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International Cafe on Princess Cruises: A Simple Yet Satisfying Cruise Cafe Concept

Dori Saltzman
Marissa Wright

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May 1, 2023

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Enjoy fresh treats and delicious drinks onboard Princess Cruises' International Cafe, which provides 24-hour service to cruisers, making it an easy spot to sit back, relax and recharge.

Whether you want something small for lunch or dinner, don't want to face the crowds of a cruise buffet or need a snack in between meals, the International Cafe on Princess Cruises has you covered.

The cruise cafe concept is simple. International Cafe offers a wide range of food options for hungry cruisers in search of a simple, easy meal while onboard. They also provide basic beverages alongside premium drinks that are available for a fee.

Get a Taste of the International Cafe Ambiance on Princess Ships

Serving as an integral element of Princess' Piazza hub, the International Cafe is situated on the top deck of the Piazza and consists of a coffee bar and two glass display cases filled with tempting treats, both sweet and savory.

Just tell the crew member behind the counter what you'd like and take your treat to one of the Piazza's many tables. It's busiest early in the morning when people are most in need of a caffeine fix and in the hour or so before dinner, when stomachs are starting to rumble.

International Cafe Menu: Sweet Treats and Tasty Drinks

Light bites (small size) are available 24 hours a day. These include myriad pastries, so if you're concerned about your waistline, do your best to avert your gaze from the display case to your left.

Take a Dessert Break at International Cafe: Pastries and Sweets Galore

Indulge your sweet tooth with some savory pastries and sweets. The International Cafe menu offers a wide range of sweet eats that will appease any traveler.

For those less concerned with their caloric intake (it is vacation, after all), pastries typically consist of muffins, sweet breads like banana and walnut, turnovers, Danish, croissants and doughnuts during breakfast hours; and a variety of cakes (think cheese, carrot, strawberry shortcake, Black Forest, etc.), flavored puddings including tapioca, tiramisu in a glass and fruit tarts during the rest of the day. At least two choices are sugar-free as well.

If you’re ready to take a break from the hustle and bustle of travel, then grab a slice of cake from this relaxed cruise cafe and settle in for a tasty break.

International Cafe Menu: Hearty Snacks and Meals

For a more substantial snack or meal on the International Cafe menu, look to the display cabinet on your right. Non-pastry breakfast choices are meager, with only muesli and yogurt parfait available.

While breakfast options are slim, the rest of the day, you'll find a hearty selection of sandwiches (barbecue beef, braised pork, chicken, tuna, Cuban, tomato and mozzarella), tiny pies (steak and kidney), quiches (zucchini and bacon), salads (Greek, mixed green, grilled vegetable, chicken with pineapple and lime-curry dressing) and a soup of the day (Tuscan-style chickpea, for instance).

This seemingly simple cruise cafe has a lot to offer to those who get hungry in between meals (or even right after their last one).

International Cafe Coffee: The Place to Be for Your Caffeine Fix

You can also find a selection of specialty coffees, including espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, iced coffees, lattes and coffee blends at the International Cafe.

Order specialty drinks from staff or stick to free drinks, but the food is always free at the International Cafe.

Cost of Dining at International Cafe on Princess Ships

All food items are free at Princess Cruises' International Cafe, but specialty coffees and teas cost extra.

Prices for specialty coffees and teas range depending on whether you get something like a premium Mighty Leaf Tea (which comes in a variety of flavors), an espresso/macchiato or a large specialty tea or coffee mix with names like Banoffee Blast and Black Forest Freeze. Typically, you can expect to spend a little over one dollar or more.


Where To Find International Cafe Onboard Princess Cruise Ships

The International Cafe can be found onboard the following Princess cruise ships: Caribbean Princess, Coral Princess, Crown Princess, Discovery Princess, Emerald Princess, Enchanted Princess, Grand Princess, Majestic Princess, Regal Princess, Royal Princess, Ruby Sapphire and Sky Princess.

Publish date May 01, 2023
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