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My wife and i planned a vacation for my birthday beginning july 21, 2016 for a 9 day cruise....from start to finish the cruise line was completely organized and couldn't have been smoother....the staff was friendly, helpful, very ... Read More
My wife and i planned a vacation for my birthday beginning july 21, 2016 for a 9 day cruise....from start to finish the cruise line was completely organized and couldn't have been smoother....the staff was friendly, helpful, very professional treated us like royalty...we had our choice of what time we ate dinner...the shows were so fun and professional...we went to bermuda for 2 days...then to nassau for 1 day then to coco cay royal caribbean's private island and was that the best...food, drinks...blue green water, chairs, umbrella...the works...the cruise offered drink packages...slot and black jack tournaments at the casino...by the way i hit for $780.00....another lady hit a slot machine for $4200.00...so don't let anyone tell you that you can't win money on a cruise casino...they have everything from shopping to being pampered at the spa...this was our second cruise with royal caribbean and we will definitely book with them again... Read Less
Sail Date July 2016
My wife and took this cruise since we went to Bermuda 23 yrs ago for our honeymoon. First the embarkation process was easy and we processed through in minutes(helped we were gold members with the crown and anchor society from royal, ... Read More
My wife and took this cruise since we went to Bermuda 23 yrs ago for our honeymoon. First the embarkation process was easy and we processed through in minutes(helped we were gold members with the crown and anchor society from royal, completely skipped the line). The stateroom was clean but the bathroom mirror showed some wear and I felt the small tube tv was a bit outdated. The entertainment was decent and plenty offered during the day and the evening shows. Food quality in the open seating windjammer cafe was voluminous and made for easy dining options. But lunch should be experienced in the dining room since they have a made to order chopped salad. Otherwise lunch and breakfast take to long in the dining area and preferred the windjammer for quicker meals that had similar level fare. Dinner was generally of good quality but everything is cooked medium to well. Regardless of what you request it is all cooked the same. From what I have been told from a chef it has to do with the cooking process on ships that cause it to be reheated on plates in a conveyor belt style (think of it like the way quiznos heats sandwiches in an oven). Table wine by the glass is disappointing if you like decent wine but the bottle selection is decent and you can record to drink from over multiple nights. We did go to chops grille on our anniversary and they recognized it as our anniversary Steak quality was above average (not quite the palm or capitol grille) but made for a more intimate dinner . Staff across the board were stellar. Saw many times where people were helpful and took opportunities to offer assistance. A lost art in most businesses today! I think for the money, the Bermuda port, and the entertainment variety, it's hard to beat! Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
Went on a 7 day cruise out of Baltimore to Bermuda. The trip progressively got worse to the point we finally got off in Bermuda and flew home. Started with cold hot dogs and burgers with 40+ mile per hour winds on the top deck. The buns ... Read More
Went on a 7 day cruise out of Baltimore to Bermuda. The trip progressively got worse to the point we finally got off in Bermuda and flew home. Started with cold hot dogs and burgers with 40+ mile per hour winds on the top deck. The buns were hard on the edges and you could hit them against the table top like a hockey puck. Went to arcade with nine year old to play video games at $2 per game. After spending about $200 decided that was enough. Activity club for kids was ok, but nothing to rave about. Forgot son's bathing suit. No bathing suits for children in gift shop. None for women either, so if you forget a suit, you're pretty much screwed. Food overall was pretty poor. Worst part was the logistics of food service. Limited locations for food at differing times of the day and night. Would have to travel all the way to the 9th deck to get food at night. Limited beverage availability always. Always felt like we were in the way of the staff who were quite rude, always refilling the coffee machines and hovering around, and in our way. For some reason, they were handing out cups already filled with ice. Fresh squeezed orange juice onboard that you had to pay for. Really?!?!? The orange juice that you didn't pay for was watered down. Late night room service between 12 and 5 a.m was an up charge, plus gratuity. Really?!?!?!? Casino layout sucked as well. Crammed in the middle of the boat and very small. Not friendly for non gamblers. Gathered in the Bolero to watch Ravens Cowboys and endured several technical signal difficulties. Wanted a coffee drink at the bars. Get this, no coffee behind the bar. Really?!?!?!? Went to gift shop to get wife a gift. Bought a ring and was told to return for certificate. Returned next day and no one was even in the jewelry store to assist. Stood around for 15-20 minutes no one ever came in or offered to assist. The gift shops sucked as well. Selling Nautica watches and Citizen watches. Very limited selection of jewelry. Nothing high end, which was just shocking. No Rolex, Tag Heuer, etc. The best it got was Tissot. Never did get the certificate, as the shops closed when in port. Room was ok but nothing great. The last straw was finding my son wrapped up in a blanket with blood stains, fecal stains and urine and perhaps semen. Booked flight on my smart phone for wife, myself and son to fly from Bermuda Hamilton airport to Baltimore. Went to guest services to advise I was disembarking in Bermuda. Advised I was simply done and wanted to get off, not to mention the fact that we were now turning around, after one day, due to hurricane approaching. No freakin way was I going to deal with 4 more days on the ocean on this ship. Then had to print itinerary for flight to give to guest services in the internet cafe and pay $35 for internet access to print flight details. Insult to injury. Wife, who paid for trip, as a 10 year anniversary gift, took blood stained blanket down to guest services, asked for refund of the balance of what was paid for trip. They said no, bacause they said I had mentioned I wanted off the ship due to weather. Presently challenging charges with credit card company. Got home on Monday night. Best thing we ever did. Spent the balance of the week off from work doing day trips with family. Probably will never cruise again. Just not worth it. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
We got to the cruise terminal in Baltimore early. Waited a little while before we boarded no problems. Very friendly crew went to the windjammer for lunch lots of choices to eat . the ship was laid out very nice we hang out by the pool for ... Read More
We got to the cruise terminal in Baltimore early. Waited a little while before we boarded no problems. Very friendly crew went to the windjammer for lunch lots of choices to eat . the ship was laid out very nice we hang out by the pool for a while then went to find our cabin on the second floor . lots of space to store everything we didn't feel movement on the lower floors like the top floors or in the front of the ship. We explored the ship I think its a nice size ship the main dining room was so nice The food was great I had beef almost every night The appetizers were small but I had 1 or 2 of them each night I loved the chilled soups. We did eat at chops grille it was out of this world the steak was perfect and the service was great also ! The desserts were great at Chops we took one back to our room for later on that night. The shows were OK I only saw the first 1 and the adult comedy show.There was a lot to do to stay busy . The hurricane did make our trip short we left a day early from Bermuda the cruise line can't control the weather so I understand why we left early I was OK with that. We had a nice slow trip back home. We did the all access tour of the ship that was great we saw the galley, the laundry area the crew area below deck the engine room and the behind scenes of the theatre and the bridge which was really cool . I would go back on RCL again . Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
Six day Cruise on Enchantment of the Seas to Bermuda. Love it and loved a smaller ship. Got through the port with no problems. Stayed at the Best Western the night before just across the river. Great place to stay and had a nice ... Read More
Six day Cruise on Enchantment of the Seas to Bermuda. Love it and loved a smaller ship. Got through the port with no problems. Stayed at the Best Western the night before just across the river. Great place to stay and had a nice dinner the night before with an a pretty nice breakfast that morning. We got a lovely surprise upgraded room from Deck 4 to 7! We were not expecting such a great beginning to our trip. This was our third trip on RCC. The balcony was great and we really enjoyed the room. I had read the negative reviews about this ship, didn't see anything of what they were talking about. Great service and food and the dancing and entertainment was great, better than the larger ship Freedom, which we had cruised two other times. This ship is more subdued and not as blingy. The port is lovely and taxi's are readily available. Snorkel Park is about a ten minute walk. I thought it was a nice little park. We ended up doing a night snorkel excursion there, that was excellent, slightly spendy, but pretty cool. Saw a wreck and quite a few fish and eels. Went to Horseshoe Bay Beach. Beautiful! Not really a snorkel beach though, the undertow was strong, but the water and beach were really nice. Only got three hours there on an excursion, really wanted more. Would have been worth getting a taxi and just going for the full day of the layover. Heard Tobacco Beach was the place to be for snorkeling, but didn't see that first hand. Overall, I would go back to Bermuda! Lovely island and people. Ate at the Frog and the Onion. Great food, spendy, but fun. We just had a great time and the ship was nice, I don't care what anybody says. Yes, it's not new, but I really enjoyed less people to shuffle around. Entertainment great and the cruise director and his wife, the events coordinator were great. Heard this ship was moving to Florida in the new year, it's too bad. Would go on it again in a heartbeat. Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
Background info: My wife and I are in our 30s. Our 13 and 10 year old daughters joined us. This was our 6th cruise (all with RCCL). Previous ships sailed have been Navigator, Liberty, and Oasis. We were a little hesitant to try a ... Read More
Background info: My wife and I are in our 30s. Our 13 and 10 year old daughters joined us. This was our 6th cruise (all with RCCL). Previous ships sailed have been Navigator, Liberty, and Oasis. We were a little hesitant to try a smaller and older ship (relatively speaking) like Enchantment, but very much wanted to try a departure port within driving distance (we live in NJ). I'm happy to say that while we missed a few of the mega-ship perks, our overall experience was very good on Enchantment. Embarkation: Arrived early at the port in Baltimore (10:15am) and were directed into a parking queue where we waited for about 30 minutes while the parking lot cleared out from disembarkation. We offloaded our luggage and then parked in the long term lot ($90). Security and check in were a breeze. We waited for about another 30 minutes before they let us on the ship. We took a short walk to the dining room to square up our seating time (more on that later), tried to dump our bags in our cabin (turned back at the hall door), and were seated in the Windjammer eating by about 11:40am. The Ship: The ship itself is best described as worn, but presentable and clean. She definitely shows her age in certain places. That being said, the crew certainly showed the same pride in her appearance as any other RCCL ship on which we've cruised. You couldn't go 15 minutes without seeing a crew member cleaning, wiping down, or painting something. The ship was a much more manageable size for walking vs previous ships (specifically Oasis). The spaces like the centrum and dining room were still open and spacious, and the amount of glass everywhere let in a lot of light and gave the ship a nice, open feel. We definitely missed things from the Voyager and up class ships like the promenade, Vintages wine bar, Portofinos, etc. The kids missed the flowrider, ice rink, and mini-golf. On the other hand, the pool deck seemed less crowded and we had the easiest time getting deck lounges we've ever had. The solarium was beautiful and offered some extra pool real estate when the main pools got fuller. Cabin: We had a category F large oceanview (2612). The cabins are probably where Enchantment shows her age the most. The cabins are small and tight. The mattresses were noticeably worn and uncomfortable. We missed the room savings of a flat panel tv and the convenience of the interactive tv setup on the other RCCL ships we've cruised. My understanding is that Enchantment is going in for a refurb in a few months, so these issues will be short lived. A few notes on cabin 2612: This was our first cabin with a connecting door. When we booked via Costco travel, we had a noise concern with having a connecting cabin and were considering a non-connecting cabin further aft. The agent told us that it was nothing to worry about and that the connecting cabin wouldn't be any louder than any other cabin. Wrong. The connecting door is thin, and you can hear everything going on in the other cabin. Our cabin neighbors had young children and my wife and kids were awoken virtually every morning by the kids. Mind you, the kids were not obnoxiously loud or in any way out of control. They were just being young kids-- they talk, they laugh, they play. But man, you could hear every bit of it. Also, there was some kind of pump or servo motor in the vicinity of our cabin that would activate for several minutes at a time at random intervals throughout the day and night( sounded like it was in the structure below our cabin between decks). It was loud enough to wake you up and was quite annoying. We never determined what it was, but it would definitely keep me from booking that cabin in the future. Windjammer: The food in the Windjammer was good. It was on par or better than the WJ food on the other ships we've sailed. I know that some people complained about the WJ being crowded and it being difficult to find a seat, but we honestly didn't think it was any worse than Oasis. It never took us more than a few minutes to find a table for our family of four. Dining Room: When we booked, early dinner seating wasn't available and we didn't want the later seating, so we opted for My Time dining. As the cruise got closer, we had some reservations about My Time based on reviews we were reading, so we decided to head to the dining room as soon as we got on the boat and try to get the early seating. Our request was quickly and pleasantly accommodated. Our dining room service was on par with our other cruises. Our waiter Joseph was attentive. Our assistant waiter Ivon was great and was a big hit with the girls. He was always making them laugh over one thing or another. The dining room food was good. RCCL's food has never blown me away, but has always been consistent. We felt collectively that the food on Enchantment was a bit better than what we had on Oasis or Liberty. Entertainment: As has always been our experience with RCCL, the entertainment was top-notch. The singers and dancers were very talented and gave great performances throughout the week. The comedian and magician/juggler that they had were equally appreciated. Bernie Martini who was crooning away on the piano in the Schooner Bar all week was the most pleasant surprise of the cruise. Kid Stuff: My 13 year old loved Adventure Ocean this time around. She spent a decent amount of time involved with the AO activities and made some new friends (she's a bit shy and reserved, so this really says a lot to us about the program). My 10 year old turns 11 in a few months and felt like she was a little too old for her age group and activities at AO. She tagged along with her older sister where she could, but otherwise didn't really have a desire to spend much time in AO. The girls both enjoyed the rock climbing wall, bungee trampolines, ping pong tables, and the arcade. While we were concerned that they would be bored on Enchantment after the sensory overload that is Oasis, they very much enjoyed themselves even if they did miss their personal favorite, the flowrider... Bermuda: Last but certainly not least, we were blown away by Bermuda. By far the nicest, safest, and cleanest of the islands we've spent time on. We had no reservations about walking around or using their great public transportation. We spent some time at Sea Glass beach and an entire day snorkeling and swimming at Tobacco Bay. We used both the ferry and buses to get around with no problems. We didn't have nearly enough time to see everything, so Bermuda is definitely at the top of our list of future cruise destinations. Overall Thoughts: We had a great cruise and a great time. Enchantment had a bit less to offer than the bigger boats, but we wouldn't hesitate to sail her again. As the wife and I are looking for a quick getaway cruise in a few months, we are considering Bermuda on Explorer out of Bayonne, NJ as it offers one more night than the Bermuda cruise on Enchantment as well as more time on the island (about 11 more hours in port over the same three day period). Just food for thought. As always, a quick thanks to all of the Cruise Critic reviewers who took the time to put their thoughts and experiences on this site. It was a big help in ensuring that our family had a great cruise. Cheers!! Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
Bermuda 2012 -- Enchantment of the Seas (August 17----6 night) Here is my view of our trip...hope you enjoy. Day 1 -- Embarkation Pretty smooth. We arrived early at the port and were the 4th car in line. So awesome to be able to ... Read More
Bermuda 2012 -- Enchantment of the Seas (August 17----6 night) Here is my view of our trip...hope you enjoy. Day 1 -- Embarkation Pretty smooth. We arrived early at the port and were the 4th car in line. So awesome to be able to drive to the port like that (we live in NJ). With the exception of the passport scanner at the terminal we chose not working...all went smoothly. We were on board by noon. We were delayed getting out of Baltimore. Not sure why really, but didn't impact us all that much. Thought the sail away party was pretty lame, but my son had fun dancing so I guess that's cool. Cabin -- we had a 'window' cabin on the Deck 4. The location was AWESOME. We were right by the stairs in the front of the ship and near almost everything we wanted to be near. The beds were together, but we had them taken apart to make it easier to maneuver when the bunks were down for the kids. Would have liked a little bit more storage, but actually found there were little 'hidey' places so we managed okay. The only downside was the shower. Anyone of any girth would have found it very cramped. The fact that there was a decent sized medicine cabinet was great! Would have been nice if we had one of the 'newer' tv's...but not really a big deal. Contraband...apparently there is a rule? (who knew) about bringing water on board. I had to go get my suitcase from security. It was marked as 'liquor'. I had 10 bottles of water with me. I am not cheap and have bought water on board before, but I don't really like Evian and we drove so I brought my own. They weren't going to let me take it . I offered to open all 10 so they could see they were sealed. Then they said I could take 3 bottles. I politely stated the sign said no beer, liquor, wine ... didn't say anything about water...and that there were 4 of us in the cabin so 3 x 4 is 12 which means I should be able to take it all. They relented. Day 2 -- At sea Sun, sun and more sun along with the kids swimming. I looked at watches and saw a couple I liked. (Watches are my thing). Went for the $60 versus the $500 watch. ? We didn't purchase any excursions. We wanted to do more than the excursions allowed for...not to mention I didn't like how much they cost. I purchased a 1 day bus/ferry pass for all of us. Was sort of annoyed that I went down to the Excursion desk RIGHT when they announced they had a limited number of passes and when I got there, they didn't even have them yet. OOOOKKKK. On the plus side, when I went back, he had them in an envelope for me. OK...better. Overall, a nice relaxing day... Day 3 -- At sea / Bermuda We didn't get to Bermuda until 3 or so and got off the ship around 3:30. We went to the Maritime museum. A lot of historical things which my husband loves. Some very cool picture opportunities. Also...our anniversary. We ate at Chops Grille and had a very nice meal. I wasn't thrilled that I had to pay for that when I booked it, but I supposed it's nice to NOT see it on your end of cruise check...lol. I was also surprised that there weren't that many people IN Chops. Day 4 -- Bermuda JAM PACKED DAY. As I mentioned, I didn't book any excursions because I wanted to hit a lot of different things. We took a ferry up to Hamilton and then a bus to the Crystal and Fantasy Caves...very cool...would definitely recommend unless you have an issue with stairs. Our Tour Guide for the Fantasy Caves (Ron) was a hoot! From there, we took a bus up to St. George. We sort of went awry walking to St. Catherine's Fort, but managed to find it. It was REALLY hot and it seemed like EVERYTHING we walked to was up hill. But that too, was very cool. I'm not big on the 'history' of things, but I do like the facades, the views of the beach from the forts, etc. From there, we had a quick lunch and then took the ferry back to King's Wharf where we immediately hopped on a bus to Horseshoe Bay to snorkel and see our pink sand. We had serious bus mojo going on...we didn't wait for more then 2-3 minutes for a bus. The beach at Horseshoe Bay was GORGEOUS! The sand was so soft...even walking into the water. We didn't stay too long because there was going to be a delay in busses and I didn't want to wait the extra time. When we got back, my husband went to the Frog & Onion Pub to get a Dark and Stormy (apparently a favorite there) and the kids and I walked over to the Clock Tower Mall. Wasn't really impressed, but the building is still cool. Day 5 -- Bermuda / At Sea Bummer of a 11:30 boarding time, but my daughter and I still got off to go to Snorkel Park for a bit...Surprised that I had to pay to get on the beach (for me...not her). Beach not nearly as nice, but we did see a few neat fish in the water and she enjoyed it. We walked over to the glass factory and saw them making things. Very cool...but quite costly. We went to the Rum Cake factory and got a chocolate rum cake (YUM). Day 6 -- At Sea Rain, wind, rain and more rain. On the plus side, it did allow for us to do SHOPPING and do/see a couple of the activities they had on board. We watched the cake decorating competition between the captain and the Restaurant Manager. HYSTERICAL is all I can say about that. I was laughing so hard, I was crying! We also got to see my daughter in the kids' talent show. Very cool that they give medals to everyone who participates and she really enjoyed it. My son wanted to see the cake decorating so he didn't get to participate in that. They had these glass figurine things that were pretty cool...and cheap! AT $6 each...we got a few. But it was like Black Friday at the mall with the hounds trying to grab at them. Good grief! This is what happens when it rains! LOL The final show was pretty funny. The kids were laughing very hard during most of it. The last show of the cruise (in the centrum) was awesome too...70s show...both of my kids got called up to dance and we all got in on it. Fun times! Day 7 -- Getting off the ship Got up 'normal' time and had breakfast at Windjammers. Then we went to wait in one of the lounges to wait for our number to be called. Just killed time reading. Once they called our number we were out pretty quickly (off the ship by 9a). OTHER SUMMRY The shows -- Didn't get to see all of them because of the varying times (a little consistency would have been nice). My kids don't stay up that late so taking them to a show that starts at 10:15 is tough. The ones we did see were pretty good. They had the 'voice of Happy Days" on ... he was entertaining, but a little too pompous for my tastes. The cruise director (John) did a very good job of hyping up the crowd. He even participated in the end of cruise good-bye show (as one of the Village People) and got whipped cream and a cherry on his head at the cake decorating contest between the captain and Restaurant Manager (hysterical). Windjammers -- I had absolutely no issue with the food in Windjammers. In fact, I thought some of the desserts (the oatmeal cookies, the coconut cookes and the raspberry parfait (something or other) was REALLY REALLY GOOD. I really liked the fact that they had pasta every day and also rice that I could put the beef stew or the chicken/sausage gumbo stew over. My son LOVED the ribs. Quite yummy. My Fair Lady -- we were at a table for 8...met another very nice family with two girls just a little bit older than my two (twins-9)...very enjoyable...lots to talk about. The food was decent, but I actually preferred the desserts at Windjammers over MFL, but the great thing is that you can choose more than one appetizer or dessert or even entree if you don't like it and they oblige with no problem! The strawberry bisque was awesome, the Caesar salad good too. Easy enough to find something you like. Our servers (Irene and Rafael) were very nice and very attentive to our kids (which is a huge plus for me). Kids' club -- this is actually probably my biggest dislike. While the kids has ZERO complaints, I didn't like the fact that I had to pay if I wanted them to be there from 12-2p and also they couldn't be there at all from 5-7 which would have been great for us since our dinner wasn't until 8:30p. It didn't affect us, but we would have also had to pay after 10p which seems a little silly. Activities -- Plenty to choose from to be sure and unfortunately not enough time in the day to do all of them. The last day it was raining and they did add a movie which was nice. I participated in the slot tournament and well...didn't win. LOL. Also a bummer that the weather negatively impacted our ability to do the rock climbing and we had to go back multiple times to get in the trampoline (mostly too windy). Overall we had a really nice time...I try to go in with a 'no worries' type of attitude so even the things that annoyed me, I tried to let go almost immediately. So, no major complaints and even booked Alaska for next year. I hope I can take the cold weather! LOL Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
We recently returned home from a 6 night Bermuda sailing. Wow! What a great cruise! The ship was beautiful, the food was great, service was fantastic, it was kept very clean. Public areas were beautiful and there were plenty of windows. ... Read More
We recently returned home from a 6 night Bermuda sailing. Wow! What a great cruise! The ship was beautiful, the food was great, service was fantastic, it was kept very clean. Public areas were beautiful and there were plenty of windows. Now for some specifics: My Fair Lady Dining room: Ian and Crismar were fantastic! My 6 yr old asked for mashed potatoes with his meal each night and by the 2nd night, Ian was automatically bringing an extra plate with 4 scoops of mashed potatoes for him and the rest of us without being asked. Crismar brought my husband his coffee each night without being asked after the first night. The wait staff was very professional and accomodating. The menu and food were great! We couldn't have asked for more during our dining experience. For lunch the food was excellent as well! And there is a very nice salad station. You don't serve yourself, you point to what you want on your salad and then they toss it for you at the end. Very unique. I have never seen that before. Shops: The shopping area is layed out in a very nice looking way. One of the shop employees recognized us from our cruise on the Majesty last December and even remembered my 6 yr old son's name! I can't tell you how special that made us feel! Way to go RCCL! The $10 t-shirts they had for sale the 3rd and last day were really great! Good deal if you are looking for great souveniers! Good selection of merchandise! Cruise director: OK, he was the cheesiest, flattest, cruise director of all our 10 cruises. I just couldn't warm up to John. Enough said. Entertainment: Boy, does the Enchantment have the best singers and dancers at sea or what? The African-American female singer did "I will Always Love YOu" by Whitney Houston and nailed it!!!! She brought the house down with that performance. The dancers were all perfectly synchronized as well. All the other singers were very talented as well. Great shows! Adventure Ocean(kids program): The crew here were top-notch! My kids actually came home missing their friends Messy Jessy and Cukaracha. All the teachers have nick names incase you didn't know this. They kept begging to spend their time there and had a blast! The team does really neat activities with them and some of them are educational and the kids love it! Junior Suite: The Junior suite on this ship was comparable in size to balcony rooms on Voyager class and larger ships. The balcony however, was very nice in size. There were 2 chaise lounges, 2 chairs, and a small table. We were right off the back of the ship which was a unique view point, and very quiet down the hall. Bed was quite hard and not a soft as on other ships. There was quite a lot of storage and closet space, but the suitcases did not fit under the bed as they usually do on other ships. ON the ships defense we do have unusually large suit cases and we found storage elsewhere. Room steward: Fernando was good. Only 1 small gripe with him was my son wet the bed and we told him about it and asked for the mattress pad on the sofa sleeper and sofa linens be changed and they were not. When we brough it to his attention that they still smelled, he said he sent them to laundry but maybe they didn't actually launder them and he will take care of it again. 2nd time he changed only the sofa sleeper pad. Sheets and duvet still stunk. Not cool... He was very friendly and remembered our names, and opened the door for us if he saw us coming. He engaged the kids in conversation and they really liked him. There was another friendly steward down the hall that the kids really liked as well. I don't know what his name was, but he was extremely friendly and polite as well. Windjammer buffet: HUGE selection of foods! You will not leave here hungry, and don't be alarmed by the crowds. The windjammer staff was helpful in finding people seats instead of letting them wander all over in frustration. The food was all fresh and hot. Different stations offered different ethnic foods and staff was extremely helpful in getting drinks to the table and quick to take dirty plates for us. Embarkation/Debarkation: Both were flawless and very quick. The Port of Baltimore was easy to access and staff was friendly. They take your luggage from your car before you park so you don't have to haul it all to the curb. That's very efficient. Other notes: Ship was extremely bumpy until we got out of the Chesapeak bay. We have never been on the back of the ship before so we thought it was our area but the front desk said it was the whole ship because of the bay. IT was quite unnerving as the entire ship vibrated madly. Bermuda was a beautiful island and people were so friendly. It was VERY expensive! Word of advice if you are looking to travel onto the island and don't book an excursion, the ferry passes are a great deal and leave directly across from the ship. We wish we'd have known in advance. Also there are great deal on scooters near the ship. We asked someone who had one and it came to $77 with rental and all extra fees for a 24 hour period. You can tour the island at your leisure that way. There are scooter parking places just off the ship where you can park it over night. Just remember to drive on the left side of the road. We would definitely sail the Enchantment again, or any of the other Vision class ships. It made for a lovely trip! Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
We just got back from a 6 day cruise to Bermuda leaving from Baltimore. The cruise was celebrating my grandmothers 80th Birthday and the whole family was onboard (about 30 people ages 8-80). All of the family members live within an hour of ... Read More
We just got back from a 6 day cruise to Bermuda leaving from Baltimore. The cruise was celebrating my grandmothers 80th Birthday and the whole family was onboard (about 30 people ages 8-80). All of the family members live within an hour of the Baltimore port which made this cruise easy to get to. Bermuda was on Grandma's bucket list which is really the only reason we chose this port. This was my 5th cruise and our 2nd cruise as a whole family of 30. Boarding was awesome. One of the easiest boarding experiences I have had. We drove to the port and between parking, going through security and getting checked in, we were on the ship within 30 min (about 12:15pm). Although you cannot get to your stateroom until 1:30 we were able to go eat lunch in the cafe and explore the ship. One issue we did have was with what liquids were allowed on the ship. We had heard from the cruise line that only open bottles were allowed on. When we got to the cruise ship we were told the exact opposite, if it was open it had to be tossed. We were also told before hand that no wine could be brought on the ship (many other cruise lines allow one bottle per person). However we were told mixed things during boarding. We called family members not yet at the dock telling them to buy wine to bring on but then when they got to the ship the wine was confiscated. Bottom line, its luck. Some of us got bottles on but most didn't, its really not worth the stress. Another problem we had was theft from our suitcases. I had some necklaces taken out of my suitcase while it was being loaded onto the ship (they were cheap which was why I put them in my suitcase). Other members of my family had small items taken as well. I suspect this was before the luggage even got onto the ship. One person in our party lost about $60 and the response from RCCL onboard was basically tough luck. I understand that valuable things need to be kept with you but the principal of my stuff not being treated properly reflects very poorly on RCCL and will definitely affect my cruise line choice. The food in the dinning room was great! Every night there were many options that sounded appetizing. Lunch in the dinning room was especially good. There was an amazing salad bar that made getting dressed for lunch totally worth it. The service at lunch wasn't the best but the dinner service was excellent. The entertainment onboard was mediocre. The comedians were funny, and the magician was entertaining. The production shows with the dancers and singers were terrible. The worst I have seen on a cruise ship. The singing and dancing was fine, but the song choices and overall productions was very boring. This was a common though from most of my party which not only included my grandmother, parents and 8 year old cousin. The casino staff was great. The steward for our room was very friendly. The cruise director was a bit too mellow for me. Overall the energy on the ship is more mellow and laid back. Bermuda was the greatest surprise of the trip. The island is beautiful. We went to snorkel park the first day because we only had 2 hours before dinner. The snorkeling was awesome, tons of fish and not too deep water. On the second day we went to Hamilton in the morning. This is what my grandma wanted to do most. The city is nice but unless you want to do serious shopping it is a time killer. I will not go back there. From Hamilton we went back to the ship for lunch. We had alot of issues with ferry's being canceled so going back for lunch was not Plan A but we had to rearrange. We got on the 1:30 ferry to St. Georges and went snorkeling in Tobacco Bay. This was the best snorkeling I have ever done (beating St. Thomas, St. Maartin, Grand Cayman, and Isla Roatan). We then took buses back to the dockyard, stopping off at the pink sand beach Horseshoe Bay. Although we missed 6:00 dinner, we were able to be seated in the dinning room at 8:30 which worked out perfectly! Overall we had a great time! It was a nice family vacation. Cruising is awesome because it is so easy, and with so many people it was the perfect choice. I will definitely be cruising again, but I'm not going to go out of my way to make sure its on RCCL. While it was a great vacation, it did not outshine any other cruise line.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
PASSENGER PROFILE: This crowd had a broad spectrum of representation, but for the most part was 50-ish. There were a number of unruly teenagers on this cruise, and they frequently ran around the decks and inside passageways until 1:00 ... Read More
PASSENGER PROFILE: This crowd had a broad spectrum of representation, but for the most part was 50-ish. There were a number of unruly teenagers on this cruise, and they frequently ran around the decks and inside passageways until 1:00 a.m. Several people complained and I actually had to call security one night. Apparently, their parents were not interested in supervising them. These kids really detracted from the cruise experience and many people were complaining about them. EMBARKATION: Went pretty smoothly. One piece of luggage did not arrive at the cabin with the others; after a few hours, we received a notice that we had to report to Deck 1 security. The luggage had been flagged for having scissors. They had us open the suitcase and show them the scissors, which were small. They were deemed "safe" and within policy, and they gave us permission to take the suitcase to our cabin. I was not irritated in the least for the inconvenience. In fact, I was relieved that they were checking closely. DINING: The Windjammer Cafe served its usual: salad bar, Mediterranean food, hot buffet, hamburgers/hot dogs, and dessert bar. We had sailed on the Enchantment in 2009, and the food choices seemed to be less this time, but were good nevertheless. I am a vegan, and choices were extremely limited. One day they had a number of choices; other days there were very few and they could definitely improve the food selection. Room service: We ordered juice and fruit one morning. It arrived right on time and was fresh. Dining room: We were unable to get MyTime Dining, but did get a table for two by the window at the first seating. Service was terrific and the food was as well. No complaints whatsoever. The choices are standard; nothing exotic, but we didn't have a bad meal. Again, more vegetarian/vegan choices would be an improvement. Eating choices are a bit limited, especially compared to the newer ships and the higher classes of Royal Caribbean ships. The grill in the Solarium has a few choices other than hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza, but there is no afternoon tea or snack with extensive choices like you will get on larger RCI ships. OUR CABIN: We were in a junior suite, cabin 8110, which is near the elevator and the Internet cafe. That is a convenient location, although there was quite a bit of noise at times that sounded like people running and stomping above us. When we checked it out, we saw nothing and we never did figure out where the noise came from. The cabin was spacious and comfortable with plenty of storage. Linens were crisp and luxurious. The balcony was room with enough room for chairs, a table, and a chaise lounge. The bathroom was just "okay" -- plenty of room and storage, but the shower curtain smelled so bad that we had to request another one, and there was no water pressure so they had to replace something to make it work. THE SHIP: The ship is comfortable but is looking very dated. A number of areas look worn and rust is visible in quite a few places. The carpet in public areas was stained. The public restrooms were frequently dirty and smelly. The lounges and other public areas are kept at an extremely low temperature. We spoke with several people who encountered plumbing issues in their cabins and often the hallways smelled like sewage. The public restrooms were often plugged up and had a terrible smell. This experience definitely caused us to wish we were on a newer ship. ENTERTAINMENT: The entertainment was run-of-the-mill, so we skipped the production shows, jugglers, and comedians in the headliner shows. Bernie Martini, at the piano bar in the Schooner Lounge, was fantastic, as were the Rosario Strings and the Evergreen Trio. SHOPPING: The shops offered the usual choices. The two gentleman "pushing" jewelry in the shops were rude and unresponsive, and rolled their eyes at me because I told them I didn't need to spend $400 on a watch. CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES: We did not travel with children. ITINERARY: Loved it! We sailed from Baltimore, had a day at sea, spent two days in Bermuda, and a day each in Boston and Newport, Rhode Island. This itinerary was really fantastic and had a great combination of days at sea and different types of ports. It was an 8-night itinerary with three sea days. More time in Boston would be nice -- we disembarked at 8:30 a.m. and had to be back on board by 3:30 p.m. Tender service in Newport was very slow in the morning but seemed to work well as the day went on. DISEMBARKATION: Quick and easy! We were called 10 minutes before our designated time and found our luggage right away. We had a good deal of luggage and only two porters were assigned to the terminal, so my husband was furious that we had to walk quite a distance in the heat with our luggage. OVERALL: The combination of great itinerary, great service, and great food made this cruise quite enjoyable. In spite of the few glitches (plumbing issues and a few unfriendly staff members) and the worn, dated ship, we had a good cruise. The ship goes into dry dock in December for two weeks and we can only hope that they improve the plumbing and some of the worn areas. If you have sailed on the newer, larger, ships, this might be a bit of a disappointment, so adjusting expectations would be a good idea. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
Although my sister and her husband are world travelers this was their first cruise. This was the third cruise for my wife and me (Caribbean & Bahamas). We visited Inner Harbor before boarding the ship. There was no problem getting ... Read More
Although my sister and her husband are world travelers this was their first cruise. This was the third cruise for my wife and me (Caribbean & Bahamas). We visited Inner Harbor before boarding the ship. There was no problem getting on the ship. It was smooth and quick. Go to the open lunch on the ship before going to your quarters. Your luggage will probally be delivered by then. Don't pack any irons, you can't get them on the ship. They hold them for you till you return. The ship was very clean everywhere. The stateroom we had was nice but next time we will upgrade to a balcony suite. There are no clocks or night lights in the staterooms.... so if you need them. The housekeeper was excelllent. He cleaned the room twice a day. The wait staff could not have been more attentive. All of the dining room meals were excellent. The buffet on the upper deck was plentiful and varied for all three meals. The entertainment was non-stop. Something different all day and every night. The captian of The Enchantment of the Seas was very visible and personable. We liked that. The stores on board didn't have a lot of things for the average price. It was either expensive or cheap. No junk food like chips and munchies. Getting off the ship was a breeze. I've been on cruises that took hours getting off. All in all I give this ship 4.5 out of 5. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
Having sailed the Caribbean several times, the ENCHANTMENT OF THE SEAS unique 8-DAY ATLANTIC ITINERARY is what sold us on this cruise. Even historically, I have never seen another ship that combined Bermuda with two excellent ports in New ... Read More
Having sailed the Caribbean several times, the ENCHANTMENT OF THE SEAS unique 8-DAY ATLANTIC ITINERARY is what sold us on this cruise. Even historically, I have never seen another ship that combined Bermuda with two excellent ports in New England -- Boston and Newport. These ports were nicely couched between three beautiful sea days. Flying in from Charlotte to Baltimore we were among the rare travelers on the Enchantment of the Seas that did not park at the cruise port or participate in a Park Sleep Cruise program at a local hotel. Please refer to my port review for Baltimore for detailed information that you might find helpful on your pre-cruise stay. BALTIMORE CRUISE TERMINAL -- EMBARKATION Here is a tip for those that are taking a hotel shuttle to the port. If you travel lightly as we do, with carry-ons only, make sure to tell the hotel shuttle driver that you want to carry your own bags onto the ship. They will put them on the shuttle last so that you can get to them at the port. For most people the fact that larger luggage is processed directly onto the ship is a real advantage. It was hard not to notice that several lines were almost empty or empty. These were dedicated to the Diamond or Diamond plus members, while us regular folks stood in fairly long cues. Being a mostly drive-in port, it seemed like the whole ship showed up at 11:00 am. Unlike in Fort Lauderdale with HAL, you are seated again after check in and then called one row at a time. Boarding seemed to be very controlled in that way. I was soon to find out why. Rather than a genuine greeting and escort to your stateroom, you are herded around the Centrum for an introduction to at least six ways RCI can make more money off of each passenger. I have never been hit in the face with this tactic as I stepped off the gangway. Spa services, wine and soda packages, art auctions, specialty dining, tuxedo rentals and flower sales, and even the make your own stuffed animal thing, are given the hard sell with coupons or enticements to every oncoming passenger. This creates an unnecessary bottleneck during one of the most stressful times of any cruise. A wee bit of taste and decorum could go a long way here. Thankfully this approach tempered somewhat as the cruise went on, but talk about bad first impressions! I see nothing wrong with any of these extra services. We had pre-booked the tuxedo rentals and dinner at Chops. Hurray for the stockholders! Someone likely got a bonus for this brilliantly stupid idea. After what felt like running the gauntlet around the Centrum we schlepped our bags up to the Windjammer for our first lunch. As with most of RCI and Celebrity, rooms would not be ready until 1:30 pm. I am not sure how HAL does this in Ft. Lauderdale, but if you show up at 11:45 am you are likely to wait only very briefly, then proceed directly to the ship where you are escorted directly to your room. That is my idea of a perfect embarkation. The Baltimore port staff members were very nice and welcoming. It wasn't the worst embarkation, but certainly not best I have ever seen. THE ENCHANTMENT OF THE SEAS -- THE SHIP In spite of a few negative reviews about being outdated and needing the upcoming dry dock badly, I felt that the ship was very well maintained overall. It is a more traditional design than those newer ships with the inner promenade. The ship has a great art collection, especially along the stairwells. I cannot confirm any of the rumors of worn carpets, dated fabrics, holes in the walls. I just did not see any of this during my cruise. This is a famously stretched version of a Vision Class ship was kept in great order as far as I could tell. The addition of Chops Grill, The Schooner Bar, and the beautiful Boleros Lounge are true advantages to the ship having been stretched. These are some of the best venues on the ship. The addition of the big architectural arches mid ship on the pool deck also add an interesting two-hill twist to the mile long Vita Track. The big disadvantage is that the ship can seem downright noisy and crowded at times with all those additional cabins and passengers. This was especially true during the big one-of-a-kind events like the deck party on the first night in Bermuda. Overall I think the activities staff did a good job of spreading events around the ship. In fact, almost every inch of this ship is well used. Perhaps I have a bit of a bias since I recently sailed on HAL's Westerdam, which is 3000 tons larger and has 400 fewer passengers. THE CENTRUM is quite stunning - bordering on fierce at first impression. It reminds me of a cross between a Marriot Hotel and the Escher drawing with stairs soaring in different directions, multiple marble landings, and a giant prism glass mobile. I did warm up to this giant space after seeing it turned into a six-level arena on at least three occasions. They even stopped the glass elevators so that they could be used as suspended stands for dancing girls during a 70s dance party. Similarly, the staff show with a parade of flags was a colorful reminder of just how international RCI really is. The Champagne Bar on Deck four in Centrum is a posh and comfortable space. Also by the Centrum, the library on Deck 7 had scant offerings but a decent collection of board games. Many seem to carry a tablet or Kindle these days. THE LOUNGES were all in great shape. There was not a single public space that I did not like. The Orpheum Theatre looked much better in person than in the pictures. Though it may be slightly small for the number of passengers, I did not see huge crowds standing at the rear that some have reported, and we sailed with a packed ship. The Schooner Bar is the only piano bar that I have ever seen that sets the piano against a wall of windows with a beautiful view of the ocean. Unfortunately it also served as the hallway to enter the larger Spotlight Lounge at the aft of the ship, as Boleros does for the Casino -- a minor complication of the addition that I really didn't think was a big deal. Surprisingly, the least utilized space seemed to be the Viking Crown Lounge. We enjoyed this space every evening before our late dinner seating. The views were absolutely stunning. This was also our favorite place for sail away. We saw three whales on the evening we sailed out of Boston. Part of the lounge allows smoking, though amazingly it never seemed smoky. Sometimes we would get impromptu entertainment from fellow passengers on the baby grand, though it always seemed to be in addition to a disco or 70s soundtrack that was at times overbearing. OVERBEARING OVERHEAD MUSIC was a recurring theme on this cruise, and I am a true music lover. Michael Jackson's "Beat It" somehow just does not go with sunset whale watching in the Viking Crown. Similarly, being an early riser, I nor any of my other fellow coffee drinkers are used to hearing HOT! HOT! HOT! at 6:00 am on the pool deck. The same applies in the Centrum -- almost constant music, even in the middle of the night. Cruise staff, please give us a few breaks in the music, we will enjoy it so much more in context and at the right time of day. It is just not a good idea to let the playlist run 24 hours a day. If you feel the need to keep it going at least turn the volume way down in the off hours or choose a more relaxing play list. This does not create enchantment; it is just irritating and disturbing. If you need a quiet respite, head to the deck five PROMENADE DECK and grab a chair. This is the best place on the ship to read and a feature that is very important to me when I choose a ship. The views are even better from here if you want a quiet walk to watch for sea life. The very wide deck gets unusually narrow at the bow, but it is a great place for the walkers to avoid the runners on Deck 11. Thankfully, we found it open all the way around on sea days. It was blocked at the bow at almost every other time. You can still make your laps. You just have cut across the forward stairwell lobby. I don't quite understand why they chose not to do the whole thing in teak. The front half of the ship is covered in a red rubber surface. It seems like a terribly obvious place to skimp if you are going to redo a ship from the inside out - as they did in 2005. Clearly this non-revenue generating space was not treated as a priority during the 2005 refurbishment. It was however kept impeccably clean and freshly painted. We chose a Category L LARGE INSIDE STATEROOM 4577 on level four. In spite of being close to the Centrum and below Boleros, the room was amazingly quiet. It was not amazingly large. If you are debating whether to make this upgrade yourself, my vote would be no, if I had it to do over again. Six additional square feet does not make a very small room a large one. One desk chair and one small-scale overstuffed chair is all that the little room would accommodate other than two single beds. Being in the new section, the modular bathroom was clean and very functional. The shower had great water pressure. Amenities include wall-dispensed generic shampoo, which is very drying, and unscented bar soap that is on par with Super-8. Robes, lotion, conditioner, refrigerator, ice buckets or fruit baskets were not provided in any of the rooms below the balcony categories. There was a cabinet that looked like it was built for a refrigerator. Use this to store the overpriced food and hot drink items that clutter the tiny dresser/desktop. They will bring you an ice bucket if you ask. Storage was perfectly adequate for two people. The mattress was a bit soft for my taste, but serviceable. For those that expect a flat-screened TV, you will be disappointed until after the upcoming dry dock. Our cheerful room steward Jose did an impeccable job of keeping our room clean. In spite of being small, the room was in good shape. THE ENCHANTMENT OF THE SEAS -- THE SERVICE This ship has a fantastic staff and crew. The level of service is, without a doubt, this ship's biggest asset. Our room steward Jose, our waiter Frederick and his assistant Arturo, Dr. Love on the Pool Deck, Rudolph in the Casino, and the lovely and genuinely kind Marsha in the Viking Crown all remembered our names, anticipated our needs, and delivered a stellar level of service that could be a role model for some premium cruise lines. You will never lack for drink service on this ship. Our late afternoon coffee order from room service was always offered with a smile and they always asked if we wanted cookies as well. It was every bit as good as the service I received nine cruises ago as youngster on the much smaller Song of Norway in 1987, and even better overall than that of a recent experience on a more premium cruise line. THE ENCHANTMENT OF THE SEAS - ACTIVITIES The Cruise Compass outlines a busy schedule from 6am to 2am. The belly flop, hard rock, disco, and newlywed thing are merely spectator sports for me. These sorts of things are good for laughs, but sometimes the shows and activities bordered on cheesy and loud, and you wished that a few people had had one less cup of the free Seattle's Best coffee or one less Bahama Mama. We really enjoyed the trivia games. The cruise director did a great version of the Neal Diamond hit list. The pool band was an absolutely top-notch reggae ensemble. Bernie Martini was a top-notch piano player and crooner. The Trio Royale did a perfectly classy performance of Edith Piaf and several other easy listening standards. They had an amazingly full and rich sound for only three members. I also appreciated the string music performances. Some of the nightly shows were better than others. The shows felt like church at times: introduce yourself to your neighbor, massage your neighbors back, etc. I understand the ice-breaker concept, but did feel terribly familiar to those that have a thing about personal space. We can laugh and smile without putting our hands on our neighbor. The Activity Manager, Katrina, was a standout. This lady had the ability to light up an entire room when she walked in with her magnetic personality and almost star appeal. When she led the sail-away dance party on deck, it set a smiley upbeat tone for the whole cruise. They proved right up front that every member of entertainment staff really did know how to dance. It was a perfect high-energy sail away that set an upbeat tone for the rest of the cruise. The Baltimore crowd is a fun-loving crowd. I do wish that there were more of an enrichment approach to some of the activities, or least a few that were free of the added upcharge. Sometimes you just need to bring it down a notch and learn something new or hear a good story to feel good about your day. During the one cooking demonstration that was held in the Centrum, you really couldn't see what was going on. I found it a bit irritating that several of the daily events came with substantial upcharges: pathway to yoga, bingo, with a $26 minimum entry, Martini Master Class, and Wine Tasting, etc. Look out for the $ sign beside several activities listed in the Cruise Compass. Speaking of the Cruise Compass, the back two pages of The Cruise Compass are not in bold type, yet these hard to read chronological parts of the Cruise Compass were really the only useful parts. The first two to three pages are just another opportunity to upsell in beautiful bold Technicolor. For those RCI loyal fans who like to think that RCI is far superior to Carnival, I think this cruise line may be the worst offender in the business for the hard- sell approach. While the approach certainly lacks subtly, it is always done with a smile. THE ENCHANTMENT OF THE SEAS -- THE FOOD THE MAIN DINING ROOM operated with surprising precision and grace. Some nights were better than others, but I never had a bad meal here. The food was very good to excellent overall, and the waiters were eager to please if you were dissatisfied in any way. The courses were served at the same time every night. The waiter knew every person's name. Everything was served hot. The lobster tails came on the second formal night. True to form, you can pay extra for the Chops Grill version of steaks and lobster on any night in the main dining room. We didn't find it necessary. The main menu offered plenty of tasty options. CHOPS GRILL is very much worth the $30 upcharge for at least one night of your cruise. This meal was not good - it was excellent in every way. This may sound odd, but if you like cream of mushroom soup, you must have it as a starter. Five different kinds of wild mushrooms in a creamy vegetable based broth that is without a doubt the best I have ever had anywhere. My ten-ounce filet was on par with the very best steakhouses. This is another room on the ship that the pictures just don't do justice. When lit for night dinner service, the room just glows with red velvet and candlelight. It is a deluxe experience that is worth every dime. THE WINDJAMMER CAFE is a bit of a mixed bag, but mostly good. While I love the front of the ship location with spectacular views forward, the layout and design definitely lack efficiency. Everything is laid out in a big circle. Everyone circles once to see what is available. They circle again to get what they are sure that they want. They circle again to get what they forgot or saw on someone else's plate. Then they cross the circle to get drinks if they are not lucky enough to get drink service as they sit down. There are no serving trays, so you simply can't do it all in one trip. It was crowded, but we always found a table. The staff seemed very good at drink refills, but just can't be all over the big room at one time as people seat themselves. Even in this room, the staff was actually very good. Food ranged from quite good to bad. The starchy and imitation crabmeat - she crab soup - was downright bad. Southerners who grew up near the coast know just how good this dish can be. The burgers were small and bland everywhere on the ship. RCI should invest in a proper grill. Asian specialties were hit or miss. The salad bar looked very good and fresh. Breakfast was consistently good except for the powdered eggs. You can always get real eggs if you willing to wait in another line, although it was short. There is a good variety; you can always find something good here. Just don't expect the lido buffets like Holland America or Celebrity. THE ENCHANTMENT OF THE SEAS -- PORTS OF CALL Please refer to the port reviews for very detailed information on how to use public transportation and perhaps enjoy a better and certainly less expensive way to see far more for less money in each port of call. In Baltimore I share the following: 1. Pre-cruise lodging option that won't cost a fortune 2. One of Baltimore's best crab cakes 3. Three absolutely worthwhile free attractions 4. Directions to one of Baltimore's best pub-crawls in Fells Point 5. How to use hotel shuttles to downtown and the cruise port In Bermuda I share the following: 1. The best one-mile beach walk that the little country has to offer 2. How to visit a sea glass beach from the Royal Naval Dockyard 3. Using the buses and ferries in Bermuda In Boston I share the following: 1. A little known bus route that will take you to the Old North Church 2. An easy time saving way to walk the best of the Freedom Trail 3. Negotiating the subway and bus back to the port from Boston Common In Newport I share the following: 1. Why it is important to get early tender tickets. 2. A good place to get a fabulous lobster roll 3. Taking the public bus out to the mansions 4. A jaw dropping walk along the Cliff Walk 5. Two absolutely stunning mansions that should not be missed BALTIMORE CRUISE TERMINAL - DEBARKATION This was the easiest and best debarkation I have ever experienced. We finished breakfast. We picked up our carry-ons. We walked down the gangplank. Handed the man our customs form. The man nodded. We got in a taxi. Gone! That is no exaggeration. There is something to be said for traveling light and renting formals. It also is much less of a hassle than the Port of Miami. IN SUMMARY I have few regrets about this cruise. It was far better than an average cruise. In fact I would sail this ship again if it fit my plans. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
To our surprise (since we were sailing on the Atlantic) this was the smoothest cruise we have every taken (this was our 25th cruise).....the seas truly were like glass!!! We had gorgeous weather as well! In our opinion, we believe the ... Read More
To our surprise (since we were sailing on the Atlantic) this was the smoothest cruise we have every taken (this was our 25th cruise).....the seas truly were like glass!!! We had gorgeous weather as well! In our opinion, we believe the staff was the friendliest ever. Everyone worked together well and their smiles were contagious! The ship is definitely showing her age but is still beautiful and clean. She will be in dry dock in December of 2012. We will be looking forward to seeing her refurbishments as we will be sailing on her again in April! We do hope the carpet in the cabins are replaced as they seem very old and worn. Never being in Bermuda before, we enjoyed that port. We walked on a dangerous path to Sea Glass Bay Beach. Not a beach to swim in.....just a tiny strip with lots of beautiful sea glass. The next day we went to Horseshoe Bay Beach. The huge rocks are a sight to behold. The sand is powdery but not very pink. The water was fun to ride the waves. No rocks in the water at all. Nice soft bottom. It wasn't as crowded as I expected which was nice considering there were two ships docked in Bermuda on that day. We really enjoyed Boston as well. We took the Silver Line Bus #2 which was right outside the area we were docked. It only cost $2 a person and it was really cool. It was like riding in a subway but it was on a bus. We walked to the visitor's center at Faneuil Hall and were treated to a FREE narrated tour by a US Park Ranger. Super interesting! We ate at Quincy Market which was sooooo good (yummy "CHOWDA" at Boston and Maine Fish Company) and also had a delicious FRESH bagel at Bruegger's Bagel Bakery by the Old South Meeting House. Newport was gorgeous and very quaint. We did a lot of walking. First we ate at Benjamin's on Thames Road. Delicious calamari!! Then we WALKED to the Breaker's mansion (Vanderbilt). It was a long walk....we sure got a ton of exercise that day. I'm glad we toured the mansion ($20.00/per person). I didn't know what to expect and was very delighted and amazed!!! We didn't walk back to the ship though, we took bus #67. It was only $2 per person. I'm glad we walked there for the exercise but if I had to do it over again, we would have taken the bus both ways. The views from the Cliff Walk were unbelievable! My husband and I enjoy dancing and we feel like we danced the night away most nights!! The DJ was great in Bolero's. The Caribbean band was fantastic too. A lot of live music and variety! The casino is being refurbished now. Lots of new machines but not all were working. They took out the virtual Black Jack table and replaced it with a virtual Roulette table (we would rather have the Black Jack table) John and Katrina (Activities Director) are very visable and a lot of fun. They do a great job along with the rest of their staff! The Centrum is one of our favorite places on the ship. The marble floor is gorgeous!! So many fun activites take place there. A great place to meet other passengers!! We enjoyed this cruise very much and we are looking forward to sailing on the Enchantment again soon! Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
This review is very basic - we didn't go to any shows and only a few activities on board. We live in Northern Virginia and were excited to find out we could cruise from Baltimore, removing the added cost of air fare. We booked in ... Read More
This review is very basic - we didn't go to any shows and only a few activities on board. We live in Northern Virginia and were excited to find out we could cruise from Baltimore, removing the added cost of air fare. We booked in March 2012 and found that we could book a Junior Suite for 8 nights for the same price we paid for a regular balcony room for 4 nights on the Disney Dream last November (our first cruise). I booked over the phone with RCI directly and was pleased when the vacation planner suggested an aft JS for the same price as a JS along the side of the ship - the aft room having a larger balcony. We drove to the port, arriving in about an hour. We arrived just before 10am and were allowed to park at 10:30. Parking was prepaid, $15 per day. We pulled up to the waiting luggage porters who took our tagged luggage, proceeded to pay for parking, and parked. We waited until 11am to walk in. The terminal process was fast and easy and we were soon waiting to board. At about 11:30, boarding began. I want to also add that disembarking was so easy, too. I couldn't believe how quickly we went from leaving the ship to getting into the car. Entering the ship was a little crazy - there are tables set up for different services: spa, Chops, youth program, photography, wine and soda sales, etc. You can't escape them, you're corralled through. I think it's great to have these tables set up for those that are interested, but it would be nice to be able to avoid if you're not. It really wasn't too bad, just not the best kick-off to a vacation. We made our way to the Windjammer and had lunch. The food in the Windjammer, where we had many breakfasts and a few lunches, wasn't bad. Nothing amazing. I understand they're trying to feed a lot of folks. At 1:30 we headed to our room, an aft-facing JS, #7672. The room was a great size, but the wow factor was the balcony...huge! We had 2 loungers, 4 chairs and 2 tables. And a view to die for. Our room host, Charlie, was fantastic - great guy, very friendly. Dinners in the main dining room were nice. We chose My Time Dining and didn't make any reservations - we just showed up each night, asked for a table for 2 and were seated within a few minutes. Luckily, we were able to get the same wait staff team each night. Anthony and Clarke were fabulous! We're also pleased with Josephine, the hostess and "B" the head waiter. Nothing we had was bad. We had dinner in Chops on the second night and it was fabulous, worth the extra charge. We did purchase a wine package, 7 bottles. We enjoyed a bottle every night with dinner. We had a voucher (because we were celebrating our anniversary) for a free bottle of house sparkling wine in Chops, which was nice. We also purchased the soda package. The cups were waiting in our room. We never had trouble getting refills, except once at the Pool Bar (the one right outside Windjammer). The bartender wanted to see our Sea Pass cards. No big deal, but I thought the fact that we had cups indicated we paid for a package. Besides that, he was short and responded to my "thank you" with an "mm-hmm". The only other bad experience we had was when visiting the Crown & Anchor desk. I thought this is where I could go to sign up for C&A Society=and to ask about my already-booked cruise for 2013. The woman that I spoke with couldn't have more dismissive and rude. It seemed once she realized I wasn't there to book a cruise, it didn't matter that I had questions about the program. The ports were all new to me. In Bermuda, the highlight was Hartley's Helmet Dive - two thumbs up and we'd do it again if we ever return to Bermuda. We also visited Sea Glass Beach for some sea glass and checked out the mall & shops at the Dockyard. Another highlight was Horseshoe Bay beach. Very beautiful and even after a few hours, I wasn't ready to get out of the water. One warning, though - unless you've successfully completed Navy SEAL training, please don't attempt the trek from Warwick Long Bay to Horseshoe. I don't know what I was thinking. Perhaps I wasn't thinking. I thought I was about to die somewhere along one of those paths from beach to beach. =) Seriously, it was hot and even our cab driver said the humidity was crazy. And, yes, I'm out of shape. In Boston, we rode the Hop On-Hop Off trolley the entire circuit, only getting off to see the USS Constitution. We also stopped for lunch at James Hook and highly recommend a stop there if you're in the mood for a delicious lobster or crab roll. One poster on CC mentioned getting room service for breakfast the morning of arrival in Boston if you have a balcony. I suggest doing this on arrival in Newport, instead. In Newport, we rode the trolley tour. This is not a hop-on/hop-off trolley. It was a nice tour of Newport and the mansions and very informative. We also stopped at Thames Glass to create our own ornaments. What a great souvenir! We called the week before to make the appointment and we're glad we did, as they were completely booked by the time we arrived in Newport. Because it takes 2 days for the glass to cool, they shipped our ornaments to us for a small fee. They arrived safe and sound, packed very carefully. The ship may be old, but we only saw a few indications here and there. I do wish RCI would invest in shower curtains that were a little longer. We also had an issue with water spilling out of the tub while taking showers - it would pool on the little space of tile at the back of the tub and then pour onto the floor. We fixed this by stuffing a hand towel into that space to soak up the water before it flooded the floor. The Schooner Bar was a great space to get a drink and watch the ocean flow by and the bartenders were great. We spent a few hours one morning in the Viking Crown Lounge just enjoying the view. We didn't attend any shows in the Orpheum Theater, but I noticed you could catch them on the TV in your room. We did attend The Quest and I can see how fun it is for the participants. One suggestion to the Cruise Director is to ask that folks not stand in the aisles so that everyone can see to the front of the room. I hope some points in this review are helpful. We enjoyed our cruise and look forward to sailing the updated Grandeur next year to Canada & New England. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
We took the eight-night cruise out of Baltimore to Bermuda, Boston and Newport. Another cruise right before a ship is due for drydock. Royal Caribbean is discontinuing their luggage tags. I printed some of the luggage tags included ... Read More
We took the eight-night cruise out of Baltimore to Bermuda, Boston and Newport. Another cruise right before a ship is due for drydock. Royal Caribbean is discontinuing their luggage tags. I printed some of the luggage tags included in our cruise packet, and they suggested printing them in color. Not possible for me, since we don't own a color printer. I don't think our TA has a color printer either. Royal Caribbean booked us one pre-night at the Baltimore Hilton and two post-nights at the Renaissance in Baltimore. The Renaissance Waterfront was within very short walking distance of the National Aquarium, US. Constellation and a water taxi stop that gave us access more of the harbor. We had to make our way from the airport to the Hilton on our own, and produced our hotel voucher, and soon were in our room. We wish Royal Caribbean would send our allergies to the hotel, because both times we checked in, we had to wait for them to remove the feathers. The next morning, we shared "Rum Raisin French Toast" in the hotel dining room, which gave us both differing degrees of food poisoning. Pre-cruise transfer seemed slow. The bus, probably seats 50 arrived promptly. No one told us the luggage stowed wouldn't be available to us at the pier. We waited an unusually long time for all the stragglers to arrive. Then we drove to the Renaissance, and had to wait for more that weren't at the rendevous point, and hotel personnel said he hadn't checked out yet. While it makes sense to use a large bus for a 2-hour drive from IAH to Galveston, it doesn't make sense to pack a bus for a 10-minute ride to the pier in Baltimore. In Miami they used a small shuttle to transfer us from hotel to pier. Any stragglers can wait for the next trip! I made the mistake of handing my duffle with my camera to store under the bus instead of bringing it onto the bus. At the ship, we got off the bus, and I tried to get my duffle, and asked them to retrieve it, but they weren't too happy with me. The porter tossed it carelessly into the luggage cart. On other cruises, they've let us put our hand luggage in the bus luggage compartment and retrieve them when we reach the port. While the boarding process went well, we were corralled around the centrum on Deck 4 that had booths for all the various venues aboard. Personally, we would have preferred lunch first, then checking out the booths after we had been fed. We were not allowed into our rooms until 1:30 pm, and for us, embarkation doesn't end until we are in our cabin. Dragging our carry-ons through the Windjammer didn't thrill us. Also, every table in the Windjammer was filled. They opened an overflow room off the elevators. I think the only times that particular room was open was on embarkation day and disembarkation day. We finally got into our rooms, and our luggage arrived about the same time we did. A couch, two easy chairs. Really nice sitting area! Also, a padded pole in the middle of the room against the bed, #8092. Uploaded photo: http://photos.cruisecritic.com/showphoto.php?photo=24533 About ten o'clock on day 2, my wife got the noro-virus, and we called the infirmary and they said it was sea sickness. They explained a doctor's exam was $100 and up, and getting admitted was $700 and up. After getting worse we finally went down to the infirmary. They asked for a list of everything I'd had to eat for the last three days. They gave me a couple batches of pills and a shot and some powerade, and quarantined me for about 36 hours. They seemed concerned that I may not be able to walk back up to my room, and offered a wheelchair. But fortunately, I wasn't dehydrated since I'd been taking tiny sips of water all afternoon. Overall, once we visited medical they seemed quite organized. I was the only one in quarantine, so service was fast. I wrote down the wrong room service number, but they called me the next day for my order. They refunded one of our prepaid shore excursions for both of us, since I was too sick to go the first day in Bermuda. Also, they'd posted to report stomach problems in the Cruise Compass, for a free consultation and treatment, and they were true to their word. The food was a little disappointing. At breakfast the eggs were cooked without salt and pepper, but maybe they did it that way because we can add our own seasoning. They had some rather poor cuts of beef, such as Beef Shoulder. All three of us that ordered New York Strip thought it was a rather poor representation, being tough. We all ordered it medium, and got it medium well. We did splurge on a delicious Chops Filet for an additional $17.17. I ordered it medium, and got it medium rare. The menu says $14, but they automatically add a 15% gratuity, and had a line for adding a tip if desired. We noticed Lattitudes also added that 15% gratuity, and our table mates mentioned automatic gratuity on their bar bill too. Our waiter was excellent with his recommendations which sometimes didn't agree with the chef's recommendations. When I got out of quarantine, he approached me with a welcome back hug. During the night when I was quarantined, my husband was the only one at the dinner table. The waiter hurried the serving, bringing one dish after another so he could return to the stateroom and his sick wife. On this itinerary, we had Eggs Benedict, Crab Benedict and Salmon Benedict. No chocolate menu, but they may have had it during quarantine. We loved the vocalist in the Centrum with her excellent intonation! Excursions: I wish the descriptions of the excursions would include size of bus, driving time between stops and length of time at each stop as well as amount of walking and whether there is a bathroom at each stop, as well as shopping. Our cabin steward was quite good, but he would move our things from one side of the room to the other, so we were constantly looking for things. During the day and a half quarantine, the cabin steward did our cabin last. Once I asked him to give us towels and not bother with the room, but he may have gotten in trouble because he made sure the room was extra clean the next day complete with a bottle of "virus killer." We had to ask for some laundry forms, and we never got the midweek laundry special. Our steward was really fast with the laundry bag after my unfortunately attack of stomach bug. And they sent a man promptly to clean my toilet too. Disembarkation was one of the easiest we've seen. We bought the transfer to the hotel, and had to wait a while for the huge bus to fill up. Instead of waiting for huge buses to fill up, we would prefer mini-vans or suburbans. The hotel is only 10-minutes from the port, and I think more trips would work better. They could bring smaller batches, and return to the port with cruisers from the hotels. We prepaid our gratuities, and were confused when no vouchers arrived on the last night. We wish they'd sent a letter explaining discontinuing of vouchers for people that prepaid gratuities. We did get envelopes for additional tips. Overall, a great trip! Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
This was our third trip on The Enchantment of the Seas. It was by far our best. As before we stayed at The Renaissance Hotel at the Inner Harbor after driving from New Jersey (2 1/2 hours). We arrived at the port around 11:30am. They ... Read More
This was our third trip on The Enchantment of the Seas. It was by far our best. As before we stayed at The Renaissance Hotel at the Inner Harbor after driving from New Jersey (2 1/2 hours). We arrived at the port around 11:30am. They took our bags while in a car que. We parked right next to the check in building after paying $120.00 cash. They checked us in no time. We then boarded the ship before noon. Since we were in a suite, we had access to the concierge lounge. It was quite and made waiting until 1:30pm when the suite was available. Our luggage was at the cabin door. This allowed us to unpack, wash up and then go to the Windjammer for a light lunch. The suite was comfortable clean and quiet. With the age of the ship, it looked like this owner's suite was well maintained. The veranda could use some updating and cleaning. The room attendant Eddy was very attentive bad did a marvelous job. The suite was adequate size, with fair sized bathroom. We ate all our dinners in Chops. The sea was very smooth. The ports were varied and the staff was absolutely great and truly accessible. The staff in the concierge lounge did everything they could for you. The captain and his staff, very pleasant. Ship docked back in Baltimore and we were off the ship at 8:00am and home at10:30am. As always Royal Caribbean did a very good job to make our trip everything you want in a trip. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
This was our first Royal Caribbean cruise. I choose this cruise because we were able to drive to Baltimore in a day and didn't have to stress over flights or anything like that. It cost a little more than our previous cruises but ... Read More
This was our first Royal Caribbean cruise. I choose this cruise because we were able to drive to Baltimore in a day and didn't have to stress over flights or anything like that. It cost a little more than our previous cruises but figured it was worth it to try a RC cruise. We have previously cruised 3 times with Carnival. The boat itself is showing its age despite having renovations done in 2005. Public areas were clean though. Restrooms were hits and misses. Didn't make use of pool or hot tubs. The embarkation was awful - the line ups were SO long. We must have waited a good 1.5 hrs or so to get through security and check in. We've been on the Carnival Dream where there was about a 1000 more passengers and it didn't take as long to embark. We found our luggage right away as the staff were unloading it onto deck 3 and we managed to get into our rooms. Our inside room was impressive as it had a small sitting area with a love seat. It also had heavy curtains to seperate the beds and the sitting area. There was also a good amount of storage space. I would love more hooks or rails on the walls to hang up clothes or towels in the room. This is true of hotels too. More hooks and towel racks!! Beds were comfortable altough my daughters said the blankets on the pull downs beds were too thin and they were cold at nights. The public spaces are well laid out. There was never a sense of over crowding. The Centrum worked well. They had cooking demonstrations in the centre and people were able to look down and see everything for about 4 deck levels. The staff was excellent. Everyone had a smile and worked hard. There was always someone polishing, clearing tables or fixing something. The Enchantment had a couple of nice touches that we didn't get on Carnival cruises. There was a reception for Canadians to meet each other and Canadian crew memebers. They served small snacks and drinks. I'm not sure if they did anything similar for other nationalities. There was also a simple non-denominational service for Christians on Sunday and also something for Jews on their Sabbath. The activities manager led the service. She tried her best. But at least it was something. Now for the food. I have read other reviewers say the food was unimpressive and I have to agree. We ate most dinners at "My Fair Lady". The servers were so hard working and tried to accommodate my children's food allergies. However, on a few occassions, I think someone forgot to tell the chef that the dish was for a child because a huge amount would come out or it was too spicy for a child. Bless them for trying. No matter how hard the servers worked, it can't cover up the fact that the food was mediocre. I would have to say that the quality and taste of the food on Carnival is superior. That said, my husband had the lamb shank one night and he said it was fantastic. The food in Windjammer was predictable buffet style and quality. There was always plenty and lots of crew members to help passengers. I couldn't help compare with Carnival the quality and variety of food even buffet style. The pizzas I had on all 3 Carnival ships were delicious. Not so on the Enchantment. Carnival had a deli, fish and chips, pasta, stir fry, pizza, burrito and maybe another specialty area but Enchantment didn't. Enchantment would have different nationality's cuisine nightly in the Windjammer. Once again crew in the Windjammer was excellent, very helpful. The Windjammer is laid out so that there was never a long line up to get your food at any of the stations. Whereas on Carnival ships, the food is laid out in a linear fashion so that longs lines are everywhere for buffet dining. On the Enchantment's buffet dining area, there are stations so that people can pop in and out of areas to get their food so there never seemed to be any line ups except for the egg stations in the mornings and stir fries in the evenings. They also bring the stir fry to you rather than have you wait in line while the cooks work on it like on Carnival where you have to wait a LONG time for your food. The entertainment was very good. The singers and dancers were excellent. Very funny juggler/comedian by the name of Adam Kario did a great job. The cruise director John Blair was quite cheesy and I just couldn't "get" him. My children enjoyed the kids' club and also the rock climbing and trampoline. The sports staff especially Callan was very good with the kids. The clientele on the RC ships seem to be a little older than Carnival's. I think there were more families with children on Carnival. Our time in Bermuda seemed rushed. We reached Bermuda at 11:30am but we sailed out the next day at 5pm or so. We didn't even have 2 full days. We went to the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. It was small and good for an hour or so. The next day we went to Snorkel Park to do some swimming and snorkeling. So did several hundred other people. Way too crowded to get some good snorkeling in. Also, it's a dirty beach. I found a lot of broken glass pieces on the beach and in the water. Lots garbage everywhere. They charge you $10/adult to get in. With that money they should clean up the beach. The coral there is pretty much dead but lots of fish to see. If we had more time in Bermuda, I would have gone to another beach. But since this beach was within walking distance from the ship, we went there. The customs and immigration process at Boston was so time consuming. Enchantment had us non-US citizens in a lounge by 7:30am but because we had to wait for everyone to come to the lounge before they could start, we didn't get clearance until a little after 9am. However, we had a great border/customs officer, a really nice US border/customs officer. You don't hear people say that often! When my girls said they were hungry, he got food for them and told us the places we should visit. He was a really chatty guy and helpful. Boston was too short too. Just managed to walk to Quincy Market. Newport was a very charming town. Missed out on the raw oyster happy hour in several of the restaurants in the port area though. Very disappointed about that. Wouldn't mind going back to Newport. Disembarkation was better. We got our own luggage off the ship so we were off by about 8:10am or so. I am grateful that we were able to go on a cruise so I do appreciate Enchantment of the Seas. It was different from Carnival but not in a bad way. It had positives and negatives. I won't rush to get on the Enchantment again. Like I said, if this was my first cruise, I would be more favourable to the Enchantment. I wouldn't mind trying RC's big newer ships though. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
Hi! This was my fourth cruise on RCI and the first time on the Enchantment. I have also sailed on Carnival, Disney, and NCL Myself, DH, and four children ages 18, 17, 13, 13 sailed in one oceanview and one inside cabin on deck four. We ... Read More
Hi! This was my fourth cruise on RCI and the first time on the Enchantment. I have also sailed on Carnival, Disney, and NCL Myself, DH, and four children ages 18, 17, 13, 13 sailed in one oceanview and one inside cabin on deck four. We drove to Baltimore from Long Island New York and stayed with relatives the night before the cruise. Embarkment process here was really nice and easy. We were on the ship within 25 minutes of arriving to the port. First day lunch in the Windjammer was impossible to get a seat with only one venue open to eat and the amount of people. I was told that this cruise was sold out. The staterooms were ready by 130pm and an announcement was made to let everyone know. Our stateroom was 4008 at the front of the ship. I liked this spot because it was not too far from the elevator and a few floors down from the FUEL teen lounge and the pool deck. I have to say that there were always chairs and lounges available on the pool deck during the entire cruise. Personally I liked to sit in the shade under the canopy outside of the kids activity rooms. Meet and Mingle from Cruise Critic was on the second day held in the Spotlight Lounge. I liked that John Blair and Katrina BOTH showed up to say hello and say a few things before we had some snacks and they gave out raffle prizes. Wish it wasnt held in such a big room so more people got up and chatted with each other. Crown and Anchor party was held the 2nd formal night and I have to say this was just a disappointment compared to other ships we have been on. There were drinks and hardly any appetizers- the band that played though was really talented. The staterooms are dated and both cabins had stains on the carpet. There was a lot of storage with plenty of drawers in both the inside and outside cabins. My stateroom attendant was Soloman and he was great! We had a problem with our air conditioning as it was not cold in the room. It seemed that the air was not circulating and after the first night I was down in guest services to complain. Nothing was really done about it except for taking the vent off the AC. I have to say that Carlington Berry at the guest services desk is such a nice guy. He personally came down to my room- but it was third or fourth night already, to check out what was going on. I was told there were no rooms to switch to, and was given a fan. Not my idea of how I want to spend my vacation. I had to sit in the centrum of lounges to cool off............... We ate all of our dinners in the My Fair Lady dining room upstairs at table 43 and our server was Guilherme or Gilly!We had the main seating which was at 6pm.Gilly was really nice to my four kids and made sure we had everything each night. He spent time with my youngest son almost everyday chatting with him and checking out his photos on the IPod of what we did each day. This to me is the best part of crusing, when my family is eating dinner and spending time together. we dont have the chance to do this at home each night with our schedules and there is so much rushing around. Entertainment was fun on this ship and I really enjoyed Katrina the activities director and Sue on her staff. We did a lot of the trivia and games. My daughters and I LOVED how the sail away party began- it seemed just like normal people sitting around the pool deck when the dance music began- but it was the RC dancers and they did a flash mob. Then they got people up to dance line dances with them. The 70's party the last night in the centrum was great and they really did a good job of getting people involved. The production shows were Cant stop the Rock on the 2nd night and on the 5th night from Stage to screen. Also, John Blair the cruise director seemed to be involved more in singing and performing. He had his own show on the 5th night also with the Tribute to Neil Diamond. The headliner act of Matt Henry was the 4th night and two of my kids really enjoyed his act of juggling and comedy. He did almost the same act though at the finale show. I was surprised to find the Love and marriage show as cut down to a half hour- but it was still fun as usual. it was followed by late night comedy of Rod Long on the 6th night. we did not go to see the Happenings that evening in the theatre. Day 7 had Levent as the performer of comedy and magic. His act was a little cheesy and more for younger kids, but a nice way to end the day. The theatre does get crowded and we would show up about a half hour early to get seats. They also used the theatre during the cruise to show movies during day and at night. Some of the movies that were shown were The hunger games, Wrath of the Titans, Man on a Ledge, A thousand words. It seemed that the same movies were shown over the eight days at different times. Kids Activities- I have to say that this is where I was really disappointed. My kids are now 13, 13, 17,and 18. My 17 year old daughter had the BEST time and met up with a few kids, I never saw her. My twins felt that the activities were always being held in the conference room so that the little adventure ocean kids could be in the FUEL lounge. I was told that there were over 500 kids on this sailing. Many activities would start on the hour and be done in 20 minutes, the next activity would not start until the next hour. So for 40 minutes they could sit around and wait doing nothing or come back. Often the compass would state that they were playing a game or activity and it would be switched. Just seemed so unorganzied. My 18 year old son never met any other kids, and it seemed a lot of the older teens were with their parents. It was that the guests 18-20 plus would have meet and join in a game, but no one would show up -or a meet in a bar- and 18 year olds can not drink. there should really be a group for 18-20 even if it only meets once or twice a day somewhere to do something. Ports of call were Bermuda, Boston. and Rhode Island. Great ports with a lot of history and things to do. We did not do any excursions through RCI and thought that it was awful of the ship to charge 19 dollars a person in Boston to get to Quincy Market. YOu can take public transportation or a cab for much much less. We went to the visitors center in Newport and did our own trolly tour from there for half the price. As a family of 6 I can not afford the RCI prices of the excursions. Overall I had a great cruise, it was to have my family bond before my son left for his first year of college.I feel that my goal was accomplished and we all had fun. If you have any questions please contact me at Renaibr@gmail.com Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
This was our second time cruising with RCCL, the first being on the Monarch of the Seas last year. This ship was slightly bigger than the Monarch but did not seem to have as much going on, especially considering that we were at sea for ... Read More
This was our second time cruising with RCCL, the first being on the Monarch of the Seas last year. This ship was slightly bigger than the Monarch but did not seem to have as much going on, especially considering that we were at sea for about half of the trip. The cruise compass was full with activities but they were not for everyone. For example, we were sitting in Boleros one afternoon when a guy came in with scrapbooking kits for a scrapbooking activity. A total of 8 guests joined in. With 2,000 passengers aboard and only 8 people participating I am guessing that it was a waste of time and resources... Getting on board the ship from the Baltimore cruise terminal was not as smooth as our experience in Port Canaveral, FL. The baggage and parking attendants were borderline rude, however, once inside the terminal people seemed to enjoy their jobs a bit better. We found that the Baltimore terminal was confusing compared to Florida and more hectic. People seemed to be getting in and out of different lines as they realized that they were in the wrong one. Once checked in and sea pass in hand, we were sent to the gangway to board the ship. There was a backup to get on board which we discovered was due to passengers being herded through a parade of vendors in the Centrium. Not the most pleasant way to enter the ship. One the Monarch we were greeted with a cocktail and directions to our cabin. On the Enchantment, we had to fend for ourselves. Our cabin was not ready so we headed up to the Windjammer with the rest of the passengers and had to fight our way through the crowds to grab some lunch. There was no seating left so we took our food out to the pool deck and luckily squeezed onto a table with other guests. When we got the announcement that our stateroom was ready, we headed down to check it out. We had requested our beds to be together which they were not. I asked our attendant to put them together but he said that he couldn't because our daughter was using the pullman. However, he did put them together in the end. I have to mention that our cabin steward for this trip was awesome! Much better than our steward on the Monarch who didn't show up at all on the last day. We did My Time dining and I was surprised by the nightly queuing in order to get a table. Other guests that we met commented on the same thing. It turned out to be more of a pain. We never had a line on the Monarch. Also, just as other guests have commented - the dress code is not enforced which is a shame. We requested the same waiter every night which became a bit of a struggle. We ended up with another waiter one night and we were in the dining room for over 2 hours. Most of the time we were sat waiting for courses to arrive. My daughter and I did the seated breakfast in the morning and for lunch. They never allowed us to sit on a table by ourselves even though there were tables set up for 2 people. We always ended up on a table for 8. One morning we were seated and the wait staff keep ignoring us for about 20 minutes. Finally, the waiter came and asked where the rest of our family were! I told him it was just us and he immediately set about serving us. Apparently, they do not start serving until the table is full... We did not attend the performance shows because we were always at dinner. It would be nice if RCCL could co-ordinate the shows with the seating times of dinner. We did however make it to a couple of movies, the comedian and the magician. They were okay. We did love the musicians in the Schooner Bar. Bernie Martini was fantastic and the waiters were better in there too. We ended up spending most nights in there with the drink-of-the-day and a board game. We did go up to the pool deck for the late night party/buffet. I think this was the only time we managed to get a sun lounger - lol. Not a chance during the day. It probably sounds like I'm moaning but I don't mean to. My family thoroughly enjoyed this trip because we made our own fun. The ship is clean (staff are cleaning it around the clock!!) and for the most part, the passengers behaved themselves so I can't complain. I enjoyed the opportunity to sit and read a book. Baltimore was convenient for us to sail out of but I would be more prepared for the attitude problem next time. Also, I did not appreciate the big sales pitch getting on board. There was no way to escape it! Overall, I love cruising and will continue to do so with RCCL. In fact, we booked our next trip before getting off this one! I would not do Bermuda again - there was not much to do for us. However, loved Boston and Rhode Island. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
RCI Enchantment of the Seas Bermuda, Boston and Newport 23-31 August 2012 22-23 Aug. To the Ship. We left Newport News, VA at 9:45AM for Baltimore. We drove on old highways through rural landscapes with little traffic. It was ... Read More
RCI Enchantment of the Seas Bermuda, Boston and Newport 23-31 August 2012 22-23 Aug. To the Ship. We left Newport News, VA at 9:45AM for Baltimore. We drove on old highways through rural landscapes with little traffic. It was our second time to cruise out of Baltimore. We had no problems and arrived mid-afternoon at Hyatt Place, Lithicum, MD where we stayed for one night and parked the car free for the duration of the cruise. The hotel was very good and the people were extremely helpful. Rudy Tuesdays was a walk accross the parking lot. Shuttle transport was $5.00 per person each way to the pier and return. The drive was about 20 minutes. The driver gave my two camera bags TLC while loading them into the van. The van took us right to the luggage train loading bags for the ship. We checked all bags except my camera bags. We arrived at the pier about 11:14 and were on board by 11:40. Packing for this cruise had its good points-no airline fees or restrictions, and its bad points-laundry service was too expensive to consider so we had to pack for eight full days. The result was to take one large suitcase, one large garment bag, our usual carry on bag, a small duffel bag for shoes, my large camera bag w/laptop and my new small camera bag, all FULL. 23-30 Aug. The Ship Entrance. We entered on deck 4, the public center of the ship. The place was like a medieval trade fair. Everyone wanted to sell us something. From tux rentals to beverage packages, everything was for sale. We were with another couple who were good friends. The guys sat while the ladies went to the main dining room to co-ordinate seating for early dining. When they got back, we went to the buffet, the Windjammer, for lunch. Getting a table and working the buffet, while dealing with multiple carry on bags was a little bit of a chore. The cabin. We got to our ocean view cabin on deck 3 at 1:30PM. It was the smallest cabin we have ever had, but it was efficiently laid out and when our luggage arrived, we quickly found a place for everything. There were lots of drawers and shelves to augment our limited closet space. We were pleased to find two electrical outlets. We are addicted to our electrical devices. We had chargers for a computer, two e-readers, three cameras and a cell phone. The beds were almost too soft. Temperature control was iffy at times. Even the little bathroom was designed with care, but it was strictly a one person at a time space. The shower tended to flow out into the bathroom, the shower controls were a little tricky, but the hot water never ran out Public rooms. They were clean but noisy. Everything was loud. Music was always loud. Announcements of sales were loud. Noise from one area carried over to other areas. There were times when I wished for a nice shotgun with which to blast every speaker on the ship. There was no place to be quiet. Even if a quiet area had been available, I doubt if either of us could relax. Chairs in the public rooms were distinctly uncomfortable. The auditorium did have comfortable theater style seats, but there were very few seats in the place which gave a clear view of the stage. The slant was too shallow to allow one to see over the person in front and the seats were directly behind the ones in front. Staggering the seats would have helped. We went to one movie in the auditorium. The sound system did not provide a clear sound. Every word was muddy. The screen was not reflective white screen so the dominant color was gray Dining. On most of our cruises we preferred to eat all meals in the dining room unless time was critical. On the Enchantment, our preference was to eat in the Windjammer except for dinner. The menu in the DR was the same everyday for breakfast and lunch and the service was slow. The food in the WJ was good. Wait service was good most of the time, but finding a table for breakfast on port days was a challenge. The food was good. The DR service was very good. When we started the cruise, our friends were set for traditional early seating and we were set for late seating. By dinner time the first night, we were set for early seating, but at a different table from our friends. By dinner the second night, we were at the same table. Memorable dishes included Vidalia Onion Tart, Strawberry Pavlova, and most of the beef dishes. Stay away from the pasta unless you like pasta cooked in unsalted water. The omelets in the WJ were pretty good but no feta cheese. The omelets and the scrambled eggs were a little on the dry side, but the salsa perked the eggs right up. This is the first cruise I've been on where the food in the buffet was as good or better than the food in the DR. Final note. The DR was as noisy as the rest of the ship. Buffet was quieter. Service. At the front desk, at the bars, in the cabin and dining service was very good. My coke came to the table soon after I sat down in the DR. Entertainment. This ship had the best entertainment from first show to last show. No other ship, that we have been on, even comes close. The singers, especially, were outstanding. Each singer has sufficient range to sing the music as written and they sang well. From pop to rock to Broadway they did it all. The other contract acts were also very good. 23-29 Aug. The Ports. Baltimore. In addition to being the Port of embarkation and disembarkation, Baltimore has some sites worth seeing. The Inner Harbor is interesting. Little Italy near by has some world class Italian food, and for history buffs Ft. McHenry rates a look. Going through security to board was just like going through security at an airport. If you have any love of ports, you will want to be on deck for sail away. Ft. McHenry is just one of the sites we passed. There is a red, white and blue marker buoy just short of the bridge which marks the spot where the British ship holding Francis Scott Key was anchored during the battle for Ft. McHenry. Baltimore has a strong connection to the War of 1812 and this is the Bicentennial year for the war. Bermuda. We anchored at Kings Wharf which has changed a lot since we first saw it in 1980. It has adding shopping to fleece the tourists. During the two days we were there, the sky was filled with dramatic billowy clouds and the sky was deep blue. Unfortunately the temperature was in the high eighties and the humidity was making the news. A two day bus/ferry pass ($20 each on the pier) got us around to Hamilton and the beaches. The ferry to St. George does not run on weekends. Horseshoe Bay Beach was a disappointment. Hordes of people and hot water beat the scenery. There is a shuttle starting at 11:00AM which will take you down hill for $1 and uphill for $2. It is a good deal. The Royal Navy Cemetery was a beautiful spot to end our first day. It is right across the road from sea glass beach. Boston. If you have no interest in history or education, you may have trouble figuring out why you want to stop in Boston. If you do like history, this is the place for you. We got off the ship in the light rain and walked a block to the shuttle which takes you to the hop on hop of trolley and the tour that covers many of the historical high lights of down town Boston. For $20 per person, it is one of the best excursions in Boston and one of the cheapest. We got the trolley and stopped at Old North Church, the Paul Revere House and the USS Constitution. The only thing original on the ship is the Keel, but she looks the same as she did way back when. We terminated our tour at Quincy Market where we had lunch. The rain stopped and the heat and humidity were rising. Newport, RI. Homes of the rich and famous and the greatest number of colonial homes in any city in the country. The colonial homes belong to and are maintained by an historic trust. They are leased for residential use. We took the trolley tour which makes no stops and that is where we found out about the Point--the neighborhood with all the restored colonial homes. After the trolley tour and a light lunch, we walked through the Point and then back to the ship. Small stuff. RCI had the best iced tea afloat. It is made fresh not from syrup. The beverage package is a little expensive ($57), but it is literally all you can drink and I can drink a lot of soda. I think they lost money on me. You get no chocolates at night. Ice is free, in your cabin, but you have to ask for it and it takes up valuable desk top space. If you get blood on your bed linens for any reason, they get changed. Like all other ships we have been on, you can get fresh towels every day if you drop used towels on the floor. You might as well change the towels after every shower. There is no place to hang them to dry. There really is no hand lotion in the cabin. Bring you own. We escaped political ads for a week. Cruising with friends is fun and good for the soul. 31 Aug. Disembarkation. It was easy. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
We recently returned from a Cruise on RCI's "Enchantment of the Seas" sailing out of Baltimore. This was a last minute thing for us but we wanted to get away for a week or so, we enjoy cruising and since Baltimore Cruise ... Read More
We recently returned from a Cruise on RCI's "Enchantment of the Seas" sailing out of Baltimore. This was a last minute thing for us but we wanted to get away for a week or so, we enjoy cruising and since Baltimore Cruise terminal is only about an hour from the house it seemed like a good choice. We have sailed about 9 times previously we knew what to expect and not expect from a cruise. I will go chronologically as to what we experienced and I will try to make valid comparisons as to what we experienced on this cruise compared with others we have been on. One thing I must say since our experience cruising spans a 16 year period the industry has changed (not for the good) over that period so my critisisms may be valid for other cruise lines as well in 2012 but I can only judge by my experiences. The Baltimore Cruise terminal at its present location is very convenient and the parking is adequate and close to the terminal. We previously sailed from the Old Curtis Point location on Celebrity this much better. Check In The check in process was very chaotic they had about 20 check in clerks 15 of which were for non-preferred customers 10 for preferred (suites and loyalty club members). The ticket stated we were to check in at 1:00 PM and not to come before 12:00 (not true). There was one line that was wrapped around back and forth 6 times over a distance of about 200 feet and the line went beyond those rope barriers. The line moved well enough but it still took about an hour to get to the desk. Once at the desk it was straight forward and easy. * On Cunard we received a colored ticket and were told to sit in a waiting area until our color was called you could sit and get snacks while you waited and not have to stand for an hour. Greeting Once on board we were basically told go to the back elevator and find it for yourself. * On other lines we have been escorted to our cabins by a uniformed steward. Room The room, 3156, is and outside window cabin. We usually have a verandah or mini-suite but had an outside window on the SUN PRINCESS and were satisfied with it. This room however was the smallest by far of any cabin we have had. The set up with the window above the bed offered no view out the window unless you knelt on the bed and looked out. The steward must have been aware of this as he always closed the curtains when we were out. There were also no toiletries in the bathroom. There was good storage space, however. They also had so called mini-bar items laid out at the usually extraordinary expense but NO REFRIGERATOR how you can sell cold drinks that aren't cold!! When I asked to have the items removed one Steward told me it was not allowed but our room steward just hid them away so we did not see them the rest of the trip. * On the SUN PRINCESS we had a similar outside cabin that was at least 50 square feet bigger with a window that was so large it went from my ankles to above my head. The couch was next to the window and you could enjoy the views while sitting. It also had a refrigerator which was, emptied of the mini bar, at my request. Dining (dinner) Recently we have started requesting early seating we were unable to get it and were not offered a chance to change once we were on board. The food in the main dinning room at dinner was very good I would give it 4 out of 5. The waiters were very good and properly attentive without being in the way. The food was served hot, of good quality and without any undue waiting. While ostensibly there was a dress code and the two formal nights were supposedly at least a jacket and tie. The dress code was totally ignored with equal disdain by both the staff and passengers. A table of about twelve people showed up on formal night with matching logo tee shirts and shorts alongside a table with guests in gowns and Tuxedos. * The dinner experience was good and comparable to our other cruises. Dining (Breakfast) Breakfast was open seating as usual with out being overly crowded. (I believe most people went to the buffet on the 9th deck). The selection was limited to eggs to order, pancakes and hot cereal. They have however, introduced a new "feature" they put all the cereal, fruit and pastries on a BUFFET IN THE MAIN DINNING ROOM! With some cajoling a waiter with trepidation would get you something off the buffet but it was obvious they did not like it. My point is if I wanted the "buffet experience" I would go up to the 9th deck and make believe it's Hoss's Steak house. They also tried to hawk "fresh Squeezed orange juice" for $2.25 a glass (tacky). The service at breakfast unlike the dinner service was lack luster at best... Food 3 out of 5 services 2.5. Perhaps the like of any tips may have induced this situation. * Every other cruise I have been on had an attentive breakfast service with a greater selection of items and no "go and get it yourself" requirements. Dining (lunch) Lunch was open seating and unfortunately very similar to breakfast with a Salad bar (feature) in the middle of the main dinning room with the same comments as above. The menu selection was very limited to one or two featured items and maybe a burger and vegetarian dish but was generally good. The major fault I had with the lunch was it was only available at sea the 4 port days it was closed. You were forced to go to the overcrowded buffet on the 9th deck. I would like to mention how small and overcrowded the 9th deck was (Windjammer Market). The ship was designed to have about 1800 passengers. They cut it in half and added space for about 600 additional passengers but did not increase the size of the public spaces to accommodate the increased load. * I have never seen buffets in the main dinning room on other ships and the selection was considerably better than on the RCL ship. The Buffet restaurants on other cruise lines were not overly crowded and the staff on Holland America or Celebrity would even carry your trays and get you drinks if you liked. Entertainment staff and Shows This was the high point of the cruise. A high energy cruise director and staff worked very hard to provide varying activities during the day. The shows were varied and the performers were excellent and diverse. The entertainment was defiantly geared towards the 40's and younger crowd which was not a bad thing. The casino was good, although smoking was allowed it was restricted on formal nights and there were no smoking areas. The payouts were reasonable on the slots while still loosing giving a lot of play for your money. * Here the Enchantment is in the top two or three cruises I have been on. Nothing more pathetic then some guy doing impressions of people who have been dead for 30 years or more. RCL did not have that I would give entertainment 4.5 out of 5. Facilities In a word overcrowded. The aforementioned increase in size of the ship made for a very crowded pool and activities area. I try and swim every day and was able to only by going at 6:45 am and getting my laps in. After 9 and for the rest of the day till 7 or 8 in the evening the pools were literally standing room only folks simply talking to one another while standing elbow to elbow. Shore Excursions Hugely overpriced they wanted 40 dollars for a shuttle bus from the pier to downtown Boston for two people. I took the "T" for $10 for two all day and it was only about a twenty minute walk to the Commons from the pier. Similar overpriced excursions in the other ports. We took one a glass bottom boat cruise with "cocktails" good enough but the cocktails were a plastic cupful of rum punch and twice as many people on board as there was room to see the glass bottom you had to take turns looking. * I have never been on any excursion booked through any ship that has offered any value for the money. We have booked many before and I have always been underwhelmed by the trips. Tipping The ship has an automatic tipping plan which we participated in. As usual drinks and services had tips automatically added at 18% however when you get the bill there is still a line to add a tip onto the bill when you get it when I asked if the tip was included the waiter said I could include an additional tip if I wanted. This reminds me of Europe were the bill is always "service compris" and they try and get the rube Americans to add it again. Also at the end of the trip even after we participated in the tipping program we received envelopes to give something extra. It should be either one way or the other not both. * My most recent experience on Cunard while not overt was the same as far as the staff tipping. I thought I would give a little extra to my room steward and dinning room waiter thinking this special but everyone seemed to do the same. Overall assessment I don't believe we will be sailing on Royal Caribbean again. The small cabin, self service food, generally poor staff are not what we have come to expect on our cruises. We like the convenience of sailing out of Baltimore and hope more Cruise lines will try the market. We may even try Celebrity again as we had a very good experience on that line even though it is a RCL subsidiary I believe the Royal Caribbean Brand is just too mass marketed. Overall assessment 2.75 out of 5 Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
My husband and I try to sail to Bermuda every summer because we can drive to the port... no flying. We normally sail out of NJ on the Explorer, but this year decided to drive a little further and sailed out of Baltimore. We left home in ... Read More
My husband and I try to sail to Bermuda every summer because we can drive to the port... no flying. We normally sail out of NJ on the Explorer, but this year decided to drive a little further and sailed out of Baltimore. We left home in CT at 5:30 a.m. and we were in the parking lot at 10:30. We did stop 3 times along the way. Parking and check-in were a breeze and by 11:45 a.m., we were having lunch in the Windjammer. And they did have the famous honey stung fried chicken! But I only saw it that first day. Our cabins were ready at 1:30 pm. We had an interior cabin on Deck 3. Cabin was small, as expected, and furniture is outdated. Old tv too! But there was plenty of space for all our stuff and our cabin steward, Nelson, was excellent. We really had a great time on this cruise. We did not see any shows. We spent most of our time relaxing by the pool with nice drinks. And usually after dinner we would go listen to music in one of the bars and have a few more drinks! The ship itself is a bit outdated furniture wise, but it was a great ship none the less. We never had problems finding chairs on the deck. And you have to turn in your towels or get $20 charged to your Sea Pass account. So people never left their towels on the chairs when they were leaving. The Windjammer was always packed. It seems like it cannot accommodate all the guests. It was hard to find a table there. The food was good. Typical buffet food, but there was always something that we liked for breakfast and lunch. Dinner in the dining room was ok. The food wasn't great, but the food was good. The service, however, was excellent. Our 2 waiters were probably the best we ever had in all our previous cruisers. We also went to Chops two nights. That was the BEST food!! The filet mignon's were like butter and the Mud Pie... OMG... to die for!! Service was very good as well. We were very lucky with the weather on this cruise! It rained the second morning (sea day) and the last day (sea day). Other than that, the sun was out and it was hot! Bermuda was beautiful. This being our 5th time in Bermuda, we didn't venture out of Kings Wharf. We did walk to Sea Glass Beach and we went to Snorkel Park. We also stopped at all the shops and we went to the Frog and the Onion pub,(which had AWFUL service). This was probably the best cruise my husband and I took. We just had a really great time. The ship was lovely and we always found something to do. Even if we just got a coffee at Starbucks and sat in the chairs overlooking the ocean. In fact, we enjoyed ourselves so much, we booked the Grandeur for August 2013! The Grandeur is taking the Enchantments place in 2013. I am looking forward to the Grandeur to see all the updates on it. And, the ship will stay in Bermuda until 6 pm on the last day in Bermuda, instead of 11:30 a.m. like the Enchantment. There was not enough time to really do anything on the last day. Anyway, this was an excellent cruise and other than the Windjammer being really packed, we have nothing bad to say about it. We had an excellent time! Our next cruise we will be Diamond members! Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
Although Enchantment is an older ship, there was still plenty of what makes cruising fun to go around. The embarkation and debarkation process in Baltimore couldn't have been any easier. It was easy and fast both ways. We were ... Read More
Although Enchantment is an older ship, there was still plenty of what makes cruising fun to go around. The embarkation and debarkation process in Baltimore couldn't have been any easier. It was easy and fast both ways. We were impressed. It was nice that the ship had three pools and 6 hot tubs. However, the posted rules were not enforced. One pool was supposed to be adults only and the hot tubs were all supposed to be 16 and over unless with a parent. We had kids in all of the pools at certain times and definitely using the hot tubs without parents. I like kids. I make a living teaching them but when I go on vacation, it's to get away from them! There were a lot of kids on the ship. Also, there were plenty of deck chairs! That was nice. Although there were several postings about not reserving chairs, it didn't seem to be an issue on the main deck. There was always somewhere to sit. The food was fabulous! Of the 3 other cruiselines we've been on, the food on Royal Caribbean was one of the best. The casual dining room, the Windjammer, had something for everyone. You would have to be extremely picky not to find something you liked each night. It was somewhat disppointing that you would need to pay extra for fresh squeezed OJ in the morning. The other two juices, OJ and apple were from a mix, not real juice. I know that Holland has several juices to choose from. The coffee was brewed and tasted great! There were also a variety of breakfast selections. The activities were standard: dancing, game shows, trivia games, contests, etc. There were some issues with computers during different games that never seemed to get resolved but they improvised for those. The lounges were nice but due (I assume) to the remodeling of the ship, you had to walk through some lounges to get to others. The problem was when one show ended, you ended up walking through a show in progress to leave. It felt kind of rude. (ie: leaving the Spotlight lounge meant going through the Schooner Lounge) Getting off at the ports seemed smooth as well. We had one of the smaller cabins in the older part of the ship. It was adequate for us. There was plenty of storage room. The TV slid out and swiveled for in bed viewing. Beds were turned down and made up daily but not much else was done in the way of cleaning. The mini bar stuff took up lots of desk space and they would not remove it. They also check in (someone else, not your cabin steward) to see if you use any of it, which I told them we wouldn't be using it. There is no refrigerator in the room but an ice bucket was provided upon request and kept full for our medicine. However, I should mention that we were close to the bow and it was very noisy during docking times. It didn't bother me but it might bother some. Having never cruised where tipping was not added onto your bill, this was a little different. Be sure to carry small bills with you. All in all, we would most likely cruise RCCL again. Although I can say that about Carnival and Holland America as well. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
Overall, the cruise was good compared to the two previous cruises my family has taken. The majority of the ship's personnel were wonderful, however, we ran into a few who were not so nice, which very much surprised me. The port ... Read More
Overall, the cruise was good compared to the two previous cruises my family has taken. The majority of the ship's personnel were wonderful, however, we ran into a few who were not so nice, which very much surprised me. The port was easy to find. We arrived around noon and the lines were fairly long in the terminal. Everyone was very friendly and the time went quickly until we were able to board which probably took 45-50 minutes. The remainder of the day, we spent exploring the ship to see where things were located. Lunch in the WJ and dinner in the Dining room. The DJs on the ship were very good and we enjoyed listening to them as we cruised away from Baltimore and throughout the cruise. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the Welcome Aboard Showtime as we had 6 pm seating and by the time we arrived the theater was packed! Too bad they don't do this show twice. Day 2 was at sea. I did attend the Destination lecture that day which was very informative. I also enjoyed most of the Production Showtime. Some very good talent on the ship! Don't forget - formal night #1. Day 3 we arrived in Bermuda. What a beautiful place to visit! We didn't do a whole lot that day, because the three men in our party were scheduled to snorkel at 3 pm and we wanted to see them off. Unfortunately, the waters were too choppy and the snorkel was canceled. We did do some shopping at the dock yard. That evening the party on the deck was great. Great job by the staff! Day 4 we rose early and went on a 5 hour taxi ride. Anthony and Quentin were great hosts (we used 2 taxis for the 10 of us). As we left the dock we traveled along the southern shore visiting the Military Cemetery, Somerset (smallest draw bridge) where they provided bread for the kids to feed the fish, Gibbs Lighthouse, Horseshoe Bay Beach, Elbow Beach were they collected pink sand for us, and then Crystal Caves. After the Cave tour we continued north through Hamilton and across the northern roads. They were very knowledgeable and informative. What a great way to see the island! After arriving back on ship, we enjoyed the belly flop competition before dinner and the Headliner Showtime starring Rick Novell. Very enjoyable. Day 5 was a washout literally. . . .rain. Bingo and the Art Auction were on the agenda that day as well as some family members taking in the afternoon movie. I choose to read, which was very relaxing. Production Showtime that evening was Stage to Screen, which was very good. Quest was also enjoyable and I must admit I did a lot of laughing. Day 6 we spent at Boston which was great. Information on Boston is in the port review. This was also formal night #2. The Original Drifters were on board for the evening entertainment. While I did not attend, most of those traveling with me did and were very, very happy with the show. We then enjoyed the Love and Marriage Show and Al Katz's comedy. Day 7 we spent in Newport which was also great. Information on Newport is in the port review. That evening Carl Andrews provided the entertainment and was quite good. My kids really enjoyed the magic tricks. Day 8 was also a sea day, but packed full of entertainment by the crew - the cake decorating challenge, the International Parade of Flags, the Tribute to the Music of Neil Diamond, the rock climbing wall, and the Farewell Showtime. All in all a great ending! Overall, it was a good cruise. There were a few negatives along the way, although I don't want to dwell on them. Unfortunately, Guest Services was one of these - they really weren't helpful. The food on the ship was very good. We did not do Chops, which I understand is great. If the itinerary was right, I would go Royal Caribbean again! Read Less
Sail Date July 2012
Enchantment of the Seas is a small ship. The seas are rough. This is the north atlantic, not the carribiean. if you are taking this cruise- do what I did and start taking pills to prevent motion sickness on the morning before you leave. ... Read More
Enchantment of the Seas is a small ship. The seas are rough. This is the north atlantic, not the carribiean. if you are taking this cruise- do what I did and start taking pills to prevent motion sickness on the morning before you leave. This ship will be moved to FL next year after it is refurbished. RC always does a good job- my fav. cruise line. Wait staff was wonderful and the food was excellent. its not as good as as larger ship, so if you just went on the allure or freedom you will be let down. theres lots of down-time during the day, the bars and entertainment was all at night. The wind on deck was so strong you could have tested aircraft. it wasnst pleasant even to just sit by the pool, wind whipping water out of the hot-tub and pool most of the time. I dont remember it being like that on other ships. The rock-climbing wall looked short (30') and nobody can watch you climb or take pictures because theres no room. I never saw anybody jumping on the trampoline thing. Gym has no sauna, (one my fav things on Freedom of the seas was the dry sauna). The windjammer was good - food was all good. sometimes they seemed to open late, (didnt start serving lunch till noon), Pizza was cold and horrible- by the solarium. worst cruise ship pizza ever, 10+ ships. Captiains corner Q&A was interesting. 'the quest' was fun. It wasnt my fav cruise, the larger ships have so much more to do. The dining room is nice. The bus/ferry 2-day pass for $20 was good. I recommend let the first day you doc be day 1. get on bus route 7 and go to horseshoe bay, (very steep hill to walk back up so bring comfy shoes) a local was offering a ride to the top of the hill for $2. the sand didnt look pink at all but I brought a little home and it did look pink after it dried. the gibbs hill lighthouse is on route 7 also- and the giftshop at the lighthouse had the cheapest souvenir prices. (selling the same things for less). BUEI was worth it ($12, opens at 9AM), the water at Bermuda is beautiful, interesting to see the British cars w/the steering wheels on the right and driving on the left. tobacco bay is really nice- better for snorkeling than horseshoe bay. tobacco bay is in st. georges, go up to the unfinished church and take the road just on the right over the hill. dont get cabin 3673,(next door to our cabin) they said the noise is so loud they couldnt sleep. it was loud for us too, i think we were just below the dishwashing area or the laundry. Advice-get a cabin closer to the stairs to save yourself a lot of walking down a narrow hallway. The 70s party on the last night was fun. Read Less
Sail Date July 2012
Enchantment of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.0
Dining 4.5 4.0
Entertainment 3.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.8
Family 4.0 3.8
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 4.0
Rates 4.0 4.2

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