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Sex and Swingers Cruises: What You Need to Know

Ryn Pfeuffer

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Oct 10, 2019

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Ready to set sail on a journey like no other? Picture this: from sultry sex clubs to exclusive private parties, the swinging scene – where committed couples explore consensual connections beyond their existing relationship – is alive and thriving. In the swinging community, affectionately known as "the lifestyle" (or LS for insiders), a new wave of adventure has emerged: lifestyle-friendly cruises. These oceanic escapades are where kindred spirits gather to embrace their relationship dynamics in a setting designed just for them.

If you want to hook up, the chances are high on an adult-themed cruise. They're a vibrant sexual playground, bustling with people eager to help bring your fantasies to life – however mild or wild. So, grab your sea legs and join a fun-filled voyage where socializing and a whole lot of sexy fun await on the open seas.

Here are the basics you need to know before booking a swingers' cruise.

Who offers sex and swingers' cruises?

Bliss Cruise, LLV and Desire Cruises are among the more popular providers who offer swingers' cruises. In 2014, Bliss Cruise was launched with three other industry partners to sponsor and charter adult, clothing-optional luxury vessels for couples-only adventures worldwide.

Temptation Cruises is a relative newcomer, having launched its all-inclusive Caribbean cruise in 2020. You may even see signs of the lifestyle on mainstream cruise lines and regularly scheduled itineraries, where an upside down pineapple on a door can signify a couple that's open to playing.

Some cruises are clothing-optional, while others are more geared toward partner swapping. You don't have to be a swinger to partake in such a cruise; many people go simply for the open-minded atmosphere.

While most swingers' cruises cater to heterosexual or opposite-sex playtime, bisexual and bi-curious women tend to be accepted in swingers' circles. You'll likely notice a limited presence of bisexual men, same-sex couples, or transgender individuals in these settings. It's important to note that not all countries are LGBTQ+ inclusive on every cruise itinerary. Fortunately, there are numerous cruise options tailored for LGBTQ+ travelers, including providers like Olivia and BearCruises.

Swinger-specialized travel agents — like Char Travel,, Topless Travel (the in-house travel agency for dating site Swing Life Style), Dream Pleasure Tours, Erotic Adult Travel, and Million Miles Travel Agency — can help guide you toward your dream vacation.

Tammy O'Hara, owner of Million Miles Travel Agency, specializes in group celebrations and LS travel, including cruises, resorts, and private residences. She believes that one of the primary advantages of collaborating with an LS-friendly travel advisor, particularly for newcomers to lifestyle or those exploring LS-friendly/heavy resorts and cruises, lies in the intangible aspects. These include understanding onboard etiquette and having clear expectations regarding events and experiences.

"An experienced LS-friendly travel advisor would be able to reduce some of the anxiety and demystify what to expect since the advisor has more likely experienced it firsthand," O'Hara tells Cruise Critic.

Who goes on swingers' cruises?

People flock to swingers' cruises for every reason under the sun: to swing, have sexy one-on-one time with a significant other and explore wild ideas in a safe, judgment-free environment. They come from all ages, backgrounds and body types from all around the world. You'll find singles, couples, organized groups, and people you wouldn't necessarily expect: doctors, politicians, oil executives and PTA moms.

Onboard, it's OK to decline unwanted propositions with a simple, "Thanks, but I'll pass." No one will think twice about it. No means no; it doesn't require much conversation to halt an advance. Take it as a polite acknowledgment and move forward.

What kind of events take place on swingers' and sex cruises?

A swingers' cruise isn't all about having sex. There's a heavy emphasis on programmed entertainment and always something fun to do. During the day, there are contests and seminars, such as tantric workshops and sex trivia competitions.

Late at night, there are themed fantasy parties and more kink-centric activities. Also, most cruises have a playroom where couples, single women and invited men can explore each other. The goal is to offer a sensual safe space where everyone feels comfortable.

What do I wear, or can I be nude?

Depending upon the time and place on the ship, you can be totally nude. Some ships allow topless activity only. In most areas, casual attire is widely accepted. Dress codes vary depending on the time, venue and specific event.

Be sure to check the schedule for theme nights that encourage dressing for the occasion. Some theme nights could include leather and lace, a glow party, and toga night.

Do swingers' cruises have rules about dress for dinner or when the ship is docked?

Yes. You must be dressed for meals on swingers' cruises, though outfits range widely, from vacation casual to skimpy see-through dresses.

When in port, some cruises offer specific clothing-optional excursions but expect to wear clothes for activities like ziplining or land-based sightseeing. The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) suggests taking a clothed-when-practical, nude-when-appropriate approach to visits to nude resorts or beaches. The same approach would apply to cruise ships.

Do the crew participate?

No. The crew on swingers' cruises stays fully clothed and maintains a strict sense of professionalism. Sure, discreet exceptions to the rule may happen, but are strongly discouraged and can lead to crew members being fired.

Are some cruises only for couples or singles?

Most cruises allow you to take a partner along or fly solo. The beauty of a sex or swingers' cruise is its anything-goes attitude.

Is a sex cruise the same as a nude cruise?

There's a difference between clothing-optional cruises and those geared toward swingers. Nude cruises are rarely marketed strictly as a sex or swingers' cruise. With nudism, there is less of an emphasis on the sexual aspect of baring it all. Instead, it's more of a means for people to interact on what they feel is a more natural level.

In the case of nude cruises, a third-party operator – a company like Bare Necessities or Castaways Travel – will buy out the whole ship and sell cabins to clients interested in exploring the lifestyle.

Is sex permitted in public areas?

Sex doesn't usually take place in public areas on swingers' cruises. For the most part, it's limited to guest rooms and playrooms. However, less overt sexual behavior is allowed in pools and other public spaces. Think: Light touching and kissing are OK. Obvious sexual coupling? Probably not.

Will I be judged?

There's absolutely zero judgment on how mild or wild you want your cruise to be. If you want to sit on the sidelines in an erotic setting – that's fine. If you want to notch it up and engage in fantasies – that's great, too. But if you go in thinking it's going to be a nonstop sexfest, you might be disappointed.

Will I have a good time on a swingers' cruise?

If you go on a swingers' cruise with an open mind, treat others with respect, and set clear boundaries and expectations, you should have a total blast. If you bring attitude, jealousy, or a bunch of sexual hang-ups, probably not. It's worth checking your own comfort levels with sex and nudity, or your desire to have an experience that might just be bucket-list worthy for the curious.

Want to learn more about the swingers' lifestyle?

If you're new to the lifestyle, here are a few online resources to help get your toes wet (though plenty more are out there).

SwingTowns: A popular social networking site for swingers and open-minded individuals where you can find forums, groups, and articles related to the lifestyle.

Swingers Date Club (SDC): SDC is a global platform offering information, event listings, and a community for those interested in swinging and open relationships.

Reddit: Subreddits like r/Swingers or r/SwingersR4R can be informative places to ask questions, read discussions, and connect with others exploring swinging.

Publish date October 10, 2019
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