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This was mine and my 15 year old son's first cruise and my boyfriend's second. We picked this cruise because we live in Maryland and wanted to try the convenience of leaving from Baltimore, and wanted to go on vacation when ... Read More
This was mine and my 15 year old son's first cruise and my boyfriend's second. We picked this cruise because we live in Maryland and wanted to try the convenience of leaving from Baltimore, and wanted to go on vacation when schools were out. Embarkation: Parked our vehicle at my workplace and took a cab from there as it's a few minutes away rather than pay the $15.00 a day at the Port to park(that's $105 bucks). We arrived at 3:30 to get on the ship and it was easy and quick. The Pride was a clean ship and beautiful although you can tell it is an older ship by the decor. We had an inside stateroom with no windows, it wasn't too bad for the first time cruising. We had anytime dining, which I would recommend to anyone. We assumed big party families would only choose the scheduled time dining choices. The dining room food at dinner was always excellent, lunchtime- not so much. We ate in the dining room at lunch twice and were disappointed both times and just opted to eat at the buffets thereafter. I was extremely disappointed at the drinks on board. This may be a little long because I'm a little still upset: I started off with the Drink of the Day and after 2, realized it was a rip-off and did not buy them again. I am not a big drinker(limit 2)and I expected drinks to be weak...but I could not taste ANY alcohol and they filled the cup mostly with ice...so two sips and you are done. So I switched to wine as that is what I really enjoy...they watered down the wine too! So we tried to enjoy our alloted two bottle minimum while on board. I also had a Bailey's on the rocks and that tasted watered down as well. This really disppointed me all in all because the drinks were not cheap, more expensive than what you would expect to pay and smaller glasses to boot. The weather this time of year and probably the choice in Ports, was colder than what we expected. We only had two days throughout where we could wear our bathingsuits..once on the ship and once during our stay in Nassau. Port Canaveral, my son stayed on board and we got off mainly to go to Ron Jon Surf Shop. We also were able to walk a block or two from there to Cocoa Beach but it was cold and rainy and mainly looked like the Jersey Shore to us. Nassau: we did not do any excursions but planned to get off, and get the Jitney to Cable Beach where I heard was the nicest beach. Little taken back by the swarms of taxi drivers harassing you for a ride as soon as you get through the Port building there. But being originally from NY my boyfriend navigated pretty easily through that mess. We looked through the town there at the stores before getting a taxi out...jewelry stores galore that try to make you think they have some great deals but don't...I heard later that there is some nice Mall that the locals go to where all the deals are...the Port stores are set up to rip tourists off. So we went then to use the beach at the Shertaon, paid some beach patrol guy $10 each for the 3 of us and he gave us towels and left us alone. He told us the Sheraton charges $25 per person to use the beach...but I expect not because we walked right through the hotel and no one stopped us. $30 was a good deal I thought...they have to make money I guess. We used the Windham next doors pool because it had a slide...but the hotel was a mess...old and I would have been disappointed if I paid to stay there. We ate at their hut outside and food was awful...again...I would have been disappointed to stay there for a week! We headed back to the Port area to eat and/or drink before getting on the ship...and no one tells you the whole place closes down at like-I think it was 5:00pm on the DOT! I mean the place looks abandoned at 5:01 and you are standing there scared like you are in a horror movie scene because the store fronts pull down big metal grates to protect their stores, etc. This was definately not a place I would roam around without my boyfriend with me. Then we find out about a group of 10 tourists getting robbed by gun point few weeks prior on an excursion. No wonder! Something Carnival did not warn about during their excursion talk on the ship, LOL! FreePort: Got off only to check out the straw market right at the Port...10 huts in all and sold junk...I bought a straw beach bag to use whenever we go to the beach again...and then we got back on the ship...took all of 20 minutes. Wasn't even a nice day to go to the beach, so we put clothes on and froze on deck reading all day! After the Ports, I just wanted to be home honestly. The shows were okay, my boyfriend enjoyed the dancers (of course) but the performance you can tell was all written in the 80's and they haven't updated since. It just made the shows a little hokey but they really could update them and write some new material. Extra notes: We did not book any excursions through the ship, we thought they were expensive at best and if we really wanted to snorkel,etc we would have done something aside from the ship. We bought some liquor on board that was a deal and one liquor we were told you could not buy in the States, then we see it at our liquor store at home! The ship holds sales all cruise long and held a sale on watches...for $20.00...well it caused a mob that sort of reminded me of something you'd see at WalMart on Black Friday...two men almost started fighting...there were $20 watches on sale for $19.99...in very bad taste for Carnival. All the jewelry including expensive watches in the ship's store was not priced for sale as back home if not for more! Staff: the staff on the ship was what you would expect, no one besides our room steward stood out for me. Darma (our room steward) knew our names and remembered them throughout our stay, and we remebered him of course...we left him an extra tip and a bottle of rum from the Bahamas :) Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
Background - My wife and I cruise two to three times per year. We are Norwegian Latitude Members, Cunard World Club members and Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society Members. This was our fifteenth cruise. My wife is 46 and I am 42. We ... Read More
Background - My wife and I cruise two to three times per year. We are Norwegian Latitude Members, Cunard World Club members and Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society Members. This was our fifteenth cruise. My wife is 46 and I am 42. We have two boys ages 10 and 5. This cruise was our first holiday cruise with the kids. Embarkation - We arrived later than planned due to traffic delays at the Lincoln Tunnel. When we arrived there were tons of people checking in and we had delays in every line. It took us about 90 minutes to board and arrived on the ship by 2:45pm. It certainly wasn't the worst embarkation we had from New York. The good news was that our room as ready, so we could dump our carry on bags and get a snack. The Ship - It is new at just over a year old. The ship was built in Papensburg, Germany like many other of NCL's ships. The ship was nicely appointed and well maintained. The German design is rather compartmentalized and most spaces are single deck, which does not allow for much natural lighting. All of the dining venues are small with virtually no natural lighting. The Grand Pacific dining room is the nicest looking dining room on the ship. It was two decks high and had nice views of the ocean. It is located at the aft end of deck 6, but you must access it though the aft staircase of deck 7. The lobby is also a very nice two deck space with a lovely piano bar and coffee shop. There is also a two deck high TV screen that plays videos, sports programs, and Nintendo Wii games. The kids loved the Wii tournaments in that room. The casino is large and well serviced. The slot machines are also very quiet, so you can hear yourself think when in the room. The most glaring error in design is the Garden Cafe. This is a buffet dining area with a traditional buffet line instead of buffet stations. The area is cramped and there is not enough seating for folks at peak times, so eat early or late. The Great Outdoors is an outdoor dining area on the aft end of the ship to the rear of the Garden Cafe. It is a nice area to eat when the weather is warm. The other public spaces are pretty standard to other NCL ships and I found navigating the ship very easy. I liked the fact that the Tree Top Kids Club is located mid ship, so the movement of the ship through the water is minimal. Accommodations - Since this was a holiday cruise and pricing was higher than usual, so we chose an inside cabin for the four of us. When we first walked into the room, we looked at each other and wondered where all of the clothes and luggage will fit. We had five bags with us. To NCL's credit, the room held all four of us, our clothes and bags. There were two adult size beds, a drop down bed from the ceiling and a cot that was stored under one of the adult beds. It was snug and we won't get an inside for four again. The room was approximately 150 sq.ft. The bathroom was small, but the shower was a decent size. The water pressure was great and we never had an issue in getting plenty of hot water. The housekeeping staff was horrible. Our cabin was not made up until almost dinner time every day and was not turned down until almost 11pm each night. We never saw our cabin stewards. Itinerary - It was a good itinerary for kids. I liked four ports in a seven day cruise from New York. The port reviews are below. They were Port Canaveral, Great Stirrup Cay, Nassau and Freeport. Shore Excursions - Were poorly organized. There was alot of waiting time and the kids got anxious. I realize that local tour companies were running the tours, but NCL needs to make sure they are providing the level of service required. The worst tour was the Atlantis Aqua Adventure. I'll explain below. Entertainment - Good solid entertainment. The Gem Singers and Dancers had three good shows. We enjoyed the comedian, Peter Sasso. We missed the shows when we were in port, but comments by other guests were positive. The New Year's Eve party was not well advertised. When I asked one of the kids club counselors what they were doing for the kids on New Year's Eve, they had no idea. They wound up having a New Year's party complete with top hats and face painting, but I passed on that because their late night party fee, which is usually $5.00 per hour per child was doubled to $10.00 per hour for the first child for New Year's Eve only. I thought that was an awful thing to do especially since there was no notice to the parents until you arrived to drop off your kids at 10:30pm. The kids did like the overall program. My 10 year old loved the Nintendo Wii freeplay. Passenger demographic was diverse with many families traveling with children. There were 642 kids on board for this trip. Dining - The food quality and presentation in the main dining rooms (Magenta and Grand Pacific) was very good and exceeded our expectations. The wine lists were diverse and good. Wines from $14.00 per bottle to $1,350.00 per bottle. We stayed with the $14.00 per bottle stuff. The Garden Cafe buffet was also very good. However, the food quality and presentation in the specialty restaurants we patronized (La Cucina and Tequila) was poor at best. Very bland tasting food with little going for it. My wife put it best when she said the red sauce at La Cucina tasted like Chef Boyardee. Disembarkation - Was very smooth and well organized. One of the best I have had in New York. Overall - We all had a good time as we always do on a cruise, but this ship's service and lack of organization left us with a feeling of emptiness. We did not make any friendships with anyone for the first time. I said to my wife on the last day that I always start missing the ship and it's crew on the last sea day, but not this one. This Gem needs alot of polishing before I would go on her again. Read Less
Sail Date December 2008
Well let me start out by saying I have noticed there is a large difference between short cruises and long cruises. The two short cruises we have taken one with Carnival and this one have been a much poorer quality than the long one we ... Read More
Well let me start out by saying I have noticed there is a large difference between short cruises and long cruises. The two short cruises we have taken one with Carnival and this one have been a much poorer quality than the long one we took. That said in comparison to our Carnival cruise this one was much better but still lacking in many ways. Overall you cannot beat cruising for the value. You get hotel, food, entertainment, childcare, and transportation at an unbelievable price. However I think NCL is cutting a few to many corners and dropping the ball in the customer service department. Now specifically the SKY experience. I loved the port of Miami. It was very easy to find and we stayed at the Holiday Inn Port side and were able to see our ship come in. What fun that was. Boarding was a breeze. The crew who checked us in were awesome I wish I could have taken them on the ship with us and gotten that kind of service the entire trip. We were greeted with Champaign but no map of the ship and I had to hunt down a Freestyle Daily. The cabins were not ready till precisely 2pm. We were able to drop off our stuff much earlier in the Dawn. Cabin: Cabin was sufficient for a short cruise but much too small for a long one. Bathroom was tiny. Storage was very limited we kept most of our stuff in suitcase under bed. The beds were very comfortable and room was clean. We did meet the cabin steward and gave him a stocking on Christmas. Entertainment: We found the ship-produced entertainment to be not nearly a good as on the Dawn. The stage was very small because of the size of the ship and the dancers and singers were not as good. The hired entertainment was very good, as we have found on all of our cruises. Rich Purpura the comedian was very funny and Dave Morgan guitar player singer was excellent. The Christmas Eve party was poorly planed and not overly festive but better than the St. Patrick's day party on the Dawn. The poolside band was ok but not nearly as good as others we have heard. The evening parties were not poolside they were inside which made them less fun I think. Kids Crew: Staff very friendly. Daughter complained that children were poorly behaved and this interrupted activities. We did not have a lot of time to participate because it was a holiday cruise. Food: Food ranged from excellent to poor. Appetizers were often better than meal. We did not eat at any specialty restaurants. Service in main dinning areas was very very slow and unorganized. They had plenty of staff but could not get anything done. We had a very hard time eating a complete meal without missing most of the evening activities. We often ate our meals in parts and often missed dessert entirely. We only ate at the buffet for breakfast and lunch. Meals were acceptable but not great. What you would expect form a buffet. It was very hard to get an early lunch nothing was available until noon. All restaurants and the buffet closed by 10 or 10:30. The Longboard bar was the only place to get food after that. Their menu was the same as the Blue Lagoon on the Dawn but the food was terrible in comparison. Overall ship: In very good shape for its age. As with all NCL ships it takes a while to figure out. Pool area was sufficient for size. Hot tubs were fairly hot and open late. Coffee bar is in a poor location. Much of the ship is under used and NCL should look at rearranging things. Clean and bright I did not mind the Hawaiian feel. Port: We were not impressed with Nassau and would most likely not go back there. Our Sailing excursion was canceled the first day because of high winds. We did not leave Nassau to go to the private island because the next day was to be windy as well. The captain secured us a slot to stay in Nassau an extra day. There were 3 NCL ships there. They did not announce this very well and we were all settled into the hot tub before we knew. We may have went back out had we know sooner. Excursions: Because our self-booked excursion was cancelled we booked the Atoll Island snorkel through NCL. This was very poorly run and the age and swimming requirements were not adhered to. Many of the people on this trip were not able to swim well enough. That aside we did enjoy the reef and were impressed with what we saw. The weather was poor but at least we were able to snorkel. We have taken 2 NCL excursions and booked our own and have found booking our own or exploring on our own to be a much more rewarding experience and a better use of our time. Christmas: We were on the ship for Christmas and Hanukkah and found it to be lacking in festivities. There were about 8 Christmas trees and at least that many Ginger bread houses but we did not see a Menorah anywhere. There was very soft Christmas music being played in only one of the restaurants. They did have quite a few activities happening on Christmas Eve however due to the very slow dinning service it was hard to attend more than one. They had caroling which we missed due to dinner then a Christmas party which was more big band dancing than Christmas and a Midnight service, which we did not attend. On Christmas Day they had Santa and Gifts for all the children in the Kids Crew including the teens. This was nice. There was very little else happening Christmas day different from any other day. Medical office: My daughter did become ill on Christmas night. We took her to the medical office after 11:00, which was nice they were open. They gave her an injection to stop nausea, which must have worked because she was fine till the next morning. They were not overly informative or personable but it was a free service, which I did not expect. I did have a hard time reaching them using the automated phone. Leaving the ship was uneventful. We had gray tags because we drove and wanted to take our time leaving. We waited till there was little to no line and got off. The process was a little slow but ok. We were happy to discover Customs did not care that we purchased much more alcohol than allowed. For Christmas gifts of course. We expected to be charged and were not. Things I missed from previous cruises: Coffee mugs at coffee bar, Dinning dress code, can do attitude by staff, food after midnight, large dessert selection in buffet, music on pool deck, spa pool, more days, Blue Lagoon food (longboard was awful), Mexican food, good theater with big stage and good shows. Things I enjoyed: meeting CC friends, Teen smoothie pass (best value NCL offers), longer hot tub hours and more hot tubs, Dave Morgan, comedian, no snow, Tortuga Rum!! I try to be optimistic and find the best in things. Had this not been a Christmas cruise I would have felt we got what we paid for and had a good time. Being a holiday cruise I feel NCL was lacking. I also feel their overall customer service was lacking. The layout of the ship, poor dinner service and all the activities being offered in a 4-hour block make it very hard to enjoy the total experience. We love the Freestyle aspect of NCL but we found on this cruise Freestyle was very limited and you had to choose between dessert and evening activities. We will be exploring other Cruise lines for future Cruises. Read Less
Sail Date December 2008
This is the first time that I am writing a review; I hope that you will bear with me. I would like to start by telling the readers something about myself, so that they can have an idea about the perspective from which these observations ... Read More
This is the first time that I am writing a review; I hope that you will bear with me. I would like to start by telling the readers something about myself, so that they can have an idea about the perspective from which these observations were made. I am 56 years old and have been cruising for over 30 years, having taken more than 25 cruises. Other lines on which have sailed include Celebrity, Cunard, Holland America, Oceania, P & O, Premier, Princess, and Royal Caribbean. Other than cruising, I have traveled extensively throughout the world (except for Asia) and I have passion for food (cooking is one of my hobbies). On this trip, we were a group of four adults, including my legally blind, octogenarian mother who cannot stand for long periods nor walk long distances. Now, on to the review. Boarding Manhattan has never been one of the best embarkation ports. But on this occasion, we arrived at the pier into a scene of pandemonium. The ship had docked late, so literally thousands of passengers were everywhere, standing on zigzagging lines and even sitting on the floor wherever they wouldn't be trampled. Despite the fact that I was told on the phone by NCL that a wheelchair would be available at check in, none was, and there wasn't even a place for my mother to sit. When I went to one of the tables and told the NCL representative of the situation, she said "I'm not responsible for what you were told. There's nothing I can do about it". When I asked her to give me one of the chairs that were behind her table, she said no. I had to take it over her objections and told her to use her radio to report the situation to someone who is responsible. Finally, after about 20 minutes, someone showed up with a wheelchair. From that point, boarding went smoothly. Physical Condition The ship is beautiful. As I am very fond of the traditional designs of ships such as Oceania or Cunard, I didn't think that I would like the modern design of NCL. But the mixture of dark wood and color was extraordinary. Also, being practically new, all of the furnishings were still in pristine condition. Everything appeared very clean and well maintained. Because, NCL nearly doubled the price of the tickets for the holiday sailings (as compared to the same itinerary from two weeks before), we only booked balcony cabins. In comparison to some lines, these were on the small side, but well laid out. And the large showers were very much appreciated. Fortunately, opening the divider between the adjoining balconies added to the spaciousness of both cabins. Entertainment The entertainment on board was the best I have seen in years. The big shows were terrific and even the small shows were good: talented singers and dancers and funny comedians. The casino was above average: spacious with plenty of tables and a variety of machines in various denominations. But, call me old fashioned, the computerized Roulette machine went too far! Food The range was from horrendous to very good. In the main dinning rooms, the food was dismal. There was an inedible vichyssoise that tasted as if made from skim milk and potato flakes; many hot entrees were served barely warm at best; and the inattentive service ruined the few good dishes. A sea food platter that was tasty (and served hot) was cold by the time the requested tartar sauce was brought (fully 10 minutes later). On the other end of the spectrum were the upgrade restaurants: good food and excellent service. But it seemed as if the food that was included was deliberately bad to make you pay for the upgrades. Even in the buffet at breakfast, the orange juice was so diluted that one was compelled to pay the extra price for the fresh squeezed juice that was being pushed. Service While cheerful and friendly, the service was poor. Calls to the room steward were slow to be answered. If one slept late and didn't leave the room until after 10:30, the room was not made up until after lunch. Many staff didn't speak English well enough to comprehend simple requests. Yet, in the upgrade restaurants, you couldn't ask for more attentive waiters. This contrast made the service in the main dinning room seem even worse! Another example: Somehow, we were not given our bill on the night before disembarkation. When I went to the desk on the next morning, I couldn't get another copy. This was distressing. But, there was one shining example of good service. We lost a wallet that was found and returned within 30 minutes. This was impressive. Overall There were lines for everything. Even with reservations, there were lines to be seated in the restaurants. Even at off-peek times, there were lines for boarding and disembarking in the ports. There were even lines for the nightly special deserts and the extra charge OJ in the buffet. In my opinion, Free Style meant that one was free to stand on line and pay extra to get what one should have received with the price of the ticket. Given the price paid, especially after all of the extra charges, I would rank this NCL trip at the bottom of my list for value and only in the lower end for overall quality. Read Less
Sail Date December 2008
Had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday on the NCL Sky. Husband, son(16) and I flew into Ft Lauderdale on Friday - rented a car for the 3 days before left on the Sky on Monday 11/24. Did the tourist thing around Miami for three days. ... Read More
Had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday on the NCL Sky. Husband, son(16) and I flew into Ft Lauderdale on Friday - rented a car for the 3 days before left on the Sky on Monday 11/24. Did the tourist thing around Miami for three days. We stayed at the Best Western in North Miami in the Bayside Marina. Location was great - just north of South Beach and 15-20 minute drive to Port of Miami. There were several other people we met in the hotel that were booked on a cruise. Picked this hotel from recommendation of other cruise critic reviews. Older hotel recently renovated. Continental breakfast was okay. Hotel restaurant was great - on the marina. Would definitely stay again. Dropped rental car off at the Miami Int'l airport. Cab fair from MIA was set a flat rate of $24. Lot's of road construction around the drop off area for the rental car companies. Got turned around - was late checking in and Avis charged us another hour at $39. Did call Avis and complain because of the road construction, etc. Got a credit back for the $39. Embarkation was easy. We arrived at 11:15 - paper work processed quickly. After passport check, etc. was put into a holding area with many other people. They didn't start boarding until 12:00. That went pretty quick. Rooms were not ready until 2:00 - so had plenty of time to have lunch and find our way around the ship. You could tell the ship was an older ship - but was very clean. This was our second cruise. First was with Carnival. Was sort of dissappointed in the room size. Had a balcony. Size of balcony was just fine. Room was somewhat smaller than that we had on the Carnival ship, especially the bathroom. Shower was really small - but we were okay. We were across from the crew service area but never heard any noise. Short walk to elevators. Cabin 9233 - mid ship - great location. Staff was great. Cruise director - Matt - was funny. Shows were good - the comedian was kinda lame. No complaints at all about room stewards. They kept our room changed and cleaned in am and pm. We didn't pay the extra to dine in Cagney's or the Italian restaurant. They wanted $20 pp extra. Previous reviews indicated $10 pp - maybe they charged more because of the Thanksgiving week. Food was okay in the buffet lines, seemed to have almost the same everyday. Dinning room was different - great food and great service. Never waited more than 10 minutes. Love the freestyle dining though. Husband and son went to breafast bar every morning - I had room service. They were prompt with time requested. Ports of call were good. Didn't book excursions until we got on the ship on Monday 11/24. Waited in the lobby for the excursion desk to open - was first in line. Great Stirrip Cay, NCL's private island, was wonderful; but you better get out there early. Lounge chairs and umbrellas go really fast. Walked right off the ship onto the tender boat. Waited just a bit for the boat to fill up before leaving for the island. The beach was a bit crowded - but had a great day. Debarkation was quick too. We put our luggage out the night before so we didn't have to drag our bags through the hallways with many others. Just kept a bag with morning essentials and change of clothes. We didn't get off until 9:00 or so. Took cab back to MIA and then rented a car to drive to Ft Lauderdale. It costs us about $15-20 more for the rental car and the cab to MIA than had we taken the NCL shuttle to Ft Lauderdale - our flight didn't leave until 4:15 from FLL to Atl so we didn't want to hang out at the airport all day. Overall cruise was great - will definitely travel with NCL again. P Fountain - Atl, GA Read Less
Sail Date November 2008
We first sailed on the Majesty OTS Thanksgiving weekend 2007 and truly enjoyed the experience. This time, not so much. Though our staterooms were much better (Superior Oceanviews on deck nine), the cruise was not as enjoyable mostly due to ... Read More
We first sailed on the Majesty OTS Thanksgiving weekend 2007 and truly enjoyed the experience. This time, not so much. Though our staterooms were much better (Superior Oceanviews on deck nine), the cruise was not as enjoyable mostly due to the crew. In the course of a three-night cruise, one of our party of six (DH, me, my mom, DD, DG and a family friend) was denied boarding, one was falsely accused of smoking in her room and the spa receptionist insisted our appointments were for 4:00 not 4:30 - argh! However, in our nine cruises, we have learned to handle the big stuff (flight home and taxi to the airport for FF who was denied boarding; ask stateroom attendant why housekeeping supervisor thought DD was smoking in her room - turns out SA had turned in room 9558 but HS called room 9578 - note the HS never apologized) and blow off the small stuff. We like the design of the Majesty, a smaller ship with a more intimate feel. It is nice to have some of amenities RC is known for such as Johnny Rockets and the rock-climbing wall. However, the spa locker room is a joke: there were six lockers but no keys to lock them with, one toilet, one shower, and a tiny steamroom (think three or four people). No sauna. No ambiance. Just a place to disrobe before your spa appointment. When the ship was refurbished, they should have expanded the spa and locker rooms. The ship had all the usual RC activities: belly flop contest, Love and Marriage, etc. We went to all three evening shows. First one was good but SRO - there is not room for all of the guests so why do they combine the first and second seatings on the first night? We left but watched in our room later. "Signed, Sealed and Delivered" was entertaining - singers and dancers are talented. Juggler on last night and he was fun. Ports were good. Coco Cay - we got lucky and had a warm, sunny day. The water was cold but the hammocks and loungers were perfect. This is a delightful island. Nassau - weather not quite as nice but still enjoyed the water park at Atlantis. Got a room at the Comfort Suites (which included four Atlantis armbands) for $220 total. Nassau needs to fix its taxi system - just take us where we want to go when we want to go. I had to exit the first taxi (van) and tell the driver if we didn't leave now, we would find another way. Who wants to waste 15 minutes waiting for other people? The driver complied but was not too friendly about it. We enjoyed the dining room for breakfast and dinner. Service was top-notch and food was fine. Nothing to write home about but certainly edible. Windjammer was a disappointment - fish was not tasty. Room service was excellent. Our DG, age 8, registered and went to the Adventure Ocean on Friday night. Unfortunately, all the activities were the same as last year so she spent the rest of the cruise hanging out with us. The final insult of this cruise was disembarkation. We were assigned Group 2, and supposed to leave between 8:15 and 9:00. We went to our departure lounge on deck five and notice the line wrapped the entire length of deck four. When we went to join the line, we were told it started on deck seven so two and one-half hours later, we finally exited the ship at 10:00. Lessons learned: 1. Make sure everyone's documents are in order. 2. Get a written spa appointment card. 3. Think twice about repeating a cruise - even a good one. 4. SMILE and have fun anyway - it's your vacation. Read Less
Sail Date November 2008
My fiance (24 years old) and I (27 years old) sailed on the Thanksgiving Cruise, Monday through Friday. This was our 3rd cruise. We first sailed with Carnival Miracle and then Carnival Destiny. One of the main reasons we chose Royal ... Read More
My fiance (24 years old) and I (27 years old) sailed on the Thanksgiving Cruise, Monday through Friday. This was our 3rd cruise. We first sailed with Carnival Miracle and then Carnival Destiny. One of the main reasons we chose Royal Caribbean was due to the feedback that "going Royal" is taking a step-up. After having an unpleasant experience with Carnival Destiny, we decided to give RC a chance. The first thing I must mention is that the Carnival Destiny was built in 1991 and RC Majesty of the Seas was built in 1992. Though, the Majesty of the Seas looks 10 times better than the Destiny. The decor was of better quality and class. It was not "bright" and tacky. Now on the Carnival Destiny, it was terrible as the ship's condition was the main factor as to why we had a horrible time. Therefore for a ship of this age and in such great shape, I can only imagine what the newer ships look like. The crew and staff of RC was very nice. I was impressed and taken aback by how nice they were. Carnival is known as the "Fun Ship" but I truly believe of the 3 cruises, this one by far gets the better rating in terms of the ships crew and their friendliness. In regards to additional tips, here is some things I noted to help all of you: Do not book a room on the 8th Deck near the Club. I would be pissed if I had a room here, because this is where ALL the traffic is at from 11pm-3am. The noise from the people walking to and from the Club would annoy me. I believe the room numbers were 8500. Please seek out the layout of the ship, and avoid getting a room their. Also, make sure you attend the Game Show "Quest". After being on 3 ships, the activities begin to look the same, but "Quest" was absolutely hilarious. I laughed so much that my voice was gone the next day! And please do enter yourself in the free giveaways. So many people sign up, but don't show up for the actual give-away. We were lucky to win a Spa Treatment after 30 names were called! We were excited about that! In regards to Ports, this time my fiance' and I decided to freestyle this one. We usually do intense research looking for excursions, but this time we decided to do it differently. Though I wish we had something set up for Nassau because although the Atlantis is nice to see, we were bored after a while. We did do the Kayaking in Coco Cay, and that was nice to do. Overall, I would do RC again. I would love to try out a bigger and newer ship due to my pleasant experience on this older ship. Though I will admit that as a young couple, we did find ourselves comparing the activities with Carnival. Both my fiance' and I agreed that in regards to activities, Carnival wins the cake! Read Less
Sail Date November 2008

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