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Couple Watching Sunset (Photo: Sebastianrg/Shutterstock)
Couple Watching Sunset (Photo: Sebastianrg/Shutterstock)

Lifestyle and Special Interest Theme Cruises

Couple Watching Sunset (Photo: Sebastianrg/Shutterstock)
Couple Watching Sunset (Photo: Sebastianrg/Shutterstock)
Erica Silverstein

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Feb 6, 2020

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A cruise vacation can be enhanced by the friends you make onboard, and a theme cruise can be an easy place to meet likeminded folks because you share something in common. While many themed sailings are organized around a hobby, favorite musical genre or TV show, others draw travelers who share a lifestyle or mindset.

We've rounded up some of the most common lifestyle theme cruises to give you an overview of who you might be able to mingle with at sea. (If you're looking for faith-based cruises, we cover that in a separate article.)

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  • Political Cruises
  • Gay and Lesbian Cruises
  • Nude Cruises and Sex Cruises
  • Diet-Focused Cruises

Political Cruises

Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, you can set sail on a theme cruise with members of your political party. Unlike normal cruises, it's OK to talk politics because you all agree! Political cruises are often sponsored by a publication (like "The Nation" or "National Review"), well-known commentator or politically motivated organization.

Gay and Lesbian Cruises

8 Tips for a Gay Charter Cruise (Photo: Atlantis Events, Inc.)
8 Tips for a Gay Charter Cruise (Photo: Atlantis Events, Inc.)

Whether you're looking for love, a party or a vacation where you can be yourself without judgement, there is a variety of charter cruises aimed at LGBTQ travelers. Some segregate by gender, while others are inclusive of everyone. You'll find action-packed mega-ships and more sedate river ships, but most gay-themed cruises will bring on entertainers and plan activities suited to the passenger demographic.

Nude Cruises and Sex Cruises

Let's be clear: Nude cruises and sex cruises are not the same thing, and both have their own charters. Nude cruises are for travelers who prefer to experience life sans clothing; they are not focused on sex or risque behavior.

On the other hand, sex and swingers cruises are for couples and singles who are interested in a sex-positive environment. Some are also clothing optional, but not all (or not all the time); some focus on partner swapping or open-minded exploration.

Diet-Focused Cruises

Cruises are known for their focus on food, so it's not surprising there are cruises centered on dietary lifestyles. Vegan, kosher and low-carb/keto theme cruises do exist; there have even been cruises focused on losing or watching your weight. Organizers will work with onboard chefs to offer meals that fit in with cruisers' lifestyles. Activities might include seminars or workshops, as well as wellness and fitness activities.

(For more on healthy cruising options, check out our Wellness and Fitness theme cruises page.)

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