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Affordable Designer Clothes for Your Next Cruise

Various Clothes Displaying on a Clothing Rack (Photo: Roxana Jifcovici/Shutterstock)
Various Clothes Displaying on a Clothing Rack (Photo: Roxana Jifcovici/Shutterstock)

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Amazon is a great resource for finding affordable designer clothes, but pricing can vary depending on size and color of items; this can be good or bad, depending on whether the size or style you need has been marked down. So, to make things easier, we did the research and rounded up some of the best budget-friendly, packable, cruise-appropriate designer clothing and accessories on Amazon for both men and women. No need to spend hours sifting through online retailers or racks at your local discount clothing store. Just click, pack and prepare to look chic on your next sailing.

Updated January 8, 2020

Magicsuit Chloe Top

Magicsuit Chloe Top (Photo: Amazon)
Magicsuit is a great choice for cruising women because the designer brand focuses on flattering cuts that look fun and fashionable -- think bold colors, chic prints and ruffles galore. The Chloe tankini top from Magicsuit can be worn from pool (add a bikini bottom) to dining room (add black pants and a blazer or cardigan). The tiered top has a shelf bra and adjustable shoulder straps. Magicsuit swimwear typically costs more than $100 per piece, but we found the Chloe on Amazon for less than half of that.

Eileen Fisher Sleeveless Vest

Eileen Fisher Sleeveless Vest (Photo: Amazon)

Here's a stylish way to keep chills at bay while watching the sun set over the open ocean: Throw on a soft, drapey Eileen Fisher sweater vest. This mostly cotton tunic-length vest, which can be wrapped around its wearer's shoulders for an extra bit of warmth, is selling on Amazon for less than one trip to the onboard steakhouse. We think this vest would look particularly chic with some flowy wide-leg pants and a long pendant necklace. Plus, this ivory covering would be a lovely addition to any at-sea white party ensemble.

Lacoste Slide Sandals

Lacoste Slide Sandals (Photo: Amazon)

Now that you're an adult with enough money to pay for your cruise fare, isn't it time you upgraded from Crocs to, erm, crocs? These Lacoste slides are perfect for cruising because you can wear them in the shower, on the pool deck, on the beach or to the spa. Add a polo shirt and some slacks, and they'll pass muster during mealtimes, too. At less than the cost of two days' gratuities for select sizes, they're a veritable steal.

Columbia Trench Rain Jacket

Columbia Trench Rain Jacket (Photo: Amazon)

Columbia's Pardon my Trench rain jacket typically retails for $80, but select colors and sizes are on sale on Amazon. The lightweight nylon trench-style jacket comes in about a dozen colors, and it's stain- and water-repellant, too. Mist is no match for the jacket's weather-resistant hood, which will come in handy when you're caught in a squall on deck.

Free People Paradise Skirt

Free People Paradise Skirt (Photo: Amazon)

This flowy, packable skirt from bohemian designer Free People is comfortable yet elegant. With an asymmetrical hem and a spirited pattern-blocked design, it has a decidedly island vibe. It's the kind of piece that would look fitting at a sunset tiki party on the beach. Wear it anywhere: to dinner, on port excursions, on the plane. At less than the cost of a couple mixed drinks, this versatile rayon skirt is a prudent purchase for sure.

Nautica Classic Fit Shirts

Nautica Classic Fit Shirts (Photo: Amazon)

Wrinkle-resistant performance dress shirts can cost a pretty penny. Some of our favorite brands typically sell for upwards of $100. Ergo, we were delighted when we spotted this well-rated classic Nautica button-down shirt for less than 30 percent of that. This cotton number resists wrinkles and is machine washable, making it ideal for dressier occasions onboard your next cruise. (After all, most cruise cabins don't have irons.) You'll be the one looking sharp as an anchor in your crisp, wrinkle-free shirt during dinner.

Splendid Knit Dress

Splendid Knit Dress (Photo: Amazon)

Splendid makes the softest, stretchiest go-to basics out of sustainably and ethically sourced materials. This 80 percent cotton striped dress is packable and practical -- and in select sizes, it's selling for less than your cab ride to the airport at the end of your cruise. Wear it to dinner with heels and a blazer or a cardigan. Wear it to the beach or the pool over a bikini. Wear it on the plane with leggings and a zip-up hoodie. Cruising to a colder climate? Throw on some warm fleece leggings, and layer a tissue turtleneck underneath. You get the idea.

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