Jiji Asian Kitchen on Carnival Sunshine

Most cruise ships offer Asian food lovers just one choice onboard -- usually either a Chinese or Japanese place. But the dinner-only Ji Ji Asian Kitchen on Carnival has it all, with menu items from all over the continent.

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When you first walk into Ji Ji Asian Kitchen, you might not get an Asian vibe right away; look instead for accents such as the cartoon-esque Buddha, Lucky Cat and Chinese letter paintings, along with prayer rolls and bamboo-inspired wooden accents clue you in pretty quickly. Carpets are striped -- red, yellow and gold on Carnival Vista and deep pink, tan and gold on Carnival Sunshine. Upholstered seats match the carpet. Waitresses are Asian -- many from the easternmost former Soviet republics. It's a noisy venue, with lots of talking as tablemates swap plates and explore flavors. Be prepared to eat until you're ready to burst!


Get ready for a gastronomic exploration of pan-Asian flavors at Ji Ji Asian Kitchen on select Carnival ships, where menu items come from China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore. Meals are served family style; the table orders four to five appetizers, entrees and sides and everyone partakes. Among the appetizer choices are slow-braised pork belly, chicken spring rolls, shrimp pot stickers and tamarind shrimp soup. Entree options include Singapore chili, sweet and sour shrimp, peppered beef and, for the spice lovers, a super spicy kung pao chicken. Side dishes comprise a variety of rice and noodle dishes. If you've got room when all the mains are done, dessert is included as well -- you've got a choice of rose creme brulee and fried wontons with lychee fruit.


Please note that this menu is a sample; actual menus vary by ship and sailing.


Dining at Ji Ji Asian Kitchen on a Carnival ship costs $15 per person for adults and $5 for a kids menu (children 11 and younger).


You'll find Ji Ji on the following ships:

  • Carnival Vista
  • Carnival Sunshine
  • Carnival Horizon

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