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Behind the Scenes Photos: Nieuw Statendam, Before and After

  • Holland America debuted its second Pinnacle-class ship, Nieuw Statendam, in December 2018 with many of the same features as sister ship Koningsdam, but some unique and new-to-the-line spaces, as well.

     Cruise Critic was able to grab a sneak peek at some of the hallmarks venues on Nieuw Statendam, from their beginnings in the shipyard to their grand openings on the premiere voyage. Click through to see the before and after shots of nine featured spots onboard.

  • 1

    1. Before: World Stage

    World Stage is one of Holland America's popular Pinnacle-class features that first debuted on Koningsdam in 2016.

  • 2

    2. After: World Stage

    It features a partial theater in the round and a 270-foot, 270-degree screen that can be viewed by more than 650 passengers at a time. The space is used for live performances and special film screenings such as BBC's "The Frozen Planet."

  • 3

    3. Before: Rudi's Sel de Mer

    Rudi's Sel de Mer is the line's dedicated French-Mediterranean brasserie by Holland America's master chef and culinary consultant, Rudi Sodamin.

  • 4

    4. After: Rudi's Sel de Mer

    Passengers on Nieuw Statendam can order upscale seafood dishes -- and dine on Rudi's stylish signature "food faces" plates -- in this plush and elegant setting.

  • 5

    5. Before: Rolling Stone Rock Room

    This new-to-the-line venue forms part of the Music Walk -- joining Lincoln Center Stage, Billboard Onboard and B.B. King's Live -- and takes the place that Lincoln Center currently occupies on Koningsdam.

  • 6

    6. After: Rolling Stone Rock Room

    The space features a central dance floor, bar area with stools and plenty of seating. Servers at the Rock Room all wear band T-shirts, which adds a fun and casual element to the venue.

  • 7

    7. Before: Main Dining Room

    Nieuw Statendam's stunning main dining room, designed by Adam D. Tihaney, is practically identical to Koningsdam's. However, the space features a unique, two-deck sculpture made entirely out of paper by an artist who has exhibited at the Louvre in Paris. Its movement mimics sound and ocean waves.

  • 8

    8. After: Main Dining Room

    Dishes in the Dining Room have been developed in partnership with Holland America's seven-person Culinary Arts Council, which includes Chef Elizabeth Falkner who is regularly featured on Food Network and "Iron Chef America" contestant Chef David Burke.

  • 9

    9. Before: Grand Dutch Cafe

    The Grand Dutch Cafe is inspired by the distinguished cafes of Europe, and overlooks the atrium on Nieuw Statendam from Deck 3.

  • 10

    10. After: Grand Dutch Cafe

    The cafe serves a variety of free patisseries, sandwiches and plates, accompanied by for-fee coffee drinks, beer on tap or by the bottle, and Dutch aperitifs.

  • 11

    11. Before: G Gelato

    The gelato station is located by the Lido Pool on Deck 9, and serves up scoops as well as milkshakes. Flavors include standards like chocolate and strawberry, or more Italian offerings like Amarena cherry or espresso chip. 

  • 12

    12. After: G Gelato

    All scoops come with two included toppings, from fresh berries to Dutch wafers. Or, opt for a tasty gelato popsicle in peach yogurt or caramel mascarpone varieties.

  • 13

    13. Before: Club Orange

    Club Orange fills the space that was formerly the Culinary Arts Center on Koningsdam. The new restaurant offers private dining to passengers in Neptune and Pinnacle suites, or for those who pay for the Club Orange pass.

  • 14

    14. After: Club Orange

    Menu options at dinner include selections from the main dining room along with a daily special; featured items might include dishes like seared tuna and shaved asparagus salad.

  • 15

    15. Before: BLEND

    The line's wine-blending venue, created in partnership with Washington State winery Chateau Ste. Michelle, first debuted on Koningsdam and offers passengers the chance to create their own blend of wine.

  • 16

    16. After: BLEND

    The venue, located opposite Club Orange on Nieuw Statendam, features a variety of grapes; pours actually come from five working wine barrels built into the wall.

  • 17

    17. Before: The Atrium

    The ship's atrium features sweeping circular staircases starting on Deck 1 and rising up to Deck 3. Along the atrium you'll find many of Nieuw Statendam's specialty restaurants, as well as the Music Walk, shops and guest services.

  • 18

    18. After: The Atrium

    Designers wanted art to hug the atrium, and the structure --modeled after four harps -- consists of 7.5 tons of steel. It surrounds a sculpture of a flame from a South Korean artist on Deck 1, which is meant to signify the warm heart of the ship.

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