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Your Guide to Labadee Cabanas

Panoramic View of Royal Caribbean's Labadee Cabanas (Photo: Royal Caribbean International)
Panoramic View of Royal Caribbean's Labadee Cabanas (Photo: Royal Caribbean International)

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Make your way down private stone stairs to the refreshing ocean water for a dip before you dry off in your private cabana on Labadee, Royal Caribbean's private beach destination on the northern coast of Haiti. There are plenty of options for cabanas, from locations over the water to others surrounded by lush trees, as well as beach bungalows.

You can think of Labadee in terms of four separate beach areas, each with different cabana options: Barefoot Beach Club, Nellie's Beach, Columbus Cove and Adrenaline Beach. We'll help you explore all of your options for your ultimate day of relaxation.

Updated April 10, 2019

Labadee Barefoot Beach Cabanas

Barefoot Beach Cabanas on Labadee (Photo: Royal Caribbean International)

Barefoot Beach is an area of Labadee exclusively available for suite passengers and Pinnacle-level Crown & Anchor Society members. It provides a quieter, less crowded alternative to the other beaches.

Cabanas are thatched-roof huts with slatted wood walls, large enough to accommodate up to six people. Each includes a sectional-style cushioned couch and table, a ceiling fan, two lounge chairs on a private sun deck with an umbrella for shade, a large cooler stocked with ice and bottled water, and towels.

Each cabana comes with complimentary use of two floating mats for the ocean. You'll also enjoy the service of a cabana attendant, who will deliver your drink orders throughout the day. You can dine at a private facility that offers an upgraded lunch menu exclusively for cabana guests on Barefoot Beach.

The main difference in cabana types and prices is based upon your cabana's location: Overwater cabanas (starting at $495) are directly over the water with easy ocean access at the foot of your cabana, standard cabanas ($295) are located a short distance from the beach, hilltop cabanas ($395) are surrounded by trees and offer views from a secluded location and beachfront cabanas ($395) are situated right on the water's edge. Note: Cabanas are priced per unit; not per person.

Labadee Nellie's Beach Cabanas

Nellie's Overwater Beach Cabanas on Labadee (Photo: Royal Caribbean International)

Nellie's Beach is located just east of Barefoot Beach Club. Since it's open to all cruise passengers, it's a popular beach for swimming and sunbathing.

Here you'll find two types of cabanas: overwater (starting at $579) and standard ($395 and up) for up to eight people. These are the same cabana style that you'll find on Barefoot Beach and include towels, float mats, chilled water bottles and a cooler. Your attendant will deliver your drink orders, and you can enjoy lunch from the buffets at Columbus Cove Cafe, Dragon's Cafe or Cafe Labadee.

Labadee Columbus Cove Bungalows

At Columbus Cove, you'll find lower-priced bungalows for parties of up to eight people, and the all-day rental starts at $263. These bungalows, all set on the beach, are open-air with bamboo walls and breezy curtains providing a bit of shade.

The comfortable, sectional-style furniture makes a great place to relax with friends or family. There are no ceiling fans, but you will enjoy a complimentary water bottle-stocked cooler, floating water mats, beach towels and the services of a cabana attendant for beverage orders.

These bungalows are near several water activities, including Dragon's Splash Waterslide and Arawak Aqua Park and are on one of the least crowded Labadee beaches.

Labadee Adrenaline Beach Cabanas

If you're seeking a lower-cost alternative to the pricier cabanas on the other beaches, check out the beach bed-style cabanas on Adrenaline Beach, located on the northern side of Labadee. These are cushioned four-poster beds with drapes that billow in the breeze (and provide a bit of shade from the sun overhead).

Up to four people can be included in this rental, which starts at $175 for your party and also includes the use of two floating beach mats, a cooler with four water bottles and beach towels.

What's Not Included With a Labadee Cabana Rental

Barefoot Beach Overwater Cabanas on Labadee (Photo: Royal Caribbean International)

Though your cabana attendant will deliver any drinks you'd like to order on Barefoot Beach, Nellie's Cove and Columbus Cove, you'll need to visit one of the buffet stations on the island for your meals and snacks. (Barefoot Beach provides access to an exclusive dining facility and upgraded menu, but cruisers do have to go there.)

You can use your prepaid beverage package on Labadee to order drinks. Otherwise, all drinks cost extra.

Though there are fans on cabana ceilings at Barefoot Beach and Nellie's Cove, there is no air conditioning or private restrooms. Note that you will also want to bring water shoes with you if you intend to wade on the shore, as well as sunscreen.

Tipping is suggested for your cabana attendant. Cruise passengers typically offer a $5 to $10 gratuity per person, depending on the level of service.

How to Book a Cabana on Labadee

Barefoot Beach Cabanas on Labadee (Photo: Royal Caribbean International)

For Nellie's Beach, Columbus Cove and Adrenaline Beach, you can reserve your cabana or bungalow on the Royal Caribbean website in advance of your cruise. Your cabana will be assigned to you upon arrival in Labadee.

Suite or Pinnacle passengers who want to reserve a Barefoot Beach cabana can contact their concierge before the cruise to arrange a reservation. All cabana reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and tend to fill quickly, so you should make your reservation as soon as possible. You can also check with the excursions staff onboard to see if there are any last-minute openings available.

Which Labadee Cabana is Best?

For a luxury experience, you can't get any better than one of the overwater cabanas located either on Barefoot Beach (ideal because of the quieter, exclusive environs) or Nellie's Beach.

The bungalows on Columbus Cove provide a lower-cost alternative with most of the same amenities in a well-shaded area that is also less crowded than the other beaches, and the Adrenaline Beach beds are a value choice, best for couples who want to lounge all afternoon. There is no shade on this beach other than what is provided from the cabanas.

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