Princess Cruises Alcohol Policy

Princess alcohol policy

Are You Legal?

The drinking age is 21 and older on all ships.

Bringing Booze Onboard

Bringing liquor onboard at embarkation: It's not allowed. It will be confiscated and discarded.

Bringing wine or Champagne onboard: Two-part rule: Each passenger of drinking age can bring one bottle of wine or Champagne (no larger than 750 ml) per voyage, which will not be subject to a corkage fee if consumed in the cabin. When brought to restaurants, a $15 corkage fee applies. Bringing additional wine or Champagne bottles aboard is allowed, but each bottle will incur a $15 corkage fee, irrespective of where they are intended to be consumed.

Purchasing liquor in port: It will be retained until the end of the cruise.

Purchasing liquor in ships' duty-free shop: It will be retained until the end of the cruise.

Free Drink Caveat

You'll find complimentary cocktails at the Captain's Welcome, the Champagne Waterfall, Captain's Circle Party, Captain's Farewell Party (on voyages longer than 14 days) and at art auctions.

Beer Onboard

Draft: Stella Artois

Bottled Beer: Bass Ale, Budweiser, Bud Light, Beck's, Dos Equis, Grolsch, Guinness Stout, Coors Light, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Lite and Foster's.

Specialty Bars

Vines Wine Bar offers a selection of more than 30 wines by the glass. Crooner's Martini Bar offers a selection of more than 50 premium martinis.

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