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Behind the Scenes Photos: Celebrity Edge, Before and After

  • Celebrity Edge may well have been the most anticipated ship launch for all of 2018, thanks to several design elements never before seen in the oceangoing cruise industry. From the bright tangerine Magic Carpet that hangs over one side of the ship to hybrid cabins that change from oceanview to balcony (and back) at the touch of a button and an overall aesthetic found more frequently on land than at sea, Celebrity Edge is most definitely something new.

    Other differences mark Celebrity Edge, as well. There are four complimentary dining rooms; a pool deck with two deck-high, martini-shaped hot tubs; massive poolside cabanas; and a rooftop garden dotted with metal trees.

    We've rounded up some pictures from our time onboard Celebrity Edge during a September 2018 shipyard tour and compared them to the finished product to give you a before-and-after look at this innovative cruise ship.

    Photo: Christina Janansky/Cruise Critic

  • 1

    Before: Magic Carpet

    Celebrity Cruises has been hyping the Magic Carpet from day one. This tennis court-sized multifunctional deck juts out over the starboard side of the ship. It can be moved up or down and stationed at different decks depending on what it's being used for.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 2

    After: Magic Carpet

    At most of its stations (Decks 5, 14 and 16), the Magic Carpet serves as an alfresco dining and lounge space, including as an extension of the Sushi on 5 restaurant at lunchtime.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 3

    Before: Destination Gateway

    When the Magic Carpet is stationed on Deck 2, it serves as a tender platform enabling cruisers to easily step between Celebrity Edge and the tender boats without any difficulty.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 4

    After: Destination Gateway

    In the immediate vicinity is Destination Gateway, where cruisers will find a large area in which to wait for a tender, along with a bar if you just have to have a drink while you wait. 

    Photo: Christina Janansky/Cruise Critic

  • 5

    Before: Resort Deck

    Celebrity Edge's Resort Deck (aka the pool deck) is where you'll find the ship's main pool, as well as a ramped walkway that leads gently to a secondary deck overlooking the pool (where you can hop into the two-deck tall martini-shaped hot tubs).

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 6

    After: Resort Deck

    The Resort Deck boasts a sleek, modern look with a stunning butterfly sculpture that everyone stops in front of to have their picture taken.

    Photo: Christina Janansky/Cruise Critic

  • 7

    Before: Cabanas

    Located along one side of the Resort Deck are the ship's rentable cabanas. Each spacious, semi-private enclave offers 165 square feet of space and is 18 feet tall.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 8

    After: Cabanas

    Inside the cabanas you'll find loungers, wicker armchairs and sun couches, some situated in the shade while others face out to the ocean.

    Photo: Christina Janansky/Cruise Critic

  • 9

    Before: Rooftop Garden

    Not far from the Resort Deck is the Rooftop Garden, an outdoor lounge area filled with a mix of living greenery and metallic tree sculptures. It's just one of the ship's many day-to-night spaces that's lively all day long.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 10

    After: Rooftop Garden

    During the day, the Rooftop Garden is a place to relax and read, or you can participate in various scheduled activities. At night, cruisers will find live music as well as the line's "A Taste of Film" event, which pairs movies with a dining experience.

    Photo: Christina Janansky/Cruise Critic

  • 11

    Before: Infinite Verandah

    Most of the balcony cabins on Celebrity Edge are designated as Infinite Verandahs, which bring the balcony into the inside of the cabin giving the rooms 30 square feet of additional space (indoor or outdoor space depending on which you prefer).

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 12

    After: Infinite Verandah

    Infinite Verandahs also feature more natural light than most other balcony cabins you'll find at sea, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows that make up the outer part of the "balcony." Open the top of the windows and you get that real balcony feel -- especially if you close the two folding glass doors to create a closed-in space.

    Photo: Christina Janansky/Cruise Critic

  • 13

    Before: Tuscan Restaurant

    Tuscan Restaurant is one of four complimentary restaurants onboard Celebrity Edge. Tuscan is inspired by Celebrity's existing specialty dining venue, Tuscan Grille, which can be found on several of the line's other ships.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 14

    After: Tuscan Restaurant

    Tuscan's featured menu offers dishes straight from the south of Italy, while the simple, yet elegant design reflects the fashion-forward chicness of Milan.

    Photo: Gina Kramer/Cruise Critic

  • 15

    Before: Eden

    Eden is an otherworldly, three-level multipurpose space that serves as a restaurant, lounge and bar. It's a casual spot during the day, but heats up at night with an ethereal atmosphere and avant-garde performances from a troupe of Edenists.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 16

    After: Eden

    Eden is full of greenery and one of its most striking features is a living wall of plants that bartenders use to make unique cocktails.

    Photo: Gina Kramer/Cruise Critic

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