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6 Things to Love About Carnival Panorama

Carnival Panorama (Photo: Carnival Cruise Line)
Carnival Panorama (Photo: Carnival Cruise Line)

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Carnival Panorama might be the third in Carnival Cruise Line's popular Vista Class of cruise ships, but the cruise line is not resting on its laurels. Instead, it's adding new amenities to get you excited for the ship's December debut. In addition to popular features like the SkyRide, SkyCourse ropes course and WaterWorks aqua park, Panorama will have the first at-sea trampoline park, as well as plentiful dining venues and great accommodation choices.

Here are six reasons you'll love a cruise on Carnival Panorama.

Updated October 10, 2019

1. Trampolines

If you've never visited one of the popular trampoline parks located in a town near you, a cruise on Carnival Panorama is a great chance to do so. The ship will have the first at-sea Sky Zone trampoline park.

The park will span more than 3,000 square feet on Decks 6 and 7, comprising a 12-lane trampoline court, as well as an adjacent recreational area with a climbing wall, balance/jousting beam, tug of war court and Sky Ladder climbing apparatus. In addition to the freestyle jumping that will be offered, the space will offer fitness classes for all levels, special activities for families with toddlers, and trampoline dodgeball and basketball games.

2. Approved-by-Shaq Water Park

Artist rendering of the Carnival Waterworks on Carnival Panorama (Photo: Carnival Cruise Line)

The WaterWorks water park on Carnival Panorama will be centered on two large, twisty waterslides: the 455-foot-long Red Fun and the 300-foot-long Blue Fun. Additionally, the splash zone will feature a 300-gallon PowerDrencher tipping bucket, a kiddie spray park, water cannons and more. 

The slides have the full seal of approval from basketball star and Carnival "Chief Fun Officer" Shaquille O'Neal who, in a promotional video, claimed to have had a hand in designing them -- ensuring the twists would be "twistier" and the water "waterier."

3. Barbecue and Brews

Carnival Panorama is only the second ship in the Carnival fleet to have a Guy's Pig & Anchor Smokehouse Brewhouse. We're not sure which is the most exciting aspect of this dining venue and drinking establishment: the mouthwatering barbecue or the tasty craft beer. With BBQ classics like brisket, baby back ribs, pulled pork and dry-rubbed chicken, the joint is the perfect spot to satisfy your craving for messy meat dishes that stick to your sides.

But the exclusive line of Parched Pig craft brews -- all brewed on site in the small onboard brewhouse -- is almost as much of a draw, whether you want an IPA, farmhouse-style ale, toasted amber or smoked porter. Perhaps the best part is the free lunchtime menu at the normally extra-fee dinner spot.

4. Even More Adrenaline-Pumping Activities

The Skyride race course on Carnival Horizon (Photo: Cruise Critic)

All of Carnival's newest ships are packed with plenty of active amusements, and Carnival Panorama is no exception. If the trampoline and water parks aren't enough action for you, there's also a ropes course that challenges not only your balance but any fear of heights you might have. Or try the SkyRide recumbent bike race course, which pits two cruisers against each other as they pedal their bikes in mid-air around a course that circles the ship. All are free except the trampoline park.

5. Bonsai Teppanyaki

You'll find lots of action at Bonsai Teppanyaki, the second hibachi-style Japanese restaurant in Carnival's fleet. (The first debuted on Panorama's sister ship, Carnival Horizon.) With lots of slicing and dicing, egg juggling and silly singing, part-dinner, part-show Bonsai Teppanyaki offers fun for everyone -- plus a great meal.

6. Family Cabins

Family Harbor Lounge on Carnival Horizon (Photo: Cruise Critic)

Families have their own dedicated spot on Carnival Panorama, just as they do on all of Carnival's Vista-class ships. The Family Harbor -- which occupies about half of Deck 2 -- is a dedicated space for families. It features 94 cabins, about half of which have bathtubs. There are also several with space for up to five, as well as a dedicated family lounge in which a daily buffet breakfast is served. The lounge also has a spot for watching movies, playing board games and just hanging with other families. The entire Family Harbor, including the lounge, is accessible via special keycards so only families can get inside.  

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