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Connecting at Sea: Internet and Phone Use Onboard Your Cruise (Photo: tolotola/Shutterstock)
Connecting at Sea: Internet and Phone Use Onboard Your Cruise (Photo: tolotola/Shutterstock)

Do Cruise Ships Have Wi-Fi? A Guide to Cruise Line Wi-Fi and Internet

Connecting at Sea: Internet and Phone Use Onboard Your Cruise (Photo: tolotola/Shutterstock)
Connecting at Sea: Internet and Phone Use Onboard Your Cruise (Photo: tolotola/Shutterstock)
Melinda Crow

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Apr 9, 2024

Cruise ships have Wi-Fi and they have offered Wi-Fi for some time. Wi-Fi on cruise ships has improved dramatically in recent years, but there are several things you should know about Wi-Fi on cruise ships before boarding. While the internet on cruise ships can be helpful, it's also important to remember that it will never be quite what we have on dry land.

Internet charges also vary greatly by cruise line. You can be charged by the minute or by bandwidth, pay for daily or voyage-long packages, or choose from tiered usage packages with prices based on the types of sites and online services (sending emails, streaming shows) passengers use.

Can you use your phone's wireless plan while onboard? Cellular services are generally supported by your home carrier; rates at sea vary by wireless company but typically reflect international roaming rates, which can be breathtakingly pricey. Some carriers have so-called “cruise plans,” but these come with strict call limits, charges per text message, and data caps that would only work for cruisers with limited communication needs.

Pricing will switch to the country-specific roaming rate when the ship reaches port. Carriers usually offer per-day international plans that activate automatically if your phone is not in airplane mode in a foreign port. Some wireless plans include select countries in your home plan, particularly Canada and Mexico.

Our best tip for Wi-Fi on cruise ships: Make sure your phone is in airplane mode with the Wi-Fi turned on to avoid having the phone automatically switch to more expensive cell service.

Below is a rundown of Wi-Fi and internet availability on popular cruise lines.

Azamara Cruises Wi-Fi and Internet

In Touch on Azamara Journey (Photo: Cruise Critic)
In Touch on Azamara Journey (Photo: Cruise Critic)

Azamara has four R-Class ships, all with onboard computer centers, called In Touch, where passengers can get online via workstations 24/7. Wireless access on personal devices, such as smartphones and laptops, is available throughout the ship.

Azamara Wi-Fi Packages

Azamara offers Wi-Fi in packages of 60 minutes, 24 hours, or a full-cruise unlimited package.

Is There an Azamara app for use onboard?

Azamara does not currently have an app for onboard communication.

Carnival Cruise Line Wi-Fi and Internet

Internet Cafe on Carnival Horizon
Internet Cafe on Carnival Horizon

Carnival offers fast ship wide Wi-Fi, as well as internet access at onboard cafes and kiosks, across its popular fleet. Wi-Fi is not available on Carnival’s private island in the Bahamas, Half Moon Cay.

Carnival Wi-Fi Packages

All ships offer three voyage-long internet packages. The Social plan offers unlimited access to social media networks and popular airline sites but not email or web browsing. The Value plan adds access to email and the internet but restricts bandwidth-intensive activities, such as streaming movies and music, or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services, such as Skype and FaceTime.

For heavy internet users, a Premium plan gives access to faster internet speed and Skype. All plans exclude video and music streaming, although Carnival Vista, Carnival Sunshine and Carnival Horizon are Netflix-enabled, so you can use the app to watch shows, but only with your own account and a Premium plan.

Passengers can pay the daily rate or buy a voyage-long package. The prices listed here are for packages bought onboard the ship; get discounts on any package purchased pre-cruise.

Is There a Carnival App for Connecting Onboard?

Carnival HUB is Carnival's free-to-download app and can be used onboard without a Wi-Fi package. The app offers easy access to information, such as deck plans, ship schedules, dining info and Sail & Sign shipboard account balances.

For a fee, passengers ages 13 and older can access the app's chat feature to message other family members and friends onboard.

Celebrity Cruises Wi-Fi and Internet

iLounge on Celebrity Silhouette (Photo: Cruise Critic)
iLounge on Celebrity Silhouette (Photo: Cruise Critic)

Celebrity's onboard internet is available fleet wide. It allows fast web browsing, less time spent waiting for pages to load and video-streaming capabilities with access to Netflix, YouTube, FaceTime and Skype.

The Celebrity iLounge, the first Authorized Apple Specialist at Sea, is also available for cruisers 24 hours daily. Here you can log on to the internet on workstations (for a fee), take classes, get help with your Apple devices and even buy new Apple products.

Celebrity Wi-Fi Packages

Celebrity offers Basic and Premium packages, both by the day and for the duration of the cruise, on all ships except Galapagos-based ships. Prices for Wi-Fi packages are discounted before sailing. Basic Wi-Fi is included with the All Included pricing plan, coupled with the line’s Classic beverage package.

Guests staying in suites in The Retreat are treated to Premium Wi-Fi at no added cost. Premium Wi-Fi is also bundled with a selection of onboard amenities like unlimited room service in a package called Premium Access, available for purchase by all guests.

Is There a Celebrity App for Connecting Onboard?

The Celebrity Cruises app allows guests to preview menus, find venues onboard, book shore excursions and plan their entire cruise. Checking in and performing the onboard safety drill are easier with the app.

Once onboard, access to the app is available without buying a Wi-Fi plan, in fact, it’s where you go to sign in to or purchase your Celebrity Wi-Fi package.

Costa Cruises Wi-Fi and Internet

Costa Fascinosa
Costa Fascinosa

Costa has ship wide Wi-Fi coverage throughout its fleet. Ships also offer an Internet café with computers available to use with your Wi-Fi package.

Costa Wi-Fi Packages

Costa offers three Wi-Fi plans. The WhatsApp plan is for those who use WhatsApp to talk, text and share photos. The Social plan allows access to most popular social media channels. The Full plan provides unlimited Internet. All plans can be purchased by the day or for the duration of the cruise.

Is There a Costa App for Connecting Onboard?

The Costa App is similar to most cruise lines, offering cruisers the ability to manage their cruise before and during the sailing. No Wi-Fi plan is required to use most features of the app while onboard.

Crystal Cruises Wi-Fi and Internet

The Studio on Crystal Symphony (Photo: Cruise Critic)
The Studio on Crystal Symphony (Photo: Cruise Critic)

Passengers on Crystal Cruises' ocean ships can surf the internet on complimentary standard Wi-Fi throughout the ship on both Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity.

Crystal Wi-Fi Packages

All passengers receive free unlimited Wi-Fi.

Is There a Crystal App for Connecting Onboard?

Crystal does not have an app, but rather an intranet page that appears when you log in to the Wi-Fi. The page leads you to dining choices, ship position, entertainment, shore excursions and ship services during your cruise.

Cunard Line Wi-Fi and Internet

iStudy on Queen Mary 2 (QM2) (Photo: Cruise Critic)
iStudy on Queen Mary 2 (QM2) (Photo: Cruise Critic)

All Cunard ships offer computer stations in libraries or ConneXions internet cafes, and all internet stations are open 24 hours a day. Satellite Wi-Fi onboard works on all personal devices and is available throughout the ship.

Cunard Wi-Fi Packages

Cunard offers Wi-Fi plans. The Essential plan provides access to web browsing, email and social media. The Premium plan adds the ability to stream content. Plans can be bought by the day or for the voyage. The line offers discounts for multi-device plans and on voyages of 16 nights or more.

Is There a Cunard App for Connecting Onboard?

Cunard does not offer a downloadable app, but rather a planner (My Voyage) for use while accessing the ship’s Wi-Fi. My Voyage provides shipboard activity schedules, access to your reservations and the ability to join a dining queue. No Wi-Fi plan needs to be purchased to access the online planner.

Disney Cruise Line Wi-Fi and Internet

(Photo: Disney)
CC Disney Dream Roy O. Disney Royal Suite LR

Satellite Wi-Fi connectivity is available for purchase throughout all Disney ships. Internet cafes are also available on Disney ships. Wi-Fi is not available on Disney's private island, Castaway Cay.

Disney Wi-Fi Packages

Disney Wi-Fi packages are divided into three choices. All three are “surf” plans, with no video streaming capabilities. The Stay Connected package allows access to popular non-video social media channels. The Basic plan adds web browsing, email and Wi-Fi voice calling. The Premium plan adds video calling and video channels like TikTok, as well as music streaming.

Passengers in Concierge staterooms and one-bedroom suites receive Basic Surf Wi-Fi at no charge; Royal Suites receive complimentary Premium Surf Wi-Fi.

Is There a Disney App for Connecting Onboard?

Passengers also can use the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app on their smartphones, which will allow them access to daily itineraries, activities, dining menus and the ability to chat with other passengers through the passenger Wi-Fi network while onboard. There is no charge to use the app.

Holland America Line Wi-Fi and Internet

Internet Cafe on Westerdam (Photo: Cruise Critic)
Internet Cafe on Westerdam (Photo: Cruise Critic)

Satellite-powered wireless access is available fleetwide. All Holland America ships have internet cafes. The line's Explorations Cafe, powered by The New York Times, is a cozy, coffee house-style area where passengers can either use the computers provided or a personal internet device.

Holland America Wi-Fi Packages

Holland America has three wireless internet packages on offer. The lowest level of connectivity, Surf, is not available for purchase. It comes bundled with the Have It All fare package. Users have access to email, news apps and messaging apps, minus their audio and video features.

Wi-Fi plans available for purchase by the day or for the cruise duration include a Premium plan that has full Internet connectivity other than video streaming. To stream video from services like Netflix, Disney Plus and Prime, the Stream plan is available at a higher price. Keep in mind that these services often have licensing restrictions outside the U.S. and some content may not be available.

Is There a Holland America App for Connecting Onboard?

Holland America also has a free smartphone app called Navigator that HAL passengers can use to plan their daily activities, book excursions and dining reservations, view their shipboard account information, chat with other passengers and more. No Wi-Fi plan is required to use the Navigator app.

MSC Cruises Wi-Fi and Internet

Cyber Cafe on MSC Divina
Cyber Cafe on MSC Divina

Internet service is available at computers in internet cafes on MSC ships; Wi-Fi is available on personal devices in all cabins and common areas with the purchase of a package.

MSC Wi-Fi Packages

MSC offers five tiers of connectivity, with connections that work onboard or on the line's private Bahamian island, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. The Browse plan provides access to email, websites, all social networks and chat apps but without the ability to watch video or use video chats.

The Browse and Stream package includes streaming of music and video, as well as video uploads and chats. Discounts are offered for pre-cruise purchases and for multiple devices. MSC does not allow device swapping on either plan. Once a device is activated on the plan, it cannot be changed.

Is There an MSC App for Connecting Onboard?

The line's free MSC for Me app offers real-time event and activity listings, an interactive ship map and a chat feature for connecting with other onboard passengers. The app also functions with the MSC for Me wristbands. No Wi-Fi package is required to use the app.

Norwegian Cruise Line Wi-Fi and Internet

Library and Internet on Norwegian Epic (Photo: Cruise Critic)
Library and Internet on Norwegian Epic (Photo: Cruise Critic)

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) offers 24-hour internet cafes and ship wide satellite wireless internet access on all of its ships. Wi-Fi is not available on NCL’s private island experiences Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas and Harvest Caye in Belize.

NCL Wi-Fi Packages

Norwegian offers passengers two internet packages. The Unlimited Wi-Fi plan includes unlimited access to websites, email, social media (excludes TikTok) and all apps (but no VPN). The Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi package adds VPN access and streaming.

Is There a Norwegian App for Connecting Onboard?

The Cruise Norwegian app allows users to tap into their onboard passenger information and manage their onboard account, make their own dining and excursion reservations, and view all ship activities. The Cruise Norwegian app is free to download, but there is a nominal one-time fee to make and send unlimited calls and messages to other passengers while onboard.

Oceania Cruises Wi-Fi and Internet

Oceania@Sea on Riviera
Oceania@Sea on Riviera

All Oceania vessels have shipwide Wi-Fi. Passengers can sign up to gain access on a shared computer in the Oceania@Sea Internet Center, or by connecting to the network directly from their personal devices.

Oceania Wi-Fi Packages

All passengers across Oceania's fleet have free access to unlimited internet called Wavenet, which will allow them to do low-bandwidth activities, such as checking email and surfing the web. Passengers can choose to upgrade to Wavenet Prime to stream movies or music. One login is provided per guest and is valid on one device at a time.

Is There an Oceania App for Connecting Onboard?

Oceania does not offer a guest app.

Princess Cruises Wi-Fi and Internet

Internet Cafe on Caribbean Princess (Photo: Cruise Critic)
Internet Cafe on Caribbean Princess (Photo: Cruise Critic)

Princess Cruises' MedallionNet internet service allows passengers to post photos, video chat and stream videos and music with connectivity speeds similar to those found on land. MedallionNet is available onboard all ships in the princess fleet.

Princess Wi-Fi Packages

Princess Cruises' MedallionNet offers a package sold by the day or for the entire voyage. Wi-Fi is also included in both Princess fare bundles, Princess Plus and Princess Premier. The plan is the same, Premier simply adds more devices.

Is There a Princess App for Connecting Onboard?

The OceanCompass tab within the MedallionClass app acts as a personal interactive navigator, guiding passengers through onboard activities, offering a ship map with directions and allowing passengers to chat with and pinpoint the onboard location of family and friends.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Wi-Fi and Internet

Business Center on Seven Seas Explorer
Business Center on Seven Seas Explorer

Computer centers with internet access are available on all Regent ships. Wireless access is available throughout the ships.

Regent Seven Seas Wi-Fi Packages

Regent provides one complimentary login per suite that is limited to one device at a time. Gold-level and higher members of the Seven Seas Society and Concierge Suites and higher receive up to four logins/devices per suite.

Is There a Regent Seven Seas App for Connecting Onboard?

The Regent Seven Seas App allows guests to manage some aspects of their onboard experience, including a self-guided art tour of the ship.

Royal Caribbean International Wi-Fi and Internet

Internet Cafe on Oasis of the Seas (Photo: Cruise Critic)
Internet Cafe on Oasis of the Seas (Photo: Cruise Critic)

Royal Caribbean offers high-speed internet fleetwide, as well as on its private Bahamian island, Perfect Day at CocoCay. The service, called Voom, is very speedy and can be used for streaming movies and music, and video chatting via services such as Netflix, FaceTime and Spotify. Ships also have computers available for passenger use in their iCafe internet cafes.

Royal Caribbean Wi-Fi Packages

The Voom Surf + Stream Voyage package is available by the day or for the duration of the voyage. Family-friendly packages for up to four devices are available. Book packages pre-cruise for discounts of up to 20 percent off. With a few exceptions on specific ships, Voom Wi-Fi is complementary to Sky and Star Suite guests.

Is There a Royal Caribbean App for Connecting Onboard?

Royal Caribbean has an extensive app for guests to manage their cruise experience both before and during the sailing. Purchase of a Wi-Fi package is not necessary.

Seabourn Cruise Line Wi-Fi and Internet

Seabourn Square on Seabourn Quest
Seabourn Square on Seabourn Quest

All Seabourn ships have satellite Wi-Fi access in suites and most public areas, as well as via terminals located in Seabourn Square.

Seabourn Wi-Fi Packages

Seabourn offers a complimentary Surf package to all guests, one device per guest. A package suitable for four devices, plus streaming and VPN capabilities is available for purchase. It is complimentary for guests in Penthouse and Premium Suite categories and for guests who have reached Diamond level or higher.

Is There a Seabourn App for Connecting Onboard?

Seabourn has an app to help guests curate their cruise experience while onboard.

Silversea Cruises Wi-Fi and Internet

Internet Cafe on Silver Whisper (Photo: Cruise Critic)
Internet Cafe on Silver Whisper (Photo: Cruise Critic)

Passengers on Silversea can use their own personal devices to access the internet in their cabins or throughout the ship. Computers with internet access are also available onboard via internet cafes on all ships.

Silversea Wi-Fi Packages

Silversea provides all its passengers with unlimited complimentary internet. Passengers of Silversea's ocean fleet booked in Vista, Terrace and Veranda suites receive unlimited Standard internet access. This connection is slower than Premium internet access that is provided to passengers booked in Medallion, Silver, Royal, Grand and Owner's Suites free of charge, or at a fee for all other passengers.

On the expedition side, Silver Cloud and Silver Explorer offer Premium internet to passengers booked in Medallion or higher suites while Standard internet is given to all passengers in lower-level suites, as well as aboard Silver Origin. Premium internet access is also available, free of charge, to all passengers on world cruises.

Is There a Silversea App for Connecting Onboard?

Silversea uses an intranet web page rather than an app for guests to manage their cruise onboard. Silversea also partners with the PressReader app that allows guests to read a number of news feeds.

Viking Ocean Cruises Wi-Fi and Internet

Internet Cafe on Viking Sea
Internet Cafe on Viking Sea

All Viking Ocean ships have Wi-Fi onboard. Passengers can use their own device or a computer at the Business Center on Deck 1.

Viking Wi-Fi packages

Internet aboard all Viking Ocean ships is free, but the line imposes heavy-bandwidth limitations for large uploads/downloads and live streaming.

Is There a Viking App for Connecting Onboard?

The Viking Voyager app allows guests to preview and book shore excursions, learn about upcoming ports and view weather forecasts, among other things.

Virgin Voyages Wi-Fi and Internet

Virgin Voyages Resilient Lady arrives into Sydney Harbour
Virgin Voyages Resilient Lady arrives into Sydney Harbour (Image: Virgin Voyages)

Virgin Voyages' Wi-Fi is available throughout its ships so that guests can access emails, browse the web and enjoy social media on their own devices.

Virgin Voyages Wi-Fi Packages

Each Sailor, as Virgin guests are called, may connect two devices at once to the basic complimentary plan. An entertainment plan is available to buy for streaming. Plans for more devices are also available. The line reserves the right to impose data caps, if necessary, in order to “maintain the integrity of the system.”

Is There a Virgin App for Connecting Onboard?

The Sailor app allows guests to manage almost every aspect of their cruise, including check in for their cruise, order champagne and plan their time on shore.

Windstar Cruises Wi-Fi and Internet

Library on Wind Star (Photo: Cruise Critic)
Library on Wind Star (Photo: Cruise Critic)

Wireless internet is available in most public areas and cabins on all Windstar ships, and passengers can access computers onboard. High-bandwidth online activities are not recommended by the line.

Windstar Wi-Fi Packages

Windstar offers three options and an all-inclusive bundle. The Email plan is 200 MB, which would amount to between 15 and 60 minutes of time online. The Surfing plan provides 500 MB, suitable for light surfing for approximately five hours.

Unlimited packages are available for the duration of your cruise. And are priced per day. All packages support just one connected device at a time. Windstar also offers an all-inclusive package that bundles Wi-Fi, drinks and gratuities.

Is There a Windstar App for Connecting Onboard?

Windstar uses an onboard web page rather than an app.

Publish date March 20, 2023
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