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Photos of Carnival Horizon

  • Carnival Cruise Line's newest ship, Carnival Horizon, made its debut in April 2018, when it began sailing a short season around the Mediterranean before heading to its permanent home in the United States. The ship, which calls Grammy-winner Queen Latifah its godmother, is loaded with activities and restaurants. The nearly 4,000-passenger vessel is an ideal fit for cruisers looking for a mix of fun, action and relaxation. Check out our Carnival Horizon photos.

    Photo: Carnival Cruise Line

  • 1

    Guy's Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse | Brewhouse

    The hottest spot on Carnival Horizon is Guy's Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse | Brewhouse, a new-to-Carnival bar and restaurant that has its very own craft brewery. It also has an excellent barbecue restaurant, which serves up awesomely smoky meats, like baby back ribs, hot wings and brisket.

    Photo: Carnival Cruise Line

  • 2

    Guy's Pig & Anchor Brewery Tours

    Beer lovers (or the beer curious) should make time for a brewery tour, which includes info on the beers and onboard brewery, samples and souvenirs. If you're not interested in the tour but simply want to try the beer, you can order up a flight sampler instead.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 3

    Bonsai Teppanyaki

    Also new to Carnival is Bonsai Teppanyaki, a hibachi grill experience that is as much about the entertainment as it is about the food (which is delish, by the way). Grill-masters toss spatulas, slice through seared meats at astounding speeds and set food on fire, all while cracking jokes.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 4

    Carnival Horizon Bars

    Each of Carnival Horizon's bars is unique, so there's something for everyone. In addition to SkyBox Sports Bar and the Pig & Anchor, the ship offers a piano bar, several pool bars, a Cuban-themed club and a funky cocktail bar, called Alchemy, where bartenders whip up creations limited only by their imaginations.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 5

    Playlist Productions

    Entertainment on Carnival Horizon runs the gamut, from close-up magicians who casually perform as you sip cocktails at a bar to nightly comedians and production shows. Carnival's Playlist Productions, held in the ship's Liquid Lounge, have entertainers performing against an LED screen backdrop.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 6

    Carnival Horizon Waterslides

    Carnival Horizon is ready-made for families, with features like a big, beautiful waterpark, which is Cat in the Hat themed. Adults and kids alike can splash around, playing with sprayers and dump buckets. Or, they can dare to try the ship's waterslides.

    Photo: Carnival Cruise Line

  • 7

    Family Harbor Lounge

    Families can elect to stay in Carnival Horizon's family harbor cabins, which gives them family perks like free babysitting and free specialty restaurant dining for kids under 12. Passengers staying in these cabins also get access to an exclusive lounge, with a breakfast and lunch buffet, games, and soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt, 24/7.

    Photo: Carnival Cruise Line

  • 8

    Carnival Horizon Balcony Cabin

    Carnival Horizon offers a lot of variety when it comes to cabins. The ship has a large number of connecting cabins as well as cabins that accommodate three or more passengers. It also has a huge number of balcony cabins, like this one.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 9

    SkyRide Track

    Passengers looking for a little outdoor activity can head to the top of the ship to try out the SkyRide, a suspended pod that you can pedal (much like a bike) around a track. The views are unbeatable.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 10

    SkyCourse Ropes Challenge

    Adventure-seekers can get their kicks on the SkyCourse ropes course, which offers two options -- one easy, one a little harder -- for climbing around on beams, ropes and wobbly boards. Don't worry: Safety harnesses are required, and trained staff say they don't have to rescue people frozen by fear too often.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

  • 11

    Adults-Only Serenity Deck

    Of course, those looking to simply relax can do that on Carnival Horizon, too. With three pools and lots of sun decks (including the adults-only Serenity), passengers have plenty of space to sprawl.

    Photo: Colleen McDaniel/Cruise Critic

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