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Sail Date: March 2019
they clean your room everyday, Varieties of food, Dining experience is really awesome. service is great, Ice cream bar was great, international cafe, Karaoke bar, fitness room, Art auction, love the idea of formal night and going to a fine ... Read More
they clean your room everyday, Varieties of food, Dining experience is really awesome. service is great, Ice cream bar was great, international cafe, Karaoke bar, fitness room, Art auction, love the idea of formal night and going to a fine dining after having pictures from the photographers and you will your pictures that same day...you can watch live shows everyday with their funny Cruise director & his staff, lots of entertainment and things to do, love all this fun games with the staff especially with the cruise director Matt, foods is great, enough restaurants to choose, great service, smooth sailing and they are organized, i will plan a next cruise this year again and i will convince some of my relatives and friends to join me and my wife for the next cruise before end of 2019, and hoping they will come out a promotion to back up my plan Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2018
The Bad : Ship shakes under sail and unbelievably worse in port, especially annoying when you are dining. Common areas good condition but we had hit and miss cabins this fall and winter, some ok and some awful condition. Ship staff said ... Read More
The Bad : Ship shakes under sail and unbelievably worse in port, especially annoying when you are dining. Common areas good condition but we had hit and miss cabins this fall and winter, some ok and some awful condition. Ship staff said they can’t update the rooms without a dry dock and the company keeps putting that off. Personally had and witnessed some negative interactions with the Guest Services Staff. As typical of the brand no built in activies for active adults and children. Just off a Christmas cruise on another ship of the brand, many families cruising and the young people were bored out of their minds. Royal Caribbean, Carnival or Norwegian would have been a better choice for a family vacation. The Good: The company has invested in Internet upgrades for this ship. Room and Dining staff generally excellent as is usual throughout the brand. Food quality and selection was on par with the brand and far superior to Royal Caribbean. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2018
This was my first cruise with Princess and as a result of my experience, it will definitely be my last. Prior to booking, I had this impression that Princess was an elite cruising brand. I expected more of them than I would a Carnival, ... Read More
This was my first cruise with Princess and as a result of my experience, it will definitely be my last. Prior to booking, I had this impression that Princess was an elite cruising brand. I expected more of them than I would a Carnival, Norwegian or Royal Caribbean cruise line. I could not have been more wrong. Let's start with the PROS since its a short list. PROS: Embarkation - Princess is very organized. I was on the ship in less than 20 minutes from my arrival to the pier. I have NEVER gotten on a ship that fast before. There was no haggling to buy onboard packages and no pressure to take pictures. It was the most quickest, easiest embarkation I have ever experienced. Shore Excursions - I really liked that while the Excursions desk was not always manned that they had iPads at the desk so I could book excursions during their non-operating hours. I struggled whether to add this to the CONS list really, because the Excursions desk was closed before and during our sail away period, but I do like that I had this as an option. I like to book my excursions as soon as I get on the ship. I later learned I could have booked them in my room via the TV. Entertainment - I really enjoyed some of the musical talent on this ship. I learned of some new artistic gems like George Thursting that I now follow through social media. Love them. Folks, that's where my PROS list ends. Let's dive into everything that made this cruise horrible and left me vowing to NEVER cruise with Princess again. CONS: Bed Bug (in Room B249) - I usually don't sleep much, if at all, the night before a cruise, because I am busy packing and getting my house (and life) prepared for my extensive departure, so I usually make up for that sleep the first night on the ship. This cruise was no exception. I grabbed a bite to eat and booked my excursions once I got on board and I headed straight to my room to snooze. After we set sailed, I got up to grab something out of my bag and when I returned to the bed I noticed what looked like a bed bug crawling over the duvet cover. I screamed! I ran outside where the cabin steward was. He came in looking embarrassed, but not surprised, and scooped the bug into a glass jar. I was mortified. All I could think was how grateful I was that I had not unpacked yet. I did NOT want to take any of these critters home with me. I hear bed bugs are horrible to get rid of. I went straight to the reception desk to report it. Its the first night, so there's a long line. I patiently wait. When I get to the line, the service desk rep (Ignacio and Aracelli) said there was not much they could do besides send someone to investigate and clean the room since the ship was sold out. They did not offer me some place to sit or rest at during this 2-hour investigation. They did not offer me a complimentary beverage or meal. They did not apologize for the inconvenience. They did nothing, but "investigate." I stood on the side of the reception desk for 2 hours exhausted. I finally got back in line to see if there was an update, since NO ONE spoke to me during those 2 hours and only after I got back in line did someone call to check on the "investigation" and that's when I was told they were done and they did not find anything else (meaning another bug). For all I know, the investigation could have been completed an hour earlier. I return to my room alone. Visibly shaken, they did not offer to escort me to my room to reassure me and show me their findings. No one was there when I arrived. It was hours later when the cabin steward supervisor and my cabin steward returned to tell me the supervisor found nothing. I asked if I would be able to get checked by medical - something the front desk rep said I would be able to get as a courtesy to check for bed bug bites - and the supervisor told me NO. He said the ship doctor is not like a doctor on land, they're expensive, so I would have to pay for this myself. Um... OK! I was done after this. Done. He treated me like I was an inconvenience. Very hostile. I never unpacked my bag. I kept it closed the entire cruise and I checked my room for bed bugs each and every day. I tried not to let this ruin my trip cuz then I would definitely be on the losing end. I tried to make the best of it. Ship - Its old. Real old. Very dated. There's rust, mildew and mold everywhere. While I stood in line at the guest desk, I noticed there were multiple leaks from the ceiling. Also, the layout makes no sense. They give each deck a name. For example: Deck # 11 is named Baja and Deck # 15 is named Lido. Instead of referring to the deck number, you had to learn the deck names, because that is how they were referenced. It was so cooky. Then there were only so many elevator banks. I believe there were three or four for the entire ship and one or two of those only went to a few floors. There were no machines for people to add money to their room card/key. Everything went through the very incompetent guest desk. And they had to escalate everything. No one at the desk could make a decision at their level. No one was empowered to just do common sense things for guests. While I waited for my bed bug investigation, I heard a man with Platinum Level Status get upset over his beverage package and how someone screwed it up. I stood there thinking: If this guy is a loyal Princess cruiser and they treat him like that, how should I expect them to treat me? Not good, folks. Not good. Dining - I actually like the seating in the buffet dining areas. I liked that there were pub seating that looked directly out the window, so if you're a party of one you're only taking one seat and not an entire table. That's where my likes end. The food options were very limited and buffet small. It was about one-third of the size of the buffet area on the average Norwegian ship. Horrible! I made due, but I was just shocked. In Conclusion: The pros definitely did not outweigh the cons. I cannot justify the cost of the average Princess cruise for me to try the brand again. Outside of wanting to experience the Princess brand, I really chose this sailing because it was going to the ABC islands and it was full of smart at sea days. Heed my warnings. If nothing else, stay away from this ship unless you've cruised it before and know what to expect. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2017
My experience with princess was one of the worst travel experiences i have ever had. It was my first experience with princess, and i will never patronize them again, and i will vociferously encourage others to avoid princess at all ... Read More
My experience with princess was one of the worst travel experiences i have ever had. It was my first experience with princess, and i will never patronize them again, and i will vociferously encourage others to avoid princess at all costs. I will be publishing this report to every relevant travel portal. Starting with the Ports visited: The ports were not bad choices, however port days were far too short except for curação. there wasn't enough time in each port to have a chance to walk around and have a chance to get to know the place. Excursions offered by princess were extremely limited and obscenely overpriced. i did not purchase any of princess' excursions. Trinidad was a hazard. i attempted to walk out into trinidad, as i had done with every other port, just to spend some time getting to know a little of the place. shortly into my walk i was stopped by a secret service police officer, who showed me her badge, and begged me to please turn around and go back to the ship and not continue walking, as i was walking into a death trap. i learned that a day or two prior to our arrival in trinidad, someone had been shot to death in the street of the city proper - near the port where we docked. Essentially, by running on only one engine and stopping in a port that was already known to be highly dangerous, princess was putting everyone at extreme risk. no warnings were announced at any time regarding these conditions in trinidad. It rained at every port, yet princess refused to provide umbrellas. The ship: We were running on only one engine for the entire journey. this caused the ship to suffer imbalance in the water. This fact was not shared with passengers. this was a fact that should have been shared with passengers as it is a hazard to run the ship on only one engine. princess is legally required to run ships and any equipment under the most stringent requirements of safety. running a 14 day journey on only one engine in international waters was extreme negligence on the part of the princess cruise company. We experienced extreme turbulence on the ship throughout journey, to the point that a man was thrown down and hit his head against a wall because of the rocking of the boat. Crew moved him into a seated position, which i understand was just an effort to try to help, but i have always been taught that in an emergency situation, never ever move an injured person before emts arrive to assess the injuries and proceed to treat the person. he had to be airlifted out by helicopter because of the injury. I am a pretty surefooted person and have very good balance as i am a dancer, and i was thrown so violently by the turbulence that i often tripped. In one such situation, i hit a banister hard enough with my hip to bruise it. Regarding running on one engine, if that one engine had failed, we would have been stranded at sea for an unspecified period of time before being located and towed to the nearest landing port. in addition to that unacceptable risk, with no engine power, the ballast pumps would have stopped working, and without that constant balancing of weight, the ship would list to one side, eventually capsizing. The staff: I experienced rudeness and disrespect most of the time. the front desk staff (except for a very few individuals), was an abomination to the phrase "customer service". my concerns and requests were consistently ignored, dismissed, or flat out refused. I commented to one front desk agent during a phone call that i had had enough of the attitude, and her response was that she wasn't "going to take attitude from me either". incredible. I was charged for things that i had never requested and never approved. I disputed these charges on disembarkation day. I was threatened with having security called on me. I was aghast. I have disputed the charges on my credit card. I could not believe how horribly i was treated. I even spoke with the agent, (named robyn), with whom i had had the original conversation about the charges. She threw me under the bus. She kept repeating that i "had signed it". She insisted that i said things that i did not say. She insisted that i knew things that i did not know. I could not believe that i was being treated with such reckless cruelty and disregard. I wrote at least 4 letters to the general hotel services manager during the voyage. no compensation was offered. no reply was made to me. i informed the general hotel services manager that i would be writing a full report, and that it was the responsibility of princess' staff to convince me not to. no action was taken. The food: Princess has the worst food i have ever had on any cruise line. holland is far better, ncl is far better, celebrity embarrasses princess by comparison. princess' food is absolutely piss poor in every sense. i heard this from many many many guests. Every papaya i asked for was rock hard. raspberries were never available. strawberries were clearly frozen and defrosted before being served - hence most of the time, they were inedible. I had to fight every time i asked for blueberries. cateloupe, honeydew, and watermelon were all consistently rotted/past ripeness, mushy, inedible. The "variety" of dishes offered was pathetically limited. again, ncl, celebrity, and holland all embarass princess on food quality and variety. Most food was obviously frozen and defrosted. all of the seafood was frozen and defrosted before serving, which made it all rubbery, dry, cardboardy, and flavourless. the selection was ridiculously inadequate. in a phrase, the food was absurdly bad. At sabatini's i had to send two dishes back because they were flavourless and insanely oversalted. I could teach the chef how to cook, and i am self-taught. most of the food on the ship was insanely oversalted, or insanely too sweet. I cook better when i am sick enough to be bedridden. Popcorn was not available except at only one hour during the day, and not accessible at any other time, no matter how many requests i made. The soft ice cream was grainy, watery, in a word, disgustingly poor in quality. the only flavours offered were vanilla and chocolate in soft ice cream. no frozen yoghurt was available. for an additional fee, there was hard ice cream available in vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. ridiculous. unacceptable. Drinks were inconsistent all over the ship. General: On embarkation day, the steward for my section barged into my room without knocking. i spent the day on lines 30 - 60 minutes waiting on each line, correcting screw-ups of the crew. Cabin: My bathroom was not working on embarkation day, and i was forced to walk out and use ship public bathrooms. my steward, after having barged into my room without knocking, offered only excuses about how he could not get my bathroom fixed because he was not the plumber. Cabin furnishings were outdated and dingy. I had been sent a message from princess before sailing, stating that i had been upgraded to a better cabin. I can't imagine what the worse cabin looked like. In my "new" cabin, the carpet was worn & stained. It was obviously very old. considering claims that the ship had been refurbished recently, it is obvious that absolutely nothing had been done with the cabin i occupied. The bathroom was filthy & had hair in it from the previous occupant. The balcony & deck furniture were filthy. There were stains on the bedside tables. There were pieces of small trash on the floor. the carpet did not appear to have been vacuumed. The shower had cracks & rust. my bed at home is way more comfortable than the bed in the princess cabin. Any time that i opened the balcony door, a panel in the ceiling howled. It was impossible to enjoy having fresh air in the room. I had to request extra blankets & the ones provided looked like they had been taken from a homeless shelter. One of the blankets had a hole in it. My bathroom did not work for a second time during the cruise. During the cruise the one single insufficient outlet in my cabin stopped working, which meant that i could not charge devices upon which i am dependent to run my life. i had to make numerous phone calls to the front desk to get this addressed. two (2) days after my phone calls to the front desk, i heard someone banging on my cabin door in the middle of day, claiming to be maintenance, and enquiring about my non-working outlet. Two days????!!!!!?? two days???!!!!!?? I told the maintenance person that i could not have him enter the cabin at that time, i needed privacy. i left my cabin shortly after that, and the steward for my section removed the privacy tag that i had placed into my door lock, and entered my room against my express wishes for privacy. things were removed from my cabin that i needed, and other things in my cabin were re-arranged against my wishes. i reported this to the general hotel services manager. No compensation was offered. Internet Access: It was obsecenely overpriced - - morally reprehensible pricing for an essential basic need for everyone. everyone must have regular simple easy internet now no matter where one may be. it is that simple. the price gauging for this is as morally reprehensible as price gauging for water and food. The internet barely worked. when it did, it would take copious amounts of time to get anything done, thereby eating up precious obscenely price-gauged minutes. Internet access is a basic need for everyone now, as are water and food, and should be available at no added cost for the entire ship. period. Entertainment/Gym/Fitness: There were not enough zumba classes. There should have been 2 (two) zumba classes per day (morning and afternoon/evening) - on every day - sea and port. There should have been more classes offered every day - not with extra charges - they should have been included. The gym should have been bigger. Club fusion was freezing cold all of the time. It was impossible to be there without wearing a coat. I wrote to the the cruise director, requesting more zumba classes. he disregarded my request about classes and did so in a quite indifferent unfriendly manner. One of the people who hosted karaoke was snotty and sarcastic with me. I don't remember his name. He hosted the voice as well. The karaoke library of music was extremely limited. None of the songs i looked for were in the library. It is one of the worst collections i have ever seen. The karaoke library had zero tina turner songs (and only one obscure ike and tina track, so what), it had no eurythmics, no pat benetar. The gym should have been bigger. Norwegian's, holland's, and celebrity's gym and spa areas are all much larger and put princess' dingy broken down jacked up "gym" and "spa" to shame. Because there were not enough classes, i needed the area where the mirrors were located to do my own series every day. but there were constant scheduling problems for me to do that, because that space was occupied throughout the day by princess' staff hosting money-bilking snake-oil-selling seminars. staff could have arranged to utilize other space for these "seminars" rather than constantly monopolizing space needed by those of us who really needed that space to maintain our fitness regimens. Spa: There were only 5 stone thermal beds for all of the guests who had spa access. i often could not get a bed, or had to wait for one. the spa, locker area, and salon were dingy and outdated. The aromatherapy steam room could only hold one person comfortably. Two people in that room would mean one would have to sit on the lap of the other. The sauna constantly stank of rotten eggs. I was in the sauna every day. It stank of rotten eggs every day. it was disgusting, but because i really needed the heat, i had to tolerate it by putting a towel over my mouth and having to breathe through the towel. the other steam/spa rooms were old, dingy, outdated, unappealing, and basically useless. The locker area was old, dingy, depressing. Folded towels on the shelves were frequently wet - - not fully dry. the spa robes were old, threadbare, and dingy. I was appalled at just how old, dingy, depressing, and totally unappealing or comfortable the entire spa was. Norwegian's, holland's, and celebrity's spas put princess to shame. It is embarrassing how gross princess' spa is. This is what princess calls a multi-million dollar refurbishment ?????!! Photographers: I tried to take some nice photos on nyeve, but the photographer could not have been less interested in helping me to get a good shot - - that i would actually be willing to buy. I did not buy any photos because they all sucked because the photographer did not care at all to help me get good shots, even though i asked and tried to get a few interesting looks. The photographer just rushed me to pose in the same stupid way that everyone poses. He would not help me to take photos that were uniquely expressing me, and would have been worth my money to buy. if princess wants to sell photos, photographers need to actually care about what people want, and take time to take photos that are genuinely desired. Casino: Scratch off games were entitled to a second chance via raffle on the ship. I bought several scratch off games, but the first time i bought them, the cashier did not bother to tell me that they had a second chance if i did not win anything in the scratch-off. i threw away tickets that i could have entered in the raffle. The second time i bought scratch off games, the cashier told me about the raffle. i returned to the first cashier to call him out on not telling me that i had a second chance to win something with non-paying scratch-offs, and he just gave me some dumb indifferent look. He did not care at all. i lost a second chance at the raffle for those scratch-offs because of his total indifference and lack of attention to customer care. I cannot believe that the majority of your employees on the ship are just like this. it is truly unfathomable. If that cashier had been in my shoes, he would have been extremely disappointed and upset. "Art" Gallery: "fine arts" ???? it was all trash. not a shred of "art" to be found. Medical: As with the internet, medical care is price-gauged, and minimal in scope. morally reprehensible. Disembarkation Day: As i stated above, i was charged for things that i had never requested and never approved. I was on the phone fighting about it starting at 5:30 am on disembarkation day. the ship was so extremely turbulent with only one engine, that i did not sleep at all during the previous night. I had to go down to the front desk to dispute these charges on disembarkation day. I was threatened with having security called on me. I was aghast. I had to make dispute and fraud reporting phone calls throughout the day to my credit card and other financial institutions. As i stated above, i even spoke with the agent, (named robyn), with whom i had had the original conversation about the charges. She threw me under the bus. She kept repeating that i "had signed it". She insisted that i said things that i did not say. She insisted that i knew things that i did not know. Even during my dispute with them over the charges, robyn took the things i was saying during that conversation and twisted them on me as i was speaking. my statements were completely disregarded. I could not believe that it was happening. Customs: There was a very long line to wait to pass through customs. Negative surprises: Everything from day 1 until walking off of the ship was a negative surprise. This is my report on princess' failure to deliver value for the fortune of money they charged me, on every level. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2016
Cruising IS the right way to travel. You dont have to move and you see such a vast selection of ports and sights! shopping was great in Aruba and Curacao. Bonaire is a tourist stop many sights and local color. A much quiter and ... Read More
Cruising IS the right way to travel. You dont have to move and you see such a vast selection of ports and sights! shopping was great in Aruba and Curacao. Bonaire is a tourist stop many sights and local color. A much quiter and relaxed port. A nice balance to the other two. Princess is the answer to a great balance of high end and leisure cruising. You never feel out of place and the activities are top of the line. The dinning was most tasty and the waiter was way above and beyond. He learned in the first night ALL of our little quirks and made sure each dinner was special. The Marte 'd took extra care of us as we had allegeries. He review each meal to ensure no foods that would cause problems were included. If there was any question he personally went to the kitchen and watched to ensure the proper preparations of our meals! Makes you feel special to know that your meal is overseen in this manner! Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2016
Chose this cruise because it was short enough...8 days, but 3 days were week-end, so meant only 5 days off work on vacation. Plus it offered 4 Sea days and those are always so relaxing with an opportunity to enjoy all the on-board ... Read More
Chose this cruise because it was short enough...8 days, but 3 days were week-end, so meant only 5 days off work on vacation. Plus it offered 4 Sea days and those are always so relaxing with an opportunity to enjoy all the on-board activities and entertainment. And better still, it visited 3 caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao (ABC), with about 12 hours in port on each island! In Curacao and Aruba we had to be back on board at 9.30pm...giving us the opportunity to enjoy the warm evening breezes and cocktails on the island. Residents spoke English clearly and were all friendly. It also had great feed back from other Cruise Critic members who had done this cruise previously. The price was right, the itinerary was great and the cruise line (Princess Cruises) is one of my favourites. Travelling 'solo' I chose an inside cabin in the IB category...on Deck 11 (Baja), so I could take the stairs to the Horizon Buffett (Deck 15) for breakfast and take the stairs to the Piazza and Promenade Deck (Deck 7) for all other activities. The inside cabin for sufficient space for me...not sure if it would be if I was travelling with my husband. The Horizon Buffet offered a variety of food so there was lots to choose from even if you were i picky eater. The service and food in the Coral Dining Room was very good. Our server was friendly and efficient and our food was always hot. I did not go to the specialty restaurants. Entertainment in Princess Theatre was top notch! Lots of improvement since my last cruise on Caribbean Princess some 5 years ago. It was nice that the staff were not pushing the sales on us at every corner. We could actually sit and relax and enjoy the music, activities, etc. The internet cafe was often crowded...but we all want to be connected to our world at home even when we are on the beautiful seas...I'm in that category too, so can't complain. The International Cafe is often my 'go to place' right near the piazza...it was often packed with all the seats occupied. I thoroughly enjoyed walking on the Promenade deck around the ship....2.7 laps = 1 mile. I'd challenge my self to increase my daily walk by 10% and by the 7th morning, I was up to 15 laps!!! and catch the sunrise. Now that is totally worth walking for. Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2016
6 port days in a row! It was exhausting. I definitely needed a vacation from this vacation. But I feel like I got a good overview of Ireland and Scotland. I do not feel the need to hurry back to either now. So I feel like it helped check ... Read More
6 port days in a row! It was exhausting. I definitely needed a vacation from this vacation. But I feel like I got a good overview of Ireland and Scotland. I do not feel the need to hurry back to either now. So I feel like it helped check off some boxes vs. the Baltics cruise was just the tip of the iceberg for every place. As far as the Caribbean Princess - not my favorite. Not terrible by any means, but I saw some cleanliness issues - again nothing major, but just stuff that made me go 'hmmmm' - especially compared to my other cruises (Regal, Celeb Silhouette, Celeb Reflection). I loved loved loved the Serenity pool (we dubbed it the Buddha pool b/c of the statue). It was great to have that w/ the cooler temps. The Dining room was nice - but I still prefer the grandeur of the 2 story. Same with the Piazza area - I prefer the open nature of the Celebrity ships I have sailed. Ship: The Caribbean Princess. I liked the ship – I knew it was older and it looked more worn than the Regal but not in a bad/unkempt way. Just not as shiny. The only thing I didn't love were counter and wall stains (I wiped all our room surfaces, and the fact I removed so many stains w/o scrubbing just tells me they never bother to wipe the surfaces). I also wiped away one too many curly hairs on the surfaces. I travel > 50% of the year, so it's not as if I never see stuff like this, but I took exception to the number of times I saw this in our stateroom. I also didn't think the bathrooms were as spotless compared to Regal and Celebrity - I would just see random stains in places that should be wiped (toilet seat, by the main door handle). Would I consider it dirty? No. But I feel like I had high, if not unreasonable expectations coming from 4 other ships. Embarkation: easiest thing ever. Took the train from London Waterloo to Southampton. 1h30m. Easy. Arrived around 1130a. No security and check-in line. On board shortly after noon. We grabbed lunch at the buffet - ate outside. Our luggage arrived so we settled in/unpacked. Dining: MDR/Coral – 8p seating. We were seated in anytime, but had an 8p seating - since they botched out 815p confirmed dining. The solution was to give up a set table in anytime which worked fine. One the whole I enjoyed almost all of the meals - which I couldn't say on the past couple cruises. Buffet/Horizon Bistro/Court: not bad at all. Never a fan of the crowded buffet. Didn’t seem each table had a designated server so 2-3 different people would keep asking if you wanted drinks - which as a bit annoying. All the port times were shifted by about 15 minutes from the itinerary listed when booking. Ports are in order of arrival. Guernsey / Channel Islands 715a - 3p. Last tender 2p. * On our own. Smooth tender process. 10min ride max. * Most sights don't even open until 930a/10a. * We hiked to Ferman Bay. Lovely views. * Castle Cornet was nice.. * Lunch back on the ship * Formal Night Cobh 815a-6p * Paddywagon tour * Docked at Ringaskiddy - a container port - different than intended. Princess provide a shuttle. * Blarney Castle * Cobh Market * Kinsale photo stop and lunch Dublin 115p-11p * On our own. * Docked Ocean Pier. Princess offered paid shuttle. We took a 20 euro cab to St. Patrick's. Bit of traffic. * St. Patrick's * Dublin Castle * Trinity College * Guinness Storehouse * Arthur's Pub for dinner * Temple Bar Liverpool 815a-9p: * Did on our own. Walked off the ship * Beatles Story * Liverpool Cathedral * Merseyside Maritime Museum. Free. * Beatles Celebration show on board. Belfast 1145a-930p: * On our own. Took a cab to Titanic exhibit. 7 pounds. Paid shuttle too. * Belfast Castle - 10 pounds cab there and back. * Fibber Magee pub for music. Greenock 715p-6p: * Discover Scotland tour. * Loch Lomond/Luss * Trossachs drive through * Callander for lunch * Doune Castle stop * Stirling Castle * Glasgow drive through Next was a sea day - we sailed by the Isle of Skye. Invergordon 715a-6p: * Invergordon Tours * Cruise on Loch Ness * Urquhart Castle * Culloden Battlefield * Clava Carins * Cawdor Castle Edinburgh 715a-6p: * On our own. Breakfast at 6a. First in line for tender at 630a. 725a pushed off from ship on tender. 740a arrival. 5 GBP for local shuttle each way. Last departure 430p. * Edinburgh Castle * Scotch Whiskey Experience * Calton HIll * Palace of Holyroodhouse * Top deck - nice sail away. Le Havre 7a-8p * Princess D-Day tour * Drove by Juno Beach * Arromanches for Museum and artifical port * Lunch at La Ferme de la Ranconniere * La Pointe du Hoc * Omaha Beach * American Cemetery Activities/Entertainment: everything was really nice. Strong ship singers and dancers. The production shows were ok - some better than others - I feel like these are hit or miss. Regardless the talent was there. The acts they brought on were good - Chris Hamilton the piano player, Singer Alan Kavanaugh, Jo Little, a Whitney Houston tribute show, ventriloquist Kieran Powell. Even acts I thought there was no way were fabulous. Spa/Fitness Center: did not use spa. Used the large room in fitness center when classes/seminars not in session. Disembarkation: smooth. 945a disembark. No immigration. just grabbed luggage. Cab to Southampton Central. Took a train to Salisbury, stored our bags at Cat Tavern, and took cab (30 GBP) to Stonehenge. Took 10 GBP shuttle back to Salisbury. Walked around. Nice cathedral. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2014
We actually flew in the previous night to Houston, late; all went very smoothly getting on the ship the next morning, light drizzle... Our cabin facilities were outstanding, and the surprise gift was there with beautiful tropical ... Read More
We actually flew in the previous night to Houston, late; all went very smoothly getting on the ship the next morning, light drizzle... Our cabin facilities were outstanding, and the surprise gift was there with beautiful tropical flowers from my husband with our surprise breakfast the next morning when we were underway with a full wait staff to our cabin on the balcony! Food delivered was fresh, hot, and delicious as well as the service! Throughout our voyage facilities on the ship were like no other we'd been on. Clean, respectful service, and once in a great while a waiter would ask us if we wanted a coctail on deck, but not pestered every 5 minutes!!! We are a gay couple of 12 years now, and felt respected, and no discrimination whatsoever, myself I am 56 now, and Rich is 57, and we love cruises, have never really had a bad experience, also there were a group of Bears aboard we befriended, and hung out with on occasion...; except.....When we were scheduled for Belize POC, we teathered for awhile; but the weather was to bad to stay, so we were redirected to Costa Mya(exuse spelling) but it was a nice little short 5 hr stop before we headed to Cozumel, with a day at sea, we still had a wonderful time in Costa Mya, rented a funky little car and drove all over the area, went swimming in a small village with the locals, and had some of the best grilled fish tacos I think I ever had! All other POC's were great, and ship's crew and captain took our safety first in concern about the weather. We would recomend Princess Cruises to everyone looking for an outstanding cruise experience. Our next cruise is coming up Dec 18th 2016 Carribean once again... Read Less
Sail Date: May 2014
We've cruised quite a bit on many popular cruise lines depending on ports, timing and cost. Sailed Princess for the first time since price was too good to pass up and wanted to get away. We will sail Princess again based on other ... Read More
We've cruised quite a bit on many popular cruise lines depending on ports, timing and cost. Sailed Princess for the first time since price was too good to pass up and wanted to get away. We will sail Princess again based on other criteria. Drove to Ft. Lauderdale night before and roomed at a wonderful stay and park free hotel with free shuttles to and from the airport, nice pool, modern, clean rooms. THE POSITIVES: Embarkation was fast and efficient. At terminal 11:15am, on ship w/room ready at noon, luggage came shortly thereafter. We had to settle for a guarantee Oceanview Room on low, Plaza deck due to last minute availability. Was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a decent size with large window viewing sea, lots of storage, close to Piazza with entertainment, International Cafe, Vines Bar, etc. No odors in cabin. Only noise we encountered was during embarkation and morning of debarkation from floor underneath. Bathroom was small although plenty of space for storage. Shower was SO TINY...Can't imagine how an "over the average" size person could shower there. Don't drop the soap...hard to shave legs also! MIssed a balcony since we enjoy relaxing on our own inbetween activities. Just not the same in Oceanview Room. Food and Service was the best we've ever had on any cruise. We chose Anytime Dining and just showed up to eat around 6 or so at a "shared" table. Got right in and met some very nice people. Waiters were superb. No problem with last minute requests such as horseradish, red pepper flakes, extra shrimp cocktail, etc. Requested prime rib or other main course instead of menu items one night, but could not be done. Also asked for escargot...Could not get. Was on menu one night though. Buffet was excellent with lots of choices. Plenty of seating in back section (Cafe Caribe). As soon as we put our food on table, waiters were right there with water, ice tea, lemonade, coffee, etc. Our room steward, Ronaldo, kept our ice bucket full, wine glasses available, gave us a top sheet since we don't like heavy covers, got robes for us and in general, was always there for us when needed. Crooners was nice though very small, and the bar near the Piazza and International Cafe was fun...Thanks Mikey and Frankie! Disappointed at no formal martini bar or martini tastings. Two of the four nights in theater featured comedians...One night a duo and the other a single...both were great! Good piano players, steel drum player, Passion Band, acrobat demo...Trio was pretty boring. Night Deck party, ice sculpture demo, different games poolside - fun. Line dance lessons during the day also. Loved the 7' deep pool with poolside entertainment. Didn't do the large screen movie thing, but looked like fun! Received balloons and a nice sign on door wishing me a Happy Birthday...cute touch! No smoking night in casino was a good idea. Smoking only apparent on back of Deck 15, one side. The negatives: Main complaint - It was freezing cold in 3 of the lounges...Actually felt like a cold breeze coming out of Explorers when we passed by. Looked like nice places to hang out in, but not many people, which I believe was due to the cold since many people commented on this. Way too much "selling" of wine packages, tastings, etc. No zumba - free or paid...Love zumba and was disappointed at this....Fitness Room was fine w/good equipment, but only yoga and a few other paid exercise activities. Also had quite a few seminars which were informative, but aimed at selling products afterward. The Caribbean Princess dancers in the main theater (2 nights - different themes) were pretty poor with only a few good dancers/singers. No big production numbers as on other ships. Perhaps this was due to it being only a Monday - Thursday night cruise. People told me things are better on a longer cruise. Pre-Galley Tour/American Idol Contest during the day featured some restaurant personnel who sang much better than the show performers. Thoroughly enjoyed these singers, but disappointed since it was more of a variety show than cooking demo. After the show the line to tour the Galley was extremely long so we passed on this. Regular coffee in restaurants and even at International Cafe was awful. Cappucino and espresso at Int'l Cafe were fine. (Charge for coffees there with assorted free pastries and "fancy" sandwiches. Had to get to theater no less than 15 minutes before show or no seats. Activities staff didn't mix with crowd as much as on other ships though. For example, at deck party, they danced by themselves and didn't encourage guests to dance as much as on other ships. We didn't do trivia so things may be different if you met the staff at such events. Signed up to walk off w/our bags at 8:10am. Got to restaurant and found a long line. Customs apparently was backed up. Delay not Princess' fault. We waited awhile and once the line moved, we got off pretty quickly. We decided that we would like to try a newer, larger, Princess ship in the future if the timing and ports were good for us, mainly due to their excellent food and service.   Read Less
Sail Date: May 2014
We’re a working professional couple in our mid to late 50’s. We’ve taken about 25 cruises and this was our 3rd with Princess. We sailed on this ship during its inaugural year. Plus we’ve been on the Coral Princess for the Panama ... Read More
We’re a working professional couple in our mid to late 50’s. We’ve taken about 25 cruises and this was our 3rd with Princess. We sailed on this ship during its inaugural year. Plus we’ve been on the Coral Princess for the Panama Canal. Loved that ship. We have sailed the other major cruise lines except Holland America. About 10 cruises have been with NCL as they have the BEST suite perks at sea (private dining room for breakfast and lunch, espresso makers in room, priority for various activities, etc…). Found a good deal for this cruise about a month out and needed a quick get-away. This fit the bill. Something to consider is that the crew was up all night before we sailed getting the carpeting replaced in many of the public areas. Another passenger told us this was the first cruise coming out of refurbishment. The ship was two hours late leaving port, allegedly due to weather and thus having to wait for cruisers arriving late to the ship. There were also lots of non-Princess workers on board trying to finish the re-carpeting job before sailing. I mention this because we found some of the staff those first days a little less tolerant and friendly than expected. This may have also been the case with the Crown Grill maître d (see review below). He did comment on his lack of sleep due to the re-carpeting. Embarkation - A Easy and fast! Princess nailed this. We were in our cabin about 20 minutes after being dropped off at the terminal. Embarkation staff was courteous and efficient. Since this was a short cruise, we packed light and had small wheeled luggage that we took to the cabin and unpacked right away. It was great not having to wait for luggage to be delivered. Tip: Princess has laundry rooms so we ironed several items after unpacking and got that out of the way before the lifeboat drill. Cabin – B Had a mini suite on 9th deck towards rear of ship. Very spacious and in pretty good condition. Bathroom had a tub. Cabin had two TV’s, one facing the bed and the other facing the large couch in the spacious sitting area by the balcony. Two high-back reclining chairs with separate foot rests plus a round table were on balcony. This way you can use the chairs with the table to eat on the balcony. That wouldn’t work with lounge chairs. Some of the cabin-related issues were found were as follows. There was a really squeaky picture fastened to the wall. The first night we crammed folded paper between frame and wall which helped immensely. The two TV’s are controlled by one remote. Problem is that when you are lying in bed and turn off that one, the other one facing the couch comes on. That means getting out of bed and going into the sitting area to turn it off. Crazy. We had to ask steward for robes although we requested them when we completed the on-line registration prior to cruise. He gave us the impression it would be difficult but he would try. He got them. Robes are well-used, light, waffled cotton, no big whoop but I didn’t pack a robe expecting one to be in the room. Beds in suites supposedly have a plusher mattress with an extra layer of padding but if still not to your liking, the steward can add an egg crate layer to help make the bed softer. We did that as we felt it needed a little extra padding. One drawer stuck so bad I couldn’t open it (of course after I put some stuff in it). After yanking it with all my might, it opened but I didn’t close it for rest of cruise. Evidently, the balcony had not been cleaned during refurbishment. The Plexiglas panel below the railing was dirty the whole time of the cruise. Also, there was some work to the ship above our balcony. Result was no balcony light, small pieces of cut off bolts, metal shards and chipped-off paint strewn across the balcony. This wasn’t cleaned up the whole cruise. Tip: Electrical outlets – All electrical outlets, except one right by the front door (probably for a vacuum) were U.S. 110 volt. Bring an extension cord if you want power to items on both sides of bed. There are two 110 outlets on one side of the bed and one 110/220 conversion outlet in bathroom (plus a couple hidden – see below). Outlets by bed are close to each other so could not insert a cell phone adaptor and a plug together but could insert two normal plugs. Two adaptors would definitely not fit side by side. There is an unused outlet behind each TV we discovered the last day of the cruise. Oh well… Good place to charge electronics and they have enough space to accept bulky adaptors. Good luck figuring out the TV movie schedule. They give you a guide for Day 1, Day 2, etc…but it doesn’t sync up with what’s playing on the TV. (Day 1 turned out to be the second full cruise day and Day 4 was the day we got off the ship in the early AM.) The layout of the guide makes it very hard to figure out when movies start. It is not a “TV guide” like people see in newspapers. It is just a word list, separated only by commas, for each channel. The movie guide scrolling on the TV is accurate but confusing and slow. Not that I like to sit in my cabin on a cruise and watch movies on a so-so TV screen but it would have been a nice option for our partially rainy day at sea. Also, the TV’s were newish flat screens, but the cabin was obviously built for older CRTs. As a result the TV’s sat far back against the wall and a shelf railing at the front partially interfered with the bottom of the picture. Picture quality was analog, not digital. We did not see any hookups for external equipment, but did not look hard for them either. We got an early wake-up call we didn’t request. Kind of a rude awakening as we were up pretty late. First time that’s happened to us. The room steward suggested it was a prank call. Sure sounded official to us, complete with the eastern European accent. The room steward was a really nice and personable young man whose service was lacking. My husband felt the service was pretty bad, especially for a mini suite, (not that it’s that much, but you do pay more in gratuities for mini-suites and up). Trash not emptied one day, even when full, towels were randomly dispensed (no hand towels one day, only one bath towel another day). Asked if he could bring us wine glasses every day so we could have some wine before dinner (we brought a few special bottles) and it only happened twice and once it was brought after 9pm (and after dinner). Water glasses on ice bucket tray were not replenished. We did ask for them to be replenished and were really surprised when the room steward said this wasn’t something he kept in supply. Wow. Really?!? I can’t remember a previous cruise where the glasses accompanying the ice bucket were not replenished after being used. He never came through with the water glasses so we would grab some from the dining areas as needed. Not sure if Princess does this, but we did not get any towel animals which we enjoy. Mini suite amenities, besides robes, I guess is only one larger tube of Locus (spa) lotion. That’s it. We were offered fruit in the room via a card we were asked to fill out the second day. We had to select specific fruit from a short list and then request refills. In previous cruises, once you asked for something it came every day. In some cases you don’t have to ask for it. On Princess, I guess they make the passengers specifically ask for it every day. If you forget, to bad, so sad. My husband would have eaten a few pieces of fruit, but by the time he felt for them it was too late to order. Strange and definitely a step down in “make you feel special” category. Island Dining Room – A for service, B for food Service - Really attentive and helpful. Never felt rushed and all staff was courteous. Nice job Princess. Food – Some of it was outstanding, some of it just OK. Nothing was bad. Food is a matter of personal taste so will not comment on individual items but will say hot items came out hot and cold items were well chilled. Stuff I really enjoyed were the pastas and sorbets. Excellent. Horizons – Buffet – A for service, B+ for food Only ate breakfast here and everything was good. As usual, waffles and pancakes were premade and not great, as is the case on all the ships I’ve sailed. Coffee (decaf) was actually OK but at times, was not hot when I got it out of the dispensers. My husband’s coffee was always hot. He thought the coffee was much better than standard cruise coffee. Really nice assortment of breakfast items and with four food stations, never felt crowded and rarely were there lines. Of course at peak breakfast hours, finding a place to sit took a few moments. Fruit was really good, best I can remember having at sea in a long time. Fresh, firm, juicy and sweet (melons, papaya, pineapple). Tip: Also discovered on last day, let the coffee run out of the dispenser for a few seconds before filling your cup for hotter coffee. International Café – A Really nice place to grab something small. I LOVED the tiramisu (better than in the dining room) and the chocolate/vanilla moose. Wow, those were terrific splurges. Did not have the specialty coffees there but there was always folks getting it. The Crown Grill – D Really was looking forward to enjoying a nice steak in an upscale setting with attentive staff but this was not the case. Tip: the restaurant reservations phone line closes at 5pm and if you want to try to get into the Crown or Sabitini’s after hours, you go by that particular restaurant. You can also make reservations before boarding the ship, which we got the impression most people did. We went by the Crown around 6pm after “sail away” asking if there were any reservations. What we have found on other cruise lines is the sailing day usually has light attendance at specialty restaurants. When we went to the Crown, the plethora of empty tables jived with our expectations. We were told that eating there is by reservation-only and the earliest available reservation for the entire cruise was 9:30. I asked about cancellations and was told to check back throughout the cruise. Problem is, if you make a reservation and don’t show up, no big whoop, no charge. So folks might be making multiple reservations and just pick when they want to go. Anyway, after we cleaned up and went back down, he said he could squeeze us in despite seeing many unoccupied tables and booths in there. He also “jokingly” said if he gets into trouble for squeezing us in, it’s our fault. His attitude was he was doing us a great favor. Crew should never try to make passengers feel bad. He sat us at a small table for two that was in the middle of everything but we didn’t ask to switch as were told other tables were being held for those with reservations. Many of those tables went unoccupied throughout our meal. Service was not that attentive for an “upscale” experience. The main dining room staff much more attentive, courteous and accommodating. Salads and soup were very good. Scallops were pretty good. Had to ask for iced-tea twice and it came about 45 minutes into meal. Husband ordered the rib-eye medium to medium well and I ordered a filet mignon the same way. It took about 35 minutes after we finished our appetizers to get our steaks and they were not hot. Mine was dry and well done, his was undercooked and not that tender. He sent his back and at least it was hot when returned. Asparagus side dish was no big whoop, grilled, tough (undercooked?) and somewhat bitter. Mashed potatoes were OK but had an unusually sweet taste. The specialty salt is really good and fun to try. My husband said it really made the steak taste much better, and he hardly ever adds salt to a meal. Molten lava cake dessert was very good according to my husband. Bottom line, I’ve had much better steaks at Outback (and worse). I remember the steakhouse on the Coral Princess (or maybe this ship – can’t remember) being absolutely outstanding with the best steaks we’ve had at sea. Not so now. When the maître d came by our table to ask how everything was and we mentioned the steaks being over and undercooked, he said he would tell the kitchen staff. He then changed the subject to the cruise in general and I guess they’re trained to deflect attention away from negative comments. Kind of had a slimy feel to the exchange. Entertainment – A We only saw the comedy act, the Mariachi Band and the piano bar singer. Comedy - The two young AA men from LA were a riot. They did some racial stereotype humor (all colors and ilk’s) that was well received by the mostly white audiences. Kind of like a modern vaudeville type act with dancing, comedy sketches and audience participation. They could get some seemingly up tight white men to really “shake their thang”. They were great and Princess should do everything to keep them. They said they are in an upcoming movie with Ice-T so I guess they’re headed to bigger and $$$ pastures. Well deserved. Mariachi Band – Wow, they were really good and we’ve heard some great ones in Mexico, Texas and California. One especially memorable experience was watching a cruising couple, most likely in their 80’s do Latin dances to their music. She was incredible (great posture and footwork, very elegant). Turns out the couple had been Arthur Murray dance instructors in their 20’s and 30’s. Everyone was in awe. Very, very cool. The band seemed to especially enjoy playing for this couple. Piano Bar – This guy was incredible and always had the piano bar packed. On the last night of the cruise, he did a Motown Review in the main theater and although we did not go, we heard it was packed with folks dancing in the aisles. Sorry we missed it. Another keeper for Princess. Theater Under the Stars – D Wow, what happened here?!? We loved this on previous Princess cruises but they obviously have some glitches to work out. Folks who were watching the 2nd Hunger Games movie were highly disappointed when it stopped mid-way and then travel stuff started playing on the screen while, I assume, they unsuccessfully attempted to fix it. Plus, the booming base they broadcast with concerts made it actually hard to hear the music. Made it especially difficult to enjoy the Beyonce concert (and others). Pools – A: availability and variety Pool Entertainment - F I counted 5 pools with 1 dedicated to children and 2 dedicated to adults. The one at the rear of the ship is high up and has an incredible view plus a bar. The one by the spa is peaceful but a little too quiet for my taste. It also is a shallow wave pool for swimming but we never saw the wave machine running. However, I never heard a band at the main pool. Or any other pool. I was out and about the ship at various times looking specifically for this experience. My dream experience on a cruise is to sit by the pool with a Pina Colada listening to a good Caribbean band. Didn’t happen. What gives? Did I just not get there at the right times? There should be a band(s) playing a lot with 2 sea days and this was definitely not the case. It did rain part of the second sea day but still nothing before or afterwards from what I saw. I guess you could repeatedly watch 25 year-old Tom Cruise movies (Top Gun) or a poorly broadcast concert… Or if you’re into pool games, you see watch fellow passengers do “synchronized” water ballet or watch an ice carving demo. OK activities if you’re a first time cruiser, but poor if you are not. Gym – A Set up well with lots of equipment. In front of the ship with a view forward. Could be busy in mornings but afternoons had light usage. Had to practice a dance routine for an upcoming competition and I used the mirrors on one end of the main area during non-scheduled activities (spinning class, posture improvement presentations, etc…). Staff was fine with this as I checked with them beforehand. Of course I used my earbuds so no one heard the song. There were other folks practicing yoga moves solo, lifting weights and doing balancing exercises. There was lots of room for everyone to do their own thing. Overall – B-/C+ Experience was uneven. Would I sail Princess again? Probably not. This cruise was an adequate experience. A few nice memories (and desserts) but overall, no big whoop. Spoke to folks who felt the same way, many seasoned Princess cruisers. I also spoke to two folks (not together) new to cruising who said they would not cruise again (one of them had soaked carpeting in their cabin and towels were thrown down and they were given slippers. The next day, they replaced the carpeting but the cruisers had to evacuate the room as it had to be totally emptied for the carpet install which took half the day. They were compensated with $25 shipboard credit each. I guess the ship was sailing full as I wondered why they were not given another cabin.) That’s unusual as first time cruisers often love the experience. Too bad for them as cruising is usually a really nice vacation.   Read Less
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Dining 4.0 0.0
Entertainment 4.0 0.0
Public Rooms 4.5 0.0
Fitness Recreation 4.0 0.0
Family 3.5 0.0
Shore Excursion 4.0 0.0
Enrichment 3.5 0.0
Service 4.0 0.0
Value For Money 4.0 0.0
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