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Schooner Bar on Royal Caribbean Cruises

Schooner Bar on Freedom of the Seas (Photo: Cruise Critic)
Schooner Bar on Freedom of the Seas (Photo: Cruise Critic)

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If you're looking for a cozy spot to curl up for an after-dinner libation, a round or two of trivia or some animated conversation along with piano music, then head to the Schooner Bar on Royal Caribbean. The nautical-themed venue gives off an aura of nostalgia, with a warm, wood-clad interior and a menu of time-honored cocktails.

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Updated June 8, 2018


Royal Caribbean's Schooner Bar is centered around a maritime theme. Throughout, there are touches that make you feel as if you're actually on a schooner: canvas sails and ropes, wooden model boats, plank wood flooring that resembles decks, oil paintings and even recreations of crow's nests. The atmosphere ranges from laid-back to lively depending on the time of the day. In the mornings and late afternoons, it's host to crossword and trivia games, where you can see passengers huddled around tables in groups, discussing answers. In between matches, the bar acts as a cozy spot for reading, quiet chatter or gazing out at the waves.

In the evenings, a different crowd starts gathering. The Schooner Bar is a popular place for drinks before dinner. Once the aperitifs start to flow, the level of conversation rises. Bartenders pour cognacs and pints of beer and engage passengers with amusing stories. The energy is at its height late at night, when piano players lead rowdy sing-alongs and waiters circulate around the room to make sure that every table has another round and every parched passenger has a glass.


The Schooner Bar offers a robust menu of traditional cocktails (the Sidecar, Brandy Alexander, etc.), plus some variations on some popular favorites (there's a tropical version of the Old Fashioned, with pineapple and coconut rum; a habanero and grapefruit daiquiri; and six types of Collins cocktails). It also serves a selection of beer and wine, liqueurs and cider, and brandies and cognacs.


Cocktails cost around $13; on top of bar purchases, there's an additional 18 percent gratuity that's added to the tab.


The Schooner Bar can be found on all Royal Caribbean ships.

See photos of the Schooner Bar on Liberty of the Seas.

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