9 Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas Cruise Reviews for Family Cruises to Europe - Western Mediterranean from Barcelona

We decided to book this cruise very well in advance (a year or so) to try the newest and biggest ship even though we are not fans of this size of ships. This was a Family cruise with a party of five, both of us (38 and 39) with around 16 ... Read More
We decided to book this cruise very well in advance (a year or so) to try the newest and biggest ship even though we are not fans of this size of ships. This was a Family cruise with a party of five, both of us (38 and 39) with around 16 cruises; and the in laws (51 and 65) and a teenager boy (17), for them their second cruise. for both of us this was more about the Ship than the ports of call and she did not dissapoint. In general I would say that we were really amazed and surprised by the ship, she is a true beauty in every aspect and also really really big, HUGE i would say. the art around the ship is really cool and give you sometimes the WAO factor, loved the comics style in the toilets around the ship. Embarkation: we did the online check in and uploaded the pictures in advance, once we arrived to the port terminal in less in our allocated time slot and in ten minutes we were on board. we did not get our Sea pass cards in the terminal but were informed they were going to be in the door of our stateroom in a sealed enveloped, this was great in the meantime we could use our SetSail documents to order things on board. it was not a problem. Once inside decided to go to Guest services (the only time there was not a queue during all the week) to buy the WOW bands. they work well but sometimes you still need the Card because you still have to take it out to give it to the waiter, they should implement that the waiters have a mobile device where they can read the band and card; however life is easier when you are spending your days at the pool and can leave the card in the stateroom. Cabin: we had a balcony D8 in deck 6, cabin 6584, perfect location in deck six, close to the elevators/lobby, easy access to the promenade and the spa/gym. this has to be one of the best designed cabins we have ever had, one of the most comfortables and spacious balcony cabins in RCCL, a lot of storage space, very well designed, big balcony, bathroom size OK. The balcony has perfect ocean views, the only thing I imagine could be a problem for some people (it was not for us) is that sometimes during the night you could hear a little of music from Boleros that is in deck five. Dining: Harmony provides you with so so many options to eat that would be impossible to try everything in seven days, we did our best and this is the result: - Windjammer Market Place a.k.a the main buffet: One of the best designed buffets in all RCCL, we ate there twice for lunch and the food was better than expected, no problem to find a table for two and service was around to order drinks. I imagine sometimes could be crowded but after all there six thousands passengers and 20 restaurants so the space is not designed to have all guests at the same time. a recommendation would be to be SMART when deciding where to eat and at what time. - The Solarium bistro: also a very nice option for lunch with a small buffet, not crowded at all. kind of a hidden gem. - Main dining room - The Grande: we had my time dining and when to the main restaurant just once for late dinner, food was average, service was average.but again is a question of preferences, the in laws loved it, for us it was OK. - Wonderland: a refreshing and interesting dining concept, we enjoyed the dinner and the surprises of the presentations. Service was great and the food was very good and weird. I would do it again... - 150 Central Park: maybe here we had some big expectations being this the most expensive restaurant on board, we were dissapointed and not because it was bad but because for the price (around 90 USD with wine pairing) you expect more than average. The food was OK but not worthy the price, the wine selection was also OK and the service was more like the main dining room than a specialty one. - Chops Grille: we are kind of fans of Chops in other smaller ships however here it was again a disappointment. Food was average, service was too fast and the design of the restaurant in Harmony makes it very noisy and loud, it was almost impossible to have a conversation because you couldn't´t hear a person through the table. I just can say that Chops in Harmony is not what it used to be some years ago in other ships. Again I would say is a question of personal taste, the in laws loved it.... - Jamie Oliver´s restaurant: Oh Boy where to start.... This was our favourite meal from all the cruise.... everything was on point and the food was extremely good. The service was amazing and the wine suggestions were on point. we just loved every minute of the meal and everything was tasty, yummy and gooooooooooooood. the atmosphere is also very cozy and familiar.... This is a MUST do more than once... - Sabor: we also had one dinner there for three of us and it was so gooooooooooooood and tasty and the service was excellent. The guacamole made table side is delicious... the tacos and quesadillas and small appetisers were enough to feed us in a sharing concept, it´s a must if you like this kind of food. The margaritas we tasted in the bar were also very good. - Park Cafe: this was our favourite place for breakfast, loved this small place. - Sorrentos: good pizzas for a snack during the day - Drinking package: we had our drinking package upgraded due to the changes implemented and for us it was worthy: specialty coffees, fresh juices, smoothies, wines, drinks, beer, and sodas... Entertainment: Spoiler free comments: it´s Amazing..... just book every single show: Grease, Columbus, 1897, The fine line, are a must see.... we missed the second aqua show and the iSkate due to schedule conflicts but again in seven days it´s not possible to experience all. The 90´s party and the celebration parade in the promenade were funny, the silent party was great....Waterslides and abyss.... you just have to try these.... I loved it. Service: in general I would say it was average taking into consideration most of the staff was close to finishing their contracts after the inaugural season. there is always the ones that make your cruise special but all the staff deserves gratitude and being treated good, after all they make our vacations, vacations...... Our stateroom attendant was great Ports of Call / Excursions: we didn´t get out of the ship in one week, do we regret it... NO way.... there is so much to do... and after all is enjoyable to have the pool deck almost empty sometimes to relax ;-P Disembarkation: easy breezy.... Would I sail in the Harmony or another Oasis class ship???.... YESSSSS... without any doubt but in the Caribbean... Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
I had read a lot of the reviews before I actually sailed and was feeling quiet nervous about the ship due to the volume of negative reviews. I can understand the issues that were had the first couple of weeks but was worried with the ... Read More
I had read a lot of the reviews before I actually sailed and was feeling quiet nervous about the ship due to the volume of negative reviews. I can understand the issues that were had the first couple of weeks but was worried with the amount of continuous bad press. It’s about my 14th cruise but my first review. I decided to write this as I think a lot of the comments and ratings are a bit unfair. So I’ll try and make this a balanced review. The Good The Ship – the ship is amazing. The amount of facilities available on board is a credit to Royal Caribbean. In my view they are the most innovative at sea and is one of the reasons why we have sailed with them the most. The activities include two flow riders, zip line (I did this and enjoyed it), the Ultimate Abyss (a dry slide dropping 10 floors in the dark. It’s an adrenaline rush), 3 large water slides (again great fun), Escape the Rubicon (definitely recommend this if you like puzzles. It’s a one hour group game where you have to solve puzzles to get your space ship back on track!). The ship has different areas too such as Central Park which is like a little oasis in the middle of the ship. It was probably my favourite place and where a few of the restaurants were. The Boardwalk area has the carousel, Johnny Rockets, Arcade, Dog House The Stateroom – We got a family oceanview stateroom which I think is about 270 sq ft. There was plenty of room in it and was worth the extra money for the space. The Food – I thought the food in the windjammer was probably the best of any ship we have been on. We used dine early so didn’t face the long queues people complained about. They also have a section for live cooking which has different items every day. We spend 3 evenings in here too as its far more convenient with an 18 month old! I thought the overall layout was good two. They have it split into two areas both exactly the same but the people would be kept apart not like other ones. I feel a lot of the complaints about windjammer were over the top. Yes it gets busy at peak times but so does every hotel. Top Tip: If it’s too busy or you don’t like it go to the main dining room. They have it split to menu based ordering or a buffet set-up. We went to Jamie’s twice, Chops and 150 Central Park. We purchased the 4 night dining package online before the cruise and there is quiet a few $ to be saved doing this. We used eat at 6pm so there was never an issue getting what we wanted. As part of the package you can’t book your restaurants until on-board and one of them must be used on night 1 or 2. Top Tip: As soon as you arrive on-board make your bookings and you’ll get what you want. Jamie’s was fab, a more casual dining option and 150 Central Park was superb. It’s more upmarket. The 23oz rib eye for 2 is excellent. The Staff – Again, I read an awful lot of complaints about the staff but we found them nothing but friendly. Out stateroom attendant “Tut” was excellent and the waiting staff were always friendly to our baby and some would go out of their way to come over to her and say hello. Embarkation – this was quick in Barcelona, probably about 10 minutes. The online method is great. Aqua Theater- The only show I saw was in the aqua theater which is well worth a look. Running Track - Finally a proper walking/running track. This is the best I have seen at sea. It goes around the entire circumference of the ship on deck 5 and is one way. I think i'ts about .6km all around. No more avoiding people with drinks, or chairs etc. And it's also linked to the excellent gym on deck 6. The Bad The Size of the Ship – This ship is massive. Be prepared to do a lot of walking. Our stateroom was right at the front so we did a lot of walking. I don’t think they should build any bigger. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but I wouldn’t recommend this ship for people who are less able bodied. It also means that you are often further out in ports. The Cot – We ordered a cot for our stateroom before we sailed. When we arrived it wasn’t there so our baby had to sleep on a make shift bed on the floor. It didn’t arrive until that evening which was a bit annoying as we asked for it to be in our stateroom on arrival. It is also quiet small and it didn’t come with a mattress as per their website so it wasn’t that comfortable. Considering you have to pay for your child and they expect tips, I’d except better than this. Chops – Chops grill used to be my favourite but it didn’t live up to expectation this time around. My wife ordered a cookie dessert which we were expecting to be cookie in a skillet or something like that but it was actually 3 cookies on a plate. This is just lazy and not what you’d expect in a pay restaurant. But what annoyed me more was that when we asked for our bill our waiter pointed out that there was a section to leave more and on returning to us I could see him looking if we left an additional amount. There is already a surcharge on this restaurant and there is 18% gratuity on drinks so I wasn’t impressed with this. This was the first time this ever happened on a cruise. Embarkation Sales – As you arrive on-board there is people everywhere trying to sell things. Just leave us on the ship and take it all in rather than trying to avoid sales people. Costs – This is more a complaint about Royal Caribbean than the ship itself. We started cruising with RC nearly 10 years ago. The cruise fares I feel now are gone very expensive. On top of that their drink prices are crazy, $28 for two cocktails, $8 for a beer. It’s more expensive in Europe as they put 10% tax on the price and of course it still includes the 18% gratuity. The gratuities are now $13.5 and they even charge that for a baby. I just feel the costs are getting too high and will probably impact on who we cruise with in the future. In Marseille we were docked 7km from the town and the shuttle bus was $18 return. I mean come on, $9 each way for a bus ride. The Baby Adventure Ocean – this is the kids club. They have an open play area where you can go anytime with your child. There are then different rooms based on age category. We used the 6 – 36 months one. You can drop your child in there for $6 p/h before 6pm and $8 per hour after that (not $10 as per ship review). Some of the staff in there are great and definitely recommended to get some time for yourself. If you can bring your own cot, do so as the one provided is not good and its smaller than expected. If you can get a bigger room do as I would hate to have been in a normal size room with our little active one. We had oceanview which was great. I wouldn’t recommend a balcony cabin as if we did I can only imagine the whole time trying to stop her from trying to get out onto it. Read Less
Sail Date September 2016
This was our 6th cruise but our first since having our daughter who had just turned 3 years. We hoped that a boat like HOTS would give us the cruise experience we wanted but would cater sufficient for her and we weren't disappointed. ... Read More
This was our 6th cruise but our first since having our daughter who had just turned 3 years. We hoped that a boat like HOTS would give us the cruise experience we wanted but would cater sufficient for her and we weren't disappointed. We flew and transferred under RC umbrella and it made embarkation so easy. We checked in at the airport with the reps then jumped on a bus to the boat where we walked straight on. Debarkation was equally well managed. Our cabin was an oceanview and one of the best cabins we've ever had. It wasn't the biggest but it was designed by someone who understands that people need drawers and places to put stuff. There was so much storage it felt a lot bigger. Immaculately clean. Having sailed with RC before we weren't excited about the windjammer but on HOTS it is outstanding. We never struggled for a table and the staff were active in helping with this. They brought complimentary drinks to the table and the food! The food was amazing. We even ate there twice in the evening. Unheard of on any other boat we've been on. We also ate in the main restaurant which was good and Jamie's Italian. However what is a currently underrated place is Sabor the Mexican restaurant and bar. The food was amazing and reasonably priced. (Tip: For a more relaxed breakfast head up to Mini Bites. They do cereal, fruit and the usual hot stuff like bacon and eggs etc and its empty and you're guaranteed a sea view!) As we had our 3 year old with us we spent a lot of time at the splash pool and this is great for little ones. Its always staffed as well which I was impressed with and they had swim vests available at the other pools. The vast majority of the staff were happy and gave great service. They were especially attentive to our daughter. There's so much to do on this boat its impossible to comment on everything but I will say 7 nights isn't enough to really experience everything. One aspect I was concerned about was the sea day following other reviews saying it was very busy. I'm not a fan as a general rule of this day however it was the best sea day we have ever spent. At no point did the boat feel crowded not did we have to queue for anything excessively. With HOTS RC has dropped some of the more annoying aspects of cruising. the announcements are minimal and there is no where near as much focus on shopping or upselling as on other boats. Without a shadow of a doubt we would sail again. Read Less
Sail Date September 2016
traveled with my husbend and 1 year old baby girl and with my mother and father. second time cruising with RC. the ship is simply amazing, so big that you would take days to see all of it, 7 nights were not enough for me, i didn't ... Read More
traveled with my husbend and 1 year old baby girl and with my mother and father. second time cruising with RC. the ship is simply amazing, so big that you would take days to see all of it, 7 nights were not enough for me, i didn't want to leave it really. the cabin was really nice and neat, i liked the colors and decour but no much difference than my last cruise except for the colors i guess. the food is amazing all over the ship, the Windjammer is always crowded in breakfast and lunches but not as much in the evening since most of passengers are in the main dining. the main dining is always crowded and the service is not as good as my previous cruise, but the food is good. room service is excellent and quick. activities in the ship are endless and very interesting, love the Abyss and the escape game room. there was a play ground for my baby girl especially for her age and a swimming pool also, very good for us. the ports are nice, most provided with shuttle bus to outside of the port. the service is good but not excellent considering the huge number of people on board. I will defiantly sail with RC again but will try another ship. the check in line was very long but they brought us in front because we have a baby, very good really. an accident happened and a crew member died so we had to miss one port of call (Florence) we directly went to Rome, RC refunded that day port tax and paid each room a compensation amount which was very good and we used it in paying the internet and bought many things with it. Read Less
Sail Date September 2016
I had booked this cruise before the ship was built and was regretting it based on the negative reviews. But, I have to say, while SOME of the negative points were well founded, I did have a really nice vacation. Here's my experience ... Read More
I had booked this cruise before the ship was built and was regretting it based on the negative reviews. But, I have to say, while SOME of the negative points were well founded, I did have a really nice vacation. Here's my experience (as objectively as possible) My husband and I did a round trip Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona. We had only done one other cruise before (Mexico on HAL) and didn't particularly like it - but thought we'd give it another try as we wanted to see Europe and liked the ports on this trip. THE GOOD: - Embarkation was super easy! Checking in online, from home in advance, will make your life so much easier -- do it! Even if you're not tech savvy, it's easy and you will get on the ship quickly. There were staff floating around in the terminal with computer tablets and I flagged one lady down to ask what we needed to do and her answer was "I can get you checked in and on your way" Just like that. Doesn't get any easier. - The stateroom was lovely and had tons of storage. We had an ocean view balcony room on Deck 12. Had everything we needed - no complaints. And our attendant, Raj, was awesome. Tended the room twice a day, remembered our names and was very friendly. I had a bottle of wine on the counter, came back in the evening and wine glasses had appeared. Great service. *Heads up, it's true that they do have soap/body wash in shower but no shampoo/conditioner. Need to bring your own. - The ship is new and clean and beautiful. And, yes, it's huge. It does take some time to learn your way around. There are large interactive maps (touch screen) at the end of each deck by the elevators as well as tablets on the main entertainment decks. These are helpful. You can use the TV in the stateroom to check restaurant menus etc, track reservations/account charges & order room service. There were also channels dedicated to going over many of the amenities on the ship. Anyone that says they couldn't figure out where things were etc didn't really look. *We pre-ordered room service for breakfast several times. Service was great and came in the time frame we'd asked in the morning. **We did not get any pressure for a tip from any staff, including room service, during or trip. - I liked the food very much. This is a personal thing, I get it. I may not have cruised a lot, but I have traveled and done many an All-Inclusive vacation. Personally, we thought the Windjammer (and the smaller Solarium Bistro) had a great selection and the food was very tasty. The main menu didn't vary much, but they did try and give some high end dinner options (crab & lobster nights, fresh stir fry etc). The main dining room also had good food and the menu changed every night. Didn't go to many of the A La Carte restaurants as I resent paying extra, but I did try the Sushi restaurant (service and food was AWESOME. If you like sushi and are willing to pay for it, highly recommend) and the Sabor Mexican restaurant. It was ok. Most things on the menu were only $5-6 so at least it was a relatively cheap alternative if wanting to try an a la carte. - The clean police were on patrol! There's probably more hand sanitizer than booze on the ship! And hand washing stations everywhere! The buffet staff even made you wash your hands before going in. I think it's great knowing that if you're going to dine with 5000 of your closest friends at the least the chances of staying germ free are better. - Service was fantastic. I found 95% of the staff to be friendly and helpful. Some even too much! Seriously, I think we were asked if we needed anything 10 times while trying to grab a quick lunch. A little overkill, but I appreciated the efforts. Better that than being ignored. Pool/deck service was a bit spotty at times - but I have no problem getting off my butt and going to the bar myself. - Entertainment was really great. We saw 2 different ice shows, an aqua show, several different jazz bands, a swing band/orchestra, 2 musicals (Grease and Columbus), a stand up comedy act and a magician. We really enjoyed all of it. They have some very talented performers and NO, they are NOT lip syncing. One of the shows had mic issues and they had to sing accapella for a portion and they are definitely singing. Basically, if you look for entertainment, you'll find it. *Another tip, book/reserve shows and restaurants online before you go. Way easier than on ship. - Sports Deck and Pools - Loved the flowrider simulator. Played some mini golf and table tennis. Waterslides were fun (I only went when there was no line - which there was most of the time), pools are pretty small and shallow, but good for kids. We preferred the Solarium (adults only) which had a rain shower to cool off as well as hot tubs. - Drink Selection was good. The Bionic Bar is a must just for the entertainment value alone. - Ports were great. Getting on/off the ship was relatively painless. Many ports required shuttles into town but were well organized. Personal favorites were La Spezia and Naples. *We did not go ashore for Rome of Mallorca, decided to chill on the ship and let everyone else go sight seeing ;) We did not use the ship for any excursions. THE NOT-SO-GOOD: Of course, nothing is perfect. So, here are some things that could use improvement (if possible): - Elevators. Yes, the ship is full of people and can get very busy at times. Take your Patience Pills in the evening, for sure. If you're able to take the stairs between decks, do it. The elevators do get busy and stop at every floor. I found myself taking the stairs more often than not. Good way to work off all the food ;) - Dining. We did the My Time dining a few times. It's a little misleading as a lot of people have reserved for the same time - so you can wind up lined up for a while despite the reservation. I preferred the WIndjammer myself which could also get very busy. We lucked out and only had one day where we couldn't find a table (the one day at sea). This bottle neck of people could be avoided if some of the a la carte restaurants were made complimentary. I get it - there are always the 'for extra fee places' on ships and AI resorts, but they should be the exception, not the majority.Other than the main dining rooms, all the other a la carte service restaurants were for extra charge (even Johnny Rockets diner? Seriously?) *Tip: The windjammer is bigger than it looks though, be sure to peak around corners as it wraps all the way around and often there were extra treats around the back. - The ever wonderful Towel Game. This was really only an issue when everyone was on board (at sea with no port). To be fair, there are tons of sun beds -- they are crammed together making them hard to get into without steamrolling your neighbor! - but if you want some actual sun or a view you will find a sea of blue towels 'holding' these beds for people from first thing in the morning - and the people often don't come back for hours. It sucks to walk around, looking to soak in a bit of sun seeing 50% empty beds held for Mr. Nobody. *Tip: You do have to 'check out' the towels with your SeaPass card and supposedly you're charged $30 if you don't return it. This wasn't an issue for anyone who doesn't mind being responsible with things they borrow. **I will admit though that I ALMOST took some of those towels belonging to those mysterious sun bed holders so they'd be charged the deposit.... Childish, I know, but I said ALMOST. - Expensive Drink Packages. It cost us $1000 for the Premium Package which did not include any drink over $13 (and yes, there were a few of those!) or specialty coffee. I do enjoy a cocktail or two and bottled water - which is what prompted us to buy the package. But, at the end of the day, it probably would have been cheaper to just buy a la carte. I found we were ordering more than we normally would to 'make it worth the $1000' I don't know, maybe you're darned if you do and darned if you don't. *Yes, drinks are more expensive than the average bar. So, at the end of the day, make sure you factor in fee restaurants and drink to your final price of your cruise. It's a lot of money! - Two embarkations. The ship offers both Barcelona and Rome as embarkation/disembarkation points. That's a little strange. So, you get to listen to all the safety stuff over again half way through and have all the luggage in the hallways etc. Not a huge deal - but thought it strange. This also made for 2 formal night galas - so if you want a chance to get dressed up twice, then this is your cruise :) - Fitness Center. I like the gym, so thought I'd try it out. While it does have a great layout and equipment, the smoke from the casino is indeed pumped into the gym. I'm not a smoker but nor am I an 'anti-smoker' either. Whatever turns your crank. But does anyone else get the irony of going to a fitness centre and breathing in a cloud of blue?? That wasn't my idea of a good workout. - Enforcing adults only sections. Hey, I like kids. I'm happy to see families enjoying their vacation time. And most of the ship caters to families. Very cool. But there is one section at the front called the Solarium where adults are given a small spa like sanctuary to sit in quiet, should they so choose. There are even "Adult Only" signs. So, I don't think it unreasonable to ask that this space be without kids. But that wasn't the case and the staff did not enforce the rules. Not a huge deal -- but thought it was a little disappointing. We didn't use the spa or buy from any of the shopping outlets. If you like having your picture taken, you'll be in heaven. I swear they make up events just so the ship photographers can snap away. Again, not my thing, but whatever works for you. We did the Express Disembarkation first thing in the morning. Easy. Efficient. No complaints. On a whole, it was a really nice vacation - but an expensive one when factoring extra (mandatory) gratuities, drinks, and a la carte dining. If you like cruising in general and want a boat that's new and shiny and has lots of entertainment, then this one is for you. If you're watching your pennies or prefer a less busy environment -- than this may not be your thing. Hope this helps! Read Less
Sail Date September 2016
We were a family group of 15 (ages 3.5 to 70), and all in all we enjoyed our cruise. The inner public areas, the Promenade, Broadwalk and Central Park are amazing. It is a totally different experience from regular ships which cater for ... Read More
We were a family group of 15 (ages 3.5 to 70), and all in all we enjoyed our cruise. The inner public areas, the Promenade, Broadwalk and Central Park are amazing. It is a totally different experience from regular ships which cater for 2000-3000 passengers. The atmosphere is gay and vibrant, but noisy. It's almost impossible to find, in the evening, a quiet place to read or have a quiet conversation. I also felt the lack of an open deck where you can sit or lean on the rail relax and watch the sea, relatively far from the noisy crowds next to the pools. There are two rather small open "balconies" extending from the Solarium area, which is not enough and not accessible to children. The choice of food was remarkable and the quality was good. However I can't find it acceptable that a dinner at the main dining rooms should takes two long hours. Why? The choice of exciting activities is endless. However it arouses great expectations which can't be fulfilled due to the limited opening times and the long lines. We got a Daily Planner which was crowded with more than hundred items in small print. I suggest keeping it constantly in your pocket and even so you'll miss half the things you want. The younger children activities, in their special area, are in particular too structured in time and don't fit a vacation mood. My older granddaughters were disappointed by the rather insufficient slots of time allocated to Ice Skating, and only on two days during the cruise! This was far from enough and many, including them were turned back. The Shows were very good, but could have been even better if the volume was turned 30% down… The room attendants and the waiters, especially in Windjammer, were excellent and very helpful. The Guest service was less so. I suspect that a major reason to the long lines was that they, or other people in the offices, made a mass with the On Board Credits. For instance, in 5 of our 6 cabins, they were assigned to the youngest passenger in the cabin which forced us to stand in line to fix it. Read Less
Sail Date August 2016
We'd been on a few RCL cruises in the past three years and decided it would be a good way to get a sampling of Europe. The ship is brand new and beautiful with plenty to do! We booked three cabins for our family in order to ... Read More
We'd been on a few RCL cruises in the past three years and decided it would be a good way to get a sampling of Europe. The ship is brand new and beautiful with plenty to do! We booked three cabins for our family in order to accommodate everyone. Before I go into the cons of our trip, I do want to mention that we had the best room attendant ever. Her name was Bernadette and she was from Jamaica. She was truly a joy to be around. Always happy and accommodating. We also had a table attendant on a few nites, Fabian who was from India. He too, was a great person to have around. He was personable and very helpful with his suggestions. If we had not had dinner at different times each nite, we would have requested to have him the entire week. It's people like Bernadette and Fabian that give service and the cruise line a good name and they should be commended. This being our fourth trip in three years, we have noticed a slight decline in the service area. For one, we had asked for all of our rooms to be connected to the same expense account. We had everyone added upon embarkation and were told we were all set. The first day, they wouldn't accept my charges because I was not on the account. After a long wait in line at the Service desk, we were assured it was taken care of. On the day of our departure, we were stopped and told my son had to pay his bill before disembarking. They had removed him from the expense account and we still don't know why, so we had to get into another extremely long line to resolve this while our tour driver waited for us at the gate. There seemed to be a shortage of waiters in the pool area. It was difficult to put in orders and had to go to the bar and wait in line most of the time. My husband went to put an order in with one of the waiters and he said he'd be right back and never showed up. On another day my husband gave the same waiter another order and he called another waiter over to take the order. It seems that since we don't have to sign anymore and there is no place to add additional tips the service is definitely not the way it used to be. The other thing that was upsetting was the fact that the only reason we purchased the drink plan, was to cover the frozen alcoholic drinks such as Pina Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiris since they are probably the most costly. We got on the ship on Sunday and by Monday evening the ship was out of Pina Colada, Strawberry and Mango daiquiri mix everywhere on the ship except for the Schooner bar which had some left and we found out about on Wednesday. We were told that they would get more on Thursday in Rome. Well that was two thirds of the way thru the cruise and we couldn't get a refund for the drink packages. We were told that due to the unprecedented amount of children with drink packages on the cruise, they'd run out by fulfilling the kids' virgin drinks. I would think that the ship had a count of kids on the ship, as that info is on all reservations, and I would also think that the beverage manager should have had an idea of the situation from experience and should have had a better handle on the supply. We had a wonderful room attendant, as I mentioned previously, and so did my son and his fiance. As for my other two sons, they never met or saw their room attendant the entire week they were on the ship. They had no idea what the person looked like. That was so different from the past. The cruise director wasn't as involved with the shows as our other cruise directors have been in the past and we miss the scavenger game and married couple games, etc that they've had on all the other ships. I guess after having wonderful, energetic cruise directors on previous sailings, we were just a little disappointed. The other disappointment was the cost of the ships photographs. We always buy the highest package that includes all the photos and a disc with the photos. We paid $349 for the package in January on the Oasis. This time it cost us $299 + tax totaling $360 and all we got was the download and a flash drive with the images. We were told that if we wanted the actual photos, they were an additional $5 a piece. We thought this was outrageous! For these reasons, I am only giving the cruise 4 stars instead of 5. As for the food in the dining room, the entertainment, and the activities, they were all great. I would highly recommend seeing Grease, the Ice Show and the water show. They were all spectacular. The comedian on the ship was also great. We had a wonderful trip and saw lots of different places and things. We would definitely go on RCL again, but hope that they work on some of the issues I mentioned. Read Less
Sail Date July 2016
Beautiful ship. I traveled with my family including 2 kids age 14 and 11. Pros-the cabins seem more roomy and are laid out much better thereby maximizing personal space. A little different from Oasis and Allure in that the Starbucks is ... Read More
Beautiful ship. I traveled with my family including 2 kids age 14 and 11. Pros-the cabins seem more roomy and are laid out much better thereby maximizing personal space. A little different from Oasis and Allure in that the Starbucks is outside and they don't have RC's "traditional" Italian restaurant-they have Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant, which is nice. Shops are "higher end" on the boardwalk -Bulgari and Tiffany. You can book excursions and check your account at kiosks they have on the Promenade so you don't have to wait in line at Guest Relations or check the TV. My kids loved the production of "Grease" as well as the Abyss slide and the water slides. The food and service in the dining room was the best on any of the RC's we have experienced. The kid's club activities were great and both my kids enjoyed their time there. Staff at kid's club was A+. American Icon Dining Room was very nice. Great art. Internet was good, but good. I would've rated it higher, but the first Aqua Show "Fine Line" wasn't great, there was soot everywhere when watching the Aqua Show (stained our clothes), difficult to get any issues resolved as guest relations/customer service rarely answered the phone and the line was always ridiculously long, the Abyss was closed way too much and the Diamond Lounge was like an after thought with no access to outside, like a balcony and no windows. It was on deck 4 forward. The "unlimited" self serve soda machines ran out of drinks 2 days before the cruise ended. The embarkation and disembarkation was easy. Our cabin was ready upon arrival and bags came really quickly as well. The keys to the room were taped on the door. I also liked that we were able to upload our own photo prior to boarding. There was an option to have a bracelet which functioned as a key instead of a room key. This really helps for kids and those not wanting to carry a key. We had 2 staterooms with a ocean view balcony and it was nice to join the balconies. Read Less
Sail Date June 2016
We decided on this cruise as we wanted to experience the brand new Harmony of the Seas. Embarkation in Barcelona was quick and easy. Disembarkation was fairly quick, however, the queue to get a taxi was horrendous - we waited in ... Read More
We decided on this cruise as we wanted to experience the brand new Harmony of the Seas. Embarkation in Barcelona was quick and easy. Disembarkation was fairly quick, however, the queue to get a taxi was horrendous - we waited in queue for about 45 minutes. Note of caution - if you have a morning flight out, be sure to disembark at the earliest possible time. Cabin layout was good; lots of storage space. Bathroom sink could have been bigger, but it was manageable. Our cabin attendant was excellent. We did not have a lot of time to experience the ships' facilities as most shore excursions left fairly early in the morning and by the time we got back on the ship, we didn't have time to use the pool, etc. The one sea day we tried to get some lounge chairs in the solarium, but many had towels, etc on them. All the lounge bubble chairs (not sure what you would call them) had towels on them or people at 7 am. The food in the dining room was fine; although the reservation process was terrible. We had made online reservations prior to boarding but could not get any reasonable time; eg. we had 8:30 pm or later. However, you could go to the dining room and wait in the no reservation line for a table. This was often quicker than waiting in the reservation line. Also, we had reservations one night and when we showed up were told our table was given to another party and to come back. When we came back, we were again told that our table was given to another party. At this point, it was getting fairly late and we just wanted to eat so we opted to sit in another area. The service was hit and miss in the dining room. When we sat in our "regular assigned table" the servers were excellent. We dined at three of the specialty dining restaurants: Chops Grille, Jamie's Italian and 150 Central Park. Chops and 150 Central Park were excellent - would highly recommend. Jamie's Italian was the least favorite, but still very good. The reservation process for specialty dining needs improvement. We could not reserve times online prior to boarding and had to resort to going to Customer Service to get reservations. We had lunch at Johnny Rockets one day; it was ok, nothing to write home about. They should have made this space bigger; not many booths. Windjammer - we only at here a couple of times for breakfast; too busy and the food was ok. We had breakfast at the Solarium Bistro the other days; definitely a better option than Windjammer (fresh fried eggs, fruit, standard pancake/French toast/bacon fare). We saw two shows: Grease and The Fine Line (we saw this twice). Grease was fairly good, but The Fine Line was excellent, very entertaining show with lots of acrobatics; the guy spinning at the beginning and throughout was amazing. Mini Bites was nothing to write home about - the food tasted somewhat off/stale. Café Promenade was ok; they served the exact same sandwiches/pastries every day though so it became old quite fast. Shore Excursions - we did three shore excursions through the ship: 1) Palma di Mallorca beach transfer - they drop you off at the beach where you can spend a few hours. This was fine; you are essentially paying for the bus ride there and back. 2) Olive oil tasting in Civitavecchia - not worth the money. We spent most of the time on the bus getting there. They did took us to a small town; which would have been fine except almost all the shops and cafes were closed on Thursday afternoons. 3) Marseiles - we did Cassis extended time - this was the best of the ship shore excursions we did through the ship. We would have liked to have done a boat tour to see the Calanques(45 min - 1 hour) but did not get there in time and we would have cut it close for the meeting time back - if you do this excursion, try to get on the first boat tour when you go to Cassis. We had lunch at a restaurant and walked around the main square. We went to the casino one night - very smoky. This was enough to turn me off from going back. Same with the pool area - why would they put a smokers area in the middle of an area with pools where you have kids, etc is beyond me. Overall thoughts - a beautiful ship; if you plan on enjoying the activities or facilities on board, consider skipping some shore excursions. We paid a lot of money for this cruise and really did not get to fully enjoy the ship's amenities (no fault of RC). Read Less
Sail Date June 2016
Harmony of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.6
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 5.0 4.3
Public Rooms 4.0 4.4
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Enrichment 2.5 3.9
Service 3.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.9

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