeboat drill---What an embarrassment. At some point the Coast Guard needs to step in and watch what happens. My group was sent to the conference room. Several hundred people crammed into an area a little bigger than a three car garage. People sitting on the floor, chairs, standing and a divider in the middle of the room. For those siting and shorter than the taller ones in the front of the room you could not see the demonstration or the video. Of course you could not hear the video or instructions. People, as usual, brought their food and drink to the drill. At no point were we taken to the deck to see where the lifeboats were and which ones we should report to. The number of people in the room was a life safety issue that would not have been allowed on shore. It's amazing how once you get on the ship the life safety issues of land are no longer adhered to. The next major loss of life in the cruise industry will not be from a ship accident but from a fire or panic situation where rooms are over crowded and exits are locked and or blocked. Comments ranged from, this was ridiculous, someone should report this to the Coast Guard and we are all going to die! Room-- We were in a cove balcony, 2379. The balcony was nice and roomy. Room was the standard design with the end section of the cabinets missing. King bed, couch, new rectangular table with a shelf on the bottom, flat screen TV that pivoted so you could watch it easier while in bed and there was no chair in the room. The colors were bright and the decor refreshing from the previous ships. The balcony while underway in rough waters received a good deal of spray and at one point the deck was coated with salt to the point that you could feel it crunch under your feet. Calmer days and while in port were great. The rail is lower than the glass on higher balcony decks. There is a ledge that you can put your drinks on. This particular room was extremely noisy as we later found out the pot scrubbing station for the dining room was right above us. It stopped around midnight and started back up at 3:30. There is no way I would ever recommend this room or any around it. People down the hall had the same complaints. If you want a cove balcony I would recommend the back third of the deck or from the aft elevators back. The halls were bright with blue carpets, the doors looked like cabana doors and nice beach scene murals on the walls. Entertainment-- We have now traveled 15 times with Carnival and had seen the same shows over and over. This time they had some different or a twist on some old ones. Minimal sets and what they do use are big panels that have graphics on them. Minimal costume changes and the costumes that they do have are nothing like the past. They have a flow chart with 5 different shows and times. You look up the show and it shows the dates and times. You may have to change your dining time to catch some of the shows. In the past they maintained a 10 piece live band for the shows, no more. Taped music with taped background vocals. There was a time when they made fun of other cruise ship companies for doing the same. Get there early, it was at capacity most nights. Another safety issue, overcrowded with people standing along the walls and sitting on the stairs. The comedy club is awesome and we caught several shows each night there were comedians on board. Most of the live music on board is gone and replaced with DJ's I will give them a thumbs up on this new ship when it comes to open space, bars, food options, the water park and the sports area. First, the Red Frog Pub is great. There is a guitar player there at night. Great drinks and pub atmosphere. Pub food that is very good and the cost is well worth it. $3.33 for everything, sliders, chicken wings and conch fritters. There is an outdoor area with nice seating and umbrellas that is sectioned off. Back inside, there are games to play and more seating that leads back to the promenade area. The pool area has better themed bars and the Guy Fieri burger joint is awesome, make sure you try the hand cut fry's. The new Sushi Bar, there is a charge, is also very well done. On sea days there is an outdoor BBQ. The rope course is well done with an outdoor gym, putting course, the largest basketball court I have seen on a ship, other games, seating, a bar and a hotdog stand. Now there is a reason for the kids to hang out and do things on the sport deck. The water park was outstanding and at 53 I used the water slides many times. You and your kids will love it. Grand Turk was canceled as we arrived the Captain felt it would be unsafe to dock. Never seem to be unable to dock at Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Have been there before and it is a great port. Falmouth Jamaica was a new port for us and the port appears to be brand new. Same shops that are at every other port. Typical Jamaica, everyone hassling you. Walked the port and returned to the ship. Nassau-- Been there probably 5 or 6 times and for some reason can never figure out what to do here. Walked around and did some shopping. Will have to do some research and find something to do since Carnival is hell bent on always going there. This is another one of these islands that we could do without. Dinning-- The food in the cafeteria continues to decline in both quality and selection. Breakfast is pathetic. The bacon has to be the worse that they can purchase, thin, under cooked, all stuck together and dripping with grease. I'm not sure why they guard it and I'm not sure why anyone eats it. Lines were long, food was cold and sections closed. Lunch was pretty good compared to breakfast. The salad bar was good as well as the deli with custom made sandwiches. The selection was okay and the deserts were nice. The Mongolian Wok was great as usual. Some days very long lines 30 to 60 minuets. Guy Fieri Berger's was great as well as the hand cut fry's and the seasoning. Dinner in the formal dinning room was the usual. The staff was okay and the food was okay. Still, quality lacking and the selection was okay. Nothing to really get excited about. We were sat with some people that really distracted from the experience. You know, the formal dining room, cameo t shirts, cameo pants, boots and baseball hats. Formal night my wife and I were all dressed up, they showed up in jeans, polo shirt, baseball cap and tennis shoes. Listen, these are not my rules, they are Carnivals. I don't get dressed up to go out to dinner with my wife to eat with the animals. Forget a table for two. It's 4 inches from the table for 6 and they take your order right along with the others. Casual in the cafeteria, bathing suits by the pool food stations and the formal dinning room is for those that are dressed by Carnivals standards. I looked over the literature and no where could I see that the dress code was "suggested." No more, perhaps anytime dinning and I'll pick the table for 2. Debarkation-- We left the ship under the VIFP program. The paperwork in our cabin advised us to meet in the theater deck 3 forward. The ship arrived in port around 5:45. At 6:30 we made our way to deck 3. When we got off the ship the escalator was broken so they tried to move 4000 people in the elevator 5 at a time. We were in our car and on our way home by 7:05. It's sad to see the continued cuts in the cruising experience. While if you are new to cruising you may not notice them. The food quality and selection continues to decline. The souvenir place mats are gone, the midnight buffet has almost disappeared. The chocolate buffet with the ice sculptures and food carvings has disappeared. There is no longer an island band by the pool, DJ. When we got on the ship in the lobby, no live music, DJ. The music on deck 5 is down to one musical group. There are no trays available in the cafeteria. Ice in your room is now an item that you have to request. VIFP travelers usually have 2 treats delivered to the room during the cruise...this cruise just 1. The little extra items in the bathroom almost all gone. There appears to be a new level of intimidating security dressed all in black. You now have to pay for sushi, no live band in the theater, productions have declined in costumes, sets and even the number of performers. Hardly ever saw our room steward. Cost of the steakhouse increased by $5 per person. The ship is beautiful and there is a lot to do. We had a good time on our 17th cruise, 15 with Carnival. Although, I think next year will be our last. I really wounder if Carnival is more interested in cutting costs or having repeat customers. We have 2 cruises booked and I'm not excited about making anymore bookings. Would it cost an extra $50 per person to go back to the good old days...come on Micky Arison and Gerry Cahill how far are we from having to pack a cooler? Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
Just got off Carnival's newest ship the Breeze. Overall we had a great time and will try to be objective. Embarkation/Debarkation - we flew into FLL and took SAS van service to Miami pier for $15 per person well worth it. Got ... Read More
Just got off Carnival's newest ship the Breeze. Overall we had a great time and will try to be objective. Embarkation/Debarkation - we flew into FLL and took SAS van service to Miami pier for $15 per person well worth it. Got to terminal at 11 and boarded about 12:15, not too bad. Leaving wad easy as you could self assist off as early as 7:30 AM or as late as 10 PM. Cabin - Spa Inside room 11217, Deck 11 perfect functional room located just below gym and spa, and just above Lido deck for buffets, water parks, Serenity deck, etc. Love the new decorating theme and of course our cabin steward was wonderful. Gym/Spa - standard quality Carnival gym but men did not like the men's locker room from old ships as now it is way too small, few showers, no benches, and only a sauna. Huge disappointment. But that was tempered by the beautiful European Spa that came with our level of room, it was truly relaxing with aroma therapy steam rooms and pools. The Spa was worth the additional charge in our opinion. Excursions - we zip lined in Antigua, loved it. Visited The Baths in Virgin Gorda Tortola, went caving at the beach, was truly beautiful. Just shopped in St. Thomas and Bahamas, was fun. Overall, we loved the Breeze, we never really felt crowded or rushed, will travel with Carnival again. Dining - the main dining room service was spotty, slow, and food was lukewarm at best. But the pay extra restaurants, Italian, Sushi, and Steakhouse were all worth their up charges. The new venues at the buffet were excellent especially Guy's mouth watering Burgers with potato sticks, the taco burrito for breakfast and lunch, thin crust pizza was surprisingly good, and the Tandoor Indian was delicious. Look for the BBQ place on deck 5 for lunch another hidden gem. Pools/Hot Tubs - only 2 pools on the whole ship for 4200 passengers, way not enough and no pool on the Serenity deck. Hot tubs were plentiful though they were a lifesaver. The water park and slides were awesome fun and was being used by as many adults as children. Casino/Entertainment - fun slot and blackjack tournaments, new electronic roulette was fun, shows are now 30 minutes long and while Divas and Brits were very good the Latin show needed some work. The Comedy club was a disappointment as its too small and you have to queue up on line just to get in. They need to move the comedy club back to the main showroom. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
Embark was easy on the ship by 12:45. Went right to room it was ready, luggage made it about 6:00pm for us. So bring small carry on. We did so it was fine. Others in our group had luggage earlier. We thought ours might have been in the ... Read More
Embark was easy on the ship by 12:45. Went right to room it was ready, luggage made it about 6:00pm for us. So bring small carry on. We did so it was fine. Others in our group had luggage earlier. We thought ours might have been in the naughty room but it made it fine. Food was great but we have found that carnival does not use as much salt and pepper as we like so just add your own. We had a full ship and never waited more than 10 min for any food. Maybe 15 min for fat jimmy's sea side bbq. Hope they extend the hours of that as it was great. Main dinning was a little slow. So we skipped it a few night's. Entertainment : live music and games going on through out ship most of the time. Diva show good, Brits skip it unless you have kids under 10. Really cheesey. Ship layout was easy but many struggled. Just remember you can go the length of the ship on deck 4,5,10,1, and 2. Tipping policy onboard: I don't like it, the people you tip have to share tips with others you don't see. I think people we don't see should get a salary. If I don't see them to tip them myself they should be on a salary so people don't steal from them. If I give a guy five buck's I want to know that guy has five buck's. With the current policy's I think people should only be able to remove the portion from the individual who the felt was not up to par. Its really more of a service fee than a tip as it is there salary not extra. But I would have to say we had a great time .. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
We sailed the Southern Caribbean on the Breeze over Christmas, 2012. It was a pleasant cruise without many surprises. It was a nice, new, clean ship. And we all had a great time. OK...here's what you really want to know: 1) ... Read More
We sailed the Southern Caribbean on the Breeze over Christmas, 2012. It was a pleasant cruise without many surprises. It was a nice, new, clean ship. And we all had a great time. OK...here's what you really want to know: 1) Food. Overall, it was good. Indian, pizza, burgers, BBQ, main dining (be patient here, as is the case on all ships), and the buffet. All acceptable. If you are expecting gourmet (which some cruise critics seem to be expecting), don't bother getting on any ship, anywhere. Gourmet is back on land, in LA, San Fran, Chicago, ad NYC. One note: the sushi bar was kind of silly. Even the "basic" stuff they served wasn't like real 'basic" sushi / rolls. Piano Bar was cool. Red Frogs was cool. Outdoor bars were fine / small. 2) Active Pursuits. The kids on the ship seemed to love the rope course on the top deck, and the slide (my kids are 16/20, so they chill with the adults now). The gym was nice, but heavy emphasis on cardio....almost no free weights. Oh well....deal with it! The outdoor big screen is great. Mornings feature Lucy, Cheers, Honeymooners, and Happy Days. It's a trip down memory lane for us 40 something's. At night they show movies. You sit out on a warm deck, munch popcorn under the stars, and fall asleep watching a big flick. Loved it. Bball was on top deck, and the court is home to both roundball and soccer "tournaments." Also loved the The Library - chess, games, and a glass of wine. Casino was fine.....new, clean, the usual games, etc. Had 2 digital poker tables too....with scheduled meeting times for players that were interested. The shows were ok. 2 were decent / 1 pretty lame. Again, remember this is a cruise ship. It's not Broadway (Les Mis, Rent, Spring Awakening, etc). Make it a good time.... 3) Cabin. We had a cove balcony 2317. It was quiet - the only sound was the ocean going by. Room had ample space for a fam of 4 adults. Bed was very firm, but surprisingly, I slept like a baby. Maybe my bed at home is too soft? And yes...the stewards still offer "towel animals" to greet you at night. 4) Personnel. We found most all Breeze team members to be extremely nice. A big shout out to Anil (from India) in the Sapphire dining room (he was our official waiter even though we did not have a reserved seating assignment) and to Alexandria (from Serbia). 5) Ports. Alas....we were saddened because the stop at Grand Turk was cancelled. It's my understanding that this isn't the first time that this has happened. Something about the the dock not being stable enough to handle the boat if the chop is too much? I suppose it's easier said than done, but Carnival guys, why don't you build a better dock? It's essentially a cruise line dock, right? In the Dominican we went snorkeling on a CAT (sailed out to Catalina Island).....I don't recommend it. The snorkeling just isn't that good. We would have inked a different deal, but it was Christmas, and much of the island was closed. In Curacao we did an island tour with a beach stop at the end. It was OK. Aruba? Forget about it. LOVED IT. The water was awesome, snorkeling was great, and sand was powder. I'm ready to pack up and move there. Overall.....I recommend booking ALL excursions pre-cruise with private operators, or after you get off the ship. EVERY port has cabs and tour operators at the dock. Ship personnel may try to scare you with the Dominican stop....don't let them. While it's true you can't "walk off the dock and into the city," the port "compound" itself has cabs and city tours available, and cost is wayyyyy less than with the ship. 6) Embark / debark - awesome, easy, fastest of any ship I've been on (about 10 so far). Also, just wanted to mention that this week the ship was full since it was Christmas time. 4000+ passengers and 1300+ crew. And yet the crowds just weren't. It felt crowded almost nowhere. I couldn't believe it. What else? I saw people complaining on the ship, just like here on the cruise critic boards. Give me a break. These trips / cruises are what you make of them. Go in having fun, with a laid back attitude, and, knowing NOTHING can spoil your trip, and you will enjoy your vacation. If you are expecting ground breaking service and food, ports that are fairy tales, and the ultimate that life has to offer, you should stay home in bed, with your head on the pillow, and keep on dreaming. I'd take this cruise again.....peace out. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
Fairly new to cruising having taken our first cruise just under two years ago, but we have caught the bug and this was our seventh cruise now in this timeframe. Our second with Carnival. Our other five were with Royal Caribbean. Our first ... Read More
Fairly new to cruising having taken our first cruise just under two years ago, but we have caught the bug and this was our seventh cruise now in this timeframe. Our second with Carnival. Our other five were with Royal Caribbean. Our first Carnival experience was our only bad one, but thought we would give them a second chance. There will NOT be a third one ... First time reviewer here. I felt it my DUTY to register and post this review for all to see. It would be a disservice for me to continue reading all the great info here at cruise critic without contributing to assist future cruisers. I feel that I could rant on typing for the next hour, but I will spare you all the gory details, and just touch on the major ones. The service on the Breeze was by FAR the worst my wife and I have ever seen. First the pluses. + Beautiful new ship, with that new ship smell. Clean. A bit hard to navigate. Why on earth they don't have a royal promenade like RC's biggers ships, I will never understand. + Comedy club & shows. Nothing real special, but acceptable. Thrill theater was reasonably priced. when you get the 14.95 ticket for all shows, and was enjoyable. + Embark and debark were smooth and trouble free. + A "few" of the entertainment staff made some events more enjoyable. + Speaking with many others that were horribly dissapointed in this cruise and Carnival. Hey at least it was nice that we were not alone, and that is a positive. I'm searching for more things to spark my memory for pluses, but honestly I believe that was all. Now the major negatives. - Service. Or lack thereof. From our room attendant, to the dining staff, to the drink servers on down. 95% of them were just truly unprofessional, and simply did not care to even pretend to be happy for us to be on board their ship, or happy within their own profession. The scowls frequently outweighed the smiles at about a 90/10 ratio. The dining room was by FAR the slowest service I have ever seen. They seemed to be understaffed most nights. This is most likely more on Carnival then the individuals, but it was not our fault that they were overworked and miserable because of their employer. 45 minutes for apps to arrive most nights. Seriously? Then you had to hope the right one was coming. Simple things as an ice tea refill? I had to get up and find the iced tea most nights. I know this may sound trivial ... hey you were cruising man! Be happy! But those of you who cruise often will understand where I'm coming from. Food quality subpar.Bland, bland, bland. Someone please tell me how a chocolate cake, an orange cake, a coconut cake, etc., can all taste alike? It was real odd. One positive here was the deli sandwiches at lunch. Delicious. - Activities. Or again ... lack thereof. Trivia, trivia, and more trivia! 100's of people attending each one. Want to know why? There was simply NOTHING else to do! On a 12 day cruise they had less then 6 total sporting deck activities. How much mini golf and foosball does one want to play in 12 days. Seriously Carnival you NEED to take a look at other cruise lines and see what fun is really about. The FUN ship? You cannot even believe that statement yourself. Back to trivia. How hard is it to come up new questions and answers. I have a free app on my tablet that could last you a year Carnival! Yet, they managed to continually repeat trivias throughout the cruise. Trivial comment ... perhaps. But again these small details are not very small as the days go by on a cruise. - Hot Tubs/Jacuzzi's. Day one. Not even body temperature. Day two. Same. Three same. Checked all of them on board, and were all the same. It took this being my seventh cruise to finally make my first formal complaint to guest services. Was told they would get right on that and check the temperatures for me. Nice. Day four, same. Five, same. Back to guest services. They will get right on it! Phew. Day 6-12 same. Two more complaints later they expedited me to an onboard manager, first name Anna, on day 7. Promised me a change that never came. We literally spoke with at least 100 people on board that also complained about this. The temps never were even body temperature once. How difficult was this to fix. Seriously? They just don't seem to care at all. - One evening I asked our room attendant for an extra program for the next day. He scowled at me and actually slapped one into my chest firmly. Yes you read that correctly. Unacceptable to say the least. I still can't believe that actually happened. - Breakfast most morning's at the lido buffet. Empty coffee vessels. Empty orange juice, etc. etc. Every morning same thing. Go to other side, and empty. Walk to other end, empty. Cycle back until you find one attended to. Good luck finding a table when the dishes were rarely cleared off. Lack of staff, and the ones there ALWAYS let me repeat ALWAYS looked MISERABLE to be there doing their JOB. It was truly astonishing. Would have tired the main dining room for an occasional breakfast, but heard that the service was so slow, you had to devote 2 + hours to it. No thank you. - Overnight one evening our toilet overflowed with "other" peoples waste from our floor. Okay happens right? But it should NOT have taken a full hour and 4 phone calls to get it fixed!! There is so much more. I could go on and on and on. So much to the point that I feel I should stop here, or your simply just not going to believe me. Carnivals biggest flaws jump right out at you. They were eerily similar to our first time with them. I can assure you there will NOT be a third time. If their upper management does not seem to care to fix issues on board, how ca they expect the rest of their staff to care? Spend just a "little" more money elsewhere, and get a MUCH better experience. Is this your message to me Carnival? Message received. Loud and clear! Read Less
Sail Date November 2012
Our party of four arrived in Barcelona around 12:30 PM the day of the cruise - November 6, 2012. We were three hours delayed in arrival due to an unresolved problem with an upgraded navigational system installation on our aircraft. We ... Read More
Our party of four arrived in Barcelona around 12:30 PM the day of the cruise - November 6, 2012. We were three hours delayed in arrival due to an unresolved problem with an upgraded navigational system installation on our aircraft. We were all quite relieved when we finally departed from the gate at JFK. There were quite a number of us onboard taking the cruise. Our transfers with Carnival from the airport to the ship went well. We completed the boarding process in minutes. What surprised me the most about our cruise on the sparkling new Carnival Breeze cruise ship was the smoothness of our transatlantic crossing. How lucky we were since last year's crossing of The Carnival Magic was quite rough. Our 15-day Transatlantic Voyage included Ports of Call at Barcelona, Spain, Palma De Mallorca, Spain, Malaga, Spain, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Antigua, St Maarten, NA and Miami, FL This newest addition to the Carnival fleet has a very different feel to it. The ship itself is simply stunning. Gone are the glaring neon color schemes and dizzying competing patterns on older Carnival ships. Instead, I welcomed the calming Caribbean palette of colors: clear aqua, sky blue, mint green, shades of yellow and soft browns the color of sand. There was just a tease of delicate pink neon swirl on a section of the ceiling in the Lower Level Sapphire Restaurant (MDR). I did enjoy the outdoor palm tree decorations, the cheerful yellow umbrellas in the Lido Marketplace Buffet and the whitewashed & the rattan deck furniture. The three deck-high Ovation Theater looks lovely and inviting with comfortable long couches and convenient small beverage tables. Almost every seat has an unobstructed view of the stage. All the public areas- lounges, bars, Breeze Atrium, pubs etc are beautiful. The Serenity decks & others have comfortable cushioned lounges and rattan enclosures - even some hammocks. Most of all, I enjoyed my large beautifully appointed Regular Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom #1288 with its two baths. If you haven't experienced one of these, then you cannot believer how smoothly your life will be onboard. Gone are the garish art works adorning stateroom walls. Instead, there were soft modernistic hangings. The king bed is very comfortable and the storage and closet spaces are plentiful. Two end tables, a good-sized couch with four small pillows and a coffee table complete the furnishings. Stateroom passageways have tall wallpaper art depicting Caribbean landscapes. I photographed several because of their beauty. Stateroom doors have slats of blonde wood reminiscent of the Caribbean. It was a joy to walk along these halls. Since The Breeze is now home ported in Miami with Caribbean itineraries, the ambiance is just perfect. Ahmad, our Cabin Steward, kept our cabin clean and fully stocked with towels and amenities as well as towel animals. As VIPs on Carnival, we enjoyed complementary laundry service. It was a big plus on this long cruise. Although I did experience occasional slow service in the dining rooms at breakfast or lunch, everyone on the wait staff did their best to serve us as well as possible. We dined only in the MDR for our dinners each night. We all enjoyed the selection of meal choices and the quality of the food. Our party of four chose the Anytime Dining Option and it worked extremely well for us as we usually sat at our requested window table in Luis' section. We were so impressed with the congeniality and teamwork of our wait staff on the second night onboard that we requested to be in their section for the remainder of our voyage. I would like to send a big thank you to Luis, Wayan and Milton for their attentive service. They regularly anticipated our needs and desires. We did get to taste the food in the Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse and rave about the Tiramisu and the Mushroom Cappuccino Soup. Marketa, a MDR Hostess, did a superb job of handling my husband's Special Meal Requests and went out of her way to ensure that they were prepared correctly. She often made suggestions not listed on the menu. He was very impressed by her competency and attention to detail. Look for her on the Carnival Dream in December and the ship will be lucky to have her professionalism and rapport with the passengers. My husband & I took Carnival shore excursions in the European ports of call. All were worth the money and began promptly as scheduled. The guides were knowledgeable and articulate as well as friendly and informative. Since we have been to the two Caribbean Islands many times, we did our own thing in these ports. The ship docked in each port for approximately 7-10 hours so we had plenty of time for sightseeing. Still, some passengers on independent tours did not make it back to the ship on time and delayed our departure in each of the European ports. Besides the Caribbean feel of the ship and its newness, I also enjoyed the warm temperature of the Beach and Tides pools, which filled with passengers from early morning until dark. The Lanai, Tides and Serenity Whirlpools were also quite popular. It was never difficult to find lounge chairs around or near the pools and whirlpools. Depending on the weather, the ship provides blankets and/or towels at a poolside station. Of course, our staterooms also had the same long plush towels for our personal use on and off the ship. My husband and all the other "kids" onboard loved going down the two water slides. I enjoyed watching the big bucket of water cascade over the Water Works area every few minutes. If you enjoy Trivia, you will love all the many daily games on the Breeze. The participation was amazing. There were also the usual card games, arts and crafts, casino tournaments, pool games, dance classes, parties, Bingo, Art Auction, ice sculpture demonstration and Arcade games. The Cloud 9 Spa offers many deals and there are the daily sales outside the Fun Shops and elsewhere around the ship. Since I had $650 of onboard credits, I made several purchases. The Fitness Center is also quite popular but I simply enjoyed walking 4 miles around Deck 5 each morning scanning the ocean for dolphins, whales and ships plying the waters. Something new on this ship is a bar in the Library opened 11 AM-Midnight. What a neat idea! Another intriguing new amenity on this Carnival ship is the Sea Ropes Sky Course - challenging fun for kids as well as adults. If you are bored on this ship, it is your own fault. Be sure to catch the high energy, outstanding Playlist Productions - Divas, Motor City and The Brits! The use of LED screens to produce realistic detailed scenery and the illusion of a cast of hundreds on stage are simply amazing. Wow - was I impressed! In addition, the comedy acts in the Punchline Theater are funny without being vulgar. Be sure to catch at least one performance. After dinner, it is always fun to listen to Ron in the Piano Bar 88. He always takes requests and has a loyal following. After a show, enjoy dancing in the Atrium. In fact, all around the ship there are wonderful opportunities to hear great live music. There was a variety of fun Cruise Critic events, also to attend including: Informal and Official Formal Meet & Greets, Group Breakfast, Nightly Cocktail Times, Card Draw Game, Cabin Crawl (which I was one of 13 hosts), Book Exchange, Mini Golf Tourney, Ship Pub Crawl, The Movie Night PJ Party, Games & Cards Activity and Farewell Group Luncheon. It was nice seeing so many members wearing their personalized tee, wristband and light up ship pin. I did experience a few disappointments with the ship. I disliked that I had to pay extra money to see films shown in the inside Thrill Theater. The outdoor Seaside Theater movies, by the way, are included in the cruise price. The complementary sushi on other Carnival ships is now an extra charge Bonsai Sushi Restaurant on the Breeze. I always enjoy the complementary after dinner Cappuccino on other Carnival ships but on the Breeze, it is an extra charge. This Carnival ship also has just too many announcements over the speaker system. It is indeed hard to find a place for quiet reading anywhere on the ship including the library, which has piped in music. There is only one place on the entire ship to pick up or exchange pool towels. This is an inconvenience when on the Serenity decks. It was not until a couple of passengers got sick onboard that the Carnival Staff started enforcing use of the hand sanitizers at the buffet. Perhaps most annoying of all was the noise of the ship cutting through the ocean swells crossing the Atlantic. I suggest that you book a stateroom above deck 3 for a quieter night's sleep. Our stateroom was on deck 1. My husband and I always enjoy ourselves on Carnival ships. We appreciate the good value we get and are quite happy with the meals and level of service that we receive. Although most Carnival cruises have lots of young people and kids onboard, this was not true on this long cruise. Of the 3,600+ passengers, only 67 were kids. The majority of passengers hailed from the US - Florida in particular. Many of the Europeans onboard came from Germany. Still others came from Canada, South America, the UK and Australia. I chose this cruise because it was brand new ship. I liked that some of the ports were in Europe and others were in the Caribbean broken up with sea days in the middle. By the way, Carnival is doing away with the Future Cruise Certificates. We have used several on previous cruises and found them to be financially worthwhile. I hope to take a future Caribbean cruise on The Breeze. Read Less
Sail Date November 2012
We are an active couple in our 60's who do one or two cruises a year. The last two/three years we have found the Celebrity Solstice class ships particularly to our liking (Especially the "Aqua Class") We haven't done a ... Read More
We are an active couple in our 60's who do one or two cruises a year. The last two/three years we have found the Celebrity Solstice class ships particularly to our liking (Especially the "Aqua Class") We haven't done a Carnival cruise since 1998 as our very first cruise was on the Carnival Ecstasy (The infamous fire cruise of "98). We picked this particular cruise for its itinerary, the time of year, the new ship and the value. We also were wondering how the newest Carnival product would stack up against the competition. We were optimistic but had low expectations. Except for one area we would give the Carnival Breeze good grades and would not hesitate to recommend it to fellow cruisers but with some cautionary thoughts. The Specifics: Boarding process: In Venice it was slick as a whistle and was on the ship and in the stateroom within 30 minutes of arriving at the terminal. One hint in Venice is to share a dedicated water Taxi from your hotel (Look on Critic's "Roll Call" for people to share the Taxi and the cost.) to the port. It drops you off within easy walking distance and they handle the luggage right where the Taxi let's you off. Very painless. Stateroom; We had a Cloud 9 Spa Balcony Cabin on Deck 12 and it was fine. bed was comfortable, plenty of storage and bathroom was a good size. The shower was not quite up to "Aqua class" standards but was still fine. This stateroom got you unlimited access to the Spa facilities which were every equal of Celebrities. Since it was on the same floor as the stateroom it was very easy to use. The "Spa" people were friendly and didn't push products or services. There were specials thru out the cruise. If you get a massage, ask for "Kerry" as she is a delight and her swedish massage was to die for. I had 4 on this 12 day cruise when I would usually only have 1 or 2 a cruise. My wife was very understanding. Food: Judgement on food is always a personal issue so what we like you may not. However, I would give the main dinning rooms on the breeze good marks. The menu's where varied with things that were always available and the day's "Specials" The food was presented nicely and was tasty. I had a great steak on "Steak Night" and the Lobster tails where especially tasty. Of course carnival also has the Chocolate Melting Cake which is a standard all its own. We did anytime dining and never had to wait for a table. On the Breeze, like most new ships, it has many food outlets other than the main dinning room and the buffet. So the variety is good and you should always be able to fine something to your liking. We especially liked the BBQ outlet (Sea days only), Guy's hamburgers and the Tandori Kitchen. My wife and I did do the Chef;s kitchen and had dinner in the galley. It was fun and unique so we would reccomend if the budget would allow ($75 per person). Fellow Passengers: This was a 12 day cruise over Labor day. Although there were some families with children, there were not many. I would say the average age was younger than most cruises but it was a relative tame crowd. This cruise had American's in the majority but there were large British, European (I met my first Russian) Canadian and Australian contingents (Boy that has to be a long flight from Australia to Venice) I would say the extremes in rowdiness and old age were missing which I personally found to my liking. So I liked this crowd even more than Celebrity which I would say tends to be an older crowd. But I think this all depends more on when you cruise than which cruise line it is. Ports: Venice, Dubrovnik,Sicily, Naples, Sardinia, Rome, Florence, Monaco and Barcelona .....What's not to like. The Ship: Clean, modern with lots of great places to relax and enjoy the cruise. I did not see to many chair hogs but that could be due to new Carnival Policy. Ship did not seem overly crowed with 4,000 passengers on. Crew: Personable and seemed to try and please. Laundry: I think the Breeze had the best setup of all the ships. Laundry rooms were spread throughout the ship and you could use your sail and sign card for money. Beats bringing a roll of quarters. Casino: Smoke free so you didn't tread going through it when you wanted to GO from front to back of ship. So new design I think is a winner for Carnival. So what is the negative? Entertainment: Again I think this is a personal taste issue so what I like you may not. The main production shows where high energy with excellent singers and dancers. But the main productions shows are designed for a younger demographic than us as we only recognized half the songs and the volume was way up there. Also Carnival 2.0 has swapped high tech electronics for live orchestras in the production shows. And they continually rotate the 4 shows over the two week cruise so there were nights when there was nothing new to go see. Also the entertainment throughout the ship was hit or miss and again geared to a younger age bracket. So again in summary, the quality was good but it was aimed to a younger crowd. You know some like Andre Bocelli while others like Lady Gaga. Carnival Tours; We did two ship arranged tours and two with non ship vendors arranged with the help of "Critics" roll call. All went well. Carnivals tour guides were knowledgeable and we had a great time on those tours. Embarkation: Did Carnival transfer to airport in Barcelona and it was quick, painless and well worth the money (About $25 per person). You tag you luggage, put it outside your stateroom the last night by 11PM and you pick it up at the Airport. No trying to find it at the cruise terminal or lugging it through customs. We will do Carnival transfers next time for sure. So there you go, The Carnival Breeze" provided a great cruise and we will gladly use Carnival again. But the cautionary advice is to know what you are seeking in a cruise and understand the Calendar. I suspect if we had done the same cruise in July or early August or sail the Caribbean over Spring Break we might not be so positive about the whole experience. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
Carnival Breeze Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 4.0 N/A
Dining 4.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.0 3.5
Public Rooms 4.0 4.3
Fitness & Recreation 4.0 N/A
Family 5.0 4.0
Shore Excursions 4.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 2.0 N/A
Service 5.0 4.2
Value for Money 5.0 N/A

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