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Cruise ship docked in Nassau, Bahamas (Photo: Costin Constantinescu/Shutterstock)

Compare: 6 Best Cruise Ships in the Bahamas

A stone's throw from South Florida, the Bahamas are an easily accessible respite from the real world -- with cruise ships generally sailing to the islands' two major ports (Nassau and Freeport) and a cruise line-operated private island. But just because the itineraries are similar, it doesn't mean the ships are, too. Each has its own personality and variety of amenities, catering to everyone from active couples and solo travelers to families and others who want to steer clear of a "booze cruise" experience.

Even better, due to the limited number of ports, Bahamas cruises can be shorter -- often two to five nights -- and therefore more affordable. In need of a quick tropical getaway, but not sure where to start? We compare the six best cruise ships in the Bahamas to help you determine your perfect fit.

Updated November 27, 2018

1. Carnival Liberty

Carnival Liberty

Roomy cabins, a variety of complimentary dining venues and bars, and a water park make Carnival Liberty one of the best values when it comes to Bahamas cruises. With so much to do (and eat and drink) onboard, you might even find it hard to get off the ship in port. Need some time to detox from it all? Carnival Liberty's Serenity Deck -- one of the only cruise ship adults-only sun decks that doesn't come with an extra fee -- allows you to soak up the islands' cerulean sea views from a hammock, clamshell lounger or hot tub.

Sailing from: Orlando (Port Canaveral)

Standout Features
  • Short production shows help free up your night for other activities
  • Top-deck mini-golf course and picnic tables ensure family fun
Best for
  • Families
  • Travelers on a budget
  • Couples who love to bar hop
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2. Disney Dream

The company behind the "Most Magical Place on Earth" also offers an equally wondrous experience on a short cruise to the Bahamas. On Disney Dream, passengers can enjoy meet-and-greets with their favorite Disney characters, production shows -- including "Beauty and the Beast" -- using elaborate costumes and props, and dinner at fun, themed restaurants. Cap off the night with a fireworks show and top-deck dance party, in the middle of the ocean.

Sailing from: Orlando (Port Canaveral)

Standout Features
  • Animator's Palate transforms into a virtual aquarium, where characters come to life
  • Adults-only pool provides parental escape when little ones are at the kids' club
  • Cabins boast ample storage and family-friendly split bathrooms
Best for
  • Families whose kids want to feel like superheroes
  • Couples who love Disney
  • Big-ship lovers with a large budget
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3. Grand Classica

Grand Classica (Photo: Cruise Critic)

With nightly departures from the Port of Palm Beach, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line's Grand Classica and Grand Celebration in tandem offer two-night cruises with one day in Grand Bahama Island (Freeport) -- making them arguably the most affordable option. Grand Classica itself is pretty simple, lacking the industry's latest bells and whistles, but it packs a punch with value-added features such as free fitness and yoga classes offered by certified instructors and a complimentary buffet-style barbecue on the top deck, for lunch.

Sailing from: Palm Beach

Standout Features
  • Fun daytime activities range from beanbag toss games to martini tastings
  • No single supplement (extra fee) is charged to solo travelers
  • Adults-only pool offers tranquil retreat at the back of the ship
Best for
  • Couples on a budget
  • Friend groups short on time
  • Solo travelers
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4. Grandeur of the Seas

Grandeur of the Seas (Photo: Royal Caribbean International)

Although its Bahamas cruises aren't short, Grandeur of the Seas still offers a solid bargain on its seven- to nine-night itineraries, which tend to incorporate other stops along the U.S. East Coast. With the extra sea days between Baltimore and the Bahamas, cruisers have more time to enjoy the ship's array of dining and entertainment, such as salsa dancing, a piano sing-along, theme parties and a top-deck soiree under the stars.

Sailing from: Baltimore

Standout Features
  • Fun daytime activities include sushi- and cupcake-making classes
  • Theme nights run the gamut from masquerade to toga
  • Rock climbing wall overlooks the back of the ship
Best for
  • Active couples
  • Families who want to stay busy during the day
  • Travelers with more time for vacation
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5. Norwegian Sky

Perhaps no ship embodies the mantra "it's 5 o'clock somewhere" more than Norwegian Sky, where passengers kick back with a continuous flow of frozen, fruity cocktails thanks to the line's all-inclusive beverage policy. Even 18- to 20-year-olds can enjoy a glass of wine or beer, legally, with a parent's consent. But there's more to the ship than its open bar. Passengers have a choice of several free and for-fee specialty restaurants, such as the French-inspired Le Bistro, perfect for date nights, as well as a fun mix of nighttime entertainment.

Sailing from: Miami

Standout Features
  • Cocktails, wines by the glass, beer and spirits up to a value are complimentary
  • Five hot tubs include a separate one just for kids
  • Recreational activities range from a volleyball to golf-driving
Best for
  • Sun bums
  • Adults who want a more party-like atmosphere
  • Families with young adult children
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6. Celebrity Infinity

Celebrity Infinity

Not a fan of the whole "rock climbing walls and water parks" scene? Consider a Bahamas cruise on Celebrity Infinity, which takes a more relaxed approach to island time with its peaceful sun decks, chic atmosphere and emphasis on fine dining. The cruise line boasts some of the best restaurants at sea, while innovative entertainment keeps the party going till late. The popular Martini Bar is a show all in itself; order a martini flight, and you'll see what we mean.

Sailing from: Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Standout Features
  • Le Petit Chef at Qsine restaurant wows diners with digital animation between courses
  • Adults-only Solarium relaxation deck transforms into nightclub after hours
Best for
  • Foodies
  • Couples who don't want a "booze cruise" experience
  • Traveler with mobility issues, thanks to comfortable accessible cabins
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