6 Barcelona Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas Cruise Reviews

Flight to Barcelona was 3 1/2 hours late in leaving this was not to bad considering hurricane sandy and the troubles other folks had. Hotel Rivalto was great, room was clean, staff was great, location excellent will definitely go there ... Read More
Flight to Barcelona was 3 1/2 hours late in leaving this was not to bad considering hurricane sandy and the troubles other folks had. Hotel Rivalto was great, room was clean, staff was great, location excellent will definitely go there again. Arrived at ship 1 pm on Sat. very smooth embarkation stateroom was ready dropped off carry on, off to windjammer. Our cabin needed a do over as the carpets were not clean and bathroom was still dirty. our cabin was never really cleaned like previous cruises and if was really was an effort to get it cleaned before 11.30 most mornings even after putting his make room card out at 8 am. Just to say we are really happy go lucky couple with many cruise on rcl, this is my first and probably my last attempt at doing a review. This transatlantic our 7th left a lot to be desired. Food. very disappointed with selection, and quality, our wait staff were excellent, but the food coming out of kitchen was never hot. we were a table of 8 and all had similar complaints. Shows were weak other than ice show and the Platters who did a great job with the oldies, other than these two just fair Day time activities less than exciting, trivia fun, sudoku ok,guest speakers no comment Debarkation was close to 4 hrs from start to finish what a mess, Please RCL bring your product up to your old standards us loyal cruisers have supported you in the past but you will lose us in the future unless you improve your attitude and services. PS Ricardo in the cc lounge is the best assest on the ship, a real gentleman with a great way of taking care of his guests. Overall 6 out of 10 Still love cruising GOING ON A 14 DAY CRUISE WITH A PRESIDENTAL ELECTION IN THE MIDDLE WAS QUITE AN EXPERIENCE ALMOST LIKE BEING IN CONGRESS WHERE THERE WERE TWO SIDES WHO NEVER AGREE GOD BLESS AMERICA Read Less
Sail Date November 2012
This was our fourth cruise. Now feel ready to feed the internet with feedback. Have read many reviews, usually finding the negative side to contain the most useful information. Bringing liquor on board On previous cruises we have ... Read More
This was our fourth cruise. Now feel ready to feed the internet with feedback. Have read many reviews, usually finding the negative side to contain the most useful information. Bringing liquor on board On previous cruises we have packed a bottle of Baileys for the room. My wife likes it in her coffee and I like the odd shot before dinner or in the morning. Well Royal Caribbean thinks this cuts into their drink sales and abuses the safety security scanning to confiscate liquor. Your bag just doesn't show up and when ask staff, they say to check with security on deck 1. Down there, they get you to open your bag, give them the bottle for safe keeping, then send you on your way to haul luggage through the ship to your stateroom. Not exactly the classiest way to start a transatlantic crossing. Have no problem paying corkage at any of the dining venues, but what we do in our stateroom is our business. Imagine if a hotel tried crap like this. Liquor on board Expensive, around $8 for a pint of beer or their mixed drink of the day. Two Poets pub had a sad selection of only two lager beers on draft, Heineken and Amstel light. Our local pub down the hill has about 10 on draft, including several types of ales and a stout. Also, the Two Poets atmosphere is polluted with cigarette smoke. RC should get into the 21st century and start protecting their staff and customers from this hazard. Stateroom Paid a bit extra for an outside window stateroom. The first night we noticed how hot the room was even though set to maximum cold and there was a humming noise similar to a bathroom fan coming from the wall on the left side of the window. The next morning went to Customer Service for first time ever to ask for a cooler and quieter stateroom. Am informed there is no hope in hell we will be moved and that Maintenance will come have a look. Guy in overalls quickly fixed the broken air conditioning but said can do nothing about the vibrating wall. We got somewhat used to the constantly slightly noisy stateroom. Later talked to a couple that had an inside room on deck 10 with unbearable pool sloshing noise and were changed to a quieter room. So it looks like will get moved if room has serious problem but are stuck with minor problems. It would be nice if RC would just let customers know about room defects or if someone would start (or find) a website similar to the excellent http://www.seatguru.com/ for airline seats. As a nice gesture, RC provided a free bottle of red wine with a couple of glasses. Bathroom Just soap, shampoo and towels are provided. Bought conditioner in one of the Spanish ports. Tap water Colour light amber, nose of dirt and chlorine. Found out at Captain's presentation that water was purchased at port in Cartagena. Drinking water seemed better in dining room and buffet but this could be because had more time to breathe or the added ice numbed the senses. Water quality improved over the days as more was desalinated onboard. Bought some spring water in most of the ports. No hassle bringing onboard. Pool towels Have to show seapass card to get pool towels on deck 11, then give room number when returning to same location. Purpose is to get passengers to clean up their towels. Side effect is can reserve deck chairs by placing towels. Laundry No laundry rooms to wash clothes or iron shirts. They have a fill bag wash and fold service for $25. Strangely, it says can only put undergarments, t-shirts, and pajamas in but will charge full rip-off rate for pants, sweaters etc. Can't quite picture a land based laundry doing this for long. Internet Bought the 5 bottle wine packages ahead of time. Am not very knowledgeable about wine, so got our wine expert friend to help compile a list. The dining room staff brought the first bottle of wine but took the list and lost it. Oops. Told them I could easily retrieve the list by remotely connecting to my home computer. So the dining room staff very graciously got me $10 free internet time. Went to the Royal Caribbean Online room and quickly found that Windows Remote Desktop software is locked out. Asked IT staff guy for help but he said can do nothing, then suggested I go to an internet cafe at next port to waste my time and money retrieving this file. Also, my paranoia says it is dicey typing my passwords into a possibly infected internet cafe computer. Dining room staff suggested I go back to Customer Service and get them to hook me up with the IT manager. As far as talking with IT manager, ran into a firewall at Customer Service. However, they asked if phone access would help and gave me a free phone call. Called a friend who remotely connected to my home computer, retrieved the text file and emailed it to my work email that has a web interface. Was then able to go back to Royal Caribbean Online room, log onto my work email and get the list. So Customer Service was able to help resolve this, but when it comes to computers on board, the 'Nation of Why Not' quickly becomes the 'Nation of Can't Do It'. Ports An interesting selection of ports. Problem is spend too little time actually in the ports, for example, pulled out of Tenerife at 2:30pm to start 6 days at sea. It looks like fuel efficiency is more important than time in port. Find other people's perception of ports interesting. In the dining room breakfast the next morning after Tenerife one of our table mates said 'didn't think much of the place' while we had been scheming on how to get back to this spectacular island. Sea days One of the best parts of the cruise. Lots of relaxation with no shortage of things to do, such as eating, exploring the ship, rock climbing, swimming, cooking in the steam room, more eating, nightly entertainment. Could do this for weeks. Many people enjoyed the outer decks with mostly warm weather, low winds and calm seas. The enrichment we went to was just a slide show with some commentary. RC could learn from Cunard in this area. Summary Navigator of the Seas is a large beautiful slightly tired cruise ship with good design and many amenities. Staff provided excellent service even with constraining policies. Overall good value for the dollar. Will likely try another line for out next cruise to see how they do things. Read Less
Sail Date November 2012
We met the ship in Barcelona after flying in from the UK with BA - flights booked with our trip. Next time we may book independently but we were late in booking holiday so thought easier this time. Flight was fully booked and seat ... Read More
We met the ship in Barcelona after flying in from the UK with BA - flights booked with our trip. Next time we may book independently but we were late in booking holiday so thought easier this time. Flight was fully booked and seat allocation was poor. Nearly didn't get to sit together. After going left instead of right and ending up in the wrong terminal we eventually found our baggage reclaim and our bags. The Royal Caribbean Representative was easy to spot and escorted us to our coach. It was a short journey (under 45mins) to the ship and embarkation was a breeze. Straight in, checked in and then straight on board. There was also the opportunity to purchase the Soda drink package before boarding which we did - approx £40 for the 8 days. Once on board we had a nose around and then headed for the Windjammer for lunch. It was huge and as cruise novices didn't realise till breakfast the next day there was another part of it! So we only saw a small selection of the buffet but still managed to get some good food and enjoy the view out the window. We had breakfast and lunch most days in the Windjammer and were impressed with the wide selection of choice they had available. I was compelled to have my cheese salad everyday for lunch and was always finding something new on looking around.  Gutted I didn't fine the fresh salmon and cream cheese till our last morning! We did try the Honey Stung Chicken that is so often mentioned on here but sad to say wasn't that impressed with it, sorry. Our room was available at 1pm and we were lucky enough to get our luggage quite quickly, which was good because my partner forgot to pack his trainers in hand luggage and shorts with posh shoes don't really cut it! Room was lovely - bigger than I expected. Clean and tidy. It actually looked like it did in the pictures on the websites. Shower was smallish but ok for us, maybe a squeeze if you like your food! We chose a room with a balcony, it was lovely to have and used it for breakfast on the occasions we had it in our room. I think we've spoiled ourselves as don't think we could ever cruise again without one, unless it was a bargain offer! Our room attendant was lovely and very helpful, extra hangers, towels. We loved the towel animals although our new favourite game is showing the photo's to friends and playing 'Can you guess what it is?' We opted for My Time Dining as didn't like the seating options avail on this cruise - 645pm or 915pm. I would suggest booking with the dining room each night. We usually booked the next night's time when leaving after dinner. We sat on tables for 8, 4, 6, and 2 - you were given the option of what table size you wanted and weren't made to sit with others if you chose not to. We ate at various times during the cruise, usually to fit around what we wanted to do that evening. We will definately choose this option in the future. One night we had a table for 4 and sat with an American couple and thoroughly enjoyed our evening with much wine had. So much so, we opted to sit together again on another night. Didn't know what to expect from the food, there's so many mixed reports on here. Most nights there was a good choice of Starters, Mains and Desserts. One night I even had two starters and the cheese plate! Most of the waiters were friendly and helpful and service was quick but not rushed. The only disappointment was on our last two nights where we were sat in the same section. I was disappointed with the waiter we had for both these nights. After 6 nights of great service he was a real let down, so much so I mentioned to my partner how I felt it nearly spoilt the end of my holiday. We waited ages for everything on these nights, food, bread, drinks. I even had to ask 6 times for my partners diet Coke! We tried Portofino's on our 4th night and enjoyed the meal and the service but I am not sure it rated the extra $20 each cover charge. Maybe we'll try Chops next time. There was no lobster tails at any meals, was expecting it at least once during the 8 night trip. We did try a few of the bars on board, more so for pre dinner drinks. We even entered one of the quizzes one night and won! It was 4 key rings! I tried several of the cocktails throughout the trip, prices ranged from $6-$10 plus service charge. I always had a cocktail in the Theatre while watching the shows. Didn't use the Spa - thought the prices were a little too much for me to 'treat' myself. My Partner used the gym daily and liked the choice of equipment but said some of it could do with a refit. Went into the Casino for a silly play on the slots, won and lost some but not too much. Being a Showaholic we saw every show on board bar the very first one. The Beatles were great, so were the shows put on by the entertainment crew especially the first one. Elton John performer was good, and the Magician was ok. Caught the Ice show and thought it was fantastic, especially considering the size of ice they have to skate on, plus they played Rock me Amadeus by Falco which is a song I loved in my youth! Definitely recommend not missing that. Did drag my partner along to Quest. I loved it, so my thing, we didn't win but we had great fun watching, worth going along just for that! The Promenade parades were fun. Caught both the Sailaway and the last one, but only the start of the 70's night as we were tired that day. Disembarkation was smooth, luggage taken the night before so woke up, ate breakfast packed overnight bag and got off. We had transport to the Airport and this was smooth with no problems. We ended our trip with 2 days in Rome instead of flying home and I was a lovely place, I'll definitely be back there.Only gripes was you had to use the ships shuttle to get off the ship at most ports. Villefranche and Palma being the only exceptions as you could walk off or were tendered off. We also booked a ship trip to Pisa/Florence so didn't need the shuttle then. It was expensive £71 (GBP) each for basically transport to Pisa and Florence. Next time I think I'll plan something else of team up with someone for taxi. It was $6 per person each way so just to get off the ship cost us $24 a time. There was an offer of a package for all days at $38 for all 5 ports but we only needed 3 so was cheaper to buy individually. I thought this was a little expensive as there is no real other way to get to the town so you're stuck with their option. Photos on board were lovely but expensive - $19.95 plus tax - we would have bought many more than we did had they been cheaper.   All in all we both thoroughly enjoyed our first cruise and will be doing another one very soon. Already looking at one out of Southampton next year! Read Less
Sail Date June 2009
Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas had a one-time trip from Barcelona to Rome beginning in early June 2009. We had a large family group on this cruise, made up of 6 adults, 3 children ages 12, 9, and 5, and a 14-month old ... Read More
Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas had a one-time trip from Barcelona to Rome beginning in early June 2009. We had a large family group on this cruise, made up of 6 adults, 3 children ages 12, 9, and 5, and a 14-month old daughter. We flew to Barcelona via Atlanta, and stayed two nights at the Gallery Hotel in Barcelona. We found this hotel neat and cozy, and preferred its quieter location than many other hotels amid the bustle of Las Ramblas. We booked this hotel on our own, not through a ship program. We boarded the Navigator of the Seas on June 6th in Barcelona. The boarding process was very fast and easy compared to others we've experienced in the past. It was almost too fast - our luggage was taken and whisked away before we could even think! Luckily, we had everything we needed with us and didn't lose any bags. My husband and I shared an 8th deck balcony room (located near the front elevators) with our 14-month old daughter. The room was as expected; just like other cruises we've been on before. A pack-n-play was provided for our daughter to sleep in, which made us even more cramped than usual. But that's cruising! Our itinerary was as follows: Barcelona, Valencia, Palma De Mallorca, Marseilles/Provence, Nice, Livorno/Florence/Pisa, and Civitavecchia/Rome. This was a one-time itinerary, as Navigator will now be continuing on to Greece, Turkey, and Malta for a regular sailing. Our ports and excursions were lovely, but we were disappointed in RCCL's communication about port days and transportation. At most ports, we had to take buses to get to city centers, and tickets were supposed to be purchased ahead of time. They were selling at the port as well, but it made for confusion and lines that we did not expect. We should have had regular communication the afternoon before each new port to explain what would be happening the following morning. Stateroom attendant service was outstanding, and every attendant we saw made a special point to speak to us and laugh with the baby. Our wait staff was also good, but we had an assistant waiter who was on his first cruise, and his service was sometimes slow and forgetful. But our dining experience was fine, and we understand he needs a learning curve to get used to his new job. He really caught on towards the end of our trip, and even anticipated our bread and drink requests. We did have a problem with the pre-paid gratuities, however. Two of our traveling parties never got their vouchers. On the final night of the cruise, they spent a lot of time in lines trying to get vouchers for our wait staff. They ended up only getting copies, and we certainly hope the wait staff receives the money that is due to them. One fellow passenger was irate and embarrassed that she did not have any vouchers to present to her waiters at the final meal. We certainly hope RCCL fixes this problem for future cruisers. My husband and I did not take part in most ship activities or entertainment, since we had our 14-month old with us and needed to get her to bed after dinner. But the other parties traveling with us saw several shows and commented on how much they enjoyed them. They especially talked and laughed about the comedian afterwards. My mother-in-law enjoyed a brief French lesson the day before we sailed to Marseilles/Provence. The children loved the sports deck, especially playing ping-pong and mini golf. And everyone enjoyed the ice cream machines found throughout the ship. Our at-sea days were spent by the pool. Some of us swam a little bit, but the water was pretty chilly. Hopefully it warms up as the ship continues sailing through the summer. The food on the ship was surprisingly disappointing. We've traveled with RCCL before, and we thought the food was outstanding. We expected that again. But this time it was not as enjoyable. The Windjammer food was not up to par. I only enjoyed the custom-made Mongolian Grill, but the wait for my plate was a good 10 minutes or so. The bacon available on the Windjammer buffet every morning was terrible. It had a bad taste and was soggy and fatty. The turkey sausage was decent. The best thing I had at the Windjammer was a chocolate tart on the dessert bar on night 6 or 7 of the cruise. That was fantastic! I had a couple extra, it was so good. The formal dining room food was good most of the time, bad a couple times, and outstanding a couple times. If you're a steak lover, don't bother with any steak on the ship! What they call medium rare comes on your plate 100% gray all the way through. It's not tender and it's fatty. Stick with some of the seafood dishes. I don't eat much seafood, so my favorite entrees at dinner were the potato & leek pie and the roasted half chicken with vegetables. The gnocchi with ham & peas was also very good. I enjoyed many of the appetizers, including an onion tart, spinach dip with tortilla chips, exotic fruit plate, and a few of the chilled fruit soups. Desserts were very good! Disembarkation was quick & easy. We were able to get the white tags, as my mother-in-law is a platinum Crown & Anchor member and we were all traveling together. Communication was once again confusing though, as it told us we had to be off the ship "BY 6:15", when in fact we could be off anytime 6:15 or later. This made us rush to get ready & out too early, and we spent an hour in the hot terminal waiting for our transfer to Rome. But our baggage was ready and easy to find, and there were toilet facilities available in the terminal. Overall, I'd give this cruise experience a 7 out of 10. I think there were several kinks because it was a one-time itinerary and they were more concerned with moving the ship and getting ready for their regular sailings through Greece, Turkey, and Malta. I'm not sure the food will improve for those sailings, but hopefully some of the communication will become clearer and the confusion will be limited for future passengers. Despite the kinks, we had a lovely time and saw some amazing sights! Thanks, Navigator of the Seas. We miss you! Read Less
Sail Date June 2009
We began our cruise from Germany so did not book the Pre Cruise or after cruise package in Barcelona. Recommend those coming from the US do this. We arrived day early and stayed at the Atrium Palace, Apsis Hotel Chain, in the center of ... Read More
We began our cruise from Germany so did not book the Pre Cruise or after cruise package in Barcelona. Recommend those coming from the US do this. We arrived day early and stayed at the Atrium Palace, Apsis Hotel Chain, in the center of town. A very good hotel. Double room was Euro 187 per night. It is near Ramblis, and within walking distance of shops, restaurants. Service and front desk was exceptional. English was spoken by everyone. Breakfast is Euro 16 unless you book via the Internet and then it is only Euro 8. Highly recommend you take this option. Taxi to the Hotel with 2 large bags was Euro 25. There is bus and subway connections but do not recommend if you have luggage. Taxis are clean, metered and fast. We were not part of any pre excursion group but there was a Royal Caribbean Representative in the hotel that was very helpful. She advised us about 09:00 AM that due to some kind of "gastrointestinal" infection on the ship, boarding would be delayed until 14:00. Check out is 12 but Hotel has holding area for bags so not an issue. The representative told us that since bus was not full we could catch a ride which we did. We arrived about 14:30 and there was no crowd and check in went very smoothly and efficiently. We had our sailing card and on board in less than 30 minutes. Very efficient compared to Civitavecchia (Rome). Debarking was same. Much better than in Civitavecchia. We never heard another word about the so called "infection" and I am not sure there was one as many folks were already on the ship, so they obviously came much earlier. Our late lunch was cut short, due to the mandatory Life Boat Drill. It was perfunctory at best and some never figured it out or did not care. Seems like it is just to say it was done. It took too long as lot of other messages were put out. No one was in mood to hear anything not related to the life boat drill plus it was hot and the vests were uncomfortable. Shortly after getting unpacked discovered that we had forgotten our toothpaste. We asked the cabin attendant if he had a complimentary paste, but were informed that he did not. On Carnival Freedom in May, shampoo, tooth paste, shower gel were provided daily. So we bought some at one of the stores on the main deck, for $6.00 for small tube. More on pricing later. Overall the cruise was very enjoyable. This was my first cruise with Royal Caribbean so I cannot compare with others. We had a mid ship cabin with balcony on 8th deck. Room was very adequate and balcony was great. Our cabin attendant was friendly and did a good job with basic housekeeping but we noticed that the toilet had urine stains on the wall that had been there a long time and were there when we left. Average would be best grade I could give them on housekeeping. Another nuisance was the slowness of picking up the room service trash. It was on the floor in front of doors along the corridor, sometimes until mid morning. Do not know why it could not have been collected earlier. Our safe would not work and we had to call maintenance. They were there in less than 15 minutes and fixed it. It stopped working on the last day again and they had to come and open it for us. On our safe the numbers were worn off from use so you had to guess the first time where the Close and Reset buttons were. Smoking: Basically a non smoking ship, except in designated areas, but not enforced. On several occasions, observed smokers right under a NO SMOKING sign. To me this is a major irritant. Ships crew do not seem to want to enforce it. Our neighbors smoked on their the balcony, (which is permitted) it seemed around the clock, and we could not keep the balcony door open because it drafted the smoke, Especially bad at night as we preferred the sea air to the air conditioner, which by the way was always on either hot or cold. Never found a way to make it just neutral. Dining: We ate breakfast and lunch in the Windjammer, and first dinner seating in the main dining room. The Buffet in the Windjammer was OK; lot of choices, hot food was hot and cold food was cold, the way it is supposed to be. However there were two issues that were annoying. First off the Windjammer is not adequate for the amount of people on the ship. It was always crowded and often announcements were made to depart when you finished your meal; made you feel guilty to stay and have an after meal coffee. Staking out your table was an issue because just putting your silverware down meant nothing. You had to park someone and alternate getting your food from the line. The bussing of the tables was just plain unsatisfactory. There were enough people but they did not seem very interested and spent lot of time socializing with each other. Most of the time they would not clear all the used dishes and rarely wiped the tables. It appears there was little if any supervision by ships cadre in the Windjammer. Some effort to fix this problem is required. We did not eat in any of the specialty restaurants so cannot comment. On Carnival Freedom they had excellent short order/sandwich facility that was free. On Navigator they had overcooked hamburgers and hot dogs and cold buns. In fact the buns were stale and cold. If you wanted a real Hamburger or snack then you had to go to Johnny Rockets and pay extra for it. On at least two occasions the only mail toilet on the 11th Deck, Windjammer was out of order and the door was locked. On one occasion the toilets were over flowing due to some kind of malfunction. I am not sure they ever got the problem fixed. Shore excursions: Only took one, Taormina in Sicily. Well worth the money. We arrived in Istanbul at about 14:30 and those who tried to do the afternoon tour to the Covered Bazaar found, due to the unbelievable heavy traffic that it took hour each way with a bus. You can walk to the Covered Bazaar in a shorter time; in fact you can walk to the Blue Mosque and other attractions. We were told you would find a taxi just outside the pier, but we did not; in fact you do not need one, if you are able to walk a mile or so. In Thessaloniki we walked on our own. You can easily walk to the White Tower and some of the ancient ruins in the city. It is a beautiful city with many cafes and coffees you can enjoy. If you want to see sites outside of the city then a tour would be necessary. In Sicily we took the bus tour to Taormina a beautiful resort city about 45 minutes away. It is very touristy but worth a visit. We almost got left there because our guide told us to meet at a specific time in front of the cathedral; we were there way ahead of time but at the wrong cathedral. There are several so pay attention. Hint: take a picture, remember the number on your camera, and review it ahead of your meeting time. If you miss your rendezvous head to the exit, take the elevators down to the huge underground bus and car parking lot. If your bus is gone try to hitch ride with another tour from your boat. There are many busses. In Malta, one can walk to the center of town in about 15 minutes (it is uphill and you can take the steps for a shortcut) or take one of the very colorful Leyland Malta Busses to and from the pier. Bus stop is directly across the street from the terminal; on left side of the street. In Malta they drive on the left side like in UK. It is bus 187 and cost 1 Euro each way. Main Bus stop is about 3 minutes from city gates. Return bus stop is marked "Bus to the Piers) the buses seem to run continuously, so you wait until one shows up. Pricing on the ship: It was obvious that Royal Caribbean adjusted their prices in dollars upwards, because most of the passengers on this voyage were Europeans, whose currency was the Euro, British Pound, or Canadian Dollar. Prices in dollars were very high in all the on board shops and restaurants. For those on non dollar currencies the prices might be reasonable. For those on dollar standard they are not! One of the store keepers told me that they had elevated the prices slightly. I would say way more than slightly. In my opinion 3,000 passengers is too many for this ship. The ship felt crowded most of the time. Never felt I had space. Main Street promenade was packed at peak hours. I do not know what the word for excuse me or thank you in Spanish, English, French, and German is but never heard it when it was apparent it should have been used. Bumping and shoving at the buffet lines was normal. I think some of the Europeans feel they are going to run out of food! Sanitation: Why does Royal Caribbean not have hand sanitizer dispensers by rest rooms, dining areas? Carnival Freedom had them everywhere and they were used. Seems it would help control any infectious outbreak. No one from the Ship's crew told us but you may pick up a condensed newspaper, sports, and finance at the Library on the 7th Floor aft. They are there about 09:00 from France, German, Spain, and the US. Was the cruise worth the money? Yes but with just a little effort on part of Royal Caribbean could be much more enjoyable. Someone in the supervisor line needs to pay attention. Read Less
Sail Date September 2008
We flew BHX to BCN for 2 nights in Barcelona allowing us to spend a full day in Sitges (about 6 Euros return on the train)before starting the cruise. EMBARKATION: This was fast & easy due to the fact we beat the rush & with the On ... Read More
We flew BHX to BCN for 2 nights in Barcelona allowing us to spend a full day in Sitges (about 6 Euros return on the train)before starting the cruise. EMBARKATION: This was fast & easy due to the fact we beat the rush & with the On Line Check In forms completed were onboard in minutes. PUBLIC ROOMS: Three of our party of six cruised N.O.T.S. in it's inaugural year & three were new to Voyager Class ships. I was impressed by the overall condition of the ship after hundreds of thousands of pax had made their mark on it & I was pleased to see it could still cut the mustard in the Wow Factor Department. CABINS: Two cruises, Two different Cabins. First was Promenade View over the Two Poets Pub, good for watching the Grand Parades. Second was Oceanview, both were of a good standard of cleanliness & showed little sign of aging. Well done RCI. PORTS OF CALL: MARSEILLES was rained off for all except the brave & ships tours & was a longish journey into town from the dock. CAGLIARI (Sardinia) We spent a couple of hours walking around. Found the local market. Had a drink. Walked back. Nothing different to a lot of Med Towns. PALERMO (Sicily)See Above. VILLEFRANCHE Love it. A unique harbourside & a short train ride to Monaco to the east & Nice to the west. IBIZA Overnight till 5.30am. This was my first time there & was very surprised by it's narrow streets in the old town, all buzzing with atmosphere, even though it rained all night. FOOD: We all considered the food in the Main Dining & Windjammer to be of a very good standard for a 4* cruise line but here comes my/our major complaint. For the last fifty years of cruising, Second Sitting Dining has traditionally been 8.30pm, Give or take 15 minutes on all lines. RCI in Europe have moved to 9.15 pm which for most of us of a certain age found to be unacceptable to our digestive system. Finishing a large rich meal, with wine, at 11.00pm night after night, left us all with uncomfortable sleepless nights. This in my view is nothing to do with customer satisfaction, but more to do with breaking the traditional dining values & making the move to 'Freestyle' dining an easier acceptance to us non believers. ENTERTAINMENT: The Shows were 'Standard Cruise' & competently executed. The Ice Show was excellent as ever but was the same show I saw in its inaugural year. C'mon RCI we are not all first timers 5 years is a long time without change!! FORMAL NIGHTS: Well what a difference between the two cruises!! First Cruise 5 nighter, Marseilles, Cagliari, Palermo had 1800+ Brits, A large Spanish contingent, German in third place & then the rest of the World. Plenty of Tux's worn by the old gits like me & suits & ties by the younger generation. Second Cruise 4 nighter Villefranche & overnight in Ibiza, Brits down to 200+ & replaced by the local Spanish Youth (Ibiza probably had an effect) Tux's were clearly below 10% (I counted 14 on the Formal Night Photo Display the next day) & a new dress code was born! Crumpled T Shirt, Crumpled Shorts & Backpack surgically attached over the right shoulder with complete wardrobe inside, a replacement crumpled T Shirt & obligatory bottle of water. Remember this was Formal Night or was I having a nightmare? 'Scruffs' could be the New RCI Dress Code. My final problem is an important issue which is too long to discuss at length on this review. 'No Alcohol Hand Wash anywhere on the ship'. This was picked up by half of our party, as soon as we boarded, as they are NHS employed. I overheard someone ask for handwash as he entered the Windjammer & he was told they no longer have it!! These gripes aside, the overall cruise experience was a good one & would in no way deter us from using RCI in the future. Read Less
Sail Date May 2008
Navigator of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 4.5 N/A
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness & Recreation 4.0 N/A
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursions 4.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 2.0 N/A
Service 4.5 4.3
Value for Money 4.5 N/A

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