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The Wellness Experience on MSC Cruises

Fitness Center on MSC Seaside (Photo: Cruise Critic)
Fitness Center on MSC Seaside (Photo: Cruise Critic)

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Is getting healthier on a cruise an oxymoron? More and more cruise lines don't think so. MSC's Wellness Experience is one of a string of at-sea initiatives designed to help you stay fit -- and maybe even leave your cruise ship in better shape than you started.

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Updated February 21, 2018

What It Is

In a partnership with fitness manufacturer Technogym, MSC Cruises offers a Wellness Experience package aboard all its ships. The experience begins with a questionnaire before you cruise that's used to determine each participant's specific goals. It then targets all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, ranging from mindful eating to exercise and weight loss. Passengers are encouraged to continue the program even after their cruise ends. Access to Technogym's app, mywellness, aids in this process, and internet is provided in the fare so participants can use the application for the duration of their cruise.

Onboard, cruisers in MSC's wellness program will undergo a medical evaluation with the shipboard doctor who will test their blood pressure and perform a lipid panel and EKG. The Wellness Experience also offers a one-time consultation with a personal trainer (extra training sessions are available for a fee) and fitness classes like barre, hula hooping, yoga, Pilates and cycling that focus mainly on core and bodyweight movements. MSC ship fitness centers are equipped with Technogym equipment, and passengers can link equipment to their mywellness app to track their progress while they workout. Special shore excursions vary by itinerary but might include jogging in Olympia, hiking in Bergen or a fun triathlon in Cozumel (running, kayaking and snorkeling). One excursion is included for cruises of less than seven nights; two are included for cruises of seven nights; and three excursions are included for cruises of more than seven nights.

Also part of the package: a workout mat and Technogym Wellness Bag, filled with items like resistance bands for in-cabin use. Workout clothing and towels also are provided. (A small bonus is complimentary laundering of provided exercise clothing.) The mini-fridge will be filled with items such as sports drinks and bars to keep your workout recovery on track.

To top it off, special healthy food options will be in onboard dining rooms and buffets, including a dedicated menu with items that might include quinoa salad with crunchy vegetables or steamed shrimp.


The Wellness Experience is one of five inclusive packages from which passengers can choose while booking their sailings. The wellness package cost will vary from sailing to sailing. Only select cabin categories qualify for the Wellness Experience.


The Wellness Experience is available fleetwide onboard MSC Cruises.

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