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3 Belize City to Caribbean - Western Cruise Reviews

I had sailed with Blount before on one of their Erie Canal trips. I loved the smaller ship and the terrific crew. Several of the passengers told me about their experiences during their Caribbean cruise on Blount, and I booked the trip when ... Read More
I had sailed with Blount before on one of their Erie Canal trips. I loved the smaller ship and the terrific crew. Several of the passengers told me about their experiences during their Caribbean cruise on Blount, and I booked the trip when I got home. Flying into Belize City was very easy. Staff was there to greet us and help us to our shuttles. The usual tourist port had been damaged by a hurricane a couple of months before, so we were out on the edge of the commercial ships. Normally we would have been close to shopping and exploring on our own. The staff arranged a shuttle to take us from our remote location to points of interest. Lux Hunter, the naturalist, along with two guides, Victoria and Capi, made sure we had opportunities to see a variety of marine life, birds, and animals. I never felt rushed. When any of us lagged behind, they would reassure us that we had time. They explained activities, like a cleaning station with a parrot fish being serviced that I would have completely missed. The food was always excellent. Always prepared from scratch that day. Breakfast was served buffet style with a choice of cold cereals, a hot cereal, yogurt, fruit, an egg dish, and fresh scones or other bakery items. It was nice to come back from a morning of snorkeling to a delicious lunch of a hot soup, warm toasted sandwiches, chips, a salad or two, and yummy fresh baked cookies. Dinner had a choice of two entrees, with usually a fresh baked treat. The chef was always willing to make accommodations for any dietary restrictions. Dining is casual. Most of the tables seat eight, so plenty of opportunities to get to talk with fellow passangers. The cabins are small when compared to the big oceanliners. However, they are roomy enough with comfortable beds. Some of the cabins have wetbaths, but still are plenty roomy for taking a shower. There are a handful of cabins that are for the solo traveler who does not want to share. Blount will also pair you with another solo traveler, if their single cabins are full. The lounge is very comfortable for reading, playing games, or putting together a puzzle with fellow passengers. On top is the Sun Deck to watch the world go by, with a canopy if it is too sunny. It is also a great place for evening cocktails and entertainment from local performers. On the Belize-Guatamala trip we did a lot of snorkeling, went to a nature preserve, climbed some Mayan ruins, went to an organic Cacao Plantation (nothing like I had imagined, my favorite activity right after snorkling), visits to coastal towns, and a visit to the Belize Zoo. Due to adverse weather, we had change a couple of the dive locations and had to cancel one snorkeling day completely. The staff was able to make arrangements for other excursions. I cannot say enough good things about the staff. Every member seemed happy to be there, were always helpful, and answered questions about their jobs or suggestions of what to do. I am a retired female solo traveler with some mobility issues. I never felt rushed, left out, or awkward. They made sure I was supported getting in and out of the skiff and knew how the chair lift worked. A fellow traveler had some medical dietary restrictions; the chef would come out at the end of breakfast and discuss that day's menu with the passanger and together they would decide on any modifications. I feel very safe and well taken care of by the crew. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
I would love to share with you what I would have like to have known before I got on the ship. First, Carnival Glory Cruise line has a crew that is dedicated to customer service. Not everything was perfect, but I did have great ... Read More
I would love to share with you what I would have like to have known before I got on the ship. First, Carnival Glory Cruise line has a crew that is dedicated to customer service. Not everything was perfect, but I did have great experience. I read a few reviews about this ship and I got a little nervous. The ship is older than most and it is not the most glamorous of ships, but it is nice. Every member of the ship spent every working moment to keep the ship clean. It is older, but is was a very clean ship. The cabin assistants were all nice and attentive. If you need a friendly smile and someone to make small talk with this is not the ship. If you want a crew to take your needs seriously, remember your name, your preferences, and do whatever it takes to resolve any concerns this is the ship. I did read a lot about smoking and this was almost a deal breaker for me. I am not a smoker. The truth is there is a smoking area on the lido deck...it was empty. There were however; smokers everywhere. Well, to be specific the Lidio deck, sports bar, and casino. There were people who did light up in areas they knew they shouldn't. They did anyway. In order to maintain a good experience for all, the crew did not stop the smoking in non-smoking areas, and they probably won't. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. The shows and entertainment were amazing. My husband is not a 'show' person, but he enjoyed every minute of the entertainment. The host and cruise director were fun and engaging with the entire ship; young and old. The movies at night were also a good choice. They only negative I would say is after midnight the only real place for food is the pizza bar, which usually only had one person working it. This would be my suggestion. Don't be picky. If you ask the pizza person for whatever they have available, they always took care of me. I have a personal secret. I didn't mind the cramped showers. The stewards kept them very clean (x2 a day). I did sneak away to the spa and took a shower in the spa area. The showers were large and private and the pressure was perfect. Also, there were times that I did not like to share my hot tub with people under the age of 6. The adult pool had more kids in it then the kiddie pool. If you are like me and want some adult rest, go to the gym. They have a hot tub in the gym area and no kids! Hope this helps. The Glory is a great ship, but not the newest ship with all of the frills. Read Less
Sail Date July 2015
Our cruise initially started out as a traveling nightmare, but thanks to NCL, the Jewel's onboard staff, and some wonderful CC friends, it turned out to be the cruise of a lifetime! I feel that it's important to share the ... Read More
Our cruise initially started out as a traveling nightmare, but thanks to NCL, the Jewel's onboard staff, and some wonderful CC friends, it turned out to be the cruise of a lifetime! I feel that it's important to share the background of our trip before/as I do my review. We are both in our 50's and this was our fourth cruise, all with NCL. This time we were meeting my son and his girlfriend (both in their mid-twenties) in Fort Lauderdale and then heading to the ship together for our cruise. We always fly a day ahead due to the weather here in Upstate New York, and this year was no different. When we arrived at the Buffalo airport on Saturday morning for our flight to Fort Lauderdale, we were told that our flight was cancelled (they gave us each a round-trip ticket for our trouble) and we could be put on a stand-by flight (which was already overbooked) on Saturday evening. An Air Tran supervisor saw how upset I was and offered to arrange a flight for us from Akron, Ohio (a four hour drive) to Fort Lauderdale on Sunday morning so we would not miss the cruise. I contacted the NCL number on our cruise docs to be sure that arriving after 2:00 PM would be okay. We arrived at the Akron airport early Sunday morning, and while waiting to board our flight, an announcement was made that our flight would be delayed. We finally flew out of Akron at 1:00 PM and arrived at Fort Lauderdale at 3:30 PM, too late to board the cruise. We spent nearly five hours at the airport trying to make arrangements to get to Roatan for Tuesday (impossible, we were told) or Belize for Wednesday. Again, I contacted NCL and they told us it would be possible to meet the ship in Belize on Wednesday morning. A very nice Air Tran supervisor, not only made arrangements to get us to Belize on US Air, but because it was Air Tran's fault that we missed the ship, they flew us at no charge! We arrived in Belize on Monday afternoon and stayed at the Princess Hotel and Casino, which was arranged through our trip insurance representative. The hotel was nothing fancy, but was clean and acceptable. We spent Tuesday at the Belize Zoo, a trip worth taking, also an excursion option from the ship, which we arranged through the hotel. It was a nice way to spend a day and the tour guides were knowledgeable and pleasant. Wednesday morning finally arrived and we were at the pier to meet the first tender at 8:30 AM. Our names were on the list and we got on the tender and finally headed off to the beautiful Jewel! Once on board the ship we were escorted to the reception desk where we checked in and were given our ship cards. We wasted no time getting to our cabin, 8054, an obstructed ocean view. Imagine our surprise when neither of our cards would work to open the door! The room steward let us in, and lo and behold, someone else's belongings were in our cabin. Could this vacation get any worse? We headed back to the reception desk and Joy, a great customer service rep on the ship, apologized for not telling us that we had been upgraded to a complimentary BB Balcony cabin. Needless to say, we finally felt that our vacation was really starting! We arrived on the tenth deck to find John O'Hara (the hotel director), Mickey (the restaurant manager), and the assistant concierge standing outside our cabin waiting to welcome us aboard. Both John and Mickey gave us their direct phone numbers and told us to call with any needs we might have. After living out of a suitcase for five days, I couldn't wait to unpack and get settled, which we did very quickly so we could enjoy the ship. We took a walk around looking for my son and his girlfriend (who had boarded on Sunday). When we couldn't find them we went back to the cabin and found a phone message from John O'Hara. Some CC friends had to leave the ship due to illness and wanted to give us their AF mini-suite to enjoy for the remainder of our cruise (thanks Mike and Shelley). A couple of room stewards came up to help us pack and move to cabin 11578. Once there, we were truly treated like VIP's. We were invited to eat breakfast and lunch at Cagney's, normally only a perk for full suite guests, and my son and his girlfriend were welcome to join us. Daniela, the Concierge, made arrangements for us to have seats at the shows we wanted to see, and Mickey called me every day to see where we would like to eat dinner that night so she could make our reservations. And on top of all of this, each afternoon we were treated to gifts such as a fruit basket, bottle of wine, chocolates, etc. from the senior officers, John O'Hara, and Daniela. John even arranged for a second CC Meet and Greet since I had set up the first one and missed it! We all met again on the second sea day, and that was a lot of fun. We found the Jewel and her crew to be absolutely amazing! Everyone went out of their way to be sure that all guests were enjoying themselves. We enjoyed all of the meals we ate on board, especially the Cagney's breakfasts. The steak and eggs was my husband's and son's favorite! We also ate at Teppanyaki and Tango's, both surcharge restaurants as well as both main dining rooms. All were very good; Teppanyaki is a great show as well as a meal. We loved the dEcor at Tsar's, having a table right at the window. We didn't see too many shows since we boarded so late. We did see Cirque Bijou, and that is a show that should definitely not be missed. It was, without a doubt, one of the best shows I have ever seen! The ventriloquist/comedian was also very good. Once on board, my husband and I both enjoyed massages at Bora Bora Spa; they were a little pricey, but good. I attended the Martini tasting and felt that it was well worth the cost. For $15 they served five ½-3/4 sized martinis. They were all delicious. We're not big gamblers so we only spent a little time in the casino; the slot machines were not paying out at all. In fact, we didn't see anyone who appeared to be winning anything. We went to a seminar on ammolite which we thought was quite informative, and I even won a glass bracelet at Columbian Emeralds on the last night. We went to Costa Maya on Thursday and enjoyed the day at Maya Luna Resort, a place we've been to before and really enjoy. We also got to Great Stirrup Cay, and although it was quite crowded, the weather was beautiful; in fact, it was the best weather day of our cruise, with bright sunshine all day and temperatures in the 80's! Disembarkation was easy even though we were first escorted to a "special" customs office. I was quite nervous about it, but it turned out, they just wanted to know why we embarked in Belize instead of Miami. Once we told them our travel saga, we were through customs in no time and they simply told us to have a safe trip home. We had arranged for transportation back to Fort Lauderdale from Steve at SAS Transportation. It took him about 30 minutes to get to the port, but once in the van it was only about 30 minutes more to the airport. All in all, we had the cruise of a lifetime (once we got on the ship). As far as we are concerned, Norwegian Cruise Line, and especially the staff of the Jewel went out of their way to make what was left of our cruise the most memorable we've had. There is no doubt that we will always cruise with NCL; in fact a few days after arriving home, I booked a cruise for next spring on the NCL Dawn. One final note...I definitely recommend trip insurance as you never know what can happen, especially with winter weather! Read Less
Sail Date February 2010

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