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2 Brisbane Princess Majestic Princess Cruise Reviews

Majestic Princess is one of the new ships that have been launched over the past five years. The newer ships are no where as good as the older ships. The design of the new ships has been at the expense of the customer. Getting more ... Read More
Majestic Princess is one of the new ships that have been launched over the past five years. The newer ships are no where as good as the older ships. The design of the new ships has been at the expense of the customer. Getting more cabins means a number of features have been compromised. Ships like the Diamond had a beautiful promenade deck that went all around the vessel. The Majestic has lost this as they have placed the life boats on this deck. Very disappointing. There is no night club/disco on the Majestic so to bed early every night! The Conservatory had no booking system so passengers reserved them from early morning with towels and books and monopolised them all day. The tables in the Conservatory were used for Mah jong. A waste of valuable real estate with players not interested in the spectacular views. Crooners Piano Bar is in prime location on ships such as the Diamond. On the Majestic that prime location has been given to expensive shops (e.g. Cartier) which did not appear to ever have customers.The Majestic has it as a smaller room off to the side of the casino. And for some reasons the room is partitioned destroying much of the atmosphere. Entertainment was a joke! I believe there was about half the number of bands/performers compared to older ships. This is partially because there are not as many venues/bars. The Princess Theatre cannot accommodate the extra passengers they have on the ship so arriving half to one hour before the show was required to get a seat. People got used to bringing books to read during the long wait. This flaw is acknowledged by the ship as they play a video of the show in the Vista lounge for those who couldn't get a seat. The Vista lounge is much smaller than on other ships. It does not really have a dance floor and is not used as a music venue, more as a theatre style venue for trivia, movies etc. It doesn't have a bar. I have cruised 18 times and in the Elite loyalty programme. Daily Captain's lounge canapes in the older ships is in Skywalkers nightclub with magnificent views. On the Majestic it is in the Vista lounge with no views nor ambience. I went once on the Majestic but daily on the older ships. There is no pool at the rear of the boat. No Wake View bar. Outdoor movies under the stars is good but the sound, especially for music videos was far to quiet. A number of table tennis tables is very good but with no booking system they were monopolised a small group of enthusiastic players. Difficult to get a game. The noodle bar is a very good addition to the pool deck. Gym is very good. The beds and pillows are very good. Princess brochure shows the Majestic is one of the new ships that are configured for 3,560 guests. These include Regal, Royal and Sky. I will not be cruising on any of these ships. Princess has made a big mistake in configuring these ships to take more guests as the expense of their customers experience. As a loyal Princess cruiser of Elite status I am sad at the direction management is taking this cruise line. Read Less
Sail Date March 2019
Firstly my trip got off to a disappointing start. The airline lost my luggage which meant I was stuck in a sundress for 3 days until the next port. The staff in the shop were extremely unhelpful and rude. They had very few sizes on display ... Read More
Firstly my trip got off to a disappointing start. The airline lost my luggage which meant I was stuck in a sundress for 3 days until the next port. The staff in the shop were extremely unhelpful and rude. They had very few sizes on display and when I made inquiries basically waived their hands at unpacked cartons and said "we may or may not have something, you'll have to wait until we unpack". No offer to at least look in one or two boxes. When asked how long until they unpack, I was told 1 to 2 days!! Needless to say I brought nothing in the "fashion shop" this cruise. The staff at the services desk were more sympathetic and did at least arrange a toiletries bag and promised to chase up with the airlines to ensure a smooth delivery of my bag... This obviously didn't happen as I had a distressed courier call me at 745 am ( we were not allowed off ship until 0800) saying no one was there to sign for my case and so he would return it to his depo.. Long story short, no communication between Princess and Airline ( and Visa versa) but I eventually received my bag later that afternoon. Embarkation was very easy. Our mini suite was great, roomy enough for the four of us, though very hot overnight. And our room attendant lovely and attentive as usual The majestic is a large ship but most of the extra space seemed to be state rooms, with a feeling that there wasn't enough public space for all of the people. There no doubt is, a lot of it surrounding the piazza and in the hollywood club, but quiet space is limited. We are out doors types so like deck space. I personally never had an issue securing a deck chair, but I was happy to sit in the sun, shade was a scarce commodity and we saw a few people get narky over chairs. Inside there is heaps of space in the piazza, but there was always something on, so it was always noisy. There were hardliners who found the fewer quite spots near an Asian tea bar, and the Crowne bar but I hear you had to be early. The large Hollywood sanctuary area was always full to the brim. I only did a curious walk through once or twice, but it seemed just as noisy as elsewhere. There were a few spots on the deck near the ping pong but there was a curious stale smell that wafted around that area at times. I suspect it's near the rubbish disposal. Not having a deck to walk laps around was rather odd. You could do a shorter circuit on the 7th if you don't mind crossing through the ship either end. You could do a longer lap around deck above the pool (17) but it's cut short by the Hollywood club area and at the rear you have to go up, through the sports area down, across then back up through the sports area again... The gym was well equipped, cool and open 24/7. The sports area is very poorly designed. No net over the top, and some of the side netting had holes bug enough for balls to pass through. It is also necessary to pass through it to get to the golf area and wake Bar.This could be easily fixed by putting a net along the front of it, creating a walkway. There seemed to be quite a few frustrating dead ends on the ship. (seems I wasn't the only one who accidentally opened the dining room door setting off an alarm...ops..on deck 5 or was it 6, trying to find my way forward ) We also accidentally walked in on a massage one day whilst looking for karaoke, as it seems they were using the rooms labeled "karaoke" as extra spa area. They really should lock them...so check that they do before you get your gear off Entertainment wise this cruise was lacking compared to other cruise I've been on. The band Opus was great as was the lady signing in Crooners nightly but the show's were lacking. There were 3 production shows ( plus one encore involving dancers) in the 19 nights. I've had more on a 12 day cruise. The magician was okay, there was some impersonator, but anyone under 60 struggled to know who he was talking about (which I guess is fine on a cruise with an average age of 65) and a few other singers who were okay. Oh and some violinist, whom my son and I found hilariously over the top in his sparkly Jimmy choos and diamante eyelash extensions, but the lady throwing him kisses next to us obviously disagreed. Activity wise the program was pretty much the same daily with the usual zumba, trivia, ballroom dance, destination talks etc.. Not to mention all the promotional "raffles" and art auctions etc. We just ignored those. My mum went to a "sale" but the bags watches etc were even poorer quality( if that's possible) then past cruises. I saw one lady with her $15 bargain small travel bag and didn't have the heart to tell her I got my similar one at kmart for only $3. Then there was the occasional fun thing like the egg drop, ship making comp and pool games. I didn't mind the repetition as mostly I was happy to amuse myself. I did do some ballroom and Victor was a very entertaining teacher. I also did Zumba most mornings. My only gripe was the rude Trivia goers who couldn't wait to get a seat, even though there was a 40 minute gap between Zumba and Trivia. One thing that was strange was that a lot of activities such as line dancing, ball room etc were held in the piazza which meant that the learners always had an audience. This put some people off and meant that there was constant noise and traffic Kids activities were provided but seemed confined to the kids area. They advertised a basketball shoot off the second day on board which I thought might get my shy but sporty son involved. But we waited on the sports deck for half an hour with no show. Later when we went down to look at kids club and ask about it we were told because the forecast was for rain they had cancelled the basketball as it might be dangerous ( it never rained and they obviously hadn't even been up to check) This put my son off immediately. Hes not the crafty kind and that was mostly what their program listed. So he refused to go. He did find another like minded boy however and they amused themselves between the pool, table tennis and sports area..not to mention the ice-cream parlor and dessert lady who befriended them and always had their favorites on hand. There were about 50 kids on board, many who did enjoy kids club, it just didn't interest mine this time around. Dining wise, we did anytime dining and never waited. But personally I missed the friendship you gain from having a dining companion. As we were a group of 4 with a child they never put us on a shared table even though we would of happily shared. We usually ate at 6-630 or after the first show (which started 715). The food was okay. A lot of seafood which limited my mother who has a shellfish allergy. The buffet area was great for breakfast and lunch but we found at dinner time they compacted it to one or two sections with limited choice. The buffet was also very confusing with a lot of repetition yet some things only available in one spot. eg waffles ( my sons favorite) were only in 1 spot but pancakes, toast and cereal were in several spots. The cake/dessert selection was good but also very repetitive. Lots of continental cream cakes but same flavors daily, ditto for cookies. They did have a Crayfish seafood special on once or twice for dinner but it was poorly advertised so we missed it. My Dad loved the veggie burgers from the burger bar near the pool, and I was fond of the noodles. We didn't go to any of the specialty restaurants. There are a couple of tea, coffee water stations in the buffet and one out the back of the ship near the Wake bar, but it was hard to find water on the actual pool deck, and just as hard to find a waiter meaning lots of trips in a damp towel into the buffet to the disapproving looks,of some other cruisers, but it was very hot and humid...I needed water. This could easily be fixed by having water jugs near the ice-cream bar and towel bar. Overall we certainly enjoyed our cruise. With 12 sea days many might find it boring, but I loved the relaxation time. After the first few days people found their spot on the ship and it did begin to have that cruisey family feel whereby you seem to see the same faces most days. We spent 5 days in Hong Kong at the end and continuously ran into people we recognized from the ship. I'd certainly travel on the Majestic again, but admit it did lack some of the intimacy and atmosphere you experience on a smaller ship. One thing we did note was that being so big you barely felt the movement of the ship and as a result none of us suffered from sea legs post disembarkation. Read Less
Sail Date March 2019
Majestic Princess Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 3.6
Entertainment 4.0 3.4
Public Rooms 4.0 3.7
Fitness Recreation 4.5 3.6
Family 4.0 3.6
Enrichment 3.0 3.1
Service 4.5 4.0
Value For Money 4.0 3.4

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