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29 Carnival Bermuda Cruise Reviews

My husband and I just returned from a 6 night cruise from Baltimore to Bermuda on the Carnival Pride. We had booked a 7 night cruise, unfortunately, due to rough seas, our cruise was delayed and we missed a day in Bermuda. We specifically ... Read More
My husband and I just returned from a 6 night cruise from Baltimore to Bermuda on the Carnival Pride. We had booked a 7 night cruise, unfortunately, due to rough seas, our cruise was delayed and we missed a day in Bermuda. We specifically chose this cruise to get 3 days in Bermuda, so that was a bummer. Carnival emailed us the day before we were set to board, to notify us of the delay. We were told that we would be refunded for 1 day of the trip, which seemed reasonable, but we would have also appreciated a "goodwill" gesture -- such as onboard credit or free drinks or something. At least something for the inconvenience. We had trip insurance, which gave us a free night in a local hotel (Sleep Inn) and 2 meals. I highly recommend taking a hotel shuttle or having a friend drive you to the port. Parking was too expensive for us, and for the same price, we'd rather get a hotel room. On Monday morning, embarkation was fairly easy. We were some of the last to baord, but really didn't have to wait long in line. The staff at the port was very friendly -- I have no complaints. We boarded the ship around noon. Our room was ready immediately and it only took a few hours for our luggage to arrive. Our room steward, Putra, was very friendly and basically our favorite staff member on the ship. He was personable and seemed to really enjoy his job. We had an interior cabin and it seemed very spacious, compared to other ships. We had plenty of space to put our things away. The dining room (Normandie) was another story. Nearly everytime we sat down for a meal, we usually talked about how we wished we had gone to the Mermaid Grille. Service was unusually slow. Many times, it seemed like the server had forgotten about us. We didn't want to spend an hour and a half at lunch -- once, we walked out before our dessert arrived because it simply took too long. We rarely got refills on our water glasses. Was that a hint to purchase alcohol? Honestly, I think the dining room staff is exhausted and it shows. Some servers would barely acknowledge us -- just hand us our menus and leave immediately. I almost felt guilty for being there, as if I was being a bother -- definitely how I DON'T want to feel on vacation. Like most people, I just wanted a week of not having to cook and clean...I kept having to tell myself "I paid to be here, right?" I feel like we would have gotten better service if we had ordered alcohol at every meal. I asked one waiter for an iced tea, but I immediately felt embarassed when she told me that she only took bar orders. I had to practically flag someone down just to get a dang iced tea. Speaking of paying to be somewhere....all around the ship, it felt like were constantly being asked to buy something. It got annoying after awhile. We did spend time at the bar, but we weren't going to spend big bucks on portraits, soda packages, bingo, etc. I'm sorry, but the high prices were ridiculous. We had several sea days and on the schedule, it seemed like most things were selling seminars. One day, when it was cloudy and windy outside, everyone on the ship was huddled around the atrium (little kids included), watching 4 people play corn hole (bean bag toss). Now, I would have loved to play corn hole, but it was literally the ONLY THING planned for that time slot, and I'm sure everyone wanted to play. We just kept on walking. Our trip to Bermuda was cut short due to threats of Tropical Storm Sean. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the beaches and missed out on a few places in Hamilton that we had been wanting to see. We made the most of it, but it was still upsetting that we specifically chose this cruise to do those things and we missed out on them. The gym was great. It was never crowded, so my husband and I made good use of the machines, whirlpool, sauna and steam room. I wish I could go to that gym everyday! Our favorite entertainers were James the piano man and Thomas, the acoustic guitar player. We often just grabbed seats at the bar and listened to them play. Both men were very friendly and talented. Thomas learned a Pearl Jam song specifically for my husband (he had requested it the night before). We felt very honored. As for the shows in the Taj Mahal -- the first night was cancelled due to flooding from the previous cruise, and then there were the rough seas which made it impossible to perform...and then when we did make it to see a show, we we just weren't interested. I feel like the game shows have become pretty raunchy. I'm only 28, but I don't enjoy watching people squeeze a coin between their buttcheeks and try to drop it in a cup. Um. Yeah, that's just gross. Oh, and this was when kids were in the theater. Comedians weren't too funny. We went to see some R rated shows...and you know what? Dropping F bombs every 2 seconds doesn't make you funny. I LOVE comedy and have seen Dave Chapelle, Brian Regan and Bill Burr live...so I feel that I have something to compare them to. The asst. Cruise Director acted like a tool. He had his own comedy show one night. Sorry, didn't care for him. We made new friends on the ship -- most passengers were very friendly. The general consensus was that we didn't get nearly enough time in Bermuda and then nothing for our troubles. Then, a waiter walked up and asked if we wanted anything. Debarkation was easy, too -- had our luggage picked up the night before, and then we were able to grab breakfast, get our things and head off. We liked to wait until the lines died down before going anywhere -- made things much easier. The best part of our cruise was meeting new people. We also loved eating seafood and going to the gym. We didn't like how we always felt guilty for not buying someting every 2 seconds or feeling like we were bothering the crew. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
Sadly, the first few moments in the room were spent picking up pills found on the floor from the previous guest, scrubbing in the outside of the bathroom toilet and toilet seat, due to its complete lack of cleanliness and yes, I mean what ... Read More
Sadly, the first few moments in the room were spent picking up pills found on the floor from the previous guest, scrubbing in the outside of the bathroom toilet and toilet seat, due to its complete lack of cleanliness and yes, I mean what you think I am implying. It was hard to feel comfortable going forward in this environment. Additionally the lounge area waiters offered to take a drink order only one time over the 7 day experience. The restaurant waiter never appeared on our one night in the dining room sending us out to the Prominade bar to get our own drinks. Despite a few pleasant staff members like our restauarant waiter and the spa staff, the overall experience left us feeling more like we were in the way of staff socialization and not being acknowledged, let alone taken care of. One front desk staff member talked to us like we were stupid, despite being given improper debarkation information. We were surprised to find the shore excursions $50 cheaper as booked on our own. The Lido buffet areas felt like shopping at Walmart on Black Friday. The outside pool areas could aptly be renamed "Smoker's Paradise." The Serenity pool was dirty nearly daily. Soot from the ship snowed in the air covering our clothes upon leaving port. There was a smell of chemicals so strong in our room one day that we had to leave for hours while maintenance worked on this, when all we wanted at this point was a nap. This was sadly the most disappointing vacation my wife and I have taken in our 7 years together. For $1900 for cruise fare, an $800 room bill, and the cost of lost vacation days, dog kennels, etc, we left very unhappy. Only a year ago, we traveled on the Carnival Miracle and left raving about the staff, the pleasantries, the pampering. We debarked wondering if the Miracle vacation was a fluke or was it the trip on the Pride. Either way, we'll play it safe in the future. My wife said it best. The staff on the Carnival Pride made no effort to create the illusion. The last thing I want to feel like while on vacation is a bother. It's worse when you don't feel clean or comfortable. Despite Carnival's lower fares compared to other cruise lines, the value was still way below expectations based upon previous experiences. After contacting them and reporting the disappointment, we essentially got a "that sucks" and no hint of an attempt of "what can we do to make this right or keep you coming back?" So, I thought I could at least prevent others from making the mistake we did. Trust the ship reviews. Having read other Pride reviews, I'm just glad I didn't get food poisoning. It's good to be home. Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
My girlfriend and I (20s) took a very large family group (30 people!) on the Sensation's May 4 cruising to the Bahamas. It was our 3rd cruise, first on Carnival, but most of the group were 1st-timers. We all had a good time ... Read More
My girlfriend and I (20s) took a very large family group (30 people!) on the Sensation's May 4 cruising to the Bahamas. It was our 3rd cruise, first on Carnival, but most of the group were 1st-timers. We all had a good time (especially the 1st-timers), but the ship is definitely sub-par. I had low expectations going into the trip based on reviews I had read here, so I wasn't terribly disappointed, but I would recommend spending a few extra bucks to upgrade to a newer or more recently refurbished ship. HOTEL: We stayed at Wakulla Suites on Cocoa Beach. Very cool hotel in a kitschy polynesia kind of way. But I'm into that kind of stuff. Huge rooms for the price, beach access, and a nice garden. Recommended. FOOD: The main dining room's food was passable. The worst I've had on a ship yet, but that doesn't mean it was terrible. Lobster night was definitely the best. As for the buffet....awful. Bad food, no selection, and ALWAYS a long line. Breakfast was the same few items everyday. Room service is definitely lacking. PUBLIC AREAS: The ship is basically a floating off-strip Vegas hotel. VERY purple. Mirrors. Neon. Super-gaudy. There was a slightly sour smell permeating the atrium. All the lounges are waaaay over the top. The casino is huge and nice enough. There were some interesting games like "Faceup 21". The Blackjack tournament was very fun. ENTERTAINMENT: We never saw the nighttime shows, so I can't comment on those. There weren't too many activities planned. We love playing trivia on board, but it only happened once during the whole trip, and not even on the sea day. Name that tune was fun, but it seems like the main activity on the Sensation is hanging by the pool and drinking. ROOMS: The rooms were very nice compared to the rest of the ship. A little wear and tear on the cabinets and bathroom sink, but not too bad. The bed was very comfortable. Our steward did an excellent job. PORTS: Freeport: Do something that gets you away from the dock! It's a very industrial port, but there are some beautiful areas elsewhere on the island. My girlfriend and I did Carnival's "Peterson Cay Kayak & Snorkel Tour". It was really fun, but a bit overpriced at $100 each. But a great way to get out in the sun, exercise, and snorkel around a wonderful reef. Nassau: We booked Stuart Cove's 1/2 day snorkel trip. You can't book this on the ship, you must do it independently in advance. It was WONDERFUL! Highly recommended. There were 3 stops: a beautiful reef, a "plane wreck" (actually a movie prop), and the sharks! Very fun, great crew, and an awesome day. OVERALL: You get what you pay for. I didn't expect too much going in, so I wasn't too disappointed. The 1st-timers had no idea what to expect and they had a blast. Go in to have a good time, and you will. It's sure better than being at work! Read Less
Sail Date May 2008
This is my first Cruise review of any kind. This latest Cruise was my third with Carnival. I had previously been on the Destiny in 2000 and the Triumph in 2002. I can confidently say this was by far my most disappointing cruise and my last ... Read More
This is my first Cruise review of any kind. This latest Cruise was my third with Carnival. I had previously been on the Destiny in 2000 and the Triumph in 2002. I can confidently say this was by far my most disappointing cruise and my last with Carnival. I will attempt to keep this brief. We were cruising to Bermuda and then Newport, Rhode Island for 6 days out of New York. The embarkation was typical. Took about an hour. As for the Ship it was a typical large Carnival Ship. A lot of wasted space. It really did not seem well built as my Wife and I toured the entire Ship from front to back. Seems like they were rushing when they built it. We found many flaws. The hallways were terrible. You would be constantly running into people as the Hallways were not straight from one end of the Ship to the other but were in sections due to extended Balconies I presume. It was constant right and left hand turns and Boom, running into someone around the corners. You have to be on this Ship to fully appreciate what I'm saying. The Stairs at the front of the Ship were like 6-7 inches in length. This was strange and a major problem for me since I wear size 12 in shoes. It was difficult for me to walk down these Stairs without falling. Also we had some rough seas for one day which was nothing major as compared to a previous Cruise yet this ship was creaking as if we were in a Hurricane. It was amazing to listen to. Here is a brand new Ship which sounded like it was about to break apart do to some semi rough seas. The creaking was so loud in those Hallways it was freaky. The previous Ships did not have this problem. We had a Room with a Balcony. It was ok. The Balcony was not long enough for me to stretch my 6'3" frame out on which was a disappointment. It was clean though. Two twin Beds pushed together. No complaints there really. We had the late seating dinner which we always have. Another problem with this Ship is that they only have one Dining Room. The caused the one Dining Room to be very overcrowded and many people feeling they were out in the boondocks away from any action going on. Previous Ships had two Dining Rooms which worked out better for everyone. We assume they switched to one Dining Room to cut staff. Now for my first major complaint. The Midnight Buffet. Actually they do not even call it a midnight Buffet anymore which is appropriate. It consisted of Pizza/Calzone and some sandwich meat. That's about it. My first Cruise on the Destiny in 2000 the midnight Buffet was something everyone looked forward to. The amount and variety of Food available at that time was mind boggling. Now it is truly a joke. My Wife tells me the midnight Buffet was even better on the Ecstasy in 1997 on her first Cruise with Carnival. People loved it, looked forward to it, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now it is not even worth going to. Again we assume this is cost cutting by Carnival. The service and Food in the dining Room was fine. My second major complaint was the entertainment and activities on board. This was another joke. Our days at sea consisted of bingo and hairy chest competitions. Total waste of time and very boring. The shows at night have really gone down hill from the past. The comedian was pretty good. But the other shows with the dancers are not nearly as good as they were as Carnival has added singers to these shows who leave a lot to be desired. I grade the overall entertainment on board a D and that is being liberal. My Wife was also very disappointed. Now for my main complaint which has caused me to state I will never Cruise with Carnival again. I became sick with severe stomach cramps and diarrhea from Saturday night's 4/24/04 dinner through Sunday morning. My Wife requested something from the infirmary such as Lomotil or Immodium, but was only given Kaopectate. After taking the Kaopectate, it resolved the problem through the day on Sunday so we were able to enjoy our first day in Bermuda. After returning to the ship Sunday night, I again began having more severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. We had not eaten any of the food in Bermuda. Around midnight Sunday, I called the infirmary and stated that I needed Lomotil or Immodium and medication for the abdominal cramps. The nurse was reluctant to give any medication at all, and recommended Kaopectate again. I had to make numerous phone calls to this nurse who finally grudgingly agreed to give my Wife Lomotil, but stated there would be a $50.00 charge for it. She asked if I had a temperature. Since my Wife is a Registered Nurse and certainly can tell if someone has a temperature, I told her I did NOT have a temperature, just the diarrhea and stomach cramps. She then stated it was not a professional diagnosis and I had to go to the infirmary. I was too weak to go, as the infirmary was at the other end of the Ship. The nurse then stated that I would be quarantined to my stateroom and not be allowed to leave the Ship or the stateroom for 24 hours. Medical clearance would only be given on Tuesday morning. I asked the Nurse if I felt better the next morning could I go on shore to Bermuda and was told NO. This caused us to miss our second day in Bermuda which was the main reason we went on this cruise to begin with. All the compensation we received from Carnival was free pay-per view movies for the 24 hours of which the selection was horrible. Who wants to watch movies when you are in Bermuda? We were forced to stay in the stateroom. She also threatened that if I attempted to leave the ship while docked in Bermuda on Monday, I would have my sign and sail card taken away. Mind you the nurse made this judgment without ever seeing me. We feel this was done as retaliation for awakening her from her sleep on Sunday night as she had a major attitude problem through this entire episode. On Tuesday Morning, we went to the infirmary and the nurse asked when I last had the diarrhea and I told the nurse that it had stopped Monday morning. She proceeded to give me medical clearance and said sarcastically "Now you can enjoy the rest of your cruise." This entire episode was outrageous and totally mishandled. Bottom line is I got sick from food served by Carnival and should NOT be penalized for it. I called Carnival's guest relations department and was given the expected excuses. They said they would send me a voucher for $50.00 off my next Carnival Cruise as well as a free excursion. Whoopee. Carnival, you can keep your $50.00 discount and free excursion. You lost not only my Business as well as my Wife's. I will never Cruise with you again. Read Less
Sail Date April 2004
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