Cruise lines continue to ramp up the adrenaline-packed fun to be had on their cruise ships, and Carnival is no exception. When its new 2020 ship, Mardi Gras, comes out in August, it will boast the first roller coaster-style attraction at sea -- BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster.

What It Is

The first roller coaster-style attraction at sea, Carnival's BOLT will race up and down an 800-foot-long airborne track (187 feet above the sea) at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

The BOLT roller coaster features all-electric, motorcycle-inspired vehicles that can hold up to two people; each vehicle is outfitted with a digital speedometer display and speakers with sound effects that are activated during the ride. Riders will also be able to control their own speeds as they drop, dip and turn on the track, which includes a hairpin turn around the ship's funnel. As they barrel down the track, riders can take in 360-degree views of the ship and seas below.

Cameras mounted along the track will capture cruisers' photos, which they can purchase as a souvenir.


Riding the BOLT roller coaster will carry a per-ride surcharge, but the exact amount is yet to be determined.


BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster will only be found on Mardi Gras.