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Best Mother's Day Cruises

Mother and daughter in Castaway Cay (Photo: Disney Cruise Line)
Mother and daughter in Castaway Cay (Photo: Disney Cruise Line)

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Moms do so much for us every day -- they deserve a cruise vacation as a "thank you" and a relaxing break from everyday stress. If you're thinking of treating your mom, the mother of your children or any mom really to a vacation at sea, which lines are the best to book? Here are our top picks for the best Mother's Day cruise options for our favorite mamas.

Updated March 19, 2018

Celebrity Cruises

Why It's Mom Worthy: Mothers who love a good massage or spa day will go ga-ga over Celebrity's AquaClass cabins, with their spa concierge, free thermal suite passes and exclusive access to onboard restaurant, Blu. Adults-only solariums are the perfect place to cat nap or catch up on reading, without pesky rug rats underfoot. Moms who miss evenings out at home will enjoy the choice of multiple restaurants (ranging from French to Asian) and fun lounges, like the Martini Bar, home of the martini flight.

Take Note: Some ships have AquaClass suites in addition to AquaClass cabins for an even more decadent spa-lifestyle cruise. In general, not all Celebrity ships have the same amenities so be sure to do your research before you book.

Disney Cruise Line

Why It's Mom Worthy: If Mom has to take the brood with her on vacation, Disney Cruise Line is a great choice for giving the matriarch a break even with the kids in tow. Disney's ships have fantastic kids' clubs and family-friendly activities, so the little ones can be occupied for an afternoon while Mom sips cocktails by the adults-only pool. Restaurant staff will cut up kids' food and fetch additional glasses of juice or milk so Mom can have an uninterrupted meal, and cabins with room-dividing curtains and split bathrooms make bedtime much more tolerable.

Take Note: You will be surrounded by hundreds of children and nonstop Mickey Mouse references and Disney characters, which could drive some stressed-out moms to the brink.

SeaDream Yacht Club

Why It's Mom Worthy: When it's time for a romantic getaway with Dad, you can't go wrong with SeaDream Yacht Club. From alfresco dining to lounging on top-deck Balinese beds, personal service and cruising to off-the-beaten-path and beautiful ports in the Caribbean and Europe, SeaDream will help rekindle the romance that's gone missing in between the diapers and parent-teacher conferences. Both of SeaDream's ships are small, with water sports marinas at the back and bicycles to borrow for playtime at anchor and in port.

Take Note: SeaDream's fares are all-inclusive, which means they're not cheap. Ships are not tricked out with multiple restaurants or onboard entertainment venues.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Why It's Mom Worthy: For the ultimate moms' week or weekend away, Norwegian Cruise Line has it all, from a range of restaurants to multiple bars and energetic evening shows. Mom and her friends can spend their days by the pool or at the adults-only Spice H2O sun deck and the evenings letting loose at the Glow Party or other themed events, or barhopping around the ship.

Take Note: Norwegian ships vary widely in onboard amenities; the newest ships have the most attractions and top shows.


Why It's Mom Worthy: If you want to treat your mom to intuitive service, dishes by big-name chefs, spacious digs and a choice of itineraries spanning the entire globe from Antarctica to the Arctic tip of Norway, book her a Seabourn cruise. She'll be spoiled rotten, whether her idea of a perfect afternoon is to sip tea and munch scones, venture out on a Zodiac tour or find her missing Zen with a massage and sound bowl therapy.

Take Note: Pricy Seabourn is best for a mom-and-dad-only trip, a best friends' getaway or a trip with adult children. Young children are welcome, but won't find many activities geared toward them.

Princess Cruises

Why It's Mom Worthy: Everyone knows that Mom's favorite guilty pleasures are wine and chocolate, and Princess can provide those in abundance. The cruise line partners with acclaimed chocolatier Norman Love and offers his desserts and pastries onboard; it also offers chocolate spa treatments, and wine and chocolate pairings at its Vines wine bar.

Take Note: Wine costs extra on Princess, so if Mom is planning to indulge, you might consider treating her to a wine-inclusive beverage package.

Viking River Cruises

Why It's Mom Worthy: Mature moms and those traveling with adult children should consider a river cruise -- the hottest cruising trend for the over-60 set. With more than 60 ships, Viking offers a variety of cruises on rivers throughout Europe, Asia, Russia and Egypt. Whether your mother prefers to sip wine on a Bordeaux cruise or check visiting the pyramids off her bucket list on an Egypt cruise, she will find a Viking itinerary that appeals.

Take Note: River cruises often involve active days with long days of walking and coach tours, so make sure your mama is feeling fit and packs her best walking shoes.

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