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7 Princess Caribbean Princess Cruise Reviews for Family Cruises to Caribbean - Eastern

We were a family of nine and we chose this cruise because it fit into everyone's schedule. Next time we will not leave from Ft. Lauderdale. More than half the guests were seniors which meant that there weren't many things for ... Read More
We were a family of nine and we chose this cruise because it fit into everyone's schedule. Next time we will not leave from Ft. Lauderdale. More than half the guests were seniors which meant that there weren't many things for children to do on board. The food was okay. I liked the food better on our first Royal Caribbean cruise. There weren't many dairy free dessert options. The staff, however, were pretty cool. I had a pretty nasty indecent with a sales associate in the Effy jewelry store on the ship and it wasn't addressed by management. Outside of that incident the staff on the Caribbean Princess were pretty good.The pizza spot, Slice, makes incredibly delicious pizza. The coffee shop/ice cream bar was good at delivering cones but it seemed like everyone assigned to the coffee bar was figuring it out. The ship seemed dated but clean. It was only my second cruise so perhaps all ships look dated. There was a sewage smell that we smelled often that was off putting nut I guess that is the price you pay on a ship. I probably won't cruise on Princess for a very long time because fo the racist incident I experienced and since there are other options but it was an experience. Read Less
Sail Date July 2019
I've been waiting 50 years to go on a cruise and I hate to say that I picked the wrong ship and the wrong cruise line. The size of our mini-suite was great and the beds were comfortable but the furniture was rather outdated and worn. ... Read More
I've been waiting 50 years to go on a cruise and I hate to say that I picked the wrong ship and the wrong cruise line. The size of our mini-suite was great and the beds were comfortable but the furniture was rather outdated and worn. The couch was a tired green with a few holes and the furniture on the balcony needed an upgrade. The food in the buffet was worse than Golden Corral and there was very little entertainment on the ship. The three sea days we were bored to tears and ended up watching movies in our room each night. I guess if you are 75 or older you might enjoy this cruise with nightly Bingo and knitting classes or playing cards on deck but my daughter and I were so disappointed because we had heard and seen videos from friends who have been on cruises and were told of all the deck parties and all the fun activities on the ships. We never saw any or maybe if we would have known that there was a LGBT convention we would have picked another cruise because there were tons of activities for them or if we had known that 90% of the passengers were over the age of 70, we would have picked another cruise. I wish I could say that the dining was at least good, but I can't. The table we had assigned to us for the whole cruise each night sat over one of the engines I guess, because the whole table and all of our chairs shook every night except one and that is because we were still docked in St. Thomas. There were several menu choices each night but the food was just ok. I had again heard stories about how wonderful the food is on a cruise and how you come back home with a few extra pounds and I can honestly say that I didn't. Our two wait staff that we had for the week were super nice though. I have to give them credit for that. Siti and Dadang were great. The service on deck and out by the pool area was not so great. If you wanted a drink while sun bathing you had to go and get it yourself because there was never anyone walking around asking if you wanted a drink. Also if you decided to grab a slice of pizza, which by the way was the best thing I ate all week and needless to say we ate sliced pizza every day, you could never find anyone to bring you a glass of water or iced tea. It would have been nice if they would have at least had some sort of beverage stations set up around the ship to get a drink without having to pay $10 for an alcoholic one. I believe half the trip I was dehydrated from lack of water. Oh and let me fore-warn you to NOT TAKE PART IN THE TEETH WHITENING in the LOTUS SPA. WHAT A RIP OFF. We got suckered into it because we were told upfront that the cost would be $129 each for teeth whitening that would last 2 to 3 years. Well, after the process was done, you then get told that for it to last 2 to 3 years you have to pay an additional $249. WOW. So the $129 that I just paid is only good for a few days! So I broke down and bought the additional packets that were $49 for 12 treatments, which I was told was only good for 1 week of whitening AND WHEN I GET MY CREDIT CARD PRINTOUT THE GUY TAKES IT UPON HIMSELF TO ADD A $39 TIP. WOW was all I could say. The only good part about the whole cruise was the ports we visited. That was what I was most looking forward to was seeing the beautiful blue waters and that did not disappoint. We enjoyed a nice bus tour of St. Thomas and we had a great time walking through all the shops and open markets of St. Maarten. I will say that come Saturday morning, the day we got back to Ft. Lauderdale, I was up at 5am and ready to get off the ship! At least if you carry your own luggage off, you can disembark at 7:30 instead of waiting until 8:30 or in some cases 9:30 depending on what floor you were on. If I ever decide to go on another cruise I will certainly do more homework of the ship and will probably chose Royal Caribbean for sure! Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
Let me start by saying that we have always loved sailing with Princess.....until this cruise. We normally book a mini-suite but this time we decided to splurge and go for a full suite which was beautiful and was really everything we hoped ... Read More
Let me start by saying that we have always loved sailing with Princess.....until this cruise. We normally book a mini-suite but this time we decided to splurge and go for a full suite which was beautiful and was really everything we hoped it would be. Our cabin steward was outstanding from beginning to end. However, on the fourth night (we did a back to back Western/Eastern Caribbean 9 day cruise) the Captain made the announcement that there had been some cases of Noro-virus reported and proceeded to give instructions on how we could best protect ourselves. Of course, by the next night my husband was sick. I realize these things can happen and we have been very fortunate that it hasn't happened before. BUT, the distressing part is the treatment that we received (or the lack of is more like it) after he became ill. He became slightly ill around 11:30 pm and we honestly thought his dinner had just upset his stomach so we called the medical center the next morning. Well, the nurse spent a full five minutes yelling about why we waited to call....I finally had to break in and ask what we needed to do. I had to go down to the MC and get his medication and that was his treatment. He never saw a doctor or a nurse. He was confined to the room (which we fully understood). Shortly they came to decontaminate our room, take our towels and the clothing that he was wearing. After that we got NO clean towels, no fresh soap and no ice for almost two days. Finally, our regular steward contacted the right people and got them to bring these things to us. I also had to ask them to change our bedding. It took almost three days before we got consistent service to our room again. Then there was the issue of food for my husband....bear in mind that he has a stomach virus so he can't eat sandwiches or pizza, etc. We were given a sheet stating that there was an extensive menu for us from room service. When I called room service I was told that we had to order from the regular room service menu which offered nothing he could eat. I had to go to the buffet to get jello or soup or anything else he could eat and bring it back down, When I asked for a tray in the buffet to keep from spilling everything in the elevator, I was told they didn't have trays and I would have to call room service. They offered no help of any kind. Needless to say, I was not happy! Well, after the misery resulting from my husbands bout with the virus, on the day we get back into port, I wake up with the virus. We totally missed the last four days of our cruise and It was one miserable trip home. We will not be sailing on the Caribbean Princess again.   Read Less
Sail Date February 2015
We are new to Princess but not to cruising. I made my plans through Princess' reservations center after the agent assured this was the best ship and itinerary for myself, wife and 2 teenagers. We booked 2 cabins on the Aloha deck. ... Read More
We are new to Princess but not to cruising. I made my plans through Princess' reservations center after the agent assured this was the best ship and itinerary for myself, wife and 2 teenagers. We booked 2 cabins on the Aloha deck. (one inside and one with a balcony) While I am not accustomed to leaving negative ship reviews, I first sent an e-mail to Princess. However, after 2 weeks of not receiving any response from her office, I decided to leave the following: Checking is was very efficient and everyone involved in this process was exceptionally friendly and helpful. We also loved our room steward as well. What we did not realize when booking on Princess was the demographic of the passengers was much older than myself and there were few other teens on this voyage. Each year we cruise during President's week when the majority of schools in the Northeast are on the mid-winter recess. Each year our girls meet new friends and come back home with great experiences. This was the first vacation we were all happy to see end. While I have no problem with an older crowd, the entertainment and activities were mostly tailored to their likes and age group. The first three nights we were closed out of the shows. The ship was at maximum capacity and despite arriving 15 min early, there were not any open seats. We ended up standing in the back of the theatre but would leave early as the shows were "cheesy." The night of the comedian and the illusionist/magician we arrived extra early, got a seat and found their performances good. The entertainment in the Atrium was basically the same each night. A performer playing steel-drums to background music. While I found him very talented, hearing the same thing every night got old fast. The cruise offered outdoor movies poolside which the girls watched and enjoyed on their own. Our first scheduled port was Princess Cay which we were very much looking forward to. After a early-morning work out, my wife and I were having breakfast discussing the activities we planned ashore. Just prior to our scheduled arrival, the Captain came across the PA and announced the 5' seas and wind would prohibit the tenders from operating. Since these conditions were expected to last throughout the day, the port would be canceled. Therefore, with little to do, we were stuck on the ship for another day. We will not second guess safety but not having a contingency plan was a real bummer. This left us on the ship for about 63 consecutive hours bored out of our minds. Due to other passengers who were less than courteous, many would reserve blocks of lounge chairs where nobody would occupying for hours, Carnival had a great system where the staff would monitor and then bag store personal items for individuals who left for more than one hour. Princess does not have the same policy and we were on our own unsuccessfully finding a decent spot for our days at sea. We found both of our rooms to be spacious enough, clean with plenty of storage. And as indicated earlier, our room steward was awesome and dis an outstanding job. The TV was newer and offered a good signal. St Maarten, St Thomas and Nassau were all awesome and we had a blast ashore. Dinner was another disappointment as we originally opted for the "anytime dining." Our first two evenings we waited in line for more than 20 minuets and then were issued a restaurant pager and waited about an additional 40 minuets. This was when we listened to the musician playing the steel drums. The Maitre D was accommodating and switched us to the 5:30 seating at Palms. Our wait staff were awesome and we really enjoyed their service. This was also the first cruise in which we were dissatisfied with the selection and taste of the food. In all fairness, my wife and I don't eat seafood which the girls said was "awesome." I would best describe it as "okay." The pizza on the ship was very good and offered a hot and fresh snack. The Trident Grill was also a nice place to grab lunch. However, the buffets was not good at all. 90% of the selections were duplicated every day which became boring after the 3rd day. With a lack of activities and shows, my wife typically went to the cabin soon after dinner and watched TV. I did play in the casino every night and met some new friends. I would have a difficult time recommending this cruise line to individuals in their 40's and/or traveling with teens or children. For retired couples, this seems like a great option with plenty of entertainment and activities for that generation.   Read Less
Sail Date February 2015
Embarkation: Was good except for a very loud noise shaking the floors prior and during which lasted for hours. Which was okay but not on the last day since the ship returned at 1:00 AM to Fort Lauderdale rather than 7:00 AM the following ... Read More
Embarkation: Was good except for a very loud noise shaking the floors prior and during which lasted for hours. Which was okay but not on the last day since the ship returned at 1:00 AM to Fort Lauderdale rather than 7:00 AM the following day "due to maintenance"! Public Rooms: Are very clean and organized. Cabin: Linen Service is excellent. The room gets made twice a day. However we had a horrible experience during the night EVRY Single night. The first night we were awakened by a scratching and tapping sound in the ceiling of our stateroom. We immediately requested that Customer Relations have an engineer do an inspection or move us to another room as it was very disturbing to our family. We got no place with this request and felt disrespected by the staff. It was a long week on the ship as we endured the sound in the ceiling every night (awakening us around 3:00 a.m.). Management was sarcastic and promised to move us but never did. Also, we were bitten by Bed Bugs all over our bodies, Again we complained to staff. We showed them the Bed Bugs Bites all over our bodies. Yet nothing was done about this either. Needless to say, this first cruise has deterred us from ever considering a cruise with Princess again. I would be most interested in hearing if anyone else has had such an experience with Princess. Shore Excursions: Over priced. Also the Shore Excursion Desk has limited hours. They are hardly available to inform you or to get tickets. Also they charge you for Adults rates for children over 12 years. We bought excursion tickets to go to the beach in St. Thomas. All we got was a taxi which dictated that we would spent only 2 hours at the beach, then we had to go shopping by force. We did not want to go shopping and the Taxi Driver who was appointed by the ship's Shore Excursion refused to let us stay for an extra hour only till 1:30 although the ship was suppose to leave at 5:00 PM. The driver also refused to take us back to the ship for he insisted only after we went shopping. He abandoned us downtown in the burning sun although he was supposed to take us back to the ship. We complained to the Excursion Desk Manager who refused to accommodate us in any shape or form. Dinning: Dinning Was the only good thing on this cruise: The restaurants were very clean. The food was 5 stars. The service in the restaurants were fantastic. Also the snacks counter which is available 24 hours has very nice menu. The staff was very friendly. Kids Club: The staff was very cooperative and very friendly. Except it had limited hours. Also it is not available when the ship is at a port. So if you want to spent some adult time or the children have no interest in leaving the ship, that is not an option. Photo Studio: Staff are inexperienced and rude. They lost our pictures 4 times. We had to pay for correcting the colors. Pictures were too orange. We paid extra, then they asked us to come back which we did 4 times every day for 3 days. They found them then they lost them again, The manager was so rude, he said that Americans like to be bribed ! in order to get our pictures right!. Overall we were not impressed with Princess. I think we would have been more impressed had management heard and responded to our problems.   Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
Okay, first off...I am not a complainer. But this one I have to let people know about.   ... Read More
Okay, first off...I am not a complainer. But this one I have to let people know about.   /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0in; mso-para-margin-right:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:10.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0in; line-height:115%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;} I just got in the door today (7/26/2009) from my 9 Night Caribbean Princess Cruise which left on (7/17/2009) from New York. 1. The Room:  We had a $4300 mini suite. The bed was very hard. I took 3 nights of the room steward adding stuff under the sheets before it felt halfway okay.  The room smelled like smoke. Because the 3100 passenger ship was overbooked with 3500 passengers, we could not change rooms. The room steward 'Dennis' was nice. Although he never created special towel animal on the bed or anything like typical cruise room stewards do. He cleaned the room. That's it. Nothing special. The room reminds you of a traditional old school hotel room. Nothing Special about it at all. They just added cheap shelf mounted flat screens TVs to help the appearance but it does not help the decor much. The Bath room was a good size for a cruise and it had a tub in it. The balconies on the ship are larger than I have seen on ship. The only problem is that there are two deck (8 & 9) where the balconies stick out from the ship like steps. This means the you look up and see everyone looking at you and you see them. So, no balcony privacy. Most ships the balconies are flush to the ship so have almost complete privacy unless a ship pulls up next to you! 2. The Ship: This ship in no way takes your breath away. It looks a little like it came out of the 'Love Boat' TV show. Nothing special. It has the most illogical design of any ship we have been on. Very Few Venues.  Princess ships have a design concept where they break up the pool decks into three areas. This design is actually kind of bad. The Middle section has the Movie screen which is nice. But if they did not have the movie screen you would really be bored.  The shows are just okay. They had only two theatrical performances (Musical Tribute, Caribbean theme), Magician (Adult oriented w/Comedy, a magician in a to to), Hypnotizer (okay), Two Comedians. Now, this was a 9 night cruise. You get more than this in a 5 night cruise. What they did was keep repeating the shows over and over and over. They had to do this because the venues/theaters are pretty small when you are carrying 3500 people. And there would be maybe only two major performances going on simultaneously. So people would be crowded around everywhere. 3. The Dining: More Crowds! The buffets had pretty good food. We had lobster or crab several times. I was surprised that there were lobster claws in the buffet on the first day of departure. Of Course they portioned them out to you. But I had my share since most people were unaware it was being served. The dining room food was good also. The service was really bad since there where so many people. So you would wait to be seated, and then wait to be served for each course of the meal. When it arrived it was usually good. The wait staff often time were rude or just non-attentive, we heard this from everyone we dined with. We had anytime seating so we met several new people each night. I believe since they have started charging you automatically for tips that service has gone down (freestyle cruising causes this also).  In the buffet you will always find yourself looking around for a while for a seat. Every Cruise I have been on host special nights on the pool deck. Usually there are several theme nights. Usually there is a Themed cuisine buffet style on the outside decks. In this 9 night cruise they only had ONE and all they served was FRUIT! Oh I'm sorry they did have a few fried appetizers. There was only ONE LINE and a serving area that was only 6 tables long for a ship that had 3500+ (700 kids) people on it!  There was not one special midnight buffet evening! No special themes or waiter performances in the dining room. Wait...one night they did wear Italian sailor outfits. This was such an uneventful cruise it is crazy!  But if you never cruised you would not know this.  Wait...let me tell you about the ICE CREAM....every cruise I have been own the have self serve ice cream machines placed around the pool decks or the buffet.  NOT PRINCESS.  When you get on the ship at the door they tell you that free ice cream is only available between 2-4pm. So, if you want unlimited ice cream you must purchase a $93.00 'Soda and Ice Cream' sticker. Okay...you buy this and the you find out that ice cream is only served until 6pm. Wait...and there is only one place to get Ice Cream. Wait...and there are only every 1 or 2 people working at the stand...for 3500+ people!!!! (700 kids). And they give you a mini-cone. 4. THEY TRY TO CHARGE YOU FOR ALMOST EVERYTHING, SPIN, YOGA, ETC...... 5. In the workout room they shut down the treadmills at 8pm because there are rooms under the gym and it disturbs the passengers. WHAT KIND OF SHIP DESIGN IS THIS!!!! 6. There is now separate Karaoke Place like Royal and Others...they just convert the main club into a Karaoke place for an hour then change the theme. The cruise director is able to Host every major event because only one thing good is going on at a time. You would think he was the STAR on board. Nice guy but man! Look...I could go on and on. We made the best of it. We had fun meeting people and doing the thing we did. And just relaxing on deck mostly because the bed was hard.   The best part of the cruise was the MOVIES under the stars and the Food. 85% of the Passengers are from the New York, Boston, NJ, Penn. Areas. And maybe the staff has been beaten down by the strength of the New York style personalities. I don't know... but this is not a quality cruise. It's maybe a Cruise for beginners who don't know better. Read Less
Sail Date July 2009
Okay, so this was my first cruise so I may have opinions that differ from seasoned cruisers.  We were traveling with four 18 year olds and one 13 year old celebrating hs graduation (three kids ours.)  We are a 44 year old couple who ... Read More
Okay, so this was my first cruise so I may have opinions that differ from seasoned cruisers.  We were traveling with four 18 year olds and one 13 year old celebrating hs graduation (three kids ours.)  We are a 44 year old couple who consider ourselves fun overall.  Here is the review. Embarktion.  Great, no problems easy on in about 20 minutes.  Parking in brooklyn is a snap, I stressed about it and was happy to find parking plentiful and closeby.  Cabin.  Fine, we had three cabins in all.  They were small, but we had no complaints.  Our steward Jeal on the starboard was great, the steward for the kids rooms on the port side was awful, never returned pages, threw the eggcrates on the floor and said he would put them on the beds "if he had time" and overall just didn't respond to them.  I really feel is was due to their age, however they did not page him because they wanted to be "princesses" they paged him for things like towels, and being locked out of the room.  Never getting a response.  We ended up asking the tips be adjusted.Staff.  Overall on the ship there was a weird vibe from all the staff, I feel like they are overtaxed by their contracts and too many days at sea.  Bascially everyone was just plain unfriendly.  Especially to the kids.  One bartender gave my daughter a half a glass of grenadine and can of sprite when she ordered a shirley temple.  He couldn't be bothered to mix it for her.  We experienced that type of attitude from the majority of the bartenders.  They don't greet you, don't look you in the eye, and really aren't all that interested in you other than to take your order and scan your card.  We found it weird, as we are friendly people and always said hi.  On the otherside, with our older daughers we found certain staff members overly "friendly" particularly the cruise directors staff who hang out in the night club late at night.  They were constantly hitting on and touching our 18 year olds (granted they are pretty girls) we also found it inappropriate when we went to change one of our 18 year old guests cards from "child" to "over 18" (her birthday was the 2nd day of the cruise and the card change allowed her access to the disco) the man at guest services helping us asked her if she "wanted a birthday kiss."  We're no prudes, but it was just creepy! We took a cruise with the hopes we didn't have to watch our daughters 24/7.  I've heard that the cruise directors staff is encouranged to engage with the customers after hours, I guess that includes trying to make out with them! Entertainment.  As first time cruisers everyone had said "there is so much to do" to us.  Well if so much to do means, eat, trivia and kareoke, I guess there is so much to do.  I seriously felt like nothing has changed since the 1970's love boat series.  Entertainment was in a word "lame."  The trivia contest were rediculous, with about 10 people participating and key chain prizes.  Activities included things like napkin folding, charades and line dancing.  And anything worthwhile cost extra.  It was really strange because the things that did go over well, like the deck party halfway through the cruise were few and far between. That deck party was great!  We had so much fun, but it was the only event with some life to it.  Otherwise you were back to trivia and hanging by the pool.  Movies under the stars was nice, but it was impossible to find a chair if you didn't go early.  Trust me, I hate saying all this, as I had such high hopes for events, but I think people should know what they are in for on this ship.  On the upside for entertainment, The shows were good, I have to say the comics were first rate and hypnotist was outstanding, no complaints there. The problem was during the day, the events just left me feeling like I should be 65 and love bingo. We were really disappointed to find no shuffleboard or minigolf, and that the ping pong paddles were all broken, and that one deck was taken up by a basketball court that only a select few used.  We just wanted something to DO...anything other than swim at the pool. Our 13 year old particpated in the kids program, which consisted of primarily hanging out on the stairwell outside the kids center.  While the organized activities were good, they were not that often and the club was deemed "really small"  Groups of kids hung out side at night, every night.   She by far had the best cruise however, making a ton of friends. Food.  Okay food, here is the honest truth, you may agree or disagree.  If you like hometown buffet, you'll like the food.  There is LOTS of it, but nothing really tastes good.  However, you can have as much as you want. The eggs were fake, the bacon deep fried, the sausage underdone, etc.  But if you're into quantity over quality, you'll love it.  The anytime dining was great, no complaints about the format.  The waiters were efficient, but never really looked at you.  The food was okay, nothing I could even remember to mention.  That's pretty much how it was.  We were all gaining on average about 8 pounds on the cruise, but nothing was really that outstanding. Ports.  This made it worthwhile...we LOVED the ports.  Especially St. Thomas and Bermuda.  We only wished there were more time.  We did an excursion on Grand Turk (snorkeling) it was really fun, and well organized, I would recommend a princess excursion anytime.  Also mad props to Liz, the shopping coordinator, who made our tour of Bermuda seemless, by helping us with transportation and an itinerary that would be the least expensive was to do the most while on the island.  She's really great and a terrific asset to princess.  Go to her shows or watch her on the princess channel on board, she knows what she's talking about!Overall, while we made the most of our princess cruise, we couldn't help but feel maybe we belonged on Carnival.  We found the bars empty at 11:00 on princess and really wanted to have a good time.  I think if you're very low key and turn in early, you'll like the ship.  We were overall disappointed and felt somewhat "processed."  I'll leave on a positive note, the ship is very clean, very beautiful and the wine bar is fabulous, the bartender there was great!  We are generally beer drinkers, but converted to wine because we liked the wine bar so much!       Read Less
Sail Date June 2009
Caribbean Princess Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.5 4.2
Dining 4.0 3.9
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.5 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.8
Family 3.5 3.8
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.5 3.3
Service 4.0 4.2
Value For Money 4.0 3.9
Rates 3.0 4.2

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