The King lives! Or at least he does on the "Cruising With the King" cruise, a partial charter sailing dedicated to all things Elvis. The Elvis Presley tribute cruise has kept hips swiveling on 29 cruises since 2006, so if you're looking for a '50s flashback, get ready to pack those blue suede shoes.

General Info

The eight-day partial-charter Elvis cruise sails roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale February 1 to February 9, 2020. As part of the voyage, 3,835-passenger Adventure of the Seas will visit Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba.

Because it's a partial charter, passengers who go on Cruising With the King will be sailing with non-Elvis fans. Your $99 per-person extra fee pays for special performances, meet and greets, and more.

Cruising With The King: The Elvis Presley Cruise  (Photo: Cruising with the King)

Lineup and Highlights

2020 marks what would have been the King's 85th birthday, and the cruise organizers are making plans accordingly. Elvis impersonator (the correct term these days is "tribute artist") Art Kistler and the EP Boulevard Band are the headliners. Kistler bills himself as an "Elvis for the 21st century," and the list of concerts is impressively detailed.

Shows on tap for the 2020 cruise: 1950s Memphis to the Movies; '68 Comeback Special; and the destination-themed Hawaii, Las Vegas the Concert Years. A special Gospel tribute show is also highlighted. (True fans know that Elvis spanned many musical genres, including country, rock and gospel.)

Onboard Vibe

Since Cruising With the King isn't a full charter, participants will be with other Adventure of the Seas passengers, enjoying a regular cruise. But expect to become fast friends with your fellow Elvis lovers. After 29 cruises in the space of 13 years, this is a tight-knit bunch.

Who Would Like It

If August 16, 1977, is the day the music died for you, if you've made multiple pilgrimages to Graceland or if you remember Elvis before his fat jumpsuit days, then you'll love Cruising With the King.

How to Book

The Cruising With the King sailing is run by Mahwey Productions LLC, an entertainment company in Boca Raton. With this cruise, you book as you would any Royal Caribbean sailing and add an option code to your booking. This charges an add-on fee that goes to Mahwey Productions. For more information, visit