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     This was the first time my family and I had taken a cruise (my husband and I are both 30 and we took our 9yr old son and 4yr old daughter). We decided to leave from Baltimore because we didn't have to fly. We drove there from ... Read More
     This was the first time my family and I had taken a cruise (my husband and I are both 30 and we took our 9yr old son and 4yr old daughter). We decided to leave from Baltimore because we didn't have to fly. We drove there from the Eastern Shore of MD. The Carnival Pride was a beautiful ship and our balcony stateroom was awesome. Although we had nothing to compare it to. However my mom and dad also went along with us on this trip. They have sailed with Carnival before on the Glory. They said that the staff, entertainment, and food on the Pride dwarfed in comparison. I myself was a little dissapointed in the friendliness of the staff. I have heard countless testamonials from other cruisers on how amazing the staff on Carnival's cruises are. However on the Pride you could definately tell that most of them were there just to do their job. There were a couple of exceptions though. Our room steward Gede was great. We also had a very friendly bar waiter- Taufik.      The entertainment on the Pride was good. The shows were excellent. Although if you are traveling with kids, keep in mind that the show "Vroom" has VERY skimpy outfits. I'm talking g-strings. My husband didn't mind but I was glad that my 9 year old son was at Camp Carnival. My son loved Camp Carnival. He spend most of his evenings there while we were just lounging around or catching a show. They offered a wide variety of activities to keep the kids entertained. My daughter did not want to go just out of her shyness. Plus, the camp is in the very front of the boat and when she did go the first day I think it was just a little too rough up there for her. I do not get motion sickness, but after visiting the ship's arcade with the kids one evening (also in the fwd part of the ship) I felt nauseated. The Pride also offered a lot of activities for adults. Do yourself a favor and catch the men's hairy chest competition if you have never seen it before. It was a riot! I also attended one of the bingo games on board. I thought the bingo was quite expensive. They play 1 game and it is $20 for a sheet with 3 cards on it. They also offer live music on the lido deck every day. The music was ok, I just wish they would put in a new sound system or fix the one they have. The music came across screechy and very LOUD. You could not hear the people at your own table talking to you.     On this cruise my family opted out of the formal dining. All of us just went to relax and we did not want to dress up. So, the only food I can comment on is what came out of the Mermaid Grille. The food was again....just okay. They offered a different meat selection every night. However, the side dishes remained the same for the most part. Lets just say I don't want to see steak fries or white rice for a while. The cheeseburgers and hotdogs poolside where really good. Just don't go there at lunch time and expect not to wait. The line wait was about 20-25mins long between noon and 1pm. If you have a sweet tooth, they offer an awesome dessert buffet during the lunch hours. I did find the lunch meal to be better than the dinner. Especially if you want different selections.     All in all this was a great cruise. My family needed a relaxing vacation and Carnival provided it! I will definately sail with Carnival again, but on a different ship. The Pride didn't show me anything I will CRAVE to see again. I guess they just need a little more time in their new port to get it together. Read Less
Sail Date May 2008
Well, to begin with I wanted to post this to thank all the other posts which helped immensely before we left. On Christmas morning I opened a present with all the docs for this cruise. My first thought was OMG the Atlantic in winter! NOT ... Read More
Well, to begin with I wanted to post this to thank all the other posts which helped immensely before we left. On Christmas morning I opened a present with all the docs for this cruise. My first thought was OMG the Atlantic in winter! NOT what I was dreaming about a cruise but being a golf professional this is the best time to get away. The good wife even arranged to go down to Baltimore a day early (normally a 2 hour drive from outside Philadelphia). So we began the adventure on Saturday only to run into a buzz saw of snow that surprised Maryland and we made the 2 hour drive in 3. The next day we went to the Aquarium to pass time before boarding. You MUST experience the 4-D theater. We arrived at the port at 1:20 PM and began the process. LINES, LINES everywhere lines. Lines to get in, lines to go through security and lines to get on board. It went well and in less than 1 1/2 hours we were on board waiting until 3:30 to go to our room 7277. Although the "surprise" was booked in November we didn't confirm dinner times. We were "wait listed" for anytime dinning and 6 PM seating. We decided to stay with 8:15 seating anyway and found distractions to keep us awake until then. You see my wife and I retire around 8 PM each evening and get up about 4 (TIVO does the rest) so we needed to make some real changes. Our first dinner was sooooooo good we decided to keep the late seating as we had a table to ourselves and we loved Haydee (pronounced Heidi. The food was excellent and service divine. Day 1 We were up at 6 (late for us) and made our way for coffee. Breakfast in Mermaids doesn't start until 8 so, as on our other Carnival cruise, we had pizza and coffee! Now the trouble was finding our way around. It took 5 days before we could actually get from point A to point B correctly. We'd head to Mermaids and find ourselves at the Taj Mahal at the other end of the ship. Over time we got better but every wrong guess as to which way to go got increasingly frustrating. We ate in Mermaids for lunch and I agree it is difficult to find all the stations before deciding what to eat. The food was good though and I usually went for the burgers and fries. We had lunch in the main dining room, Normandie, when we would check the menu and it had veggetarina fare for Lynn. So far the cruise was smooth and fun to watch the map to see how far we had sailed and where we were. My thoughts of the Atlantic being like "Deadliest Catch" seemed to ease a bit and it did feel warmer on our balcony. 80% of the rooms have balconies and I will never cruise without one and it was so cool to sit out and watch the ocean go by. WE were protected from the wind so could sit out with only a sweatshirt on. Lots of activities going on but we just vegged out for the morning. We did find our way to the Casino and we agreed to play a little bit before lunch. Not having been to Atlantic City in a few years I just tried to remember how to play Blackjack, 3 card poker etc. While Lynn played to penny slots. I found myself at the Caribbean 5 Card Stud table and started to take a beating. Realizing it was 10 minutes to lunch I figured I could last until then when POW! I looked at my cards and was excited to see they were all spades! Money hand! THEN I realized they all were connected as in STRAIGHT FLUSH! On the progressive that would amount to a payout of $5,500!!!!!! Well they had to do all the verification, count all the cards look at the video (which they said I looked remarkably calm) and 1/2 hour later, after signing tax withholding and other forms I was presented with a ton of chips to cash in. Lunch would be late. After calming down and a little lunch I went back to the 3 card poker table to be dealt 3 of a kind and another HUGE payout. Mark, the Casino Manager, came over to congratulate me again. It was the luckiest day I ever had. As the week went on my luck did not return until the last day where I did pretty well. All week long Lynn was playing the nickle and penny slots with mixed results until the last day. Sitting g side by side at the penny machines I hit the wrong button (max bet) and hit a progressive winner for $134. $134 on a penny machine! Almost simultaneously Lynn hit for $90 again on the penny slots! We walked away forgetting how much of my big win we had given back during the week and felt good. Day 2 I awoke at 7 feeling like we had made the change from early to bed to staying up past midnight. I felt the motion and figured we were in for it now. It was raining and, yes, the Atlantic looked like I had pictured it way back on Christmas morning. Angry and gray with 10 foot seas I was amazed I didn't feel more "rocking". We still sat out on the balcony sipping coffee mesmerized by the seas and protected from the rain. The Lido deck has a removable roof, which was closed, so the kids were in the pool all day with adults enjoying the hot tub even in the lousy weather. At the beginning of the trip I didn't see myself getting the "sun God tan" so back to the casino, lunch and walking around to shop. Oh yes I did buy my lovely wife the very expensive (but 1/2 off) ring she wanted. Tanzanite or something but they have some really great shops on board. Bought 2 insulated cups to ferry coffee every morning while "she who must be obeyed" showered. We began to establish a routine...... We found ourselves in the Atrium Bar every night for a cocktails and listnening to Tony Ray who was fabulous with his variety of music and interaction with patrons. Actually the next night there was Cathrine the bartender who remembered our drinks! We spent every evening there and came to know her and Anton quite well along with joking with Tony Ray. Now a point to contradict a previous post. No matter where we were (elevators, bars or Casino) it was SO easy to strike up a conversation as we did at every turn on the cruise. We'd meet people,see them later and say Hi! After few days we had made many friends. At the Casino it seemed everybody had heard about my good fortune and wanted to sit next to me and chat. A note about the shows as I am very fussy about entertainment. They were excellent and a close resemblance to Broadway quality in every way. Let me tell you about Jerry Goodspeed the ventriloquist. I howled harder that I ever remember as he was the most talented and funny guy I have ever seen. His humor and ad lib with the audience had me seriously considering blowing off dinner to see it again but alas hunger won out. With the late seating we'd find ourselves getting a slice or 2 of pizza at 5 PM to tide us over. Man I can't get used to being home....where's the pizza guy????? Anyway, all the shows were fantastic, even the closing show with cruisers performing various singing artists. They had auditioned in the Karaoke lounge throughout the week and really amazed even me! The karaoke lounge was packed to overflowing every night and we'd stop by occasionally to get our "American Idol" fix, you know the good and the bad LOL Day 3 We awoke already docked in Port Canaveral as somebody had fallen that night, broken a hip and had to be taken off to a hospital. We had signed up for the Sapce Tour at Cape Kennedy and really enjoyed it. Fascinating stuff only to find out that Obama had mentioned he was cancelling the space program in his speech two night earlier. Way to go Prez! You want to create jobs by the elimination 1/2 a million? It was cool in the morning but toasty in the afternoon. Now about creating conversation. On the bus we chatted with many folks and then a lady mentioned that she got a text from her daughter that a storm was coming to Baltimore expected to drop 50 inches starting Friday. Now THAT was a conversation starter every where we went for the rest of the cruise. We got back to the ship and played mini golf and had a blast! Sticking to routine we had pizza, atrium bar and dinner. What they say about getting two entrees is true as I asked Haydee if she could slip the prime rib choice onto my lobster and she did! Oh what fantastic meals we had. Another great show, a few slots, party on the Lido deck (with roof retracted) and off to bed. Day 4 The big event was watching our approach to the port. Magnificent green water, warm as promised and just stunning vistas greeted our waking eyes. Watching the Captain do a "180" to get into port was worth the trip. Soon we were off to our "Sea and See" excursion. Actually it was a submarine type vessel taking us on an underwater tour of the protected marine park. Like snorkeling and not getting wet! Fantastic! But the real hit was the boat tour on the way out to the marine reserve. The narrator was extremely funny, showing us all the houses of the rich and famous. After that we walked the shops in Nassau and found them pretty cool too. Back to ship to sit in the sun and hot tub, now I was feeling the "island rhythm". You also must understand there are ALWAYS activities going on but we didn't see them. They were there though and it kept the day full. Normal routine at night. Day 5 Again awoke, coffee on the balcony, breakfast at Mermaids and start the day. Then the announcement came. Due to high winds and current the Captain could NOT get into Freeport. BUMMER as we had planned to swim with the Dolphins. Kinda funny as other reviews had mentioned not getting into Freeport. On deciding to swim with the Dolphins at Atlantis or Freeport we called Carnival. They said it was extremely rare not to make Freeport so made the decision. WRONG call. The seas were a little rough but not bad. Another fun day at sea, hello Casino! Earlier in the week I had run into an officer from the bridge (seeing the piping on his jacket) and asked about the unusual wake mid ship (I spent most of my younger years sailing, fishing, surfing and everything on the ocean). I asked if we had outriggers and he said the ship is equipped with stabilizers, wing like attachments to the hull. That is why, even in the roughest seas,the ship does not rock very much. Lynn found the patch worked fine and bonine worked too (though she admitted not really needing them). Very few accounts of motion sickness which surprised me. I have never been sea sick even on some really bad sailing days. Pretty much into routine now great food, great shows and we can actually find our way without a wrong turn. day 6 It dawns on us the cruise is close to ending. The captain has put the weather channel on our room TV so we watch the diatribe about the storm. Actually a word about the TV. It's great to see Jamie and William do the morning show and all the other ship board channels but I wanted to see news. ABC, NBC and CBS were represented but they were local stations in DENVER Colorado! That's NO use to us whatsoever and all the other passengers were from the east coast. I didn't meet 1 patron from the west on the ship! Thanks for putting the Weather Channel on! We spent the day in heavy seas watching the map to see were we were. Again sitting on the balcony watching the fog rise off the angry seas. That made 3 out of the 7 days in HEAVY seas. Because of the design of the ship it knifed easily through the 15 foot waves with just a slight movement. We went to the debarkation talk which is a must. Day 7 Packed and ready to go I watched us glide into port on smooth Chesapeake waters. COLD it was! The snow had BURIED every car and they were frantically trying to make paths in the 36 inch plus snowfall. I did NOT look forward to getting off the ship. We did the self assist versus the assisted debarkation. We were supposed to be called around 9:30 but got off the ship at 8:45. Quick trip down the gangway, a snap though customs and now find the car! With some help and 4 wheel drive we got out, cleaned off the car and were on our way 45 minutes after passing though the ship for a final time. If we didn't have to dig the car out we would have been on the road in less than 1/2 hour. Summary What a lovely, fantastic cruise! The passengers represented every corner of the human race. Tall ones,Fat ones, skinny ones too or how the song goes. Being somewhat in the middle age beer gut I felt very comfortable as MANY other had more that I did. Typically the passengers were all friendly and orderly. Carnival are geniuses when it comes to moving people expeditiously and were very helpful if we had a question. Formal nights went fro Tuxedos to just dress shirts but nobody tried to go the blue jean route even though you can on other nights. The point I want to make is that this cruise was very laid back and casual. As far as Atlantic seas in winter goes, it lived up to my expectations but the ship is magnificent. Activities, many. Staff, unbelievably friendly and helpful. Passengers, very outgoing and easy to start up a conversation with "strangers". The ship, just outstanding . Now to count the days until we can do it again! Now if I can stop the rocking feeling as if I was still sailing. This too will pass. Read Less
Sail Date February 2009
I felt that I owed the cruise critic community a review, because I utilized the service & I hope you find it helpful.  I will try to be short & concise.First we had a wonderful vacation.  This was my husbands 1st cruise & my ... Read More
I felt that I owed the cruise critic community a review, because I utilized the service & I hope you find it helpful.  I will try to be short & concise.First we had a wonderful vacation.  This was my husbands 1st cruise & my 3rd.  I was really praying he'd enjoy & he did, immensely.  I think he may have enjoyed it more than me.Their are as many activities as you want to participate in.  For us we just found the cruise to be extremely relaxing. Anyone who says, 'you'll never be in your room' is not telling the truth it all depends.  We had an extended balcony & I'm glad we did.  It was enjoyable going out on the balcony as the sun rose, especially when going into a new port.  I'm an early riser & he's not.  Every morning I went to the 1st rate workout facility.  Gym opens every morning @ 6am, but the locker rooms open @ 8am.  I'd arrive @ 8 get a locker, workout, take a shower there (WAY bigger than the cabin shower) go back up get my husband & we'd do breakfast.  He got to sleep & I worked out.  The steam room in the locker room is really really hot...nice!  The sauna was nice but I didn't use.  They also have a jacuzzi in the gym...very nice.  We'd look at the newsletter & determine what activities we wanted to do.Shows...well we only made 1 & then left...I was just too tired from getting up so early, that I went to bed early almost every night, but my husband would sometimes smoke a cigar on the balcony or go to the sports bar that allowed cigar smoking.  We took naps every day & just enjoyed the comfort & fantastic service of our cabin steward.  He was so good we switched the tip & gave him the recommended amount for waiters...because he made our trip AMAZING!  One night we hung out late & that was really fun.  The Newlywed/Marriage show was excellent.  Heard the Comedian was funnyFood: this was the highlight.  Carnival has done a great job.  we ate in the dining room 5 of the 7 nights.  The other 2 nights we ate at David's Supper Club...We are really foodies...I'm snooty when it comes to food.  After eating at David's the 1st time me & my husband said we'd be back.  We went on Mon. & our last evening Friday.  I lived in NYC for 3.5 years & this is some of the BEST food I've EVER had...I've been to France multiple times, stayed at magnificent chateau with wonderful Chefs & this is some of the BEST.  It was so great...we took pictures of it.  Pay the $60 you WILL NOT be disappointed.  They give so much food you won't order dbls...like in the main dining room (my husband did that all the time if they said the portion was only 6 oz there was not problem), but you could order 2 appetizers if you wanted...but not necessary @ Davids...they will give you complimentary things....amazing.  Overall, we enjoyed that the most, we always at breakfast & lunch in the Mermaid Grille, the buffet...it was excellent as well.  A ton of variety.Alcohol:   we brought 2 bottles on wine in our carry on & snuck in gin in a juice bottle & another bottle of wine.  That wasn't even necessary because they didn't check a thing.  We're not cheap...nor do we drink a ton...However, that helped to save us a lot of money.  Because I gave one bottle to the main dining room & had the other 2 in my room.  However, I'd say we averaged an add'l 1-2 bar drinks per person per day & our bar tab was still about $300-$400.  it would have been a ton more if we didn't have our drinks.  You'll buy drinks on the beach, etc.Ports:  Grand Turks was okay, the beach is really really rocky...you need water shoes & the beach area is not very flat...you don't have a lot of flat sand area, but it's still a nice port.  Carnival built this up.  However, the Margaritaville is where it's AT!!  Young and old enjoyed...YOU must get out there kind of early if you want a spot w/an umbrella...wonderful pool area at Magaritaville, we got there around 12pm & lucked up finding a chair & umbrella.  Can't use your sail & sign card for drinks there.Half Moon Cay:  was AMAZINGINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! However, if you want to get a covering...they don't have umbrellas, their like little cabanas..cost $17.50, you have to get there...again we got there around 11am & they were running out.  It's hot there...you'll really want the cabanas.  They also have real cabanas/cabins w/fans & air coolers,etc.  but they cost a bit..,not sure how much.  They excellent bar service & you can use your sail & sign card for drinks...the barbeque lunch is great!All in all the ship was just great.  However, we went at a great time...very few teens trying to take over!!! Read Less
Sail Date May 2009
This was our 20th cruise, 6th on Carnival, being a couple in our mid 50's we liked the convenience of leaving from Baltimore since we live in suburban Philadelphia.Getting to the pier was a snap.  We arrived at 11:30 am and boarded ... Read More
This was our 20th cruise, 6th on Carnival, being a couple in our mid 50's we liked the convenience of leaving from Baltimore since we live in suburban Philadelphia.Getting to the pier was a snap.  We arrived at 11:30 am and boarded the Pride a 1:15.  Those who parked in the cruise lot  at the time we boarded had a good wait since only 3 cars are off loaded at a time.  We suggest you go early and sit in the terminal until your zone is called.We had time to burn before our balcony room was ready at 3:00 so we visited the M'aitre d to change our seating from late to early but no luck....not even changing to your time dining was available.  We kept the late seating and were rewarded by have another couple share a great week with us.Cabin:  Our 8g balcony cabin was surprisingly better designed than most.  Ample storage and a larger than expected shower...nice treat.  2 lounge chairs, bathroom amenities, interactive TV and a minibar which we didn't use.  An excellent cabin steward helped make the accomodations great for the week.Dining:  All 7 of our evening meals we had in the main dining room.  We were very happy with the quality of the food but noticed Carnival is offering less selections.  Not a problem and we never left the dining room unsatisfied.  You can order capuccino or expresso free with your dinner which we did often since the coffee being served leaved much to be desired.  Our table mates and us found the dress code all over the place ie: very few tuxedoes during elegant night and on the casual evenings at lease half the crowd wore jeans or shorts.  3 of the meals the crew was made to stop work and  sing to us.  Perhaps they enjoyed it more than the passengers since we felt it's something Carnival can eliminate.Ship:  Overall the Pride was in great shape physically.  The art work tends to have a lot of nude pictures and sculptures that you didn't even notice after the 2nd or 3rd day. We were starting to call this the ' boob cruise'.Crew:  There was not one crew member that didn't make an extra effort to make us feel wanted. Bravo to Carnival! :Ports:  Ho Hum.  Knowing beforehand that this itinerary was nothing sought after we didn't expect much.  Grand Turk was a beach day, free and very nice.  Walk off the ship and grab a lounger.  The shopping there was underwhelming.  My DW received a $200 gift certificate from Carnival to shop at the ships recommended jewelry store but surprise....this store sold not a thing under $3000.00  Half Mood Cay was gorgeous.  Wouldn't mind spending a few days there.  Plenty of loungers, food by Carnival and the obligatory straw market.  Freeport  isn't ever going to win the destination of the year.  Everyone goes to Port Lucaya in the $5 per person van.  A cute casino and zillion souvenier stalls selling the same stuff and back to the ship.Debarkation:  Arrived at the pier at 9am and at 9:45 the first group got off.  It seems over half of the passengers do the 'self assist debarkation' and it is a mess.  2000 people were crammed on deck 3 waiting to debark.  One of the very few things the Pride needs to work on.Overall:  Great cruise director and staff.  The evening shows were pretty decent.  Good food. New friends.  Relaxing trip. Read Less
Sail Date June 2009
Embarkation: Friday July 31st, we drove forty-five minutes from Washington D.C. and arrived at the Port of Baltimore at 11:45-AM. My wife had pre-programmed the port in her GPS making locating the port very easy. We unloaded our luggage ... Read More
Embarkation: Friday July 31st, we drove forty-five minutes from Washington D.C. and arrived at the Port of Baltimore at 11:45-AM. My wife had pre-programmed the port in her GPS making locating the port very easy. We unloaded our luggage into their baggage carts, paid the $105.00 parking fee, parked the car, grabbed our carry-on's and walked to the terminal. There was lots of Carnival personal to point you in the right direction. We registered at their counter and were given a boarding number (we were 7) and our fun pass card which included our dining room table number. We waited approximately 1 ½ hours and boarded around 1:30-PM. Once onboard ship we went up to deck 9 (Lido deck) and had a nice hot lunch. At 3:15-PM the passageway doors were opened and we went to our cabin (7220) to find our luggage was waiting for us in the hallway. We unpacked and walked around the ship. Cabin: Our cabin was very nicely laid out with plenty of storage space and shelves (good lighting in the cabin). We both found the bed comfortable although a bit hard. The T.V. does have a very limited amount of channels. Although we did watch several newer movies (Marley and Me, Twilight and The Day the Earth Stood Still). The shower stall was good sized and had shampoo and body-wash in two dispensers mounted on the shower wall. The cabin steward will give you (if you ask) packages of shampoo and conditioner. They make very few announcements that can be heard within your cabin so you do have to open your cabin door to hear what being broadcasted. The cabins are well sound proofed and all cabins have a thick entrance doors. The balcony was small but adequate with two (2) chairs and a table. The balcony door is very heavy duty with thick curtains that keep the room dark even in the sunniest of conditions. Dining: • Breakfast: We ate all of our breakfasts in the 9th floor Lido Deck Mermaid Grill (fruit, cold cereal or oatmeal). We both decided to stay away from the fattier, heavier breakfast foods like sausage, eggs, bacon, hash browns, etc. but they were readily available from all the stations as was Danish and donuts from the dessert station. • Lunch: We mainly eat our lunch in the Mermaid Grill. They have a pretty good assortment of sandwiches and hot dishes. I recall we had hot turkey and mash potatoes one day and pizza another. We did try lunch one day in the main dinner room which was good. • Dinner: This is where I was probably the most pleasantly surprised. I thought the food was very good. In my opinion I would rate the food at a 7 (on a scale on 1-10). The soups and the main dishes were all severed hot and no one was ever limited to the number of meals you could order (have as many as you wanted). We had the first seat and were seated in the Captain's Club (table 291). I thought our waiter did a wonderful job. No wonder he was Carnival's waiter of the month for June. We did eat one evening at Dave's Super Club and the food there is very good (I'd give a...9). Ports of Call • Grand Turk: We took the Catamaran sail-away, beach and snorkel excursion. This was a lot of fun and the Catamaran captain and crew were a lot of fun yet very safety minded. The excursion took us out to snorkel at Grand Turk's wall, which goes from 25' to over 6000' (very cool - one giant drop). I personally loved the second part of the excursion. They anchored at a private beach where my wife and I swam and floating in the beautiful crystal clear calm water...it was great and very memorable. Although we took our own snorkel gear in the future I will use the gear provided by the excursion. It's just easier that way. • Half Moon Cay: We both loved the beach and the swimming area. It is the ideal beach day. My wife and I swam, snorkeled and floated in the water all day. We brought our own snorkel gear but it is available to rent. The water has enough salt that we floated without flotation devices but they are available for rent. I wish we could have stayed at Half Moon Cay for two days. The designated swimming area is huge with almost no waves. For $17 we rented one (1) clam shell under an island pine which includes two lounge chairs (bring your Carnival blue towels). I do recommend renting a clam shell so you can get out of the sun (not a lot of shade on the beach). They started serving lunch (free) around 11:45-AM at the large open pavilion which is located behind the dune (the food pavilion is about in the center of the beach). There were plenty of picnic tables (covered) available to sit and enjoy lunch. Try the Jerk Chicken. It was the best. • Freeport: This is an industrial working sea port with cargo ships coming and going. There are huge cranes off loading ships (and plenty of noise too). So that day we made arrangement for the spa. We had a wonderful couples massage. We also spent some time hanging out by the adult pool and just relaxing. We did get off the ship and we walked around the compound. There are several small shops (hair braiding, wood carving, t-shirts, beach wear etc.) close to the ship. They had a band that was close to the ship that played Caribbean music all day at one of the small pavilions. Other Activities: We attended the "Love and Marriage" game and that was fun and good for a few laughs. My wife and I both went to the dance lessons (Disco and Country line dancing). My wife liked the instructor "Brian" who was from Columbia, South America and a very good teacher. We did go to the gym three times and had a wonderful workout (they could use some fan in there). They limit you to 30 minutes per machine (I saw some people playing by the rules and some did not). I think it's best to be there between 6:30 - 7:00AM to get a machine. Neither of us could stay awake long enough (by 8:30) to attend any of the evening night shows. We were putting in full days and we were up in the five o'clock hour (saw some beautiful sunrises) but we heard good things about the shows from our dinner tablemates. Disembarkation: This is one area that Carnival at the Port of Baltimore needs to work on. Since we were using the self assist they announced (not in our cabin) to leave our cabins and go to either deck 3 or deck 9. We went to deck 3 (portside) and watched the activity and chatted with a few people. They started by releasing deck 1 odd then even first. Then they announced (not outside on deck 3) floor number 8. We only heard they made that announcement from fellow passengers. So we moved inside not wanting to miss our call. Than they skipped our floor (7) and jumped to deck 6? I saw people using the "self assist" carrying suitcases large enough to park a small car in. After roughly 1 ½ hours they called deck 7 next and we made our way to the terminal. Immigration moved fast as we had nothing to declare so we were at our car in ten minutes. Summation: The Pride is a fun ship...but any trip or vacation it's always what you make out of it. We had a great time and the wonderful cruise (loved the food and Half Moon Cay) and it really exceeded my expectations. One suggestion to Carnival...the hallway on deck 2 (going to the Normandie Restaurant) is to narrow to have the photographer setup and working. It makes for a real bottle neck. Read Less
Sail Date August 2009
I had read many reviews that were very positive regarding this ship/cruise, so imagine my surprise at how bad this trip/Carnival cruise lines really was. Let me say that cruising out of Baltimore is a breeze - just don't try to ... Read More
I had read many reviews that were very positive regarding this ship/cruise, so imagine my surprise at how bad this trip/Carnival cruise lines really was. Let me say that cruising out of Baltimore is a breeze - just don't try to be first on the ship. If you take your time and board at 2 - 3pm all will go smoothly with no waiting at all. The ship is hideous. Nude art and statues were the least of the problems. The ship looks like one big casino - dark and plastic and really gaudy!!!! The vessel is long and narrow making walking around it congested and irritating due to throngs of other people. There really is no place to just stroll outside like on other ships. The pool decks were not made of wood but some "composite material" that made them very slippery and unsafe - not to mention unattractive. The tile of the pools were chipped and would come off daily. Security officers monitor the pools but they did not follow their own safety policy and let kids jump continuously - this caused an altercation where my husband was threatened by another passenger. The fellow guests were largely rude and unruly - having the Walmart mentality and behavior of wearing cut-off jeans and football jerseys into the formal dining room. The adult only pool was very small and inhabited by people who seemed to enjoy drinking, smoking, and swearing at all times. Not my scene and certainly not "fun".. The pool band was simply two men and a synthesizer - hardly a band at all - well, maybe one with no real instruments. Our cabin was very nice with a 30 ft balcony. All service was good - but not as seasoned as on other ships. Davids was ok - it was fun but certainly not gourmet. The ports of call were awful - really humid, dirty and almost as scary as the "guests" on the ship. Oh and if all that wasn't bad enough - Carnival charged my debit card for all my expenses and also put a "hold" for those same expenses leaving me with very little money in my account as they have essentially billed me twice. They are blaming my bank, but the bank says that Carnival is responsible. Meanwhile I sit and wait for my money to be restored. So this just adds insult to injury -not my idea of a "funship". Read Less
Sail Date September 2009
We sailed on the Pride out of Baltimore for our Honeymoon in September 2009 and it was a wonderful, relaxing vacation! It was the ideal situation for us as there was so much to do but nothing we had to do! We loved having so many options. ... Read More
We sailed on the Pride out of Baltimore for our Honeymoon in September 2009 and it was a wonderful, relaxing vacation! It was the ideal situation for us as there was so much to do but nothing we had to do! We loved having so many options. We also really enjoyed the two "sea days" before we got to Port Canaveral, Florida. It was great to have two days to relax and unwind before we started visiting ports! We had an ocean view room (category 6A) on Riviera Deck (#1). We were wondering if we should have booked a balcony but ended up being VERY pleased with our ocean view room. The room had plenty of space - although it was not a large room, everything was laid out so well that we were able to put everything away quite well. It was great that the bed is raised high enough to store all of your luggage. It had excellent closet units with the perfect combination of hanging and folded storage space. There were plenty of shelves in the bathroom to unpack all of our toilitries without feeling cluttered. We ended up being happy not having a balcony. There was plenty of chairs and areas on deck to enjoy the view without having lots of people around. In our opinion, the food was excellent! We ate breakfast and lunch on the Lido deck each day because we enjoyed the casual dress, flexibility of time and the ability to eat outside in the great weather! I would agree with the other reviews that state that the Mermaid Grill is laid out in an awkward/confusing manner. However, despite that, we found the food to be good and liked being able to have so many choices to choose from. We ate dinner in the dining room. We were blown away by the level of service. We had a very friendly wait staff who went out of their way to serve us. The food in the dining room was great and we had a hard time choosing what we wanted from the many options. We chose to go to the Supper Club (David's Steakhouse) on one of the sea days. At first my husband wasn't sure that he wanted to because dinner was already included in the dining room but he definitely didn't regret it afterwards. The service and food at David's is worth MUCH more than the $30/person fee to dine there. They gave us an amazing window view table for two and we had a very romantic evening watching the sun set and enjoying an excellent four course meal! September was an excellent time of year for us to cruise. Fortunately, we did not run into any Hurricanes. Because it was mid-september, there were barely any children on the boat. Not that we don't like kids, but some of the reviews from the summer had talked about overwhelming numbers of children. I don't know if it was due to the fact that there were less kids but we were always able to find a chair by the pool at any time of day. One tip I would highly recommend is to not bring your own beach towel. There really isn't anywhere you can easily hang it up to dry. There is a towel bar on the lido deck where you can exchange the Carnival towel which is yours to use for the week and they will give you a clean dry one in exchange whenever you need it. YOu can also leave your wet towels out for your room steward who will replace it with a dry one. It was much more convenient than trying to find the space to pack and dry our own. Since we had only 3 suitcases between us (all with wheels) we chose to do the self-assist debarkation. We are so glad we made this choice. Since we were on the first floor, we were the first to leave the ship. It was a very easy process and our friend picked us up smoothly in the parking lot. Read Less
Sail Date September 2009
Well, what can I say? Carnival does it again! On our way home up 95 all I could say to my wife was, when we pick up our son- can we make it back in time for another trip out to sea? We had an experience that will continue bringing ... Read More
Well, what can I say? Carnival does it again! On our way home up 95 all I could say to my wife was, when we pick up our son- can we make it back in time for another trip out to sea? We had an experience that will continue bringing me back to cruises and actually got my wife (her first cruise) hooked and wanting to come back. We booked this cruise because it was local and would keep costs down by avoiding airfare. I knew the ports weren't on the top of my list, but we had a wonderful time. Embarkation was "smooth sailing". We left South Jersey at about 10:15am and we were parked and in the Port of Baltimore by 12:30pm. I would say by 1:30 or 2:00 (absolute latest) we were on the ship. We ate lunch up on Lido, wandered the ship to get my bearings and give my wife the chance to get a feel for what is on the ship and were in our room by 3:30. Luggage got there by about 5:00ish. The ship was beautiful, much more elegant with this decor than I remembered other ships being. Our room stewards, kept our rooms immaculate (of course) and kept us entertained with those towel animals (I love those things). Our head waiter (Astawa) and assistant (Martina- congratulations on being employee of the month and on your engagement) were awesome. Thank you for making our cruise so special. We were celebrating our 2nd anniversary and were fortunate enough to be paired with a couple celebrating their 1st anniversary and had a wonderful time with them each evening. I will always wonder how they pair people up for dinner time seating so perfectly. Astawa, your dance moves are 2nd to none! And thank you for acknowledging both of our anniversaries- not sure how you found out, but thank you! The food was incredible as always- if you've never had the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake, you don't know what you are missing. I don't want to get negative and I've commented elsewhere on this, so I'll just say we would skip David's next time. The food was good, but the evening was not what we were expecting. We were on deck 1 (Riviera) mid ship, room 1191, ocean view. The room was plenty spacious, closet space was fine for us. I had 2 suits, my wife had 3 dresses and tons of shoes. If we were doing a 2 week cruise, it may get a bit cramped for storage. We encountered some moderately rough seas, so being on the first floor made it not quite as rocky as it could have been. We were just above something that was causing quite alot of banging in the morning. I'm not sure what that something was, but it was a bit annoying. Not so much that I'm complaining. I have a 15 month old, so I'm used to not sleeping past 6 or 7 am. The only complaint I do have is that the room smelled pretty strongly of smoke, which is why I rated the cabin a 4. I know that smoking is not allowed, but the fact is that it did smell of smoke and with a pregnant wife whose sense of smell increases 10 fold during a pregnancy it was uncomfortable for her and I really don't care for the smell either. The previous guest must have been smoking and that made it a bit undesirable. I have cruised on the 1st deck for all of my cruises. I said to my wife that the next time I think I would prefer to try to get a balcony room. Although, we vacation for fun and value, so maybe not, if the price is right. Cruise director, Kirk; Asst directors, Jaime and Matt put together a great time for us to have. We really enjoyed the shows, the games, the dance lessons and the Q&A with you. That truly was a highlight. We really enjoyed finding out about life on the ship as well as your stories and experiences. Kirk had an energy that was remarkable and really knew how to get people energized and involved. The musicians were great! We could have sat and listened to the band in the lounge by the Normandie all day long. We were thoroughly impressed with the comedy act by the Ventriloquist. I apologize for forgetting his name, but see his show. It really is hilarious. The ports were fine. My wife is pregnant, so she was a bit disappointed that there were alot of excursions they would not let her take part in for liability reasons. We understand their point of view, but she was still disappointed only because she is an active woman even while pregnant and her doctors know and cleared what she was going to do. So, we made the best of our ports. At Canaveral, we took a bus to the beach. In my opinion, if you been to one beach you've seen them all. There's sand and water (some places the water is prettier). I took surfing lessons- had a great time, even if I was not the most graceful "surfer" if I may call myself that now. At Nassau, as I mentioned elsewhere, we took a cab to Atlantis paid the $70 for us to see the Dig and see the rest of the grounds. It really is a beautiful place, not sure I'd pay that again if I had it to do again, but we were glad we got to see all of it. Went back to the shopping district and wandered around trying to find some of the sights and so forth. At Freeport we simply took a cab to the beach, hung out for a few hours, went to the marketplace and back to the boat. Overall we had a great time. We were looking for a relaxing do what we want when we want vacation and Carnival "exceeded our expectations". My wife is hard to please and all during the cruise she raved about how great everything was and how much she would like to do this again. For me it was my 4th cruise and I was concerned that I might have remembered how great this was for a different reason. My last cruise I was early 20 something and single, so all I cared about was partying. After this cruise, it was better than I remembered, but for all different reasons. Everyone fell over themselves to take care of us for the most part. People who we encountered treated us like the small family we became for that week. We took this cruise by ourselves, leaving our 15 month old with our parents, which we were glad we did. Once he is older and our baby on the way is over 2, we'll definitely be back (unless we can convince the grandparents to come with us sooner to help). We checked out the Camp Carnival and from our conversations with other parents, we think it's a wonderful family vacation. We spoke with other people and it sounded like it would've been a bit rough for just us and children (under 2 that is), but if there was a large group (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc) it may have been a bit more manageable. So we will be back, probably after 2 years only because of children, but we will be back for another! The seas were a little bit rough, but it was October when we sailed, so it should probably have been a bit expected. Nothing that ruined the cruise, but it just threw my wife off a little since I had told her she won't even realize she is on a boat. By Tuesday we were up on deck in bathing suits. We did so much and still had so much more we could've done, but that's what the next cruise will be for. The only other thing I forgot about was the smoking. We were not fans of the smoking in the casino, nor on the deck. I think I remembered my last cruise being a completely non smoking cruise, but I could be wrong. I believe just certain ships are completely non smoking. I'm sure someone can confirm or deny that. Our room did smell of smoke, so someone probably was smoking in there that should not have been, because there is no smoking in the rooms. We took advantage of the self assist debarkation. We were on deck 1 so for the first time being "one of the poor people" (sorry poor joke) paid off as we were the first to disembark. Even though my wife was pregnant, we managed very easily. We were docked by 9 or 9:30 and truthfully, we were waiting in one of the lounge areas, for no more than 5 or 10 minutes I think and were off the boat through customs and in our car and back on 95 North by 10:15 or 10:30 at the absolute latest. We had a great time. This cruise met and exceeded all of our needs for this vacation. With one baby at home and another on the way, we really just wanted to relax and do what we felt like, when we felt like it. We would probably not do this one again, just because we would like different ports. Don't let this sound like a put down. It was a great cruise! Incredible! Definitely one we are glad we did. And like I said we will be back for a family cruise! I'm sorry, I've rambled enough, but hopefully this gives some idea of what a great time this is for the new cruiser (and anyone thinking about cruising from Baltimore). Read Less
Sail Date October 2009
We sailed the Carnival Pride November 1-8th 2009 . We live in NJ and drove 3 hours to the Port of Baltimore, MD to sail this ship to Port Canaveral Florida, Nassau & Freeport Bahamas. I will say that both Carnival and the Port of ... Read More
We sailed the Carnival Pride November 1-8th 2009 . We live in NJ and drove 3 hours to the Port of Baltimore, MD to sail this ship to Port Canaveral Florida, Nassau & Freeport Bahamas. I will say that both Carnival and the Port of Baltimore are very organized for embarkation and debarkation. What a breeze getting on and off the ship. We booked a balcony guarantee and needed luggage tags w/ our cabin number on them so as we drove off I95 (exit 55) it took us directly to the parking lot of the port. Couldn't have been any easier. There are attendants every step of the way to guide you. We first had to pull up to the blue tent on the left. They have your cabin #'s there and they give you your tags. They even gave me one for my case of water. Even though they said it probably wouldn't go on.. It did !!! Next you drive 1/2 way around the parking lot to drop off your luggage. (The ship is now directly next to you and only a fence separates us). After that you pull into a line to pay for parking , one side credit the other cash. Quick and painless. You hang the tag onto your rear view mirror , park your vehicle and you're ready to head into the terminal. Let me just say that we pulled in the lot at 2:30 and by 3:00 we were ON the ship. Super organized in Baltimore !!! Thank You. We passed right by the first pictures as we were so excited to check out our floating hotel right away. The Pride is really a nicely decorated ship. Yes there is nudity with the paintings and statues but so what. Look the other way if you don't want to see it.. The staff on this ship is super friendly and make it a point to give you a wonderful experience on Carnival. We have our memories that we're already sharing w/ friends/ family. The Main dining room , The Normandy is SUPERB... We cancelled our reservations we made on carnival.com for Davids supper club after having 2 lunches and dinners in the Main dining room No need to pay $30.00 extra for their steak when the steak in the MDR is so tender you could cut w/ a fork ! We both had the Flat Iron steak (DBF had it several times) the fillet mignon wonderful and prime rib cooked to perfection. Lobster was great. Served on the first formal night along w/ the prime rib. I ordered both and was so happy. John had Lobster w/ fillet mignon. Prime rib is also served on the last sea night for those prime rib lovers. The waiters said YES to everything we ordered. We'd sometimes order two entrees each while still enjoying appetizers. Not an every night thing but when we couldn't choose the waiter would say "Get them both". Santos Barrios was our waiter full of personality. He made our dinners that much more enjoyable. Make sure you try the soups at both lunch and dinners. We ordered ones we never thought we'd like and LOVED them. One had coconut milk and we thought Nah... Oh yea. Really good. Desserts.. my Favorite that nearly killed me it was so good was the black forest cake. JUST GET IT.. As said earlier we booked a balcony guarantee and took our chances . We were pleasantly surprise with cabin 6132 and NO obstructions anywhere. It is a connecting cabin but we had great neighbors , thank you if you're reading. Cabin a nice size and laid out perfectly. The Best closet system on any cruise line . Plenty of space , usable space. We enjoyed our time on sea days reading up on deck 10.. More private and you can pull the chairs to find little corners to be alone. Worked for us. Passed on all shows except one. We weren't impressed with the comedian who they flew in for the second part of the cruise. I think his name was Tommy Drake. We heard the one before him was hilarious. We're sorry we misssed him. We had the anytime dining and always had dinner between 8:15 - 8:45 each night so that also interfered with show times but it was fine by us. No complaints at all. Anytime dining is up on deck 3 of the Normandy and off to the left side. Never had a wait. We'd do this again in a minute. Although we cruised a week when kids were out of school we were told there were 500 + kids on board. In all honesty you'd never know it. They were pretty well behaved. We saw one or two act up but nothing bad at all. We could have done without port canaveral as we've been to florida many times. We wish we had a longer stay in Freeport which turned out to be our favorite. We took the shuttle to Our Lucaya Reef Village and enjoyed the hotels, beaches, pools, shopping and casino if you gamble. Had the best conch fritters too for $5.00 . Gave you alot. In Nassau we spent the day at the Sheraton Cable Beach Resort. Gorgeous property. Took the #10 jitney bus for $1.25 each. Have exact change as they don't give you any !!! I did post pics of our trip on the Carnival Forum under "Carries review of the Pride Nassau, Freeport Port Canaveral Nov. 1st 2009" There's a link to see how pretty these resorts were as well as the Beautiful Pride. We used room service daily for our morning coffee , juice and sometimes would order toasted bagels. They did toast them for us even though it doesn't offer it. Delivered promptly every morning. Debarkation was also perfectly organized. No complaints for this cruise whatsoever. We even had an odor problem in our cabin/bathroom . Smelled like sewer. After the first full day at sea we went to the customer service desk and they even followed up with a phone call to see if it was better. Now that's customer service. Problem WAS taken care of too . Great Cruise, Great Service, Great People, Great Food.... Thank You Carnival Pride for a wonderful week. Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
14 nights on Grandeur? We weren't sure we'd be able to take 14 nights on a 'smaller' ship, but when we saw the ports (7 in all, even though I could only choose '6' above!) - Bermuda, Tortola, St. Maartin, ... Read More
14 nights on Grandeur? We weren't sure we'd be able to take 14 nights on a 'smaller' ship, but when we saw the ports (7 in all, even though I could only choose '6' above!) - Bermuda, Tortola, St. Maartin, Curacao, Aruba, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel, we just couldn't say no. It didn't hurt that room #8584 (Royal Family Suite) was available - for just the 2 of us! Being from Tampa, we'd only have to fly up to Baltimore, since this was a reposition cruise (into Tampa). A 5 minute taxi ride once off the ship - a nice way to end the cruise! The ship definitely had it's ups and downs. The crew at first didn't seem as friendly as everyone had raved, but that got a little better it seemed as they really got to know you. Our room attendant was below average at first, but also redeemed himself. Food portions were definitely smaller than in the past, and while our waiter wasn't great, the asst. and Head waiter were both outstanding. HUGE Balcony! The room is perfect for 4 people. 6 people... maybe (especially if 2 are children)... but the bathrooms will become an issue. Don't try to fit 8 people in this room. It can be done, but you'll regret it. Isolated in the corner, so generally quiet. If you have this room, plan to have a balcony party. You could easily put 20 people out there without a problem! Plumbing seemed to be a small issue here and there, where the toilets just wouldn't seem to flush for an hour or 2. And it seems like all of the older ships have an odd smell towards the back of the ship. This one was no different. But Capt Rob.... he made the cruise! He was by far the best Capt on any cruise so far! Personable, and just plain hysterical. When he spoke every day at noon, everyone on the ship stopped what they were doing and listened. His daily "I have good news, and bad news....so I'll give you the bad news first" would always get you laughing. He participated in many things around the ship, and really made both the crew and the guests have fun. He turned what might have been a '7' cruise into an 8 or 9! Royal Caribbean has been slipping a little bit, but I assume all the cruise lines have had to cut back a little in the economy. But we still love it, and are looking forward to booking our next cruise! Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
We are a young couple (early 30's) with 3 kids and were finally able to get a week away... without the children. The Pride cruise out of Baltimore was convenient (we live about an hours drive away) and the price was right. This was ... Read More
We are a young couple (early 30's) with 3 kids and were finally able to get a week away... without the children. The Pride cruise out of Baltimore was convenient (we live about an hours drive away) and the price was right. This was our first cruise experience. Embarkation: Our folks dropped us off at the pier so we saved $105 parking for the week. Fairly straightforward process. Took about 90 minutes from security to check-in to ship. While waiting for the staterooms to be ready we had a very hard time finding a place to sit down up on the Lido Deck. Lots of people with lots of luggage. We circled completely around 3 times. Of course it was too cold to be out on deck, so I'm sure that made the problem worse. Stateroom: Extended Balcony on Deck 8 Mid-ship. Nice room overall. Stateroom stewards were very attentive. Significant noise from pool deck above. Also, lots of loud "creaking" in rough seas. Seemed worse near our stateroom -- wouldn't have been so bad farther down the hall. Bed was comfy. The thermostat knob broke off in my hand the first time I tried to adjust it. A call to guest services resulted in a repair that night. The TV in our room has seen better days, but worked fine. Decor: As others have stated, the Pride's decor is a touch garish. For a family-oriented cruise, there were certainly a lot of breasts and other body parts on display in the artwork around the ship. It didn't bother us, but then again, our kids weren't with us. Just seemed contradictory to the image Carnival is trying to portray. The common areas seemed dark and a touch cramped. Food: The Lido buffet was were we did most of our dining (the rough seas later in the cruise made dining in the main dining room tough). There wasn't a ton of variety. The food was about what I expected, though, so I'm not complaining. Of the times we did eat in the main dining room (we had "Your Time" dining), we were impressed with the wait staff. We did eat at David's Steakhouse one night and the food and service was excellent. Entertainment: Kirk Benning, the Cruise Director, was very personable and witty. Jaime, the assistant cruise director, and later revealed to be Kirk's girlfriend, was also great. They were a good team. We were less than impressed with the "Around the World" show -- seemed very "blah". The lead female singer's voice really annoyed us. The later revue show "Vroom" was cancelled on Friday night due to rough seas. The comedian, Hank McGauley, was hilarious. We didn't get to see the other comedian, Darren Smalls, as we were stuck in the room with seasickness (rough seas strike again). Other Activities: We're not really the bingo-playing type, so we were kind of annoyed that it seemed like Bingo was the Pride's activity of choice. We just didn't find a whole lot of activities that we were interested in. (Hairy chest contest? Really?) We'd suggest more "interactive" activities (i.e. having the dancers teach us dance moves or something like that) Port Canaveral: We took the shuttle to Cocoa Beach and had a good time. It was a little on the chilly side for the beach, but not bad. Nassau: We had pre-booked the Segway tour. Carnival cancelled it without telling us about two weeks before the cruise. I saw it disappear from the website and we got a refund on our credit card. They didn't tell us it was because a bunch of people had been robbed at gunpoint on that excursion. Most of the excursions in Nassau seemed pricey to us. We settled on a "Beach Break with Lunch" at the Wyndham hotel in Cable Beach. The lunch buffet wasn't bad. While it was sunny when we got off the ship, it was breezy, chilly and raining when we got to the beach. Oh well. Freeport: We missed this port-of-call due to rough seas, high winds and strong currents. Carnival issued us a $20 per person Sail and Sign credit. The entertainment staff did what they could to re-arrange the schedule for the day, but had to later cancel many of the activities due to the motion of the ship. At sea: Unfortunately, we experienced very rough seas on Friday and Saturday with 65kt winds and 15'+ swells. Even with a couple of doses of Bonine, my wife spent most of Friday in the cabin (unsuccessfully) trying to keep her food down. I didn't do very well either. Saturday was slightly better, but we were making our way directly through the center of a Nor'Easter that brought 20+ inches of snow to the east coast. By Saturday night, we were very happy to make the calmer waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Debarkation: Sunday morning was very easy - we were in the second "self-assist" group and were off the ship and clear through customs by 9:30. The only problem is that there was 20+ inches of snow on the ground, it was under 30 degrees and there was no place to wait for our ride inside the terminal. We spent about 30 minutes out in the cold waiting for our ride to arrive. Overall: Had the conditions not been so bad the last 2-3 days, I think the overall impression would have been better. I'd have no problem booking another Carnival cruise, but I think it's going to have to be from a warm-weather home port during the summer so we can spend more time on deck rather than having to rely on indoor entertainment options. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
Very long trip report! I'm wordy!! Stats: Husband and wife (age 38) (no kids) and no agenda or excursions planned for this trip! We just wanted to relax and wing it the whole week... celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary. I ... Read More
Very long trip report! I'm wordy!! Stats: Husband and wife (age 38) (no kids) and no agenda or excursions planned for this trip! We just wanted to relax and wing it the whole week... celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary. I really enjoyed Mark's review and so did a lot of you so I will try to be as detailed so that you can get as much information as you can for your upcoming trip!! I'm typing this while on the ship so that I can remember everything but won't upload to the internet until we return. I brought my laptop so that I could have internet access but I'm actually enjoying being "disconnected"! I don't even want access! So, I'm typing in Word and saving it to upload when I get home. Where do I start? Well first off, today is day 3 (Tuesday). I just woke up, looked out of the window and caught the last of the sunrise! I grabbed the camera and went out on the balcony and the first thing I noticed was the warmer weather. I took the picture and looked back at my husband who was still in bed and said "oh, you're using the balcony today for sure"!! So, let's backtrack to day 1 embarkation: DAY ONE (Baltimore, MD 39 degrees and rain...) We live about 20 minutes from the port so we headed out at noon. When we got there, there were tons of people already there. It was a dreary, rainy day but we were so excited we didn't care! We paid cash for parking (per cruise critic member advice) and it was a breeze. Once you pay, you find your own parking spot in the area they will point out to you which was close to the door where you walk into the terminal. I suppose if you get there later you may have a little longer walk depending on where the other parking spots are but it's still convenient to the terminal. Ok, so we are off to the terminal! Suggestion: Have your passport and fun pass in hand because they will check it right at the door. Another suggestion: We were VIP because we bought a suite. I knew from reading here that we were checking in in another area but didn't realize we also didn't have to wait in the longer security line for non VIP travelers. We were waiting patiently in line when one of the attendants noticed the fun pass hanging from my husband's hand (which had VIP typed on it) and directed us to the much shorter line! Sweet!! So, if you are VIP ask the first attendant you see to point you to the shorter line! At security we put our bags on the belt to run through the machine then you walk through the detector. I had a bottle of wine in my bag bubble wrapped. The screener asked if I had wine and I said yes. I had to pull it out to let them see that it was wine. I didn't have to unwrap it since you could see the writing through the bubbles! Ok, so we are past security when another attendant will direct you to a table so that you can complete the health questionnaire. That was no big deal, just answer yes/no to the two questions, sign and date. They had ink pens available, you will have to complete one for each person in your party. Next we were off to the VIP area to check in which was a little office with two attendants. There was one family ahead of us and two already sitting at the desk checking in so I would say we spent about 8 minutes tops waiting for our turn. Once we sat down they ask for our passport and the health questionnaire. They will also ask for your credit card at this point but we were using cash so we did not have to give her anything. You give the money to the purser on the ship. Once she was done checking us in she handed us a paper that says Zone 1 and walked us out of the office to point the way to the ship! There were attendants along the way to move us through the crowd. First stop is to take your first cruise picture and then the short walk to the ship! When you walk on the ship you are in the area where the purser's desk is. We got right in the line, which at this point was not long at all. There were about 3 people behind the desk working so it does take some time. We had about 5 or 6 people ahead of us so we waited maybe 15 minutes...no problem, we're on vacation! There was a musician singing and playing his keyboard to keep us entertained. Also the drink servers were making their rounds with the drink of the day!! We decided to wait until we took care of the money business before we got to the alcohol business! Once were done there we took the elevator up to our floor but the rooms were not ready yet. I think it was around 1:30pm. We headed up to the Lido deck for lunch! We briefly walked around the different food areas to see what was available (I concur with other reviewers that said this setup was a little annoying!) The stations are spread out instead of in one area. I suppose there was not much they could do with this design (slender ship) but that's fine...you get a little exercise in!! I found us a booth while my husband ordered us two reubens. We saw someone with fries on their plate so we assumed they got them from the same place the reubens were being made but they weren't so my husband went in search of the fries! He found them where the burgers and hotdogs were. We sat and enjoyed our food and couldn't wait until the overhead announcer let us know our rooms were ready! After lunch we went out on the pool area of the Lido to get our first drink of the day!! There was a two-man show going on. The act is called "Cool Breeze". One singer and one keyboard player... someone else on this board pointed out that there is no longer a live band...this appears to be one area Carnival has cut back in. These two sing and play along to piped in music! Lol We bellied up to the bar for our drink and 5 minutes later they were saying some of our rooms were ready. We waited a few and made our way to our suite!! We are in suite 7298 which is an aft wrap suite. Let me tell you this...this is the way I want to cruise from here on out!! This room layout is like being in a hotel suite (just on a smaller scale). We have our sitting area which is separate from the bedroom, dressing area with a vanity and drawers and the two sink bathroom with Jacuzzi tub!! The whole back wall of the suite is all windows and the balcony door. We have a tv in the sitting area and a tv in the bedroom. There is a walk-in (or should I say step-in closet) with shelves and space to hand your clothes and store your shoes. Back to the dressing area...you women would love this space!! My husband hasn't been interested in using the area really...he stands in front of the mirror to check out his clothes but hasn't sat down on the bench and hasn't stored any of his things in the drawers so it's my personal vanity (like the one at home!!) I put all of my hair supplies and makeup supplies away in the drawers and sit to do my hair and play in makeup (for elegant night last night!) A little more about the suite as far as the "heat" and bathroom are concerned...as others have stated on the boards...the air that blows out of the overhead vents is not heat. There is a dial in the bedroom that has "blue for cool and red for heat" but even with the dial all the way over to red it still blew out cool air. We asked our Cabin Steward Igusti to check on the heat and he said he would come to make sure the thermostat was set correctly. Since I already knew the deal on the "heat" I forewarned my husband that I heard there really wasn't any. When we were in the bed under the covers it was fine but it was a little uncomfortable when we were up, but just on the first day. By day two it was comfortable. Oh, another thing about the cabin...there are two doors to close off the dressing area from the sitting area and bedroom. There is also a door to close the bedroom off from the sitting area. Now to the bathroom toilet smell. It smells pissy...like cometh from deep down in the commode pissy!! I chopped it up to cabin life...we brought our Lysol wipes and my husband gave the bathroom a good wipe down but the toilet smell remains. Not ruining our cabin time at all... People always want to know how does the aft cabin feel...is it bumpy?...does it vibrate?...etc. Well you feel a little vibration and sway when you are lying in the bed. It is actually soothing to us. I feel like I am being rocked to sleep like when my mama held me when I was a baby!! It doesn't bother me at all. It is slight, not a washing machine agitator kind of vibration...and no noise to it either. As far as the balcony...in the winter months you won't fully enjoy the balcony on day one and two. In our case it was raining on day 1 so the seats were wet. Even if you had dry weather you might go sit for a few but I doubt if you would lounge around out there. In the aft suites there are two chaise loungers, a table and two regular chairs. Ok, that's the story on the cabin...now to the dinner in the dining room... We have "your time dining". The first night is "come as you are" dress code since some people may not get their luggage before dinner. I had clothes "assigned" for the first dinner night but took advantage of not having to dress up!! We happened to get there between the two assigned dinner times so there was no wait for us. We walked right up to the booth at the entrance of the dining room, gave the person our room number, asked for a table for two and she immediately showed us to our seat. Our dinner consisted of: Appetizer: Chicken fingers and honey mustard dipping sauce (I know, I know... J EntrEe: Grilled flat iron steak, mac and cheese, peas (with a sauce mixed in) Dessert: Warm chocolate melting cake Opinion: The food was pretty good...I enjoyed the steak prepared medium and (being a chocolate lover)...the melting cake was just "ok" to me. It tastes like my favorite hot breakfast cereal, Coco Wheat!! J After dinner we walked around the ship for a while visiting the shops and trying to get the lay of the land. I forgot to pack contact lens solution so I had to pay $11.99 for a 4 oz. bottle of Carnival's! Yeah...not thrilled but had no choice!! Husband said...deduct that from your spending money!! Later on we ventured into the karaoke bar to listen for a few then made our way back to the cabin. We ordered 2 bottles of our favorite alcoholic beverage from the Bon Voyage department so we cracked open a bottle and chilled out for a while before heading to Beauties Lounge to listen to some music. We ordered a rum and coke, drank that and said why are we paying for alcohol when we have some in our room. We went back to the room, made us a drink in the glasses (already supplied in the room) and headed back to the lounge. There is an attendant at the door that doesn't say anything about carrying glasses inside. People are constantly walking around the ship with drinks...they don't know if you bought it at a bar or not...they way we look at it...carnival has already gotten $120 from us by buying liquor through Bon Voyage... The lounge is in the Aft of the ship also so it's no big deal for us to go back to the cabin...it's an elevator ride up and a short walk to the cabin. We decorated our door so it was always easy for us to find!! We made the drinks strong enough that we only needed the one trip!! As far as the music genre, the first night was hip-hop, r & b and some pop music. It was not crowded. We enjoyed ourselves and danced a couple of times (not too much...needed to save my hair for elegant night pictures!!) We headed to the 24 hour pizzeria to soak up some of the alcohol then made it back to the cabin around 3 am. Great first day!! The bed is COMFORTABLE to us!! Rise and shine day two at 8 am!! Too much excitement...can't sleep the day away!! DAY TWO I have been taking ginger pills for a few days leading up to the cruise and each morning of the cruise. The water was not too choppy...you can tell you are on a ship but we are having no issues with the sailing. We got prepared for the day, dressed and headed up to the Lido deck for breakfast in the Mermaid Grill. We want to eat dinner in the dining room each evening (and David's on Tuesday and possibly Thursday...they let us reserve a second day and said it's ok if you want to cancel Thursday but it is better to book asap because spots fill up quickly...so we did. We made reservations online prior to the sailing and like others never received a confirmation, so on day 1 we walked up to check on the reservations and they were there. We had only planned to eat there once but the guy talked us into booking an additional day so we did. If we like it we will go again on Thursday...otherwise we will cancel. I'm sure we will like it but if it doesn't "knock our socks off" we won't pay an additional $60...we can just eat in the dining room at no additional cost!!) Back to breakfast!! (I told you I am wordy!! I'm enjoying sharing our trip with you...it makes it so much easier if you want to take the time to type while on the ship day by day so that you can cover everything..) We had omelets and bacon...hubby had sausage too I think... anyway its breakfast food, nothing to complain about. My omelet was pretty good. Oh...we tried the regular coffee yesterday...it was a touch strong but was ok...at home we like to enjoy coffee together so I was contemplating buying the specialty coffee if the free coffee wasn't to our liking...it was fine for us...keeping our coffee money for at home!! Still a little tired from our late night last night we decided to go back to the cabin to relax. Before we did that though, they were having a $10 sale in one of the gift shops on costume jewelry, purses, costume type watches, men's ties (I think that's what was in those boxes) so I bought a necklace I spotted the day before that I wanted. On day one they had the area roped off but you could still see what was available. There was a sign there that said "tomorrow, everything $10". After that it was back to the cabin. We put the privacy please sign up so Igusti didn't have to worry about cleaning our room. We lounged around a while, watched TV and I read my book. We had all the curtains pulled back so that we could see the water!! So nice! Some people have said they didn't like having the two sea days...thought it was a bit much... being on water so long...we feel the opposite! I am enjoying the relaxation. The way we see it, Wednesday through Friday will be hustle and bustle since we will be in port and Saturday will be your last sea day to recover from those 3 previous busy days...then it's off the ship Sunday and back to recover from vacation before heading off to work. So, we are going to enjoy the solitude. I forgot to mention at the outset that this is our 3rd cruise, but our first 7 day cruise. After some time I decided to take a nap since we got up early and I was feeling kind of like that blanket that Lynus (from Charlie Brown) would drag around!! Hubby relaxed in the Jacuzzi tub. Nothing like an afternoon nap riding across the waves!! We are really enjoying ourselves! When I woke up Hubby was gone...he found the cheeseburgers and hot dogs!! I decided to order room service so I could check out the BLT that everyone raved about. I ordered the cheesecake too. Mmmm...me love bacon!! That was a good BLT. They pile the bacon on...sort of felt like they were trying to get rid of the bacon from breakfast, no complaints here!! Brought back memories of the bacon sandwiches my daddy used to make for him and me when I was little! The cheesecake was just ok...didn't really taste like cheesecake, but the strawberry sauce and graham cracker crust made up for it. The cabin stewards were milling around in and out of the cabins...throughout the day... working hard as others have said... They always have a smile and greet you whenever they see you. We told Igusti the tv in the bedroom did not work and it took until the evening for someone to come but he got it done. He called us on the room phone to ask if someone had come but they had not. He finally got someone to come (I guess while we were out doing the elegant night rounds). Prior to our elegant evening I wanted to take Hubby to Tea Time. He loves tea! We didn't realize it was in the main dining room so we were feeling underdressed until we saw everyone else!! We were seated at table with other travelers...at first we were like "oh crap" but actually had a nice time chatting with our table mates! I say "oh crap" because we are the "keep to ourselves" kind of couple...want "table for two" type people!! (Really, it's Hubby..sshhh!) We were seated with a young couple who have been dating for 5 years and enjoying their first cruise and 3 sisters from Philadelphia who were practicing their etiquette skills they learned prior to their cruise!! Cute group!! After Tea Time we headed back to the cabin for another lounging session!! I told you we were on this cruise to chill!! So, you can't ask me how the hairy chest contest show was or what did they say at the shore excursion talk because we were not there!! There was a CSI New York marathon on so we watched a couple episodes before getting ready for elegant night!! We turned the tv off, turned our music on and I sat down to "my" vanity to start my pamper session. Oh...before Tea Time I checked out the Jacuzzi tub and read my book for a while too!! That actually started my pamper session... so I applied my makeup while singing along to Mary J. Blige "I feel good"... "I feel good, like the moon is shining just for me. Tonight I'm feeling so care free". You see, this is my first time really dressing up! Hubby and I did not have a wedding (had a court house ceremony) so over these 13 years there was no other reason to dress formally so we were excited to play dress up for one day. He looked so handsome in his tuxedo and I felt so pretty in my gown!! We took pictures of ourselves in the cabin and felt great! After we were done we made our way down to the area where they were taking pictures. We thought it was a good idea to take picture before eating. Boy... were those areas crowded. The first couple of sets we went to we took about 4-5 poses...some together...some by ourselves...yeah that got old quick...my feet were killing me...I wanted to buy the "sexy, strappy" 3 inch heels (I think they were 3 inches) to go with my gown...so glad I brought another pair of "not as sexy but more my speed" heels as back up...back to the room I went after photo set # 2. Hubby was a trooper...he came back up with me...my feet hurt so bad I had to take those puppies off at the elevator on our floor and conveniently carry them in my hands down the corridor to our room. (by the way...some people keep their cabins junky as crap!) We walked by one room (achy feet and all, I noticed this) and a Cabin Steward was cleaning (or should I say wading through) a room with clothes all over the floor and bed) I thought maybe it was a kid's room...I hope an adult is not that careless...how could they even find the doggone towel animal he would leave...!! Anyway...I changed my shoes and felt 100% better. We went back down and continued to take pictures. At this point Hubby would greet the photographer and say "only two poses together please"!! lol (Carrie: if you are reading this, we got the pose you and your man took!! The one I told you I liked where you are looking into each other's eyes, yeah that one!!) I can't wait to go see all the results!! Once we were done making the picture rounds we headed to dinner which happened to be at the same time as the late seating...won't do that again. It wasn't bad but we had to wait about 15 minutes. When we walked up there was a huge line of people waiting for assigned late seating. We were getting (what I thought was curious looks) when we walked up to the desk. I told the lady we don't mind waiting if we are supposed to...I didn't want to feel like we were cutting in front of all those people. She gave us a buzzer and we waited, like I said 15 minutes but it was still before the assigned seaters were seated. The "your time" diners sit on one side and everyone else sits on the other. Before I get into the menu, I will talk about the way people were dressed. There were people dressed "all over the fashion map" as others on the board have said. Some really dressed up like us and some not. Everyone was in a festive mood, laughing, smiling, spending time with family... That is what I noticed...I was not looking for the person dressed in jeans or the girl with the flip-flops trying to get into the dining room to eat lobster with the people who followed the dress code suggestions!! They might have been there but I wasn't looking for them. We weren't focused on others, we were there to make our memories and enjoy ourselves and it looked like everyone else was too! Now to the food!! Of course we had: Appetizer: I had stuffed mushrooms (good) and Hubby had a little bowl of fruit EntrEe: Lobster tail and shrimp of course!! (I read Cruise Confidential), I ordered two entrees at the same time instead of waiting until I was done with one). The waiter said it is better to do it that way so that is what I did. The lobster tails are small so don't feel like you are being a glutton for ordering two. I didn't eat the sides on the second entrEe...sorry food police. I also didn't take pictures of the food...I devoured it as soon as it came...sorry!! Dessert: we passed...they had the melting cake but as I said earlier I wasn't really a fan so I didn't get anything. I was interested in the Bitter and Blanc others have raved about...maybe Wednesday?!! Oh yeah, as far as the wait staff, we were seated in a different section than the first night...if this is the pattern I guess whoever we are seated with on the last night gets the extra tip...speaking of extra tip...the Maitre'D came to the table the first night to say hello and moved on. During dinner we saw him snap at one of the workers for something...that was mean...we felt bad for the waiter...we already get the impression from reading Cruise Confidential that these people work long hours and work very hard...that left a bad taste in our mouth for the Maitre'D. He came to our table on this second night to ask how everything was and we said it was great. Those type of encounters in my opinion don't warrant a tip to the Maitre'D on the last night. After dinner we made our way back to the cabin to change into our "regular clothes". After that we went to Beauties Lounge to check out the 70's to 80's music. Lot's of people were there dancing and having fun. The DJ played all the disco tunes that were popular during that time. It was a 1 hour set...we ordered a drink of the day (We wanted the cup) and sat for about 20 minutes watching everyone have a great time. This one couple was cute...they came down the steps, drinks in hand and started dancing (there is a no drinks allowed on the dance floor policy) so immediately they were escorted off the dance floor. The wife smiled and said "do you know how hard I had to work to get him to dance with me"!! A little later she went upstairs and came down with an empty glass and handed it to him so that he could hold in his hand while dancing. Apparently he needed something to hold on to!! Too cute!! We grew tired of the flashback so we went back to the cabin to make us a drink in our souvenir cup. We sat for a while since the tv was on and something caught my husband's eye. We made another drink "for the road" and proceeded back down to the lounge. It was after the disco hour but the music this night the DJ was playing we don't really "party" to so we moved on. Everyone there looked to be having a great time though; it was more packed than the first night! We decided to get our music (hubby has a book bag with speakers) and find a quiet spot on the ship to chill and drink our drinks. (We had it turned down low) the few people that passed us didn't appear to even notice) After that it was time to call it a night. We got to bed this time about 1:30am. Great night's sleep. I woke up at 8:30 am and that is where I began this report!! DAY THREE It is now 12:30pm and time to start my day!! I ordered room service (BLT of course and hubby had the hot pastrami...he said it was just ok) We ordered coffee and received a carafe. The coffee was good this time too. I'm all caught up now so from here on out I will type my report each evening so that it won't take so much time!! Can't wait to go downstairs to see if our pictures are ready!! Side note: I am keeping all of the capers and plan to pdf them. I'll let you know when I have them done. Ok, it's 10:00pm and we are in the cabin for an early night of relaxation. Today was an exciting day for me! After I finished typing earlier we readied ourselves for today's activities and made our way down to the picture area to check out the results of our photo sessions!! We were so pleased with the way our pictures came out!! I am usually very critical of pictures taken of me but these pictures came out very nice!! We bought about 5 of the poses and ordered an oil canvas on our favorite pose!! After that we went to the Lido deck to take in some sunshine and a couple drink of the days!! Since we had reservations at David's Steakhouse we didn't eat anything else since room service. So glad we did...David's was awesome just like many board members have said. The porterhouse steak was my highlight. It was cooked to my liking and was very good. The whole affair took about 2 hours. Although it was great we decided that we will cancel Thursday's reservation only because of all the "pomp and circumstance". Just don't want to sit through another 2 hour affair!! I checked the menu in the main dining room to see if I missed the Bitter and Blanc and I did L Oh well...maybe tomorrow. After dinner we decided to take in a show...Jerry Goodspeed...the ventriloquist. He was great!! Had us laughing out loud...highly recommended. After the show we are back to room for the night...more tomorrow in Port Canaveral!! DAY FOUR We are half way through day four while I am writing this. Allow me to recap our day so far: When we woke up this morning around 8am we were docked in Port Canaveral. We didn't linger around the cabin today because we were a tad anxious to get off the boat to see what we could see. We got ready for the day and ate our breakfast in the Mermaid Grill. Very uneventful...but we did see...(wait for it...) A robed man in his PJs getting breakfast with the rest of us!! LOL He walked past us with tray in hand. I said to my Hubby "maybe he will take it back to his cabin"...not. When we were leaving the dining room he was sitting at a table eating with the rest of us. Also later on after we came back from Cocoa Beach we ate lunch in the Grill...what did we see and hear...wait for it...a man blowing his nose INTO the cloth napkin. I kid you not on both of these...just like others have said on these boards!! My hubby said "ewhh he is blowing his nose in the napkin". I just smiled to myself and said I'll have to mention that in the report. So folks it does happen. Did it ruin our cruise? Absolutely not!! On to our few hours at Cocoa Beach. As I stated earlier in my report we did not have anything pre-planned so when we walked out of the terminal the first person that greeted us was a rep from the Cocoa Beach Shuttle Co. For $16 each they took us round trip to the beach. They leave every hour from Port Canaveral Terminal and are scheduled to make trips back to the ship every 30 minutes. While at the beach we walked around in a couple of the stores...Ron Jon surf shop and another souvenir store. My husband wanted to sit on the beach and watch the beautiful water so we went to a little establishment right on the beach who were renting chairs, loungers, umbrellas and cabanas. We chose the cabana and two chairs, set up shop and just relaxed for a little over an hour. After that I was pretty much over the beach!! So we headed back to the bus to take us back to the ship. The little time we spent in the sun and heat (temperature was probably in the low 70s maybe but it was direct sun) tired us out so I saw none of the bus ride back. We were awakened by "ok folks we are back to the ship". This is when we went to have lunch at the Mermaid Grill. Ok, it's 6:05 pm. I'm headed out on our balcony to see if I can see anyone running back to the ship!! Be back soon!! Everyone made it back to the ship in time, in fact we left about 15 minutes early! After being on the balcony for a minute I decided it was nap time (aren't vacation naps great?!). Shortly after the nap I headed down to a spot on deck two (Florentine Lounge) where I dubbed the chairs there "my favorite chairs" to read my book since hubby wasn't ready to leave the cabin yet. A nice band was playing when I got there. Oh, also got me Tuesday's drink of the day...something with coconut in it. It was great I had to get it on Wednesday!! I had a nice relaxing time reading my book with cool band music in the background. People were milling around to and from dinner. We decided there was nothing on the main dining room menu that we liked (except the bitter and blanc that I wanted to try) so we ate in the Mermaid Grill. It was close to 8:30pm by that time so we headed out to the Lido deck to get a good seat for the live band music by The Jafar Curry Band. We stayed out there until probably after Midnight!! We had a blast! This evening (Wednesday evening) is the Rockin under the stars deck party. Just like the cruise director and Gusti, our cabin steward said, this party is not to be missed!! We had a great time watching others dance and I even joined in on a couple of line dances!! They also have a mexican buffet at 11:15pm that had minimal selections but what I did get was pretty good. We ventured into Beauties Lounge after that but agreed that it was time to "hit the hay". Great day # 4. DAY FIVE Almost to Nassau when we woke!! This day you get into Nassau at 11am so you should be up to see the port arrival. That was pretty cool. We got to see the boat move 180 degrees to back into port, putting our cabin on the side the pier was on!! We ate breakfast in the Mermaid Grill, let all the anxious people off the boat then made our way down. It takes about 30-45 minutes for the boat to clear customs so plan your excursions accordingly. The only thing we wanted to do in Nassau was visit Atlantis so we caught a taxi ($10 ride for both of us...no waiting for a group either). We were dropped off at the front door to the hotel and walked around the outside for a while looking at the shops. Hubby bought a few key chains for his coworkers. It was so hot outside that it was uncomfortable for us. We were "sweaty pigs". We would dip in and out of stores with air conditioning!! Finally we entered Atlantis, walked through the casino and lingered in the cool air. We looked down to see part of the Digs, and yes they did have people taking money to view the aquarium. I saw Mark's pictures so I felt like I already took the tour!! No need to take it again!! At this point we decided we saw all of Atlantis we needed to see so we sought out a taxi at the front of the building again. There were some available but they wait until they have a full van before pulling out. Hubby was not going for it!! "I didn't have to wait for a group when I came over here"...so we proceeded to walk out to the main street and found a taxi riding along that took us alone for $11 total. We arrived back to the ship area but decided to walk around just for a little because it was so hot to us. Funny...we wanted to escape the cold only to finally want to escape the heat!! Some people you just can't please!! We've been to Nassau before so it was no big deal for us to call it a day and head back to the ship after only being out for a little over 2 hours. We bought souvenirs the last time and it's still the same stuff. This trip, for me has totally been about the ship!! I am still enjoying the suite and the ship on day 5. We headed to the Mermaid Grill for lunch. Today's Taste of the Nations was Caribbean so lunch was great to me!! The jerk chicken was very good. I also had pepper pot beef that was tasty!! Oh, speaking of food, I saw the melting cake in the Mermaid Grill yesterday so you don't have to go to the main dining for it...at least not on Wednesday. After lunch I sat on our balcony for a while reading my book then you know what time it was!! Nap time! Hubby watched tv for majority of my nap so now that I am up he is now taking his nap as I type at 7:00pm. We are supposed to eat in the main dining room tonight so I will be waking him up shortly. I haven't had a drink of the day yet either...I'm overdue!! We are also holding Igusti up from making our towel animal!! Be back soon!! Well we decided to pass on the main dining room dinner. Again, nothing jumped out at us on the menu. Since Hubby was still lounging around in the cabin I took my book and headed out for a while. I ate dinner in the Mermaid Grill. They had at least one or two of the same dishes offered in the main dining room. I ate the chicken parmesan and it was decent. After that I headed back to the cabin and was in for the evening. We told the cabin steward we would pass on the towel animal and bed turn down. I channel surfed on the couch in the living area and hubby caught a marathon of the show Burn Notice that he was watching in the bedroom. While I was out he said he stood on our balcony to watch the fireworks show. He asked me if I saw them where I was but I did not. Had no idea there were any!! Later on after we watched us pull out of port he went out for hotdogs and a walk around the ship. That was our evening on day five. DAY SIX Sleeping peacefully this morning, we were jarred from our sleep by a feeling of being run ashore!! LOL we both hopped up to look out of the windows to discover we were pulling into Freeport. Since I was "up" I decided to go out on the balcony to watch the whole process. I watched as we made the 180 degree turn and the process of tying the anchors to the pier. This is an industrial port so I watched a big barge being filled with containers and other little ships pulling in. That was about as exciting as Freeport got for me (I would later come to find out). After that excitement I headed back to the sleep I was kicked out of!! Hubby stayed up and went to breakfast alone. We are on "different shifts" now!! I got up two hours later for breakfast and he was ready to take a nap!! After breakfast I decided to check out the port. Hubby didn't want to get off, said he is relaxing all day. I spent about 10 minutes total out there. After seeing two of the stores selling the same stuff as in Nassau and at greater prices, the blatant price hikes turned me off and I headed back to the ship. In Nassau they were selling key chains for $1 each. The same key chains here in Freeport were $2.50 each. They know this is the last stop so for those that didn't buy souvenirs in Nassau it's all or nothing. So for now I am back in the cabin for another quiet afternoon of "suite relaxation"!! Tonight is the second elegant night and we decided to get dressed up so that we could participate. We did not wear tux and gown this go around, just a blouse and pant set for me and a suit and tie for hubby. Dinner in the main dining room was pretty good. Hubby had the Mahi Mahi and I had the Chateaubriand with sauce BEarnaise. It was a beef dish. The highlight of the dinner for me was the amaretto cake! Way better than the melting cake!! After dinner we went to the gift shop to buy candy for my office mates and then came back to the room to drink the bottle of Riesling we brought. It was in or refrigerator for weeks so bringing it back home was not an option!! It was very good. I'm glad we cracked it open. The name of it is called Relax. It is in a royal blue bottle. Beauties was having a Motown hour from 10pm to 11pm so we went to check it out. It turned out to be a "Motown era" hour because the DJ hardly played actual "Motown" music. He wasn't actually in the booth so it was a pre-recorded disc. We enjoyed watching others dance and had another round of drinks before heading back to the cabin. We have been full speed ahead every since we left Freeport...I kept telling my hubby "someone needed to tell the Captain today is not Saturday and we still have one more day on the ship"!! We were already to Cape Canaveral by late evening. The ship was a little bouncy in the back since he was going so fast. We were rocked to sleep!! DAY SEVEN Whoa...talk about rocked to sleep. I am up at 730am this morning because I needed to see why the heck we are tossing about at the back of this ship. At one point I heard the deck chair move outside. We are still going the same speed as last night only now we are in choppier waters. The cabin is creaking and the glasses on the wall were clinging a little so I put a hand towel in front of them so they wouldn't fall over and break. I'm sitting here typing on the couch looking out of the window at a cloudy day with rough waters. We had pizza late last night so I ate the crust this morning just so that I could take my ginger pills with food. I don't feel sick but I just wanted to prevent it from happening. I'm sure it is probably worst back here. I may just order room service for breakfast just so that I don't have to worry about wobbling around with a bunch of people on the lido deck!! I hope things clear up later on today or this will make for a semi crappy day!! I stuck my head out of the balcony door to check the temperature and its cooler. We are definitely heading back up north. I'll check back in later to tell how the rest of the day went. Well, today's weather did not improve. We stayed in our cabin until dinner time: 6pm. I was getting a little hungry and frankly tired of bobbing up and down all day. We did order room service for breakfast and just laid low in the cabin. The water was extra rough today...all day. Neither of us got sick but we did hear a few people say they were or family members were. They had to cancel the Carnival Legends performance, which is the passenger performance due to liability reasons. They did not want them falling down in the musician pit and suing Carnival!! We still enjoyed the day as much as we could...however I did not get to take my daily nap. I think I fell asleep for a few minutes after laying there for a while. I was eventually awakened though by the dressing room door which kept opening and closing depending on which way the ship swayed. I hope we will get some decent sleep. Later on in the evening as we approached Norfolk Virginia the waters calmed down and we were able to get a restful night sleep. All in all we thoroughly enjoyed our 7 days of Carnival Pride fun and relaxation. Yes the last day was not ideal but it goes with the territory of sailing in the winter time. I loved our aft wrap suite, cabin 7298. This is the way I want to cruise from now on...if I can't get one of these on a given date, well I'll just have to check another one!! Our cabin stewards Igusti and Ahndy were great! Although we did not need them for much...just some occasional ice and maybe, maybe not a room turn down in the evening they were always smiling and greeted us when we were in the hallways. We ate dinner in the main dining room three times out of the seven and only two of the times did we get the same waiters. Last night the young lady remembered me asking about the Bitter and Blanc on day two. They had it on the day we went to David's. She asked me if I was able to get it but I had not. I was amazed though that she remembered!! Sunday morning (day of debarkation) we chose to debark with the general debarkment group, as opposed to self assist. We had too many bags . Since we were in a suite we were given zone 1 however they called zone 1 through 5 so if we weren't close by the door to get off we could have easily got caught up in a huge crowd. So, really there is no "VIP" treatment there! They started letting folks off at 930am and we were off by about 11:15am. They really do not get a break even between cruises. One load gets off and another is coming shortly thereafter! We really enjoyed our vacation and would recommend the Carnival Pride!! Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
We live in Parkville, MD so time to the ship is no problem. Tops 15-20 minutes. My husband, myself and my best girlfriend took this trip. We are in our 50s and 60s. I celebrated my 50th birthday on April 13th and my husband and I ... Read More
We live in Parkville, MD so time to the ship is no problem. Tops 15-20 minutes. My husband, myself and my best girlfriend took this trip. We are in our 50s and 60s. I celebrated my 50th birthday on April 13th and my husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on April 16th. Embarkation was smooth and easy, got to the port around 12:15 p.m. However I feel someone from the cruise ship, cruise director, officers, should greet you when you board and disembark. I was a little disappointed over that. We tried to "drop" off our carry-ons before dining on our first meal, but I think cruise ships have caught on to us sneaky people who like to drop their luggage off before they start wandering the ship. The food in the Mermaid Grille was good, not terrific, but no buffet ever is. Our room was 5118 and our girlfriend's was 5116 - balconies. Carnival gets a 10 for their rooms, the bedding is FABULOUS, still miss it. I had read on Cruise Critic to ask to have maintenance come in and take out the divider thingie between the balconies and then we had even a bigger baloncy that we all thoroughly enjoyed every single day. Now, it will be SO hard to go back to an inside room. Weather was terrific in every port. Food in MDR was okay, not spectacular. Ruben and Kevun were very good though. I was a little concerned the first night (which I understand) service was slow, but it got better. Entertaiment was good - not a big fan of any cruise line's dancers/singers, but enjoyed the comedians and, of course, Quest. Don't miss that!!!!! Don't gamble or drink much, so can't comment on that. Our room steward was great as well. We called him Chai. I did notice on this ship that sometimes people who work on the ship had a little bit of a language barrier this time around. Disembarkation, one of the easiest and smoothest we have had. No problem, got in around 8-ish, was off ship by 10 or so.... Holland America should learn from Carnival. We are just used to Celebrity's class and food, but Carnival was not bad. Cruise director Kirk was good. Jamie okay, a little too loud. Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
I will start off with a little background info about my cruise history. I went on my first cruise in 06', it was a college graduation gift from my mother with Royal Caribbean. I had a room with the circle window and the destinations ... Read More
I will start off with a little background info about my cruise history. I went on my first cruise in 06', it was a college graduation gift from my mother with Royal Caribbean. I had a room with the circle window and the destinations where the same as the Pride's. That cruise was decent. My next cruise adventure was with Celebrity that I paid for myself and was a vacation for my boo and I. I absolutely love Celebrity and wished I had gotten a balcony room for that trip. So you can say that I know a little bit about what to expect when going on a cruise. I had already heard about the Pride from co-workers who had already been on the ship as well as reading the reviews on cruise critic, which were very helpful, but were also very off on what to expect from Carnival. There were a few negative posts about the Pride and it's decor, service, and overall comfort of the ship that are very untrue and I believe that if those people had taken the ship during a different month they would not have ran into the issues with weather and how the ship handles in rough sea's. I feel as though I rambling....so on with my review. The embarkation process was one of the best I have ever had to deal with. My girlfriend and I were dropped off as we already live in the Maryland area....dropped our bags off with the friendly attendants and moved right on to the line to security. While waiting we were asked to be involved in a survey of how long it would take for us to get to registration, I agreed as I was interested in knowing how long this process would take as well. It actually only took 20 minutes for us to get to registration...oh I forgot to add that we arrived at about 2:45pm, check in is from 2pm-4pm. I also don't know if many people read the do's and don'ts of the ship, but if you do, it states that you can bring on-board in your carry on luggage; one bottle of wine or champagne that is 750ml. I bought with me a bottle of Remy Martin Cognac, and they did not check the bottle at security or at the registration. Also I packed 4 bottles of alcohol in my checked luggage, all got thru but I still bought drinks from the bars on the ship too though. Embarkation was excellent. After not getting a balcony room on my previous cruises, I absolutely had to have one on this cruise. I was on the 5th floor room 5210 and had no obstructions in the view from my balcony. The room was excellent size(I am 6'4 and 300 pounds) my girlfriend and I had about 6 backs between us and had plenty closet and floor space. The only issue I had with the room was the TV. The TVs are really outdated, Celebrity has flat screen's and ESPN in all rooms. Carnival has Philip tube TVs and no ESPN, lol. The balcony had more than enough room for my woman and I, shoot we could have fit about 2 more people comfortably and I had the basic balcony. The picture provided on cruise critic and carnival's website do the actual room sizes no justice. The scenery I woke up to every morning was absolutely breath taking, I wish I could embed the video's I took. Loved the balcony room. The food was great. I ate in the Normandie twice, and the reason for that was not the food. It was our waiter, I believe his name was Olof, though I don't think I have the spelling right. This man and his helper stunk as far as speed. For 2 nights I watched everyone around us get drinks, appetizers, bread and even their food before everyone that was in Olof's section, and the sad part is my lady and I had our own personal seating. I told the Matre'd twice about the service, the first excuse was that It was the first night. The second time she spoke to Olof, but nothing changed. So we changed and went to Davids Steakhouse and paid money for EXCELLENT food and EXCELLENT service. Our servers were Tamara from Serbia(very beautiful young lady) and Olga. If you go on this ship, you have to have Davids Steakhouse cant beat the price for what you get. The crabcakes are excellent, the surf and turf excellent, the ribeye excellent. The mermaid grille was good for lunch and late night waiting, they have the usual pizza and cheeseburgers and chicken fingers for lunch. Pizza and ice cream are available 24 hours. Room service is excellent as well, and the only thing you pay for is soda's and alcohol. Loved the Reuben sandwich. The decor of the ship was gaudy but very nice, I loved the open elevators in the lobby and how easy everything was to access. I stayed in the perfect game bar, as they had ESPN and I had to watch the draft to see who the Redskins would pick, also watched some playoff bball there too. The best bar tender was Zoran, always upbeat and made the best drinks. The mixologists lizard tongue drink was one of the best I have ever had, and created some very enjoyable memories in the cabin if you catch my drift, lol. The fun shops have a lot of expensive watches, I bought a Curtis & Co watch that is very nice and don't see around in the streets a lot, probably because of the price. They also had nice jewelry and colognes and perfumes, plus there is no sales tax, but please know that you will need to declare all items purchased in the fun shops. The shows were pretty good. I enjoyed the ventriloquist, he was funny. The other comedian was very, very, very talented. The tricks he did were amazing. I for got his name, but he did two shows. The first show where he did the tricks was great. The second show for the adults had its moments, but def not better. The karaoke bar was a hilarious place to be as well, plenty of laughs from the drunk folks who dare get up and sing....or rap! Kirk and Jaime were hilarious throughout the ship. Kirk made shows a lot more funny with his jokes, especially on the welcome aboard show. The excursions were great. We went to Universal Studios which was great, except I didn't choose Islands of Adventure which has the new roller coaster and the Incredible Hulk(which is the best ride there) was broken. The bus ride was great there, they played a movie even though it was a 45 minute ride. In Nassau, Bahamas we did the blue water snorkeling and beach excursion which was absolutely amazing. The young men that ran the tour were excellent and every friendly. Everything on the boat was clean and they were very professional and fun. The private beach was very beautiful and I got to jet ski for 50 bucks for a half hour, but I gave the little dude a 10 tip and got a little longer. Freeport, Bahamas should just be cut from the itinerary, we were only there for 5 hours and on top of that, the boat docks in a industrial port which looks terrible. Royal Caribbean actually docked out at sea and had ferry boats take everybody to the nice side of the island. Oh, I almost forgot, I had read complaints about some people never meeting their room steward or stewardess. Our room stewardess came to the room and introduced herself and got all the information on when we were going to eat and bought ice when she saw my bottles of Alcohol. She learned our names on the first night, and every time she saw us, she greeting both of us by name and always had a smile and asked if I need anything else. Her name was Novi and she was excellent. Oh, and the camp carnival folks were excellent even though I don't have any children, there had to be like 800 kids on board, but I swear I only saw teenagers and that was rare throughout the trip. Kudos to them as well. The debarkation sucked and took much longer than I expected. This is not really the cruises fault, as most people did not follow directions and waiting in the hallways and stairwells like they asked for folks not to do. Then when I we got off the ship and down to customs, we got stopped and had our bags searched, supposedly they stop every 3rd person or couple. Yeah...OK!! lol Overall, this was one of the best vacations I have taken so far. Carnival far exceeded my expectations and I will never cruise again without a balcony. I met alot of good people, there were no loud dickheads on this trip. I will definitely take another carnival cruise. Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
Well I choose this cruise because I did not want to spend a ton of money on air fare. We booked last minute and got an upgrade to a balcony room. We arrived at Baltimore port around 1pm check in was exteremely easy, we were on the ship and ... Read More
Well I choose this cruise because I did not want to spend a ton of money on air fare. We booked last minute and got an upgrade to a balcony room. We arrived at Baltimore port around 1pm check in was exteremely easy, we were on the ship and in our room by 1:30pm. Our room was great it was a balcony room, my biggest disappointment was the noise. The banging of the balcony room aside of us was unbeleivable. I swear to you those people banged that door every chance they had. Ok so that is my biggest complaint. the cruise was very different then other carnival cruises we have been on, the people were very different, not bad different just different. Many first time cruisers. Two of the highlights of the whole cruise was 1. the wine pairing at David's restaurant and 2. THE CHEF's TABLE (this was $75 per person dining experience, do this if you have the opportunity.) email me if you would like more info. The ports were good, Port Canaveral was good we rented a car and went to NASA it was fun. Nassau Bahamas, went to Atlantis, it was windy and cool it was kind of fun, it was better before when we went in August. Freeport Bahamas great time go to ZORBA's awesome food, conch fritter, gyros ohhhhh so good. I loved all the days at sea, it was nice to do nothing. I felt the ship was a little gaudy, I thought there was too many different themes. the food was great We do not do buffets at all so I know nothing about them, we do the deli, the pizza and of course dining room. All in all a great trip easy disembarkment and great staff, oh a quick shout out to Joesph the sushi guy great job, Jonathan was a great steward and of course I can not forget about Trika and Renate our Dining team. OMG KIRK the cruise director of and 6'3" were a great team. the shows were great and last but not least by any means a special thanks to Chef Wellington, Our experience was remarkable and we thank you. We that is about all if you have any questions feel free to email me at iseemen@yahoo.com I will respond as quickly as possible. Nasa and rented a car Atlantis Beach, taxi $5pp, Zorba's restaurant, shopping Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
My husband and I went on the Carnival Pride as our 3rd Carnival cruise. He works for Kraft Foods and I just graduated nursing school. We were celebrating our 2 year anniversary on May 31st. We have gone out of Miami, FL twice before and ... Read More
My husband and I went on the Carnival Pride as our 3rd Carnival cruise. He works for Kraft Foods and I just graduated nursing school. We were celebrating our 2 year anniversary on May 31st. We have gone out of Miami, FL twice before and decided to try going out of Baltimore just to save some money considering we live 2 hours away. The Port of Maryland was very easy to find and access. You simply drive up and porters will help you with your luggage and then you go park. We arrived at about 11:30 and we were on the ship by 1:30. Very easy process. Our room wasn't ready until 3:00 or so but it gave us the opportunity to run around the ship and figure out where everything was. This helped out so much later. We ended up leaving 2 hours late for some reason but that was no problem because they just went a little faster. Going under the bridge in MD is crazy, there is only a 12 foot clearance between the bridge and us. We purchased an extended balcony stateroom. We have had regular balconies in the past and it was a little bigger but it took the space out of the room. I liked it but I don't know if it was worth the extra money. The cabin was clean and stalked every morning and every evening while we were at dinner. This was nice because we on average would take 2 showers a day. Our cabin steward was really good and very nice. The only thing was we didn't know who she was for the first 2 days because she never introduced herself. Still to this day I have no clue of her name but that she always said good morning and asked how our day was going. Our first 2 days at sea were great. We relaxed and participated in some of the ship activities. It is a smaller ship but I enjoyed it more than the Valor (the ship we had been on twice before). When we did go in the pool we choose to go into the pool on the very back of the ship, it is an adults only pool and whirlpool. We did spend some time in the gym on this trip. It is a well equipped gym. The treadmills are amazing. If you have an Ipod put a movie on it and the treadmills have an Ipod hook up and you can watch your movie. We also spent some time in the spa which is next to the gym. They have an inside whirlpool with a glass dome over it. So if it was raining you would still be able to enjoy some relaxing bubbles. The sauna was very nice. They also have steam room but it was too much for me and I decided to pass on that. We both got a massage from the spa and that was great. Very nice staff. The Normandie dining room was very nice. Our server was very nice, his name is Olaf. Very attentive. We loved his assistant George. He made our dinner experience so memorable. He was very funny and attentive. He has such a great personality. The food was very good. The Mermaid grille though. It was hit or miss. It is very spread out. You have to walk through the whole area and then decide what you would like and then plan. Yes, you need to plan, you need to get our cold food and dessert first and then stand in line for you hot food. Sometimes the food was good, alot of times it was ok, and a few times it was horrible. We ate breakfast and dinner in the Normandie everyday because of this. The 24 hour pizza is good. I can't comment on the room service because we never ordered it. The only complaint I have really is that their ice machines run out of ice so fast. It seems like half of the time I could get about five pieces of ice. If that is my only complaint, that is great in my eyes. The cruise director Kirk was very funny. I thought he was a very good cruise director. His assistant Jaime was great too. They worked well off of each other. The deck party that they have every cruise I personally thought was lame. Maybe if I was completely drunk and then I would have enjoyed it but not so much. We did do our laundry on the ship. We were on the 8th floor and the closest laundry room was on deck 7 down the hall a bit. It is $3.00 to wash and $3.00 to dry. Too bad we had to dry twice because our clothes were still very damp after the first round of dryer time. So be warned. If you can go without washing you will save money. The casino was nice. We ended up leaving about even so I can't complain. We played almost every night. Make sure you play face-up blackjack. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Ports of call were great especially Labadee Haiti. Food and dining room staff were excellent along with guest relations. Which brings me to my expectations. Upon arriving at cabin, room was humid and warm despite AC turned all the way ... Read More
Ports of call were great especially Labadee Haiti. Food and dining room staff were excellent along with guest relations. Which brings me to my expectations. Upon arriving at cabin, room was humid and warm despite AC turned all the way down. I investigated and found two large cutout holes in the balcony doors that were allowing great quantities of hot humid air into the room! Then our cabin steward disappeared and we found ourselves having to complain to guest relations to get our room cleaned up. (we found out later he had went out on medical leave). Replacement was sporadic in making up the room. Sometimes the ice bucket was missing, next time there were no glasses. Tendering operations in Samana Dominican Republic were the worst I have ever seen. Passengers were made to sit in open tenders in the pouring down rain since they wanted to "fill the boat". Mind you there was not another passenger in sight but we sat for 15-20 minutes out in the open. Needless to say, there were parents with small children who were not very thrilled. The ship itself needs a break for some maintenance. There was serious rust pockets, elevator up/down buttons not operational, elevator buttons inside that were loose inside the elevator control panel. For a ship in the "Vision" class for RCI, the windows to the outside in the public areas were filthy. They looked like they had not been cleaned in weeks. We would sit at dinner by the windows and count the water spots instead of watching a great sunset. Free coffee is available at the windjammer cafe but at Seattle Works (for the same cup of coffee/not a specialty) it cost you. On Explorer of the Seas, coffee was free (at Seattle CW) along with the snacks. On Enchantment, snacks were free if you bought coffee. Guest services suggested we go to the Windjammer for coffee. Considering the poor traffic flow in the windjammer, it could take you 20 minutes to get in and out. Guest services then suggested we use room service. It could take anywhere from 30-60 minutes for coffee to show up. Needless to say, Enchantment of the Seas (ship wise) was a "disenchantment" for us. We will stay with Radiance or Voyager class vessels. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
I'll start my review with a brief introduction. We are in our 50's, and sail exclusively on RCI. This was my 3rd time on the Enchantment. PRE-CRUISE- We drove to Baltimore from Western Ma and stayed one night pre-cruise at the ... Read More
I'll start my review with a brief introduction. We are in our 50's, and sail exclusively on RCI. This was my 3rd time on the Enchantment. PRE-CRUISE- We drove to Baltimore from Western Ma and stayed one night pre-cruise at the Admiral Fells Inn in Fells Point. The hotel and staff were wonderful, and we will definitely stay here again. Our package included a town car transfer to and from the pier. EMBARKATION-This was the fastest embarkation we've ever experienced. We arrived at the port at approximately noon, and we were boarding the ship 5 minutes later. We had a leisurely lunch in the Windjammer, and waited for our cabin to be ready (1:00 p.m.). CABIN-We were in cabin 8532, a GS. We've stayed in GS the past two times on the Enchantment, and really enjoy this category. There is a ton of storage space, and even I couldn't fill all of it ?. The bathroom is also large, with 2 sinks, plenty of storage, and a tub. Bathroom amenities were shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturizer, shower cap, and a small container of cotton balls. These were replenished daily. Adrian, our suite attendant was wonderful. Our cabin was always perfectly made up in the morning and evening. The balcony had some of the new larger table and chairs, but the lounges were the older style. EMBARKATION DAY-We changed into our bathing suits and went up to the pool. Unfortunately the retractable covers in the solarium were not working, so they remained closed the entire trip ?. The solarium is usually one of our favorite spots, but the closed cover produced a green house feeling, so we didn't spend any time there. I had chatted with people on our roll call thread, but we lost track of time and missed the meet up at the pool bar. As others have mentioned, life jackets are no longer required at the muster drill ?. We returned from Muster to find all of our luggage had been delivered. After unpacking we headed to the concierge lounge and introduced ourselves to Diego. The concierge lounge is also one of our favorite places on the ship-we always meet wonderful people, and this trip we met some really nice folks. DINING ROOM- We had second seating, and had requested a large table. Our table was on deck 4, right next to the Captain's Table. Sadly none of our tablemates showed up...we had a couple and their adult son come the first night-they were waitlisted for main seating, and the second night a family with 2 teens who opted for the Windjammer the rest of the cruise. We made the best of being a party of two at a table for eight-we got incredible service from our waiter Sandish and asst. waiter Jason. They went over and above any service we've ever received. We also ate lunch twice in the MDR, which I would highly recommend. The salad bar is incredible! We did notice lots of empty tables throughout the dining room with the exception of the second formal night (night 8, also "lobster night"). I think many people are taking advantage of the different dining options around the ship. We also noticed fewer tuxes, but this is a trend we've seen on every sailing. PORTS- SAN JUAN- We've been to San Juan numerous times, and wanted to try something a little different. I did an online search, and came up with a culinary tour through a company called Flavors of Old San Juan. The proprietor, Leslie is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. It was like walking around with a good friend who was showing you the sights of her city. We stopped at four different restaurants-the first stop was for a pina colada, the second stop was appetizers, the third stop was entrees, and the last stop was coffee and dessert. Along the way Leslie included lots of information about the local restaurant scene as well as historical information about Old San Juan. We would definitely do this again. AMALIE, ST. THOMAS- Again, we've visited numerous times, so just took a cab to Magen's Bay. The beach is beautiful, and was crowded even with the intermittent clouds and rain. Cab fare was 8.00 p.p., and the entrance fee is 4.00 p.p. SAMANA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC- We've never been, so decided to book a tour through the ship. We did the Cayo Levantado Beach Escape, and were glad we did. The beach was gorgeous, very clean, and the staff was very friendly. One of the bartenders shared some of the local brew, a concoction made from fermented tree root. Luckily no chest hairs sprouted from my chest later ;). We had decent weather until almost 2, then tendered back to the ship in the pouring rain in an open tender. We still had fun, and would go back here again. LABADEE, HAITI- always one of our favorite stops! It is so much easier now that the ship is docked. We reserved a cabana on Barefoot Beach, and would do this again. It was well worth the 175.00. There was a cooler of bottled water, beach towels, a ceiling fan (yes, there are also additional electrical outlets), a cushioned banquette, a balcony large enough for two lounge chairs, and a wonderful staff member who took care of anything we needed for the entire day. The Captain had warned passengers that we would probably be experiencing bad weather in Labadee, but the day turned out to be beautiful, sunny, and hot-a perfect day at the beach. Barefoot Beach has a separate buffet with an upgraded menu that included shrimp and steak. Both were delicious ?. ENTERTAINMENT- there was the Love and Marriage show, which is always fun, and the Quest, which we missed this trip. They have the Quest in the Spotlight Lounge on the Enchantment, which is really too small a venue. As we had second seating for dinner there was literally no room available to sit anywhere in the lounge when we got there for the 10:30 start time. The entertainment on this cruise consisted of the basics: a juggler, a comedy/musical duo, a cabaret singer, a magician, a lounge act type singer, and an adult comedy act. There were also 2 shows with the singers and dancers which were quite good. MISCELLANEOUS- We had a great Head Waiter in the MDR. She goes by the name of "Ice", and is the only female Head Waiter. Don't let her small stature fool you-she was amazing, and the best Head Waiter we've had in almost 20 cruises. If you are offered the chance to do a tour of the bridge, do it! We received an invitation, and it was extremely interesting, and one of the highlights of the cruise. We learned from one of the officers that the tropical depression we sailed through last Wednesday night had winds of 60 knots (!), and 20 foot swells. The ship was listing very hard to port side, so they had to move the water ballasts to keep it upright. It was an extremely rough night, and the Captain had all 4 engines going to speed through as there was no way around the storm. Our cabin took on some water near the balcony door, and there was a very large crash above us around midnight. CHOPS- We ate there on night 6. I booked a 7:30 reservation online about a month in advance. We've dined at Chops and Portofino on other ships before, and our experience has been that the food was excellent, but the service was not the greatest. We were hoping for an improvement in the service, but this didn't happen, unfortunately. We arrived for our reservation, and there were only three other parties seated in the entire restaurant. Even though Chops was almost completely empty, our service was extremely slow. We watched the wait staff standing around and chatting with the maitre 'd almost the entire time. It took a good 10 minutes after our entrEe plates were cleared for someone to take our dessert order, and when we were finished with dessert we had to search for our waiter to get the check. I understand that I'm on a cruise ship, and not in a 4 or 5 star restaurant, but if I'm paying an upcharge I expect better service. I'm not sure if we'll dine at any of the specialty restaurants again as this has been our experience on three different ships. THINGS WE WOULD DO DIFFERENTLY/ THE SAME FOR NEXT TIME- We have booked this same itinerary again for next June. We loved Baltimore, and are planning on driving down 2 days earlier this time so we can see more of it. We've booked the same cabin category, GS. This has been our favorite type of cabin so far. We were invited to do a galley tour as well, and I think we'll do that if it's offered again. We will probably do similar things in ports as we did on this cruise as we really enjoyed everything. We will definitely be booking a cabana in Labadee! Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
Embarkation and debarkation were great....could not have been easier. The ship is clean...and while the ship was fully book, it never seems crowded. Overall, we had a great time and booked the same cruise next year. Baltimore is so easy ... Read More
Embarkation and debarkation were great....could not have been easier. The ship is clean...and while the ship was fully book, it never seems crowded. Overall, we had a great time and booked the same cruise next year. Baltimore is so easy for us to get to, and the we love the 9-night itinerary. We booked cabin 7666 a Jr Suite. However when we splurged for the extra expense of a Jr. Suite we did not expect: - The stateroom attendant to be a 'Trainee'. - On day of arrival, smelly bed linens and filthy comforter. - Dirty carpet in the cabin. = Empty ice container. - Having to request bathroom tissue three times during the cruise. Overall we did get the impression that this crew was just not clicking. Little oddities here and there. Windjammer closed at the most peculiar times. In the evening, only one grill with one clerk and one cook was open. These are just the negatives that got our attention. At St. Thomas we just stayed on board. Nothing there we wanted to see. Totally enjoyed an empty ship. The shows and food were GREAT and so was the overall service. In the end, a cruise is what you make of it. We enjoyed ourselves and found ourselves just totally relaxing on our balcony. And YES, we enjoyed the cruise so much we booked again for next year. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
This was mine and my husband's third cruise - second with Royal Caribbean. We've done the Mediterranean and Caribbean, so we decided to try something different for vacation this year by heading north. We live in northern ... Read More
This was mine and my husband's third cruise - second with Royal Caribbean. We've done the Mediterranean and Caribbean, so we decided to try something different for vacation this year by heading north. We live in northern Virginia, so the drive up to Baltimore is quick and easy - a major selling point. We're in our late 20's and travel quite a bit. Ship review is below, see separate port reviews for Portland, ME; Bar Harbor, ME; St. John, New Brunswick; Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Boston, MA. Embarkation - Embarkation at the Port of Baltimore was a breeze, as always. We pulled into the parking lot at 11:30am, paid our $135 for parking ($15 p/day) and were on the ship by 12:30pm. Check-in lines were divided by cabin deck number, with separate lines for Diamond/Diamond Plus members and suites. We waited in a short line to go through metal detectors and a shorter line to check in. Dining - We chose the second dinner seating, which always works well for us, and ate in the dining room all nine nights. We were seated at a table for six, but unfortunately, our tablemates never showed up. Our waiter, Cruz; assistant waiter, Ender; and head waiter, Collins, were the best we've ever had on a cruise. Collins made it a point to stop by and chat several times; something we've never seen in a head waiter before. He also helped clear dishes and keep the service moving. Cruz made solid recommendations based on the menu and was almost always right. The food was pretty good, especially considering they were preparing 10,000 meals a day. Lobster tail was served on the second formal night, but it wasn't the fresh Maine lobster we had become used to on this itinerary, so it was a little disappointing. The sugar-free desserts and healthier foods off the "Vitality" menu did not disappoint. We ate in the Windjammer almost every morning for breakfast. There was plenty of selection, with everything from fruit to eggs to pastries to cereal. We both enjoyed the custom made omelets a lot. While it was crowded, we never had trouble finding a seat with a little walking around. The wait staff were very quick to clean tables after people were finished and were always on hand within moments of sitting down to get you coffee, water, etc. We had room service breakfast one morning and it arrived right on time and hot. Cabin - This was our first cruise not in a balcony cabin, but due to the limited number of the on the Enchantment and our itinerary, we couldn't justify the cost. Our cabin was on deck two, in the middle of the ship, which meant you could almost not feel any rocking of the ship. Our window, rather than being a huge picture window, was two smaller windows, which was fine. The room had ample storage and the bed was pretty comfortable. Our cabin steward, Roel, did a good job and kept a steady stream of towel animals coming - it looked like a zoo by the time we got off! Service - We felt the service was good on the ship. The staff was always friendly and smiling. Our waiters greeted us by name, even when we saw them outside dinner hours. The only disappointment was in the guest relations desk staff. Once evening I called down, after we had been "kicked out" of a hot tub in the Solarium by a group of eight teenagers who thought they belonged there more than we did. When I expressed to the woman who answered the phone that I thought it was a shame I couldn't enjoy a relaxing evening with my husband in an adults only part of the ship at 11:00pm, she dismissed my concerns and was quick to hang up the phone. Activities and Entertainment - There weren't loads of activities on the boat, which was a little disappointing since we had three sea days. The public space was nice, but there was a lack of quiet space for people to read. The library was packed every sea day with people reading and, other than Bingo and gambling, not really too many fun activities on the sea day. We didn't see any of the shows, but they had a lot of "guest entertainers" throughout the week. The cruise director was okay, but certainly not the most dynamic or personable one we've had. The Solarium is supposed to be "adults only," yet it's really 16 years old and up, younger than that okay with parents. A lot of kids of all ages seemed to be wandering or running around the ship, with seemingly few organized activities for people their age. Not sure if that's Royal Caribbean's fault, or their parents, but it did get pretty annoying. My husband worked out at the gym a total of four times and went to three group cycling/spinning classes. He said that the gym was very full every time and the exercise area was pretty small. We both went to the spa for one of their port day specials, and both had a good experience. There was a sales pitch at the end for some of their products, but we've just learned how to say no. The ship overall is in great shape, given her age. They were painting the outside at every port and you could tell there was a significant effort in upkeep. The biggest disappointment was that they allow smoking in almost every lounge where there is live music (Viking Crown and Boleros most often). We would have loved to go to these places more, but the smoke was really bothersome. There were also large sections of deck five outside where you could smoke and also a big section of the pool deck. Additionally, the deck five sections are right by the doors, so every time a door opened or closed to the outside, smoke came in. Debarkation - As easy as embarkation. We chose the Express Walk Off, since we didn't have much luggage, and were off the ship by 8:00am. There was no line for Customs and Immigration and we were quickly on our way! Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
Just the two of us on this cruise - celebrating our 31st Anniversary - Ages in the 50's. Of course, the disappointment at first was a bit overwhelming after being in Bermuda before and not being able to sail there again, due to ... Read More
Just the two of us on this cruise - celebrating our 31st Anniversary - Ages in the 50's. Of course, the disappointment at first was a bit overwhelming after being in Bermuda before and not being able to sail there again, due to Hurricane Earl. We were very pleased that RCI offered us to either sail to Bahamas and take a substantial room credit or get a letter to rebook a cruise that had to be used within a year. If it wasn't for the room credit we would not have gone, but figured it was worth it. Baltimore Harbor is very easy to get to from just about anywhere. Parking is right there at the Harbor. Enbarkment was quick and easy after arriving at around 11:15am. We were on the ship by noon after the check in process. Going into the lobby was a thrill to see. We grabbed an excursion paper and were eating in the Windjammer Cafe by 12:15 and enjoyed looking around this beautiful ship. This was our 2nd Royal Caribbean voyage and are very pleased on the service that was offered on this ship. Sitting a lunch, a staff member came up to us and ask us what we would like to drive. We said we would get it and he said no, I insist, and brought us our drinks. Throughout the cruise in the Cafe they brought a tray around a served coffee and juices for breakfast. Our interior room must have been in the newer section added to the ship for we had a shower door in our room. Don't like those shower curtains touching us. Other friends that were further down the hallway did not have shower doors. The room had plenty of space for the two of us to put our clothes plus we had lots of extra room. It was spacious, quiet, and always clean. Our room Steward, Moses, did an excellent job taking care of our room and needs. The entertainment was very good. A few nights were comedian and the other nights were the singers and dancers. It was very enjoyable and the theater was beautiful. There was plenty of things going on around the ship. There was the Belly Flop Contest, the game Quest (hilarious), the Sexy Leg competition, and lots of entertainment around the ship. The My Fair Lady Dining Rooms was beautiful. Our waiter was excellent and we enjoyed every meal. Disappointed about missing Bermuda, but was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful ship. The only thing that probably bothered most people on the ship were the rough seas. With high waves and lots of rocking and rolling, there were many ill people. My husband was fine, I took ginger after breakfast because I was feeling a little funny, but it pasted quickly. The staff put vomit bags at the end of every stairwell which I guess was necessary. They closed one of the pools due to the water splashing. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
My husband and I have cruised before with three very popular cruise lines. We enjoyed every single cruise. We either flew to our ship of choice, or took our cruise from New York City. This was our first cruise from Baltimore Maryland and ... Read More
My husband and I have cruised before with three very popular cruise lines. We enjoyed every single cruise. We either flew to our ship of choice, or took our cruise from New York City. This was our first cruise from Baltimore Maryland and our first Carnival cruise ever! What made this cruise the BEST was the staff. The people were good and bad, mostly GREAT :-) The only problem we had was on our last night when the couple who sat at the table next to ours decided that dinner time was a 'NO talk silent time'. And so they wanted us to observe this as well... no way! We were on our anniversary vacation, and we were enjoying one another and some good conversation as well :-) I am sorry if they chose to ignore each other throughout their entire meal. LOL The waiters on this ship are wonderful. One waiter who took care of us quite a few times on our open dining choice was Phillips. He was on the second floor of the Normandie dining room. He was extremely fun and a not to forget an excellent waiter! Philippe the ship's Director was wonderful. A charming man with a great sense of humor and an equally great assistant Amy :-) They made our cruise a lot of fun and made us feel very welcomed and at home. The ship is very tastefully done in nude art. Yep that's right...nude art. But tastefully done and in dark tones. Very dramatic and very elegant. I did not see one kid take notice. It was just that well done :-) The swimming pools are the noisy areas. We didn't spend a lot of time there at all. It was fun to watch for a while and then there were many places to go for relaxation and fun. The Lido deck is where the Lido restaurants are... very good food. Lots of choices and many buffets. The pizza place is open on the Lido deck as well, and almost never closed. So plan on pizza for those hungry late night snacks :-) The stores on the ship are GREAT! FANTASTIC prices. I got tons of gifts on one of the days when they run super sales...so watch for them!! Butterflies Lounge is where the new comedy club is... FUNNY!!!! Go see the late show for dirty laughs. LOL The Taj Mahal is the night club. Very good costumes and lighting. I enjoyed it very much. Bingo is pricey but fun to play. The Casino is hard to win in, but again it's fun if you limit yourself and know when to stop. My husband did not have an active boarding pass associated with our bank for this reason. LOL Mom knows best. We did want to return home with our shirts on. Our stateroom was the best we EVER had. We had a balcony. Finally we could not only see everything, but the guard rail is plexi-glass so that it seemed we missed nothing at all when we looked out or sat out on it. Fantastic for watching the ship approach Nassau. We could see Atlantis coming closer and closer. I was so excited! MUST SEE ATLANTIS!!!!! See my port of call review below... Freeport was a slight disappointment because the Pride doesn't stay there long at all. We had to be back on the ship by 1PM. That's pretty tight. See below in port review. The lobbys on the ship are beautiful. The lighting is unique and attractive. There are many bars, clubs, pools, places to eat, places to just sit and stare at the ocean, or places to sun bathe. It was a great cruise and I loved it. We're going back next year and hope to get the same cabin :-) Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
When I was fifteen, I'd been on the NCL Skyward and it was one of the most fun vacations of my life. I've talked about it off and on for years. Put me on the water and I'm happy. My husband, who has heard me discuss that ... Read More
When I was fifteen, I'd been on the NCL Skyward and it was one of the most fun vacations of my life. I've talked about it off and on for years. Put me on the water and I'm happy. My husband, who has heard me discuss that cruise since we started dating, remembered and decided to surprise me with a cruise for our 20th anniversary. So, I was excited and prepped to enjoy myself no matter what happened. What happened was an itinerary change, thanks to Igor. While we had been looking forward to going to Bermuda, a substantial onboard credit for the change to the Nassau port seemed more to us like an anniversary present than any real disappointment. If we'd been to Nassau a million times, it might have been different, but we were perfectly content at the unexpected change. We live in New England and had arranged for our own travel to the Port of Baltimore. It went perfectly smoothly, and we were onboard the ship shortly after noon. Even though we were not experienced cruisers, there was no real confusion about anything and if we had a question, staff was perfectly helpful. Yes, the seas were rough on Sunday courtesy of Igor, and the ubiquitous white bags hung on many a rail. We were highly amused to hear people worrying about the ship creaking (you WANT that, really do you... materials that don't creak are brittle and BREAK), and somewhat surprised that we did not suffer the slightest seasickness. We'd both experienced it before either on small crafts or in my case, the Skyward, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. However, I knew The Horizon Trick (pick a comfy spot to stand and stare at the horizon to orient yourself), and was up before dawn the first day to watch the sun rise. Lovely... We had a blast that whole cruise. The service was fantastic, the food delicious, the waiters attentive, the performers professionally competent, and there was lots to do. (The Belly Flop Contest and the 70s disco party were hysterical). I don't think we did half of what we could have, but we'd spent a tense few months leading up to the cruise in terms of jobs and things, so we spent a LOT of time just enjoying the ocean air and unwinding -- which is exactly what we'd wanted in the first place. We took the express departure as we were worried about being hung up in customs and missing a flight. Shouldn't have worried! I think it may have taken half an hour for the entire process. We had a great time beginning to end. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
This was our second cruise this year. The First was on the Destiny in August. All I can say is that we were not disappointed. It was as much fun as our August cruise, but in a different way. November Cruises out of Baltimore are a bit ... Read More
This was our second cruise this year. The First was on the Destiny in August. All I can say is that we were not disappointed. It was as much fun as our August cruise, but in a different way. November Cruises out of Baltimore are a bit different that an August Cruise out of Baltimore. Miami in August, you start out in hot weather and go into hotter and more humid weather and back. From Baltimore you start out in cool/cold weather go to warm weather and back to cold weather. A making for what I call the prime recipe for catching a cold. BUT, it's worth it and the Carnival Pride deals with it well with one of the pool areas that has a canopy to cover it when its cold. The excursions in Port Canaveral, Nassau and Freeport where great. My only problem with them, having never been there before, is I didn't know what to expect on excursion. And now that I've been there, looking forward to going back taking excursions that I would have taken had I known what I know now. I only have a few things that I wish were better, and trust me when I say that none of these would prevent me from taking another Cruise on Carnival Cruise Line. And these concerns are related to both the Pride and Destiny, and unless I find out otherwise, I would guess that it is related to all Cruise Ships. But before that, here is my only disappointment, which I knew about before I went on the Cruise on the Pride. I REALLY enjoyed the Big Screen TV on the LIDO deck of the Destiny. The Pride DID NOT have one. Bummer. On the other hand the Destiny didn't have a Steak House. If you want an awesome meal, great food (Prime rib, 24 ounce porter house steak, New York Strip, Lobster, Fillet Mignon, etc) Check out Dave's Steakhouse on the Pride. For just $30 per person you get a meal and service that would cost $100 per person at any equivalent restaurant in the USA. Now for Cruise Line Suggestions: 1. Each Day a document called "FunTimes" is delivered to you Suite. It list all the events of the day, with times and places. However I find a bit lacking in description. Some of the events get a good write up on what they are about, some get none, and many are repeated more than once (thus the word repeated) and the final detachable chronological order of events list the times and places. I missed some of the events I wish I would have attended because of lack of information or it took too long to sort out what was going on, where and when and what the events were about. Suggest they provide a better description of things. 2. General Announcements. General announcements of events and other situations are made over made in all public areas. Unless you are in a public area, you don't get to here them. And you end up missing some good info. The only announcements heard in the suites are during VERY important situations. YET, when a public announcement is made, the sound on the suite TV is shut off, but you have to go to the Passageway to hear what is being said. There needs to be a way in which a passenger can select to hear all announcements in the room, or to hear only the emergency announcement. Or if this is not possible, quit shutting the sound off on the TV. 3. Need more information on Ports of Call and Excursions. Find the greatly lacking 4. Cruise Lines of out of the Country Shops have Duty Free Stores. There is a dollar amount limit on Duty Free Items before you have to pay. There are also limits on Duty Free Alcohol, amount of Cigarettes, and Cigars that a person is allowed to bring back. The ships tend to push sales on Alcohol and Cigarettes and other Duty Free Items, but NEVER tell you what the limits are until the day before you return. Then you are given instructions on the filling out the Customs Declaration along what the limits are. You can draw your own conclusions as to why they do that. And that's it for now. My satisfaction with carnival cruise line is such that I put down a deposit for our next cruise, yet to be determined. Steve Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
My husband & I had a wonderful time! I've read alot of mixed reviews on the Carnival Pride before booking our cruise. We set sail Nov. 28, 2010 for 7 days to the Bahamas. I've never been on a cruise before, so I'm sure ... Read More
My husband & I had a wonderful time! I've read alot of mixed reviews on the Carnival Pride before booking our cruise. We set sail Nov. 28, 2010 for 7 days to the Bahamas. I've never been on a cruise before, so I'm sure alot of the "veteran" cruisers were ones to pick this ship/ itinerary apart. I however had a great time. From the moment we walked on the ship we felt at home. We were first greeted by our room steward, Rodell.. who was absolutely fantastic. He was constantly smiling, and willing to help us with anything we needed. We saw him each and everyday. Our room was spot-less, and larger than I thought. One evening I wasn't feeling so great, and he checked on me, and made sure I was Ok. We came back each night to towel animals, and best wishes of the day for our honeymoon. I looked forward to going back to the room each night just to see what was done :) In the main dining room we decided to do the Your Time Dining. We had Gairy as our head waiter w/ Sara & Vladamir as assistants. I've never been so pleased w/ service than I was with this crew the whole week. The food in the main dining room itself was delicious! They always seemed to know what we were going to order before actually doing so. How strange? LOL! We ate breakfast & lunch on the Lido deck all week, and they had a large assortment each day of choices. I never found myself looking for something I'd like to eat, nor did I eat anything I didn't enjoy! As for activities on board.... you have to get out and walk around & have a good time. That's what vacation is for. We went to each of the Vegas style shows which were very good. The rated R comedian shows were Hilarious!!!! I enjoyed a mani/pedi at the spa. Pure Heaven!!! We also took a tour of the kitchen on board, attended the Love & Marriage Show (SO FUNNY), played bingo a few times, made a few donations to the casino, played the trivia games. We had a great time! We met alot of very nice couples & families to chat with too at the activities. As for the Ports... the weather wasn't the greatest all week, but we made the best of it. Port Canaveral was nice. Went to Cocoa Beach... shopped around, walked down the beach & ate at the Sandbar Grill. Nice day Nassau was prob. my least fav. We went shopping at the straw market... found some good deals. As for Atlantis - very commercialized. Not my cup of tea. It was crummy weather, and I refused to pay $$$ for a day pass to spend it on their beach area/ aquarium. Very beautiful layout though. Glad I got to visit, but not sure I would go back. Def. felt out of my league over there... I'm not Rockafeller! That's Ok though, had a nice time walking around, shopping. Freeport was probably my favorite. Too bad we weren't there longer! This was the only port day the sun came out. We took a taxi over to Port Lucaya Marketplace. Great beach area. Very clean!!! Nice shops to walk around at too. Enjoyed our day here! I must say though... the fees Carnival charges for the excursions I found a bit high. We booked our own after getting into each port. Had no issues & saved a good deal of $$$$ Overall we had a great experience on this ship, and I would def. consider another trip - maybe with a different itinerary to see different islands. I know other people have made such negative comments about this ship/ itinerary. Some things are so minor... it's petty! If you find the need to nit-pick things apart, then maybe cruising isn't for you! Sure I could have left negative comments... I didn't win the jackpot in the casino! Enjoy your vacation, and remember... it is what you make it. The crew members do an amazing job, work exceptionally hard to ensure you have a great cruise, so enjoy it! Read Less
Sail Date November 2010

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