8 Barbados First-Time Cruisers Cruise Reviews

This was our first cruise. - Harsh but true.... Once on board, we were not shown or directed to our cabin, but had to find out own way. Cabin was much smaller than expected and not enough room for our clothes but hanging space and ... Read More
This was our first cruise. - Harsh but true.... Once on board, we were not shown or directed to our cabin, but had to find out own way. Cabin was much smaller than expected and not enough room for our clothes but hanging space and shower was adequate. Balcony small. Suitcases had not yet arrived so we went for a drink at the Glasshouse where we were overcharged by £9, this was addressed. Went to Reception to find out about dining options etc, the receptionist was quite rude and said that it was all clearly marked in the leaflet, she then underscored where we could eat that was included in the price. Back to Cabin deck 10 -didn't have to wait long for lifts throughout holiday. Entertainment was poor, just unknown vocalists, poor ventriliquist and one good show - Gravity with good special effects. Comedian was also good but standing room only unless you bolted your food or skipped a course to get there 40 minutes before the start. The Overtones were the best! Ship smelt of varnish as crew were masked up touching up, why when ship was not even a year old? Passengers were forever getting lost, poor directions. I would not even be able to find my way to the muster point if necessary. Food was mostly good, waiting and cabin staff...very good. Captain only made a brief appearance to upsell the café and spa (still I suppose someone had to sail the ship) Ports were excellent, we were first off at every port and last to get back on. It was like being locked up in a hotel from 6pm onwards. Gala nights (of which there were 4) "All dressed up and nowhere to go" Everyone looked bored. Everyday we were bombarded with more and more paperwork about quoits or silent quizzes or bingo or spa offers - none of which appealed. The passengers were friendly and some had been on several cruises and thought the Ventura was much better. Many people said they would not go on Britannia again, there was no promenade deck, the pools were too small, there were not enough sun beds and those available were extremely close to your neighbour, also there was no shade for the sunbeds. Shops, expensive and not much of interest. Overall very disappointing - this was our first and LAST cruise. Advise you to read cruise critic before parting with your hard earned cash! (wish we had) Read Less
Sail Date February 2016
we went on this cruise thinking it was wheelchair friendly the staff were very rude the only person that helped us was the cleaner I had to get my partner off the ship by myself twice as there was no one to help nearly lost him ... Read More
we went on this cruise thinking it was wheelchair friendly the staff were very rude the only person that helped us was the cleaner I had to get my partner off the ship by myself twice as there was no one to help nearly lost him overboard.the lifejacket drill was a joke,when you hear a certain noise you must go to your cabin an retrieve your life jacket do not use the lift then she spotted my partner an said I surpose you will have to .we couldn't get in the pools as they are 5 foot7 one end and 6 foot the following end an the steps are in the deep end.the disabled cabin was worse the only way you could tell it was disabled there was a seat in the shower it wasn't a none slip floor had we of known this we would of got a balcony cabin.we only paid to go on one excursion due to the fact when we went on the trip we had to get off at deck 4 others got off at deck 5 by time we got off the ship our group had disappeared I had to find someone who then accused us of being late which we wasn't we a just slower cause of the wheelchair no one waited they are more friendly off the ship than on it .if your a wheelchair user I wouldn't recommend this cruise it was an experience like no other.the dinning started off bad as soon as staff noticed the wheelchair they were mortified and our starter was missed the only good thing about the holiday was the places we went to an some of the other English on board . Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
All details are factual and the subject of a formal written complaint to P&O My wife booked the cruise in Oct 2014 to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary which was to occur in early 2015 We arrived 27/11 /15 and Azura A529 ... Read More
All details are factual and the subject of a formal written complaint to P&O My wife booked the cruise in Oct 2014 to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary which was to occur in early 2015 We arrived 27/11 /15 and Azura A529 departed Bridgetown on the 28th November 2015. The run up to the cruise was plagued with issues as a result of poor recommendation by our agents but after a last minute cabin change we headed off in the hope all would go well. Our balcony cabin had twin beds. On the first evening after a short time in bed I was unable to sleep as I felt as though I was being bitten... Not sure what was going on I swapped beds with my partner...and pretty soon she was bitten too. Bed bugs ! ?? We stripped the bedding and found it filthy the duvet was covered in what looked like body fluid stains , pillows were stained too. We were so shocked we took photo's as evidence. We complained to our cabin steward and reception.In due course the housekeeping manager agreed to change the bedding. No change of room was offered despite the fact the room probably needed a deep clean/fumigating. Not wishing to be labelled complainers , we felt that at least if the bedding was clean , then we should be OK.....but if we had been staying in a hotel , we would have walked and refused to pay the bill. Things could only get better ? Our cabin , B101 stank of stale cigarette smoke each time we put the aircon on. B101 is next to the crew section and on investigation post cruise I have seen comments going back to shortly after Azura first sailed about the smell of smoke in that cabin. The smell entered via the bathroom door lock cavity To cheer ourselves up we booked a P&O official trip to Stingray City , Grand Cayman. The info in the P&O excursion manual said that the sandbank was about 4feet deep and life jackets would be provided. My wife is/was a good swimmer...I am not so good , but with a snorkel I'm fine. On the day of the trip we attended the Playhouse theatre muster and were given labels for the trip. Unfortunately the excursion rep was totally disinterested in what he was doing and gave us the wrong labels. On realising this later we asked for them to be changed .... which was done without apology. This might seem trivial but has a bearing later on We used tenders to get ashore. A storm broke as we arrived at the terminal with some of the heaviest rain seen for some time. Tender ops were suspended , but we went ahead with the excursion....we were soaked to the skin but as we were eventually going into the water it didn't matter too much ! Bussed to our speed boat , we were shown aboard by two crew , for twenty eight people....no P&O rep....no life jackets...not even sure if there were any on board. The trip out to the reef/sandbank was through a heavy swell created by the storm. On arrival at the location we were greeted by the sight of dozens of boats and scores of people milling around in the water. Craft were fighting for position and anchors were being thrown into the water within feet of swimmers. It was mayhem. Visitors were gathered into large groups in the water by their two crew ,some 20-30metres from the boat. Becoming tired by the swell my wife decided to go back to the boat... two others had already boarded. As she did so she was swept under water a number of times and became frightened. I was on the other side of the group and unable to get to her. Eventually she managed to get to the metal steps on the stern of the boat. These were slippery , she lost her footing and fell damaging her knee. There was no-one aboard to help her other than those passengers who had already boarded. When I eventually got back to the boat I found her knee was grazed , bruised and bleeding. I asked a crew member if they had a first aid box...he looked in a small box and commented...tell her to get back in the water , the salt will do it good! Such was the trauma of the incident , my wife never went into the sea again for the rest of the cruise despite the fact that swimming in the Caribbean was to have been the highlight of the holiday. If we had booked this as a private trip we might have expected this cavalier approach , but for an organised P&O excursion , this was abysmal and put lives at risk. The next day , checking our on board account we found that the charge for the excursion had been debited to my account rather than my wife's. We told the excursion rep who said she would put it right. After 24 hours my account was credited....however the charge to my wife's account was for a trip we had not been on.. 006A Stingray Sailaway , which was £98 rather than £76 for the Express tour 017B! Another trip to see the excursion rep....he said he would correct it. 24 hours later , no correction. We complained to reception who phoned the excursion manager for us.The latter insisted we had been on the dearer trip. We did not want reception to be caught in the middle of an argument, we thanked them and went off to the excursion desk. The young lady eventually agreed that we had been on 017B and agreed to correct the charge. The young man we asked to sort it out 24 hours before was sitting next to her and said , he had forgotten... no hint of an apology. This was the same rather rude young man who had originally given us the wrong excursion tag. The third black tie evening approached and I used the laundrette to wash my white dress shirt. On pressing the steam button on the iron I was appalled to find that someone had put coffee in the iron...my white shirt was now splattered with brown stains. I warned other users and tried to disconnect the iron from the wall , but it was locked in , so housekeeping were told , and I was left to rewash the shirt and try to remove the stains. On a second occasion my wife washed a number of items , which came out of the washing machine badly marked and stained. On taking them to reception she was told they would be laundered FOC. It took three days and two reminders to get them back....on the night before we left the Azura! On the last morning we were told to leave our cabin at 0800...some travellers had to wait until late afternoon before disembarking. Public toilets were available but those departing seemed to wander around aimlessly trying to kill the time. Surely a few cabins could have been made available for shower/changing facilities. We sat on the promenade deck at one point and a steward walked past shouting "rubbish !" at me...he was in fact referring to the magazine I had beside me. His attitude was intimidating and clearly shocked others near by. Of course we were leaving...so I suppose we were not of any further interest to him. This was our first ever cruise....and our last. Were we expecting too much ? We would certainly not travel with P&O again or indeed recommend them. Whilst the staff in the Oriental were brilliant and so too our cabin steward , the rest of the experience was akin to a cheap B&B or a stay at a tacky floating holiday camp. We tried to make the best of the trip , but , no thanks to P&O. A truly bad and very expensive experience , not to be repeated. The only high points were the daily "thought of the day" from Captain Camby..... perhaps Captain you should consider this one..."Just because nobody complains it doesn't mean all parachutes are perfect." Read Less
Sail Date November 2015
As two first time cruisers, celebrating 3 special occasions in 2013, we were so excited to be heading for the Caribbean in January 2013 on the P&O Ventura. We had planned and prepared for this cruise for 18 months and it was such a big ... Read More
As two first time cruisers, celebrating 3 special occasions in 2013, we were so excited to be heading for the Caribbean in January 2013 on the P&O Ventura. We had planned and prepared for this cruise for 18 months and it was such a big disappointment. I would recommend that anyone thinking of going on their first cruise to research yourself thoroughly before you jump on board. We had gone to a specialist cruise shop in Liverpool and the advice given to us failed in the first instance as the wrong cruise company was recommended. We wanted a ship with the “wow” factor, including the wave pool, rock wall, indoor mall, but P&O ships don’t offer these services… We now know we should have chosen a Royal Caribbean ship for a number of factors. The beginning of the holiday started well as we boarded our charter at Liverpool Airport (this was a test schedule). The flight to Barbados airport was ideal and the transfer from plane to ship went smoothly bypassing Barbados customs to transfer directly to the ship. Upon boarding we didn’t experience the WOW factor and our first impression of Ventura lasted with us the whole cruise as other experiences didn’t come upto the expected standard. The general area furnishings were outdated, tired and worn and within our room (B326), the carpet was dirty, the towels threadbare and yellowed, the sheets in need of renewing as we found a hole in the duvet upon one of the changes and the balcony furniture was stained. Whilst on board we found that the ship was due for refit in March so we would it would be interested to see if passengers cruising after that refit report a significant change. Other passengers on board felt the standard against price paid was very poor. Having paid extra for a balcony and checked the brochure before hand for any restrictions, we found that our balcony was completely covered, the canopy being the floor of the balcony above. So beware of B deck balconies as this canopy stretches a good proportion of the ship. We have since raised this mis information with P&O (the fact that according to the brochure, our balcony wasn’t “restricted” in any way) and their customer service dept are not willing to accept this fact. I would recommend that if you do have a problem whilst on board then persist with the in- house team to rectify any problem, as once home, the UK based Customer Service Centre are not interested in listening to you regarding your concerns. There were four days at sea during the 15 night holiday and we expected to take full advantage of these relaxing on a sun-lounger. This was not the case as the sun-loungers filled up by 9 am with customers reserving them from sunrise. The in-house literature requested that passengers do not reserve beds and if they are moving away from their bed for half an hour then it be freed up. Policing this request was none existent as staff weren’t interested in the distress of some customers who searched the ship and were unable to obtain a sun-lounger. Some selfish customers went as far as reserving one each in the shade and one in the sun and swapped between the two periodically throughout the day. The feedback from P&O customer services reported that “they had provided the facility to sunbathe and were not obligated to find passengers a bed!!” This issue with beds has been a major problem with other passengers on Cruise Critic Sites and has been reported since 2009 and yet P&O have made no attempt to implement a procedure for the comfort of their passengers. I wonder if this is the norm with all cruise ships but it is certainly off-putting and a bad mark against P&O for their lack of interest to rectify this problem. I have some good aspects to report. The itinery with the variety of islands covered and the length of daily stay in port (normally arriving 7 am and departing 5 pm) was ideal. Booking P&O organised excursions is recommended as it alleviates the worry that you may get left behind if you are delayed. These excursions do seem expensive but the island tours give you a good overview of beach and town. The evening entertainment content was of a high standard but that did prove a disadvantage in itself as seating was unobtainable unless you left your meal early and reserved your seat in the cabaret lounge and theatre. The food was of a high quality in all of the ship restaurants and the waiting and bar staff attentive and helpful. We dined in Saffron on the first sitting and the organisation was excellent. I would recommend eating in the waiter service restaurants than fending for yourself in the buffet restaurant which at times was like a free for all at a holiday camp as some passengers chose to queue jump and many were disrespectful of the waiting staff. The bar prices were on par with UK hotels and the fact that you paid in £ Sterling was a bonus. The soft drinks and ice cream package was good value for money. Ship’s passengers are 90 % British and for us Brits that like our tea available in the room, all rooms had tea making facilities and a fridge. I believe P&O advertising is bringing in a different clientel and the traditional standards of cruising are being left behind. The Captain’s Gala on the second night was a let down as the Captain appeared for a five minute slot at the beginning of the evening and was never spotted again for the rest of the evening. There was no Captain’s table at which he was dining and he wasn’t "Meeting and Greeting" the passengers as we expected. In fact passengers wanting to approach him were queuing to have their photo taken with him to which they would then be asked to pay for this official photo. Official photographers were in abundance but the price charged was expensive and there were no offers for those wishing to purchase more than one photo. I can only guess at the amount of photos that were wasted and it surely would have been more cost effective to have reduced prices and put packages together. The “Spa” didn’t give the ambiance of privacy and restfulness expected and the prices for spa treatments and prices in the hairdressers were far too expensive. Therapists were under pressure to attract the customers themselves, however, appointments were always available when requested and the daily specials provided the best deals. Disembarkation was straightforward and smooth running. All in all this cruise didn’t give us the excitement, elegance and luxury we expected to get for a special holiday and as such it left a lot to be desired. After my experience I wouldn’t recommend a P&O as a company to cruise with. Many customers on my cruise that had travelled with P&O previously highlighted the lowering in standards they believed because P&O are attracting a different group of passengers, those cruising on a budget and choosing to travel at the lowest category available. The late deal prices are now comparable to an all inclusive resort in Benidorm. There was a wide assortment of tattoos on display and a number of passengers chose not to participate in the formal evenings and were wondering the ship in shorts and T shirts in the evening. A shame as the formal evenings were good fun and what cruising used to be about. The glamour and extras are being discarded to the detriment of those passengers wanting a traditional cruise experience.   Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
This was my first cruise and it did not meet my expectations in any shape or form. I travelled along with other family members, some who were first-timers and a few which had been on the Thomson Island Escape cruise previously. Those who ... Read More
This was my first cruise and it did not meet my expectations in any shape or form. I travelled along with other family members, some who were first-timers and a few which had been on the Thomson Island Escape cruise previously. Those who did previously cruise on the Island Escape had many positive things to say about it, so I expected The Dream to be even better and more exceptional. My expectations were however, a delusion. Now where do I start? Well, my family and I were told by Thomson staff that the The Dream was a completely new ship, when in fact it is an "old lady" still trying to stay on it's two-feet and is over 20 years old. That is anything BUT new for a ship! And it clearly showed how bad it was when we were cruising. The ship's stabilisers were clearly ruined and could not deal with the sea's waves making the journey to other islands a very unsteady and discomforting experience; put it this way, it was as though we were travelling in a rocking boat similar to that of The Pirates of The Caribbean. The flight experience was not a good one at all. There was a flight delay due to some maintenance problems this of course was very typical of Thomson as they are rarely on time, I know this from my previous experience with them. So, therefore, we were 2 hours late when we arrived in the Caribbean, missing 2 hours of our holiday which could have been spent by visiting Barbados. So the first port we visited was in Barbados, of course. Our experience in this port was nothing to boast about, being that we were literally pushed onto the ship due to flight delays stopping us from even experiencing anything off the port once we made our way there from the airport in Bridgetown, Barbados. The only thing I can say which was satisfactory, is that the ship left on time that night for its way to Grenada the following day. Once my family and I were beginning to make our way to the ship, a whole heap of other passengers practically pushed their ways onto the ship as quickly as possible as if the ship would leave without them! There was no clear order for passengers to embark the ship, it was basically a "dog-eat-dog" moment. When we finally got on to the ship we had to check-in and there was no clear order/queuing system in use, I was appalled by the check-in system as the check-in staff were allowing other passengers to push in front of others waiting before them and I happened to be one of those unfortunate people being ignored whilst other passengers were being told to come forward to check-in. Though, I believe it was due to my young-looking appearance (I'm 18), they maybe thought I was a kid in the way (so to say) but they could have inquired and not ignored me. There was definitely a lot of ageist discrimination from the staff on the ship (this excludes the cabin steward staff and MOST of the bar staff, not ALL). The check-in staff did not do their job well at all, when I finally managed to get someone who was willing to check me in along with some of my family, the check-in worker took a photo of each of us which would help to identify us with our security card we were about to receive however she got my sister and I's security/on board spend card mixed up and I didn't know of this until I was disembarking the ship one day where my card was scanned and my sisters image popped up instead for me and vice versa for her. This was very inconvenient as we got confused about who's card was who's and who had spent what amount of money on which card. I was quite disappointed that there was no welcome meeting when we first entered the ship, we were just expected to know it all straight away. The only help we received was from the polite cabin stewards who directed passengers to their rooms. There was nothing whatsoever for young children to do, particularly below the age of 12. The only area where children could play was in the dated games room which had mediocre old machine games which appeared as though they were saved from the 90's. Also I never heard, not even one announcement about children's activities. All the announcements I heard were for the Broadway Lounge's night shows which obviously was not aimed at young people but more specifically people over the age of 30 and particularly aimed at 50+ year olds. Announcements were made also for so called "Game Shows" and musicians in the Medusa Lounge, which again was aimed at an older group of people. The best part of the whole cruise experience was getting off the ship to visit islands, though we had disruptions in ports we were visiting and the captain was making some very silly decisions about which order to visit ports as he was going back on himself visiting an island which he passed already the previous day. Don't even get me started on the food! The food was nothing short of horrendous. Lacking taste and texture. The self service food on Deck 9 and 11(in the day) we're anything but tasty, you could be fortunate to find one thing at least that you may like but don't be expecting to like the majority. The Orion restaurant on Deck 4 looked the part but was very misleading as there was a high quality decor of the restaurant, leaving you to believe you were in for a treat but the food was very low quality and at times inedible. Also the stench on Deck 4 of raw sewage, added insult to injury when eating. Though, in the Orion, you won't be losing any money because thankfully it is free and so I should think so, due to the money put into the holiday in the first place! Now we take a worse turn with the Grill restaurant on Deck 11(at night). This is the paid restaurant of £20.00 per person. My family and I booked a table for the night and was completely disgusted with the food presented to us (and we were expected to pay for this rubbish!), 2 members (out of 11) of the family were physically sick and had to sleep it off, whilst others were just feeling nauseous. The outdoor eating area was also a big disappointment (outside Deck 9 & 11), the chefs were very impatient when making up cheeseburgers for customers so the meat was very rare and therefore not safely cooked, but if you look around the area where the food is served, it has a notice stating that as a UK health and safety issue the meat has to be wholly cooked, this of course was completely ignored by the chef when cooking burgers. I checked my own cheeseburger and noticed it was very pink so that of course was a waste of my time and a waste of food as I had to tell the chef to cook my meat thoroughly with a fresh new burger and this outdoor food area is aimed at young children! I would hate to think of any young children falling ill due to the impatience of the outdoor chef. As a summary for the food I will say: if anyone thinks the food on the ship tastes great, they clearly can't detect quality food. The cabins on the ship were very small along with VERY SMALL beds. The toilets were VERY easy to block with a slight amount of tissue and had to be fixed every 2 days, there were however fixed very quickly when reported to at reception. The entertainment on the ship is very dull and I don't recommend it to anyone who is used to viewing quality performances. The current actors and actresses are not very believable and appear to have as much knowledge on drama as a high school student for the first time. The game shows are very cheaply put together as a tacky slide-show and does not appeal to most as I could tell from my experience on the ship. Children's safety was not fully protected as a group of school children from Montego Bay (around 14-16 years old) came on to the ship snapping pictures of people which did include young children and is not acceptable as I was told by a rep on the ship that people younger than 18 cannot have footage or images of them taken without the permission of an adult if the footage/images will distributed outside the ship. I was very disappointed in the way the situation was dealt with as no one did anything to stop them taking pictures and I have no idea what could happen or be done with the pictures being taken without permission. The port and shore excursions were unbelievably expensive and not worth it. The locals on the islands pressure you into going somewhere just so they can get money and more than half of them cannot be trusted so you have to watch out who you decide to go on an excursion with. I wouldn't pre-book for a TOUR excursion from home because you can pay for them when you get to the island and it may be cheaper. I was not satisfied with most of the ports at all, for example we were at Montego Bay port at the wrong area, so you couldn't walk past the port area without having to be pressured to pay a large sum of money to go to the city area of Jamaica. Also it was free for the ship to dock there due to it being such a bad area for tourists. It was basically: the cheaper Thomson can dock for, the less suitable it was for it's customers. All Thomson are thinking about is how much money they can take from their customers and how much money they can save by docking the "Thomson Dream" ship in bad areas where there are little shops for tourists. Disembarking the ship was always a problem as I said earlier my sister and I's security/on board spend card was mixed up with the wrong picture for each others name. We reported the fault to reception but they had no clue what was going on. Though after 5 days our cards were fitting the same image for the same person's name, miraculously, but it wasn't the end of the card problem. When I finally was about to leave the ship for good (Thank God) my card was scanned and it showed up on the computer as "bill not settled" so I apparently owed money for something. The same thing happened with another family member of mine. We were both charged for drinks we did not consume, so be warned for the possibility of card cloning or incorrect bills being signed in your signature's font by the bar waiters. And make sure cabin stewards report to reception that you have removed all drinks from your mini bar in your room (if you choose to do so). The captain Torston Olbrich was anything but interesting when he droned about his sea stories. He was in his element when we were at sea and the sea was rough but not everyone was enjoying it, also he would slow down to make the journey longer so we were at sea longer which was very annoying. Most of the staff on the ship were friendly but there were the odd few who got impatient at times and could not handle serving 2 drinks for one on-board spend card which I found to be very inferior of skills. So if you wanted to order yourself and a friend or family member a drink from your on-board spend, the bar staff would be very confused in handling the situation. Don't get me wrong though, there were some very nice bar staff but then you had your stone-faced ones too. I'd say the male bar staff were much more kinder than the women with the exception of Monica, Cieva and Andrea who were very nice. The male bar staff who I found to be the most kind were: Lito, Mohammed, Benjamin, I Made, Enrico and Blanco. That's about it I believe or I have forgotten names but most of the ones I haven't mentioned, particularly the women did not have nice attitudes. To end it on quite a good note my cabin steward Ronald was exceptionally kind and attentive. I hope he gets paid enough for his hard labour. Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
Well as a first time cruiser i was preparing myself an my son for a holiday of a lifetime my wonderful mother was treating us to, but from the minute we boarded there were problems, the ship had an awful smell that lasted the whole ... Read More
Well as a first time cruiser i was preparing myself an my son for a holiday of a lifetime my wonderful mother was treating us to, but from the minute we boarded there were problems, the ship had an awful smell that lasted the whole holiday, we were informed later that they had sewage problems, some of the poor passengers werre telling us how they had it coming up through there cabins infesting there carpets and coming out of there toilets. As we opened our room door the smell hit us, the room was dirty, there was one double bed made up when there were 3 of us andf we had booked 3 single beds, the pillows never had pillow cases on and had nasty stains all over them, the bath looked distgusting, i complained and they sent someone to clean it, but i still had to clean it myself after. After 3 days all of us took sick one after the other with sickness an diahorea, and my son caught an infection ans tonsilitis, we were confined to cabin for the first week. As the second week began new passengers boarded, and there was a fire in the main engine, panic struck everyone, women were crying some hysterical running about trying to find there children, while staff had assembled on the upper decks in there lifejackets. After several announcments the captain told us not to panic and tyo enjoy the rest of the evening and REST IN PEACE, what a joke! The stabilisers seemed to not be working on a few occasions as i and others were falling about the ship whilst trying to get to a bar or lounge area, it got so bad i was ill again and had to lie down till the morning. As this was a carribean cruise i expected it to be more about that but it was rather english,the only bit of carribean entertainment was a carribean duo called Big Vibe who were very good, the food was very much the same the first wk as it was the second, and sorry to say that it gave me the runs!! I will take my hat off to the staff who were very friendly and had to take all the complaints on the chin, you couldnt fault them at all. Thomson have a lot to answer to, they were just looking to make money without a thought for the passengers or staff. I wil never holiday with them on this cruise again as im sure that lots of others wont, complaints galore everywhere you went. Absolutley disgusting. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
Where to begin having booked our first cruise in july i should have looked forward to a trip of a lifetime over xmas with my family . Thomson agency in cleethorpes offered many bookable extras 1, book which cabin you like at a cost, 2 book ... Read More
Where to begin having booked our first cruise in july i should have looked forward to a trip of a lifetime over xmas with my family . Thomson agency in cleethorpes offered many bookable extras 1, book which cabin you like at a cost, 2 book your seats at a cost , 3 add drinks package at a cost etc.... To my dismay 3 days before due to travel the agent called to say there had been a double booking with the cabins , i was told i had to move 2 decks down , at the agent they did not even offer a refund as the manageress said they did not have the cash , to refund my cabin option booking fee . I explained i was misold a product , and found this excuse feeble as i had worked in the travel industry over 20 years. The day arrived to travel , as the weather had been bad we stayed overnight and had checked the thomson website the previous evening . Thomson had posted a re sheduled flight for barbados from 10am to 1900 hours .Thomson did not contact us and expected us to check in on time , this i found unacceptable as over 12 would be spent in airport. Eventually the flight left at 2300 hours , this lost us one day of our trip . We eventually arrived at the ship at 4am , very tired and annoyed with the treatment by thomson on this occasion . Upon our first experience things only became worse , had to queue for over 1 hour to receive correct cards for , all inclusive packagethis was needed to enable us to dis-embark the ship for the few hours we had left before sailing . The only thing that thomson could be proud was the poor underpaid and overworked , crew it employed . The waiters and cabin cleaners were obliged to please The thomson dream was like a ageing ferry not cruise ship as led to believe at the time of booking. MORE like butlins at sea than an unforgettable experience. The entertainment staff tried there best, but was average and repetative . Thank goodness we did not have to endure 2 weeks . Having arrives back into manchester on a cold wet new years eve , i feel disappointed and 10,000 pounds worse off . Dont bother with the trips on offer, overpriced and not worth the cost . . Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
A nice big new ship but that's about where it starts and stops. The beginning didn't get off to a good start as we were delayed at Gatwick for over 5hrs by Thomas Cook who were very off about things, we had to pester them for a ... Read More
A nice big new ship but that's about where it starts and stops. The beginning didn't get off to a good start as we were delayed at Gatwick for over 5hrs by Thomas Cook who were very off about things, we had to pester them for a food voucher as we had been there from 5-30am. The seats on the plane were the most uncomfortable we have ever used, When we arrived all we got was told which floor our cabin was on, no comment about our delay offer of support to help make things any easier so we had to find our own way around the ship to find food. The main restaurants were closed and the self service ones were clearing up and there were only scraps left. The ships facilities are not big enough to take the amount of people. People are like sardines around the pools. The atrium is way to small and the dance floor is ridiculously small. When sailing the shops would be open and additional stalls would be placed in the aisles which caused even more problems with the amount of people walking about as the aisles hardly coped without them being there. Like another report the dress codes were not adhered to which was very disappointing. The self service buffet areas were akin to a motorway service area, people everywhere, hardly a table to be found once you had negotiated your way around the food area so we stuck to the main dining halls, at least when we ordered hot food we knew we would get it and the waiters were brilliant always willing to do things for you. The main dining restaurants got very crowded to the point where it was difficult to hold a decent conversation as the noise reverberated the room along with the incessant drone from the air conditioning which was in every room on the ship. Also the fine dining restaurants were excellent especially the glass house and Sindhu. The attention to detail and the service was excellent The Headliners were excellent and we cannot praise them enough, they made our holiday. The supporting entertainment was also very good especially the annie Lenox tribute girl. Looked good but you need to organize movement as only one person could walk around the end of the bed at the same time and the shower room was more like a moulded cupboard. All the staff were very pleasant and courteous Read Less
Sail Date November 2010

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