If you’re looking to get online, call home or send an email during your next Cunard cruise, we have the lowdown.

What is the Wi-Fi Availability and Internet Package Pricing on a Cunard Cruise?

All ships are Wi-Fi enabled so you can access the internet on your own device or via the terminals in the library or ConneXions. Satellite internet packages are available to purchase pre cruise or once on board.

You can also use your roaming partner when near to shore, or the Telenor network when at sea. Charges for these connections are set by your service provider and will be added to your personal mobile bill, rather than your on board account.

The following packages are available to purchase on all Cunard cruises:

Duration Package Price $/Per Minute
30 Minutes $15 $0.50
120 Minutes $45 $0.38
240 Minutes $80 $0.33
480 Minutes $135.00 $0.28
960 Minutes $220.00 $0.23
1,920 Minutes $330.00 $0.17

There are also special offers for bonus minutes on embarkation day.

Gold tier members of the Cunard World Club receive up to two hours' complimentary internet time per voyage, Platinum members up to four hours' complimentary internet time per voyage, and Diamond members up to eight hours' complimentary internet time per voyage.

Does Cunard Have Its Own App?

The Cunard brochure app helps you to browse for, research and plan your next Cunard cruise, and to stay in touch. You can choose and download brochures to read offline, within the app, directly access the latest news and information from Cunard and browse and plan your cruise any time you have your iPhone or iPad with you.

How Do I Make a Phone Call on Cunard?

Most people find their mobile phones work well at sea. You’ll see ‘Telenor’ or ‘90112’ if you’re connected to International Marine Roaming. You can also use your cabin phone to make direct dial calls worldwide and charges will be added to your onboard account. Phone calls are charged at $4.95 per minute due to being a connection through the ship’s satellite phone.

Does Cunard Have Computers Available For Use?

Internet stations are open 24 hours a day, and assistance is available at various times throughout the day and evening. They are located in The Library and Cunard ConneXions Classroom on Queen Victoria, in The Library on Queen Elizabeth and in the Cunard ConneXions iStudy on Queen Mary 2.