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4 Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Spring Break Cruise Reviews

I know a lot of people say this cruise is a scam, but I don't think it is the actual cruise line that scams people, I think it is the private contractor's that book these cruises. We impulsively bought a "great deal" ... Read More
I know a lot of people say this cruise is a scam, but I don't think it is the actual cruise line that scams people, I think it is the private contractor's that book these cruises. We impulsively bought a "great deal" from Holiday Cruise Line that turned out to be working on behalf of a time share company (RCI/Wydham). We ended up spending significantly more money on this "great deal" and it was a nightmare to book. Luckily, aside from the hotel that they booked us at in Orlando (Park Inn by Radisson - don't ever stay here) most of the trip was a lot of fun. Aside from the extra fees that we paid to take this cruise ($82.59 for a beverage package - 10 drink tickets, $116.82 for 3 people to eat at the specialty restaurant - Admiralty Club and $115.80 for gratuity and taxes/port fees), we really had a great time. The entertainment was great and we had a lot of fun playing Name That Tune with the piano player at the martini bar. We also enjoyed playing board games which they had a nice variety to choose from in the lounge next to the martini bar. The main pool was being painted while we were there, so that was kind of a bummer. It was not easy to find a lounge chair either since it was Spring Break and the ship was full of people. The food was decent and they have top shelf liquors to choose from which was nice. I also managed to find a good glass of wine. One thing I want to mention is that dinner we had in the main dining room that you do not have to pay extra for was actually better than the meal we had at the specialty restaurant. Don't waste your money. One more thing - the Belgian waffles at the Buffet were probably the best Belgian waffles I have ever had. Seriously good! We really enjoyed the evening entertainment and I was very impressed with the theatre! It was super nice! They do a really nice job of taking care of this ship. It is very clean and the furniture is in good shape. We had no issues with customer service. Boarding the ship in Port of Palm was fairly painless, it didn't take too long. Boarding the ship in the Bahamas was a little concerning - they could not find our reservation! The reservation attendant had to go on to the ship and it took a half hour or so before he returned and told us he got it straightened out. Luckily it all worked out, except that our room was in the front of the ship on the way back and the vibration from the engine woke us up very early. Definitely will make sure we don't get a room in the front of a ship again! Getting off the ship once we returned to Port of Palm was kind of crazy. We ended up waiting until about 11:00 am until almost everyone was off the ship before we attempted to leave. Once we got off the ship we had to wait for a Valet to retrieve our car which took some time. We had to pay $19.00/day to Valet Park at Port of Palm - Valet parking is not an option, it is a requirement. I would recommend making sure if you are flying out the same day you return to book an afternoon flight and plan on relaxing on the ship until the very last minute. Trying to beat the crowds off of that ship and standing in line for a long time is not a fun way to end your vacation... Read Less
Sail Date March 2018
We chose this cruise because it is convenient for us to leave from the port of Palm Beach and being only a 2 night cruise, it was easy to getaway. It was my husband's birthday & the cruise visited his home town, of Freeport , ... Read More
We chose this cruise because it is convenient for us to leave from the port of Palm Beach and being only a 2 night cruise, it was easy to getaway. It was my husband's birthday & the cruise visited his home town, of Freeport , Grand Bahama. The ship was very comfortable & clean. Our cabin, which had been upgraded to an outside room, was well appointed, even providing a blow-dryer for hair! We really prefer to do our own thing, especially since we have experience on the island, so we did not take any of the offered shore excursions. We found our way to some shops & cafes for some Bahamian dishes...conch fritters & peas & rice...plus banana daiquiris served in coconut shells. Then made out way to a beach near the ship & swam & did some beachcombing. We had perfect weather, never even a white-cap on the ocean. Absolutely the calmest seas of any cruise I have ever taken. The food on board was never ending. There was always something being served near the pool or just inside at a buffet. We dined in the Stellar Prime didning room both evenings and were very pleased that our request for a private table for 2 was honored both nights. Our waiters & wine stewardess were very friendly & gave us great service. Read Less
Sail Date August 2016
My husband and I decided to take this short getaway cruise because it was going to just be the two of us for Thanksgiving. Honestly we didn't know what to expect since the reviews were all over the place but we decided to go for it ... Read More
My husband and I decided to take this short getaway cruise because it was going to just be the two of us for Thanksgiving. Honestly we didn't know what to expect since the reviews were all over the place but we decided to go for it anyway. You could say we are open to a little adventure. Since we typically cruise on Celebrity, our standards are pretty high, but decided that we were getting a great deal (Thank you Groupon!!), and hey, it was only 2 nights! We were so pleasantly surprised!! We drove down to Palm Beach the day before the cruise so we could make sure to get on the ship as early as possible to look around and enjoy the time we were onboard. We stayed the night at Courtyard by Marriott, great stay as usual. The next morning, we ventured out to find a good breakfast and stumbled upon The Southern Kitchen and would highly recommend to anyone in the area. We arrived at the Port and Valet parked the car, be prepared and bring cash for this, $17/day. Easy 20 foot walk into the building, walked thru security, dropped off our luggage and up the escalator to check in and give CC info for onboard expenses. Since we were celebrating Thanksgiving with this getaway, we splurged and upgraded to a Balcony cabin. Would definitely spend the extra money again for this little treat! We walked thru the typical 'take your photo' in and then were escorted to the excursion desk. We had previously decided to just rent a car and explore Freeport on our own, which is typically what we do rather than an escorted excursion. At the excursion desk, we were offered free transportation, admission to an all inclusive resort, lunch, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), use of the resort amenities all for free!! We just had to sit and listen to a 90 minute presentation for a 'vacation club'. Well, who could say no!? So we signed up, knowing what we were in for. The next stop was at the beverage package table. Neither my husband or I drink much, but opted for the 10 drink booklet deciding we would just split them. 10 drinks for $65, pretty good deal, Morgan and Coke runs about $6.50, and I found the Martini bar which were $9.50+ each. Definitely worth the expense if you think you will use them. After this, it was straight up the gangway and on the ship! Really one of the easiest boardings we've ever had. They told us our cabin would be ready about 230, so we decided to explore. We went to the upper deck before it started raining and walked to the back of the ship. Very roomy, not very crowded and to our surprise, probably one of the cleanest ships we've ever been on. Considering this ship makes the journey back and forth to the Bahamas pretty much every day, thats pretty impressive. The bars and restaurants were very clean, food was really fresh, hallways, common areas were virtually spotless. There were a few pools, (can't really say how many, we didn't use them) but they looked really clean and well kept, towels were available everywhere. We meandered back to our cabin V1, about 225 and decided to see if it was available. They leave the key in the door so we tried and voila, in we went. I was so pleasantly surprised!! The cabin was so incredibly spacious, even with a walk-in closet!! Not that we brought a lot of clothes, but still, the space was there! There was a large vanity that was across from the bed, which was separated from the living area by a decorative glass wall. The living area was large and incredibly spacious with a couch, coffee table and 2 chairs, with a slider leading out onto the large balcony. Let me say that all of the balconies will have a partially obstructed view forward and aft, but this one was unobstructed if you were looking straight out. 2 chairs out on the balcony and this is where i planted myself to read for a little bit before we departed down to our wine tasting event! We are wine drinkers, and have done many tastings on many ships. This one wasn't as well organized and left a little to be desired when explaining the different wines, but as it was explained, we could have as much as we wanted in the 90 minutes of the event. For the price, it was definitely worth it. I think it was $12, and there were some wonderful wines from France, South Africa, America, Italy and Australia. Great variety along with some cheeses, breads and fruit. It was here that we were given the option to sign up for the Wine Connoisseur Dinner the next night. 7 wines with 7 courses... more about that later... After this we went back to the cabin to change for dinner. We dined in Stellar Prime, which is included in the cost of the cruise with no up-charge. I had the turkey (again celebrating Thanksgiving) and my husband had the prime rib. The turkey was pretty good, different spices were used that I couldn't quite recognize, but definitely tasty, with they typical sides of dressing, sweet potato mash, peas and gravy. My husband said the prime rib was cooked well, but it was definitely not a 'hefty' cut, and could have been a little more filling. I don't recall the sides but I can say the dessert was great! We were so full we went back to the cabin to relax for a bit, and watched the sights as we pulled out of port. We changed and went down to the martini bar for a few drinks and enjoyed the piano man and his songs! Great martinis!! We stayed for a bit and then decided to turn in, so full and relaxed, never made it to any of the shows or other bars! Bed was comfy but I kept waking up because of the ship rocking from the waves and wind, so can't say I got a great nights sleep, but not for lack of trying. We got up the next morning, had a few pastries and then went down to meet our group for the adventure that awaited. Group was about 24 people, we got on the first bus driven by Nell... I actually kept her card, we'll call her to drive us around when we go back to go diving!...They dropped us off at the Casino, which we walked thru, then took us over to the 'vacation club presentation'. We met with a nice woman, who explained everything to us, took us to a restaurant for breakfast, pretty generic, and then a tour of the resort. Nice resort, beautiful pools, gorgeous beaches, plenty of restaurants, spacious rooms...etc, etc. Went back, sat down, prepared to say no and said no, then got the hard sell.. Almost felt trapped, they were trying to make the best deal so we could come back.. etc. anyway, we finally made our point and left, heading over to try one of the restaurants we had seen. Food was ok, again generic chicken sandwich, (didn't have the fajita wrap because it was being prepared, burgers and chicken only) Anyway, enjoyed a little bit at the beach then decided to head on back to the ship on the next shuttle. Lucky enough to get Nell again and she gave us more info about the island! Easy boarding process back on the ship. Went to the room to get a nap and then get ready for the Wine Connoisseur Dinner. (Did get a good nap in this time). We were told to meet about 600 in the Martini Bar (lucky me!) for first course and wine. We had the understanding we would be with a group of people who signed up for this dinner, but it turned out it was our own private table! At this point, I can't tell you all the foods we ate, but I can say it was all absolutely wonderful and perfectly paired with all of the wines, and the sommeliers were attentive and explained all of the wines. If you're in to this kind of thing, it was well worth it! 7 courses took about 3 hours, and we enjoyed every minute of it!! Stopped at the martini bar to use my last drink coupon and then went back up to the cabin to sit on the balcony and enjoy watching the light of the Bahamas fade in the distance. Again, wind and rain that night, bed was comfy but not much sleep because of the rocking. Disembarkation was easy!! Had breakfast, took our luggage, walked off the ship and got our car! Overall this was a great trip! Although this ship is 28 years old, you can tell she is loved and well taken care of and so clean!!. The staff was there at every turn to help with anything we needed and our cabin attendant Ernesto was wonderful!! Can't wait to plan another short getaway with them! 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Sail Date November 2015
We embarked from West Palm Beach. Part I : Boarding My son and I left Baltimore at 8:00 AM after a nightmare airport scene we were in the air and arrived at 11ish. We got a taxi from the airport to the port terminal and stood in a ... Read More
We embarked from West Palm Beach. Part I : Boarding My son and I left Baltimore at 8:00 AM after a nightmare airport scene we were in the air and arrived at 11ish. We got a taxi from the airport to the port terminal and stood in a rather short line, that started moving pretty much on time at noon. We were told that we had to check our suitcase, and I asked if I could just take it up the escalator with us but they were adamant that we check them. So we stood in a long line that wrapped around itself and was really poorly designed, it was almost like a figure 8 loop so in the middle there was a traffic jam of people waiting to cross in front of each other. Additionally, the crossover was right in front of the elevator so people coming and going on that were always coming through the line. After getting through this mess we got on the escalator and went upstairs to the main check-in area at the terminal. I had went online to print the check-in documents we would need and had them filled out and ready to go, but when we got to the desk I was informed that the documents were for the wrong ship. When I followed the instructions on my receipt, the website I went to was not functional so I called the 800# for the Cruise line and they directed me to a 'backup' website, which is where I obtained our documents...it turns out that the backup documents were for the old Celebration ship from the lines predecessor. It wasn't a huge problem as the line was short and filling out the correct paperwork only took a few minutes....I turned that in and was directed to a quick moving line to get our boarding passes. In-and-out of that line and then we were sent over to the 'maze' of photographers, excursion deals, liqour and soda packages, dinner reservations, spa reservations, wine deals, etc...we purchased the soda packages and made dinner reservations and then made our way onboard. Maybe it's because it's my first cruise but I didn't realize that we couldn't go to our rooms directly (they weren't ready until 2 PM) It was a reasonable wait time given the fact that they just finished letting past cruisers off, I just wasn't sure what to do. We were told that lunch was being served on the Luna Deck, but when we came onboard there was no direction on how to get there. It would have been nice to have been told "Your rooms aren't ready yet but feel free to enjoy the rest of the ship" and maybe been given a small map or something...so we waited for some people at the customer service desk and then someone directed us how to get to the Luna Deck. Once we got up there we figured it all out but the initial "what do we do" ate up a lot of time. We changed into our swimsuits and then had a quick lunch (see below for food reviews) and then we hung out in the pool areas until the room was ready. Part II : The Room We had room U161 on the Universe Deck, we got the Groupon deal so it was $239 for the two of us, plus taxes and gratuity. I've already posted a review video of it in another thread, so I'll be brief: As I said in the video, I am impressed with the room. It was an outside room, much bigger than I expected. Granted I'm usually camping so I may have low expectations but it was very comfortable, the shower and bathroom were large (and I'm a very large person) and it was fairly quiet. We did hear some people who were partying a little too hard both nights, but they were not extremely loud and on the second night I did open the door and give a little "SHUT THE HELL UP" and that ended the noise. We were supposed to get two single beds but instead got a double bed and a fold-up bunk. My son did discover a piece of bubble gum in one of the grooves on the ceiling, above his bunk, but I pointed out to him that most people aren't going to look up there, and that a kid probably did that. Also, there was a small bare spot in the carpet but I really had to look for things to complain about when it came to the room. We did feel the boat when we came into port and when we were hit some rough spots in the ocean, but it wasn't too bad and no where near the horror stories I've heard. Part III : First Night After we got to our rooms we rested a bit and then went down for the muster drill and the "what to do on the island" presentation. We then went to book our excursion (see below) and I had been trying all day to sign up for the internet but I was having problems, so I went to the customer service desk where they couldn't figure it out either, so I ended up going without the internet for the duration of the trip until we returned to Florida. Not a big deal. While we were at customer service we ran into an older lady who was looking for her friend, it seems that her friend was in the sun too long and wasn't feeling well, and simply....disappeared. The customer service people wouldn't page the friend and instead they put out a photo to staff to keep an eye out for her. Later that night we ran into her again and they still had not yet found the lost passenger, it was pushing 11 PM at that point...very scary! We returned to our rooms and changed, and then went to the theater area for the variety show, it had a mixture of comedy, magic, and dance routines - it was entertaining and my son was glad that I talked him into going. After that we went to Stellar Prime for our 8:30 PM dinner, however, I forgot to bring the card that they had given me when we boarded (along with most of the other diners that evening) and it was a horrible mess waiting in the line with a bunch of angry people. After a lot of waiting we got in, and were seated and were promptly told by the people at that table that we couldn't sit there because they had other people coming. We stood around in the middle of the dining room for about 5 minutes before we were relocated to another table. The waiters were very polite and friendly, and the waitress who was from the bar area was overworked, it appeared that she was the only one working the entire restaurant. Needless to say, getting drinks took nearly the entire 1 1/2 hours we were there. Our waiter at least kept us topped off on icewater. As we got up to leave, we passed the first table where we were told that we couldn't sit, and surprise, no other diners had joined the family there. I thought to myself "what a jerk" and smiled and kept walking... When we got back to our room, my son decided he wanted dessert and I needed some ice for my water so I could take some medication. I called the front desk and asked them for a room service menu, they told me I should just call room service for a selection. I called down to room service and was told "We're not serving food, you can go to the buffet on the Luna Deck and get whatever you need." I found this odd and don't fully understand what the purpose of room service. It would have been nice to have some ice machines in the common areas, I was a little disappointed. So we headed back up to the buffet and thats when we discovered the joy of cruise fooding, and had our second dinner. We returned to our rooms and passed out in bed. Part IV : Day 2 We had our wakeup call at 6:30 AM and were up and at the Buffet for breakfast right away. While we were getting breakfast my son ran into the lady from the night before. It seems that her friend had wandered into an empty room that had the door open, and passed out into a bed. She woke up late at night and came out of the room, disoriented, and someone found her and got her to medical treatment. She didn't recall what room she was in and apparently left her purse in the room, but at least she was safe and sound! We had to be in the lounge area to meet up for our excursion. We chose the Jeep Tour (see below for review) and were there early. It seemed like it took a long time to get the group together and then we went downstairs to the 3rd deck and got off the ship. We went to the bus area and got on busses, and it was clear that we were running late. This threw the whole day off timing wise and we were constantly rushing through the excursion and to get back to the ship. Once we returned to the ship we changed and we hit the hot tubs and pool area, and hung out there the rest of the night. We did wander up to the Sun Deck and discovered the huge 10 person hot tub and spent about 10 minutes in it. Then we went and changed again for our 8:30 PM dinner reservation at The Admiralty Club. Talk about a different experience! We were immediately seated, a violinist came over to us and played a few Beatles songs (my son plays the Upright & Electric Bass and is enrolled in a gifted and talented "Fame" type school for his musical skills, so he enjoyed this immensely) the waiter spent time talking to us about the food and even brought out some dishes for my son to sample. During dinner another guest interrupted us and it was the "jerk" from the night before in Stellar Prime. He said "I just wanted to let you know that last night we were SUPPOSED to have other people show up, but they didn't show, I didn't want you to think I was a jerk or anything...." and then he introduced us to the guests that did not join them the night before. That was a pleasant surprise! We retired to our room and just on a whim, I called room service again, and got the same response, no actual room service available. We put our bags outside the room and they were in the terminal when we left the following day. We awoke the third morning as we were coming into port in Florida, and we had a quick breakfast at the buffet and as I was reading the bill I found that I was charged twice for internet that I never was actually able to use. I took one look at the customer service line and figured that $12 was a small price to pay for not raising my blood pressure, and left without addressing it. Disembarking was a total nightmare - but that's more on the people running Customs than the ship - we waited to get off, and then waited in a line for approx 3 hours to get through customs. We were using birth certificates, so a protip would be to get passports, because if you had a passport you were put right through. Also, it wasn't clear where our bags would be when we go to the terminal, it was only after some snooping while we were waiting in the line that we figured out where they were. Part V : Food Day 1 - Buffet Lunch - there was a nice array of foods, everything was fresh and hot. We had the Beef Borguignon and salads. We discovered the carving station with barbequed pork loin and roast beef, but did not partake in that. Food quality was just a step above what we would get at the local buffet restaurant, so it was better than average. My son had the coconut fried chicken but he said it was too dry. Day 1 - Grill near the pool area - we both got hot dogs and fries, they were tasty but the fries were kind of "limp" Day 1 - Stellar Prime, 8:30 PM Dinner - My son had the Shrimp & Whitefish Cevice, he ate about half of it, but said it tasted good. I ordered the Spinach Turnover and it was delicious! He had Tuscan Minestrone which he said was good again, but didn't eat much of it. I ordered the Chipotle BBQ Smoked Onion Soup, and again, incredible! We both had the Watercress and Endive salad, and he didn't care for the Endive, but it was pretty decent, again fresh and beautifully presented. For the main course he had the Pork Tender Chasseur, which he really enjoyed but he said that the goat cheese cake was too rich for him. I ordered the Chicken Breast Toscanna. It was a litle too moist for me but it was not terrible. I finished with the Washington Apple Crisp and it was just OK. Nothing spectacular but it was a solid dessert item. My son declined dessert until later as described above. Day 1 - Late night buffet - around 11:OO PM - we originally went down for ice cream but the machine was turned off so we ended up getting onion rings, chicken tenders, and some really great pizza. All bad for us but so delicious! My so got cookies and I almost talked him into trying Baklava. Day 2 - Breakfast buffet - around 7:00 AM - an assortment of eggs, pancakes, sausages, bacon, cereals, oatmeal, cream of wheat, various pastries, bagels, cream cheese, fresh fruit and yogurt. I discovered later that there was an omelet station and a waffle station. We went light and had fruit and yogurt, and my son had eggs, I had a little bacon. The eggs were kind of dry looking and he said that cheese would have made them better. The bacon was good and crispy and I enjoyed. Day 2 - Admiralty Club - 8:30 PM Dinner - My son was having a hard time deciding what he wanted, the waiter brought out Bruschetta and some Antipasti - and then brought the Frito Mixto for my son to taste - he ended up liking that and I ordered the shrimp cocktail - it was very good, I'm sure that the shrimp were frozen but you couldn't tell. I ordered Caprese Salad and it was awesome! Several large slices of tomato, different colors, and all very flavorful, fresh basil, INCREDIBLY FRESH MOZZARELLA that was oozing when I cut into it! My son ordered the Tri-Color Salad and again, the Endive turned him off on the whole thing. It looked very good though. For dinner, I ordered the Grilled Angus NY Strip, and I always get my steaks well done so I was expecting it to be dry, and I was quite pleased to find it very moist and full of flavor! It came with creamed spinach which was very good and a loaded baked potato which was "OK". My son went big and ordered the Osso Bucco, he thorougly enjoyed the meat and the polenta was too much for him to eat so he barely put a dent in the meal. I ate some of it and it was very rich and indulgent! Day 3 - Breakfast buffet - around 9:00 AM - exact same assortment as Day 2, my son had waffles and sausage, with sour cherry topping and whipped cream, and I had turkey bacon, fruit, yogurt and oatmeal. The turkey bacon was even better than the regular bacon from the day before, and the waffle was delicious (I had a bit of it) - the sausage was swimming in a giant bowl of grease and I was turned off by that. Part VI : Jeep Tour, Grand Bahama Island When we booked this, I had to sign a waiver because they looked at me and could tell that I have a bad back. I agreed to the waiver and I'm happy to say that there were no problems. We did off-road but it wasn't terrible and to be honest the roads in Baltimore are 10x worse than anything we drove over on this tour. As I stated above, we were delayed getting off the ship so we were "off" all day long. On the bus we were passing around another waiver form to be filled out and I was the last one to get it, just as we were pulling up. I hurriedly filled it out and turned it in, and we got off the bus. The rest of the group was being briefed and were in Jeeps and when the guide said "Who doesn't have a jeep?" I called out. After some confusion he discovered that I was standing with the wrong group and moved me over to the other group who was just finishing up the safety lecture. We followed our guide, Tony, to the jeeps and he put us in one by ourselves, which was a really nice surprise, as everyone else was sharing 4 people to one vehicle. We drove around the island and out onto a jetty, where we were able to get some beautiful photos, then out to Bens Cave, and Gold Rock Beach, where they filmed parts of Pirates of The Caribbean 2 & 3 (which is officially THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE I've ever been!), Taino beach, Garden of the Grove (more on this later), driving through a pine forest, and then we were dropped off at the Port Lucaya marketplace. We were thrown off on time and we ended up getting to the marketplace with only about half an hour until the last bus left. We rushed to buy some souvenirs and I really wanted my son to try conch fritters but there just wasn't enough time. Before I get to the only complaint I have about this tour, let me make it perfectly clear: THIS IS A MUST-DO TOUR!! I've been to Grand Bahama Island before, on my honeymoon years and years ago. I went to some of these spots, but I had more fun doing this tour than I've ever thought possible. We got to play with starfish, had a close encounter with a sting ray, played on the most gorgeous beach I've ever seen in my life, got to see lots of the island, and Tony was an awesome tour guide! My one and only complaint: This tour is advertised as "including lunch" - When we got to the first stop on the tour, Taino beach, Tony went around with a menu from The Garden of the Grove, taking orders so they could be called in ahead. It was a small menu and there were prices, but I figured that since it was so small, these were the "limited options" that we could choose from. Three hours later, we pulled into the Garden of the Grove, sat down, and we were told we had two hours to explore, and have lunch. We came in, sat down, and waited 1 1/2 hours for them to bring out our food that was pre-ordered. The food was good, but in NO way was it worth waiting that long. By the time we finished eating, we had barely any time to walk around the park. And it's such a shame because I've been there before, it's a BEAUTIFUL park. We walked a little, got a few photos, and then as we rushed to get back to the jeeps to leave, they approached me and told me that I had to pay for the food! I was surprised because it was supposed to be "included" and after the terrible service we encountered, they should have given us the food - so I had to pay nearly $50 for a hot dog, a quesadilla, french fries, two iced teas and a bottle of water! They included an 18% tip on my credit card bill and I drew a line through it and only paid them for the food. I was truly angry about this! I know this was a long review, thanks for reading, I hope it helps you with your future plans! Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
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