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Royal Seas. Let me first say that there is nothing Royal about this. Don’t let the pictures of the brand new cruise ships fool you. The ship we got on was rusted and corroding away. They called us with an all inclusive package that in ... Read More
Royal Seas. Let me first say that there is nothing Royal about this. Don’t let the pictures of the brand new cruise ships fool you. The ship we got on was rusted and corroding away. They called us with an all inclusive package that in reality, was nothing inclusive about. We gave them a credit card number that we knew did not have enough to cover the initial $1,000 so that it would be declined and they could leave us alone. Well they had a way around that and charged it anyways so that we were way over our limit. After 6 months we decided that this was not something we were interested in. After trying to get a refund, we were refused and told basically that we either take it, give it to a friend, or forfeit the money. After some deliberation we decide to just go ahead and take it. We should have just forfeited the money. There was a bunch of taxes and hidden fees that were not included in our all inclusive package. We also paid $300 to upgrade our resort on the island so that our food and beverages were included. We set our date, book our flights ($400 extra), and arrive in FT. Lauderdale. After also upgrading the rental car (because we aren’t fitting comfortably into a Kia Rio $170 extra), we get to our hotel that Royal Seas booked us claiming to be a Ramada....yeah like 10 years ago. Let’s talk about false advertising here folks. The room itself was spacious, beds were not terribly uncomfortable, but the AC only cooled to about 78 degrees. Top that with only 4 tv stations, and the late night drug deals in the parking lot....we were not happy. Then we find out the next day our “orientation” was actually a Time Share tour. Living in a tourist town we know what a waste of time that was about to be...but they hold our Cruise tickets hostage until you endure 2 hours of “OMG it wont even cost you that much and you get this and this and this” better known as we cost more then a car payment and will bankrupt you into a contract you cant get out of. Come on Wyndham, you could have at least put us up in your “resort” to sell us a time share. After leaving 2 hours of our life that we will never get back, we call Royal Seas to complain about the accommodations, at first we get a rude little girl who very unprofessionally hangs up on us. As business owners, rule 1, never be the first to hang up. After calling back and speaking to management, they acted like they were gonna put us through to HR to put a formal complaint against that person, but we were hung up again, and only after saying they didnt have anything else available. Needless to say, we packed our bags, found the best little AirB&B 1 hour away and hightailed it out of there with our cruise tickets. Honestly, the AirB&B was the highlight of our trip. On day 3 we make our way to the port to board the ship. We get there at 11, stand in line for 1.5 hours, get charged $150 (taxes, fees, taxis, etc) and board the ship. Only to not have our rooms ready so we are forced to be around a bunch of strangers while hoarding our stuff because, well, they let anyone aboard. After barely eating a down right terrible lunch buffet, we sweat our butts off on the outside deck so the claustrophobia isn’t as bad before finally getting to go to our room...Where we promptly tried to hide in for 3 hours until the dang boat finally set sail. Let me say this right here if nothing else, they do not tell you what’s included, help you out at all, or care if you are getting everything you want out of the amenities included. We were afraid to leave the room for fear of having to be charged anything extra and at 18% gratuity alone, no thanks. Skipping ahead to the next morning (because there are just some stresses that needn’t be said) at 830 we all but ran off the ship to the hot island Bahamian air where we had to wait on a taxi to our resort. There’s our first indication that Islanders are not very friendly, especially when you’re a different skin color then them. We were ignored and left waiting for the next taxi because one female driver decided we weren’t her people. The next taxi held 12 people in it, 12 hot sweaty people, barely working AC, and a 20 year old van in desperate need of shocks. 20 grueling minutes later we arrive at the “all inclusive resort” where we were told to make sure we have a day bag packed because for 6 hot miserable hours, we would not be allowed to check into our room. At first we were excited. there was music, white (ish) beaches, and clear blue water. We found our own spot along the beach and took turns in the water (after all, trust no one, especially islanders haggling with you on the beach for Conch shells, marijuana, and Cocaine...yes, cocaine which we were offered 10 minutes after stepping foot on the beach.) 2 miserable hours later we get our buffet lunch (mediocre) and proceed to sit around for 4 more miserable hot sweaty hours before standing in line for 45 mins to get room keys. After walking to the absolute furthest room on the island we are met with a nice cool ACed room, but missing towels which an employee gave to us about 20minutes after getting in there. 7 hours in and we were already dead sick of being trapped in this resort. After looking into tours, excursions, and tourists traps (dont even ask about them unless you got money coming out of your ass because thats honestly the only way you’ll afford anything) the next day we purchased a rental car. $85 with taxes, we set off on day 2 with the resort in the rear view. While we found our own private beaches, coral rehabilitations, and deserted roads, the island is dirty, poor, and literally a living garbage can. Trash everywhere, run down buildings everywhere, abandoned hotels. It was downright sad at the state of what could have been a beautiful island. Day 3 we return the rental to an extremely rude owner who decided overnight that we were no longer worth mannerisms and check out of our hotel to get back on the dreaded cruise ship. I will say the return home was not nearly as bad now that we knew what was included but still, Royal Seas isn’t even comparable to one of those little rescue boats hanging off of a Carnival cruise ship. Before they con you into spending your hard earned money, think twice and read reviews. Splurge for Carnival, or stay away from floating death traps that hold a thousand people who would shove you overboard to save themselves and make your own way. AirB&Bs include house boats if you wanna be on the waters. Just saying. Read Less
Sail Date July 2019
I did a lot of research before I purchased this cruise. I got a 'deal' through groupon, $269 for two people. When I called to book the cruise, I had to pay $65 per person for port fees. We arrived at 130pm, only way to park ... Read More
I did a lot of research before I purchased this cruise. I got a 'deal' through groupon, $269 for two people. When I called to book the cruise, I had to pay $65 per person for port fees. We arrived at 130pm, only way to park your car is valet, $18/ night, and only cash. There were about 300 people as we entered, no clear direction as to what was going on, we had to fill out paperwork for our on board credit account. We waiting about 2 hours in a line to get the room keys, and our info inputted ( which I had already done when I booked the cruise) . After this process we headed on board. The cruise ship is an old Carnival ship, VERY clean and polite staff ( this was the highlight) . They had a variety of entertainment that was suitable, nothing over the top. An adult comedy show was $12/ person, and wasn't that great. Check your weather as we had terrible motion sickness. We chose to venture out on our own once we arrived in Freeport. They loaded up 10 people per taxi for a 15 minute ride ( $10 round trip / person ) here you got to see the hurricane damage and a 'shopping center' with each store selling the same expensive stuff. $20 for a DORA shirt that said bahamas. AWFUL!! Honestly I would've just purchased souvenirs at the freeport port as you exit the boat and then spent the day on the now quiet boat. The excursions were expensive $100+ and I heard they weren't the best. A lot of people did they 2/4 night stay at a resort in the bahamas and apparently that was awesome. We had two twin beds pushed together to make a makeshift bed, it was awful and didnt lock even after asking housekeeping. Alcohol is very expensive, cheapest bottle is $100 of absolut, and soda you pay $20+ for unlimited . I would recommend getting drinks individually ( they had 50% off drinks during the entertainment, so wait for that) the drink package was $70 and was 10 8oz drinks, not worth it. $12 for a cocktail. Food was okay, set up was great, but certain things didnt taste right. we were sick and left the Stellar restaurant but the food looked amazing , also, there are two restaurants that are an additional charge, The Bull and Admiral club. You need your room key to get towels, and if you dont return them at the given time you are charged $20 per towel, same with room towels, if housekeeping comes by and you have taken a towel you get charged. Overall, we spent over $600 and this is without the excursions, definitely a waste for two mediocre days. DONT get this cruise, rather go to the Keys in a 5 star hotel. Read Less
Sail Date March 2017
memorable and enjoyable place to vacation. It looked like a poor third world country. We refused to even get off the cart and had it take us right back to where we came from. We ended up walking down to the Hilton and having a few drinks ... Read More
memorable and enjoyable place to vacation. It looked like a poor third world country. We refused to even get off the cart and had it take us right back to where we came from. We ended up walking down to the Hilton and having a few drinks at the outdoor bar until we were able to go back to the ship. The food provided in the “cafeteria” was embarrassing. All everyone kept telling me was how much I would love the food and the variety of items offered. Every time we went to the buffet the food looked like it was frozen, processed and reheated. We ate each meal at the outdoor grill where we could watch it be prepared or in the Prime restaurant. To add insult to injury when we finally made it back and were ready to de-board the next day we were told that we had to go back to the service desk as there was a “hold on our release”. I got upstairs to the service desk and was advised that my card was declined for $86 worth of incurred charges, that even included FUEL for the boat… I can’t even begin to understand how you would have the audacity to charge each passenger for fueling the boat but nonetheless I called my card company and was advised that there was a fraud protection hold that was on my card for a suspicious charge. Come to find out it was the drinks at the Hilton bar in Bimini but because it was in another country they took security measures. I advised the charge was authorized and was told the hold would be released in 24 hours. I relayed this to your customer service representative who then stated that I would be held on the boat until the balance was paid. After I explained to him that that was unlawful imprisonment, I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was first told there was not one available and when I insisted I was asked to wait. In my HOUR LONG wait for a supervisor I overheard dozens of passengers who had issues with credit card authorizations, one young lady had actually been asked to come the night before because they could not read the imprint on her card, she supplied it again on a new authorization form and THEY LOST IT!!!! Needless to say, after listening to complaint after complaint after complaint about charges I never actually saw a supervisor. The same gentleman kept telling me that “she” was on her way and when I started reiterating that I had a flight to catch he understood the importance of them moving expeditiously. However, I never spoke with a supervisor. I was told to wait for another half hour and then asked to sign a promissory note BY THE SAME GENTLEMAN WHO TOLD ME TO WAIT for the remaining balance (which I could have done from the very beginning when I advised they could run the card again in the morning as they had all the necessary information) After an hour and a half of waiting we were released to get off the boat but immediately heard an announcement that the customs area was full and they were asking people not to de-board until they could get caught up. We waited another 30 minutes before we were allowed to proceed off the boat and spent 2 hours in the customs area. Not only did I miss my flight but I missed a second flight home and we were not able to leave Florida until 8pm that evening (from a 10:40am flight). I spent my entire birthday sitting in customs and then sitting in an airport. My fiancée made dinner plans for the family that evening as my flight would have put me home at 2pm and the guest of honor was unable to attend as she was stranded in Florida, though we had family travel from out of state to celebrate with me. I have never been more disgusted with a company in my entire life. The professionalism, the un-organization, the blatant disregard for your passengers time, when offering such a poor experience is mind blowing. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
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