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9 Reasons to Book a Bachelor Party Cruise or Bachelorette Party Cruise

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Jan 10, 2024

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The "big day" is quickly approaching, and either you or one of your besties is getting married. As is customary, a group of the bride's or groom's closest friends will be planning one last hurrah -- a bachelor or bachelorette party. Places like Las Vegas and Miami are popular destinations for these celebrations, but have you ever instead considered a bachelor or bachelorette cruise?

If a destination fiesta is in the works, bachelor party cruises or bachelorette party cruises can be a great way to get everyone together in one place at one time for a reasonable price that includes just about everything you'll need. Plus, everyone gets to travel to unique places without much hassle.

Below, we offer just nine great reasons why hosting a bachelor or bachelorette party at sea could be a great fit for your group.

1. Bachelorette Cruises and Bachelor Cruises Are Affordable

The cost for most bachelor and bachelorette parties can quickly add up for things like flights, lodging, meals, alcohol and entertainment. For less than the cost of all of that individually, your group could organize a cruise bachelorette party or cruise bachelor party that includes accommodations, food and entertainment -- all in one price.

Additionally, if you can cruise from a port that's within driving distance, you'll save on airfare. Not anticipating spending much time in your cabin? You can book a less expensive interior stateroom and put the extra money toward something else.

On top of that, many cruise lines offer discounts for booking a certain number of rooms, meaning further savings can be had if your group is large enough.

2. A Bachelor Party Cruise or Bachelorette Cruise Is Flexible

If you'd rather spend a day lounging by the pool and working on your tan for free while others in your group pay for massages and manicures, it's totally possible. Would you rather attend afternoon tea with a couple members of the wedding party while others opt for a burger on the lido deck? Not a problem.

Extras like spa treatments, onboard shopping, shore excursions and dining at alternative restaurants are available at your leisure, but they also aren't crucial to the success of the celebration if you don't want them.

Looking to break the mold and have a joint bachelor and bachelorette party? Then a cruise might just be the perfect option for you. Groomsmen and bridesmaids from the same wedding party can sail on the same cruise but still completely avoid one another if desired, choosing to meet up only for select activities ... or not.

3. Food Is Included on Your Bachelor Cruise or Bachelorette Cruise

All cruise lines offer complimentary meals in the main dining room, which often hosts at least one formal night that will give you a chance to dress up.

Additional free dining is available in the buffet, which is more casual if all you want to do is grab something quick without dressing to the nines. Plus, you can eat there nearly any time of the day you want, so if you wake up a little later than expected, the buffet can be there to meet your needs.

Most ships do offer nicer for-fee speciality dining options as well, but if your goal is to keep costs low, you won't go hungry while doing so. You won't be starved for variety, either, as most major lines feature everything from steak and seafood to sushi and pizza.

4. Entertainment Is Free on a Bachelor Cruise or Bachelorette Cruise

Magic shows, comedic performances, Broadway-style musicals, aerial acrobatics, dueling pianos, movies, games and trivia, fitness centers, ropes courses, mini-golf, pools and water slides -- and that's just some of the free entertainment you can experience aboard a cruise ship.

There's so much to keep you busy onboard, and since nearly all of it is free, there's no need to quibble over choosing just one or two activities or worry about how much each event will cost you.

5. Alcohol Packages on Your Cruise Ship Can Save You Money

One set price for unlimited alcohol -- what a comforting concept when you're worried about your bottom line. Most cruise lines offer alcohol packages for a per-person, per-day fee that gives you access to all but the most expensive liquors so you can get your drink on without fear of racking up a huge tab.

Have an attendee or two that isn't drinking alcohol? There are other non-alcoholic drink packages available to meet their desires, and cruise lines are now making more of an effort to incorporate mocktails and other alcohol-free beverages on board their ships.

6. You Don't Need a Designated Driver When You're on a Cruise Ship

Your cruise ship is your transportation during bachelorette or bachelor party cruises, so there's no need to fret about calling an Uber or drawing straws to figure out who will have to abstain from the fun. Have a great time, and simply wobble back to your cabin at the end of the night without fear of getting home safely.

7. The Scenery Changes When You're on a Bachelorette Cruise or Bachelor Cruise

On a cruise, the fun isn't limited to solely onboard pursuits. Half of the adventure is exploring new places, whether you book a shore excursion or simply leave the ship for a few hours to chat with some of the residents or try some of the local cuisine.

The options are limitless -- beaches, jungles, mountains and beyond -- and you only have to unpack once. Some itineraries even include overnights in port so you can sample the nightlife ashore.

8. You're Likely to Be Recognized on a Cruise Ship

Because cruises are like floating cities, you might find that you run into the same people over and over. If word gets out that you're part of a bachelor or bachelorette party, it's possible that you'll be treated like a bit of a celebrity -- especially if you're the bride- or groom-to-be.

That means that fellow passengers may ask you to dance, offer to buy you drinks or chat you up to see if you're enjoying your trip. If you time your sailing close to "wedding season" (generally summer) and opt for a short cruise (three to five nights), it's also possible you'll run into other groups who are celebrating an upcoming marriage. And who doesn't love making new friends?

9. A Bachelor or Bachelorette Cruise Has Something for Everyone in Your Party

One of the greatest positives of taking a group cruise in general is that there is always something for everyone involved. Looking for adventure? Go ziplining on your cruise ship. Wanting to simply take an afternoon to relax? Head to the pool and sunbathe while sipping your favorite cocktail. Looking to party? Go to the night club just a couple of decks away.

Whether you and your "I do" crew want to do something together (or even something apart), there is something available to make everyone happy, from cooking classes and water parks to musical performances and beyond. And that's just on the cruise ship -- shore excursions abound and can match anyone's personal interests.

And that means likely less stress for everyone, and if you've ever been a maid of honor or best man, you know how enticing that thought alone can be. A cruise for your bachelor or bachelorette party can match everyone's desires, leaving everyone more satisfied before, during and after the party.

Publish date May 22, 2023
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