Go back in time onboard the '70s Rock and Romance Cruise. You'll get a big dose of nostalgia while attending a mix of performances by '70s celebs and musicians, wearing your wildest bell bottoms and bonding with passengers who also lived through the groovy days of New Age and Nixon. The focal point of the lineup is, accordingly, '70s rock music, with a bunch of big names performing on the sailing.

General Info

The theme cruise sails round trip from Miami to San Juan, Samana and Labadee on February 15, 2020. It's a seven-night sailing aboard Celebrity Infinity. Cabins on the '70s Rock and Romance Cruise cost from $1,949 to $9,649 per person, based on double occupancy, but some cabin categories are waitlisted.

Lineup and Highlights

Performers onboard the '70s Rock and Romance Cruise 2019
The lineup features dozens of '70s musicians and bands, including Cheap Trick, America, Don Felder of The Eagles, John Lodge of the Moody Blues and Jason Scheff of Chicago. There's a good amount of pop thrown into the rock mix well, such as a Bee Gees tribute band and ABBA the Concert.

Depending on the day, you might find yourself partaking in a '70s trivia contest, watching a celeb-led Q&A session or attending a wine tasting alongside the likes of Stephen Bishop or John Lodge.

Onboard Vibe

Look forward to lots of boomers, lots of mustaches and lots of retro outfits. This is a contingent of cruisers who look back fondly upon the '70s and are psyched to bring '70s culture back to life. The vibe is friendly; this cruise is, after all, marketed as the "Feel Good Party at Sea."

Who Would Like It

Performers onboard the '70s Rock and Romance Cruise 2019
No surprise here: Cruisers who can clearly remember the '70s make up the bulk of the passenger list. You'll rub shoulders with other folks who grew up with Pink Floyd posters on their walls. But, don't be surprised to spot some younger cruisers who share a passion for '70s culture and music as well.

How to Book

Visit the '70s Rock and Romance Cruise website to book this fully chartered sailing, which is sold by StarVista LIVE, LLC.

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