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This cabin is equipped with portholes, bathroom with bathtub and shower (or shower only) hairdryer and television.

Outside Cabin (D)
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Cabin 3070
Jun 2017
The Magnificent Fjords By: Jenny Marsden
We loved our cabin. I was unable to say whether this cruise was value for money as I did not pay for it - my daughter treated me. But as far as I am concerned I have no complaints whatsoever.
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May 2013
Cabin 2???
Oct 2016
SURPRISINGLY WONDERFUL! By: chunkymonkeymargaret
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Cabin 3106
Jul 2016
Don't travel Fred Olsen. By: Gillyharman
It was ok but it was very dark even in the day and the lighting was poor. Storage was good but no bed side tables so turned waste bin up side down.
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May 2015
Our cabin, an outside one with twin portholes, on deck 4 (The Atlantic Deck), was small but clean and our lovely little room maid looked after us very well, keeping the cabin spotless, with fresh towels & bottled water coming frequently. Although obviously well used and a bit rough around the edges everything in there worked ok but there was a distinct lack of power points, only the one which couldn't be used whilst boiling a kettle of water. For charging up the trappings of modern life such as mobile phone/camera batteries & laptops etc is was extraordinarlly inadequate. The toilet smelled a bit “drainy” at times due to there not being sufficient ventilation in there so we left the door open and the air con on when we went out, to air it through a bit. We had one incident where there was no hot water coming out of the shower but it was sorted in a few hours. There were also a few occasions when we couldn't flush the loo overnight, but the ship does appear to have a constant “in service” maintenance programme taking place, so there' are usually maintenance staff around the corridors fixing something or other. There were a couple of occasions where we had brown water coming out of the cold water tap. They told us at the embarkation briefing that the water from the cabin taps was safe to drink but after the brown water incidents, and the horrible tasting tea it made even when running clear, we really didn't fancy it and started using bottled water at £1.50 a bottle (discounted to 75p as we were on the Inclusive Package).
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Cabin 5023
Apr 2015
Very disappointing By: evelyn96
Small and poorly fitted - cupboard doors opened onto rails which could easily have been fitted a few inches further away and banged with every lurch of the ship.
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Cabin 4055
Jan 2015
This cabin is equipped with portholes, bathroom with shower, hairdryer, television and tea/coffee making facilities. As the ship is getting on a bit it was a bit noisy in the cabin on the first night. It is strange that for a steel ship it sounds more like an old wooden sailing vessel, with all the creaking of timbers. I guess the metal flexes with the stresses and the fitted wardrobes have to follow suit and it is them making the creaking. We soon got used to it, as we did the motion of the ship. There were times however when we were out at sea and didn't have the shelter of the off-shore islands along the Norwegian coast, these were sleepless nights.There are two bunks, in an L configuration, one under the portholes and the other along the flank of the cabin. This gives a choice for who is susceptible to roll or pitch. The bunk under the portables has space for a torch, alarm clock, etc. at the head of the bunk, but the other bunk does not, although it is possible to move the pillow to the other end and use the desk at the expense of being able to switch the reading light off. If you used the bunk under the portholes, one end of the bunk was underneath the television and its mounting bracket and those of a nervous disposition might be concerned at sleeping with their head at that end in a rough sea for fear of the bracket working loose. The bunk under the portholes was convertible to a settee, the back rest being hooked up out of the way at night. There was a tendency for this fall down in the night, particularly in rough weather. I was able to fix this by tying it up with my spare extension lead.The wardrobe and drawer space was more than adequate, we didn't use all the drawers. There was no cabin safe but two of the drawers were lockable, using two keys which fitted either drawer, but one of the drawers could be unlocked just by turning the lock with the fingers. Key safe facilities are available at the front desk.There is a dual voltage system, 220v on continental round pins and 110v on USA flat pins. I used the 220v with an extension lead for my needs, powering my laptop and usb devices. I had to unplug to use the kettle but the laptop will run for 3 hours when charged so no problem for ten minutes.The TV is a modern flat screen one and is adequate for occasional use and the informational channels. It would not be so good for serious DVD watching, but the Black Watch does have a nice cinema on deck 3 for this. Despite what is said in the F.O. FAQ that portable DVDs can not be connected to the TV, I noticed that it did have the three phono connectors (yellow, white, red) for video and sound. Perhaps the TV control did not have a source button, I did not check this. In any case serious DVD watching would be limited by the screen size.The bathroom was OK though the plumbing tended to gurgle sometimes in the night. Once or twice the suction on the toilet was non functional, which could be worrying as a fresh ration of water was supplied on each flush attempt. Suction always came back before we had an emergency. The key is to not panic and overflush.There is no WiFi in the cabins. It is available on decks 5, 7 and 9 in public lounges. There is however a kettle with tea and coffee sachets. This was a big bonus for us and made up for the WiFi. If Fred Olsen can provide pre-checked kettles, then I don't see why other lines can not do this instead of hiding behind H&S and fire risk. After all, laptops can catch fire but are not banned.The only thing unsatisfactory about the cabin was the time it took to get made up. Sometimes it was late afternoon despite being out of the cabin from breakfast to lunch time. This maybe because the stewards are understaffed and have too much to do.
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Cabin D467
Dec 2014
To Brugge with Fred By: sennen
The cabin was clean, tidy not over large it had a tea/coffee tray plenty of wardrobe space. The shower was clean the mirror was one of the best that I have had on a ship, All in all the bathroom was O.K. There was a flat screen T.V. a dressing table lots of storage . The bed layout of two single one across the the bottom of the cabin and one on the side was a bit strange. The cabin was well looked after.
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Nov 2014
We were given a four berth cabin, though there were only two of us. It was about comparable with a standard hotel room, though a little smaller, which we had expected. The two wardrobes were plenty large enough, with basket drawers for non hanging items. The bathroom had a shower, which was sufficiently large for us and a useful grab handle if the ship was moving much. We had two portholes to look out of. Had there been four of us, we would have been somewhat cramped.
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Cabin 4029
Sep 2014
A Good Itinerary By: Discount lovers
Well situated close to the lifts and stairs. There is very little noise or vibration from the ship. The only drawback for us was the A/c which seemed to stop cooling late at night and we need a cool cabin for good sleep. The beds are comfortable
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Cabin 4048
Sep 2013
Facilities were good. L shaped single beds, plenty of space and more than normal cupboard space.
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Cabin 4082
Apr 2013
I had a double cabin on a single occupancy basis on deck 4. It had two bed, one of which was used a a sofa. There were tow portholes. The storage space was more than adequate for one person. The air conditioning was very effective. There was a bathtub.
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Cabin 4023
Sep 2012
Cabin 4023 posistioned forward starboard side. Opposite duty free store and Junior Officer's Office so slight occasional noise from there. Cabin plenty big enough for two persons with a generous amount of storage space with lockable draw for items of value. If forward gangway is used cabin is only a few steps away. Not noisy.
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Feb 2012
Excellent By: brian
Personally we find the posh balcony cabins on higher decks too swaying. Even the Observatory bar at this level is dodgy but exciting.
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Aug 2010
Adequate but a little squashed
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